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The Newberry herald and news. (Newberry, S.C.) 1884-1903, June 19, 1903, Image 4

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Not Ne"'Ay So Many iTaken Now.
daym as There Ufted to Be.
Bridteo are probably Just as baUtiful
now. as ever tilY ', r. but they are
not noaly so animou 141 record their
positluptial lovosilics, byIlleanls "if phio
tograli:. .\tbst photo.., ;.hers a.% they
are gl1ad of it.
--I : , i -.y ik *.: picturem
of h * d N. - ,. % te:.:rapher. ".1ke
all tIe ri'est in he orM. I i%e the dear
ce -- i' : it vOlincs down to
S : n :.. , ' ~tsiiu tilt' do not
salsy mir artisth isi ncts. 1'ew brides
tak . s i;iSt'inehowtt~ their
Wc-o - t .o : . .\ hbride is sup
p '2 ~ 'k "uil - a t ' ti. lovely (oil
he u\01.d if 0.1hdoy thirnd
to te. i6:the subjectr that su
th1-,4 roal!ve that. In
st:- best %". that oc
of i art, apt to loik
thsanle way w-henl
t .t.:rp:hed in their
w %, l. cry 'Tey a eT ither too
palc t ,n l :in,l :hcy ha\e aI nerr
OUs. :: -'':.i: n Iit1 robs the
faceV 01 .1;4 KOd itues fo-- photographic
"Thet 1llte was wheln no bride onsid
ered heirelf reaflv imarried until sho
bad nrri3.i htrself in \\potles w ite
anld ha-h: lit1re t:3ken. ;enjerally
'le' cnllw wih her. a d; -h' lookedl Just
about :i ihas he did t' nst s.
the tru. 1 'a b;id positli: brides
antld ridron before tht t,amer,'
Inst 0;.i if l.mlin them, t look pieas
ant I alw:~ ~I), -lit . e s yi g i n'
ltoylk iii . f y canI possibly l p it.'
and 11 woul' ,:tvc to think u. i
seruin , we to k ',-r f:om scrouging
doN ,t, 4 ik, anz t hi,: zhoulder and
to heicc bi. floinl rt'-pontJillz With an
equahy .nippr'1 nat e r ice. But
with ,K ::Iy precautions I never fully
S110 ckueedt %i ort rvi itina their acting
li' luTt V . Ti.e other day when look
ine .k r a lot of old neatives I came
ae:- evr..! idndred : t hose sentl
m .:'' .in. ::t:ns. and I thanked
Eli iiky -t:. tItI nowadays few
n, !y :* . mupho have the camer
StaIh 1 - ':.d s-tk. - in inilk anti
qjuized dry le 1 giJ ft-ed for young
un. s:zed tggs should be
t FV7. :i1 orr.aV ones are apt
to I :-- it: ed fornwd-k ho k
T -I- ' - 'x so surv to come
Iw !..hr r.wB: hence It Is a good
pa: N i; ar ti-to i:2 -clt way.
L' - h . .:n..: .1.-ks 'ftenl if you
w : . : ie rapidly, but
do :. t !joi n,r at .t tljt than they
will a n a few luinutes.
'Lity h. ld; ! It s soonl Ilq thle
saf - :' h--t hiiin is to burn all of
y e roiin: l,ia
112 .v ' w pi.k p their roodl
ul Ei y'S t.l rela lstWh thty go jt
itt l. two anld
then i SI t'r ti nf.: ie w'rong 'e
e lt i .t ()h,- r*e-N is 1tp inl Sut closo
qu1itit.-s iil t l o t - V c nnliot ti ake enoti,zl
tr i t'd11 l igestionl. li lns
The1(15 41 liene o t lickly i i tPe n.
