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The Newberry herald and news. (Newberry, S.C.) 1884-1903, June 30, 1903, Image 2

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g, i[ .\ 's1.., JF)5'T6 .
Ws. %QoT1d bp vlInd te m' thw offort for
;ine-th(r bildff, owiothig :!abda and
ht,vi) 4y- 4'nt'rI It Avloil(d ho Imtilf
abvif Kpysn( '- T Thfit W"lid
ry,,tk(. Ih bwI rfvt'f, l ;rIt 111If 11111
from 'Iol peTiofy .i Ne wh-r i hor
kfr)wl 'i,"ol I ' v 01f. w1v Iv T ..f.
a o A m- If,e bridr . Abhovo. e he '
at 1 ?66' in r in 't i ,n' ,1l-ar I Prouperi' v
' 1: 11-I ,f'Teri ( o f' 56rv ItIo(
a565'')6' com6 l61lifo (. "oi1l' .) I 1
p interid a t enm iti "' i, r 1mfor 56,h
oj 111\, 1'' 6, , 65
\. ~ mipeo i b
46 , ,1v'? ' ,' iC
h r' r16 v
6,6- .' *(( -~ ~ .l ( 6. 6
* 6 . * -
- Je,,
* .. t. . . - .- -6 5 .
6 --.-. - -
- 6'- /
- - * -
- . s:.
6 i
[ h.. ....66, t ,4.o ,
17 4
1 'P.( ,., A ,
616-,6-f.- - I&'
-6 6. 6}6..' 6 r.*.6e
- h.. . '66 6. 5.5.,
- 666 p
4 6 6 ,,, . n, -r- A6, .6.6.
p5 .65 .1,, 55
- - ,r r ** r
- 51 6
6. e ,56. . -,65p.5 5,,~ 5,g
6., 6N
56 .6 .6. 616 1-6 (' 6 ''., 66 6
We like b0t6'tdl
a food bedue it strfidq s rsoe
ph:iticaaly fol- p6irfecit jititrition.
Awtif yet mi te jittter of rvstot
Ilg :ppmtIte, of govitiglp ePNV
1f1wng 1h to th16 t1%..qjp , (4.qp-,i.lly
Io 1h f1v ivive , itq .1 n 1 th"t
M I lie'wt
,M11:1d1 -Mod rt ilm
111'1 mwt 1(N 9 l vi ('e I. , !
1 1 t , (lt 1 fi l e ,j
howt- mi I1111itill I't)tY#,it. Iy
i - A it-et ain
1"tiiI)111 ( ' l", (11 1 11 1 0 -1 n''
ert, :11,IN (-10 1 Y i t h'/ if
n1 V I. i . It 11 f,In R fl ith i"...) hI
"I I p
y it)tl ~ I re by 1l' r t
fo tho tlhtol fl t ,r o
- IfIrsivip ,kr A e l of
- rh - -~
,01. r
I 'A?h
- h.. ; h r.CF 'I. I.$(1y lo
it-9 r,n, ,. .,- '. 9,- I . do i , , n.nt I hav.F'
,1r I'. ' h-'.i-1 ,o n , r r i I s. h i.
- i, ,,l bo',,,1r.
- ". - f 01 r., h -
hr- . i. b bF,
- r'i. r |-it h' at.i.r
- .9 I'.(' I i' ?i A9li '
h bi1f,~~5 - i" Il.i
'"i~t V. 't u'' V "~piit1'. ,urdr,ii -'
u. r ~ ni I r;. ;flv;. n,9. A Iii' Pk
ni Cr, nnji 4pn .;;r;91 ii9 pn
A .,9 f i' F M IFi.n
.'i R'pii M,iv 'iqr'.
i 'i n i . ro * poJri g the ' onl P 'p9,n ,
for f rnI a r r fr fNnwhni"r.
i,sn tvpyn. Stt iof S ut (~if '. p~nr' I 9. rri
n :, ho Al ri of pn . noly fee.. ipt 'io v rf'jr,r
-h'' i h oio '-f th flo k1
Knfightis ofun v oPylvoila"
i ho of if'J~ o r ;rho l'i fr..rF FNPPwbl
I a niv ha inosy nol ,f , nirnI o
*' ' ',1 ,, .f FI, I int.r9,v 'S,
.fon qs fifH I,t,1i ~ n fv/ rni'i.
