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dq Itt htido NeNtoi
the 140det tOf
det kitintd.
- tsio S it ii nttitriti g
Itu Atlor.d, P'lijahl PA
aro Mi-harge'd with the
1,tler Ririard oPY the i21st
, 4(2, hIaq beer PIlae(d bP
1a0; ill the NOwser ry jail.
as arrotod in Waldo, Alit
tritv, Florida, on P4riday. fit
ed itn jail at 0Airoesville, fIII.,
ht- wa-A foind by Sheriff iltror
iurday,.91hwriff fitford immiifdi
ro(-of-mizd Kdward.', anid I'dwardfil
'dintoly revognized the '1heril'.
(- story o,f Kirinard's denth i welI
,tn. Oilt tho riight of I h 21mist of
of lit y a v,ir, the ios in which
trdI liVPd, ItPa r tomr moiles below
eity, wats bu1redtoil ih ile grounld,
hard him 1ols f lisliig iII th he 1k llame".
f#ft threfe ir1e1I1('q s ih, coronlf-er's jury
RMINd the ve1le that Kinlard Calie
iIN dent I at I In l1ni.11 of P"lijah Ed
. d . t'his VI'lil1.1t. Wall reached oi
i Ci ofr ,iiy. irot th teaimony
ht oil. it, ti. itutioHt it appeared
101dwitrdn hal gone to Kinard's
, killod Kinard by hitting hin in
h11ndl with a hickory stick, piled
iover the dead body, and set fire to
raga. It waH thought that the mo
ti might have been robbery or some
uble between Kinard and Edward
account of Edwards' wife. Edwards
young negro man of about twenty
s of age whom Kinard raised and
ad lived with Kinard much of his
himedtiately after the third inquest
wards left the country. He says
t he first went towards Chester.
ing afraid to cross on the ferry, he
am Broad river, and continued his
Urney. He went through a number
States, finally landing in Florida,
ere he secured a position as fireman
'a train between Ocala and Jackson
This train every other day passed the
little town of Waldo. J. B. Kennard,
4magistrate's constable of that place,
* :Ccured information that Edwards was
y#anted in Newberry and wrote to
,-Shier;iff Buford. After inuch corres
pondence and a good deal of dallying
on Kennard's part as to the reward,
SherifY Buford finally secured Edwards'
arrest. In the meantime, however,
from a private source he had secured
the information given him by Kennard.
Sheriff Buford ordered the arrest made
on the 21st day of this month, exactly
one year after the crime occurred.
When arrested Edwards carried a 44
callibre Colt's pistol. He had been in
Florida about six months, having as
sumed the name of Jim Anderson.
Sheriff Buford has put an immense
amount of work into his efforts for the
capture of Edwards, and the success
with which he has met is very gratify
ing to his friends and to the friends of
justice. Since Edwards left, only the
knowledge of Sheriff Buford's persist
ence and ablility in such pursuits kept
alive any hope that he wvould finally be
birought to trial.
Newberrians A broad.
Sheriff Buford, while on his trip to
Florida last week, had the pleasure of
* i.eting 'r. .Julius Carlisle, in Gaines
vitae. Mr. Carlisle movedl from New-*
b.erry many years ago, and wvas clerk of
court of Alachua county for many years.
lie also met on the train Mr. Sam
'Teague, formierly of this county, now~
of Lake City. Both these gentlemer
are hale and hearty and sent best wishes
to their Newberry friends.
Frank M. Ensworth.
The Herald andl News has recently
receivedl a letter from Mr. Franik M.
Ensworth, now of Worcester, Mass.
Mr. Ensworth married in New berry
several years ago, and remainedl in bus.
iness here for some months, and is wel
remember'ed by maniy Newberry p)eople.
Hei is now proprietor of a leading res.
taurant in Worcester, Mass, and i:
prospering. HeI says that the only new:
he ever receives from New berry i.
through 'The H ecrald and News, and ask:
':that his kindest regardls be given hi
~friends here.