ttnltt' t 111i h'5' n t , lt i'lt iot iinplit, thfe
reavd ari tih ttnlt(i hs ti and I.enh of
t' orgni.?titth eirtt 11thitt and4 atined
bladesi :n-. spreald i'olt horizotally ri
thrn' tt's nd itt whieb' suk pearhnIcpa
acidOl) i oi the sturround1(iIg tr adr
intgrate it ltinthir ow tto' elt wner
tteingtnc oa suight.1)1 in the rick-d
Cly eas,iln lte contrar ist gis th riat-i
tened1111 tist nd branthes whl ih under
ftke ts essential opet'ion in11 lthe lie'i
to the lant t' isukn lintt ofi tirbon
the vegtablee tu-iy wha th eain
und digesptig' 'f food are ltol the atmal
woodyF~b in tet andtloig tir wor
b ''lThel Geen'iend
IWileIanumber tofv torkens wre
sitting i a in hi the Rugitsel Ie
thrn, a inan ofir foy, nedt? Ng er
tnhte a111 wager tat 'uithe wouldtdrink.
"dozen t glaesof asinhiit whifeC11
do'lckt wa setgrikn.Te.ae a
on tetale ln the his okeN
ir. swalowded is4p. firt) htilat and the1
cOslolk t u latst iisedC sting whenstc
bhi drankyte twelthan'lstaWil
hi companions0- wr wophudinougo
feat Negoellstaggeredt andos thel havi
ly tohloor.g fe.- pIee Reubliean.
Whaltl Huent.
"Yaesear was)lhli' teaingvlo th latest
"Hhra aId f(elowgetting $yoa wrd!"e
her tt'xl')ihntledo.ri gr arid
De temiln tl aye thI las ord
"iWinit "iClit?" the d.rugit sleeplyin
A Daring Pertornaance That Had a
Very SIMIPe EXPIPpitteo,
Nefohg ago a lin ta1ier ihko was
exhibiting in a German eicus in Hol.
land attracted in tnense crowlS at ev
ery Perforintiue by doing what' seemed
to be the most daring of acts in the
lions' eage. Ile would climb into the
eage with great pieces of meat and
throw it to the roaring beasts. The
inoment they had leaped upon it he
would sprin aniong them and put his
foot on it. The ainituals would growl
furiously. and then, just as the specta
tors were all waiting breathlessly. ex
peckting that the beasts would tear hitm
to piece.s they would shrink back.
cowed. Aftier ie had repented this ex
viting act for many days an Elinglish
1nan tit:1le a wager, with him for a big
suin of montey that he would not dare
to do it after the lions had been starved
for three days. The trainer considered
for a nioinent and tjten tecepted tho
Wage. 1 aaking only the condition that
he le allowed to have thret weeks o'
At the (,nti of throe weeks the itriinf
annou1n'd that he was rxemdy. and il
pwrowcess of st.arving the tions bega
Thle iuthnu.n kept gu:rds pst.:
arMd ftlh iene day and ni(la to m11
certatin tihat not a :norsel of food shoni.
be given to the aunisil. At The ex;.n
tion of ie thrxec days all Amsterdi..
rushtd : -w oircus. The lioni -
iiidden-l ":th hunger. as siy wm
could w anud bear. for they .
wt.:ittL I : a id their atte p:
brak 1uneb,he har, shwxoe.i;
Ri...cy 1 1" l: e becoile In the .,g:
of !!e hle trainer enten,! ::t
C-g .1inenlste p)tvet of :,"t
hi aU. I I ed it on the t,
the t.: s ed is ". hip ?t.d. ron
one h i O :o apprI:i, :Ii'
might) : ay -rouched rosr.