Montng ofes 9) irorna
. th- t,?5''r Iii f ( Pc. rir '9 A ',,h
r'rth m" r i I' 't }nFf ijrg' 'fry 'ri,- I
ab - .w oo! ned ran ,wt -- F it'
HOTIG1E of 9-LEIVI.!oll
n Sn blatridt N<5.
14, NAWh rry Con-.
ty, South Cardina.
0'111' I M -10115Y I1IN
11h1t 'all olttorn wIll W;,h lio
T rI-' y .1 ly 7Ih, 1lOq it, the 'itfifole
co:r6 ;r;iJilif linik oii Pr-wipelrity, ill
he -'IOwii of I ieip(rif y, Meh dral )ft,riet
4liith Ofmrllin, 1'i- tihe miwyltior dicid
ig wh th,er 1)' n lot h11(.l Of wtld 8ehf)li
i 'I'h fi I )I I i'A4tt10 1 t' Att I I I'pO '
T1-11-!1lf in,olllt-ro 111 gil spingpl.tf
pu ' -0 ho !000 1 t he jo-I t el m lhl(.
h> l'on 4f l ',-orIwvi , 'i ti1r i 'h
l b rh -fol' , Ifild l;nd6t tob.pyLhe
Y4111-.1J"mi 01.. OII f.md I(
will y1 c - i rA : thir Iin1t I lo
hour t'ret ;'i'tt ::itr' bof love -r'fi-r.v
pf.r --vnt, p14-r :11,111110
A t I h. 'D'J I!l l ivt. : id 1 1ted I t'
--l l'-rtyn ho .4110 .1 ve o h
o .i'' i l. fS be,1+ jspillC plf'f s(j, (-e)w4141t,'
- ' U l s hh M.uri bein voteri-t ent.ift
Wr f Fi W h W - - , f ' h T ( ( t j,l - I 1W i r' p.
n o thnit him ..-lr9 pvnf- wih .mr
id. r I
It n- ,1 n ilhe ( m:10 th ll rh hev 5' i
Sc (e"9(nle-d .fIy ' In' sh. t ter ol
pqon (0 . ight t4rt A0 ev M ;te
-r o ,,an bl - n p -r., t ^0.h1 to
51ahv b p h il hima, r'r-5 fo e " rine.
i0 ,l1 mt i PI'. I e#O.m ,C . .! A
ip- lb e rh,i . ', h por .or I 5:
I , l w /. I q , ( f, rn i e ri
hf v9 of jM t Arr o((f I- .
1 I. it ' i iI for t p'' A de rjjin r.P
,a i i - n ot.1f '.'owel fit i I Nf wio
I I I yI i i rt rhi r ri . Ie tir, . f4lit II
Vf I I I I jif'v f hor e v. of itl ld I, I,
We.1 7roq oiil(d. ih. oll S in r i Il^ q i4leIl
- i .-i l r,r ; it. i,s If i d[fg
0,11 'v . Ie' II It. I $I,, eu
rt- r le I on 't , ifil h h l
l ei i t ;,ro. t y 1,.1 'jinW i bt I brd
- A ,-, I lPr, If I to i le forth il lfor lA -
- 9 . w 1 til -- ' ar 1 e, r,-(,i3vn IIrI.f q r ,1111
i.-, ie A ..RiS i'ire,blr,t h 9tutei.'. Mr.el r i
-, hic~v r.. per , fine (,n' t.h. it.', e l
"Qalt nRl th roneth ya,
"How G onN- b'-hoi,
o u the,fh-vof .f) dy ,r,
-, (;i rnory o'f .he it kM
,, o. Oh or,,,no, fr ihnY ge tr--.
