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. t .m. ernWl i. tes.
ABLISHED 186"A. _"FWlr3HRRY, '. C., TUE 4)AV, JUNE 1903
Amounts to the Various Countie
ewberry with no Deficiency, Gets
he State.
The comptrolle.- general has it
ned warrants aggregating $80,00
which will be paid to the severt
counties in the State as their part c
the dispensary profits. This mone
was set aside by the board of direc
tra some time ago and represent
the Frolits of the State dinpensar
*qr the first half of the year.
Following is the amount eac]
county will receive, including th
'deficiency fund" paid to severa
ounties enumerated below:
Abbeville, $2,468 08; Aiken, $2,
19.93; Anderson, $2,831.26; Bam
erg, $1,003.40; Barnwell, $1,688.82
Beaufort, $1,787.82; Berkeley, $2,
378.00; Charleston, $3,559.85; Che
rokee, $2,203 50; Clster, $1,384.06
hesterfield, $1,948.11; Clarnedon
1,672.53; Colleton, $2,472.56; Dar'
ngton,$1,558.73 Dorchester, $866.
5; Edgefield, $2,394.36; Fairfield
1,491.81; Florence, $1,613.10
Georgetown, $1,037.58; Greenville,
$3 368.47; Greenwood, $1,696.28;
Hampton, $1,578.80; Horry, $4,518..
55; Kershaw, $1,267.14; Lancaster,
$2,520.02; Laurens, $2,016 67; Lee,
$2,256.90; Lexington, $1,776.50;
Marion, $2,842.35;Marlboro, $1,376.
83. Newberry, '$1,822.24; Oconee;
$2,132.77; Orangeburg, $3,304.28;
Pickens, $1,360.29; Richland, $1,
979.63; Saluda, $1,973.21; Spartan.
burg, $4,066.71; Sumter, $1,662.55;
Union, $1,546.11; Williamsburg,
$1,679.23; York $2,428.91.
Before making the apportionment
the comptroller general complied
with the requirement that each
school district must receive at least
$75 per annum from the constita
tional 3 mill tax, and if in any coun
ty the funds be too meagre to run
each '.choo) district up to that amount,
- then the deficiency must be made
up out of the dispensary funds.
After such deficiencies have been
iet the remainder of the dispensary
fund is to be divided among the
counties on the pro rata of school en
rollmnent in those counties.
Thero was no deficiency in And6r.
son, Beaufort, Cherokee, Chester,
Darlington, Dorchester, Georgetown,
Newberry, Richland, Spartanburg,
Sumter and Union counties. Horry
received over $3,000 to make up the
deficiency in that county where
there are many school districts. The
deficiency was as follows:
A bheville, $285.50; Aiken, $279.04;
Bamberg, $100.50; Barnwell, $101;
Berkeley, $1,019. 14; Cheasterfield,
$818.04; Ciarendon, $364.21 ; Col..
leton, $1,027. I9; ICdgefield, $948.73;
Fairfield, $1 13.42; Florence, $16(;
Greenville, $77 40; G reenwood,
$15.72; Hampton, $424; Horny,
$3,118; Kershiaw, $25; Laincaster,
$869.50; Laurons, $120.50; Lee,
$1,261.56; Lexingtonc, $246.64; Ma
rione, *700.95; Marlboro, $151.43;
Oconee, $889.62; Orangebu rg, $48.
24; Pickens, $27 1.44 ; Saluda, $64..
28; Wi lliaimsburg, $234.89; York,
Mine Explosion Kills Twenty-Four and
Wounds Fifty.
Barratot "rane, CoahullIa, Mexico,
Junce 28. -T-Jwenty- fouir inmers were
killed uand ablouit oO01 there injured in
an e'x plo)sion1 (Jr gasIl iat occurred
Thursdauy night. inc Lne E'peranczas
coal nionmec, the4 prop erty of thle Mex -
ican Coal anid Cok (Company. The
diisaster wats caused by thce ignition of
the gas by the tIn me from a defectacv.
lamp The men'I wern' on the point
of quit ting work for t he day.