and growling -zo itiri that t g.e;r g
fraine t-'lk and each k ;t hs teT
rifie y w . ye- fixed hungr:1y on I
meiat i t: In nilt %f S s 7r.o
rhe trainer stoio . :fted itPe f
and Tos'sed it b them agiu . ano in a
n i):zen tl'e ions "-ore ii a zrt
tawny I lil! it'iliit and snarlmg and
tear:nL w ihbod fron the mangle,
betf s;u: . all over iit age The
Enighh.i:t .1'. l-et and th.n tried
to filid : hw t honl tamner had aw
quired su -Wiiv-ifit olttrol over hs
bst;Is .\tir Aht 111n111 Would not
tv;l. 11ut .1" las t , e, eon e t . e -
phiin it. l urn.: the three weeks' pe
riod of prejatation he haI a Iwavays
starvvd the liona toin the very begin
nin .ThI- tin the fourthi day. he
wou-Ild ent1or flte aeWith :i pieee of
bet-f which had ten s'ltki in kero
sente oil. The lI oIS wol Id Ilk' SonIer
pounct- upon it than tey would shritnk
away. sit-Ittit-( ity the S:c TIII hIli
he would Ci.r,w iit-itn a fresh and gx-l
piece of heef. VhiCh Ithey wouhId devour
in a tuintnent. The lionls snbeaie
sgl :w1, st1o ined it. x o t l 1.:It t h.- fi:- t
pi -t *f he-ef thit was Itrwn to th-Itt
w. nt vix> twi iat 1t, e il Of tihtte
ith-y w(outl not A'venl 1intwv fr-in
tliwir 4-rniis when the traiiner threw it
on) th. rt.m ".f Owi -:1,"o. Th116Y wvotli(
no! Ii-y to eat Intyt hilig exct-ll the StI
itl iee. So ti.- ihiring tuick had it
very iliple exthtlition. -Washington
A Text of Ieftenteent.
e trutI test Of retilneltent Is a
ut i for it reartd ftor thli welfatre and
Intertsts andit feel'inigs of (thlers. Thert'
is a rt'tiineinit whlich is by echttention,
but ini t;tch ('ase the sutre indlienitionis
tof retlittminent taret tIh sate. You cau
recognize Ithe di Uferietit'e bet ween thoseo
who Ihaviie antd thoese who inack telnne
inentl byv teir beaintg itn a cr'owd. Iu
deced ll thi ditrnce Is eatslt't perceivelt'd
in ai street ear ior ini a tarket or In a
IItthogtd hiighwuayv thain li a d1rawving
titkes til the less rootn and1( chlims. the
less coniesion1tl and tiIs readler' tot yiteld
wyin wa-hichl a atnii tarries a etnne or
tiin ini lis case. Antd agaiti the keeping
ot' otte's iiiarket btasktet in the way. 0or
(tit oft it. as ant thle b uisiest tuarket hour,
is iin inlibtle test of' the. hearerts in
ner'i grini. .\ndl so ini mtaniy othier inor
[hit ters-. l'hiladtelphi 1edger'.
Sill. (Citure In Italy.
A itt tt 5u it A. I 1. 1 'erslitan monks tlrst
brout ight i al kwtor'in eggs coneailed ini
the hiead of a hllhow sitf to Itnustan
itaioph. llTente si like Iuture spireadi ini
it wats buit a stepl. Noll, eimate, peo0
11e Sit itedi It. TPhe Iindutstry'3 t(ok root,
grewv, thIirove trtid continuiles to this dlay.
The thifty1 peaan it mannage's to get
silk atnd oil atid wine fron the siamet
sinialilutolinig. Pirst lhe phunts his mul
berry t retes, six teeni feet eachi way;
netxt hle itrunies the heads to a hollow
elut antd tri ns his vinues all over them,
andtinatlly iaroiud thte edige lie sets ai
shielter (of tlivye Itrees. So till seasons
brning hutimhto and the rewvard of It.
Fotrgottenu, butt Not llanUt.
"NI y* dlar," sald Mr . Pewnyhuib, ven
tturintg to put In a wvord as she pausiedl
for btreathI. ''may I ask what you are
Reolinug tabout ?"'
"I cani't r'imembiher it just now," re
piha~d lis ralte siloutse. ''You've drlIie
It (tit of my13 hieiii. ~ltt If I hadn't a
good reason fot' it (1o you suppose I'd
be as matd as I am?"t'
And she broke loose again,-Ohleago
T rIhtie.
'rhe Only DiiYerence.
