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The Newberry herald and news. (Newberry, S.C.) 1884-1903, June 23, 1903, Image 4

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Trht ,aa Ono ottrtainedi thow
Daightore of tho 'nfderacy and
the 11tichelor .MId t i he 0harmitg
home of tho M sss iartin on. Too
daN -,Nrni' T .T. Th. haill was graco
[h I i, . A . %ith) pint and iho
parlor was eoratld with pal-us aid
ferl -
After a basts- mlting at h which
the s-ivisabih 4 1nit ing those t hret
Cn- Into 8 iteri c t s wascdist,i
ant 1our was? pl ily spent somlyiN
it-ur ~ flo"11111t,4111S W01-0' s't 41,0
Dain%vo, rbhmNIt,, wirl wes.
13.Daapd,1. W. Floy vi, 0 1;
Ma or. W G i'ueal, S B
JoM . W - \ielat.ih. V. H
\\'al)anee.. 11 \\'righ:. 1'. C' d
laid. A - . E C 2,o
A. H.-v l . . M.
\\' . ;r w- . \
S Mr and .\ :
b - -- **
- ..* - -
ria..an.e V -L t e ..
Cat FieuL:.g, Lu..VIu
trude~ Carwvie,. Nas.1 Pu-i. Az.ie
Poui, Ethel B3o.zer, Maggie JULL.
atone, Neilye McFali, Annie By .um,
Helen Mower, Lilia Johnsatone, Bar.
ron, Jones, Blanche DavidsoLI, Anta
Davidson, Bertha Davidsonj, Nina
Carli-de, B3essie C2arlisle, Ruth Wells,
Lucy S peers, Mary Burt on, lDousch ka
Mrin, Beornice. Martiin, Nevil le Pope,
Lara BIowm~an, MyIrtie, Schun,plert,
Blsi*t Schumpert, WIldl Hiser. Lucy
K iser, M~ary Nance~ Fair, Bisie
Brown of Lalure3n, Clara Langford,
Sara Pope, Lillie G riflin,, Marguerite.
CJromuer, Caroly ni Cromer, Lillian
*J amieson, Millie SiIinojns, (lenieviev',
Evans, Heleni Goggans, Lois UJog.
gansa, Myra Mower, Pearl Lanigford,
Tat n Lanigford, Mabel "Tarrant, Liz
zie Alexander, Mazie Dornuinick, Liz,
zie Duiinick, Coira Domuinick, Carrit
Mtayes, O0hhese WVilliamson, El?~ Dort
Will iimon, Sara ltobinson, Maimie
Ilhi, Mary Carwile Burton,Lola Lake
Joneso, P'awne~e Jones, Ethel Bowvora
Ida Langford, ins Moore, Carru,
J ones, Maud iFait, Lois F'ant, Lizzi,
Gle~nni, Anunwit. TIarraint, Maud Lang
ford, Carrie CJarr, Vinnie Mae Wilsoti
Mesars. 1". H1. Dominick, T1. H1. Pop<
son, Jr., H1. T1. Utenwick, L. I. HIuni
Johinstone CJoppock, C. D1. Weoekt
WV. Ellerbo Polhamu, ,Jr., J. B. Boozet
Leightonu Cozby, F. IL. Bynumu, C
H. Duncan, J. N . McCaugkrin, II
Wright, D. L. Boozer, G. P. Polham
G3. E. Edwards, F'rank Mower, W
S. Lanugford, W. F". Eberlhardt, W
U. Schencok, IL. (. EIAskidge, J. Ii
Mayes, F. N. Martinl, H-. K. Boyd
J. C. Wilson, Jr., RI. GI. Spearmani
E. A. Carlisle, G. J. Moore, I. H
W right, J. C. Goggans, Jr., E. P
So holtz, James 8. Renwvick, McHardy
Mower, D). JI. Langford, Jno. K.
Aufl. W. R abrnak, A. J3rg wia
. 11 Spotrs, T. K. Johnstone,
Chftrlt%s Sbrook, Rufis Fellos
F& Itmistmal, Arch Boopor, .1. WV
Riser, W111 MayRks, R1swoo Wil-'o1n
nshi,ell Boworta, Ml. E. Abraum,
St r.t her o~rd, W. 'arl Smmor, It
WV Donniik, Jamue- W11l1amson1.
lharv-,N C'hbams, Ooral,i C Moer.
hlt,hv. S H McL.a, Phl Flynn
L10 .c"hson, Amos W-11,, Lowit
Lano, W1AIm L1, C L. Sllbor.