Week End Rates
From points on the Atlantic Coast
Line to Sens8ide Resorts, tickets on sale
Saturdlay, goodl returning inc luding Mon
day following, attractive schedules, un
surplassed secrvice Sum mer '1louris',.
Tickets to Mount nin and Seaside Resorts
limited for return passage to October
31st on sale until September 30th.
For full p)art.icuilars, rates, etc, call
on P'icket Agents or write,
General Passenger Agent
T1ratlic Manager
Wilmingn. N. C.
S. What he has to Say About Lynching
from Anoter PolWt of View.
Chicago, Ill., June 28.-"I am no
advocate of lynching or of mob law,
- but I would rather see a community
0 wrought up to the highest pitch
J over -crimes that would seem impos.
f sible this side of hell than to remain
7 apathetic," was k4o 4eogAir#tion of
- the Rev. W. A. Barlett at the First
s Congregational Church today, in a
y prelude on "Lynching from Another
Point of View." Dr Barlett said
i among other things:
"I have seen so many sermons, ed
I itorials and resolutions denouncing
lynching and mob law, that one
would get the impression that the
citizens who hang or burn the de
stroyer of life, home and all that is
held sacred by womanhood are the
real offenders, rather than the mon
ster whom they destroy.
"We seem to be so absorbed with
the majesty of this vague term 'law'
that the notion appears to prevail
that the real criminals are those who
do not wait for legal processes, and
the violator of womanhood is the
abused party.
"We shudder at the torture of the
criminal who is burned, but appa
rently forget to shudder for the
innocent girl whose mental and
spiritual agony is ten-fold greater
than that of the fire. This is not a
race problem, except so far as one
race are the offenders. The white
man who commits the same crime is
just as guilty.
"The indignant upritng of a com
munity, and some of the best men
in it, to avenge a wrong of such aw
ful magnitude may be technically
lawless, but the spirit which causes
the uprising is the reflection of a
higher civilization. There are crimes
so dreadful that the pure and the
chivalrous and the strong find it well
nigh impossible to endure the
thought that such a degenerate
should pollute the earth by his pres.
ence. It is easy to theorize about
the anarchy of mob law, but the
same hand which penned the calm
editorial might be the first to grasp
the torch if it was a mother, wife or
daughter who was the victim.
"I say that when you look at a
lynching from another viewpoint it
is simply the bursting forth of an in
dignation and loathing that will not
be checked. In the Old Testament
days they made short work of such
an offender.
"Lynching is certainly a had
method and forms the habit of dis
order, and makes men bloodthirsty.
But if it is to be avoided there cer
tainly is called for a more sure and
speedy trial of these wretches who
often brazenly deny crime amid red
tape and legal processes, but confess
ab)jectly wvhen confronted with de
termined men. It is useless to bring
to trial good men who rise up to pro
tect their firesides. The community
will not bear it. If men object to
being burned let them cease from
crimes which make a nation sick."
Week End Rates.
TheI Southern Railway announces the
following Week E~nd Ra.tes, beginning
Saturday, June 6th, continuing to
August 29th, for all Saturday trains,
goodl returning until Tuesday following
date of salc; round trip tickets will be
on sale fr-om Newbr-ary to Charlceston,
Sullivans Island, and Isle of Palms, at
rate of $5.16.
Beginning .June 6th, continuing to
September- 12th, for all Sat.urday and
Sunday morning tr-ains, good returning
leaving destination not iltr than Tu'Les
(liy following (late of sale, round trip
tickets will be on sale from Newberrmy
as followvs:
Spartanbur-g.--.-.-.-. ...$2 10
Greenville... .. .. .. . ...2..10
Whitestone . --. .. .. ..10
Union..... .. .. .. .. .. ..1 g5
Taylor-s (for Chick Springs) . .. 2 31
Asheville, N. C.... .--. .... 85
Hot Springs, N. C.... .. .. ...I ;0
Arden, N. C. . . .. . . . 8r5
F'letchers, N. C...... . . .. xs8
H endersonville, N. C... .. ... 85
Flat Rock, N. C....... .. .. .. 3 85
Saluda, N. C......... .. . ... 3 85
Tryon, N. C.... .. . ... .. ... 85
Blrevardl, N. C.-.-.-.-.-. ..4. 60
Lake Toxaway, N. C... .. ...5. 30
. or- tickets and further information,
aD)ply to S. II Mc~-AN Agt
Fate of Three Negro Desperadoes in New
ton Ga., Who Murdered a Farmer
of Baker County.
