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Says it Knows Nothing of an Agreement
by Which It is Indebted to
Several weeks ago Mr. F. M. Boyd,
acting secretary of the Commissioners
of Public Works, handed City Council
the following.abstract,from the minutes
of a meeting of the Commissioners held
on May 27:
Resolved, That as the Towi Council
A has declined the proposition of the
Board of Public Works, made to them
in January last, to furnish the money
necessary to build a reservoir sufficient
to hold a reserve supply of water,
which is absolutely necessary to the
health and efficient fire protection of
the city; and that the proposition under
which the Board and Council were to
act in 1901 and 1902 is still operative,
the Board would request that the Coun
cil arrange at once to pay the deficiency'
remaining due the Board for the year
,1901, of $660.00, and the deficiency for
the year 1902 of $1,500.00, and the de
ficiency for the five months of the year
1Q03, amounting to $625.00.
And if the Council can not arrange
for a speedy settlement that the Board
be notified at what date they can ar
range such settlement, so that upon
that as a basis they can contract for
the necessary work, as they feel that
the water supply of the city demands
not only an increased daily supply but
a reserve supply sufficient to meet t!
demands in case of any accident to the
machinery or calls made upon it in case
of fire. - F. M. BOYD,
Acting Secretary.
Yesterday Imorning Mayor Earhardt
addressed the following communication
in reply:
June 18, 1903.
To the Commissioners of Public Works,
Newberry, S. C.:
Gentlemen: Replying to your com
munication handed me on the 2nd inst.,
in the form of an abstract from your
minutes of the 27th ult., I have the
honor to inform you-that after a care
ful examination of the records of the
town I fail to find any record of an
agreement, proposition, or contract
whereby the town is indebted to you in
the amounts claimed, or that such con
tract or agreement is now effective.
Hence we must decline to accede to
your proposition.
J. W. EARHART, Mayor.
It will be seen from the abstract of
the Commissioners' minutes that the
Board is under- the impression that i
there exists an agreement by which I
Council is annually to make an appro
priation for the support or improve- i
ment of the public works under the c
management of the Commissioners. It
is equally clear from Mayor Earhardt's
reply that Council knows of no such
agreement and refuses to make the ap
propriation asked. There the matter
Death From Natural Causes.
Coroner F. M. Lindsay wvas called
several miles east of the city yesterday
to hold an inquest over the body of
Sallie Gallman, colored, aged about 35
years, who was found dead in bed early
yesterday morning. The verdict was
"death from nat5ural causes." Dr. J.
M. Kibler pronounced it a ease of heart
failure. The husband of the woman in I
his testimony before the coroner thus I
described the discovery that his wife
was dead: "At 2 o'clock the baby was
crying and son called his mother and
she made no answer, and I called her
and she did not answer, and I went to
her bed and she wvas dead."
$101 Was Red Mens' Contribution,
In the last issue of The Herald and
News, through a mistake in the editorial
department, it was stated that Pulaski
Lodge I. 0. 0. F. had contributed $101
for the benefit of the sufferers from the
recent floods, and that Bergell Tribe, I.
0. R. M. had contributedl $25. The I
2101 was the contribution of the Red
Mer to aid their suffering brothers,
andl the $25 wvas the contribution of the
Odd Fellows, and it should have been
so0 statedl.
Favorite With the Crowd.
Mr. Herbert Workman, of this coun
ty, played right field in a game of ball<
between the South Carolina Military<
Academy and the Light Dragoons in
Charleston on Saturday, The resultI
was 7 to 4 in favor of the Dragoons.
The following in regard to Mr. Work
man's part in the game is from thei
Newvs and Gourier.
The favorite with the crowd wvas the
right fielder of the Academy, Work
man. Whether on account of the queeri
fitting uniform which he s/ore or be-|
cause of his brilliant plays would be
hard to say, but at any rate he was
cheered when he went to the bat and|
ho was cheered if he fanned; he was
cheered to the echo if he got the four.
He made some very neat catches and
when he came in home and the boys
tried to congratulate him he (lucked
his head and crept off to the players'
bench wvith a 13-mnch grin wreathing
his features. He did some pretty work
and never failed his adImirers in an
emergency. His uniform was about
three sizes too large for him, but that
was no hindrance mn sliding bases, and
he slid them every chance that came his
way. Hie is a bit short and stumpy,
but he is all right. He had not a sin
gle error registeredl against him.
Oh, Yes !