Interested in Greenwood Bank.
* It has been anniouniced that a Nationai
Banik is to be established at Greenwood
to be k(nown as the lFirst National Bani
of Greenwood. It is understood tha
Mr. S. H. McGhee, of the firm of John
stone & Welch & McGhee, is to bi
president, and that Mr. William Cole
man, of Whitmire, is one of thos,
largely interested. Mr. Coleman is a
p)resent presidlent of the Glenn nowr;
Cotton nill, locatedi at Whitmire, on
of the most prosperous mills in th
State. lHe is president of the Fira
National Banik of Whitmire, and prosi
dlent, of a trust company recently orgar
ized1 for the purIpose of condcucting
bank and trust business in the city
Columbia. Mr. Coleman has show
marked ability in conducting large bus
ness enterprises, andl is recognized
one of the State's most succersful finar
R-.ductioni on Summer Goods.
Beginning ,luly lat. S. J1. Wooten wi
begin a big redyct.ion sale of all sun'
mer goodls. Ilec is heavily stockedi
summier stuff, andI says he is dletermini
to unload at some price.
Your Guests Will Praise It.
Why not try a sack of Bransford
"'Clifton? You will never know ho
good it is until you use it. Your neig
bor finds it the best. flour in the marke
andl your home people as well as yo
guests will praise your breadl, cake ai
pastry if made of "'Clifton'' flour.
1Hayes & McCarty.
Con .miloners of Public Works Rab
the Price of Water and Electric
'The CorInimisionors of Public Worl
met with three members of the financ
C(1ninitteo of City Council on Frida
Aftfrn1oon to discuss the question <
aniking improvements in the wate1
works anid electric lighting systen
Th Commissioners have been cor
rrontid with the problem of securin
the finds for the improvements whic
they dom necessary. Failing to secur
an appropriation from the city treasur
or an increase of the tax levy, b
Council for this purpose, only two plan
were left for consideration. One c
these was to put before the people th
(luention of issuing additional bondE
and the other was to increase th
eharges on water and lights.
'ihe question of asking the people t
issue additional bonds was discussec
but as the town is already very heavil
bonded it was thought best to abando
this mode of solution, and it was the
decided to increase the charges o
water and lights twenty-five per cent
to all patrons.
The idea is to have the amoun
brought in from this increase deposite
in bank to the credit of the Commis
sioners, and when sufficient has bee1
collected, to make the necessary im
provements, including the building of
reservoir and other matters.
The correspondence between th
Commissioners and City Council al
ready published explains the matter o
the refusal of Council to make an ap
propriation from the treasury or to in
crease the levy. Council holds that th,
condit;nn of the town's finances wil
not allow the appropriation and tha
the levy is already as great as th,
charter of the town will permit.
The Commissioners think that thi
increase of twenty-five per cent. in thi
price of water and lights to all patron
will solve the problem. The City Coun
cil, for instance, now pays $343.75 pe
month for water and lights for the cit:
government. The increase from thi
source alone will be $85.93 per month
without taking into account any indi
vidual consumer. The sale of water t
individual consumers for the months o
April and May this year amounted t
$339.93. A 25 per cent. increase o1
these two months would have nette
$84.98. The sale of the electric curren
to individual consumers during th
same two months amounted to $451.05
and the increase which has been mad,
would have netted $112.76. Takinj
these two months as a basis the in
crease from all sources will amount t,
$184.80 per month or $2217.60 per year
Mrs. A. J. Sitton, of Auton, is visit
ing her brother Mr.S. B. Aull, of Jalapa
Miss Lois Chappell, of Jenkinsvilk
has been elected teacher of the Maybir
ton school.
Mrs. Gravis L. Knight, of Granitt
ville, is on a visit to the family of th
Rev. N. N. Burton.