Macon, Ga. June 28.-An Albany,
Go, dispatch to the Telegraph of
June 26 says:
Baker County was the scene of a
triple lynching about 2 o'clock thif
morning, when a mob of fifty deter
mined men entered the town of New
ton, and took possession of Garfield
McCoy, Wiley Anette and George
McKinney, Miller County negroes,
who had been arrested and lodged in
jail for the murder last Saturday
night of F. S. Bullard, a prominent
white farmer of the seventh district
of Baker.
Jailer Williams Screws, who resides
near the jail, was awakened about 12
o'clock by Bailiff R. U. Tucker, who
stated that he had a prisoner to platce
in the lockup. The jailer hastily
donned his clothes aud proceeded to
the jail. As soon as he had unlocked
the prison door he was suddenly sur
rounded by a swarm of men with
drawn revolvers, who demanded that.
he unlock the cell in which the Miller
County negroes were lodged. lie
did as commanded under protest and
the three negroes were dragged froni
the jail, Tucker's prisoner making
his escape during the excitement.
Their appeals for mercy were lost on
the mo11, who began beating and
slashing them with knives as soon as
they left the door of the jail.
The mob lost no tine in leaving
Newton with the negroes, and whe
about a mile west of the town the
three men were halted, nooses tied
about their necks and, anid the
shouts of t.he mob, the men were
strnng up. The crowd fired several
hundred shots into the swaying
bodies, after which they quietly dis
The crime for which the negroas
were lynched occurred on the planta
tion of Bullard last Saturday night
during the progress of a dance given
by one of Bullard's tenants.
Negroes from Early, Miller and
Decatur counties were present and
trouble was soon started by McKin.
ney, Anette and McCoy putting out
the lights. Just at this juncture
Bullard appeared on the scene and
commanded order. His interference
was resented by the three negroes,
who operid fire upon him with re
volvers. Bullard fell mortally wound
ed and died on Tuesday.
The negroes were arrested on Mon
day and lodged in jail at Newvton.
At their commitment trial it was
proven that the shot that killed Bul
lard was fired by McKinney, and
that Anette and McCoy also fired at
him. The negroes were remandled
to jail to await trial at the next ses
sion of Baker Superior Court and
absolutely no talk of lynching was
indulged in by citizens. It is the
consensus of opinion that the work
of the mob was largely due to the
fact that Bullard's family is left in a
sad condition, his wife being a hope.
loss invalid and several small chil.
dren are dependent. Th'e lynching
was a great surprise to the people of
nounty, as it was generally believed
bhat the law would be0 allowVed to
takce its course int their cases. The
lynching is generally3 deplored.
On Sund1ay night services were
bold in Jlacksoni, Ky.. for the first
time sinrce the excitemient inscid ent
11pon the Miarcum muitrder.
A fine citade(l0, toI cost $ I00,0(00 , to
be used as headquarters for the Sal
vationi A rmy, hats ben dlEdienated ini
Oleveland, Ohio.
Pope L4eo performed his regtubir
luties this week, disproving thle ru
muors of his serious illness. Seyen
tew cardinals were creaitedi.
A ntorthiern mtoht, led1 by) a Virgin
inn1, buIrnedl a nefgro at thle sI ake
Afondiay niighit na"ar Wilmington0,
D)el., accused of halvinig felon iously
issaulted andl et abbed to donIt h Miss
Helen S. Bishop, 1 7 year-old (daugh.
ter of R1ev. D)r. E. A. Bisho(p. The
urimne was comrmitted a weuek preyviouts
t.o the bu0rnling. The mob1 was eSt i -=
matedl at. ab)ant .,00on
The Performance of a Runaway Horse in
Anderson-Milliners and Milli
nery Scattered.
