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The annu l cooenIcstIent gorman
giveu in the Arnimoy on Tbursday
night by the Newberr clermauh 1"ltib
was a very happy occasion and from
every (ia.dint the meuber of
t,e ui:o, .iro tt be congratulated
upon the lccess which attended
their i tff,,is to make the occasion
on1e of the pleasantest which it hIas
been Newb.rr%'m to enjoy.
Many vi.itors, brought into the
cily by th commencement of New
beir College and the festivities at
ttii(Iiig the week, graced the ov.
vasivi with t.heir presene.
Thie sene w!.s beutiful There
WP'r,. air n%om,.n and charming, ole
gattly costumed, What more need
be sai-I ?
The raiu, isal morning WhiOlb
ushert-d m 'Ibmrsatly gave way to a
elvar, cool eveninig, making i. --
fill it Im -re loijoyfable. Ev. IIe-A
or-h1st r1, of (Cinmbia.
l'h 1 lowilig voliples i 't -8. '
MIiss Muold F-Imt witl Nir It I
MiSs Bo;ssit Simnmons with t S
H NleLoan.
Miss Milirod SimMOUS witi Mr.
0. F. Ctiusmei, of Augusta, 0a.
NI-s Talula Caine, of Laurens.
with Mr. T. K John1stone.
Nlis- Floride Bhrron, of Columbia,
wovib Dr. D. L, Boower
. . I ), IM SeLI[mIIpert, Nilhi M r.
F. H D"1mu11ok.
Miss Adelaioide Gaston. of Chester.
%NII Nh r W. C. Sehenek.
M lantich DeLornie, of Sumter,
nk-l. Mir. \\. C T\r.e.
M i M., r.!v S.buupert with Dr.
SBe--- Giler wth,ll Mr J.
K Aui.
M;ss Juha Pais'ev with F.. H.
-:eA o Ctiarleston.
Mi-s R a More vth Mr. H A.
prElAd. of ULion.
Mis. Meta Juts, of Lanca-ter,
wit i Mr. J S. Rewick.
MiS5 Pauline Gilder wth Mr. C.
Mi-s NavJle Pope with Mr. L
0. F .kridge.
Miss Aleia McClure, of Columbi,
with Mr. 1. 11. Pope.
Miss Helen Jones with Mr .1 .
KiinardI, of Saluda
Miss .Jessie Scott, of Augt.ta, (Ga.,
with Mr. C. P. P'elham.
Miss Genevieve Evans with Mir.
J. J1. Hlope, of Peak.
Miss Bessie lBrowni, of Laurens,
with Mr. C. J. Moore.
Mliss Olive B3ardin, of Chlarle.ston,
with Mr. P. F. (hIder.
Miss Hiafner, of Chester, with Mr.
J. G. Daniels.
Ot her gentlIemuen present: Messrsr
Alilledge Lipjscombiil, J1r , of N inuty -
Six, H1ankinson,~ of Augusta, W. A.
Jaiieiitson, J1r., HI. W. Domuiniek,
Hair tef lUniion, J. E'. Henwick, of
Un ion I, Niew~t W\alkeor, of Un ionl, J.
V. McF'all, ,J. II. Boozer, J as. Dnnk
tin1, of Launrenis, H1 1H Evans, Robt.
lMIayes, 1'. E. Scott.
Clhaporrons: Mr. mand Mrs. A. T.
Brown, Mr. andt Mrs. 0. L. Schim.
porti, NIr. and Mrs. F. Z. Wilsorn, Mr.
anid MIrs. J1. W. M. Siiimios, MIr. and
:IMrs. Fr. A. Sebnumpert, MIr. and Mrs.
D)rury ltair Pifer, Mr. and Mrs.
The costumines were all lovely, anid
any descripjtioci, however conruplete,
could lbut fail to describe their loveli.
ness. The following, however, may
iin some degi eie give some idea:
Miss Bessie Gilder, a very popular
and( graceful (dancer, wore a very
hatndsome dress of white point.
d'esprit over white satitn with pearl
passamenitre ornamients. The con
tumec was one of the handsaomesnt ini
the room anid greatly admired.