"I It diflere'nte betwveen (de main daIt's
fgerln' on Iperptetitiual(tt in," said Un
elei heni'l, "'ani' dt' nnin dbot's workini' a
systemii tO be'at di' raees Is dot de per
e'y in de' ius' pIliace."'-WashIngton Star.
lt'tw'een the ptarty of the fir'st part
anid It' party or Ithe second part
there's uinytl a H0orrow Sanei(tioned byt
hl w. --Schoolimaster.
Yocinga then a nd thtniden,
ILife wouhiil bec'(omet Iinttlerab1lte if girls
coithi not ihe on flanit andtii tncoqui iet tishi
termis wtih men of Iteir own ageiM or
some1 yt'aris th' seniors. The idea that
b)(eOns tIS wo yttiung iteolt itay have a' i
grea t deail i conotnoiIit3 th muat aliso be~
in love Is lutIpily dyiig out1. No one is
hurt. no one Is comptromise'd, whlen a
friendship dot's not1 lead to inm'rrhge.
JohniI Oliver Hob'.tes itn Pall Mall Mag
A Vision In Slumber That Was Tause
ed Into a Reality.
Stuart Itobson used to tell a.strange
story of Laurn Keene. with whop he
playe4 In the sixties in the last centu.
ry. "The sight of a bottle of red Ink
was enough to upset her for a week."
he said. "On one occasion we were
playing a farce 6ailed 'The Lady and
the Devil.' An important scene of it
was when she was sitting at a table
preparatory to writing a letter. I, as
her servant, stood at the back of a
chair. 'Take your right hand off that
chair.' she whispered. The stage dia
logue proceeded. 'You are sure you
can find Don llafael at his lodgings?'
'Yes, madam; his servant tells me his
wounds will conune hin to his bed for
a week.' 'Is this the oLly paper that
we have? Where is the ink?' 'Here,
madam.' And I bent forward to place
the ink within her reach, when, in my
confusion at her reproof, the vessel
was upset and its contents trickled
on to the lap of her satin dress. The
Ink wAs hkkid rvd. I shall never for
get -1he h,ty Wit that overspread
her iNav., tnd s so fri.thteued that
I rjev-r k-iuv h4va the s.n e ended.
"Tw nix rnwryi at rehearsal she
tol rou- I vis &.riPM t-% ill luck for the
temn iiindi t, tr i s.x She Malhxl the
:smtorxa 1.* 6(-:'. :- n vA e them a de
T H E O E A'LYn BIY the
A*scia Nutannee~t- or Whoak Ther
and Lhey ar.rei beforze the
Yourlas litleouce oa*t ber
: . to the ~ Ni ttwro YeAr
appreciates~~ tt. mier of enetann
to ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~A' rep1= a aeo antoswt
a t intwende : sift of her
dards.. haing suddenl remembered
A Socis Junesae o 'ueom Thyr*
Is No E~xcues.
Mr.-m:, t tha t tir. the reuiro
Iry.*t .tt,h i l v ery to:tli to a dinner.
antif.e arr4ave an Lov.r before the
M 't-r llet lit%4- toue wblave to be
e1t-.ated to tliv trst ain iabe soul who
appriites t. Ti-ry of e trtaining
tbe ttd vay th hs. You had ltended
to rep'lao.q a vase of carnations with
sne of roe or oiae you had at the
last moment Intendmid to shift the plate
cards. havinig suddenlh rewewbered
that Miss Jones had a quiet fancy for
Mr Stoithe tlit Mr. auith reilpro
statioshuredoe.h rinlae
Mr. sarith will have to wonder, and
M .1-wte-A will have to muramon up her
pre,,onct-o i meind and eonoealI her dis
appoit hen* T too early birds must
be greeted is thoup yriou were glad to
he fat tihl ntd apnreiated their appar
Pot Imxpatience to have t oe fuio lely.
aou really wtotid like to give your
baeinc a bu1tiP totth. hut not so. Your
gstsg it tva it yohw.
