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nark Twaln's Interview. With USa
Future Father,-i-law.
Mrs. Samuel Clemn114 was Miss OliT1a
Langdon. For somo years iefore she
met Mr, Clemens she had been con
flned to her bed with what was b*
lieved to be an incurable disease, but
she was at length miraculously r.
stored to health. The cure was the
sensation of Elmira, N. Y., and young
Olemens, then a newspaper reporter,
was sent there to interview Miss Lang.
don on her recovery.
He obtained the interview for his'
newspaper and brought back imprew
Slons of more value to himself.
Miss Langdon's parents were at first
strongly opposed to the young news
paper man. and, for his part, his timid
ity, so it is solemnly said, stood in the
way of the progress of his suit. But
finally he screwed up courage to bpeak
to Mr. I.angdon and one morning tinid
ly entered his future father-in-law's
private otfice, where that man was
seated at work.
"Mr. .angdon - have you -- noticed
anything -- hetween -- your daughter -
and-- il l?"
"No!" shouted the objecting parent,
wheeling sharply around so as to get a
full view of his visitor.
"Well," said the young man as he
turned to the door, ready for instant
dight. "if you--kee, a-sharp-lookout
--you--will!" _____
A Marveloua Intant.
The most mars elous child of history
was surtely little Christian Ileinecken
of Lu,lek. who died crowned with
bonor ind glutted with fame when he
w.s on A few months over four years
oh' t-.d \ b.se biograpny will be read
citu:ws bit-nt sde by side with t.hose
of Shmiles'e aod etho.
Wuhr. i %-As but twelve mni.Iths old
Clat:iz. hadn lvted the Pentateuch
at though: th&t h oou)d pass the
nimos: ri-'lii ( ..'.t)' in it. A
.'o- hwitw: v ib:t. :h 'nfir.mts w,r:im
1* ito: h :. -it. TOm. he had
m:ht Itu w h( a wo -Vk '1'I . - 4 iCd his
to,", h - . :.: : l'i *'-1 , ld f h
efat ' lilt8 el ri. Pi'r.'eDNuan
n.: 't v a CItIi t :'il#.' u tf. his
tot ~ ~ ~ ~~ TVT li.rw-p.a h rrswor)d,
aI n .11a. \av el mi t a - V huIe in his
rom-tI i ti' tit Oifi'' 'M xmu y of
tn-t , o\ 0 i . "toll , , 11. %l-,e hit
to)" ' lilAMllild- t!":w, TP . b e to
s. ,::a i tiou q.L:ykuj9.d n
lit wV.I! S111111111tl'- Ti '.11f N%ar id c nrt
Vi ?-- e -Nit lmalitff o "llif- L .Ic. Pr'l
V 1-k'it h"Islg t h11fmd V bet bet
Tilt D!TE: b!ei.". lf 1. -tild nzima
ca; L Vnd rep" rd the OL
Te'. ->ee beedIf & bre thLt hai
heard If a d,g thst :a hea-n
until1,it be- A :. b d p t a
wase pktpered- p lep c,f tf e eart. The
heathenl of Afr.C-a &r"d t1e Pmafie it
lands never had rhean#tis-= vo far jj
we know, until they gt to ve.-Ai
sandals or shoes 1 once knew a fo:
ma n w 'ho. w heneve r be got s:fe'. 'word
dig a trench in his. garden. khe dowx is
it and have his wife cover k.is r-d
fresh earth a,s far up as his chmn He
would reinaltethere for an beer or tw
thena get up in tine spirits. Mothiez
earth! The contact: It lookedi a
the resurrection-and It was-Sev
York Press.
The Hare.
In the economy of natur'e the s.r, 1.s
the one creature that stand.s between
most of the carnivorous animals and
starvation. In the northern woods,
where snow lies on the ground for more
than half the year and where vegeta
tion is of slow growth, the ha.re e.rves
as a machine for converting bir'ck
twuigs Into muscular, lean meet and
providing it in such quantities that
hawks, owls, wildcats, weasels and
foxes can live in comparative luxury.
A pair of hares under favorable condi
tions ptroduce 70.000 Individuals In tour
Power Stored In Watoh springs.