Mr. Will McCarty leaves next wee
for Biddeford, Me., to enter the Sac<
Petti machine sho
Miss Pawnee t to Knoxvilh
Tenn., yesa i the summt
school for the souca
Mrs. C. M. West we. called to Greet
ville yesterday by a telegram announ<
ing the illness of a relative.
Prof. Burr J. Ramage, who has bee
visiting relatives and friends in Nev
berry, returned yesterday to Sewane
Mr's. 'T. J. Bolton and children,
Greenwvood, are visiting at the home<
Mi's. B3olton's parents, the Rev, a!
~Mrs. N. N. Burton.
Mr. Edward Hiouseal left last wve
for Columbia, Charleston, and oth<
points, where he goes in the interest
the Lutheran Visitor.
Rev. W. L. Seabrook and son, Mv
W. B. Seabrook, left yesterday f
Washington and points in the Nort
where they will spend the summer.
The Rev. A. T. Jamnieson, superinte
dent of the Connie Maxwell Orphanag
at Greenwvood, was in the city Sunda
and preached at the Baptist church Su
d cay night.
Prof. J. B. O'Neall Holloway,
Williamston, attended the meeting
t. the State Board of Education in Colui
- bia last week, anid stopped over' in Ne
a berry Saturday morning on his retu
.. to Williamsttn.
e Prof. Ed. Werts, now of Memph
t Tenn., who has been spending the su
y mer' with relatives and friends in Sou
B Carolina, his old home, spent yesterd
e in Newberry. Prof. Werts will retu
t to Tennessee on Friday.
Prof. J. I. McCain, of Erskine C
lege, D)ue West, spent Saturday mo:
a ing in the city with l)r. E. P. McCl
'tock. Prof. McCain stolpped over
n Newberry on his way home from
meeting of the State Board of Edu
s tion in Columbia on Friday.
At Cost.
The Ewart-Pifer' Co. i3 selling
Summer Clothing, Straw Hats and I
Icut Shoes mat cost for the cash. 'I
line is up to date, and rare barga
nare offered.
Good Bverywhere USed.
Bransford's ''Clifton'' is guai'an t
by the maker to be the best flour in
's market. It is carefully milled fi
w sound wheat, mak ing breal that is pt
hi- wholesome and nutritious-just w
t, the A..aerican people needl for t.l
ir daily' food. Besides ''Clifton'' is an
id round flour, being as well aldap)ted
making cake and p)asti'y as it is hr
and biscuit. Hayes & Mr,artm
e New Schedule on C., N. & L. Gives New
berry Excellent Railroad
s The new train on the Columbia, New
e berry and Laurens road, which went
y into effect yesterday morning, will be a
if very great convenience to this section
-of the country. This train going to
i.|Columbia, leaves Laurens at 7 a. m.,
i- passing Newberry at 8.40 a. m., and
W arrives at Columbia at 10.45 a. m.
h Returning, it leaves Columbia at 5 p.
e in., reaching Newberry at 7.05 p. m.
y This makes it possible for the peoplei
y in this section to go to Columbia in the
s morning, spend a day in Columbia, and
f return the same afternoon. Or it is
e possible to spend several hours in the
P morning at Prosperity or points imme
e diately below and return to Newberry
either at noon or late in the afternoon.
o Or it is possible to spend several hours
in the afternoon at points immediately
below, returning the same afternoon.
This train, taken in connection with
ri the Southern's morning train out of 1
| Columbia, and the noon train going both 1
ways on both roads, gives Newberry
the best railroad facilities she has en
t joyed in some time.
1 It is to be hoped that the new train
- will prove a success. It is a through
i freight, with passenger accommoda
- tions, entering and leaving the Gervais
I street station iii Columbia.
3 Unanimously Elected.
- Prof. J. S. Wheeler has been unani
mously elected teacher of Excelsior
school. The school was remarka
bly successful under Prof. Wheeler, and
his work is appreciated by the patrons.
t Picnic At Ebenezer.
The date of the picnic at Ebenezer,
for the children of West End, has been
changed from Saturday to Thursday.