- - l)n t o -4Ien t Y r O Urhr en
b-s r be puver- er ih og-to t e)pi e
ha .o,r (-,irre fer erhrre p rp arq
b-I,'.,h-.'n i- nin ni a r
nf( -b .o nr o ennt oe 1
f4jVfi~V4 1 1 1i Cl' AU0f, NA,
0 t 1 '' 11 1 N 0 1X11 4 l , it I y- - I N
CiMI RA' ie '1 AI'IM.T I
0 1tvid 1i. Iw'hef im. ifilt iff,
A Ilev .1. k.o r, :il's f:1. wi.r,,wa
f>~ v.si r , i l ..m l -i pop,
lie e tfe -y Ih,-f re t Nr-wh",fp..l, 'I ' f
l1i it. A f', ff :V inef,tv. .ilyh' ;. I9(i09,
elti v,rig tb,- 1'', hro p- of .il-c , :Ill I
i e ;Ir. (l I Xit . o If .- lIlt .V I i
I 1 ll div,l -vi'/ivi l ;1, p<, ,
;v - ritrIiw , Iof. Ihi l f : , \ ,,II.
41f )f.l(O O ll ,' b if-1 ,i ., I , ricl,ri
of li' f A" I If { i' . (hI Xe r,
:tl id I - : i A . t(I[ , r.. of i hI I ,
lowv illf, Ir e . t t i r -
I ( .1 11 (wr Ii t " ' I e ' v I fi f tiri 1w
I 1 ' 1f it' ll 'e, Vii h !.r 1,
:I) otif? of,- i 'r' e nfe- ..!e of'r..i'F
ofte rr er ||f! ari ice','eee , e i v. V - -I ' . - e l
it pa i to t o e. -r arol by t h o ot f
n t p t o If i i I m I f I. ., )to- Ii r rh.
pem i er'e eei''. ci ir ie. *e *, a ..h er ic in
piiV O 'beeh~ '2l , hehle pl; Is i
..ni m n e in * o C v -' h~T ,
.4 P4
. I, re .i l'ro h i r o - r r ) , ,,
e a wo m-toc ro, I t VI V I ,, ' r. its
U h -b 1 --, l .OffL
hl o om IV ihj ,' hate e'.ici ce
F'i tj of nounc.'rn( n of
) - e N,ow j( fs' jt.,t r' .
; i - ) i I ; i j f c r f r c/ m 1 ,1 rf
'l ) ; pi r. o yi ) rn r ,t ,v
u rf 1 . cz r e, ; , t.jr.. P . h - feFfI
IT) , ff i or tn F"- 1. d , Je Itkf, -, g.i,( o
S t h-. - - / c f) I - - ) t.h ; Ir ;i y
t. hij tk 1t. 'it ' ;i I nrf, IN . u . rn
(; o n I c; 1 r f )i t t r rf~f r,r j. i t
o n . b a I d m i -;j il . \ ;) r; n f,
w o d* no ;j ei , - rr, oer '' h-1 -fo, .i r,
t . Yor ffM i)V ',n r ij
...P IA REllEVR,,
Indnotg ian irh r Presents
ri wr, t k . forfl it now n tary f
Sn che i ran o fSra
pN h f 1 n Drrofir:r ad
1)a y!mn qki r y ''fI 'H
Edurar Schrotz,i
than i"Cihlearp."rp
Vvn'urnptieon rgo ha ir
on b "pt h -, ; !)j , ;nj n f act*(
w A o of O ; I motrn &
bMl we rs la thakere
aobn, Hiarrows n
Dynent.er .
Wdo aches, llckns
ut blassoan bleng Ware
Koyr windingt ateasn
II w AN r an Otcian.
f r idayv and- (1
T H E SALE cor
ing, July l5
for ervery \Aoman, IV
rnined t o s IhE goo
rrn)ey goes the fartI
F on hand w n, r thI-ie be
rh (r, W 11 A veI Ir ri d with
k n lilt,i vort j
4 / 4
M) I A .
A Big Embroidi
f.uAll Records will be Bi
ry~' p'i7.d
1%Ir.AMt will pay you to come fo
eyes on Mimnaugh a.s we a
the summer.