The too eary birds haunt the rnilwn
statin hrstetonrwhteera-ittleaves
Eas t:r 'C nte joneussad n
vat of th ea.RusanCrita
those giv earl Eastr.gg are ama
coethe p fraini felsewre, andno
tlen has oen te lasterf huanriy
the exsprtingoo tan the oson eal
Nevrsky lxrospect st easy toenmagThe
wathe xi beauty ate ay ntail inEste
lace . butnd leest you have o the sat
1ften of nexegs. dscxftuea
miAn he tretthogh isd of act.
Tiear ry h ake tovey anfeinftor
atheeuty witrh thmn n eorte
paticalti hoeife watte rushiba-r
Themotxvocio ussofalmrn
bEaster if preys is the greats frski-e
whe.ts areachs aotlegt cofparenty
thoye fien ad Ete Es re oft
tetco oursetolxixpincipalsfaonge ando
tillr sootonedhastoe the trlarmin
thdosieincor ittc tawxeI sops nlso
tovhan atxoctios ilttn eas ton ixpec
then beamtyind conaineinxis fstmac
prtins ororetunesd tortenes,
lace andJewes areseon tecn
thaito the degdntwgsn.xcte?
A"Werlryorg isor whe hos pik
veined merlver immeud hinthe gol.
Sxxxri ntivnyg id wotox ive the
saThe adhixtaet can lve obyeringin
thendevonut chuke noxlans n for the
ktull-Pfifaesphieng isetndeful
Thearong ioaos ofomallnvrine r
bueasto except io the ma wo kiler
fiv fet, Axn it anwst,isl wt
"IIhare's a opiiknfet."igstv
powers )Ie)thik ed gt thendsomer.
alos heigryofs Jader.-Itt eesees
toe a arocios luttn, a ntey speat
thrter promises ake foute seaule
of haereltoaon te rofortthifkin
theratIlt fedx numitwsitxiaeI?
RtviDws th Cadets of the Virgl MiU
1tary Intitute.
The State.
Loxington, Va, June 17.-GoV.
D. 0. Heywurd of South Carolina
upon the ecial invitation of (ien.
Scott. Sbis, superintendent of the
Virginia Military institute, reviewed
the battalion of cadets this afternoon.
A salute of 17 Rins, the governor's
salutes wai fire d in honor of the dis
tinguished Carolinian. Gov. Hey,
war,1 expressed hiiself as tuboh
pleased with the militawy bearing of
the young soldiers.
Mr. S. H. Williams, a farmer who
live I about two miles east of Lancaa
ter, committed suicide Tuesday night
by llowing his brains out witb i shot
gun. He had been sick and was de.
spondent because of inability to work
his orop. He leaves a wife and one
Newberry, S. C.
C>xrganix ec. 106.
Capital - - $50,000
Surplus - - - 19,500
Paid Stockholders
since organization 21,000
Paid Depositors in
Savings depart
ment since or
ganization - - $9,200
A man working by the day is paid
for the time he puts in at work, but
when that man saves a dollar for his
day s laor it works for him nights,
as well as days; never lays ff oti ac
cont of bad weather and never gets
sick, but goes right on earning him
an Inm3e. a nice thing to work
(or money, but it's much ieicer to
have im-oney working for ) on Try
it-open a savings account with us
and get -ome money working for you.
Make a deposit inl the Savings de
partment today mid let it begin to
work for yon. loteresi computed at
4 pt-i cot January 1 and July 1 of
eacb year.
Small Savings are the Stepping
Stones to success and plenty
$1.00 a month deposited in our
Will in 10 years amount to $ 146 00
$5.00 will in 10 years
amount to - - - - $730 00
$10.00 will in 10 years
amount to - -- -'$I460 00
We want your business.
H ave ample facilities to
accommodate our cusi
The Commercial Bank
of Newberry, s. C.
and everything in the
line of STAPLE STA
TIONERY at the
Tablets from 2 cents
each up.
Beautiful Writing
Come and see.
Also a line of nice
Cigar s.
Call and see my line of
Deering Binders,
Mowers and Rakes.
The celebrated
Thomas Disc and
Smoothing Harrows,
sold on easy terms.
