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I. H. AU.i., Mtilroy.
The railroad commission, or rather
ir. Wharton and*M I. Caughmai of the
commiission,'Cme to Ntw I:ry oin Wed
nesday to talk over the deptt situation.
After looking over the ground and con
sultation with the president of the
Board of Trade and the mayor and
aldermiien it was agre-A ti -icummend
that the C., N. & L. 1.ild a dv!iot on
the lot just opposite tle South' n depot
and that a covered dri':eway h,, left
between the two. The plan of usiig
the Southern's track was di.- cusbed
but it was thought it would not be en
tirely satisfactory as it would necessi
tate the C., N. & L. using a FwitcLh
coming it and going out and there
would be trackage and all that and the
two roads would scarcely desire a union
ticket agent. The plan agreed upon
will permit each road to have its own
track and depot and for all piacti cal
purposes and conveniences give us a
union del)ot and adds very much to the
applalalice of things around I ie depots.
It. may he that the C., N. & L. will
have to raise its track just a littc. That
should be done any w% -y. ''le com s
sitl\ was imp'essed with the fact that
we needed some improvement in our
depot facilities.
T' following from the Ivening Post
of one day last week would indicate
that in the judgment of the State Con
stables there ari still a few blind tigers,
so called, in Charleston, and that the
Charleston grand jury did not very
strongly believe the constables, or
rather the proof was not "conclusive,
the first time we ever heard that a
grand iury needed "conclusive" proof
to find a "troe bill."' We notice that
Vincent Chicco is still in the business.
So long as public sentiiint remais as
it is in Charleston, where grand juries
want "conclusive" proof to find a true
hill ill dispensary casts and where petit
juries do not convict evep when the
proof is "'conclusive" the enforcement
of the dispensary law\ is obliged to be a
"Four indict ients for violation of the
disimnsary law were handed out to the
grand jiny this morning by Solicitor
11ildebrand. The indictmets wt're'
against S. I'. Schimderassi. E. .1. R id
dock and Willian , yrne, Vincent
Chicco, 'lhomas Marks and George
Murphy. A no bill was returned in
each case.
"A number of business men who had
been summoned as witnesses appeared
before the grand jury in the above cast'..,
but it is understood that they were un
ble . furnish any evidence to a. r- :
man a."a* - :ane
L '. - tuA: .
- .-Yrtand t.he Womar s
maikig efforts to insu-uraite a .a. for
the establihr.u et .. pubb l.? brary.r
N ewbterry. Thais . 'onsndN
undiert akmg ande : s~ -h uld. anda.
dob w:11. has e the hearcy anc. earnest
T'here2 '' are seea vr oit pat
hbrtZ ans n. te ,::y bt h r' isnee
Fe the gradedi shoo. has or.! :, a ery
pr brary . We rust the liaamts n .
puash t heir mov ement to a success.
Roade Assocati on ha receivd rephes
from?? Sen:ator La't imer, Congrsman
A-.ken anId Presidenit lHyat acceptin~g
the invitation~ to atte'nd the good d
metingVl:, to ' e held at New~berry on the
13th of .luly and~ make addiresses We
wantt k kep the interest up anid have
a1 big meet ing at that time.
Judge Townsen?d has grant ed a e.h:uige
of venue in the caste of J1as. H. TPill:nani.
We t hink J1udget Towns.end could not
have dlone otherwise under all the cir
curust anerI7. Several hundred adidav its
were submitted on both sides and three
days were consumed~ in the hearing.
The fact that so many people' made aiT
davits on both sides of the question is
evidence thaut public sentiment is v'ery'
much divided in the county'.
Caiution I
This is not a g'entle wond --but w~hen
you think how hable' you are not to put'
chase the only r'emtedy universally'
known and a remedy that has had th'e
largest sale of any medicine in t he
world since 1%t$ for the cure and treat
ment of Consumpt ion and Throat and
1 .ung trmoubes without losing its great
~popuar'ity all these years. you will be
thankful we called your attention to
Boschee's German Syrup. There are so
many ordinary cough remedies miade by'
druggists and others t hat are cheap anti
good for light colds perhaps, but for
severe Coughs. Bronchi tis. ("roup and
espec'ially for Consumpt ior., where there
Is ditficult expectoration and coughing
during the nights and morrings. thereV
is nothing like German Syr.ap. The 25
cent sig.e has just been m induced this
y'ear, Fe 'ular siY.e 75 cents. For sale
Will be the Increase in Valuation of Taxa
ble Property for This County ---The
Auditor Cromer has finished makiig
his abstract of assessment of the per
sonal property in Newberry County ro
t irnable for the purposes of taxatiu.i.
