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The Ladies' Card Club was enter
tained by Mrs. 0. L. 8obumpert on
Friday afternoon at 5. 80 o'clock.
Quite a number of invited guests
were present. Mrs. Sohumpert is a
very charming hostess, and the mem
bers of the club and the invited
guests spent a very happy and enjoy.
able afternoon.
Trhe handsome residence on Main
street was beautiful in decorations
appropriate to the snnson, tastily ar.
ranged, and producing a beautiful
Whist, euchre, and muggina were
played. The first prize at muggina
a beautiful gold hat pin, was won by
Mr's. J. A. Burton. The second
prize, a handsome box of paper, was
awarded Mrs. W. 0. Houseal.
Frappo was served during the
progress of the game by Misses
Vinnie Mao Wilson, Azile Pool,
Myrtio Schumport, and Thyre
Schumport. At the conclusion a
maad ourse anTd other delightful re
fremlimilti, and ices woro served.
lmiie (hiring the entertaiinmtt
wias furnished at. the piano by Mistv
tiessie Sitmnions.
Thne memuers of the Club prson1
Wre: Mesdamos 0. McR. Holmes
S. 13. Jonos, A. T. Brown, J. T. Mayet4
Burr -1 Johinstone, It. D. Wright
J. l'. Norwood, 0. L. Schumpert
W. I. Carwile, L. W. Floyd, 0. B
Chie invited guests were: Mes
nsmos L. B. Aull, James McInto4h
A. 1'. Pifer, 1. W. Wtalter, of Bir
minghaim, Ala., F A. Schumpert, D.
V. Pifor, W. 1-. Hunt, Annie Poo
lAt's, W. P. 11ouseal, W. L. Sea
brook, James lurton, T. C. Pool,
lernice Martin, S. J. Wooten, M. L.
Spearmian, (eorge Davenport, J. D.
Daveiport, (itray, of Jacksonville,
Plik, J. P. Kinard, )f Rock Hill, J.
M. Kinard, J. W. M. Simmons,
Misses Daisy O'Neale, of Columbia,
Azile Pool, Vinnie Mae Wilson,
essio Siiimons, Myrtie Schumport,
Thkiy rn Schumupert.
* *
On Tiesday afternoon lie Fort
nightly C1ih and quite a number of
frionds were entertained by Mrs.
1aI'es Mc Itosh at her home on
3oundatry strreet. The guests were
mot at tho door by Misses Millie
Simm11ons and Carolyn Cromer and
m1ade t (o feel Welcolme by the cordial
greetongs they receoved from these
young ladies.
The hiome was beautifully deco
ratedn ini sweet. p)ea, Inasturti ums, and
ivy, the punch table being especially
a! t ractive in its lovely decorat ions of
ferris anid niastnrtiunms. It was charm
inigly presidedi over by Miss Lizzie
(Glenn anid Miss' Nellye McFall.
The game played wvas Muggins
wvhichn has in a measure superceded
the popular game of flinch. The
score car'ds were very unique, and
thoroughly in keeping with the spirit
of t he elnub, each card having a dainty
hand painted distaff in pink, yellow
and blue.
Do)licious.refreshments were served
ater which the prizes wvere awarded.
Mr-s. Hlunt was the wvinner of the first
prize anid Mr's. L. W. Floyd was
awarded thle consolation.
Mrs. A. 11. P'eoples entertained the
Emio ry-'Circle on WVednesday after.
noon1 at I o'clock, at the handsome
residence of Col. WV. H., Hunt on Cal
houn street. The members of the
clnh withI a few invited guests spent
a ver'y pl easanit arnd enjoyab)le after
noon. D)elight ful refr'eshnments were
Miss M~yrt.ie Sebumupert was the
chariing hostess to a fewv friends on
'l'niesdayv after'nooni. The home on
Coillego st r ut. was beau t.iful in deco0
ratin a115rppr'opriat e to t he season.
'h clh w'as layedl, Miss D)omi nick
winninig the pi'ize. Th'le oc('asion was
Svery hanppy anid pleasarnt. Delight
frul refreshmients wero served. Those
presern wvere : Misses LanllaL Martini,
Blerniice Ma rrin, Illelen Jones, Ger
t.riude' CarwsilIo, Cora Dominiick, Lizzie
D)omnin ick, Fannie M"Caug.hrini, ILncy
McCau iitghin, Namnoi I Mc(Canigbin,
Vini iMini Wisont, Ethrel Booer,
(Geguevieve Blo'zrir.
