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UJneasiness Still Exists --Phillips, The I
sassination Of Whom Started The
Affair, Is Dead.
The State.
In response to a telegram from Al
J. L. Glover, intendat, Capt. L.
Haskell and a picked squad of 50 C
lumbia militiammn were sint o Nc
way on a spiecial train Saturdi
night. Trouble wil b t he negroes h
been feared ever since t he lynching
Charles Evans, who was charged wi
the attempt to assassinate Mr. Jn
L. Phillips a week ago last. nigh
Not much surprise was felt when T1
State last night received a telephoi
message from Mr. Glover co.ivevit
the intelligence that. the nogroes we
congregating near the town and hi
sont Iessiges sitying that Norw
would be wiped out f oxistiro h
fore daylight.
The members of the milhtia cor
panics were at H-yaitt park, t.hri
miles from I he city, Vwen this tel
gram was rec'eived afteor 11 o'cloc
but by 1230 they lhad assaembledi
their armorios, had got tn arms at
equipmlents and att. 10 mitnutes to
o'clockc a special traini in ebartige<
Mr. J. J. Puiller of the Seaboard Ie
the R4. A. L. depot.
CJol. Patrick, assistant adjiitat
genmeral, atCom pan ied t he comnpar
na ordnance oflicer. T[hose enlisti
meni who haed (cartridlgPs were ri
quired to surrendicer b hem to (Jol. Pa
rick, anid no ammuniltion, was to has
beenm issued except ini cai.: of gre
. 0LD)IERs5 IN NORwAv.
An armed posse of mon wi
patrolling the townt. Mr. Solomior
informed Capt Haskell its 0non asI
stepped on the plitform that betwee
400 and 500 negroes were massed i
the woods about three miles froi
*Norway at a place called Bush Pon
Rlunners from the vieinity of [1
negro camp arrived in Norway oar]
in the evening with in formation thi
.the negroes were preparing to mnos
on the town. The town is beirn
patrolle'd by armed meni, but they d
not feel that t hey coul cope with tI'
great tnmber of negrotes.
Town Marshal (*lover heard t.he
there was to he a negro frolie nou
the town today. T1he towns p)eop]
were afraid to permit the frolic anc
told the marshal to order the m
gross to disperse. TIhis he did anl
the negroes threatened hiimi and1 set
word to the town that they propose
-to kill B. S. Hutt o, (. F. Toole, Pei
*Gibson, Launcey Yonng and Henr
The force of men in the town is
*stnall that it was then dleelaredi wit
We mean to makE
the ranks being W(
adding of other ati
has ever seen. Cc
Sbuying at the BIG
3r the Axe. Tabl
, f Ull 36 in., and sold all-over i5o Tal
igh's price is 7Yc, not over pa
!ces, it's worth :22c for this xoo do
ner, not over a dollar's worth big
50 doz.
lengths to go oil sale at only 25 doz.
-5 0 doz.
>rti 12y2c, for this sale 8%c. 6o doz.
th 20c, for this big sale IiYc- 5o doz.
to summon help. The women and
children of the place are 'hidden in
three houses, which are strongly
RB The fact that the old soldier, Phil
lips, whom Evans was lynched for
shooting, is-sill alive has greatly ag
grieved them and butr for. the arrival
of the troops the contrymen say that
they are well informed of the fact
that there would have been treu
[r. ble.
V. There are lights in all of the hcuses
o- and the women of the place are badly
ir- frightened.
ly It was decided to leave the com
as pany of the Richland Volunteers to
of guard the town, assisted by the
th armed citizens, while Assistant Adju
0. tant General J. M. Patrick, accompa
t. nied by three picked men, is going
)o to the camp of the negroes to inves
1e tigate.
Ig The Norway men are practically
re wori out with guarding their women
Ad and childran and property.
LY Many of them have not had their
clothes off since Monday ovoning
when Mr. Phillips was shot.