ITiP . I
RousEs 0RPID Lt.vm
Address SOUT1
Two Daily Pullman V
Between SOUTH
The Best Rates and R
Via Richmond and
Norfolk and Stea
Nashville, Memp
Louis, Chicago, N
Points South and Sout
and Jacksonville an
and Cuba.
SWiFor detailed informati<
man reservations, etc., ap
board Air Line Railway,c
Passenger Agent, Columb
Dining, leeping n'
tion, lortedt
WM. ..
AMASO a i CorioOm llcr twenty
rt 9*1 t o -
~ o rfil
Box FF Atintp, 4.
-- EAST -- WEST.
estibuled Limited Trains
oute to all Eastern Cities
Washington, or via
mers. To Atlanta,
his, Louisville, St.
ew Orleans, and All
hwest-To Savannah
d all points in Florida
)n, rates, schedules, Pull
>ly to any agent of The Sea
r J. J. Puller, Travellng
a, S. C.
4pletb Summzaer Raort Foider
ed4 Free to Any Addre.sa
10 @JT jliE
unexcelled~ for luxury
vith the.latest Pullman
rhoroughfare Cars.
maps or any informa.
ral Passenger Agent,
Wilmington. N. C.
is. 0. BEA% TIF, Pir.6eve1,
lu EtwertJunot i92,
ieto..e irfn.u ur d W4a1.1ki".
Mixed. MIxed
No. 9 Nd. 12 t3tatlona. No. 11 No. 9
P. M. A. M. P. M. A. M
S10 9 56............... Bel ton............... 3 2) 16 60
2448 9 38 ........Andereon F. D......... 340 11 10
245 9 30........ inderson P. D..... 45 1116
........ 9 25........ W est Andurson....... 3 49 ........
........ 909 ...............Denver.............. 369
........ 902............... Autun.............. 405 ........
........1 856 ............POndleton ........... 4 11 ........
---..... 847 ..............Cherry............... 41 8 ........
--...... S ........ ......8A4danim............... 421 .
. 8 28 .....JOW1la in Juiot ... ... 438 ,.
-------- 8 253............... 0 nell cit.. ........... 4 M5
----..... 8 0 ....... .West Utilai ......... O4 ..
---:.--. 8 00............ W altulla ............ .09 .
All regular tri-i in fro. . Beltonl to Walihalat,
have precedence ovel traius of a tmo 01181
U oving in the opposite direotto uniless.oth'
erwiso Specified by train order.
Will a"so stop at the following stationa to
take on and let oil nassengers: Phinneyl'i
JAmea and Sand y SprIugs.
J. it. ANim)TsuM, dupertntondont
Charlestou and Western Uarolina Rwv Co.
Augusta and Ashevillo Short Line
(Schedule in ell'bet blarolh I, 190.)
(Road Down1.) (Ite.d Up)
12.46 put .........Lv Newberry ........ Ar 3.'0 pii
1.60 pinl . Ar L auroni ....... .... Lv e.02 pig,
2.7 pin ........Lv Laurenu... Ar 1.30 py)
'.30 pil......... Ar 8partanburg..... L v 12 01 pin
3.41)p1n ......... Liv .:partanburg..... Ar 14).25 als
3.8A Pl......... Ar Saluda............... Lv S. S9 am
0.11 po.........Ar tiendersonville Lv 8.05 ai
7.15 Pa......... A rsheville........... Lv 7.00 am
U.40 pan......v Newberry (c...aL.) 8 10 pIla
1.60 P:u...... Ar Laurens ................. Ly 2.02 pm
-6 pm...... Lv Lt'.r ns.................Ar 1.46 vin
2. pm......Ar Urenwooi.............Lv 12.44 pm
.20 i m. Ar Augueta.................Lv 10.10 am
2 85 Pmt ...... I'v Antagusta........ ..... .. A r^l.55 a~ml
8.30 pian...... Ar Beaufort. .............Lv 7.W0 am
6.16 pm...... Ar Port Royal............ liv 7.40 amni
12 46 pm.Lv Nn.berry(O N.&L)Ar .10 p1il
1 E0 pm..... Ar Lauren" ..... ......... Lv 2.02 pin
2 '9 pm ...... Iv Liatir i" .-............. AT 1.16 -Um
8.25 P ..... Ar Greenville. LV 12.1t pim
For fCzrthor In formation reiativo to rat1-,
etc., o-i oit, (ir adidroat
QEO. T DRY - N, 4on. Ag . Greenvillo.8 c.