All those going are requested to meet
at the school house at 7 o'clock Thurs
day morning, and to bring well-filled
The ice cream festival on Saturday
night for the purpose of raising money
to 7efray expenses of the picnic was a
dee ded success, and the occasion was
enjoyed by those who attended.
For Good Roads In No. 6.
1 The people of Township No. 6 are re
t quested to assemble at Longshore on
Friday, July 3, at 4 1). i., for the pur
pose of taking action looking towards
better roads and the formation of a
township good roads association for No.
Meeting Citizens of No. 1.
- In accordance with the provisions of
the constitution of the Good Roads As
sociation of Newberry County, I hereby
call a meeting of the citizens of Town
ship No. 1, to be held in the court house
on Thursday, July 2nd, for the purpose
of organizing a good roads association
for No. 1. Towhship.
Meeting of CitIzens of No. 10.
~'The citizens of No. 10 Towvnship are
*r requested to meet at Jolly Street acad
emy on Saturday, July 4th, at 3 p. in.,
-for the purpose of organizing a Gocd
Roads Association of saidl towvnship.
Let us have a full meeting and show
n thlat No. 10 is not behin,d in this grand
r- mlovement.
,THos. J. WILsON,
Township Chairman.
Good IRoads For -No.'9
d All parties interested in goodl roadls
will meet at Prosperity, S. C., on Satur
k (lay the 4th. of July, at '2 'e..lock p. mu.,
rto organize a "Good Roads Conven
Yours truly,
r R. T. C. Hunter.
. Prosperity, S. C., June 19th., 1903.
PIcnIc at Mt. Enon.
The fifth annual picnic at old Mt. Enon
ewsill be given on the 4th day of July.
CThere will also be a barbecue dinner,
served at reasonable prices. The fa
mous 'cueist, Elbert Long, will prepare
the dlinner.
of Barbecue at Pomaria.
A first-class barbecue will be given at
Pomaria on the fourth day of July. TLhe
dinner will be in charge of Adam LA.
Aull, and a good, large time and a good,
slarge dinner are guaranteed.
th Engagement Cancelled.
The Herald Stock Co., wvhich wvas to
flhave begun last night a six nights'
engagement in Newberry, have can
ol~ celled1 their contract andl closed their
n- season. In a letter- to the opera house
"'| m nanagers the company stated they had
mn beeni losing money for tile p)ast several
.h weeks, andl had layedl to veiny poor1
3aL- houses in Laurens, and that they
were afraid to risk Newberry, andl had
decided to ask that their engagement
be cancelledl. TIhis was (lone, and the
all Itroop has gone into quarters.
ow T 'he management regret very much t(
he disappoinlt the theatre-goers, hnt suel
ins5 were the circumstances.
Tee The Mayor's Court.
Threhave been a number of simnnen
3ed1 before tihe Mayor the p)ast several (lays,
hIe none of them have sinned largely, how
re, ever. On Friday morning a nice sun1
hat was raked in on account of the negr<
edr 'excursion the (lay before from Colunbia
all- -Drunk andl disorderlies, fights, cursa
~almgs, and( abu)tsive language, all receive<
their .just reward.
A Large Congregation Hear the Dedicatior
Sermon by Rev. Z. W. Bedenbaugh.
The Exercises.
Mayer Memorial Lutheran Church, ir
West End, was solemnly dedicated or
Sunday afternoon.
This church was completed in 1900.
It is a large and modern structure,
Erected through the generosity of Dr.
D. B. Mayer. It was named in mem
)ry of Dr. Mayer's father, the la
mented Dr. 0. B. Mayer, Sr. It has
A strong and earnest membership which
is constantly growing. The first pastor
was the Rev. Chas. H. Armstrong, of
Dhio. After his resignation the pulpit
was supplied for several months by the
Rev. W. L. Seabrook, pastor of the
Lutheran Church of the Redeemer, and
)thers. Several months ago a call was
axtended the Rev. J. J. Long, who ac
,epted and who since, as pastor of the
Newberry Circuit, has done earnest
work and great good, the membership
f Mayer Memorial rapidly increasing
inder his care. Rev. Mr. Long has now
tendered his resignation and will go
jack to the Bethlehem pastorate, near
Pomaria, %,hich he served formerly. At
i meeting of the joint council on Satur
lay, a call was extended the Rev. Robt.