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"Clfto" four for today, but you
didn't. It isn't our fault; we had plen
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Don't get caught napping next time'.
Hayes & McCarty.
The Railroad Commissioners Will Come To
Newberry To Investigate On
Wednesday Next.
Some time ago the city council circu
lated a petition addressed to the Rail
road Commission setting forth the need
of this city for a union depot and ask
ing that the Commission takethe matter
up with the railroads. Subsequently
the Board of Trade took the matter in
hand and Mr. E. H. Aull, Secretary of
the Board, was appointed to confer with
the railroads and the Commission to see
what could be accomplished.
Mr. Aull, acting on the part of the
Board of Trade and bearing'th*e petition
signed by the citizens of Newberry,
took up the matter with the railroad
people. -
On Wednesday Mr. Aull received the
following communication from Mr.
Garris, chairman of the Ra;lroad Com
mission, stating that the. Commissioners
will be in Newberry on next Wednes
lay, to meet the Board of Trade and
.ity council in this city.
The communication is as follows:
Mr. E. H. Aull, Newberry, S. C. -
Dear Sir: Your favor of June 12th has
'he attention of the Board. Beg,to ad
rise you that the Board after careful
,onsideration of the questions raised
iave decided to meet your committee,
iot in Columbia, but in Newberry on
;he evening of Wednesday, June 24th,
;hen and there to dis'uss with you such
natters relating to the union station as
rou may bring forth. We deem it best
'o go over these matters with you aside
,rom any railroad interference and then
;ake it up regularly with the railroads.
By order of the Board.
C. W. Garris,
The matter is one in which the peo
>le of the city and county, and the
;raveling public generally, are deeply
nterested, and the result of the confer
mee on Wednesday night will be looked
'orward to with much interest.
Miss Lillie Mae Russell, of Prosperity,
risited in the city Wednesday.
Mr. L. G. Eskridge left yesterday for
i visit to his home at Shelby, N: C.
Miss Clara Langford will leave Tues
lay for a visit to friends in Bamberg.
The old cistern near the opera house
a to be filled in, by order of city coun
Dr. A. J. Bowers has moved from the
ollege campus to the Summer r.Aidence
u Helena.
Miss Carrie Jones -is visiting friends
it Rock Hill. From Rock Hill ihe will
,o to Yorkville.
Mrs. J. W. Walter and son, of Birm
ngham, Ala., are visiting the family
if Mr. F. A. Schumpert.
.Miss Mary Hafner, of Chester, who
kas been visiting friends in the city,
eturned home yesterday.
Mr. J. H. Flythe, of Columbia, trav
ling freight agent for the Seaboard
ir Line, was in the city yesterday.
Dr. and Mrs. J. W. Boozer returned
*o their home in Columbia yesterday
fter a visit to relatives in Newberry.
Dr. J. G. Johnston, of Chester, was
a Newberry this week on a visit to his
ather, Mr. D. S. Johnston, of the
Mrs. M. A. Evans, who has been in
ttlanta and Flowery Branch and other
oints in Georgia for the past several
nonths, has returned to Newberry.
The Mayor's Court.
Eliza Holman, colored was finied $8.00
>y Mayor Earhardt yesterday morning
or stealing. Eliza entered Mr. A. L.
(nighton's house on Wednesday morn
ng and took therefrom clothes to the
imount of about $10.00.
T. 0. Stewart and Ed Kingsmore
vere fined $1.00 each for fighting.
Eugene Teague was fined $8.00 and
-lenry Adams $1.00, both for fighting.
On Wednesday morning Pierce Robert
on was fined $10.00 and George Koest
er $1.00, both for fighting. The fight
;ook place in Koestler's room Koestler
iad ordered Robertson to leave the
oom, and Robertson had refused.
-To the People of West End.
The West End Comedy Company,
inving been requested, will give an en
ertainment in the old chapel on Satur
lay night, June 27th, for the purpose
>f raising funds to pay expenses of a
>icnic to be given by the West End
;unday Schools, July 4th. The program
~vill be an entire change from any pre
rious entertainment, and the boys
romise to give one better than has
3ver been presented in West End be
fore. J. R. BASS,
New Lutheran Parsonage.
Work on the erection of the Lutheran
parsonage for the Lutheran Church of
the Redeemer has been begun and the
building of the foundation is being
pushed rapidly. Thn work is being
leg yL. A. Walker & Co., con
tractors, of Columbia.
PIcnic at Mt. Ehnn.
The fifth annual picnic of the Mt.