Far'mer's' InstItutes.
Ily ant hor'ity of the Board( of Trustees
of Clemnson College, ILocal Institutes
will be hld( in suc'h counties as smend r'e
qIuests, signedl by fifteen farmers, be
foi'e the fifteenth of June, to J. S.
Newman, Direcctor' of Fai'mei's Insti
tumtcs, Clemson College, S. C. The pe
titionier's wvill name the places at which
Instit,utes are desir'ed andl the dlates wvill
he ar'anged b)y the college authorites.
The State Institunte willI be held at
Clemson College commencing Mo nday
evening August 10th and closing Friday
evening Augunnt 1'Ih.
A Boy of Sixteen Shot Merely Because
he Shouted "Scabl"
Richmond, Va, June 26 -Lster
Wilcox, a sixteen year-old boy, wac
shot by a soldier in Fulton, t he lowet
end of the city, about 9 o'clook to.
night for crying "scab" at a car, and
refusing to desist when ordered tc
do so. He is wounded in the hand
and hip. The hand is badly man.
gled. The boy was brought up towu
on a street car and taken to the cit)
Cars have been run regularly or
all lines in the city to-day and to,
night, and during part of the da3
on the suburban line to Bartor
Heights, all under. military proteo
Travel on the cars is still light
though it was probably heavier to-da3
than it was yesterday.
The business men are moving to
ward bringing about a settlement o:
the strike if possible. Trade is suf
fering severely by reaon of the dis
All thos who were wounded yes
terday and the day before are doinj
well. One or two of them left thi
hospital Lo-day.
Wm Tucker, aged 23, a passenge:
on a Main street ear, was shot to
night at the corner of Main and Bel
videre streets. He was peppered it
the arm and leg with small sho
and was not too badly hurt to wall
to his home after the wound wai
sewed up. Who did the shooting ii
not known.
Harvey Logan, the alleged Mon
tana train robber, escaped from tho
Knox County, Tenn., jail on Satur
day by lassoeing his guard while hii
back was turned, tieing him tight
securing his pistols, and coverinf
with the pistols all who attemptec
to stop him, making good his es
How an Army officer Evened Up Matv
term With an Auditor.
"Auditors and comptrollers are thG
natural enemies of mankind," remark
ed an army ofileer, "but more particu
lurly are they the enemies of an army
oilcer. They take great delight in find
ing reasons why they should not paso
an otleer's accounts and take advan
tage of the least little technicality or
any possible way of refusing to do so.
Some time ago an officer to get a just
clim that had been turned down by
the auditor or comptroller was com
pelled to go to congress, and the print
ing bill for the account was four times
as large as the amount in the first In
General Weston got the best of an
auditor when he was In the Seventh
cavalry, and this Is the way he tells
the story:
"I was on a horse board at Kansas
City, and before a horse could be ac
cepted he was sent a mile at a very
fast clip to test his endurance. I ob
served that the men who were selling
the hoxlyes had a rider who would take
them ~hind a clump of trees where 1
could not see and shortened the dis
tance. I decided to ride the horses my
self, and I tried about twenty a day.
I would get pretty well warmed up
with that kind of work, and I went in
afterward and took a bath. I charged
op the bath each day in my expenses.
But the account came back from the
auditor with the indoruement:
"'One bath a day is a luxury and not
a necessity. One bath a week is
"And I indorsed right under that, 'It
may be enough for an auditor, but net
for a cavalryman.' "-Washington Post.
The Firt D)iamond at Kimaberley.
It was not until the autumn of 1870
that the fir-st diamond was found on
the p)rese~nt site of Kimberley. There
was a shhllow, circular depression,
known ns D)utoitspan, on the edge of
which a farmer named Van Wyk lived
in a cabin p)lastered with mud. This
but had no architectural pretensions,
but, in Its way, it went beyond the
luxury of Fifth avenue, for the mud
with which it was daubed was sprin
kled with diamonds. One day Van
Wyk's children prospected the plaster
lng of their home and extracted sev
eral gems. The farmer and his friends
began digging at the spot from whieh
the mud had been taken, and found
more diamonds.