Nothing has been heard of Jim
.Evans, tbe brother of the lynched
3e man, who was implicated in the
s. crime. The fathier of the Evans
k, boy. is a white man and it is said
a~ that he is at the bottom of the present
ai trouble among the negroes and is
i urging thorm on to attack the town.
fr Frequent threats have been made to
ft the townspeople in the past few
day s and the negroes have renewed
a their Iprtinence.
yThe three nogroes that were
dwhipped have been seen several
times since the lynching but have
t. not been among those who made the
e! threats.
it Assistant Adjutant General Patrick
cannot get back from the negro
cam p b)efore :3.30 or 4 o'clock.
sA neg--o named Singleton, who
was at the s'ation, made some re
amarks uncomplimentary to the comn
n pany. He was immediately p.laced
a under arrest by Lieut. Benet.
1. Nor way, .July 5.-John T. Ph illips;I
5e the old Confederate Soldier, who was-I
y shot live timnes while at his supper1
it table by the negro, Charles Evans,
e lynched for the crime, died here this
g morning at 6.50 o'clock, after having:
0 suffered mortal agony for but litt'le)
e less than a week. That he lived so,
long is considered by the physicians.
it of this place -but little short of a~
ir miracle. Three of the wounds ad
e ministered by the negro fiend wverd
di said by the phbysicians to0 be fatal amtd
' how the old man maniagedl to live all
d this time puzzled the doctora not
S a little. '
d 'Just what effect the passing away
e of Mr. Phillips wvill have on the al
y ready very much strained situation
here it is difficult. to say. Conserva.
o tive residents of this section have
le hanen hoping aainst hope itha he
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would live at least a few days longer,
believing that if he did not. die just
now the conditions horo would adjnst:
thOmselves. Now that the end has
come the fooling of anxiety and I.
oasiness has increasedi and ther are
miany persons hertabouts who foar
more trouble.
The massing of the negroes at
Bush Pond yesterday and their op1eni
threats on the Huttos and other per
sons in this vicinity havo made mat
ters worse and the local merchants
say they will regard it. as exceedingly
fortunate if they are able to .pass
safely through the ordeal necessarily
consequent upon the old man's fu
neral. The presence of the Richland
Volunteers here last night and this
morning, of course, acted as t forci
ble preventive on any move that the
negroes proposed to carry out in lieu
of those threats.
It was with no little regret that
the villagers saw the troops depart,
today and they did not hesitate to
say that they lOared additional
trouble would ensuo if Capt. Haskell
withdrew his men. Assistant Adju
tant General Pattrick, however, x
plained that now that Sherill' Dukes
was on the ground it looked like a
reflect ion on himi for the tro ops to
remain as he was ostensibly able to
cope with the difliculty and arrest.
the ringleaders among the negroes
who had made the threats.
This explanation did not exactly .
satisfy thre Norway people and they
showed their anxiety in imore wvays
thnone. Assistant Adjutant Gen
eaal Patrick (lid not thmk the troops
would be required on the ground any
longer and as it was quite nmaterial
expenses to the State it was decided
to withdlraw them today.
When the volunteers started back
at noon they were a very much ox
hausted compan5!y or young soldiers..
That was only natural, all things
considered, and the wonder of it was
that some of thoem had not been
'rho fact that they were not speaks
volumes for thoem.
August Number New Idea W oman's Maga
In addition to the splendid array
of clever fiction which marks the Au
gust issue of the New Idea Woman's
Magazine, eispecial mention of the
practical articles upon household or
garden martters in that number is
worthy of thre careful reader's atten
tionr. "The Economies of a Summer
Girl," by Minina Irving, is among
these; anid of equal interest are '"The.a
Evolnt ion of a Home," by Alico Chit..
tendon; "Furnishing a Flat," by
Wynogene I"arghor; "Psycho physi.
cal Cnlture," by Adele Mario Rigne~
"A W oman's T1woacre Invest mont,"
by Ethel W albert; andl others of equal
value presented by thei well-known
enntrib)utors to the magazine depart
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Negroes' Address Deals More Rationally
With Lynching-- "Make Friends with
the People."