Wmn McFAll, C'lando Donmniek, C'
F Fmt, NN C' T retP, Robort Myes,
W 11obortsoni, A . BPooh, a. d
t.i r: hiiNace Fair . bat
N1 o r I f--1
na ~ ~ Il o. ta tms A
-' t1 . o v :
..H - T
F - 1: . 'h ~ t
- h
I Tt
H. *i- Fra:e. Se h I.
S .ser. o- H\ fare L .
W:t- L zeef r- Kn:i M",s
*m.'L Sa eb. L. K
Jones Duae Lmgson oL :
Ewar . Earl Hi . ib: S e
G b rt Sua .r :m. J. .
MBth- . James. Lrowe. H '.i
Mayes LBenow rEpog. LI.uh
Those (ertine onrg daT wre:
Sumruer, uha1 ilr Liia mith
Jones, Florence LLowmanu, lars Ett
Langfo. r,j Lebecca ick, Fruby
Gogans,i ~r Luiie' Oelers, Ea Kib
ler,~~ ih Rosly Hipp,ot Louis H , ui,
Rebecca Moahuo. Mar6B ie Summers. 11
Mary Wright, Sara~ Houhoal, Sarn
Cald!w..lI, 'JuhatI. Johnsitone&, Lue
W 'right, \* rita Sununehlr, L~ >ra Wicok
the dancet tendlered& by t.he young
men01 of th c1'(ity u in th armt'ory F'ri
daiy otverun11g. The4~(' crod~VI was nota
largo as on1 somel prev'ioust OCCBNjiI
of this kind in Newbo'rry, but th
oconsitn wats verv enjoyable a cc
joyedi. A. nufmber of ebaIrmlicg vits
itorsi wvro presnlt , atddinig much tI
the pleasure of the0 occasioni
TefIol olow inuge(oip;os were' present1
Miss Matud Fant with MlNr. (. 1'
Wearni; Miss Ihosio siII ousn w, i
Mr. T1. III Ppo; MI ss Bo-sst io hi
witht Dr D). L. BLoozotr; MI ss Olivi
Batrdint of Ch~iarl4stion w it NhM. 4 K.
Autli; Miss Milho~ SinanI1ons with Mir
W. A. Jamiosont, Jr .; MIilSs LIoridt
Barront of Columbia, withtMr lH shr
Mayes; Misos l'hy ra Schttumper
with D)r. W. F. Fhorbat;uMni ts
Julia PalisleyV wit h I r. J. B
i3oozor: Miu-a M1at6 J.hm. ..f i..
cat-r wi(h Me. 1H 1'. Ntknwi k; Niiss
CIhri Likig4or.I wili Mr. P. F. ib
dert; MiN[, I i ingf iri with Mr
t', . 9St. it; Nitss G001"Viev 1'.EVa11Ns
with Mr. C L. Subor; A lts 80'anillo
-mvis with .\r. Phil Flvn of Untiou;
tss Bessi' lBrown of Laure'ons with
ir V. J. Mooro.
Othler go-111em101 prosoeit: .\oss.
W. B. Wiso and Morrit t of Pro,
Pertly; -. P.oehatm, P. H. Doii
i.- w k, H. W. D. miin wk. %I hnstotiv
The1k f'1ol ag d10rS171tion1 of tho
0.patDt1S W1iH gi1v Somle idta of Ihoir
be tnty.
Niiss ali Ft1 was prottilv tt
1ired in a dress of %fhite m11, with
wwhh shO woro a Dirvsdti sash and
CArlIt"A a largt buncti of swoot poas.
.\ i ss 1sesie Si Utmens wires a drtinyI
organdit, olaboratoly trimm,,d wit h
1twe and s'oft hi i a 8 spish
.\iss Ficlride BiA ro of Coluhii
apare in a banliful P -isrian lawi.