1-. Livingston, who is now serving a
:large at Sandy Run, in Lexington
,ounty. Mr. Livingston is a native of
Newberry County, and a graduate of
Newberry College in the class of 1889.
The dedicatory services on Sunday
ifternoon were attended by a large
,ongregation, which entirely filled the
-hurch. The exercises were conducted
ay the pastor, the Rev. J. J. Long.
Scripture lesson was read by the Rev.
W. L. Seabrook, pastor of the Luther
in Church of the Redeemer. The
b)eautiful dedication service of the
hutheran Church was read by the Rev.
,. W. Bedenbaugh, President of the
South Carolina Synod, and prayer was
)Ifered by Rev. Mr. Seabrook. Thc
2hoir sang "Ilere in Thy name, Eternal
God, we build this house for Thee.
The sermon was preached by the Rev.
Z. W. Bedenbaugh. In beginning his
sermon, Rev. Mr. Bedenbaugh paid the
following tribute to the late Dr. Mayer
"We might speak to you this afternoon
of him whose honored name this hous<
bears. Almost from childhood we knev
him, and only knew to love, honor him
We worshipped with him years and year:
ago in 1Luther Chapel church. We know
of his love and his delight in the service:
of the sanctuary. But no eulogy is nec
essary at ou hands. Many of you knev
him, loved him, honored him. As hi
loved the sanctuary with itsservices, s<
would we, at this time, try to impres:
upon you a love and reverence for thi
sanctuary of God."
The text was chosen from the 4tl
verse of the 65th Psalm: "Blessed i
the man whom thou',chooset to approacl
unto thee, that he may dwell in th;
courts: we shall be satisfied with th
goodness of thy hoose, even of thy hol,
temple." The speaker first told of th
privileges of the good man, privilege
not owing to any excellency in the ol)
ject chosen, but coming by divine grac
through the exercise of faith. In th
second place the good man's dwellin
was spoken of-he dwells in God's poi
tals, and this implies that his heart
there also. His influence, the influent
of his example and the influence of h
prayers, is there. Third!ly, the goc
man is satisfied wvith the goodness<
the Lord's house, and, fourthly, he
abundantly blessed. The sp)eaker col
trasted the life and death of him wi
treads the path of virtue with him wvl
walks the path of iniquity, in conclusic
asking, who of these, the wicked or tI
g'ood, will you pronounce the hapi
man? D)oubtless you will say, let n
die the death of the righteous man.
A collection was taken, the dloxolog
sung, and the congregation receivedl tI
Class in Algebra.
A t the request of many of the teache
pupils, Prof. S. J. D)errick, who is
charge of the county summer schc
here, has organizied a class in algebr
This is not in the regular courIse, b)
Prof. D)errick will continue' the ci
until the end oif the session.
To Organlze Lodges.
Mr. W. IBach Wise, of P rosperit
left yeste'rday for IHamberg, where
goes in the interest of the Wc rdmen
the World. Mr. Wise wvill organize
lodge of the organization in lHambe
if practicable and w"ill then go to otl
points in the same interest.
Principal Chosen.
The lioard of Trustees have i'bot
W. II. Tho mpson, of Andi(erson, prir
pal of the lBoundary Street school. lI
Tho mipson comes highly recommend
.1Ile is a gr-aduiate of D)avidson: ColIc
Contraband Liquor.
