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K. It. AUTI,L, Huiot.
The last issues of the city papers
were pretty full of correspondence be
tween the city council and the commis
sioners of publie works. We do not
propose to discuss the merits of this
much correspondence, supposing of
Course that it has merit. but we want
to otrier a few suggestions or make a
few remarks, not in tihe shipe of ad
vice or in tihe spirit of criticism, but
we hope in that spirit which looks to
the tpublic weal. There is not been
that blusine';s harmony and co-operation
between the town council and the com
missioners of public works which should
prevail and which is necessary to sub
seri thet public goodi. It is certainly
of no good to the public for these otli- I
c:als to be cross-firmig at one another.
Wh:t they want to do is toget together N
0r 'ome basis Iha: will best scrve tihe
p.:b)"it t'irst. l'his. it seems to us,
thb'i be :-.n easy mIatter. We are sat
1'0" botNh0ies waIn to ko that which
I, frth beO t m:rests of t he town. The
07 0 remiis us of a1 spoiled
S .I-h' N:ra mssjoners need- inore I
:a.' h4 e Xe .i 1 1n0d enlarge
nn:' :hc, sn1u)id g o to thei
S. p. an1d frank
:Te The !.nw ro
0er lights or
rt to submlit 9
- ng ie phant tothe
ould h.1ve :
\ qmiirh or' e\'eln h, lWv\
f. 7mm ov -ortprm
yof these p hlts. If
cxtensionl is eesaylot tile peo
Nknow it and let tle matter be sui
mitted to them. If the board of ""m
11is;siollers will permit uis w.t wvOuld like
to aytha't we think it wvould ha,ve beenF
better for theil a'Ind Imore saltisfacetory*
al1 arFOUnd if they hadk publishied f rom
tinme t 0 tilneV (11 1 erly Stiate ents ShIwV
ing how tile Iloney w.s Spent 'nd ti
receipt.s, ad the people then would t
have been in po.sition to a t illtellige.t.
ly. So far ;is we recnlr the publikation
of al\11ua or kiuarterly shatellents has
never been inde by tie e biard. th eo
we \\,wnit to ange l . howttVer, Is tht
neissiy i of b is wo-oper ato lik
harmoy thon thinpart oudheait bn,
all bard ofthea publisnhe fboar
inf health e thney peopepnto your t b
ecntidnc and lhetpo thenwyourd
thae eeun ipsi eaontalt it wlig most
lpr oa a eraed The eulctien
light and the watery workt endn thes
neveragee ad byln the peopad youae
are wntpaer to manag ho~ecr Isem foi
the esit omeress -pe ton andt
tksmore oney patotcops thect isj let a
the pboard kof lbit wand ahow them bwhy 0
~aTe anduthr nuesmtn of the tonadi
robany Goo Rads h Aesoctio mic
ithas aend thled waeator Ladtmeh
areonressman Aie t andg themsident d
lthbet have brests invithed tow and ifeset a
need5 mort of al jus) anow ishfo thle g
ofthe goodl road mahir and hain wh
roads redlar ourteoly meetwit.h the v
(guttood oadswol hAshesiton
et. airgumentA wenould Pient fvo
1Mvar. Lave imer'pen iste to e rnatna
and ake sysehe. this s gaobi.
wiep p tngs.itatit bt wha,the we &
wllrhave (tr isuoe bonde to tae care t
gtyof the o od macney amn. oai
anmg.dbl af ewul takies thf means
w owhav and supr ,(plemen witheair
Owmall hilo onel rwo ill and se al
tl ron(ly exl'us~ielyl on tetro nd
ewt aruen we wouild hae reae t i m-vr
prfvent.in they onli thighwaysoof.
the aontE'yI tine cotiuefo a i
fw yas m oreas. If itv blieen toing w
ther will e several onhs i thbe tor
wen ransprth ation tohrount. toe
pndedh on Ifcc oud tae ondimionso
the public roads, and thppemrura weihl a
oflaI th mL ll bem o twotilled.( Some
thing mnus beXlonely but we ants a I
prac t ibela and udeiuwa,nt to erse
pubi yeansimen wol then gre im
ca e convsince th atthe eihwaysure
of yoeay ore ahs werpose beeniseond
therei will gi sveralge monthrs in the
tahaen tananytother throughathe
puas and thats will hveto il be dim
Seddonaunte Wether.ndtono
tm mer Jis ro, and theoura williantt
uoe moe mailes wl bcrtead. Soe-r
to)oreirl panford's weCliftto arour.