Many watches make five beats per
second, 800 each minute, 18.000 every
hour or 432,000 per day. Thus it will
be seen that half a dozen turns of the
key onice a day, taking up but a few
seconds of time, store up a modicum
of piower in the spring which is cut up
into nearly 1,000,000 beats. If we mul
tiply the daily beats by 865%4, the num
ber of days in a year, we find that
the watch ticks 157,788,000 times while
the earth is making one annual trip
around the sun.
fleatina- 03 a Deg.
If a dog springs for a man, the lat
ter should guard his face with his
arm and try to meet the animal with
his forearm. With the right hand he
should attempt to catch one of the ai
mial's front paws, The Daw of a bull
dog is ultra sensitive, If it can be
caught a vigorous squeese will make
the animal howl for mercy and retire
"Young man," said her father kindly
"you look a little bit nervous. Hiow d<
you feel?'
"I feeol flattered," replied the giri
lover, who had asked ter the intervIew
"1 was afraid I looked scared to death.'
Ura the Ktandergavten.
Teacher-What comes after Vt
fluthb-The follow what's going tt
mnarry my sister Jane.--Puek,
Men must help one another, 0or yot
maay rest certain they will hurt one an
Music b)eckorns the human race 0n
and Is followed by the two great col
amns, the joyous, light hearted and
happy and the, sorrowful, wretched and
Te WaP GrlD' In the Big DeaWtv
=ant Storeb A*e Watch*&.
The girls in a large department stoe,
says Frank Leslie's, are, as a rule, care
fully watched not only in the store, but
out of it. The buyer of each depart
ment knows pretty well the habits of
his sales ladies; knows how much it
costs them to live and how they spend
their evenings. It is easy for him to
get the information not merely through
the store detective, but in many other
The buyer Is, as a rule, a tolerant
person, who cares only for two things
namely, that the girls "deliver the
goods"---i. e., that they make big
"books"-nnd that they appear respect
able. If they stay out so late at night
that they do not reach the store prompt
ly in the morning they maiy be dig
charged, transferred from one depart
ment to another or merely not rise in
the way of salary. depending on the de
gree of their misdemeanor. It the girl'
book is unsatisfactory she Is simply
discharged or transferred, and no rea
son Is tiven. but if she is wise she
knows the reason why.
If, on the other hand, the girl is a
good seller the buyer will excuse a
great deal In the way of irregularity of
habits. As long as a girl sticks closely
to business she is allowed a great deal
of freedom. but when her "book" be
gins to suffer it is time for her to "look
A Lawye-'s BIll.
Here is t.e story of an Ohio lawyer
who did not become a politician, as he
was not built on political lines. It is
told by a Washington man, who was
his clerk at one time. Lawyer R. was
a gruff sort of personage and believed
in mniking every one pay for every
service. One of his clients was the
prsident of a bank, who. during the
pendenwy of his case. dropped into the
lawyers otfloe very frequently and
tO)d storlis The lawyer was a gtod
listener, and seemied to enjoy the
stories vtery much. but after the bank
er went out l.wyer B. would say:
'Hery, -harge Mr. -- - $10 for an hour
9,f my time. if 1 have gxt to listen to
kis stes he has got to pay me for
tt.'' krly, the bill was made out and
earded t, the bniiker. It was an item
ted ac'mjt stating the date of each
call 11 scanned it losely and re
le has made me pay for it pretty
Vell. hts't he1?"
"Pay for what?" asked the clerk.
-'Fcr hit-nrimc t Ty stories "
And it-r he paid the hill.-Washing
tot Pc'-:
The. Werwecg-ta.n (t#stume.
1' : . ebure- it. Norw-jy that the
Mtn1t'i vf:unn it 'et sen in the
Dw"*l. *I,( wionjvz wesi bot. dark
gv-ils v i.1. VTmged hlLderhefr
tio- lwcor;,ir ne over, their cur.y fAir
mi.i b11ii. 0!e" f o tbf- matro- aDd
if fwte n0 iwdims
1. -hi-1 -.1i f old No-wegiI
Off N ME O"n li M11R1fit& of &
bicl': -a.n-1 'i : . V I sbllunS aid
a -et ti'10et hlm fm nibroidered.
vh:t it 5:25. f. o.:Z ! Rilrer
the. (:%--j,01 2.152.1 s lb ' ehirT's social
CLPE *.1 10.79 W((hl': 1a: UiJI5 aid
nfrci mi-t' odofa.r LE ehe cwhiwe lin
A. 'L ~V (Yij -A. Widel fTn1ier Elid
Ome:7I. 5li.e 'i.LI we 1*i. jewezr's 1 LE
Te r Thn .c-t.