N"itt %;11h0eb she wvare 1,1110 a lhbo..S,
w li i iti h t'
worn over p1,k 11k. :u i ,: ;' n
r: pllIk r.'s'-s m%4 1 1 h.:
.\lo idrv a , S.o :i it ..: I L&I . . %s I
L , at .4 Zro t t e- t if I s 's
P. h
\ liss ,n1 Phi've.% wore . I It.
i s, of Na .ft orgaiit, damitil y
I 1 'et livs of Lat.ea ter wor"
lh ti is o-'i sk .f ligh! bt ]vt wIt h
[.wk L.4r
2.: fru.3 Ba:s.s.. hsr'ehr.u. t ,
- * u. - s.:2 a s :m ra .a .6
Mra.s w.t .f4-:rih- - - 1 r-ll:v
Al-A I br4nJ w-r.- at 'inars
um7 - t E
wiL z1.1 1 -... I a. I --' e w~Ilb jage6
.\ra l)ru;i~ I ifer was eba'rIu
mg m a Loema'nebed IawnI trimmeid
iLs .6ae- beadinwg with a long l,ashl of
Hie Wishes Neither to be l'eijidet nor
V'ice lresident.
Clovelan Id, OhiDo, .June44 2 1.- In an
initerv'iew today .'enaj&tor M. A. I ian
reite5rated his- reIcent sitaFtemen1t that16
he wits,11nd wVould not be a addt
for the \'ice Pres,idoney, and1( if his8
noinlatlins madeiitut thlato V would
delCitne to at(cept it. He said far:hor
that his amitnIs4 did( not4 lie3 int the
that1 nothling (conid iIsdIlP, hir11 to
alter h,is decisionI inl t ho mat ttr. Coli.
My3'rona T. Hlorrick, wyhost' name11, atl.o,
with tha \'ico Pretsidieney, said1( that
his113 wl.ole piolit Di e ambt i.>14 wasI to
beI44 14lec(ted Gouvernolr of 01hio. Ct l.
HIerrick( thinks t hat the4 4r44-'lit di.
H Ctussion relative to a \'ico irPr. -atjial
H 11orn1inltio is011 inIopp 'rtunil'.
I' Whenbo th11 re'fusal of, thI.. \ . Prt
- IRosevelt was1 CiteId to~ .\i r 11ianna1 as8
som11etimes48 l eanlge thir O ' v Yi4 ill such
: mattersT, and14 win-1' it was?- hi IlhIg
1 folrc4 t ho lsoIIlIat iol fori t0 Vi
well.ta ohn anb ocduo
Picken~ S itraaking eforts to 31eenire
a co'(tto mill , (4very ('enht of t he caIpi
tl al tock to be borne~ byi 1Oce1 no, 4.
Iwo-tIhirds hia'tii ralread 6 .4014 Sub-l
e~Ct ibr!
Piosident Rooevedt inds tt Wiser tja File
Bond In Ct of Cruiser
Washu1iiagiion, ,lutne 20O.--Attorniey
Gien-ral Knox eavsed to he prepxred
today a stipulation in the1 nature of
t btd, which on MondAy will be
tiled with Judge Orinnbn, of the
cy Viurt of Ricmhmd, prat
tical ly co vvring tha oveo a'
intertemt in the oialve'1. This
stipulatiioni or bond, it is ur mod,
will more i han cover the claisn of I he
creditors agaist the Trigg (Iom paIy
for woik dono aud imiterial lsod on
the ship
After the stipulation is tiled it is
beli..vd that Ju1dge t0rilinan will
immediately release the ship to I he
Uo eI luent it was learned at t lie
nav- department today that far
grem,ter interets arc involved in tie
de -ieni inl 1 t quIestioI of the pos
estio -f t be t ruikers al vesto and
(tt titmo, g.i t In arte repIi ore toi by
t he i, I .sh % alue of -h'so 6 ...