Itmakle sanimght, wt.oa thaoit whretn
te mbsrenvne tha thy sofnttwin
er hea fSumr. Weatuarane. t
In view of the approaching meetinj
Af the State Press Association at Whit,
Stone Spring early in July the editor o
this paper went over to the spring las
wveek to see the location and the pro
prietor, Mr. J. T. Harris, and to b)
sure that all arrangements were per
The day of our arrival, last Wednes
lay, was the day on which the first tril
vas made by the trolley line from th<
totel to the railroad station. a distanei
)f about two and one-half miles. Tlht
rip was made without, accident ant
vith very little delay. On Friday W4
'eturned to the depot on the trolley ant
sverything worked very nicely. Thi
'ar line will be alright, in a few dayt
md barring accidents will be in goot
hape to handle the editors. Those wh
-oie from Columbia and below wil
nake good connections and get to tl
iotel in the day time, but those who g
Irom above via Laurens will have n
vait in Spartanburg of live hours and
ill not arrive at the spring until after
ine o'elock.
Mr. llarris has a very elegant hotel
f brick. and it is verY nicely finished
Ind furnished. It is a very attraetive
lace and the rooms are ill comfort a
I. A large office, wide halls and
road verandas, all go to make it a
ory pleasant, a very desirable and con
enient place at which to hold our an
ual meeting. There is also a large
nd well equipped dining room and the
are is very good, and the service sat
WO ht-pe to see a larze 1,tte'm of
he ehters and their faiie at t he
zet I. and wo hope all '1 t1n can
on Tuesda. it v,u be very
lllt to meet togther in one big
"..\ . oliftit tble 110tcl. ue m
ismuch to be preferred to a
hI t*t nina ity where the members
r tatteIred at diterent hotels. We
ai te know each other bet ter and tihe
.tact with one another and .ie ex
hage of opiniols is really the Iost
0neICial part of our annual gatlering.
The tea.chers were in session while
e were at the springs. They had a
ood and profitableI meeting though tle
um11ber in at tendance was much smaller
)In we had ever seen it at a teachers'
ieeting. and we have attended several
11nual gatherings of the teachers.
Among those at the spring from
ewberry we recall President Geo. B.
romer, Prof. and AMrs. S. .1. Derriek.
uperintendent of Education Eugene
. Werts, Prof. R. A. Abrams, Miss
ella Bowers. Mr. L. S. Bower's. N1r.
T. Brown, and possibly others. MIr.
rown is in charge of the livery at this
lace and alst at Glenn Springs. This
ivans that ti e guests at either of
hiese places can secure a good team at
ny time during the sumner.
We went one afternoon with a party
or to Pacolet to take a view of the
Iins. We make no at tempt to describe
.only to say the printedl reports did
ot overdrawv the picture. The work
f rebuilding will be began at once at
oth Pacolet and Clifton andl the stock
f the c'ompanies at both pilalces is not
illing below par.
The regular quarterly meeting ot' the
.unty goodl roads association has been
aIled for 13th July. Some of t lhe tow n
hips have organized local associations
nid we hope the others will very soon.
Ve notice that those that have organ
ted have elected delegates to the
ounty convention. There is no objec
ion to this but it should not leave t he
npression that only accreditedi dele
aLes wvill be admitted to seats an,l . voices
the convention. It will be remem
brred that it was on this point that all
iscussion was had in the fir1st meet ing~
.nd we finally decided that r'epresenta
ion from t.hree-fourths of the town a
hips should constitnte a quorum. Let
he dlelegates and every other citizen of
he county come to the next meeting atn
nrol themselves and ''iy shall havea
eat andI a voice in the convention i f t hev
vant it. and wve hop1) every mant in the
ounty is willing by his vote and his voice
and his presence and his influence te.
telp p)ush along the movement Lor' high
vay imp)rovement.