The total valuation, as will beseen from
the addition below, is $1,988,509, an ia
crease over the year previous, 1902, of
$443,976. The increase in the valuation
of personal property the year previous,
or 1902 over 1901, was $24,615. The
abstract of the ossessment of real es
tate has .not yet been completd by
Auditor Cromer. It is probable that
the increase in the valuation of real e:
tate from railroad property and im
provements, will run the total i1crease
in valuation of both real and personal
over last year to the half million mark.
The following itemized statement. of
the assessment of the various kind ; of
personal property will no doubt. be of
1:157 hormes.. ........ ....... ....... $ 61,180
3999 cows ..... ..... .... ...... 4.5,070
3317 m ules . ........ ..... .. I(1 ,90
1199 sheep and goats ............ . , 190
3732 hogs ............... ....... ..... 9,100
:109 watches ..... ....... ...... 5,720
293 pianos and organs............ 1.1,155
:3670 vehicles ........................ 61,175
171.1 (logs ...... ........ .............. 8,680
M erchandise ....... ................. 243,005
Property apportaining to m1an
ufactur-ing. . .. ...... ... 700,755
Value of machinery ............. 8.1,060
Value of moneys ..... ... .... .11,950
Value of credits .. ... ....... ... 26,175
Value of stock out of State ... 3,00
Value of household property... 194,995
Bank returns ......... ...... 235,695
Insurance, fire and life ........ 67,229
Fifty per cent. penalty ......... 19,885
Total for 1903 ..................$1,988,509
Valuation for 1902 ........ . 1,514,533
Increase ................. ....$ -.13,976
This increase of nearly half a million
dollars is very generally distributud
among the various kinds of propet ty
sessed. 'here is one notable increast.
and one very notable decrease, ihow
ever. The number of dogs has in
crueasi oy 116. and their valuation b\
$i'0I0, whih- the number of slp.;
goa:s has decreased by 210, and
valuation has decreased by $-.
fifty per cent. penalty has va
unount only about $15.
Tfrit%ale of Respe'n.
The fo:ow:. tf vereA :.u
pression o ne :van.: -
which Garrol Foresz h-a.
.itid to b ie
an SMgladneBstobi hhn e
.:.a.........neron o ..
.-w...... in and mr . G
goenti and al world. ania :.
dO.:h l~'j things wel a ee.a:e,
forhischrchan r E o~ncerne' : ::
th aor fr you2ahng rth-o. er:
should cease, and that his life and v
and peac.e in the Churc~h Triumphars'
should begmn. We pray to that w
God that we. and e.specially tose of
his ow famiily, may have~ faith to -.ay
fromt our hearts: 'Thy will tb- done,.'
''The lAord gave, the lxord hath takn
away le'ssed be the nameI of th'e
We sug~gest that this tribute bere
c'orded in our church boo~k, arJ. that a
copy of the samte be furnished his
mot her, brother and sis ters.
J1. A. C. Kiim.in.
.1. Di. Sur.Aty.
C..ommuit tee.
GOum1 Roads hir No.*
All parties interested in good1 roads
will meet at 1'r.sperity. i.. C., on Sat ur
day the 4th. of Jtuly, at 3 o'cloc'k p. m.,
to organize a "Good Roads Conven
Yours truly.
11. T. C. hlunter.
Prosperity. S. C., June 19th., 1903.
If You Are the Housekeeper
You will appreciate our suggestion that
you use Bransfoni's "Clifton"' flour. It
makes the best bread, eake and pastry
for home people as well as visitors.
Don't let your pre.iudice in favor of an
other brand prevent your t rving- it.
Prosperity Letter.
Prosperit-y. S. C., June 24, 1903. -A
most beautiful chirch wedding wias
that of Miss Atnie Belle Wise and ir.
J. P. Browne, which took place on
Tulesday evening at Grace Lutheranl
church. rhe church was very pIret tily
decorated in green and white. The
bride and groom left on the midnight
train for a trip to theI mountains.
Misses Odalite ,lohnson, Louise Jones,
antid .uanita S thumpert (if Newberry,
and Misses M-iy and Ophelia 'liik
Wcales of Andei are with Mis tier
trude Simlipson for Ia few days.
Ni.;i S11i,mSO gave an "At llome
yesterd.y fromll 7.10 util 11.30 in honor
of her guests.
It. It. Schumpert & Co. have mi1oved
into a store in the upper part of town
while their old one is being torn down
and preparations being made for build
ing a new brick store.
Miss Ruby 11olloway of your city
spent a few days with Miss Della Bow
ers this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Brown of Abbteville.