E WRNE -T A Wi hli, (jt,. Pasq Agt.
Augusta, Ga.
T. - Trafi ' auager.
(E.4ateru Standard Tin c.)
Southbound. NorIbbotind.
Sh,du-e in Effect, August 26th 190.
8 40 am Lv Ai laii (a A.L) Ar. 8 50 pitt
1u 60 msn the"t 0 19 pm
11 65 anl Elberton b 17 pm
:2 .6 pin Abb>ville 4 0.. pi
1 22 pin Greenlwood 3 35 n
2 :6p., Ar Clinton (Ilin'r) Ly. '1 46 pal
(O.&W C.)
IW 00 am IA lW01111 Sprinigm Ar 4 (XI pi:.
12 15 pit. t-part aiburg 3 31t pisi
12 2 pml Grounii.- 3 2h pil
(ilInris Sprlngm)
1 12 pmt Waterlho 2 :16 pm
I 4 : r . r lntatrc: :s (I)lin'r) p.~I
r'3 62
a, M. I'1%.
202 (.v l.auron Ar 1 bo
2 m''4 Pai.ki Ar 1 42
2 2, ..ClIntori. i 30
2 .3-1 uoldvilt. 1 1I
2 4 ..Kinard.. 110
249 Uary... 1 06
2 64 ..Jalap.. 1 00
: 111 howbei ri 1246
3 21 .*rosperity 12 82
3 4 . 'lIgh. 1223
339 t aloulntaib 1219
361 ...hapin... 1209
3 !,7 Hilton 1202
4 11 White Itock al 59
4;7 HalleiUitne 111t4
4 17 ...... rno 11 46
4 21 .JAaphasrt.. 11 4fj
4 45 ArcOlumiiblaLv 1120
I C 1 ivcolu, bIa (A.0. ,.)Ar )1 10
S'4 I sumnter 9 6it
' 2) k- (ro hrleailon Lv 7 041
Tra . T md -2 T rrI vI i. (I Oepart. fromet
l'b' (111 I' It1l t
'rainin .r <1 , frIn. . - U. P-) freIght, dAapot,
west (Gerv als sLseet,
F1or hunts. Tilno Taubles, or further informna
,Ion call on any~ Agnt, or wvrite 10
W.G. CH iTLDM, T. M1. FEltSO0N
Preilint. Traffle Muaaer
CJoIuni".. S. (: w'It InvIn*es. Nv (.
No taste. No odor. Can be0 given in
glass of water, tea, or coffee without.
patient's knowledge.
White Ribbon Remedy wvill cure or~
destroy the diseased appetite for alco
holie stimulants, whether the patient is
a.confirmed inebriate, a "'ti ppler,"' so
cial drinker or drunkard. 1 Impossible
for anyone to have an appetite or aleco
holic htquors after using White Ribbon
Indorsed by Members of W. C. T. U.
Mrs. Moore, press superintendent of
Woman's Christian Temperance Union,
Ventura, California, writes: "I have
tested White Ribbon Remedy on very
obstinate drunkards, and the cures have
been many. In many cases the Remedy
was given .secretly. I cheerfully recom
mend and mndorse White Ribbon Reme
dy. Members of our Union are de
lighted to find an economical treatument
to aid us in ou11 temperance work."
Druggists or by' mail, $1. Trial pack -
age free by writmng Mrs. A. M. T own
send (for years secretary of a WoIman's
Christian Temperance Uniion), 218 Tre.
mont St., B3oston, Mass. Sold in New..
berry by Gilder & Weeks.
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