Enon clubi will be given atold Mt. Enon,
Saluda county, on the fourth dlay of
Sura1mer Weather.
Summer is here, and you will want to
use more or less cold bread. So be sure
to order Bransford's "Clift'on" flour.
It makes a light, white loaf that retains
the moisture longer than any soft win
ter wheat flour. We guaranteeit.
Hayes & McCartv.
Council Reftses Proposition of Commis
sioners To Turn System Over
To Council.
Acting under an opinion from City
Attorney Frank L. Bynum, City Coun
cil at its regular meeting held on Wed
nesday night, refused the proposition
of the Board of Commissioners of Pub
.lic Works to turn over the- management
of the sewerage system to City Council.
The propoAtion of the Board wasincor
porated in the following communicatipn
forwarded to Council several weeks ago:
To the Honorable, the Mayor's Council,
Newberry, S. C.:
Gentlemen: - The late decision of the
Supreme Court of South Carolina, that
the management of the sewer depart
ment in the City of Union, S. C., vested
in the City Council, must apply to all
cities in the State.
And as the Council placed the mai
agement of the sewer system of New
berry at its inception under the control
of the Board of Public Works, the
Board would now call the atterition of
the Council to this decision of the Su
preme Court, and inform your Honor
able Body that they are ready to turn
over to them the sewer system, to
gether with the funds and all material
and supplies now on hand belonging to
that department, and would request the
Council to arrange at as early day as
convenient .to assume the control of the
Yours very truly,
C. E. Sumimin,
T. C. Pooi.,
Board of Public Works.
Following is the communication in
reply forwarded the Board yesterday
morning by Mayor Earhardt:
To the Commissioners of Public Works,
Newberry, S. C.
Gentlemen: We are advised by the
City Attorney that the operation, con
trol and management of the sewerage
systen of the Town of Newberry isstill
in your hands, and that the opinion of
the Supreme Court referred to by you
in your recent communication does not
relieve you of these obligations. We
must, t.herefore, decline to accede to
your proposition.
Most respectfully,
.1. W. EARIARDT, Mayor.
Contract for Its Erection Awarded Gco. W.
Waring, of Columbia, at
At the meeting of the Standing Com
mittee of the Board of Trustees of
Newberry College, held on Tuesday,
the contract for the erection of the
new building on the college campus was
awarded to Gco. W. Waring, of Colum
bia. Mr. Waring's bid was $18,953. A
cut and specifications of the building
have already been published. The State
has the following to say of this award:
"The trustees of Newberry College
met yesterday and awarded the con
tract for the new college building to
Mr. Geo. W. Waring, of Columbia at
his bid, $18,953. Architect Ferank P.
Milburn of Columbia made the plans.
The building is to be completed not
later than Jan. 1, 19041. This will be
one of the handsomest college buildings
in the State."'
Petition For Street Sprinkling.
The petition signedl by t.he business
houses of Newberry asking that City
Council have the streets in the business
part of the city sprinkled twice a day,
came up for consideration by Council
Wednesday night. The p)etition was
not granted because council considered
that the present condition of the town's
finances wvill not warrant the amount
necessary to be expended, wvhich would
be about $800 or $1,000. In the p)resent
condition of the town's finances council
did not feel wvarranted in making this
expenditure, and for this reason the
petition wvas refused.
Good Roads Topics.
At the applroaching qluarterly meet
ing of the County Good Roads Associa
tion papers will be read as follows:
"Should the chain gang be put on
"'Should wve have a separate road fund
and how shouldl it be expende~d. ''"--W. A.
"'Howv much tax should1( be levied to
create sep)arate road fund."'-R. T. C.
Leave to Attend Tournament.
City Council has granted the fire de
partment leave to take the horse hose
wangon out of the city to enter the fire
men's tournament at Anderson A uguist
4th. D)uring its absence the dlepart
ment is reqiuiredl to pr'ovidle adecquate
fire protection for the city.
The constitution andl by- laws recently
adloptedl by the Excelsior Fire Company
were ap)provedl by3 Council.
A Small Fire
The fire dlepartment was called out
ab:ut 2 o'clock Tu'esday afternoon on
account of a small blaze on the kitchen
roof of Mr. Jno. A. Summer's residence
on College street. The hosqe wagon
was carried to the scene in goodl time
andl very little dlamage was (lone. The
roof caught from the flue.
If You Arc the Housekeeper
You will appreciate our suggestion that
Iyou use Bransford's ''Clifton'" flour. It
makes the best bread, cake and pastry
for home people as wveil as visitors.