The State.
Anderson, June 25.-A runaway
horse created intense excitement in
C. F. Jones' Co.'s store yesterday af
ternoon. Considerable damage was
done in the store and it is a wonder
that several people were not injured
or killed. The animal became fright
ened from some cause, broke loose
from its fastenings in the rear of the
store of H. G. Johnson & Son, dashed
through this store and then across
the street. It ran up a flight of
steps and through a partly open door
into the rear room of Jones' store,
which was occupied by the drtiss
making department.
Four young ladies were seated
aromd a table in the room. They
heard the animal coming and man
aged to got out of the way. The
horse continued its wild race on on
tering the room and on its career
overturned and smashed a tewing
machine, a plate glass show case and
a table, then dashed through the mil.
linery department and on towards
the front of the store. It ran behind
the counter in the dry goods depart.
ent and bad proceeded imore than
two thirds the distance of the entire
store, when it, ran against an open
drawer. The horse was going at a
terrific p as is shown by the fact
that the force of the collision with
the dratwer I hrow t he animal a comi
plete somersault, landing it, on its
back behind the counter with its feet
pawing inl the air.
Th11e hlorMi was gottonl out from ho
hind the counter and showed no sign
of having been injured. Ii had ap
parently recovered from its fright
when led out of the bulding. Fully
100 worth of damage was done in
the interior of the store.
At The End of a Week Morbid Curiosity
Survives.--Thousands of People Go
to the Site of the Stake.
Wilnington, Del J ine 28.-Thous
ands of persons visited today the
scene where George F. White, the
negro, was burned to death last Mon
day night by a mob, for the murder
of Miss Helen Bishop. They come
from all the small towns in this vicin.
ity and hundreds journeyed to the
execution place from Chester, Pa.,
and Philadelphia.
A trolley line runs to about three
quarters of a mile from the scone
and drivers and other owvners of
vehicles did a thriving business car
rying p)assenlgers to the place and
explaining to them the events of the
last two wveeks. The burning took
p)lace in a freshly ploughed field
about fifty feet fronm the roadwvay,
wvhich is hidden by high bushes.
The field has been trampedl almost
as smooth and har-d as a shell road
by f lie thousands of peors that
have visited the far-m. PTe only
evidlence that. remains of thre work1
of the mob01 are three cobllestones on I
one of whlich this inscription hasl
boeeu placed in indelible mnk: "He-fre
is all that renmains of Whit.'"
Th'le bushres biehiind wyhichl the as
sault andII[i murdori Occulrredl have been
cut downVl for a distanice of several
yardIs and14 caried away b y relic hun-.
t-s. Mally of tilose who visitedl the
scelie today, iwionig t(hien a lage
itminber of wVomni4, carried away a
sp rig or branich of thle hu ishes.
I)isenssSion of thre (velnts oif the Ilist
week~ is raid i1ly 4.ndin g, althoiuigh thle
afirii was the text of soriie of the
ceorgyilmi today. The p)reachiers,
wvitIhout exeptdioni, -onidemeid thei4
lyicing~. .i4twithastanding the fact
puic (40 iet i 1nor1at is overwhol iingly
onith ide o1(44f thle lymichiers. Tlhe
l(ev. 1R~. 10. Illw~ood, thi P4 resb y tori an
ininlis4ter, wholi ha c15 omio ini for much
crit.icMiim for his i.eirmion oif last Suin.
(lay night, in which hie stIggist4d
Iyiicinmg iln caso4 Ithe ne.groi (scaped
speedy pun11ishmen41 t. t lie hands of
the law, did niot, re-fer to the lynch.
inig Or theii crit icislils todlay. Tihose
crit icirns werre a(1iswereti0( by3 his con.
Items of More or Less Interest Condensed
Outside the State.
Virtually martial law prevailed in
Richmond last week on account of
the strike of trolley car employes.