T'x caraeit take too manype.
tia~ e ssne Al C'un(e of pr
- :se -*t:. 'stre poundtk ofL W Ly
pa t.>:. i :,pe - nsUi : Car iy dropttL.
et:'re s'z of U'sit :' mot'Kt'Lezd zueza
I evert j" to L5 wts' he mt e.t2Itone5.
He -po tiacfi duna. and he zIi-?e
"E<- thLt be rt:ra't ua.z 2 his
slee-p ' ____
Poisonm la Y.sag attiemn.kea.
Obser : as .e.Lre ra:thssra.kes
show tLat tb+ p:-1u:0 gazAa beo'ze
functi?on.?:2y ac't.se a.s se as the
snakes t*gi~ to shift for themslvei,
which mLust be 'ery sonm after birtb.
Expet.aments onr the yora oes r-ix
days after birth p''rves thepre:e
of venomrla, In :. g,uantits Ex;e:1
ments made thra- r.rnths aft-r M.-"'t
showed that onwjr?Me ~re :s. s*s
creted,l as a pigeo'n Ir.ated. at tis
time die(d In two Loura r:st. the usaual
symptomhs of chronzi-: poan
An Odd superstition.
Onm th'e eastern shore of Maryland
biliousness is eured by boring three
holes in a carefully selected tree and
walkIng three times around it, saying,
"Go away, bilious." It is a matter of
utmost Immportance whether the one
who performs the spell walks with the
sun or- agalist the sun, but no one
knows which Is the ap)proved direction.
Not Up to the Predietion.
"Well, is married life all that it is
painted ?" aseked the girl.
"Not quite," replied the bride, with
what her friend later declared she was
ahnmost sure wvas a sighm. "We've been
marrIed three months now, and during
that time Jack has spent but four even
ings at the club."-S$yracuse Herald.
"Why don't you try to write yoth
name on the scroll of fame?"
"My frIend," said Henstor Sorghm
very earniestly, "I have never yet seen
anybody tearing leaflets out of the
scroll of fame and getting thema cashed
at the bank."--Washuington Star.
Is Habitual Retteemee.
Reporter (In vestIbule)-- -Is it true thai
Mr. Gotrox has just dIed?
Butler (cautiously)- It is, but he hat
nothing to say for publication.-Puok.
Stammering men are four times at
nuaamn.u as .tameri--. me.
Davil,and Lee.
No patriot desires the continuance
of strife and ill feeling between the
sections of our country. On the
contrary every lover of his country
desires peace' and good feeling. It
these can be had on honorable terms,
otherwise, perhaps otherwise.
Ever since the war, a class of mon
have been persistent in their efforts
to make the world believe that Jef.
ferson Davis was a traitor; and to
bring him into disrepute in the sec.
tionl that gave him birth. At the
same time, these men credit General
Leo with high and noble qualities,
bot h as a man and as a soldier. Now
why is this? Is it a since.-e tribute
to our illustrious Leo; or is it, a sub
tio schene, to bribe the Southern
people into the helief that Davis was
indeed another Benedict Arnold; and
that he was indebted to the gene.
rosity1 aid forboarane of those in
chargo of the United States Govern
ment, for his having escaped the fate
of Maj. Andre.
(mn. Lee was a union man when
the war broke out, but he held that
good old decot doctrine, that a
muan's first allegiance was due his
St t. Therefore, when Necesmonl
ovetrred, and the sot'i's efforts to
have a peaceablo separation canio to
nanght, atd our friends, the enemy,
decided upon a war of coercion, he
was compelled either to fight against
his n,other, the State, or unshenth
his sword it her defense. We cai
ea-ily bllve that ie did not hesi
tato to make the decision, ad to
forego the honor, which the opposite
ceturse would have brought him. Inl
Ai setion that was honored b his
birt h hnit servicos his name is as (,int
in il ponrod (rih, ahd everywhero
he i regarded as ott of tho cht.ice
spirits of tho cent ur. in which he
OI te ot ther hand Jefferson Davis
beld lit when the Stales. thel par
I te to t li cot ittitoil v. IIa ,
fattd to obtatin the rights ati( pro.
