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Meeting To Be Held On July 13-PrOm11
nent Speakers Have Been Invit
ed To Be Present.
The Good Roads Association for New
berry County will meet in the court
house on Monday, the 18th day of July.
The meeting will be called to order, by
President Schumpert promptly at ten
An invitation has been extended to
President F. H. Hyatt, of Columbia, of
the State Good Roads Association; Sen
ator A. C. Latimer, and Congresman
Wyatt Aiken to be present and to ad
dress the Association upoq good roads
topics. It is probable that these gentle
men will accept and will be present.
They are earnest advocates of better
roads and they have practical plans to
propose for a solution of the question.
The approaching meeting will be a
very important one in many respects.
It is the first meeting of the Association
after the organization, and much de
pends upon the showing which will be
made. In this issue of The Herald and
News is printed the third call for town
ship conventions for purpose of organ
izing township associations. The meet
ing of the County Association is nearly
a month hence, giving plenty of time
for the township vice-presidents to or
ganize their townships and to get every
thing in readiness for the meeting.
This is a matter which no doubt they
will attend to in the next few days.
By the time of the meeting the good
roads machinery which was recently
purchased by the County Board will
have been put in operation, and it will
P be possible to see some practical results
from its use. With the townships pro
inerly organized and making a good
showing, addresses from the three prom
inent gentlemen above named who have
been invited, and a good attendance of
those interested from all sections of the
county, there is no reason why the
meeting should not be very successful
and create an enthusiasm which will be
the means of accomplishing great re
sults for the improvement of the public
highways of Newberry County.
Organization In Tio. 2.
In obedience to a call issued by Vice
-President W. C. Brown, for the pur
pose of forming a township good roads
association under the general county
organization, the citizens of No. 2
Township met at Mt. Bethel school
house on Saturday.
The meeting was called to order by
W. C. Brown.
An organization, with thirty-two
members, was affected, and the fol
lowing officers chosen:
President, J. C. S. Brown.
Vice-President, W. H. Wendt.
Secretary and Treasurer, B. B. Leitz
After some remarks uppn the pur
pose of the organization, an election
was entered into, and B. F. Brown,
J. D. Nance and W. C. Brown were
chosen delegates to the County Good
Roads Association.
The association adjourned tot' t at
the call of the president.
G. S. Ruff,
Sec. pro tem.
Rain Yesterday.
A refreshing rain fell yesterday after.
noon. The weathler for the past few
days has been extremely warm, and a
rain was very welcome.
Contract for College Building.
Geo. WV Waring's bid which won the
contract for the erection of the new.
building was $18,353. The total con
tract of $18,953 includes $600 extra
work, not included in the specifications.
The Bachelor Maids.
The Bachelor Maids will meet tomor
row afternoon with Miss Myrtie Schum
pert at 5.30 o'clock.
Bernice Martin, President.
Cora Dominick, Secretary.
Jury for July Court,
The Board of Jury Commissioners for
Newberry will meet on the third of July
to draw thirty-six names to serve as
petit jurymen for the July term of thi
Court of Common Pleas, which will con
vene on July 20th.
To Graduate from Yale
Among the graduates from Yale Uni
versity this year appears the name o3
Henry Kuhns Spearman, Newberry.
Teacher Elected.
Miss Rachel McMaster, of Columbia
has been elected teacher in the Hound
ary street graded school, to succee<
Miss Margaret Burnette, resigned.
We would like to ask, through the
columns of your paper, if there is an3
person who has used Green's Augus
F lower for the cure of Indigestion
Dyspepsia, and Liver Troubles tat ha
not been curedl-and we also mean thei:
results, such as sour stomach, fermenm
tation of food, habitual costiveness
nervous dyspepsia, headaches,.des pon
dent feelings, sleeplessness-mn fact
any trouble connected with the stonm
ach or liver? This medicine has bee1
sold for many'years in all civilized coun
tries, and we wish to correspond witi
you and send you one of our books fre
of cost. If you never tried Augus
Flower, try a 26 cent bottle first. W
have never known of its failing. If se
something more serious is the matte
with you. The 25 cent size has jus
been introduced this year. Regula
size 76 cents. For sale by W. E. Pe
ham & Son.