Miners swarmed in, and a new
camp, called Dorstfontein, sprang up.
In Junie of the next year the Kimnber
ley mine proper-one of the four great
deposits that form the present Kim
berley group-yielded its first diamond.
When Rteptiles Inhabited the Hawth.
At different epochs during the time
known as the secondary period the sur
face of the earth seems to have been
so predominantly peopled with reptile
life that it has been called "the age
of r-eptiles." Th'le huge iguanodone
stalked or leaped about in the wealds
of Sussex and IIampshire. Of these
iguanodons miarvelously complete skel
etons are to be seen (mounted In atti
tudes of life) in the itoyal mnuseum of
Brussels-a sight in Itself sufilcient to
induce a visit to that capital. Other
smaller repitiles browsed on the foliage
of the then existing plains and were
purisued and preyed upon by fell rep
tilian monsters of various kinds. The
sea also swarmed with reptiles (ich
thyosaur-) as aquatic as the whales
and dlolphins of our own day. And not
only were the earth and seas thus peo
pled. but there were flying rep)tiles of
different kinds and sizes, known as
The Law Department of the
South Caroia C.,,ge.
In addition to t ' lecturs by
the protessori'elI' South Ca
olina College, the trustel and facuity
are pleasd tp be %Me ,p 9i $
the coming sesslon a. tra4ctive
series of ectadi to be' =ttib y
some. of the leadig ' ebers' et th
Bench and Bar of A.
Among those who IaI& it#d 'to
deliver one or ui6re .lecturel to the laW
classes of the College are: Ton. Ch4rles
II. Simonton. U.' S. Circuit J%idge; Hon.
William H. BrawleY, U. 0. Distriot
Judge; lion. Y. J. Pope, Chief -Justice
of South Carolina; Mon. C. A. Woo4s,
Associate Justice; 'Hon'. Mugehe''B.
teary. Assoliate Justice: Hon.,dward
MeCrady, lion. ,I. C. Oheppard, ,Hon.
o. Duncan Bellinger, lion. 8. 3. Simp
son, Hon. J. P. Carey, and Hon. Andrew
Craw fori. 4
The trustees and faculty feel that in
securing the areistance of' theie dis
tinguished Judges and lawyqri they
have accomplshed some hip ,that will
prove of the greatest hbPA W' those
taking the law course in ' the South
Carolina College. The nunber Af those
enrolled in the law department during
the last two years has been' the largoat
in the history of the college, and the
hope im entertained that the prospect
ofr the; atiditional lecturi!h may still
urther intrease the growing' number
ut' liaw students.
Ihe great Value of the training af
forded by schools of law has been too
thoroughly demionistrated to render
nwecessary atiy arguments in their sup-.
port. The day of pieparatliv for the
bar by solitary s tdy in at lawyer's
ofulhe has practically passed. lbveryoue
faailli:-r -ilth the working of l:amw
school taust v' ve beela Inpressed with
tO- lin iet.m- d Inteiest and zeal tha.t re
suit from the tnere assocIation of youn....
nen Wio Itw' Ve come together for the
comtion purpose of studylirg law. The
daily discussionis of <uestions of law,
iot only withl. t.he p: ofesoit s. but also
with each other. betg.t anl enthusiasm
-or tie law Which probly. in some In
tatant ts. could neve i:t%e ben acquailred
'the.1 wIse.
Tie advantage of att1(migig a p-ofem
A1ignal school in the State In which a
in:lan Is to pratike his profeNsionl is it
i) (:Is m11ore obvious thn I in that of a
lawyvr. liesides the fatmiliarity gainled
witl the dec:siois and stattute law of
tihe State, the fi lendshiil that. he forms
at sutlt it achool add very mattei ially to
Ii:, future usefutlnest as a ' it iz.l. The
,a:t1Ul- Of lawyers as a Ilas i" niore -ait
tl be of a public nature than that of
those1.t, enaiggi d in fay other profession
Il lbsina..s. Not only are all of the
itil -t-s of the State drawn frimi the bar,
.a tle occuisants of the legislative and
--x- Utive tiCes are also IIrawn ve'y
liagely frotil the satile .mre. As so
imy ot' tit. tembeirs or th i legal lro
ri !--ioit arv naturally dertine. to lahit.
