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QIW, 4 irald and #Ivwf
Shook Hands With His Victim, Mhen Shot
Hii to Death. Texas' Comp
troller is Slain.
Austin, Tex., J une 30) -- Fronzied
by supposed wrongs, W. 0. Ilill, an
exatttatche of t he State compt roller's
olice, this morning, at few minutes
pitst 10 o clock, entered the private
oflice of State cotptrollor 1. Ni Love
and killed him by inmins of two well
directed shots from a large calibre
revolver. As Hill turnedi to floo, he
wis intercepted by (hief Clerk St,
vels of t lie dpartu ent, who engaged
him in a sentile, during which his
revolver was aevidentally oxplodeti.
The bullot entered lIill'- abdomen
elsing at wound from which he lidik
at 3 o'clock this aftornoon, throo
hoirs after the deatlh of the man
whose liftl h sought.
Tius, inl brief, is told the story of
ti otouble tragetly, the first assassi
nat0io1 OVer chronielod in t .lt'exas
4'apinal. 'il,t shoo1ling Jill' tillr-w[i
lit tilwil anal Stat t iito a S 1014%1 lltoI,
hIII 1t1*4 dolithl (if lilt,Ivisaissill, W; wVell
al his vitilinl, liats lost'l th. st.r inl
41110 (1ba1ptor.
As to whit eatili tlie slio.>ting
lilt1 ('1all expla . ,i0t)ir tihai hiat it
vas th at of at inadia Hilt had
h)1011 aill oullilk, %v of t hevcomnptir,,1.l"rs
.'ilve for 1() fars p it ln ve's
u1'n Of olit"O II was let out by
Mr lIoe whel the latter took cttr4e
wo : a lre-utd that this fact
* li' t..I U n t l I. w t I
t. il 1. n ttrfl iv
No s-ner
read the let.
tih b dv of Mr
below, the
- Mr -erdatu, I, Jr 'ippd
rt ha f f rwi ri
2 1.k war.
lI~. *t'111 'at hn- [mr . n ad
lnaic.tiep! .li, tri e i to tuake
fr ih' . r. li ' ,a intercet.- i 1.
('hief (hrk Soo''vo:, w r '
WitIt hitn atal wns \\ re'' with iti.
wiin 111 '1 1' isttl wt a-ent-:ta
dischfirgedi, thilt, le 111rl111Hm'
11 eils' at ns ali I w A ts lt wedr t
to Itht' floor whteret he lay naitil t akeni
t)o t' ehospit al. hi,. ihed alt 3 el
ts a. i'tarn.ion.
I,ov' twats givena atl I ii'tli.al : i
th~''It posibtt it iedi wit}i ati hou r
aift r t', II.' shlit trnv
IBefore t' ('lle' tion wast ta.ken up at
at neglo ptlace of worshalip the aninister
aauncedt thatt hit re'grtett'd to state a
celrta in 1brothe haiI :d ret ired tot rest thle
nighlt btefortet wihtot locking the door
of his ttew Ii hou se to Iintd in theit morninag
that all1 hiis tlhtkens had(1ti vaiished.
" Ietn'.t want to be t'rsittal," hie con
whoit stole th-tin cic ken' s. If I 'm righit in
dlost suspicions dth utnitn wonl't put ainy
'lTere was a grantd c'Olletionkl, tnot a
single mierith' of the congregation
feIgning sleep.t
"Notw. bartedertn,"' announced the tin
inter. 'I don'lt wanltt tall yoabi dinters
spoilt by wondtering whiere dat brother
lives whoe dion't loek hits chic'kensi up at
ntight. I )at brot her don't exist, moh
frientis. lIe wasL a iparablte fohi pulrposes
ob tinanice."
(anue of Yninng.
Yawnvinmg it tommlonily caused by a
tempo)(ratry dttlelney of Ite air sup-)
ply in thet lungs. Whencu thet body 1s
wea ry with hitrtd an$ continuous work
or mnttal study. laissitude frotm the ef
focts or t'lose, hea vy air or Intense heat,
or perhaps fronii thet pecunlair state of
the h,eailh, theit rtepiratory parocess is
solntimlues involuntarIly stayedl for a
few riomiients. To'. 'omphensate for this
stoppeage of' breathhilig natture stepis in
to the reset itntd sets up1 a itssmodie
act ion in the niuselies of the mouth,
thrtoat and chest, whieh produces a
deep inlspiration which takes the form
of a ytawn.