Miss Maud Font wvore white point
d'esprit over white satin with satin
trimmings of wvhite satin rnbbons---~
very hiandsoime costume.
Miss Julia Paisley was dlaintiIy
gowned in white china silk trimmed
in ribbhon and lace.
Miss Adelaide Gaston, of OJ'1tester
a charming debutante, wore a cou
tunme of white point d'estprit ovem
white satin, white roses.
Miss Blatiche D)eLorme, of Hum.i
ter, was attractive in a beauti ful gowr
f very light blue silk mull over taf
fet a silk, blue satin ribbon trimming1
andl white lace.
Miss Hafner, of Charleaton, wvas
daintilv contumed in w.t rgni
triwmings of lace ribbons; pink
Miss Jessie Scott, of Augusta, wore
a very pretty gown of white organ
die over creen taffeta silk; white
Miss Bessie Brown, of Laurens,
was oostumed in dainty white mull
over silk; white ribbons and white
lace flowers.
Miss Medora Duncan, of Union,
Was boautiful in a coatuue of white
silk chiffon over silk.
Miss Myrtio Sahumpert was very
much admired in violet silk mull
made over white taffet a; violets.
Miss Besie Schuipet wore a
dainty and becoming dress of very
soft white chiffon.
Miss Lucille Wilson, a charming
debutaltl, wore a beautiful gown
of ' . i trimmed in white lace,
minedal..-n. . black velvet.
M i,.%ive Evans was very
bi'd1m.- 1at atlaetive iII a plain
1.' m .4i ~ white or, andto
I i. 4-- Jones wore a very
Al1 ih s1.- of white mohair skirt
with % I t. obina silk waist.
Mita t ..ula Caine, of Laurost,
wore pink urgandie trimmed profuse
ly in oream laco, pink rosts and rib
bons of the same shado.
Mit-s Aleia McClure, of Chester,
was costumed in del;cato blue obins
silk, with very handsome Dresden
Miss Bess Simmons was attrav
tive in a lovel% wbif- organdie over
blue silk. wbite lace berths, pink
roses andti ferns.
Miss Thyra Schumpert wOre a
very handsome gown of real laco
over old rose taffeta, with triwings
of old rose velvet, white lace. tiik
ro ses.
Miss PauliLe Gilder w re h very
beautiful dress of white china silk,
shirred, wbite flowers.
Miss Camille Evans was daintily
goimnAd in pink organdie.
Miss Roasa Moore was bandsome in
white lawn trimmed in lace..
Miks Meta Jones, of Lancaster.
wore a charming costml,ac. of kbite
orgm,die, with trimmitg! ,f real Ilace.
pink sash.
Miss Barron. of Cioiumbik. Wore 5
very bandsume gown of pik ?ilk
mull very elaboratW'% made wth w ide
white lace, pink ribbons, and flower.
Miss Mildred Simmons was ver
beautiful in an all white costutue.
Miss Oline Bardin, of Charle-s,ton.
was beautiful in a very lovely eu.
tOme of white organdis, with trim
mings of white laee and rinbons
Mrs A. T'. Browna wore a bnsm
costume of white point d'e=prit over
lemon colored satin, with trimmuingt
of satin ribbon and yellow ebiffun.
Mrs. Gueo'g Johnstone wore a very
elaborate costumne of linelie colored
silk tissus run with blue ribbou,
trimmed im blue taffeta, ribboi,a, and
Mrs. 0. L. Schiimpert was very
handsomely gowned in black etairnne,
trimmciedt in moire silk; white chbma
silk waist tinisbed wvith white appli
Mrs. J. W. M. Simmons was hand
some in a black silk skirt; wbite
iwaist of soft white soile; red roses
Mrs. D F. Pifer wore a beautiful
dress of white organdie very band1
somnely tritmmced in white sat in rib
Mrs. Maicus L. Spearmian wore a
beautifuil gown of white soils.
Mrs. Frank ZA Wilson wore lovely
white India linen made with white
embroidery; white flowers.
Mrs. F. A. Schum pert wore s hand
some black silk skirt; white waist
trlimmedt' mi black velvet.
Mrs Lambert WV. Jones was (lain
tily costumed in a black silk skirt
with light blue chiffon waist.