Soldiers rode the cars with instruc
tions to shoot those seeking to cause
For the first time on record Yale
last week triumphed over Harvard
in all three of their boat races in the
annual regatta on the Thames. One
of the greatest crowds New London,
Conn., eve- saw, witnessed the races.
The public cousistory, postponed
from June 18, was hold by the Pope
on Thursday. The venerable pontiff
was very weak, and the ceremony
was made as short is possible.
King Peter of Servia last week
took the oath of office. It is believed
that the question of punishment of
assassins who placed him on his
throne will be allowed to lapse.
The city of Nashville has instituted
suit, to restrain the railroads passing
through the city from using soft, coal.
It is held that, the smoke dose great
damage to contiguous property.
It is reported that the department
at Washington has decided to locate
at Nacogddoches, Tex., the largest.
tobacco experiniental station in the
A mob of 50 masked men at. Clar
endon, Ark., on Thursday morning
hanged Jiack Harris, a negro, to the
porch of a residence in the suburbs.
h arris assaulted and seriously injured
a white farmer.
It is reported that Goeorge W. Van
derbilt has, purchasedi a large tract
of land between Hendeceonville and
lrevard on which he will build a
modern manufacturing city, with a
com plete system of water works, elec
tric lighting, heat, and power. No
one will be allowed to settle until
the city is entirely conpleted.
Two sons of Alexandre Beattie, a
negro shoemaker of Knoxville, Tenn.,
became engaged in a row at their
home, pulling their pistols and coin
mencing to fire. Both were fatally
wounded, and ther mother running
into the house received a wound
which will cause her death. They
also shot their sister in the arm.
Col. V. E. McBee -has resigned his
position as fourth vice presid3nt. of
the Seaboard Air Line. Capt. Mc.
Bee proposes to take a vacation.
Cornell won all three races in the
annual boat regatta on the Hudson
Lit Poughkeepsie, N. Y., on Friday.
All three races were won by Cornell
ast year.
Charles l'mnory Smith, who was
mceeed( as postmaster general by
3eneral Payne, huus published his
reply to the charges made b.y Mr.
l'ulloch in regard to the postoflice
nvestigation. It is a lengthy paper
iving Mr. Smith's sidle of the quies
President Rtoosevelt has decided
(o transmit t.o the lRussian govern.
nont the petition presented to himii
>y .the exeopitive board of the l'Nai
B3'RIit h protesting against the t.reit
nent of Jews in lttidaia. It. is appar.
mt ly m, dloubt ful plroceeding arnd may
~mumse a diplonmatic break bet weeun
his country andlI lasia.
Thl'e E'mperor has (dined several
in.OS oin t he U. 8. warshi p Kearsage
vhile this vessel has beoon at K iel,
md has expressed( h iis grat ification at
lhe good order of the ship and the
.4nIt.lernman 1'ly)earinmg of its oflicers.
T'eh,grams of comigra-nhation have
passe( t etoo hi al 11( Itoosevylt[
md1( t here hams boon11 a general hob
Thretiosson's li<qnor law has becen hej(l
sonistitumt ionaml by the SuIpreme Court.
1'bi law p)rovides for the ab,olitioni of
41(oons in cities huavinig a p)opulation
A live t houssodl and under, ulpon thme
tiambmissein of t hio <j ueat ion to popa r
vote. here are only eight t owns in
the State whiich do not. come wit hin
its provisions.
(hiss Steladinan was shot id
killed at Alabama City, Alan., on l''ri
day hv no01ice otmacer whieattempt.
ilg to Miake hiS0H Ica)1. I Ie had kid
napped a 13 year old girl, robbed
her of sevon dollars, ind forcod her
to go the woods with him.
There is a movoment on foot to
build in connect.ion with Trini'y Col
lege, Durham, N. C., a great female
college. It. is eHtimated that. the in.
vestment will be ablout a million dol.
lars, and the movemeit will be the
greatest for flnale education over
begun in the South.