Au Old Church Knocker,
T1he grottestjute knocker on the sane
tuar'y dtoor of I )urham 'athedralI,
whICh btears a rathter distincet resen
bhzince tto a ioni, is said to beo or the
ttelfthI centiury. TIhe hiollows for the
eyest' maly have beent''l formierly filled
withi *'ysttI or emntint'l, or, its it htad.
been'i suggtesttd, thle optten eyts maly
hiave been'm (contrived to emit light from
wlthini thte church, so as to guide the
hapless being seeking sancetuairy by
night to the wteomie havent of safety.
--Chainhers' Journal.
"Teldl Iint Goodby."
"I know that article was written by
a southerner," said the astute city ed
itor, andt wthien shomei 01ne asked why
he etxlthtied: "A northerner would
have put I-, 'I ouaid farewell,' or 'l said
goodh)y,' bitt never 'I told himt goodby.'
Your southerner always has it 'I told
him goodby.' "-New York Press.
It Cost* It& Viethme Many a Delaj
mud Many a Pang.
Is it not a fact that muen really spend
i treating amnounts that they would
hesitate to give aWay nO1 matter how
deserving the charity? It is a trait of
huitiai haraeter that comes tirougi
thi all absorbing disposit.on to "h1oid
your end up" when with a friend. liut
dreds of men take thousands of drinks
that tley do not want, and other liin
dreds pay for thousands that are inoit
Two im i'et. and one says: "Ni jglit
glad to see you. I.et's have somiethtini -
Neitlier geeirally needs or even wa11t,t
a drinlk. But the manu who offers It
waits to show that he is generous lie
takes this imetthod of proving thalit he is
ghad to neet his friend. The friend
after lie lts taken the drink thlat i
did tot wm.m. to prove that he. to. i,
a good fellow, lusists upon a seendlil
The (;erilan custom of entering a b;.
loon. taking a drink and paylig for :
and for no 1 thers if adopted inl Alliter
lea would prove a blessing. Tilet Aer
lean of treVating is deLidedly :
Curse. Wha;t we do for friendships
sake costs us tuany a dollar and many
a pang. Spingtield I'nlon.
'onfeeerate F lag'.
In ira :. t he Coutiederate con
gress adop -it :the t nation:lI emhlie't
the ''' .. " It was made up
of tlr, . al ba.rs of red, w hite
and red. Atue umon in the ul.. 'r
left hi:d -:.r. on w hich were doi
plhyed 1.1t O wh:e tars in a circle.
thus ;.: ::g the hire red. white and
blue.w trico,r appeared in ill
the sua re'd: i:ihages
Th,e roo:. 0n of this to the stirl
and stri'es hi to coinfisioti. mlstakes
and ls, of life at the battle of NI:t
nassas. and -ort!v after that a, lion an
otlher thi was b0.rn to tlie t'onfederacy
in Setet': t* 1" . 1 1
TIe :i:: Vt.ag was thenl ld0ptk,d
Th.s. In "'.e %inguae of heraldry. wa-,
a re'd 1 I: h:rued w.thi a blue s:,:t .er.
:ba .~:^:w heur,. r f whitv. c..
Wh, u,:e dM tyd thirteen w nt
sta:-s :1 ti:er w ords-. a lue t. .\n
drew'Nvs e:--s :: a rd :un i.
was d..,d:sin shaNttand was.:
never tha:.!
An Air Tight -it.
MI rs. Je:n.ng, at.d h:- uy cousin
Wee exo.f:.n. tc.n cf their old
5.ho'e. fnie':al. "How" ai.ut l.uev
Morse' .- ed the coulsiln --lias she
kept on " r.n in. tter and fatter'
"\\.1. :l' sz:iay is ti.:." sani Mrs
J enit.i,,-A Anie Fll te1 eh nx. lst
year tLat when L.uey sent home fril
Naslua -where she was nursing her
uncle. to have a silk waist made. Annie
realized she hadnt't got any mieasure#.
and then she rtenembered that the last
time Iucy was there she stood up bjy
the 1I; air ticlht stove. and Annie re.
nIria to k .ersel f the test'emblanee
be!vween 'et. Alnd uhe took tie Ieas
ure .f that air ti.w' t and cut in a mite
for the wallst line l'ouit as muli as a
knIfe iarks warm molasses ciandy
ar.d u.e' the waist a)cordingly. sent
it on. a:.d I.u y "rOte back it was an
eleg.i fit."- " Aih's ('o1paLion.