It Is :-- r.ad as absointmiv ;sontial
at 11.-- age t e tab ts a sound
}'rt'd0 o ait d dite r . Ili* I h Ik I tj iies
,is'n of I ItIt to w.ir vos!tls n'idor coit
t roc, ikli ti r.ir-r t a pr.,ie t et t h ov
eriiu it's intir ts i the i rship
of at l4ast a dozen ships, i'tloding
vIast battlships, worth titearly five
mil lon dollars each. Similar action
will be taken in the case of the Chat
taoooga, building at Elizabethport,
iad it is thereforo probable that no
further delays will be encountered in
the completion of the Galveston and
the chattanooga, wl.ile any sh"w of
force or duress L-1 the part of the
N t ional Goverumuent wo .ld be
aivo:3ed It is fully expected that
similar action to that about to be
t sken iU case of htse t wo cruisers
w,ll be Lecesshry in th- ease of s011e
much larger war %hips tnovv ti the
(i 1g v I %he wrutr let kf onIe
wi J iige~ Kinghs charge to ite
ju . in Ut case, thre- lUkL. V01. 1cn -
ttkd iu 0coree couty ast year of the
murder of Rsebel rhomas will g-t
a uew trial. Jndge Klnb said
"tended" when he should have said
"it would show conciusively."
Miss Ida M. Snyder,
Treasurer uf the.
Brooklyn East Enti Art (lutb.
" l women would pay more atterntion to
their health we would have mrore happy
wives, mothers and daug .rs, andj if they
would observe results Q%v would fid
that the doctors' pres,:ri,ptionh do not
perform the many cures they are glven
credit for.
"in consulting with my druggist he ad.
vised McElree's Wine of Cdrdui and Thed.
ford's Black.Draught, and soi Itook it anid
have every reason to thank him for a new
life opened up to me with restored health,
and it only took three months to cure me."
W iun of t.ard ui is a r"tgulator of the
mni1s1tral fun ations1. and' is a muost as
tonishings tonic1 for worni,a'n. It cures
sct( iy, suli ra! *.a . aS >fr.op:ents, irreg
ular and painfl ineus5iiJtrtion, fallinu,
of thet w.omb, wh lji tsr Itnd ab,,,ding. {
is hlpl1ful whSe' ap1ro! .1K. '' wom!an
hood, durig paraL'sd.. a'r cild
birth and in li chaeaof Ilife. It fre
quently bins a~ is lar bah ito Ia hiomss
that hav'e been'i barr. n fo.r v.~ , . All
dru gistsiiha $l1.0 boltlis of Wine
Newberry, S. C.
ogan1imecs. iaee.
Capital - -- $50,000
Surplus - -- 19,500
Paid Stockholders
since organization 21,000
Paid Depositors in
Savings depart
ment since or
ganization - --$9,200
A maan wvorkinsg by thle day is paid
for the t imue lht puts ini at work, but
whens that. man saves a dolltar for h'is
(lay's labor it works for himi nights,
as well as days; never lays til' on ie.
('ounlt of bad weat her antd never gets
sick, but goes5 right on earhning hsim
anii icome. It's a nice thing to) work
for money, but it's munch nicer to
have money working for you. TFry
it- -op)en a savings account. with us
andit get someO mlonety working for yo.
Make a detposit ini the Savinga de
partmenit today and let it begin to
work for you. Interest Compujtetd at
4 pe cent Januanry l anid July I t'f
Call and see my line of
Doering Binders,
Mowers and Rakes.
The celebrated
Thomas Disc and
Smoothing Harrows,
sold on easy terms.
sts Y at Druggists, or mail 25c
Cures Eruptions and Sores, Collo, Hive
Worms. T33T''-I".A C
Two- Daily Pullman Ve;
Between SOUTH al
The Best Rates and Ro
Via Richmond and \
Norfolk and Stean
Nashville, Memph
LOUiS. Chicago, Ne
Points South and South
and Jacksonville and
and Cuba.
o& For cetalled informatior
man reser:ations, etc., appi
board Air Line Railway, or
Passenger Agent, Columbia
an comor,euipedw?
Diig Sleepin an T
Por rates,v scedl,m
tin wrANite lt f
WM. J.
8mull Savinga are the Stepping
Stonos to success and plenty
$1.00 a month deposited in our
Will in 10 years amount to $ 146 00
$6.00 will in 10 years
amount to - - - - $ 730 00
$10.00 will in 10 years
amount to - - - -'$1460 00
We want your business.
Have ample facilities to
accommodate our cus
The Commercial Bank
of Nowberry, S. C.
Diarrhoea. Dysentery. and
t Bowel Troubles of
Children of Any Age.