Miss Thlyra Schumpert entertained
on Wednesday afternoon at cards in
honor of her guests, Miss Adelaide
Gaston, of Chester, and Miss Blan',he
P'eLorme, of Sumter. Thbe game
wase euchre. The first prize, a ganze
fan, was won by Miss Mary Nance
Fair, and the consolation, a silver
mounted darber, by Miss Pool.
Dainty refreshmenits were served,
arid punch was served through the
course of the game.
Those p)resent were Misses G aston,
Nanicy Pool, Mary Nancen Fair, Bee.
sie Simamons, Co'ra Domiiok, Eliza
bethb Dominick, Neville l'ope, Bessie
Gilder, Carrie Jones, Lizzie Glenn,
Mary Thlompson.
Misse (om.a ad Elm..eh m.
Diak vety charcaldtly ootetaiGAM at
flitch on Wodnvedty. ue hoibe was
beitifully and tastily dfcirated with
rose, i.attirmiino and .wet peas.
Thse first prize, a lovely gauze tan,
was won by Mrs A. T Urown. The
consolation, a large bunch of sweet
yesv, was awarded Mies Lilla John
The score cards were dainty hand
painted miniature Japanese lanterns.
Delightful refreshments were
Those present were: Misses Nancy
'ool, Azile Pool, Uertrude Oarwile,
Bossie Brown, of Laureno, Nina Car
lisle, Hessie Carlisle, Thyra Schum
pert, 1e1sie Simmons, Vinnie Mae
Wilson, Ola Wilson, Lalla Martin,
Morina: Martin, Fannie McCaughrio, 4
Lucy McCaughriu, Helen Mowe-,
Nellye McFall, Mary Burton, Besie i
Uilder, Maud Langford, Ethel
Boozer, Mamie Henwick, Agnes Sum
ter, Susie Summer, Myrtie Schim.
porl, Buth Wells, Laura Bleate,
Annie Bytaum, Orae Clark, Maie
Weber, Carri# Mayw-, Lizzio (Glne,
Lilla Johnstone, Mazie Dominick,
Edit b l'tbury, -f Wa,hiigtott. 1).
C , Adlido G aston, of ( 3hester,
Blatch DeLurne, of Sun.ter, Cotatise
1 ou-, of Laurenij, Fh-mliig of
G r,.o,wood.
The dance tendered in the city
hall at Prosperity by the young men
of the town Friday evening was one
of the pleasantest occasions in Pros
ptrity's social history.
The hall was beautifully decorated
with palms and ferns, and with taste'
ful draperies of blue and pink.
QuitO 8 number of visitors were pres.
out, adding to the pleasure of the
The scene was a very beautiful
one, the ocasioi very enjoyable and
enjoyed, and it will long be remem
bered by those whose fortune it Was
to be present.
Excellent music was furnished by
a band secured for the occasion.
The following couplee were in at.
Miss Annie Belle Wise with Mr.
J F Browne.
Miss Lillian Wise with Mr C. M.
Mi-s Mamie Jordan, of Winne.
b>ro with H-!u. A F. Lever.
Miss Mae Lee Barre with Mr. D.
S. Haltiwanger.
Miss Kate Barre with Mr. A B.
Miss Maggie Barre with Mr. J B.
Setz Ier
Me U.-orgie Seb'umpart with Mr.
G C Merebaut
Mis Liliiea Merebtaut with Mr. J.
M Cook
Miss Lillis Mae l-Rioell withI Mr.
E. W. Werts
Mi.' (Gracs Harwut uath Mr (I.
B Morretr
Mis- Jessie Mo-el&v with Mr. J J.
Miss B3ettie Hair with Mr Lee
Miss Estelle Oounts with Mr WVa
lie Lung.
Miss Addie Warts witb Mr. J. B3.
Miss Ellen Wsrts with Mr. Joe
Miss Alma Hartmnan with Mr. W.
F. Bedenbangb.
Miss Bessie' Miller with Mr. B. P.
Miss Miattie Miller with Mr. J H.
Miss Bernice Shealy with Mr. Lee
Miss Lucy B3edenbaugh with Mr.
Ernest Bedeobaugh.
Miss Agnes Summer, of Newberry,
with Mr. 0. P. W ise.