-Altivs, it Is of no little impotalce
thut the young mnul who have dided
to becoine lawyeis shviuld vcmw into
lose touch with other young mntq ot
ia Ir own State who hate , hosen the
aaaue lIfe- work.
'e Itost lasting frien,aWgis are not
in t ita itly fornmed durit,. tht' pat of
ma i , -nlife that Is usuatily devoted to
ia for the bar: and it is un
tui ate if dais perioil ..r 'tld be spe t
,n ti State other th'.Tl ta.t li which he
is to live. Several Hvars spent at a pro
I.svlonl Fehool Il anluother State some
tiaes find the stutienit ;o conpletely out
of touch w%itlh tiae ysaung auen of his
owna St-it that when he returns to
tl. trofession he finds hi:r sell
latb i aeg ulldlet a s.-rous disadvantage,
"!ita ha I Somle instanices is never over
A law 1101, howeVc-r, should be
p..at.izoi itt alone by thoso Intending
!t prakctit e Iaw. TI.er k s hardly at Call
Ing lit life for whl, h ne o would not he
b1 0ter Prepair".' by hattog taken a
(4,wn in Ir.W. Allill)-st everyone who
lis made at e.ltlae t study of the law
will atgree with bua1ke that it is a
"science which dots more to luickti
and Itivigot-ate tic tndersta zdin jg than
ril I-t kinds of humaan lea ninlg put
t'Pie.'' The hope Is Indulgedi, thera
fote. that the attendance upona the law
schtool ot' thec South Carolina College
atia. yInclude somne who have not de
t'ernaained to make la'w theIr pr'ofession.
C'oltanbla as the capItal of the State
I)>r eints miany advantages foar the law
attudent. The sessins of the Supremne
Cotart of thae State. of the State Circuit
Courts, and of the Federal Courts, give
hilaa f'requent opportuiff to hear argu
anla-ats by the le-ading lawyers of the
Vitate, and to itness the practical ad
taaistrationa of the principles of tpe
law. In prosecutIng hIs atudies he wil
also find that havinag accedto't the law
libraary of the Supreme Ceutt, s wll
as to the College librhry, 1VIM be et the
greatest value to biMn.
in using the word "blunderbuss" we
unconsciously imply a sense 'of dis
paragement for the shooting powerr
of our forefathers contracted with the
precision of the modern ridle. The
word itself has, however, a terrible
enough meaning and disdains all con
nection with "blunder." ~"Blunder
buss." in fact, as we have it, is a
atr age corruption-perhaps not alto
gether untinged with the sense and
sound of "blunder"-of the old Dutch
word "donderbusst," which can be lltar
ally translated Into the English~ "thun
der box" or "thunder batrrel."
The Age of the Havp.
The harp, which was suggested by
the lute, is ascribed to Jubal, 3875
B. C., and was King David's favorite
instarumenat. The harp was used by
the Welsha and Saxons, and also by
the ancient peoples of Ireland. One
of the oldest harps in existence is in
the Dtublin College museum, and orig
inally belongcd to Brian ,Boroihme,
king of Ireland.
Couldn't see the Applieation.
Duamley-She does quote some of the
most intalaporiate things at times.
Midss Wunnder-Whlat's her latest?
Dumliey-I was telling her that I
sometimes refrain from joining in a
discussion for tear of makIng a fool of
mayself'. and she said one could not
"p)aluat the lily or gild refined gold."
Philadlpha i'ress.
At the Reception.
"I think D)aisy is going to announce
her enagagemnent to DIck tonifbt."
"Dild shte tell you she was?'
"No. But see how unicomfortable
Dick iooks."-Harrper's Desar.
Talent and Vocanuof.
Each an hams his owna vocation. The
tatleant is the cali. There is one direc
tIon in which all space is o'pen to him.
Hie has faculties silently inviting him
thithter to endless exertion. He Is like
a a.hipl in a lIver. He runs against ob
strutionts On every side but one. On
that side atli obstruction is taken away,
and lie sweeps serenely over God's
depths into an infinite sea. This tal
ent anid tlais call depend on his organi
ization or the mode in which the gen
eral soul incarnatee itself in hlm.-ENm
Thirty Killed and Sixty Others Seriously
Injured-A Fearful Accident
in Spain.