Aids Digestion Regulates
the Bowels. Strengthens
the Child and Makes
toCJ.M , . D., St. Louis, Mo.
and Thrush. Removes and Prevents
stibuled Limited Trains
Lite to all Eastern Cities
Washington, or via
iers.-To Atlanta,
is, Louisville, St.
w Orleans. and All
west-To Savannah
all points in Florida
i, rates, schedules, Pull
y to any agent of The Sea
J. J. Puller, TravelIng
, S. C.
sst.G~enI. Pass. Agt.,
nxed for( uur
oroufaRreT Cas.
aps or any informa
Passenger Agent,
Wilmington. N. C
t.i. 0. BEA1 T 11 , f' el-e r,
In Et'le t Juls s"12.
%lb w - 1 a.%. -r.t.wj. jil 4% IIi 14a ift
aM'ust Mixed
No. 9 No. 12 3taLionLe. rio. I No. 9
P M. A. II. P. M. A. M
810 9 hb...............Belton ............... 820 10 60
248 933 ........onoerson F. D.. ...... 840 1110
9 45 980........ inderson P. D..... ... 846 11 16
........ 926........ W e t Anitreon ....... 849 ........
...... . 9 09...............Lenver.............. 869 .
902............... ttiun.............40 ...
. 86 .....-. ...P did t:ton ........... 4 11 ........
------.- 8 47 ..............Cherry............... 4 18 ........
.------- 8 14 ....... ...... A tam .R............... 42t .......
8 28 .....J tita I JUI.ot ... ... 4$ .......
... N 2 .,..............Loleca .. ........... 4 45 ....
4 40 1
8 oi1......west, U(tl....604 ....
-... ::---:: ........W ulbualla ... ........ to 09 . ......
AIl regularn Irliu fro. Belton to Walhaa,
havO PrOCeId3n4c over trains of is mo class
n lovinic 1i1 the4% otppotltv direotton unless oth
e w is speOlied bY taiin order.
Will a.o stop at tlie following stations to
taktv on and eto ofn passongers: Phinuney's
Jonksil and saianly 8 >rings.
J. i%. AN 12141WN, 8uperintendent.
Obarlstoui 8d Western Carohna Rwv co.
Augusta and Ashevillo Short Line
(Seltdulo in (iet Mas cl 1, 1903.)
(Reard Down.) teita_l Up)
12.46 pin .........lov Newherry......... A r 8.tC pla
5.60 pmi1 . Ar Laurens ........ .. L v -4.02 plin
2.07 pin ........Lv Laarons. . Ar 1.30 pil
..:80 pIaI:I...n...Ar 8parta btrg.... Lv 12 01 pin
3.4 1 il.........h vispartianbit rg..... Ar 10.11 Siftn
5.3S p1lt......,..Av 'saludil............... Lv 3. a9 k,ua
II i p .........Ar leltrmoti vilto i,v 3.05 Sta
-o) V II .......... Ar %slheville....... .. L v 7.00 a m
-1 pr .... tiv L'swlairy (c a a I ) III~0pus
r .i.. i tt -' n . -................ 13' 2.02 pn
S - . . t .................A r 1.40 i
II pS .. A - m r.e w .......... .l 12.4 1)
V'A a 1I.tIjI ... ............ a . . V j5'0 1% In
o pan ...... .\ r Ii it tftr.. ........... Lv -.M, Ral
p-a'.. . .t ...... A ' o toyat . .......... -. V 7.U it
I Ui .I.V N % w I: (0 N. A - 3.0 t . ik
I- ^ aar. A . ..........I v 2 11) 1 1m
' i k v I. , i ta ........... , I . 15 ; it
-. lin .. sAt .s' :lh I . lb if i
For oatit. .ioo soo .a t Iat to U 'siI I
ete , 0411 of., 1.t seisti oms
(4F-O. T It Y % N, Ovtll. A g . Ureenvillo,t ('
EKNK a WF I LI.AMS, tie. Pas. AgL.
Auusta. da.
'V. M. . ; a ,s 1: raine ''anager.
(Esterti Stanidard Tin a.)
Southbonid. Northbound.