'Wall Street and Clothem.
The beest dire'ssedl men in New York
are t he \'all 1 St re'eters. T here Is one
y'oun g mionebr of the Stock Exchange
who is famnous for his clothes, Hie hae
a watrdr lee in his ariva to otliee and
ebxanxe's his stilt thxroe tilanes a day al
10). at nocn e nd t 3: o'clock . A bus'
Scein cel the tioor will wreck anyi~ suit
Mo cst ofC the brokers wear ant old1 cilite
coait in the shuttle and turmoil, and
there is scarcely an active mneiber but
has an extra pair of trousers to put ox
aifte'r thle c'lose of husiness. Scores of
little tailors In the litzancial distriel
make a goeod living pressing trouserm
at 50 (enits ax1 pir*.
Thele Spectromcope,
Originally the spee'eccope was ap
plied only to c'hemisatry and in that
limiteed tieb peI~rov ed It self an invaluiabIt
a Id in i cu raete anlatlysils. Ily holding it
a heunseni Ihimuxe a platinum wire mois
tenied bcy conitnaet w itb thle skixn the
presencee of a few~ grains of salt swal
low'ede ax fewv ilminutecs prei' otusly can 1br
de t eetedi with th spect roscope. In
deed(, so wondl(erfutlly retinedi is the
woerk eof I the spcect ros'oie em'iist thal
hie nni diiscoeer ix a subset anuce the
p)resenice ofi one throee-inillinth ofa
graixn of ie'ial.
Blie Arietic tiene.
"'halliey, dieari." sliich el img N Mrs
Tforkins. "yeou ae eiI shuix't let yourii a rtIa
tic e'esce worriy yeou so muchx."
"'1 overhieardl you tal khtg to thal
friend wIth whom xei yo.u pihty cardsd.I
know~i howe~ mutchx youl applreciate hari
Ulony in roirmi andc e'olor. hut itb
wcVreeneg to bee 1sot miuh ann ioyed be'causie
Onle hxcarit got In withi a few spades.'
--Watshi I igt on Starxi.
Mloral l,a.ei
Thxe mioralI laxw lies at the center o1
natItur'e an ld rai ates to the cirenumifer
enee. It Is tilel Ii an3c( ma11rrow of ey
cry subl sit nece, ev ery' relat ion andc e've'r
process. All things with which wi
deaxl pxreach to us. Wh'lat is a farm bu
a mutiie gospel? The sailor, the shep
herd. thei inor, the merchant, in thetu
aevceriai iresorts haive e'aech an oxperi
en1 ee cisely parialIle'l. Emlerson.
lEer ()pporteunity.
TIhey hiad tartedt foir a stroll.
"TJherce Is our minister,"e he said.
"a313 gelng to sask himx to join us."e
"Tl join us? Oh, George, this Is so
suideie' lixt haxdin't you better spea k
to papaIl betfoare e'inginig the mhiister,
doer?" Spare .\ioimenits.
Th'Iere is axn age whven every girl
Wanits to go oni the stixge, Just as there
is whien eve'cry boy wc~ants to be a pA
rate.- Ne'w York Press.
Poor Hueman Natuer.
'Wagglesa iIe cou iln't ireimember why
his wIfe ticti a string arounid his fin
ger, so he was afraid to go home and
stayed out1 all ntighit.
IJaggies.What~ was it he Should have
W aggles -.To come hoole sarly. -
Omsart Set.
Four ntii wero Ohot und wounded,IItidi,
o of thotumt 8i teriously ihat. it ih
thought he will die,o, in a har ro'om
displte inl savantIahI oli Mlnetay.
An elovator iii tw huilinig (if A.
J. 11eiiz at Phiitiladl phia Was relfliod
by tho broaking of a sha!t oi alonday
and foll t ( istaicew of -1) foot.
Twonty -throo poople wvoro oil thge ojo.
vator at t e tino, tid ovory mio wais
Injured. It is thuight I wo will
Watches, Clocks,
Silver and Plate Ware,
Cut Glass and Table Ware
Wedding and Birthday Presents
Key winding Watches
Changed to Stem
Eduard Scholtz,
Jeweler and Optician.
I ttviigs tiret he St epp ng
StIles to succus..; mid plonty
a I11 tioll'S d-po ited i o 11o
$A5,00 will in l v years
$10.00 wIll ill 10 \ears
We w;tl \yk i"ns
l ,lve a ly l lt .e;te ".1ti tit to
0.e'tin tldae ur n -
The Commercial Bank
of Newberry, S. C.