Miss Susie Summer, of Newberry,
with Mr. M. E Abrams.
Miss Eugenia Summer, of New
berry, with Mr. BI. A. Hawkins.
Miss Dickert, of Attanta, with Mr.
0. L. Scbumpert.
Miss Mary Hatfner, of Chester, wit h
Mr. W. B. Wise.
Miss Belle Eptinig, of Newbeurry,
with Mr. Ri. F. Fellers.
Miss Annie Mae Bedenbaugh with
Mr. Giarrie.
Miss Lalage Wheeler with Mr.
Chas. Schumpa.rt
Miac, Lucy Wheeler with Mr. C. B.
Miss Marie Fellers with Mr. A. T.
Miss Mattie Fellers with Mr. 0. 8.
Chaperoines: Dr. and Mrs. (G. Y.
Hunter, Dr. and Mrs. J. 8. Wheeler,
Mr. and Mrs. P. C. Singley, Mr. and
Mrs. 8. W. Calmes.
Miss Annie Belle Wise-white or.
gandie, trimmings of real lace; pearls,
diamonds and opals.
M ina Lillian Wise-..whie a .ui.::
Miss Mait Jordaii, of Winnebolo
-pink epe o obine ovur tafeta
illk; diamonds and opal,.
Miss Mpt Lee Barte-red etaine
with handsome Waok lie.
Miss Kate Barre--blue silk with
laoe trimmings; opals.
Miss Maggie Barre-aIlk mull ovot
Nhite tafreta; opaIs.
Miss Georgie Schiumprt-black
point d'esprit with lace triniillilgs.
Miss liliie Merchant-white or
Cardie, ribbon trimmings.
Miss LIUl Ms It"ssll--black
3oint t'esprit over taffeta; pearls.
Mis Grace Haruian-blue organ
lie with white applique.
Miss Jessie Moseley-piuk organ
lie, triminings of real lace; pearls.
Mliss Bettie Hafir-Whito orgaildi,-;
Miss Estelle 0oits-white L..
awn with lace.
Miss Addio Werts-white organdie,
rimmings of lace suit ribbons; opals
Miss b"1101n Werls-whito swist,
filiininge, of lace 11nd kantill; rhis's
Mies Alma Hartmain--lu swi-m,
-ibb ,1 1 rimminigs.
Misi Bossie Miller-whito tegai
lie, with lace.
Miss Mattio Miller-blue organ
lie, lace avid ribbons; rubies.
Miss Bernice Shealy-white India
awn, ribbons.
Misa Lucy Bodenbaugh-helio
rope mull, trimmings medallions
kad lace.
Miss Agnes Summer-white organ
lie, trimmings of applique and iib.
3ons; diamonds.
Miss Susie Summer-white silk
mull, trimmings of lace and ribbons;
diamonds and pearls.
Miss Eugenia Summer-pink silk
mall, trimmings and ribbons; pearls.
Miss Dickert-silk etaienue over
silk-opals and diamonds
Miss Mary Hafner-blue silk,
grape appliquy; turquoise and dia.
Miss Annie Mae Bodeubaugh- blue
rgandie, tri, mings of real lace; dia
Miss Lalage Wheeler-white Irish
lawn, ribbon trimmings.
Miss Lucy Wheeler-Paris mous
seline with lace.
Miss Marie Fellers-pink organ
die, trimmings of biack velvet; opals.
Miss Ma'tie Fellers-yellow organ
die, lace and ribbons; rubies.
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A 0. tA .tv
A I 4el. Ai 12 t10
o. 1 No. 12 1AIMutonle. %(. I No. 9
.. A.l. 1. hi. A. M
I 10 1 65............... BeltO ............... ;1 20 10 60
1 is i ti t.........i %atiorto t F. )......... ,40 if10o
145 1:0. . ... . ititmi) I*. ' 1..... ... 3 -4h II 16
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All regailiar r->.Iin frt% ,. I ol n to4 Wallalta,t.
4vt prtqld(Ijee ov r ()t , HN %111' j cillm
vn )V W ist I tho 4leptanle' (IlreQUItOn lk s ofIS (011
a w lHOmwo fla lay [tri order.