- __ _-___ _J___ _t_
-.? things. in
- f./,~'j ~tie rsye
Don't hi
A beaut
. ~ Beauti fi
- g rx i.Ladies' Si
-r vI hi '1og hk'' i (ra and styles al
bIg -'i I fo 0 . i- a his rmist.ress and One wholt
t hi (t.4rv chileiren uirge their mnother tables aI
*toi hav ws *C rear for t hem. ice i're'am ho
ii a popu4Il4Iar l nd 'ot.ritio,us dessert . It
'2 eni uly 94,441- at. homezi in
Peerless Iceland Freezer. C
ONE MOTION. Suits for
I 42 ha: it. as oft(rin ; you1 wih. 91 ~ Il)
rIP li ani I reezeli', it t.hemIsel've- hetter ele.
hi r ari no 'ogn 'r enn top to) atc h price w
nntue th e r44 z ing I Ii (in . e J A
~cn~ry VIC LI . The
'Et"ijvn o'f'T cehe'r. ,F. i
i;'-i'' ;sul'- 1'-t Nil:e. ntI(;I this mark
bi vrul o Ph '5t h ofJul, an.d om
'il. -- V. W 4 :.I m4irojn to bie pres. WVe knowv
41'-u I4.hnu,I 144 iro, t.i'ncher mray bie
'led with the 14 ndlIersignIe-I.
.l. A. I,0.(L\,
I 'rihipe'rit y, . C.
W. M. ('llA'I'MAN,A
mencing Wec
,t, will be brig
iss and Child
ds and red uce
I to buy ther
Il striken 9 o'cock.
the water that hl-as
ir hnive. (f 'i f I i i ir ini
;e , ilift ; or i -I b
r'ii; me)r:,I a- Io a 1 uV
51 ru .:n - v .r o ...
ary Sale { oi
-oken by our Gre
rty miles to this tc
tre going to make
lea Cop elan
received in uast few diavs i. :
fact our stoel< is *iery large ar.e
and better values canno teo
Il match or beat any prices narn:e
iy your Summer Dress a::w
-sian Lawns, French Lawr.s. 'za
-e showing--Extremely. Lo'w Price
lot Colored L.awns' to go at --e. a
lo' Colored Lawns. Organdies an<
los Lawns. Organdies. Batis:e. a
ful line of White Organdies, all w
card. American and impo'rtedl.
silk Mitts and Gloves, in Ioner. Th,
ii Fans, pretty Laces. E-mbroide r:
e Shoe House
ioes, Oxford anid Stra. iSan- 5 MI
n 50c. a pair to $.3 - . All
idi best miakes.
side of our store a,dl undr Tl
rid oni counters pack\ed with
An immense line af niice New
nen for 85.00, $6..' ), $~;50 S
0.00, $:200) :ent: $15. 'Id.,
thing enn't be bou gn for the Be
Sname in any mar - t.
trand display of E
Latest Style-i, Price
Fromr 25c. t
gent di-play of S1I ll'T and Men
et -All ne(w andi late 4t style's amu
> see un for anth~Ling~ to wear for
we can andl will save you some m' n
opel an4
Qutfitters for1
nesday morn
it with interest
I am deter
my stock and
n where your
W;i mean business.
pas; t.
! it' ir vorth : uIlct
f-- - \ rse: 1les vir .1
* - .e mI i .<:1 :es :ri sa:e
* l. . . : s to a
~4Days. -
New Embroidery atid
at Shoe Sale.
TL Weiesay morning
e ~t Summer Shoes at
>g saie. Keep both
it lively all through
ana Low Prices
d Brothers!
-: n oi nNewberry
. 70nat: r rm sna: source.
:~a;e eentr'.e beau:afu! lines of
.de, r'- ens. Sulk M2sseline, etc.,
Dimities ar si -Sc.. worth 12 1-2.
1 e a '.ard. worth 15e.
of Newberry.
. ~s e and Oxfords, Patent
Col:S. \'ci and \'elours t'rom T5e. to
10 best $2.N). $2..ki. $3.00 and $3.5()
Shes.: earth. Every pair guaran
Clothking. nobby styles.
ts for Boys for $1.00O. $1.25, $1.
2.0&. $2.. 0 and $&IX0.
tter suits can't be made for the
!! for everybody.
itraw and Felt Hats.
3 to Suit Every One.
o $3.00.
S FurnIIishing Goods ever shown in
I prices can't be' beat.
*aadies. Mien and Children this spring.
L1ney. /
:i Bros.
everyhnd v.

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