Call and see my line of
Deering Binders,
Mowers and Rakes.
Th celebrated
Thomas Disc and
smoothing Harrows,
sold on easy terms.
TIhe folow~ing dru iste requet t twe
hioldersi ''Cf AlHN.\ e'unpons teo b'ring
the,tn ini at once ant i seur,e abtl e. .
Iy free, t hie regular size heelth- ofC I he
(3rent P reeparat ion, al I IR N A W I N1V
leor Hale onely hv ( lbhar &S W\eeks.
Newberry, S. C.
Capital - - - $50,000
Surplus - - - 19,500
Paid Stockholders
since organization 21,000
Paid Depositors in
NSavings depart
"mnent since or
iganizationl - - $9,200
fore thlie tiine he puts ini t woirk Ibut
wh'en'i that fenan satves at dellar f H
dayt H laboecr It w rksfor hirn night,
as we'll ae dIa~..; ne'ver l:.yN , ifl ,n n
eount of badti wveaitlthe In ni'~eier ge
ick,e butt goes rihet eln eauruii e: himi
anl Iincorno.e I1t a niice hing' to w ' -
tOr llh'fie', bitt it's gieeeli ,,jher to
haivee lun iey' woringi i for on TF-s
andit get solhe meoneye wo)rking for vonu.
Alaike a depocsit j in ' h e,s ide
patrtruenit todayt anid let it buegine to
work for yonu Itereesi eeneeputedc at
4 po'r cent d1anenary I aind ly I of
nanh ya.
A reward of $0,500 has boen of
ftred for the capture of Harvey Lo
ga who recotly - escaped from a
'enlfosso" jail.
III tie regttttn race -at Kiel, - the
Am,.rietnn entered ilve boats in four
evoets, wiinling two firsts, a second,
aitd it third. The Clormans entered
Robert Rich of Savannah, aged
21, tiecideont ally shot and killed his
mot her on Monday. He was devoted
to her. He wtas "pranking" with a
pistol, showing her how easily it.
Week End Rates.
The Southern Railway announces the
following Week End Rates, beginning
Saturday, June 6th, continuing to
August 29th, for all Saturday trains,
good returning until Tuesday following
date of sale; round trip tickets will be
on sale from Newbrery to Charleston,
Sullivans Island, and Isle of Palms, at
rat e of $5. 1t.
Beginning .June 6th, continuing to
September 12th. for all Saturday and
Sunday morning trains, good returning
leaving destination not later than Tues
day following date of sale, round trip
tickets will be on sale from Newberry
as follows:
Spartanburg . $2 10
Greenville .....2 10
Whitestone . . . . 2 10
Union . .1 85
Taylors tfor Chick Springs) . . . 2 31
Asheville. N. C. . . ... 3 85
I lot Springs, N. C. .. . 4 60
Arden. N. C. - . . 3 85
Fletchers. N. C . 3 85
lendersonville. N. C . . . . ; 85
Flat Rock. N. C........ . 3 S5
,aluda, N. C ....... 3 85
Tryon, N. C........ . 3 85
Nreva-d. N. C . . . 4 60
L,ake Toxaw.a. N C ...... 5 30
Fmo tickets and further information,
apply to . 1. McLEAN. Agt.
Collee of Chalestoi
lAtters. Science, Engineering. One
.-holarship to each County of South
'arolina. Entrance examination held
at Newberry by County Superintendent
of Education and Judge of Probate on
.luly 10. Tuition $40. Board and fur
nished room in Dormitory. $10 per
month. All candidates for admission
are permitted to compete for Boyle
Scholarship, which pays $100 a year.
For catalogue, address
To the Public at LafgeI
"eeing the need of an organiza
tion looking to giving cheap pro
teetion in this county, we take
pleasure in recommending to the
eople as a whole, the Workmen's
.'ni,n Protective Association of
America. as being the best thing
in the way of sick, accident and
burial benefits, inexistence. We
write from the age of 12 to 65.
It costs $2.10 for a policy, and if
you are sick one week, we pay
you $6 per week ; and at the death
ofn mmber $50 as a burial fund
is paid. Any one wishing protec
to against sickness or accidecnt
at cost, can get it by applying to
either Eu gene S. W erts, Secre
tary and Treasurer, J. WV. Ear
hardt, President, o' J. W.. Reeder,
County Agent.
