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The Herald and News has suffered
serveral boycotts during its life because
it stood for those things which it be
lieved to be for the best interests of the
public; and yet we are still here. We
have I een boycotted by the superinten
dent of public works for quite a while
when any work was to be done for the
public when he had the power to do so,
because, forsooth, we pointed out his
duty as we saw it in the matter of
flushing the hydrants and turning the
lights on when dark came and when the
people most needed them. This has
not swerved us one iota from our course
and will not. We have felt that we
were right and we would rather feel
that wiay than to have the favor and
patronage of even so important a per
sonage as the superintendent of public
works of Newberry. We have spoken
in the interest of the people and their
health which is of much greater con
cern. The Board of Health, even
against the judgment of the superin
tendent, has required the regular flush
ing of the hydrants which is a justifica
tion of our contention, but the super
intendent. is even greater than the
Board of Ilealth, for the order is not
being carried out, we presume for the
purpose of saving a few gallons of
water for "fire protection"!
And now comes a boycott from the
commissioners, and they will not permit
us to print their statement to the citi
zens because in the opinion of the chair
man he was not given that considerat ion
which in his judgment was his proper
and rightful due. Because, forsooth,
the reporter presumed to interview the
mayor on the matters under discussion
between the city council and the com
missioners and to print it in the same
connection. No, not exactly that, but
because the communication from tle
chairman of the commissioners was not
printed at top of column iext to read
ing matter, and thus his ldignity has
beenl otfended and he has been treated
discourteously and for that reason lie
gives his statement to the public to the
Observer and punishes The HIeIald and
News by passing us by. It is soi
thing fearful. Was it for the purpose
of Punishin ig us or rebuking the discoulr
tesy of a reporter who meant io dis
courtesy and never dreamed of such a
thing. This cannot be, for surely a
public oflicial who wants to reach the
public, would not refuse to gain all the
publicity possible, and 'Tle Herald and
News has a few readers and subscribers
in this community. Was it because we
called attention to the law and asked
k Commissioners to make a statement
to the public 11ka(l take the public into
their confidence It. would not have
cost- anything to havzn given this state
ment to both papers. The int.roluction
to the statement says to let the public
read it "without its being salndwi(hed
between editorial comments." Then
why "sandwic h the statement betwee
a lecture' on courtesy directedI at 'The
Ilerald and News? Why not print the
statement at the head of the column andl
let this lecture follow? According to
the codle of ethics laid own in the lec
ture, here is a breach of courtesy to
which we direct thie attention of the
board. While on the subject of cour
tesy we wvould like to ask if it is in ae
cordance with thec codle promu lgated by
lie commissioners and proper court.esy
to invite a commit tee from council to
meet with the board and leave off the
mayor who is a member of the commiTit -
tee? Is it. pr~oper courtesy not to notify
any of the committee from the council
until the board is in session andl then
send r.unners out for them t.o come in.
Is it proper courtesy to name the chair
man of the committee last? Tlhe Ilerald
and News meant. nodiscourtesy and
means none now and is only seeking in
formation on this new codle of ethies
promulgated over the signature, '"The
Commissioners of the Boardl of Public
Works.'' We want to get this matter
of courtesy straight so that in the fu
ture' we may not make such a " breach
of courtesy.''
Then why was Tihe I lerald and Newvs
niot given this statement? Tlhe pecople
now have the ent ire case, let them
It may be that this new code' is diffter
('nt when ulsedl by the one promulgat ing
it andl when used by some one else. Is
it p)ropecr courtesy to withhold from the
readers andI subscribers of The IHerald
and News an official statement of pub
lie ofieials and which concerns those
renders as much as the readlers of the
Observer? It may depend on the poinit
of view. Some p)eople are shortsighted
and some people1 think things are only
right when they go their wvay. This
miay be the rule by which this new
code of ethics is to be measured.