Tihe total relief fund for thle llced
iiuIfeters h as reached $2-1, 000 and about
8,0t00 has beeni expended and assist
mtee has beent given all wh1o are in need
>f help. The relief commit tee st ates
hat about $90 has been given eacd
n'amily who lost everyt,hing. That seemu
small sum for a family whlo lost every
;hing, and in tddition to emloyment.
L'he committee has been giving help te.
tomie farmers w~ho suffered. F"armters
ni other sections also suffered heavily.
lt is not said what will be (lone with
:he rem:s.inder of' the fund.
Oh, Yes I
You wish vou had ordier'ed Brans ford'
'Clifton'" [iu for today, but YOU
lidn' t. It isn' t our fault.; 'we had pfen
v of it. ready te dleliver at your order.
~ion't get c'aught napping next timie.
Ilayes & AeCarty.
SOTS EMULISION won't make a
hump back straight, neIther will It make
a short leg long, but It feeds soft bone '
and heals diseased bone and Is among*
the twhe wgnuIne means of recovery I'n
rich'ts and bone consumptIon.U
Send-fo'r free sample.
409-415s Peart Street,/ New York.U
f In School District No.
14, Newberry Coun
ty, South Carolina.
that an election will be h1eld oll
Truesdam July 7th, 1903. in the sampk
roomiatzUtininii0ank t't Prx'1perity, m0
the Towi of I rosperity. School'Distriet
No. 1.1, County of Newberry, State of
Sout h Carolina, ftor t h piurpose o ' decid
ing whether or not b1onds of said Zolhxl
District shall be issued to the amount of
Five h'lhousaind Dollars for thet pIrpse
of erecting, blitdling and thli iping a
utblic school house to ie locate in the
own of Prosperity. and ptivhsing a
lot therefor: said bids t oie pa) able in
twenty years from their date and to
bear interest at a rate not to exceed six
per cenit. per altlinil.
At the same time anid place theiv
ilshall be elected an Advisory Boal\i of
said Trustece, who shall so'rve in the
event of the bonds beini voted. consist
ing of tihive fiveholdersof said District,
who shall have equal power with said
Trustees, and shall serve as an Advisorv
Board until the funds shall have been
On the day of such election the polls
will be opened at eight o'clock A. M. and
closed at four o'clock P. 'M.. and all
qualified electors of said School liistrict
will be entitled to vote at such elee
The following 1nmed persons 1-e
hereby appointed manaers to conduct
said election: 0. P. larris. Mark 11.
lBedenhagmgh. 0. 1,. Schumipert. ,1r.
C. '. W Y\'ClH F. Chairman.
C. M. W.ANCHE .1111111
. l. SCHl'MPFR T. Stwetary.
lloal Trustees School Distriet No. 14.
jNTlHI-.I\"-:A.S: A 1'1-'1T1TIoN SIGNE-D
by bymore th In one-third of the
resident freeholders of School District
No. 1-. County of Newberry. State of
South Carolina. has this daym been tiled
with the School Trustees of said Dis
trict, praying that an election be held
to decide the question of issuing lionds
for school iurposes to the amount of
Five 'I'housand Dollars on t he terms and
conditions provided for by an Act of the
General Assembly of the State of South
Carolina, approved on the 26tii day of
February. 1902. and as amended Iby an
Act approved the 20t h day of Febr'urv,
1903; '1 herefore. be it resolved;
FI RST. That an election be held on
Tl'uesdav. the 7th day of July. 1903, in
the Town of Prospeiity. in School Dis
trict No. II. County of Newberry. State
of South Carolina, for the pliipose of
deciding the question whether' bonds
shall be issued to the amount of Five
Thousand Dollars for school purposes;
said 'ids to be payable in t weit y yea's
from dak '. at a rate of' interest not to
exceed six per cent. per annum.