Tlo the Secretary and Treasurer of the
Workmen's Onion Protective Asso
eiat ion of A mericai:
I certainly appreciate the promptness
in you paying my husband, Thomas H.
Reeves, sick benefit and burial fnnds.
I can heartily recommend the comn
panLIy to one and all who want protec
tion at cost. My husband had only paid
thir-ty-tive~ cents (3.5e) into the treasury
afther receiving his policy, and the comn
pantIy has fulfi lied its promise to a let
ter. I thIink every man, woman and
child in the county, that is twelve years
old, ought to have a policy in the Work
mten's U1nion Proteetive Association of
A merica. First why, because it is a
home company; second - the money is
all kept right at home: third-you get it
at (cost ; fourth --the association is do
ing what. God has taught us to (10, help
one another; and1 there is no better way
to obey the c~ommrnl'id of the Lord than
to link together in this grand Associa
tion. I cannot praise th Acssociation
too high for what it has done for my
hu'band, Thos. H1. Reeves. May you all
vter live andl carry on the good work,
is my best wishtes to the Association.
Res pee fully,
TUTARRIVED) at S. B. Jones'
'iFes Nabisco, Athena, (Cham
pagne and Pestino Wafers.
FUll1 LINE of Canned Meats,
. Canined Vegetables andt Canned
Fish at S. B. JIones'.
66'U)1N MONEY'" and a c'omplete
A line of lleinz's Pickles in
glasxs at S. It. Jones-,
( I AXVES, Sauces, and all kinds of
('ondimnents at S. B. .Jones'.
Hi uylIer's
Lowney's and
Baker's Cocoa,
and Flavoring Extr'acts
At S. B. Jones'.
Dried Fruit:
California Apricots,
and Raisins,
At S. B. Jnes'
THE V 1'
Addre ss S0
..'.NNAH, GA.
Two Daily Pullman V(
Between SOUTH a
The Best Rates and R(
Via Richmond and
Norfolk and Steal
Nashville, Mempi
LOLuiS, Chicago, N(
Points South and Soutf
and Jacksonville an
and Cuba.
Pvricy Tin.- Sic
gro-For detailed informatic
man reservations, etc., ap
board Air Line Railway, a
Passenger Agent, Columbi
m mTH
0 R TH .iNi
Fo aes scedle m
7 ~'TLN WM. J.II
S avemadoDrom anditscow.
1pora Lw meo tjforotwonty
aOOII avo oured many thou.
Bo pF Atlantal Ua.
E L h
T'A B .1. FAT
-- EAST -- WEST.
,stibuled Limited Trains
ute to all Eastern Cities
Washington, or via
ners. To Atlanta,
iis, Louisville,. St.
zw Orleans, and All
iwest--To Savannah
I all p< 'its in Florida
n, rates, schedules, Pull
ly to any agent of The Sea
r 3. 3. Puller, Travelin g
a, S.C.
sstGeni. Pass. Agt.,
d [tee to Any AddeM.
riexcelled for luxury
hi the latest Pullman
troughlfare Cars.
ips or any informa.
Passenger Agent,p
Wilmington, N. C.
I. 0. BEANTIE, Receives.
In Effeet Junu ' .1902.
letwOa1n Aliitair,ub aud Wajblla&.
~aAlituoiNjs- WEernouno.
AltRIv . ,EAVE.
Mixed biIled
No. 9. No. 12 rtations. No. 11 No. 9
11.Mb. A bP.M. A.M
3 10 9 55...............Belton ............... 20 1060
248 933........ Anderson F. D......... 840 11 10
245 9 30. ......A*nderson P. D..... ... 346 1116
----.... 926........W est Anderson....... 349 ........
---.--.. 9 09l............... Denver.............. 8 59
------. 9 02...............A utun ............... 406 ........
.----... 865 ........... Pe ndleton ........... 411 ........
........ 847...............Cherry............... 4 18 .......
----.... 844...............A dam s ............... 421
-.- - 8 .....Jordania Junct... ... 4 88 .......
- - 825 ...............on eca.............. 486
4 40
... .... - 06....... .w est Union ......... 504 ::::::::
800............ w alialla ............ 5609 ........
All regula trais ifrom Bolton to Walh,1a4,
iave procedence over trains of saie clamsI
r1 oviIh tim Otposite dirootton unless oth
OrWIMOSIM01oiCil bY train order.