Don't let your prejudlice in favPor of an
other brand prevent your try'm it.
Blayes & Mec,arty.
Cateechee Council, No. 4, Chooses Officers
For The Ensuing Term of
Six Months.
At the' last meeting of Cateechee
Council, No. 4, Pocahontas Degree im
proved Order Red Men, ollicers for the
ensuring term of six months were chosen
as follows:
Prophetess, Miss Cora Carter.
Pocahontas, Miss Helen Smith.
Wtinonah, Mrs. Lula A. Guinn.
Powhattan, L. W. Mills.
Keeper of Wampum, Mrs. Rebeca
The installation will take place the
first Tuesday night in July.
Chairmen of .Good Roads Associations of
Nos. 2 and 10 Call Meetings.
In the constitution of the Good Roads
Association for Newberry County,
which was organized on the 31st day of
March, eleven vice-presidents are pro,
vidqd for, one to be chosen from each
township in the county. It is made the
duty of these vice-presidents to "organ
ize Township Good Roads Associations
in their respective townships," and to
"work up an interest in the success of
the Association in their respe6tive town
Acting under this clause of the con
stitution of the association Messrs. W.
C. Brown, Vice-President from Caldwell
Township, and Jno. F. Banks, Vice
President from No. 10, have issued the
following calls:
A meeting will be held at Mt. Bethel
on Saturday, .June 20th, to organize a
Good Roads Association for Caldwell
Township. Let all the citizens of the
township attend.
W. C. BnOWN, Chairman.
FROM NO. 10.
I have been authorized by the County
Good Roads Association to call a meet
ing of the citizens of Township No. 10,
who may feel interested in good roads,
for the purpose of organizing a Town
ship Good Roads Association. rhis
meeting will be held at St. Philip's on
Saturday, the 27th instant, at 3 o'clock
p. m.
JNO. F. BANKS, Chairman.
The Herald Square Stock Co. Will Hold
Forth In The Opera House
June 29 -July 4.
The management of the opera house
have succeeded in securing an engage
ment with the Herald Square Stock Com
pany for six nights, beginning on Alon
day, the 29th day of June and closing
on Saturday night, the 4th of July,
with matinees probably on Wednesday
and Saturday afternoons. The troop
cones highly recommended as a good
repertoire company. Dr. Eberhardt,
one of the managers of the opeCrahouse,
has received from a personal. friend in
Greenville, who is also connected with
the opera house there, a letter in which
the company is described thus: "You
will find the company the best reper
toire company you have playedl this
season, and I hope you will stand the
up nightly." Popular prices will pre
vail, 10, 20, and 30, and it is expected
that this mid-summer engagement will
prove very popular.
Farmers' Institutes.
By authority of the Board of Trustees
of Clemson College, Local Institutes
will be held in such counties as send re
quests, signed by fifteen farmers, be
fore the fifteenth of June, to J. S.
Newman, Director of Farmers Insti
tutes, Clemson College, S. C. The pe
titioners will name the p1laces at wich
Institutes are desired and the dates will
be arranged by the college authorites.
The State Institute will be held at
Clemson College commencing Monday
evening August 10th and closing Friday
evening August 14th.
Week Bnd Rates
From points on the Atlantic Coast
Line to Seaside Resorts, tickets on sale
Saturday, good returning including Mon
day following, attractive schedules, uan
surpassed service Summer Tourist
Tickets to Mountain andl Seaside Resorts
limited for return passage to October
31st on sale until September 30th.
For full p)articulars, rates, etc, call
on P'icket Agents or wvrite,
General Passenger Agent
Traflic Manager
Wilmington, N. C.
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Elected Commissioner of Public Works 14
Succeed T. C. Pool-Mr. Bwart
Mr. W. F. Ewart has been chosen i
member of the Board of Commissioner.
of Public Works to fill the unexpireL
term caused by the resignation of Mr.
T. C. Pool. The vacancy was filled by
City Council at its meeting on Wednes
day night. Mr. Ewart will accept tle
I)osition and will qualify this morning.
The resignation of Mr. Pool was ac
cepted, and Mr. Pool was notified in the
following letter fromn Mayor Earhardt:
June 18, 1903.
Mr. T. C. Pool, Newberry, S. C.
Dear Sir:---At a meeting of the City
Council held last evening your resigna
tion as a member of the Board of Com1
missioners of Public Works of the City
of Newberry was accepted, and Mr. W.