Madrid, June 28 -Fourteen bodies
pnd 50 injured persons have been
pxtricated from the wreck of the
Bilbao train which overturned at
Vlejerilla river lasti night..
According to official information
80 persons were killed and 60 others
geriousl) injured. Many of the in
jured will die. Of the 300 paUssen1
gngers on the train it is stated that
guly six escaped unhurt. The train,
which was composed of two engines
and 16 coaches, was crossing the
bridge when the couplings between
tpe engines broke. The second en
gine loft the track and fell, followed
by the entire train, into the bed of
the river.
Fortunately the water was low.
The nearest medical attendance
was a mile and a half distant. Those
passengers who were least injured
aided the -thers and did all possible
until the arrival of rehof t rnins hrin.,
ing nurses, doctors atid soldiers frot
The train fell 50 feet from the
bridge to the river bed, t he coches
piling up in a iuss of splintered
wood and ironwork. Tho scene is
described as horrifying. Many corpses
were carried ldown the stream, which
was reddened with blood. It was
found impossible to extricate nun
bers of the injured, who wore pin
ioned under the wreckage. A rail
way guard was arrested in the act of
robbing the dead and narrowly es
caped lynching.
Constipation is nothing more
than a clogging of the bowels
and nothing le i han v ital stag
nation or death if not relieved.
If every constipated suiTerer
could realize that he is allowing
poisonous filth to remain in his
system, he would soon get rlief.
Coistipation invites all kind of
contagion. Ileadae4es, bilious
ness, colds and maq other ail
ments disappe.ar when consi
pated bowels are relieved. Thled
ford's Black-D)raught thoroughly
oleans out the bowels in an easy
andI natural manuner without the
p urging of calomel or other vio
lent cathartics.
Be sure that you get the orii
nal TLhedford's lllack-D)rau gRi
made by Trhe Chathwuooga Ne1 di
cine Co. Sold by all druggists in
25 cent and $1.60 packanges.
Morgan, Ark. Mr.-, 1901.
I cannot recomm,,endI rhfordi's nlack
Draught too highly. I kej I Ii i any hoiuse
ali the time anid huave, used it for thle las!t
ten yonrs. i nieier galve myl chiren
any ether iiaxative. I thinik I could
never ho able to work without it
on account of being troubled with
constipation. Your imedicine is
all that keeps nme up.
The following druggists reqIuests the
holders of MURNA coupons to bring
them in at once andi secure absolute
ly free, the regular size bottle of the
Great Preparation, MURNA W INE
For sale only by Gilder & Weeks.
Newberry, S. C.
Capital - - - $50,000
Surplus - - - 19,500
Palid Stockholders
since organization 21,000
Paid Depositors in
#Savings depart
"ment since or
jganization - - $9,200
A man11 work{ing by the' ilbi is pi
for the time hie pulls in at womrk, bunt
when'n t hat men s'ves a iltir i I.' i
dIa) 's labor it works for. himt ,eights
as we'.ll ats days ; ne'ver hIy u'.t D'''
comnitt oif hadie weait her andi I.' r vm
siek, but gaits right . n eann t..um
anI inc4ifo . It's - n ient. ihig I., w ,r k
for monuey, hnt it's noc n-l w-r, to
hav" tn'.nnle worki,tv g fr'e\, : Tr
anid get some' moni-y w'r kinug fins yen.
Makel( ai deposWit inI t he N virngs dte
partmnent. todayi~ aund lot it begin to
work~ for you. I oterost coin pnt Id at
4 pei cent. January 1 anid July~ 1 ol
lanh yar.
Call and see my line o1
Deering Binders,
Mowers and Rakes
The celebrated
Thomas Disc and
Smoothing Harrows
sold on easy terms.