toction itat Ihe framiiers of t.1e con
,ittionl designt-d that they shonld
on.w , ibei hal the lf,gal right to
wthfra honil lUniou All throtgh
life, b e ihited high anfd patr-tic
gnhi i rd htelped to bring h,ow~r
to the U,ot-d States Govmernipt,
i O efe1 I-T fifia H. '
ii . iie Switutf,. brought Itl,s
1ate 4' e'S of thtosi wio held p5r:
Aar La1 r was sp1oed of dA'rk
e 1 Saer Goer: ib
eLt t0 wari L.d b
* tt-L- ad im~..* excti-e fo
U t ' b--- mtrder f Li eckr : t
H i N'ei. Lwa tie suspie.on that
'U g-r n-AL woul th brngth
ecerg'- again.at h;n, atb'gh so
miii we-re th.ir'irg frr hiii r..d.
H s h-;. L,wevs-r, would tan- pa
tLe f-na'i for trea,,r if that. cearg'e
coaH bave beens proved.
In t be bat.de of but. ef.embe' be e
nout b'i.-k down. ansd beg pard1o,. for
what he had do-ne. RegolaJs :ke, tie
we-nt to prison to be ne+d(le(dAy t'r
ttred, ..nd bore the vicario'i sojffer
ingsi he uniderwernt onrmarmringly-.
From that pri-on he imrj.d the
stant. hontorab?le and incorruptible
gentleman ha had always been
Whlent stent to prison he requested
Dr. A. TP. I3ledsoe to discuss the gnes
tion, "is Davis a traitor, or was so
cession a cotnstit utional right ?"' Dr.
B3ledsoo rantsacked t he whole body of
l iteratuore bearing upont thte themefti
(mttit um in parv'o), embtIodying that
d1iscustsiont mtade its5 appe)arttanc, T'had
Stevens, antd puerhaps othetr prom i.
nent Northltern meon, pruonountced itL
unansworahtlo. President D)avis was
therefore nover brought to trial, but
was haniled (tnt of prtison'.
About the ears of HoiraceG(Ireele'y,
who htad the magnanimity to signt
the b)ond( of thte distintguishued pris
oner, wats hutrled a torrent of abuse
by the pharisoes and fanaties. At
thte close of the war Caipt. Wiso antd
MIrs. Suirat were execumted, but Jef.
forson Davis, whlo was more heart ily
lasted thantt atssy onie thait conltenaded
for Souther inde.e.ene was .eve
brought to tteil. -'The biference Is
clear. The government officials knew
that he could not be civicted of
treason. Why, then, will men inl-mult,
tho intelligolnoe of the world, and im.
pose upon themselve and the 1ui.
formed by asserting that he was
guilty of treason?
Meanwhile it behooves Southern
era to see to it, that Davis and Lee
stand or fall together. If Jefferson
Davis was guilty of treason, then Lee
and Jackson and the other Confed
orate leaders, and all who fought.
with them, are rebels. So long as
the charge of trtason im preferred
against the President of the Southern
Confederacy, so long will it be the
duty of Southerners to repel the
charge, if need be, until the millen
im morning. And if they are worthy
of their lineage they will -gladly de.
fond the memory of those whose
patriotism and heroism challenge the
admiration of the world. Olaf.
Advertised Letters
R6imaining in the postolice for the
week ending June 20, 1903.
B-Col. Wm. H. S. Burgwyn.
0--- Miss Edney Clark.
)-W. Davis, Esq.
F-Miss Clanid Fuller.
1-H-Aonry Hargrove.
J-E. Johnson.
L-Miss Allis Lorn, Mrs. Ella
P - Mr. C. G. Pool.
R-D. B. Rice, Dozier Rhodes.
S-Mrs. Hannah Shanids, MT iss
Paethiena Sott.
W-Miss Maud Wlitiams, Miss
Gtxrgin White.
Persons ealling for these letters
will please say that thoy were ad
vort ised. C. J. Pureel11, P. N1.
Stones to s:s dprg
$1.00 n mar.th ept d-:
Will in 10 years amourt t. S 14-05
$5.00 will in 10 years
amount to - - - - S 730 00
Shl0.( will in 10 years
amouM to - - --$1NOoO
We want your business.