G. G. GREEN, Woodbury, N. J.
Opened Yesterday Morning With Large
Enrolment and Bright
The summer school for the teachers
of Newberry County opened yesterday
morning in .Boundary street graded
school building. The total enrolment
at the opening was thirty-five, with
good prospects for a much larger at
The greater part of yesterday was
spent in organizing and getting ready
for the work of the session. This
morning a practice class will be organ
ized by Miss Pope.
The se'hool is being' taught by Prof.
S. J. Derrick, of the faculty of New
berry College, and Miss Hattie K. Pope,
of Greenville. Prof. Derrick will teach
Peterman's Civil Government and Went
worth's arithmetic. Miss Pope will
teach English and Primary Methcds.
The sessions will open each morning at
9 o'clock, closing at 1 p. m. The school
will run during one month.
The opening. yesterday morning was
very gratifying to Superintendent E. S
Werts and the friends of education
interested, and this school is expected
to be one of the most successful New
berry County has had.
Misses Helen Mower and Nancy Pool
are visiting in Abbeville.
Mr. T. M.:Neel, Jr., is at home from
Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tenn.
Mr. Henry Cannon is attending the
summer school for teachers at Rock
Miss Marguerite Cromer left yester
day for Rock Hill to attend the State
summer school.
Mr. J. H. M. Kinard visited his
daughter Mrs. Bessie McNeil, in Au
gusta, Saturday.
Miss Agnes Summer left yesterday
for Knoxville to attend the summer
school for the teachers of the South.
Misses Cema Sitton, of Auton, and
Louise Aull, of Pendleton, are visiting
Mr. and Mrs. S. B. Aull at Jalapa.
Miss Meta Jones, who has been visit
ing friends and relatives in Newberry,
has returned to her home in Lancas
Messrs Frank D and Mc Hardy Mower
went to Atlanta yesterday to attend the
grand convention of Kappa Alpha
The Board of Trade will meet in coun
cil chamber tonight at 8.30 o'clock.
Business of importance will come up
and a full meeting is urged.
Messrs. R. A. Abrams and 0. B.
Cannon and Misses Carrie and Unie
Gibson have gone to Knoxville to attend
the sumer school for the South.
Mr. A. S. Wells leaves this week for
Minneapolis, Minn., to take a course in
dentistry in the State University, in
which department his brother, J. 0.
Wells, is professor.
Prof. J. E. Buzhardt, who has been
teaching at Mullins, and who has been
in Newberry for the past several weeks,
left yesterday for Charlottesville to
take a course in the University of Vir
Mr. E. E. Hendrix, of Concord, N.
C., is in the city. Mr. Hendrix is a
graduate of Newberry College in the
class of '01, and during his college course
made many friends in Newberry who
are glad to see him.
Dedication of Mayer Memorial.
Mayer Memorial Lutheran church, in
West End, will be dedicated next Sun
day afternoon at 4 o'clock. The dedica
tion sermon will be preached by the
Rev. Z. W. Bedenbaugh, president of
the South Carolina Synod. The public
is invited. J. J. Long, Pastor.
Will Go Back to Bethlehem.
The Rev. J. J. Long, who is at pres
ent serving the Newberry pastorate,
has accepted a call to Bethlehem p)asto
rate, near Pomaria. Rev. Mr. Long
served the Bethlehem pastorate very
acceptably during the first years of his
ministry. He has been doing great
good wherever he -has been, and it is
with much regret that his p)resent
charges are expecting to give him up.
Medal In German.
The Rev. C. E. Woltner, of Augusta,
Ga., wvho preached the excellent bacca
laureate sermon at the recent com
mencemnent of Newberry College, hai
kindly offered to give a gold medal f.
the best student in German, and th<
faculty has accepted this offer. Th<
medal will be awarded to that studen1
whose standing in German is highesi
throughont the entire course. For th<
medal to be awarded next commencee
mont, however, only the second year'
wvork will be considered. - (Newberr,
College) Stylus.