OR, M0
Cost OnWy a 0
Or mail 26 cents to
Cures Eruptions, Sores, Collo, HIN
Worms. T'E'E"T.IMX.A
Two Daily Pullman
Between SOUTH
The Best Rates and I
Via Richmond and
Norfolk and Ste
Nashville, Memi
Louis, Chicago, P
Points South and SoL
and Jacksonville o
and Cuba.
riFor detailed informat
man reservations, etc., al
board Air Line Railway,
Passenger Agent, Colum
O*4 The SUM
A passenger service
and comfort,equlpped w
Dining, Sleeping and 'I
For rates, schedule,i
tion, write to
.Small Savings are the Stepping
Stones to success and plenty
$1.00 a month deposited in our
Will in 10 years amount to $ 146 00
$5.00 will in ,10 years
amount to - - - -$730 00
$10.00 will in 10 years
amount to - - - -*$1460 00
We want your business.
Have ample facilities to
accommodate our cus
The Commercial Bank
of Newberry, S. C,
PPEII Cures Cholera-Infantum,
Diarrhoes,Dysentery, an
the Bowel Troubles of
Children of Any Age.
Aids Digestion, Regulates
3 POW1 the Bowels. Strengthens
Im the Child and Makes
,es, Thrush. Removes and Prevents,
-i -- EAST -- WEST.
/estibuled Limited Trains
Route to all Eastern Cities
Washington, or via
amers.-To Atlanta,
)his, Louisville, St.
Jew Orleans, and All
Athwest-To Savannah
nd all points in Florida
ion, rates, schedules, Pull
)ply to any agent of The Sea
or J. J. Puller, Traveling
bia, S. C.
Asst.G~en1. Pass. Agt.,
mp.cte Summl1fer Resort Folder
:iled Freie to) Any Address.
er. G.I!O Apni. Asst. Gen i Ps. Agt.
.C. WA.utIN', i N ti.. ATLANTA. GA.
unexcelled for luxury
'ith the latest Pullman
horoughfare Cars.
maps or any informa.
al Passenger Agent,
Wilminoan. N. C.
5. 0. BBA% T V4,
in tlet June,
b ld ARRIR. UNSi)0hi&
No. 9. No. 12 Ot.atone.
V. 31. A. 11.. -
810 966 ...............Belton.......,...
248 938........ &nderson F. D.,......
245 9380 ....... aulorson P. D.....
........ 9 25........ W est Anderson.......
........ 9 09...............D enver ..............
---.... 902 ...............A utun .............. 4
....... 1 8 6. ...........Pen d leton ........... 4 a
-----.-. 8 47 ..............Cherry............... 4 1.,
-----. ........ 4 . Adatum ............... 4 21
.828 Jo dIan in Juet ... ... 4 8
8 2"....,..........o eeea.............. 4 5
4 401 Jr
-..- -- 804-...... ..W est Union ......... 604
--- .... 8 00............ W allballa ............ 6 09
All rokr ii rinifrooW Belton to WaSW& -
have precedence over trains of sne cl
n oving in the onposite direotton unless o
erwis specified by trali order.
Will Ia Io LOp at the following stations
take oi and lt oil passengers: PhIuney
James and Sand y Springs
J. f. ANDJRfvN, 8uperintendent ;
Charleston and Western Carolina Rwv co,
Augusta and AsheviUlo Short Line
t8ohedule in effect Alarch 1, 198.)
(Road Down.) (Read Up)
12.40 pm .........Lv Newberry.........Ar 10 p
1.60 pl . . Ar Laurens.............LV .02 p
2.07 pi.........Lv Laurons.. . ..p..
3.30 pin.........Ar Spartanburg.....LV12 01 pin
3.41 pnI.........1,v .spartanburg.....Ar 10.26
5.82 p l.........Ar daluda.............Lv . 89 a
d.lj p. .........Ar llendersonvilte Lev .06 aw
il 11 ....At' 1341eVillO ....Lv M6 stit
-.41I i.Lv. Nowborry (U.N.&h~.) 38 0pni
wa: .%r.. ,nurfrai...........Ly 2.02 pm
.) ltel,v Lmiros... ....Ar 1.48 Pm
Iill Aireotiwooa.... Lv 12.44 pmu
.%10 ~ Augus.1%............IV 1). t ill
... .... Ar 11.56 am
. '0 nt....... r It a ifort......... Lv 7.50 an
6.5 ".' * .....'orl Royal.....I Lv 7.40 ia
.i0 p,m ..... lv N ,wbcrry (0. N.&L)Ar 8t0 pm
-- a. .. A - ,auiron . ......... Lv 2.02 pm
2.' po ... L ,v ia n1 Jm...............A? 1.45 pi
.,11 A r4ron.v.il.. I.v 12.lr ply
-or fi'-t.-.. a uro . ila io relativl to rates,
O l -11 .l, (. . L addrot.s
(410. pT ...UY I,N, whenr (oNa l,)r 8 .