But in this matter the commissioners
have madle a statement in accordance
with the suggestion of The IIerald
andI News, and as we (10 not see
any notice of cop)yright on it we take
the liberty of plrinting it andl also in
justice to the i'eporter prmnt his expla
nation after it, though the statement is
sandIwichedl between the reporter's
statement and the lecture signed "The
Commissioners of Public Works," but
we p)resume (in the estimation of the
board) this lecture is of greater impor
tance and therefore it comes first. We
trust this is not a "breach of courtesy."
It is all very funny to us. We have
been puiblishing column after column of
correspondbence between the board and
the city council, and one time g~e
hadl thought of suggesting a new officer,
to be known as oflicial letter writer,
but thle correspo.dence gave no state
meat of the condition of affaih eyxce
that the comtnisaioners wanted money.
rhen when we suggested that t.? public
be given a statement and suggested one
way to raise money for enlarging, and
the only way provided by law, and the
reporter without any suggest ion f rom
us interviewed the mayor, the leommis
sioners get back on their dig iitv and
say "breach of courtesy"! We wait to
say to these courteous gentlemen tht.
no "breach of courtesy" was iitended.
Now, then, as to the statement.. Tho
only way provided by law for raising
money for enlarging the plant is to vote
&,1ditional bonds, and let the people sa:,
vhat they will do. To iterease the rate
i. only to make the people pay addi
tional without their consent, for the
council cannot pay it except they get it
from the people. We do not believe the
people would vote any more bonds after
the sewerage experience. There are a
great many people who believe there
was a waste of money in the construe
tion of the sewerage. There are a great
many people who believe our sewerage
saystem, such as we have, cost more
than it should and more than it would if
there had been different management..
Nobody believes there was a ini.,appro
priation or anything of that kind, and
we do not for one moment desire to be
understoodi as saying anything of the
kind. But with the belief existing as
it does we do not believe just at present
an'; additional bonds would have been
voted. The belief may be entirely erro
neous but it does exist and that is one
reason we suggested some time ago the
advisability of publishing a statement
of receipts and disbursements and why
we criticized the unsigned statement
printed some time ago. It gave no in
We had something to (10 with putting
in water and lights. We had something
to do with voting bonds for sewerage.
We took the petition around and got the
people to sign it and the statement was
made in good faith that the amount
asked for would put in sewerage over
the city, though it did not inclu(le Mol
loion mill. That statement was based
on an estimate made by Vr. Davis, the
engineer who built the water works.
IIis plan showed covering more of the
city than our present system and com
temllplated emptying into lHush river anI
was to cost only $14,000. We voted]
$25,000 and have only a small portion of
the city sewered and it empty int(
Scot.t.'s Creek.
We state this as a reason why we d
not believe any more bonds would havv
been issued and the commissionor.
have done the only thing left open tc
themi make the people raise t h
money whether they want to or not.
The part t hat comes out of the town all
the people will help to pay. The part
that. colmes from individual consuler.
will have to help furnish additional lirc
protection for those who do not use the
water and lights. That we supposc
they vwill do without. much kicking be
cause they can't help themselves.
A 600,000 gallon reservoir may giv<
additional fire protection, but, as th<
water for fire protection comes througl
the sane pipes that furnish the drinkinl
water will it not give us stale wvater t'oi
drink ing purpos)0es? That is a mat tel
we shouldh considler, for heaven k nowvi
there is a suifliciencey of stale watei
atroundl this systenm now. This is not
mleanit ats a discourtesy but. is asked ir
the interest of public health and public
I )uring the six years we have had th<
system we have handled successfully
every lire save onie and( that. one couk
have been handled, wve have been told
if the wvhole force of the water direel
from the pumplI had bieen put into t h<
mains, instead of continuing the strean
into the regular channels. We have the
statement from an oflicer of the fire
dlepartmeint that a 'phone miessage' wa:
sent to the sup)erintendenit at the powei
house asking him to make the chanig<
so that the company could get the great
est force. Nothing wjis done and
message was sent to the power hous<
and still nothing was done. The strean
had no force and the fire consumled the
building. On previous occasions whlei
the change wvas made and the whlol
force given, ti. company had no troubhi
wvhatever in hanL" ' fires.