SECOND. On the day of said elec
tion, the polls shall be opened at eight
o'clock A. M. and closed at four o'clock
P. M.
TIHIRD. All t,ualified lectors of said
School Districlt s1all ie entitled to vote
at said election.
FOU RTH1. The form of ballot to be
used at said election shall be as fol
School Distriet. No. 1.4.
Newberry County, South ('arohina.
Shall bonds ti the amount of Five
Thousa0,i Pollars be *ssued for school
purposcs ; said bonds payable in twenty
years f ",1n dat e at a rat;' of mterest not
to VXL'ktd Six pier Vcelt. per annum'
Newbierry County. South Car'olna.
Shall bonds to thle amount of Fiv'e
Thousand DolIlars he issued for school
PUrposes: said b ondls payable in tw'~entyv
ye'ar's fron date at a rate of interest
not to e'xceed six peir cen t. per' ann u"
F'1IFT'l. Th'ei followving mnmed per
sons are' hetrebyit ain i ltel managers of
said election: 0. 1'. H1arris, Mark 13.
B3edenbiaugh, ( . I .. Sch umport, J r.
SIXTHl. At the sanme time and place
here shall bie elected ani Advisory
Board of said T1ruste'es, w;ho shall serve
in fte event of the bonds bieing voted,
consisting of thbre freeholders of saidl
D)ist riet, who shall have equal power's
wit hi sa.id' Tlrust ces, atnd shall serve as an
Advesr Board until the funds shall
haeieen exhaust edI.
C'. T. WY'XCH F., C'hairman.
H. H. S(CHI(TN lMPF.RT, Secret ary,
Board Trust ees School D)istrmict No. 1..
Pr'mosper ity,. S. C..,. Jun' 15, 1903.
Warren White Suipher Springs.
. . t-i.LEN: & sIN, i'oI-ni'fm:I'oIs.
Variety of mineral wvat ers. F.levation
2, 100 fett. One mile from st at ion. F"our'
mails daily. Exceel lent. table. Modern
bil dings anid equipmi ent . Rates $25
per month. SpecialI rates to familIes.
"Quality Rather that
"How Good" Rather
Call In
and with pleasure v
will explain and fir
you the best m~
chinery of its kir
on the market.
Osborne Farm Imple
others fail.
Just received, Car loa
one to suit you.
Don't fail to call arou
our purpose to supply 3,
able price.
"v&o are tL
By VI1110p . AN 01\lE41
n txhe h a ho%m's wi All that
UOhise amd 1.l of i wh'ieh \mmon 8.
hO 0 vv Ivl % INt k,' m lxm I - 0 %S
Sl O and o01id\i 1 -AI
of the k'. & 0. .1. N.. hA4s '
and wife0 Ald A. M. lkow.v-, on Ih' iW
lowil* t rms, Vo u,it ;
E\w one-half eash anId one -hal n
a entit of I wehv wnth with intent
On enit ONI i 01 f\uMday Of sa10, e'
it IOt I V o be s Ie lly h l bond of
the plmse, and A mlhrs1gv of the
v with \e t N 11A.ser Io
Iqv in ash all or any tofn 01\\it
1o''n; pmvhasey to 'a.y Awr pays
and ismv pr vi"se to exten t of 11h
emhft portion and assIvp.e to
J udg of P\uhae for N
to st<vmliv en%i p t ion. 8aid poises
to I SXd within one hour Ami 11st
sale if the pmvhaser at ttrm sale should
fail to comply within that tuno.
.101N C. \\, ',0N,
.1udge of P Novte. Newherry nt
S. C
First announcement of
the New Store.
I have bought the stock of Counts &
Dickert. aid I am oing to condult an
up- to-diate grocery Iusiness in their old
I extend an invitation to my friends
of Newberrv and the surrounding county
to drop in and see me. My salesmen.
J. P. Aldridge and Clarence 1. Sligh,
will he glad to see them.