An N. & W. passHenIger train wias
derailed by a cow near oaifoke on
Saturday. Euginor and fireman
were instintly killed, anl two vx.
press rueHmongrs w(Are eriotisly aid
two mail clsiki slight ly inijured.
J. E. Barne, a plumber, Is begun
action in the U. S. Courts of Alabama
agatint4t. the Iirmiinigham I ipe amil
Casting Co., for $1,00 dar1ages,
because the complany will not toll
hum because he doom not heloig to
thme plumberm' asoviati,i.
R. fl. Williams, nder arrest at
Hot Springs, Ark., for loading a gang
of foot padls, was It ackld ar Il so.
rionsly cnt wit I a razor in I he corri
dlor of the jail by Jaim Doltighorly,
under arrest, on thm climrgo -f murder.
Both had been allowed the freedom
of the jail.
III a feud light Sunday over thl*e
Marcuim mirlor trial at .Jackson,
Ky., one manl was killed aid two
were seriously womhidod.
Jim Crow Trolleys.
News and LCourier.
Columbia, Juie 28.-On .1tuly I
the Jin (row car pritciple will Ib
inaugurated on ColumbiH's }ectric
railway. There will not bo soparate
oars, but conductorti will be clothed
with police power to enforce a separ.
ition of the races. The schmei con
templates filling up carti with colorod
passengers from the roar to tho front
tud vice versa with the whito peoplo
autil the car is full. The law does
not prevent cars being use exclu
jively for whites or blacks. There
was no general demand for thle pas
jago of the law, for there ham been
1nly isolated lttilltaces of disorder or
iuolenco on the part of the negroes,
but these isolated instaliOs (1H1oI
he enactment of the law. Colored
peoplo do not form a large propor
ion of the passengers, except. on
unday, and there has been remark.
ibly little friction.
The People's liocorder, a paper
publishe~d by Columbia c'oloredi mien,
:hough recently moved to Orange
>urg, which lhas ai considerable cir
3ulationm amonig noegroex here, camoe
>ut in an editorial this week and1( ad.
rised the negroes to boycott. the cars
4o long ans the law is enforced. An
d1ort will be made to h ave thatnt idea
3arriedl out, and1 colored piroachors
ire prorninnt ly ident il withI thme
riovemenit. Shioni hl ihe boy cot t. be
naitituted it. wVoUni oaii sorio loss,
Ahoughi niot a great dealI. Thlie street.
3ar owners will en force tIhe law, of
30urse, but they foel lint, there is 11o
-lernand or niecessitly for it. nad thatt
iside frozin the inetary loss there
will be consxideraldo tinnleessary
rouldle impihosedI npon empljoyees to
alrry out the law.
The Iboycott by colored people of
'le electric railroad apparenit ly boe
ain tohaly arn14 hoforo thle law is of
)fet condduct ors report I ta the fall
rig off, especiall1 y for Sunda1'y, was
iot iceable.
ipeclal Sale of Summer Rate TIckets to
the MdounitamIns anid Seashore.
'l'heo Coluia i, Newvberry & I,aoiu-ens
ailIroad offers Week -Iiad SpeacialI
4iummier ratex to thle Mountains andm(
o the Seashore andi other' suminme r re
ort.s. Tlickets sold each Satulrday,.1unei
th to Arugust 29th, 1903, inclusive, as
ol lows: J"romn Newberry, S. C., to
:harleston, S. C..................57 15,
ross5 11il1, S. C...... ...... ....... 09o
lennI Springs, S. C. .. ....... II
;reenville, S. (:.................... II
sie of l'alms, S.C .............;,
spairt.anbuarg, S. C ........ ...... .. tO
llinila's Island, S, C . ....... , 1,
Waterloo, S. ( . (IIlarris Sprinig ). .. 2 (It
White Stone laithia Springs, S. C. X 10I
These are week endl tickets, sold ('eh
iatuirdany, final limit Tluesday followinig
late of sale.
Il'or further in formiat,ion and sched
iles, call on or' writc
J1. W. I)ennuimeg Agernt.
Items of More or Less Interest Condensed
In the State.