Mr. and Mi1rs. oh of Columibia. Nir.
and Mrs. I,athan and Mr. and Mrs.
Wise of Little NIountain were in the
City to atteid the Wist-11'rowe mar
Nit. Julius B :er of Newberry is
visiting the fami. of r. A.1A. Sinip
Mr's. ilenry PaI i' Newvberry is vIs
iting the fanr Mr. J. P. Wheeler.
Miss Frane S of .ykeslaind is
visiting the Mr. A. G. Wise.
Mr. 1.. C ard familyk of
Vidalia. G. 0.he failv of
Mr. 11.
M rs. I I e. hde of
Newber: i .e-,." ea:n .
Hot a
T T T ,
~~"7 r"'T
75c. 7I.
9 GNpwery S,C. (
sIn tioeie of \eun e sdtrs
No~tce.~U Sti
9 Nwe o hr, habo. o
.1.ve employmnt in anytoel taner.t
Term onth.. aliatudiong, cand~
cont rat it hro undersigned o yer9s3
Ec tin fTechr
Sehco wi . ekv . aStechnertan
o'ek k. W ish all p a non.ob pe
J. . NG,his
to igs, habo o.
Win.Youn . aM. WT S, ong n
contrct wih um r orsper1t .
rpii~ TUSEW.O M . ThRAN
LSChCI ~~'l elc .,.te.h, and
The Iteady
for de
N".s EtU Thre" Ce
"I was attacked last May
citis. As I showed signs of roo
and I began to cast around ior a
and as a result we fell upon 'I
has been a wonderful boon to
eaten almost three c4a0. H. K
College of charleston,I
L.etters. Seienee. Engineering. One
Scholarship to each County of South
Ca Elina. -ntrance examination held
at Newberry by County Superintendent
of Educa0.tioin and Judge of Probate on
Jluly 10. Tuition $40. Board and fur
nished roomii in Dormitory, $10 per
month. All candidates for admission
a,I permitted to cnipete for Boyle
zc'oiarship. which pays $100 a year.
F0or catSIo)ZI. address''
To the Public at Large!
nn ,t of an organi:a
'. -'ing to giving cheap pro
eton in this .ountv. we take
ca i: in ro- ommending to the
as a whole. the Workmen's
r. -. 1rotcttve Association of
An a.. as ::-. the best thing
ct%of s\I'k. acc"dent an
n ex,sex'.W
~ 2 to t$
a policy, and if
yc..: a- S kne week. we pav
'_V: S p w-ek: and at thedeath
.1 S :be .:as a burial fund
An-- ' wishing prote
R'.'e's or accident
Z - . i:by apply'Iing to
-cer : o:-. medth e cr -
-L7.&71. '-Z 7'f'7'. . F.ar
::: '-. : N Vw . R-roter.
:7:%:. ? a s:r in the
mW s. --e. eAso-aio of.
ozi. tc'n.sH.
: t :: ~ '-n:d e is.
the> ooi
- h a : done -m
-a.eevei. H ao lt
ie~ .r--nvith~ e :: Work
the Associatio.
Cannotspeak ohe' hie
itwoul tell is o betorwy,
andwere it oranhaf
speec as rnucd Ascca
ITY...no.need. of thsere
marks Wea' do: or cam
that'it w.illcure Mups,
we d notadvie m,otheors
butwedoclimth .satiher
Cannothn spetter one wise
itaoudketlfo Pit n own stre
aDsenerey. rgn o
sPeeC a5c prnucd 25c
The doloin dvgiste reneothe
usingr ior S o o obingu
thbu t donclaim thatr aute.
is noe,thinrgua b ett o the
mret oprataion n WtNE
Dysenyb idr&Wee
PRICE1can 5
Jim Dumps' physician once
Said he: " I'll have no
draught or pill."
Said Jim: "Ho, ho, you're
Voon the shelf
You who cure others,
cure yourself."
Then Jim seat up som'2
"IForce"I to him,
" That's what he needs,"
quoth " Sunny Jim."
by append
suitable diet
torce,'I whioh a2"
me. I have
M I L L N ." a.. -
cation will meot Tuesday July 7,
for the purpose of appointin wtrrstees
for t -i 'arious school distric of New
berry County. The Patrons of any
sehooil. who w ish to do so, ean niect at
ti time before that date for the pur
pose of recommending Trustees to the
County- Board and -Iould send in to
the County Superintendent the names
t hey wish to sug est as Trustees.
Chairman County Board Education.
Typewriter Ribbons
of all kiids at $1.00
Typewriter Paper,
$1.00 to $1.50 per
Carbon Paper, 5c per
We will be glad to
have you call on us
when in need of any of
the above goods.