Next door to Mimnaugh's.
Cannot speak; otherwise
it would tell its own story,
and were its organ of
speech as pronounced as
its one quality RELIABIL
ITY, no need of these re
marks. We do not claim
that it will cure Mumps,
Consumption, or grow hair
on bald heads, and in fact
we do not advise mothers
using it for Soothing Syrup
but we do claim that there
is nothing better on the
market for Pain in the
Stomach, Colic, Cholera
Morbus, Diarrhoea and
PRICE 15c and 25c
Watches, Clocks,
ilver and Plate Ware,
Out Glass and Table Ware
Wedding and Birthday Presents
Key winding Watches
Changed to Stem
Eduard Scholtz,
Jeweler and Optician.
L I T Y."
I Price."
than "Cheap."
We have on hand a
ir load of Osborne &
Miowers, Rakes,
and HarroWS
ments succeed where
.d of Wagons, all kinds,
ad before buying. It's
'our wants at a reason
Another (
M I M.!
ds horo and thMt'o
in the store. Nothing tht
coimpare with the baI" Ail
Salo begins Wet no
Vive hun ed p t 1ein dia ,inen,
worth I:. alId 150, v0u1 Ochoice
chieX of this big pe as long as it
- A Big
200 olt ofRibbon, cesaut noveltiesi
I Cea and 20,, yourl Choice at Mimin
worth 2jc and 3e, your choice for
A bouit i0o ps. Colored Lawns and Din
table, your choice sc yard. Anotli
It's a flood of bargains at Mimnall
250 Fiie 'rasols, Nattiral Handles, fo
150 Fille 28 in. I
i50 Fine lara-ols, Motinted and Natur
H " Fine Pa,1ralols, Mounted
100 Fine Parasols, Al
A big lot of New Millinery just rolled i
price, so if you need a trimmed or
Hats worth $5 oo and $6.oo, will be sol
$2.c- Hats worth $t .50 and $2.c
and 35c, sold now at 15c. 50 doz.
Grand Summer Clearance S
150 prs. Drew Selby & Co. L4adies' Slip
a pair. 1 25 prs. of Meni's L4ow Ci
Shoes to go at 9SC, worth Sr -5o.
prs. Meni's Low Cut Shoes to go at
$2.50 and $3.oo, no0w 0111) $1.98.
Mimnaugh's big cut price
single equa. a
-- tha
0" C
Boil togethetr i . water an,d % lb.
mngar for five miinttes Remiovei the Lai
eaves from teni g(ood 'iized stalks of muint d
Wash thiemi care fully; chiop tlhem fo te, al
ben p)ounld themit toJ a pu lp. Wo:rk this Om'
radIually' into the hot syrunr, let stand( ti
mttil cool Strajin, add the juice of two S
emonis andu the mnt. Freeze and serve
,vith1 the meat course Especially niice
,vithi muutton.-Sarah Tyson Rorer.
Frozen dishes, such as these, give a
~est to the appetite They are easy to Sui
nake, cost very little andi( are hadl on $1
hort notice if y'ou have a Bet
Peerless Iceland Freezer.
Eliection Teacher this
A.cihiool wvill meet at school Saturday
rune 26th, at 11 o'clock toetliect teacher.
re'rm 8 mont hs. A pplicat.ions cani be
a2nt to eit her of the unidersigned trus1
I". M. Sehumpert .
I. P. Cannon.
.I.M Ai:ho1.
Goods CI
for price cutting. Not a fo
but A Wholesale sacrificO 0
i Nowborry trading public
1s we have scooped in for,
Adaly, JUne 24th. Answer
not short lengths but full pieces, not a
for oilyt 9e yard. Another big lot worl
lsts 1 2kje. It will soonl melt away, so
Ribbon S
ni Silk Ribbons, all shades, White and I
ugh's 1cC. Another big lot Liberty
only 19c yard.
- STU]
iities, just landed, worth roc and I2yC,
ier big lot worth 6y2c and 8 'Ic, your cli
0h's sweeping everything before it.
is and Pa:
r this sale 39c, worth 75c.