Constable Edison while at Pomaria
Wednesday se:izedl seven and one-I
gallons of liquor, in three p)ackap
dlirected( t o Ivy Counts, Nance Willia:
and O. S. Bsishop. Ivy Counts is
presenlt living somewhere in Virgii
and the other) two pari es are ne'gr<
The liquor C onstamble l'Gison (lid not t1:
was owned( by the p)art.ies to whon
was dIirected, and he se'ized( it.
Wood for State Capitol.
The Secretary of State advert
that until the 15th (lay of .July bids
She receivedl by him for supplying
cordls of wood for heating the S<
- Carolina State Capitol. Only strai
Ssplit pine woc:l, in 4 foot length,
Treasurer Epps Receives Newberry's Share
of The Profits, Amounting
to $1,822.24.
Treasurer Epps has received from the
Comptroller General a warrant for $1,
822.24, Newberry's share of the dispen
sary profits going to the school fund of
the various counties. This money was
set apart by the directors some time
ago as the profits for the first half of
the fiscal year. The whole amount dis
tributed was $80,000.
A number of counties received addi
tional amounts on account of deficien
cies caused by the failure of their con
stitutional three-mill levy to raise $75 per
annum for each school district. The
law provides that if the constitutional
three-mill levy does not raise the amount
of $75 per annum for each school dis
trict in the various counties, this defi
ciency must first be supplied, and the
remainder of the profits then divided
among the counties iM proportion to en
rolment. There was no defleiency in
any of the school districts of Newberry
county, and she receives only her regu
lar share of the profits after deficiencies
were made up.
F3OR RENT. 11ouse on College
Street. Apply to Mary F. Lake. it
AK BUSINESS. We have pur
chased the hack business of Mr.
F. 1. Russell and will continue the busi
ness under the name of Bouknight &
Brother. Business solicited.
F ound J. C. Cagle has found a bunch
of keys, which can be secured by
owner by calling at this oflice and pay
ing for notice.
W ANTED). -Every housekeeper in
Newberry to try Corbins Grand
eirs Flour. The best on the market.
Sold by )avenport & Cavenaugh.
00 BUSI El,S Kentucky Cotton
200 Seed for sale. Apply to T.
C. Pool. .1. A. 3URTON.
M ORNING Glory Coffees are the
best. )avenport & Cavenaugh
are the sole agents for this city.
P 1E(CTA C l2 A N 1) E'Y EG L, ASSES
S):':ur %. . lihe and burn at
niLyht? I ihive II b%,lest trial case for
tiltmW Speet.nh's d TyVEV01lases. and
can lit, f h. -- i t. diflim lt evt-, with the
11roper I.asse-'. 1 h%V1 titted glastes
for Ilhe hol amp nthe11 utyan
call lit yrne. I list, oily- 11he b,st. Verale
Crytalilll- an.Come and. givO me11
a t,rial allt h 11e vilnC-l. St.ri1 011
11wice to al G t J Y I)AN I ItL ,
JW.lwebw lil Opt.ician.
1 t.k iz t still comliplot with
everything pretty in the Millinery
Call and re our ribbons, flowers
and hats before buying
Tho Rimr Millry Compay.
See our ad for Mow
ers, Rakes, Harrows
and Wagons.
Purcell & Scott.
Mowers, Rakes, Har
Srows and wagons for
sale. Full line at
Purcell & Scott's.
SWagons-Car Load,
fCall and see our line.
Purcell & Scott.
oTeacher Wanted.
n cool. No. 11 township, schoc
e district No. 22, will meet at the schoc
y house July 17th. at 3 o'clock for tht
e purpose of electing a teacher for nsi
school. Auplication may he filed on o
before saio (late with any one of thi
y und(ersignled trustees.