F. Ewart was elected to fill the vacin
cy. Respectfully,
At the same time Mr. Ewart was
officially notified of his election as fol
June 18, 1903.
Mr. W. F. Ewart,
Newberry, S. C..
Dear Sir: I have the honor to notify
you that at a mceting of the City Coun
cil held last evening you were u1nani
mously elected a member of the Board
of Co1mmissioners of, Public' Works of
the City of Newberry, to fill the unex
pired teirit caused by the resignation of
Mr. '. C. Pool. You will please call at
council chamber on the morning of the
19th inst. and qualify.
Mr. Ewart is a successful business
man and a broad-minded and public
spirited citizen. lie has long been
identified with the business interests of
the city and in every way has sougit
its advancement an( prosperity. The
people's interests will not suffer in his
hands, and the city is to be congratu
lated upon01 Council's choice and that Mr'.
Ewart has accep)tedl.
Of the Condition of the
First National Bank at
Whitmire, in the State
of South Carolina, at
the close of Business,
June 9, 1903.
Loans and Discounts ... ......$61,l1 1 59
Overdrafts, secured and uni
secured....................I1,36i9 54
U, S. Bonds to secure circu
Prenmiums on U. S. Bonds... 539 06
Stocks, securities, etc...... ..... 40 00
B3anking house, fur'niture, and
fixtures .................... .. 1,530 01
Due from State Banks and
Bankers .. .................. 3,5641 05
Notes of other National Banks 800 00
F'rac .ional paper cur irency,
BANIC, viz:
Specie..............$2,818 50
Legal-tender notes.. 1,020 00- - 3,538 5C
Redemption fund with U). S.
Tr easur'er (5 per' cent. of
circulation)...... ................. 312 5(
T1otal...................$79,301 O'
Capital stock pauid in..........$25,000 Of
Surplus fund ......... ........... 200) O(
Undivided profits, less ex
pensesC and1 taxes paid ... ,647 4'
National Bank Notes out
standing ...................6,250 0(
D)ue to appr)ioved ireserve
agents ............ ........... 145 3~
I ndividluil deposits subject to
check ........................ 26,061 2.
Bills payable, includling certi
ficates of deposit for nmoiney
borr'owed ................... 20,000 0
TIotal ...................$79,304 0
STiAT'i. 01" SouTHu CAROLINA, (
COUNTY 0o" NiewiRRuY.
II, .J. K. S. Rtay, Cashier of the ab)ove
named bank, do solemnly swear tIa
the above statement is true to the bes
of my kn owledge and belief.
J.K .RA Y, Cashier.
Subscribed and sworn to before mei
this 13th d1(ay of June, 1903.
J1. D). ST) K iES,
Coio:c'rAtt~st: Notary P'ublic.
Ii. M. Sli ,1 ii-:n Director's.
t's Je tion Teacher
rl' TRUSTimS 01" UTO'Pl4
.school wvill meet at school Saturda:
- June 26th, at 11l o'clock to elect teacher
TIer'm 8 mont.hs. Applications can b)
sent to either of the underisignied troi
F. M. Schumpert.
I. P. Cannon.
.1 M. Nichols.
Absolutely Pure
2({) l 11llii' Kintucky Cotton
20 8V-1 f 401-d ApplyiG to T
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cnll tit thi , . , .m ii* s -,%the
crop. rLt uii I .-- -, d :I;la s
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Stock Certificate.
the it udrsignedi has lost1 hiis stoick
eet.rt.ificattt, No,. 52, ini theL capjit al stock
of Theli Newherrt'y ( 'at ln Sted ( il Mii!
app)lictiton for duipIient e cti' ificat..
1L 0. 0. F.
1 . ,t i .4n o'clok at ict i.i al at i-he
(Gradold Si euil blilin i. Vi-i tors (or
,1. M GU.IINN. N. G;
TI S Hndli!ont, Secretatry.
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Morbus, Diarrhoea and
PRICE 15c and 25c
WatChes, Clocks,
ilver and Plate Ware,
Out Glass and Table Ware
Wedding and Birthday Presents
Key winding Watches
Changed to Stem
Eduard Scholtz,
Joweler' and Optician.
'lThe followin g dIrulggist s requests the
holderst l' I. R N A LcuponsII tobrg
,ly free, then reguzlar sizn bot tle of the.
Great P ro'pu'i in, NI IRN A WI NE'
For Maiin nily by Oihr & Woeoks'

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