Eff'act August 26th 1902.
a 40 aUI Iv As ISaHs (S A.L) Ar. 8 60 pn
10 30 tiln Athwnb 6 19 pmb
it 56 ail Elberton 6 17 pan
12 .'F pin Abbeville 4 o'- pa
1 22 pni Ureenwood 3 35 Jn
2 ISpir Ar Clinton (1in'r) LV. 2 46 pmll
(0.&W U.)
10i 00 aIn 1.v Otlcain Spriags Ar 4 (IV pin
12 16 p1 ipurtanburg 4 30 pml
12 2 pra Greon,vitle 3 26 pill
(Hnrris Springu)
1 12 111 Wait-rloo 2 36 pill
1 4.. a. - r Iau s (l>ln'r) Lv '. * 7 ptii
'a0' 1.v Latirezin Ar I 6i
20 Parke Ar 1 42
2 22 ..Clintoij 1 30
234 Uo0.yllI 117
2 43 ..Ciiara.. 1u
241 . .Mary... 106
2'64 ..Jalapa.. too
110 howbrura 1246
3 24 Prosperity 1282
3 34 ...Slihs. 1223
3 39 . Mountain 12 19
301 ...Chapin... 1209
357 Hilton 1202
4 a1l White Rock 11 69
4 .7 Hallentine 11 61
4 17 .. ....rw .. I 40
1 2; ..Leaphiart.. 1 40
4 45 ArolumbaLv 11 20
pan ai
I 6'> LvUolIaZ bil (A.O.j..)Ar i to
tj 24) Sutatur U rw
9 20 A r Chuarloston Lv 7 00
Tr.sm n 43 and h2 ~it~rIvc Uir depart from
HOw 11:401. Iolot.
Tra tasl 22 itr ad 81 from A. C. L. freiglt depot.
F'or Rales. Tlrno Tables, or further introa-Inn
tioun call on any Agent, or write to
P'resl(lenrt. Traffi Manager.
C ohnnathia. 5 . '. ilmn- :ta. . Nii A. (O.
No taste. No odor. Can be given in
glass of water, tea, or coff'ee without
patient's knowledge.
White Ribbon Remedy will cure or
destroy.the diseased appetite for alco
holie stimulants, whether the patient is
a confirmed inebriate, a ''tippler,'" so
cial drinker or drunkard. Impossible
for anyone to have an appetite for alco
holic liquors after using Whbite Ribbon
Indorsed by Members of W. C. T. U.
Mrs. Mdore, press superintendent of
Woman's Christian Temperance Union,
Ventura, California, writes: "I have
tested White Ribbon Remedy on very
obstinate drunkards, and the cures have
been many. In many cases the Remedy
was given secretly. I cheerfully recoin
mend and indorse White Ribbon Reme
dy. Members of our Union are de
lighted to find an economical treatment
to aid us ini our temp)erance work."
Druggists or by mail, $1. Ti al pack
age free by writmng Mrs. A. M. Tfown
sentd (for years secretary of a Woman's
Christian Temp)erance Union), 218 Tre
mont St., Boston, Mass. Sold1 in New
berry by Gilder & Weeks.
Get the Best!
Stubscri be to
Th McwhlT1y Hol'id anid Newg
TheSeiIiWeeianw n Cui
Thle best ot-ys newspaper
Ihe best general and State niewspaper.
Allth telegraph, Stiate anid general.
news you cani read(.
Keelp 1tp wvith ithe news of the world1
thl atitona ihe St ate 1( *oa ony
(;lt thle two for at5)i son c.'ou Dol
lars for' it years's sulbscripation to both
1l14 SlNMII-W,VI.s uy Il:l(AIl) AND NiEws.
ll SI:M -Wl.::i i.y Ni:ws AND COUIER~.
Yowu kuo 'tl about,I'he llerald and
Niwr. 'ubishd at'55i Wharlyew,s anid Cour'
mst,u comlael itt lit--oi , S.C is the
wieek C5l pl'"" it >est general semi
weely ou lts get It puablishes 16
G)ives' al wel o' '(1 Issues a year.
" eailI(a' tele'gr.aphic and S tate
niswa v gelnral itndt plec iad stories.
Pu (ss i s s I,te 'TWO eor TW,o
l)san,. W asos...,... o ICrlald and News

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