The comnmencernent exercises of
the Thornwell Orphanage it Clinton
woro held last week, warking the
close of a very successful year.
The Cox Cotton Mill of Anderson
sold 100 bales of cotton last week at
1-1 cents i pound. The mill still has
on hand onougih cotton to run until
the new crop comles :o.
A mistrial was had in Charleston
last, WOek in the Cas) of Robert E.
oh roeder on the charge of fraudulent
voting, making the second ease tried
as it result. of the Von Kolnitz Grace
sonatorial Mkinpajgn last. summer and
With t0he sarn result--mistrial.
Korsliaw count.y will fill in line
an( have it conference for good roads
on (he 6th (lay of August.
The largest tobacco warehouse in
the St are is bong orectod att )arling
(on. The proprietor aro J. S. Itunt,
of ox)ford, N. C., and J. H1. Colcer,
of Darlingtoi.
The war departmont has set apart
$31,1399.5 for tho use of the militia
oi the encumpient this summer and
$18,126. 51 addit ional for t he purpose
of buying tontiage and supplies. The
detaits of the encamipment will be
arranged this wook by Adjutant Gen
ora! lFrost and the other commanders.
A Chiliai steamship came into
Charlestotn I irbor last wook on a
(Irauglit, of 2'4 .et-, passing over the
shoal0st Patrt of t he lIar an hour be
fore high tido, ald with four feot, to
spitre. This is the deopom,t draught.
vOssel Ihatt has over ontered Charles
ton harbor.
A negro womien tri. to hang her
self wit h it ropo mande from bor cloth
ing, in it cell it Churleton police
hedquar-,ers last week. She was
caught in, the act by an officer in his
night rounds.
The 12 ear old son of Mr. F. J.
lotwick of Spartanburg came dan
gorously noar losing his life by coml
ing inl contrict with a wire of the
Bell Tolophone Co. made live by conl
tact, with an electric light wire.
The boy Was frighit fully burne in it
unher of places, but wits finally
rostored to (On slioisiess.
The negroes of Columbia are dis
ussiilg t.he advisibility arnd means
of boyco(t ing the street car line on
itccennt of thle recent city ordinance
reuinrig sepaurato atccOiomoations
for the ritces. Their patronage is
consideeitble anid ia boycoitt from them
would mieitn a good deitl of loss t,o
(lhe st root catr comiipany.
Two boys belonging to one of the
host. families of Columbia, of 15t and
I 2 yeitrs of age, eniteredl lie house of
Mr. 8. Jl. lilackwell while his family
wits out of the city atndl took itlot
$~200) worth (of goods, coniceatlinrg it in
di IferentI lalices. T'hei r nmes have
ntot b)oon miuit(i public. Their fami
lies have olfered to senid thiemi to a
re(f'rmiat ory.
It is reported thitt (Greemiwood is
to have a naLt ionial bank, with Mr.
S. II. Mc( h ee, of th li irm of Jiohni
stomne & \VeIlch & Mc(Ihe, as presi.
dent. M~lr. \VmI. Coloeimain is oif those
UJ. 8. 1District Att orniey Joh cli .(
('apers wits iri \Vasiingtorn andil had a
long inmt erview withI government ofli
cials5 Stu irdaiy. l"or thle conivenienice
of imniabitamnts of Hullivanm'sllisaridl
hie hits hade i'st aiblishi it postofilee
att Atlatnit ieville, 4'n the nmort horn endi
of thle island.
Advertised Letters
loiimingy in the postodliee for lthe
woek eninilg dJioe 20, l$gog
ii Miss Ilottie Blrowni.
(I -Uov. (.. M. (Irier.
II- A.- S. Jieitrsl, \Vill liargrove.
P' - Mrs. ICla~l P'oagnoe.
8-John11 St arks, Miss Iliatt ie Shoep
paird, .J. C. Swygert, C. F. Shealy.
W -M iss Magie Wilson, i
Addie Subeor.
P~ersoris .calling for thma letter
will please sity that. they were itd.
vertisedl. (. ,J Purell P. .

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