Ha11ve ample facilities t-n
accommodate our cus
The Commercial Bank
of Newberry, S. C,
Gall and see my line of
Deering Binders,
Mowers and Rakes.
The celebrated
Thomas Disc and
Smoothing Harrows,
sold on easy terms.
Newberry, S. C.
Capital - - - $50,000
Surplus - - - 19,500
Pald Stockholders
since organ izatIon 21,000
Paid Deposit.or; in
Savings depart
ment since or
ganization - -$9,200
A utaun workig,, by~ th day is paid1
for the time he puts in at work, but
when that man saves ai dollar for his
dlay's labor it works fur him nights,
as well se days; never lays ('ff on ac
c3ounlt of bad( weather and1 never gets
sick, but goes right on, earning him
an income. It's a nice thing to work
for money, buit it's much nicer t.o
have money working for you. Try
10--open a savings account with uis
and get some money work ing for you.
Make a deposit in the Savings de
partmoent today and1 let it begin to
work for you. Interest computed at
4 per cent January 1 and July 1 of
1~ . : :0 h
TO AL.. 0
Address SOUTHEil
Two Daily Pullman Ve,
Between SOUTH at
The Best Rates and Roi
Via Richmond and \
Norfolk and Steam
Nashville, Memph
Louis, Chicago, Ne
Points South and South
and Jacksonville and
and Cuba.
ii-For detailtd information
man reservations, etc., appl:
board Air Line Railway, or
Passenger Agent, Columbia
A passenger service un
and comfort,equiappedl wili
Dining, Sleeping and Tlho
For rates, schedule, ma
tion, write to
11g. ;AF t wo e
.2" lnort mT010Uanyt O. -
"""Ji. X. a. G2W0 0010,
Box V F Atlanta. Ont.
tibuled Limited Trains
ite to all Eastern Cities
Vashington, or via
ers. To Atlanta,
is, Louisville, St.
w Orleans, and All
vest-To Savannah
all points in Florida
rates, schedules, Pull
r to any agent of The Sea
J. J. Puller, Traveling
S. C.
Free to, Ary A4v*en.
excelled fr luxury
; th ltet ulma
ps or~ ayfora.
'assenger Agent,
Wilmington, N. C. I
I. 0. BZEMA Ta, a er.
In Er o.tJuneS 19 1yo,
rat Lar~. iou,400.d - W*alh
A Iiv . LMAv. \
M ixe<- Mixed\
No. 9. No. 12 tationsa. No. It No.
P. M. P. M. A. M%
810 956 ...............Belton ............... 8 20 1060
24W 988 ........Anderson F. D......... 840 1110
2.45 980........ %ndorson P. D..... ... 845 111
9 25........WestAnderson....... 849 ........
. 9 09...............Denver.............. 8 69
902...............Autun............ 408 ........
...... 855 ...........Pendleton ........... 4 11 ........
847 .... horry.........,..., 4 18 ........
844. .Adoanis............... 4 21
82 ania Julet ... ... 488
82 ........... ben2ef-..............Me e a - 4 85
8OB ...... .West Union ........604
8 ............ Walihalla . 609 .
Alrogular Irs. -n ru eto oWia
have Prcoudone over trains of smo clasf
r ovie i te oosite direotton unless och
uW IIIfIs sope , Y trat u order.
taill an jat the following stations to
Jaoes and dy Rssengers: Phinney's
J' iWO, superintendent
Uharieston and W88trh CaroWlina ywv Co
Augusta and Ashevillo Short Line
(Schedulo in cffeot kaoh 1, 1908.)
(Road Down.) Read Up)
12.40 In .........Lv Newberry......... Ar 8. pl
t.t0 pm Ar Laurens............ Lv 2.02 pu
2.07 pin .........Lv Laurons.. Ar 1.80 pn
.8.80 pn........Ar Spartan burg... L v 12 01 pn
3.44lpm.........y Spartanbufg.Ar 0. /am
6.3 pn.........Ar Saluda............... Lv 8.89 auv
II. pA.........Ar lundervouville bV 8.06 am
7 S Pin.........Ar 1 heville........... Lv 7.05 am
o.4 o p.... Lv Newberry (U.N.&L.) 8 10 pin
. p.n... Ar Laurens..................Ly 2.02 pm
1.65 pIn ...,v Laurans.................Ar 1.45 jmit
2. 1 pm...A r Greon wood....Lv 12.4.4 pan
6.20. mn...... Ar Augusta.................Lv 10.10 am
23 pin...v AtAgusta........Ar 11.6 an
:.30 pn...... Ar leaufort................Lv 7.504 an
U. 4jo ...... Ar Port Royal............ Lv 7.40 atn
4m.. Nnwberry (1 0.ar)Ar 80ll
W - m .. Ar Laurens ..... ... :...... .v 2.02 pmi
2 i) pI..Lv a tur .nu ........Ar 1.80 pin
3.26 pmn.Ar Greenville......... Lv 12.16 pin
For further inforniation relative to rates,
ito. cqll oi, or address
GCO. T 1 KY k N, Gen. Ag .Greenville 8(
HUINE ' W1LLIAMs, Gen. Pasq. A gi
Auistt a.