Jubrellas, special for this sale 49c, wort]
oo Fine 30 in. Umbrellas, special f<
it Wood Handles, for this sale 75c, wort
and Natural Wood Handles, for this sak
[onnted and Natural Wood Handles, for
u. Being late in the season I got this Ic
untrimmed Hat we can fill your bill.
d now at $2.50. Hats worth $3.co and
o, will be sold now at $x.oo. ioo doz.
Ladies' Sailors worth Soc and 75c, sold
ale of Men's Ladies' Misses' and I
pers worth $z.50, $2.00 and $2-50, last y
t Shoes to go at 59c, worth $r and $r.5c
150 prs. Men's Law Cut Shoes to go at
$2-50, worth $3-50. Our entire line of
Come early and get first pick before yoc
i sales have many weak in
at Weatlil'rood8 a
Ru"e C opeland
Just received in past few days in Dress G'
igs, in fact our stock is very large and compl
styles and better values cannot be shown y<
we will match or beat any prices named, no
)on't buy your Summer Dress until you hai
iss, Persian Lawns, French Lawns, Organdier
t we are showing-Extremely Low Prices on
Ine big lot Colored Lawns to go at 5c. a yard
Ine b)ig lot Colored Lawns, Organdies and Dir
Ine big lot Lawns, Organdies, Batiste, at 10c
beautiful line of White Organdies, all width.s
S50e a ard, American and impiortedl.
,ovely ,i ik Mitts and Gloves, in long, short ai
leautiful Fans, pretty Laces, Embroidery and
The Shoe House o
lies' Shoes, Oxford and Strap San--( e'
als from 50c. a pair to $3.50. All W Cols
Lyles and best makes.$50
whole side of our store and under 0 $5.00e
ibles and on counters packed with he:
hoes. teed.
An immense line of nice New Cloth
Is for men for $5.00, $6.50, $7.50, Suits fo
).00, $10.00, $12.00 and $15.00. I$2.00,
t.or clothing can't be boughlt foir the Botter'
rice we name in any miark et. priice.
A grand display of Stra
'he Latest'Styles, Prices tc
From 25c. to $:
he biggest display of SIRTUIS and Meni's FLu
market-All new and latest styles --and price
amie to see us for anything to wear for Ladies
know we cana and willl save you some monecy.
Outffittews fru Em
I to
leap at
w Odds and
f everything
has ever seen will./
the big sale.
the call and be on
yard in) the lot that isn
.I 20c and 25C yard, youi
yot'd better be on haud.
ale. -
Hack, worth all over tow
Satin and Taffeta Ribbor
the big lot placed on center
>ice at Miminaugh's 3c yard.
as ols.
I 85c.
w this sale 98c, worth $1.50.
1 $1.03.
98c, worth $.50.
this sale $V.39, worth $2.00.
t of Millinery at my own
$4.00, will be sold now at
Ladies' Sailors worth 25C
now at 25c.
hildren's Low Cut
ear's styles to go at only 69c
.200 prs5. Men's Low Cut
$1.98, worth $2.50. 1oo
Ladies' Strap Sandals worth
ir size is gone.
aitations but not a
>OdsH and Silks, some of the new
ete in this department. Pret
un by any honse in Newberry
matter from what source.
'e seen the beautiful lines of
;, hifYons, Silk Mousseline, etc.,
worth 8 1-3c.
lities at 8 1-30., w or th 12 1-2.
a yardl, wvorthi 15c.
,at 10c, 12'c, 15c, 20e - 25c, 35c
id mediumm lengths.
f Newberry.
Shoe~s and Oxfords, Patent
Vici and Velours from 75c. to
it $2.00, $2.50, $3.00 and $3.50
on earth. Every pair guaran
ing, nobby styles.
- oys for $1.00, $1.25, $1.6
$2.50 and $3.00.
mits can't be made for the
or everybody.
w and Felt Hats,
Suit Every One.
nishing Goods ever shown in
S can't be beat.
Men and Children this spring.

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