Will njlo stop at. the following stations to
tit[w oil fni lot on> passengers: Phinney'a
Jutilom and Sandy Y11wings.
%. . AN I LUU, Superintendent
haMIOll Od WestrnIlarolina Rwy Co.
Augusta and Ashevfllo Short Line
(Schedule In effoot March 1, 1908.)
(Road I)own.) (Rlead tp)
12.46 pin ......... Lv Newberry......... Ar 8.10 pin
1.50 pinl .. Ar Laurens............. Lv 2.02 p
2.07 pill.........Lv Laurens.. .. .... Ar 1.80 p
.3 pun.........Ar Spartanburg.LV 1201
3.40 Hi.......... Lvy dpar tanburg..... Ar 10.25
5.82 pm.........Ar daluda........ Lv 8. 89 a
6-11 pin.........Ar Ilondersonville Lv 8.05 at
7.15 pa1.........Ar Asheville........... Lv 7.00 a
12.46 pH m...... vN w borry (C.N.& I,.) 8 10 p
1.50 pn..... Ar Laurene.................Ly 2.02 p
1.65 pin ......i,v Laurens.................Ar 1.45
2. ,1 pin......Ar GOreenwood.............Lv 12.44
6.20 Ar Augusta.........Lv 10.10
2 35 p1n...... I,v Augusta.................Ar 11.66
6.30 pn n...... Ar Beaaufort..............Lv 7.50 am
6.45Pin .... Ar Port, Itoyal............ Lv 7.40 am
I46 prn...... Lv Nowberry (O.N.&L)A 8,10 Pm
I ,'9 pan...... Ar Laurens ..... .........Lv 2.02 pmi
2 l Pu.lm..v Iatiro"iR .......... Lu 1.86 pin
3.2 pin......Ar Groonville--......... iv 12.16 pm
For hit thor InforiatiRo relt0iv ates,
e. aqj. ci,r addaroe
(4E. T HitY AN, (4en. A8*. Greenville,8 O
ERNE T WILLIAMS, on. Pass. Agt
T. M. :- m 1iin Traflio blaniger.
(-i,atorn Staniard Tin o.)
soni thbotid. Northbound.
schetile In EIfect Sunday, :June 128th, 1908
8 40 ann LIv Atlanta (S.A.L) Ar. 8 60 pin
10 5Y a iIn A thons 6 19 pm
11 b5 aul Elberton 5 17 pm
:2 *b pin Abbeville 4 05 pm
1 22 pia biroenwood 3 85 pin
2 Ihpr- Ar Clinton (D)in'r) [,V. 2 45 pm
10 taM filn IV Wlin Springs Ar 4 00 pnj
2 pn Mpa1rpanburi 8 80 pll
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'IatlM ;: 'al 2atrrive anad dpart~fron
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TCrainaa 22 ,u'<i 8, faotal A . C. 1L. freight depot.
W est G'ervals street*
Vaur itates, Tuine Tables, or further informia
t.lon call on say Agent., or wvrite to
P'residient. Traftio Manugr.
-.. 13.1 VIN(.MT'ON, 11. M. RKgggo '.
80a. Ar't. lounl l"rt. & P'ass A1.
No taste. No odor. Can be given in
glass of water, tea, or coffee without
patient's knowledge.
White Ribbon Remedy will cure or
dlest roy the dliseased ap)petite for alco
holie stimulllants, wvhether the patient is
a confirimed inebriate, a ''tippler," so
cia] drinker or' dIrunkard. Impossible
for anyvone to have an appetite fralco -
holic hquor01s after using White Ribbon
lIndlorsed by Members of W. C. T. U.
Mr's. Moore, press superintendent of
Woman's Christian Temperance Union,
Ventura, California, writes: "'I have
testedi White Ribbon Remedy on very
obIstmnate druinkards, aind the cures have
bnmn.In many cases the Remedy
sgiven3 secretly. I cheerfully recomn
mendl and md(orse White Ribbon Reme
ly. Membaers of 0our Union are de
lighted to find( an economical treatment
to aid uas im ouri temperance work.'"
D)ruggists or by mail, $1. Trial pack
ige tree by writing Mrs. A. M. 1 wn
~t'<.I (.lr years secretary of a Woman 's
blrist ian 'l'empaerance Union), 218 Tre.
morat St,Hso,Mass. Sold in New-.
aerray by Gilder & Weeks.
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