Burns --Carter.
Mr. Jesse L. Burns and Miss Cor.
Carter were married at the parsonag<
s on Sunday evening by the Rev. G. E
EdMwards. Miss Carter is a popula:
young lady and Mr. and Mrs. Burni
have many friends who wish for then
a happy life. ,
- Good lloads For No. 9
a All p)arties interested in good road
t will meet at Prosperity, S. C., on Satur
day the 4th. of July, at 3 o'clock p. m.
r to organize a "Good Roads Conven
t tion."
r Yours truly,
R . T. C. Hunter.
Prosperity, S. C. June 1th., 1903.
Two Time-Pieces Found in House Formerly
Occupied by ElUJah Edwards,
Charged With R'urder.
Sheriff Buford was notified recently
that negroes living near had in their
possession two watches which were
found in the house formerly occupied by
Elijah Edwards, colored, who is charged
with the murder of J. Butler Kinard,
and who is now a fugitive from justice.
Sheriff Buford went to see the negroes
and they turned over the two watches
to him. One is a brass watch, of small
value. The other is an old style solid
gold watch, and appears to be of con
siderable value.
It will be remembered that in July of
last year the house occupied by J. But
ler Kinard, four miles from the city,
was burned to the ground, and Kinard
himself perished in the flames. Suspi
cion centered on Elijah Edwards, a
young negro man who lived with Kinard,
and Edwards was indicted at the coro
ner's inquest. Edwards, however, had
departed that section of the country.
At the time he was burned to death, it
is believed that Kinard had a small sum
of money-something like $200-and two
watches. The watches now in the hands
of the Sheriff are supposed to have been
the two watches owned by Kinard.
Whether they were taken by Edwards
after the murder or left in Edwards'
house previously, is a question, how
At The Opera House.
The Greenville News has the follow
ing to say of a recent performance by
the Herald Stock Company in Green
ville. This company will appear in
Newberry for six nights, beginning
next Monday, the 29th:
To a large audience at the Grand last
night the Herald Square Stock Co. pre
sented the four-act comedy drama, "A
Midnight Call."
In this play the members of the cast
seemed especially at home, and they
certainly did better work with it. Miss
LaPorte as the child-like sweetheart,
the "girl wife, " was charmingly piquant
and vivacious.
It is safe to say that no better spe
cialties than were offered last night have
been put on in Greenville in a long time.
The management is faithful to its pro
mis of a nightly change of specialties,
and always surprises and amuses witlh
something new and up to the minute.
The autoscope illustrations are the best
ever brought to the city, while the
songs and dancing are above the av
The company plays here at popular
prices, 10, 20, and 30. Electric fanq
will be placed at the opera house dur
ing their engagement, and the attrac
ion is likely to be above the ordinary
and very popular.
On the Diamond.
West End and Dead Fall crossed bats
on the West End Diamond Saturday
afternoon. The game was witnessed
by a very large crowd. Dead Fall wa
victor by a score of 10 to 8. Following
is the score by innings:
R. H. E.
West End20032 1 0 00-813
Dead Fall 00 01 02 3 31-10 9 1(
Batteries: For West End, Shealy and
Morse; for Dead Fall, Simpson anc
Struck out: By Shealy, 4; by Simp
son, 13.
Several other games were played or
the West End diamond last week.
Special Sale of Summer Rate Tlckets ti
the Mountains and Seashore.