We may be somewhat of a crank or
the subject of drinking wvater but we
have had a number of cases of fever ii
families which used this wvater exclu.
sively, and it is used for dlriinking every
dlay, aind wvhile fire pirotectionl is iimpor
tant it is not ats important as health.
We regr'et that the commissioner:
have taken anything we have said og
published ias a dliscourtesy because ii
everything we have writ.ten we have
had only the best interest, of this comn
imunity in view and have niot inteunder
to be personaml, but as an humble imiem
her of tihe putblic of this commnunity we
feel thvt we have a right to speak am
have not consideredl the p)ublic and1( ofii
cial acts of a public official too sacred t<
criticize, and so long as wve edit. a news
piaper we shall pursue the same course,
always, of course, trying to be parlia.
mnentary and1( cou rteous, though thiere
may be some new codes of et hics which
we have not learned or tunderstoodl.
What we w~ant is to serve the best
interests of this community and we
leave it to this community to say
whether anuything we hiave said or doiie
can be legitimately const rued in any
other way. That should be the puIrpoe
of the commissioners.
We would like to ask the commission
ers what became of the ordinance fixing
rules and regulations for sewerage.
Was it ever printed and if so was it
distributed among the people and the
patrons of the plant? We were told
some months ago that as soon as the
council adopted it it would be printed,
we supposed in the newspapers as other
ordinances are and as other cities do,
but we (10 not recall to have rere ved a
On Tuesday, the' 7th, the qualified
electors of School District No. 14 will
be called upon to decide the question
of issuing bonds to the amount of $5,000
for the purpose of erecting and equip
ping a new school building in the town
of Prosperity, and purchasing a lot
The question is ont of importance ro
tie people of the diitrict and to the
people of Newberry cunty. It affects
the educational interests of the town
of Prosperity and of the surrounding
community, and whatever affects the
educational interests of one section of
the county affects the whole county and
the State. Every elector in the district
shouldform an opinion on the question
to be decided, and should see to it that
his opinion is expressed at the ballot
We hope to see the bonds voted. If
Prosperity is to keep in touch with the
educational advancement of the State,
she must have ti ilities for doing
effective work. i.ere is no doubt that
a new school building is needed. The
old building has done good service in
the past. No one questions that. But
it has seen its best days.
In this age of enlightenment and ad
vancement the position that "what
was good enough for us is good enough
for our crildren," is senseless, and
more than senseless. It in well-nigh
criminal. In addition to this, nothing
can be expected to last through all
Prosper'ty needs a new school build
ing. She needs a home for her school
in which -he can take a just pride, a
school-home around which the intellect
ual life of the community may centre.
True, it will cost something. But the
cost of an issue of bonds to the amount
of $5,000 is a very small matter com
pared to the result to be attained. The
progress of a t )wn is very generally
gauged by its school buildings and
churches. And rightly so, for the pro
gress of any town depends to a very
large extent upon the mental and moral
training which is being given its chil
The bonds should be voted, and we
believe the people of School District No.
11, realizing theimportance of the ques
tion, will turn out to the polls and cast
a full vote. And we believe that the
people of School District No. 14, realiz
ing the great importance of keeping in
touch with the educationaladvancement
of the age, will say by their votes that
they want better educational facilities,
and intend to have better educational
No. I Township News.
The health of this section is good.
We have a great deal of rain and
plenty of grass up here. Our farmers
have plowed very little in their crops
for the pa4t month; crops are looking
very well, though.
Mr. Brack Watkins has remodeled
his residence and is -low painting it.
Mr. and Mrs. Belton Dominick, of
(Greenwood County, visited relatives
here last Saturday and Sunday.