Manager Wanted.
a Lteman to manage business in thi
' County and( adjoining territory for we
a and favorably known iflouse of soli
5s financial standing. $20.00 straight cas
salary andl expenses, palidl each M onda
by check dlirect from head<quarters. K,
pense mloneCy ad(vanfced; position permti
ntent. Address Thomas Cooper, Manm
ger. 1030 Caxton Bldg., Chicago.
er All Headaches
CUE 7"iUMPT.Y and* noad e
or Nrs....CA PU DI NE
11r. (L iqu id )
"" We would like to ask, through t
aif coilumnns of your paperi, if there is a
eCs, pewrson who has used Green's Augt
as, l"lower. for' thle cure of Indigestic
I ) ys pepsia, atnd ILiver Troubles that I'
."not beenCf ctired- - end we also mean th
nai, results, such as sour stomach, ferm<
ies. tation of food, habitual costivene
ink nervous5 dysp)apjsia, headaches, despe
it dent feel ings;, sleep lessness5 in fa
an vtrotuble connectedl with the sto
ac Ft or liver? This medicine has b<
sold for matny years in all civilized cot
tries, and we wish to c'orrespondl w
you and send1 you one of our books fi
ise of cost. If you never tried Augl
wil Flower, try a 25 cent bottle first.
mhave never known of its failing. I f
:303 something more serious is the mat
utth lwit h1 you. TIhe 25 ('ent size has j
cht been introdutcedl this year. llegu
.'size 75 cents. Foi' sale by W. E. I
wilham & Son.
At Cost!1
All Summer Clothing, S
Cut Shoes at Actual Cost f'
are New Spring Goods.
Merchandise but New Up
and see the bargains offerE
New Ar]
The latest blocks in Fel
of Negligee Shirts, Fancy -
wear, all of which will be s(
margin of profit to us.
The E HworlI
Newberry, S. C., July 21
Bi~ Rauctoii Oil all
.....-"SPOT C
able goods. We are heavil
mer stuff and are deterry
some price. We have thoL
White Goods in India Liner
beautiful and sheer, Stripe
and Madras, all to go at ve
Mercerized White Goods ai
will be included in this
Lawns, Dimities. Batisie,
Organdies to go at sacrifi
Ties for Men, Ladies, Miss<
Don't fail to visit our st<
tage of the many bargains
Yours for I
S. J. W(
profitable to have us cl
clothes. The longer they
have to buy. We help to
Trousers pressed while yo
Coats Cleaned and Pri
Vests Cleaned and Pri
Pants Cleaned and Pri
.Skirts Gleaned and Pr
Jackets Cleaned & Pr
We dye to live. Anyth
to the most delicate silk:
-plant, b' you are not now
respectfully solicit a trial
-fro mr youii. r ,Iur w ri< is. ii i eq 0.
South CatroIlina w ,iorn't wn-il your p rt rIn
Until You are Sure You are S
e'xclusiV( v i tyle i uliess, and k nov:n
do( about11 shiniIg. We phare so mul
plea~s( youI tha 11we say VO()UR MONE:
June Graduates '1
10 This is Your Store.
'3% e A DDR1111 E SSjw~m
it Cost.
'traw Hats and Low
>r the Cash. These
No old shop worn
to-date styles. Call
t Hats. A nice line
losiery and Under
)ld at a very close
lifei CO.
, 1903.
olffmerp Goons
A SH".....*
We will put the
knife in all season
y stocked in sum
fined to unload at
sands of yards of
is, Persian Lawns,
Lawns, Nainsooks
ry low prices. Our
-e unsurpassed and
sale. All colored
Swisses. Mulls and
ced prices. Oxford
ns and Children.
>re and take advan
we will offer.
~DAY that it is
ean and press your
wear the less you
make them wear.
u wait.
assed, 50 Cents,
assed, 25 Cents,
essed. 25 Cents.
essed. 50 Cents.
essed 25 Cents.
ing dyed from a suit
3 in our. steam dye
/ patronizing us we
ackage of laundry
I10 alny tha can4 be4l lpo ie j i.Ul ill
ago 8on, I ourl go.., Mi tt
11y Ol D)8pOsit
atisfied With Purchase.
Y H ACK if shle fails.
hie strangjer in town
No4( <loh t yon will take' adlvan
'ON. S. C.

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