J UST ARRIVED at S. B. Jones'
-Fresh Nabisco, Athena, Cham
pagne and Festino Wafers.
4FULL LINE of Canned Meats,
XC anned Vegetables and Canned
Fish atS. B. Jones'.
4 NMONEY'' and a complete
kline of Heinz's Pickles in
glass at S. B. Jones'.
O LIVES, Sauces, and all kinds of
Condiments at S. B. Jones'.
H uyler's
Lowney's and
Baker's Cocoa,
and Flavoring Extracts
_At S. B. Jones'.
Dried Fruit:
California ApricQts,
and Raisins,
At S. B. Jones'.
Watches, Clocks,
Silver and Plate Ware,
Cut Glass and Table Ware
Wedding and Birthday Presents
Key winding Watches
Changed to Stem
Eduard Sc holtz,
How to K
N.'W i--- time to ii-i" I)i- i. r,.o
Itnts about the hom-4i1d 'm i b - o e.
We offer Chloro Napth.i. iml #%U
3pecially good gormi.-i lal stgemt 141d
lisinfeotai,'. (3ll on io and let ts
bxplain it-n meritp.
Ohloride Lime, Coppere,
Solution of thn Chlor id.2,
.Carbolic Acid.
All these will prevent offengive
)dors, anl ma bo ill 1- altb a d
revers. All aizo b)ot'le at
One always cheats I
tunity is wasted. We
?n opportunity has be
Fail to visit our store ir
ind there inspect a hol
goods. Every departr
and patterns correct at
Just received big la
in beautiful patterns to
lot at 6 1-4c.
Black Mercerized S
3omothing new at $1 I,C
and $2.50.
The prettiest Oxfor
market at $2.00 pair, '
line cheaper ones.
Full stock Patterns
S. J. Wc
We Live Fron
What we eat, the
This argument applies
We offer you Pure, U nadulterated,
for the next 30 days. att
3000 cans 3 lb. Tornatoes, h)er
2000 cana 2 lb. Tomatoes, hes
1500 cans 3 lb. B'k berries hea
2000 cans 2 lb. B'klberries heai
20010 cans 3 ib. S. Peaches hea
2000 cans 2 lb. S. Peaches hea
1000 cans 3 lb. Str. Beans hea
1000 cans 3 lb. P. Peaches hea
1000 cans 3 lb. S. Apples hea
2000 cans 3 lb. (Cabbage hea'
1000Ocans 3 lb. Pears hea
2000 cans 2 lb. Salmuon,tall he
Every can guarantee<
0. KLE
T he Fair and!
Cures diseases c
neys, Stoma
Endorsed by I
Welcomed I
For sale by
Cep Well_
i' i i re "r-y inilE - 11 ikto o rm
PsMII Ilm -b i ni r -imrt pie-*, -
li(e' .d and er--df-it-.0, V" 01nim to
doteV'ry bf-It t-lviwi in iinviloe u
P bi I qj ( re:1 qlt. E b i', d 1 1or
bring y .iir doi r. pro -ariptions to
uQ, Mr Mo will ei d for thon i ad
vis-i hw N-1l-pbono. Our pricom are
as m1oderato asi lirst cla8e work and
first ela,s nedicinm warront. Ac
curacy i chare' iris ic ai. i nr phar
Miloy. Onrffilf., w-s i4 it hi'it we
Chav ciltivated all for our lives. t
Out of lown rdorm i ld promptly. 4,5all,
1AM & SON, 021).00
Pharmacists. 6 16U
iimself when an oppor-.
therefore declare that
en wasted by all who
i the next thirty days,
ise full of seasonable
nent complete. Styles
guaranteed low prices.
t Dimities and Batiste
go at 5c. yd., better
kirts, adjustable waist,
0, $1.25,$ 1.50, $2.00
is and Sandals -in the
vell worth $2.50. Full
for June.
1 what we Eat.
refore, should be
and [he VEllY BEST.
to every article in the
pecially to CAN GOODS.
thbe very Finest Qu:.ality in the world,
be following Low Prices.
vy weight at o.uly 8kc per can
vy w'git at o'ily 5ec per cant
y wegh at onily 10i per can
vy eiht t olySAe per ca'
vy weight at on ly 12tc per can
v.s weight at only 10)c per can
vy wveight at only 9c per can
vy weight atony9peca
l,.\ weiht ol y Si per can
yweight atonly 4c per' e-in
vy weight at only 15e per' can
Ivy weight at only 8ke per can
i, or money refunded.
3quare Dealer.
' CUPEs.
W ater.
>f the Liver, Kid
ch and Skin.
3h scin and
il| Druggoisto.

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