Will iliso 1to) I ati, tho followitg 4'1io%at i ln a
tk Oat anl , me114rl. ohil mollgerm: 1iii11nt6Y '8
4 sits an(d santlly Hp. tags.
J. K. ANDI%,m%. ,Sperintndoni
barIlutstoni andi WetSonl CaroIlina hwv 9o.
Aug9"ta and Ashevillo Shor t Line
(VolrhI't Iul ill 4(l c.t 1 1nm'h i1, 11103.)
Ita Down.) (Rait up)
2.40 pmi ......... Lv Newhorry ......... A r 3.0 p .
.fo pil A r biatitrl4unn ...... .. -e.02
2.11 pin......... Lv L,aturnt .. . . Ar 1.80
'I.0 Isitl ......... Ar Spartatl irg... . 1,v 12 01
S1 I P1 ......... I,v apit rimail> ig... Ar ' i ~
4 ' i s ........ . d ......... 1,v 3.
P ' ......... \r If miitir onvLIo V
0 1 1 ......... . al -Itt vl.t........ .. v
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vai..ll.. . a- t t. .. .......... . i
41 a... i...ill .. ...............A I i
-~~~~~ I- I. ...b .t .to A 66s
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f t. 1 ...- l'ort R0 yan .. ......I,v 7.i a
4.o .lk i N. v bvi{. (o v - i.l.% r -
SIm pa. .I r ......... k v 204 p)
l p-i i.v b~ .r a--......... ..... i.-,
Faor -rh. I it-fil 1a%Ion aolati.41 to rat<i4ti,
-I',n ti t.' Y :.gi
(:E.4. T~ i- Y * 'N, >soi g . (Jreeniv'lIo. a
M W.NK I W II.I IAM S, Uor . l%8c1. Agt
A tie t,a,G.
'1. M. . ., . a., Tradlc annizger.
a e..
(Eate-tc1a Stantlard Tin o.)
louthbound. NortLbonnl.
ScelC,d ite In EfTuct Atigit-t 26tl 1I2.
8 40 am Lv .Allinlta (2 A.L) Ar. 8 :At pm
IG 50 amul ativild 6 19 pm
11 to am Elburton 5 17 pm
12 L pm Abbovilie 4 0- pm
1 22 pmll Groonwood 3 : pll
2 1bp:. Ar Clinton (llin'r) ,v. 2 45 pin
(c.Aw 0.)
10 00 an Lv luni SMpri ngs Ar 4 416 pn
12 15 pn 3parinburg 0 pn
12 2 pm GreeaVle 3 24 1
(lur18 Springm)
1 12 pill Waterloo 2 :,5pi
1 4-1 1' A r Inurena ( lin'r) 1 p- 7
53 62
P 's. liv
202 Lv Latron A r I 1:;
249 '' 'rks Ar 1 42
2 22 .clinton.. I 30
2 14 ':ol dville 1 17
2 4.i ..Knarl.. 1 1c
2 411 ..4ary.. 1 05
2 54 ..Jalapa. 1 0(0
3 10 1iewLbura3 12 4(;
3 24 P'rosperity 1232
3 34 ... 8lIgh.... 1223
:119 Hountaia 12 19s
3 61 ...Chapin ... 12 IJ9
,141>7 Itiltonl 1202
4 01 White Roc)- I 59
4 7 Hallwnitine 11 I
1 17 ....r so.. 1f 46
4 24 L2Cpha1rt.. 1i 40
4 4~ ArColunibinlv l 20
Pm am
I 5- I.vC'tm1 ba1t (A.C.i..)Ar 11 to
i ,0 umimter 0 50
1 21 Ar Ch- r1oHton L% 7 lk:
Traa rI&o2 arri t a i d .part from
13ew la, f luptot
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W^ t I -. -. als. st. .
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riendi and mndorse White Ribbon Reme
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ighted to find an economical treatment
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:eep) up wvith the news of the world,
thle nation, the State andI your county.
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You know all about The Herald and
ews. The Semi-WeeklyNews andi Cour
r, published at Charleston, S. C., is the
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rges a week, or 104 ise ayear.
ives all the telegraphic and State
Iws, general andl special stories.
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v special arrangeament.

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