The Columbia, Newberry & Laurenm
Railroad offers Week-End Specia
Summer rates to the Mountains an<
to the Seashore and other summer ire
sorts. Tickets sold each Saturday Jun
6th to August 29th, 1903, inclusive, a
follows: From Newberry, S. C., to
Charleston, S. C....... ..........$5 1
Cross Hill, S. C................ ...2 0
Glenn Springs, S. C............... 2 1
Greenville, S. C................... 2 1
Isle of Palms, S. C................ 5 1
Spartanburg, S. C.............. ..2 1
Sullivan's Island, S. C ............5 1
Waterloo, S. C. (Harris Spring)... 2 0
White Stone Lithia Springs, S. C. 2 1
These are week end tickets, sold eac
Saturday, final limit Tuesday followin
date of sale.
For further information and schec
ules, call on or write
J. W. Denning, A gent.
Hose Wagon Runs.
The fire department will begin pra
tice immediately for the tournamenti
Anderson during August. There wvi
probably be two runs by the hot
wagon this week, Tuesday and Fridi
afternoons, at 7 o'clock, on Main stree
Letter to C. J. Purcell, Newvberry, S.
Dear Sir: Most mixed p)aints are eith
adulterated or short measure. Dev
Lead and Zinc is neither, so it cann
Sbe classed with mixed paints. That
Iwhy it takes fewer gallons of Devoc
paint a house than it does of a mix
paint, and it lasts longer for the sari
Ferguson & Thompson's store, Dell
N. Y., was painted some years ago wi
thirty-two gallons of mixed paint.
Painted it last spring with D)ev<
.Lead and Zinc-thirteen gallons did ti
Devoc Lead and Zinc is here or w
be here very shortly. Spread the got
i news. Yours truly
F. W. D)evoe & Co.,
New York.
IP. S.-Trhe Newber~ry Hardware Cc
sell our paint.
Negro Shooting Affair.
- JeffGallman, colored shot JohnCount
,colored, on Mr. Eduard Scholtz's plac
- Friday morning. The weapon used w
a shot--gun, and Counts was pepper
around the eyes. but not seriously hmn
Gallman came to town and surrender
to Constable Ribnse.
The First Pocahontas, Now Retired
Prophetess, the Prophetess, and
the Pocahontas.
Cateechee Council, No, 4, Pocahontas
degree Impro% d Order Red Men, was
organized on the 26th day of last Sep- I
MIS. J. 11. HAIR.
tember with seventy-two charter mem
bers. Today its membership numbers
more than one hundred and the council
is steadily growing.
The degree of Pocahontas is an or
ganization more especially of ladies, the
wives and mothers an( daughters of
Red Men and the Red Men themselves
being eligible to membership. In the
work of benevolence which is one of the
prime objects of the order of Red Men,
there is work for which woman is es
pecially fitted and which can only be
done best by her. It was with this
thought in mind that the degree of
Pocahontas was instituted, and the suc
cess with which it has met and the good
3 which it has accomplished prove the
wisdom shown in its organization.
'The first Pocahontas of Cateechee
SCouncil, No. 4, wvas Mrs. J. HI. Hair.
5 who is the wife of the Great Prophet
9 of the Great Council of South Carolina
a I. 0. R. M. She was p)romoted to
Prophetess at the first election after
Sthe organization, and at the election
held last wveek was succeeded as
Prophetess by Miss Cora Carter, now
Mrs. J. L. Burns.
Miss Helen Smith was chosen P'oca
hontas at the election on Tiuesdlay night,
succeedling Mrs i. Burns.
A Little Care Will Save fhe
c. Reader Futher Trouble.
)e WVatch the kidney secret ions.
at See that they have the amber lbue of
's health.
to The dilscharges not excessive or in
3d frequent.
to (Contain nio brick.dust,-liko sediment.
.JDoan 's Kidney Pillls wIll do this for
h They watch the kidneys andl cure
them when they're sick.
)e Mr. John Zolleis, Cit,y Ad dItor', resid
eC ing at 731 Itobert street, Newport., K y.,
say,'A man who has never hadl
il backache or kidney complaint in any
id of its many forms can scarcely gaug~e
the misery a sulforer endures who Is
annoyed dr.y and( i nighlt by this far too
prevatlenit trouble. To all such my ad
Vice is proaur'e D)oan's K(id1ney PlIls and
take a course of the treatiment. TIhe
result, of the use( of three boxes proved
to mec t hat t he remedy Is up to repre
sentations and deser1ves my unquailLlified
~'For sale by all dealers Fost,or-M Il
as burn ('., Hunlfulo, N. Y. , sole agents
3(1 for the United States.
t lemem .er the iname- D)oan's-and
'take no other.