-1. it. - TrafIO %Ranager
(H kiterni Standard Tra e.)
iouthbounil. Northbound.
Rolh du.o fin Efoc. August 28th 1903.
STATIO.,- %. .
t to) an Lv AIlana (H.A.L) Ar. 8 Wa. pm
10 ho ItIn A tion.4 6 19 pa
1. an, IClberton '5 17 pm
2 -,b pan Abbevilhe 4 oi pin
I 22 pm ureenwood 8 3-1 pm
2 161)n Ar Clinton (111n'r) Lv. 2 4z pn
(0.&W 0.)
10 nXn slvk I'V (lenn 1.prings Ar 4 IN0 pno
12 if I1. Sparzaniurr 3 30 pm
12 2 jim .retinvi:le 3 26 pmt
(Ha1rris 14prings)
1 12 Pit watorloo 2 36 pm
1 4.. 1 n .i r Lanrt-ao ()in'r) LN 14 1' pin
2 02 1 V Latar4il,a A I 1 60
2 0 " Parks At- 142
2 22 ..Cilriton.. I3
t 34 GLI(dvillk. 117
'41 ..Klhard.. 110
249 ...(Uary... 106
264 ..Jalapa.. 1 (11
:1I1) 14cwberrl 1241
3 24 Prop(srtl.3. 1282
334 ....an1gh .... 1222
3i39 . Molnitalt, 12 1
361 ...Chaipin... 12 bu9
367 Hilton 1202
4 01 Whito Rock 1159
4 (.7 Hallontine 1164
4 17.r o.... 1140
4 2:1 ..Leaphart.. 11 40
4 45 ArOolunibiaLv 1120
pin ant
4 65 LvCol'n-bIa (A.O.L.)Ar 11 10
6 30 Suastor 9 60
9 2 A r Chorleston Lv 7 00
Trtali- :o .an 62 arrive and depart f~om
aew nII-inn depot
Trian 22 ti d 8 from A. C. L. freight depot
west (J't vialsastreet
For Rittes, 'Timne Tables, or further informa
ions call on any A gemt, or write to
Presidlent. Trafie Manager.
sot. Agt. (4en'1 Frit.& P~asa Agt.
oubl. . Wlaatnsicn. N. (.
No taste. No odor. Can be given in
lassn of water, tea, or coffee without
>atient's knowledge.
White Ribbon Remedy will cure or
lestroy the dioeased appetite for alco
10hec stimulants, wvhether the p atient is
confirmed inebriate, a "tippler," so
-ial drinker or drunkard. Impossible
or anyone to have an appetite for alco
molic lhquors after using Whbite Ribbon
ndorncd by Members of W. C. T. U.
Mrs. Moore, press superintendent of
N'oman's Christi1n Temnperance Union,
/entura, Californri, writes: "I have
.e.'ted While Ribbon Remedy on very
bstmnate dIrunk ards, and the cures have
>een many. In many cases the Remedy
v'an given secretly. I cheerfully recomn
nenrd and m idore White Ribbon Reme
ly. Membera of our Union are (1e
ighted to find an economical treatment
i, id un in our temperance work.''
f)ruggiutsfn or by mail, $1. Trial pack
Ige free by writIfg Mrs. A. M. Tlown
end (for years secretary of a Woman'a
-briulianr 'f'emrporaince Union), 218 Tro.
not,, St.., liOfton Masn. S0o(d In New.
>mrry by G;ildr i Weeks.
Get the Best!
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The 8ei1v1V/ee1y New8 800 Courier,
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