. I.NP, ' IIA LIArIs,e ' . iaa.a .t lt
AuRusta, da.
T. Ml. - , Trafio Manager.
(EaNtern Standiard Tin e.)
8outthbounul. Northbound.
Schedle in l'ect Sunlay, Juno 128th, 1908
8 40 am Lv Atlanta (s.A..) Ar. 8 60 pm
10 50 aln Athens 6 19 pill
11 65 am" Elberton 5 17 pm
12 oS pin Abbeville 4 0. pin
1 22 pin Oreenwood 3 36 pm
2 M5p . Ar Clinton (Din'r) L. 2 45 pm
(O.A W.O.)
10 00 am Lv 0lenn Springs Ar 4 00 pt
12 16 pm Hparlanburle 3 80 pm
12 2 lim rene 1110 3 26 pI
(Harris SprIngm)
1 12 pm Waterloo 2 85 pin
S42 7ji. A r Laurenls (Mn'r) Lv 2 17 pmu
84 22 63 . 2 '21 85
0113 1)1y )'I.Y It'ly D'ly Daly
ex (X ex ex
Mun Sun Hun Bun
amlt am 11m1 pu pan all
7 11) 700 202 Lv Laurene Ar 150 V00 600
725 7 10 209 Parks 1 42 861 550
845 7 :o 222 Clinton.. 180 880 525
915 7 6 3 84 Goldville 117 8 00 4 46
7 3 8011 2 44 Kinard 110 746 480
9 41 809 249 Uary 105 756 440
9 50 8 18 254 Jalapa 100 726 406
11 50 840 310 Newberry 1246 7 95 345
12 3' 9 02 3 24 P'rosperity 12 82 9 41 3 05
1248 918 334 8lighs 1223 628 250
1 10 9 2, 339 I,t Mountain 12 19 620 240
1 4U 8 40 351 Chapin 1209 605 220
165 950 367 Hilton 1202 55h 2(6
' 05 955 4 01 White Rock 1169 560 200
225 004 4(7 Rallentine 1154 641 150
255 to 7 4 17 Irmo 1146 528 132
3 05 10 26 4 23 Leaphart.. 1140 5 :9 1 10
3300 14 40 Oolu"Ibla 1126 6 00 1 00
. C. L'.
(Union Station)
- -.- 4- 4 5 1 20
pm am
6i 20 Sum ter 9 50j
9 20 A r Charleston Lv 7 00
Trains 53 an<Il 52 arrive and depart, from
ne(w un11n <Ol epotL
TraIns 22 and 85 from A. C. L. freIght depot ,
Weost Glorvals street
For Rates, TIme Tables, or furt,her inIformna
t.Ion call onl any Agent,, or writo to
w. (4. ClIILDM, TI. Mi. EMERSON,
PresIdent. Trafili Manager.
soI. Agt. .'on'I lrt. & Pass Agt.
No taste. No odor. Can be given in
glass of water, tea, or coffee without
patient's knowvledge.
White Ribbon Remedy will cure or
destroy the diseased appetite fer alco
hohec stimulants, whet her the patilent is
a.confirmed inebriate, a "tippler," so
cial drinker or drunkard, impossible
for anyone to have an appetite for alco
holic lhquors after using White Ribbon
Indorsed by Members of W. C. T. U.
Mrs. Moore, press superintendent of
Woman's Christian Tlemperance Union,
Ventura, California, writes: "I have
tested White Ribbon Remedy on very
obstinate drunkards, and the cures have
been many. ln many cases the Remedy
was given pecretly. I cheerfully recoin
mleIlanld mndorse White Ribbon Reme
dly. Members of our Union are de
lighted to find an economical treatment
to aid( us5 ini our temperance work."
D)ruggists or by mail, $1. Trial pack
age tree by writmng Mrs. A. M. TQwn
sen<d (for years~ secretary of a Woman's
Christimn Tlemp)erance Union), 21 8 Tre
mont St., lioston, Mass. Sold in New
berry by Gilder & Weeks.
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