'd For sale In Newberry by Wmii. E. Pol
emi-Annual Election of Officers for
Ensuing Term.
The regular semi-annual election of
fMcers for Bergell Tribe, No. 24, Im
oroved Order Red Men, was held at the
ast meeting.
'he election resulted as follows:
Prophet, J M. Guinn.
Sachem, I. 0. Burton.
Senior Sagamore, Bert Lenhart.
Junior Saganmore, T. 0. Stewart.
The appointive oflices have not yet
cen filled.
If You Are the Housekeeper
ou will appreciat.e our suggestion that
ou use Bransford's "Clifton" flour. It
rakes the best bread, cake and pastry
or home people as well as visitors.
)on't let your prejudice in favor of an
ther brand prevent your tr in it.
Hayes & McCarty.
F OR RENT.-House on College
Street. Apply to Mary E. Lake. 4t
Lj1ound - J. C. Cagle has found a bunch
Lof keys, which can be secured by
wner by calling at this otlice and pay
ng for notice.
BUSHELS Kentucky Cotton
200 Seed for sale. Apply to T.
1. Pool. J. A. BURTON.
NfORNING Glory Coffees are the
best. Davenport & Cavenaugh
re the sole agents for this city.
W ANTE D.-Every housekeeper in
Newberry to try Corbins Gr.d
urs Flour. The best on the market.
3old by Davenport & Cavenaugh.
Do your eyes ache and burn at
uight? I have the biest trial ease for
Itting Spctancles and 14,yeglasses, and
.an [it the most ditlicult eyes, with the
>roper glasses. I have fitted glasses
or the best. people in the counly and
,1an lit you. I use only I he best grade
Jrystaline lenses. Come and give ie
i trial and he convinced. Strictly one
)rice to all. GUY DANIELS,
Joweler and Optician.
tic -i,> k is still complete with
werything pretty in the Millinery
Call and seo mur ribbons, flowers
md hats before buying
The Riser Millinery Compay.
See our ad for Mow
ers, Rakes, Harrows
and Wagons.
Purcell & Scott.
Mowers, Rakes, Har
rows and wagons for
sale. Full line at
Purcell & Scott's.
Wagons-Car Load.
Call and see our line.
Purcell & Scott.
Osborne's Farm Im
plements, Mowers,
Rakes and Harrows.
Purcell & Scott.
Earhardt, Pifer & Eberhardt, M'g'rs.
S. M. La Porte
The Herald Sqluare Stock Co
Commencing Monda y, June 29th
A Repertoire of Standard Play:
Carefully Staged
Handsomely Costumed.
"71 T12an of Bate.'
Illustrated Songs, Singing and Daningiu
Specialties, and Moviing Pictures will b
iitrodlucedl between the acts. A lad
will be admitted FRICI oni the openin
night if accompanied b)y anyone wvith
paid 30o cents ticket secuiredl before 6 p. n
PRICES lOc, 2Oc and 30c
Electric Fans ___:_e
NTotice is hereby given that the unde
isig ned composing the Board c
Jury Commissioners for Newberr
County, State of South Carolina, wi
on the 3rd of July next., at nine o'cloc
a. mn., in the oflice of the Clerkc
Court for saidl County, openly and put1
licly, dlraw Thirty-six Jurors, to sory
as etit Junrmen, at tihe July termc
Court of Common Pleas, for Newberr
County, beginning July 20th., and cor
tinuing for one wveek.
County Treasurer.
County Auditor.
Clerk of Court.
June 22nd, 1903.