Mr. S. B3raudus Dominick, an engin
eer of the Southern railroad from Char
lotte to Savannah, spent a few days
wvith his father's faxmity last week.
Mr. M att Barre, who has lived on Mr.
Emmnet Williams' brick house place,
has moved to his father's. The atorn
and hail the first Monday in May ver'3
nearly ruined all his cotton and corr
crop, not leaving him any grain at all.
Wallace, a small boy of Mr. and Mrs.
J. S. Dominick, happened with a very
p)ainful accident on last Thursday after
noon. While walking along on a scaf
fold around the piazza where Mr. John
-son was covering, the shingles undIei
his feet slipped and he went off head
first, breaking his arm. Both bones
between the hand and the elbow were
broken. Hie bruised his nose and mouth
Messrs. A. L,. Dominick and Jesse
Johnson ar.e in Greenwood County.
TJhere is to be a big picnic at Chap.
man's gin shop on next Saturday.
Chappella, June 29. G. B. D).
By the evidence of Newberry People.
iT Ihe dai ly ovidenace citizens right here
sat isfy the createst, ske0ptie. No bet t,e:
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S It:
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I wo weoks at a tIme from work on ac
count of the terrIble pain In my back.
At t ines I could not stand straig ht Le
save my lifet and I seemedl 'o lode all
use of iy bacnk whIle t ihieconstaint du(11
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wou'd get, uip In th.. moxring tic ed 1o
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teoo frequ ment in net,ion sex that I hxax to
dIrag mi se'lf out, of bed st'eeral times
dui lni. a n ight m. I triled every hi ng
I cou,ild buiy. rubbex d on Ilinime'nts, w e'
p 'ais Ers antd t ,k remn'-die~s lhu' r' wa
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I weunt to WA. ' Pelhxamn & Sin's d,-'ug
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onten to t h -- righl F. 'epot I used~ th ree boxes
of them and my ixack eena.ed achingr.
had un ' other wIth th.' kIdneys anid
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S. J. W
Ca.n w%ill mvet. Tuwsday, ,July 7,
for: Ihe purpose of' appoint iig Truisi1tve,
for the vai-lois school distri,ts ofC New
berry count.y. 'h 'atrons of an.N
school, Who wish to do So, canl meet at
any time b)efore thti daLte Cot the pur
pose4. of r'ecommiembn tg iTrust ees to th<s
Count-y lBoard aLtct shouHI 511nd itn 1<
the'. County Super'intentdent the namtte.
they wish to suggest. a; ITrust t'es.
CThair'man Couty Hoard( lXItucat jont.
Teacher Wanited.
schloolI. No. I I towntship, schtoo
dlistric't No. 22, will m teet1 at. thes schooIt
house Ju lly 17 lh. at 8 'c lock Cor' Ihe
liurpIose of elect ing1 a Itiiacher for1 saido
school. A ppticationt may het Cfild (on 01
before saji d date with any one of t hel
undelrsignedu t.ruistees.
D). A. I"l"F,
1t. C. SL IG I,
Teacher W an ted.
L t,ion ofCteacher' of C U 1ion schiool.
of .xe unidersigned otn orl befor' July1
Prtosper'iit y, S. C.
Slights, S. C'.
berry anid F'ai rlield Counties w ii
meet at AshCord's lFerry (on Friday,
July 17th, at ii o'clock'a. im., to lt
Contract to1 take (cable out oC rivet' atm
put upl sames..
.JNO. M'.. (CitJlllMEltTl,
Supervisor' Newherr'iy (Coun ty.
Master's Notice
P11 attont, dleease'd, are,o htereby ire
qirted to r'endert and1( estabtlisht t heit' dle
mandttos beCore me14 (on ort before( July 211
Newberry, S. (.
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''welilt Hi On\ e per cai
VV we'igllt at otll 15\ e a
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All Druggists.

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