-Meeting of Patrons.
the p)atronIs of Cenitral Academi
D)istrict No. 21, Jutly 3d, at 5 o'clock ft
the pmLIpose of el ecting ruistcee fi
above school, and transact any ollh
business that may come before the meec
ing. All patronms arc earnestly requecste
to be present.
W s. SEVrT,
Knights of Pythias
.Nevvbemrry ILociy;e No. I'
K7YLodge will be held( on the 2nd an
4th Tuesday nights of each month
8.00. Visiting Knights cordially we
c'omedl. THIOS. E. EPTI NG.
K. of R. and S.
Crotwell IHotel Building.
Men We Want To Talk To.--W,
Newborry was a clothing export-i
the positivo facts in tho case-that
come siraight to us for all hit clotb
lish a little argument on thit subjoi
a To The Man WI
Bl1kyiing t hos 04t iH the essen1ce of
ing Is chipmr tbanl poor clothing
priows may bte.
Not \\'hn a man buys a HI
from iis hw gmtk thw "BnHst-Clo)thin
in-thi- \Vtirld," madeh by thw famo
Schloss lir1!. A Ct. sf Ballimol
All thl ir garnimin hi r this lail :2-R
The Ewort
Outfitters -to-Particular- Me
profitable to have us
clothes. The longer the
have to buy. We help
Trousers pressed while'3
Coats Cleaned and F
Vests Cleaned and F
Pants Cleaned and I
Skirts Gleaned and I
Jackets Cleaned & I
We dye to live. Any
to the most delicate sil
plant. If you are not n<
Srespectfully solicit a tria
a fromr- yo u. If onet wI rk m~ niot
-. South Carola wet 1In't watl yourI pat.1
Yolli MOnlAY i
Until You are Sure You are
womanII in1 charge ofth M I y. 0. D).
exel Iive st yle and dressIP"~, anid kniow~
please you that0 we say YOUll MOI
June Graduates
F This is Your Store.
>r We haveY mad(e g reat prepara
r .ions for you. Our stocks of
Thin White FAbrJics, Silks, Laes,
(I Embrot(iderIies. Fants, Gloves,
Hosiery, Ribbons andi IJndecr
Muslins is coml)et e. A postal
I car l(l pu 311.tI outo our miinghit
3 believe that it every man in
f every man in Newberry knew
every man in Newberry would
ing. Each week we wll pub
t. This week's argument is
ho Wants To W
true economy. Good cloth
-no matter what the respective
We 8ll the best cloth
inig that can be made
(see Liote bolow), and the
prices are not high-an
excelled suit for either
butniness or dress wear
enn bo bought for tho
10ot sumll) of $10.00,
mid it. will ottwer any
Iwo muits that ordinairy 94
stmrs's sell for aholit, the
am umoney anid it, will
rotin II s iis lFtPolillPHH
long afrt'lr the avoIage
garni-t will be i lure
bunldlo 4. writ.kioa wndit
0. ~/Wtolesale Drapers
Guarantes Supe lority.
pifer Co ,
n, - Newberry, - S. C.
OME DAY thatit is
clean and press your
y -wear the less you
to make them wear.
iou wait.
ressed, 50 Cents.
pressed, 25 Cents.
'ressed. 25 Centsa
'ressed. 50 Cents.
~ressed. 25 Cents,
thing dyed from a suit
ks in our steam dye
>w patronizing us we
I package of laundry
inal to ay thuat can beo produced in
ri)nge. SOnd( y our goods by the
Dily Oil Deposit
Satisfied With Purchase.
wany, there becing a1 compe)Ltenit
vho canI tell you somethinig about
's as8 much if not more than you
uich conlfidenIce ini her ab)ility to
NEY B/ACK if' she fails.
The stranger in town
No dloublt you will take advan
tage of the low excuIrsionI rates
to Chaleston dluring the summer.
You will see your friends either
at, the Isle of Palms, or, at this,
the most pop1 ular and1( coolest
store in Charleston. Meet your
friends at 248 King Street.
M. O.D
TON, St C.

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