Louisville, July 3.-The closing
(lay of the Afro. American council
was marked chiefly by the presen
tation of resolutions embodying ant
address to tho country at large on.
Lh race problem. After its adop
tion the convention adjourned sino
The address in part, is as follows:
"As o mob violeie, it, is gratify.
ing to noto that for the past year or
Lwo tho number of victims showe a
lecided decrease; and while all
Lheso were not members of our race, .
the vast majority was. Notwith
standing this fact, we shoold not. t
fetel called upon to discuss the mat.
ter at this time, were it not that I
while the number of victims is de
ireasing, the variety of provocations
which lead up to this act of violene
is growing more and more insignili
ant (and numerous. It is not an
inusual thing to read of negroes
being lynched for impudence, ref us
ing to obey, striking a white man,
etc. Now, we submit, that lynching
for anLy cause is destructive of any
law, is demoralizing, but to subject
persons accused of--even guilty of,
such trivial offenses, to unlawvful
punishmet and death, is to make
the negro the marked man of the
nation; for him to suffer violence for
such causes will eventually involve1
many of our best people. In some
sections of thie country ist means
death for a negro to attempt to pro
tect the females of his famiLy. WVe
ask in all sincerity:
"Is this American ? Is it right ?
Such actions indicate a tendlency to
anarchy and anarchy for the negro
will terminate in anarchy for all
"TIhe number of those of our race
who are now accused of the name
less crime against woman is so small,
compared with the whole number,
t,hat it is scarcely necessary to dis
cuss this as aL distinct crime. Yet
we make no plea for any man who
may be proved guilty of this crime;
our plea is for law and for the pro.
tection of the innocent.
"It is now clearly evident that the
purpose of those who first started
ostensibly to disfranchise the igno
rant negro has been broadened and
strengthened. Their purpose now in
cludes almot ali negroes. In cer..
taini of the States this result has al -
readly b)een achieved andl thonsands
of gnalilied muen are dlenied poesitive
ly and( absolutely the right, to vote.
In such States taxation without rep
resentationi prevails as truly as ever
it did when England held control
over the American colonies. We
make no objection to the disfratnchuise
ment of tihe ignorant negro, providedl
n~ name classns of tieher rkaces
e Sal
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.1. C Napier of Neashville, Tenn.,
n ll aiddre4w, kaid: "Wihat t.he ne
rioo want dodo in this country is
o imiko friondi with the people.
?assing the law-h will not bring
Lhout th1e dosirod- romilt. I would
'ol bettor away from home if I
mow that I had the respect, of my
ieighbors who were willing to pro
ect. 1my family during my absence.,
han I would with an army a thous
mild miles away willing to tight for
ny rights. These young men who
-ome from Booton with their high
otions of life, with thoir bloodthritty
pomctetill, would make it botter by
.isitinug Chti south, knowing some.
ling of the condition of their peopl
mnd prmaching to themi i gospel of
rwo Storms Unite and Play Havoc In
The Bronx F ollow a Wave
of Heat.
NewV York, July 2.--A terrific
itormi here to day followed a period
>f intense heart. There were four
leaths from the heat to-(iny and a
icore or more of prostratoions. Al
ready three (leaths, dlirectly tracea.
'>le to the storm, have beene reported
iund imany perons caught ini tile fury
>f thme windl were injured. A long
i'nmo thme gale blew at the rate of
ievent.y-two miles ani hour ini the
upper)0 pmart of New York, according
to the account of the wveather bureau.
Many places were struck by lhght
ning, which played conet inuously for
an hour or more.
T1here were in reality twvo stormes,
Llt they blended into one. The
Ihronr was the lirst to feel its effects
md1( the lowver portlonl of that borough
mtfered1 most. A windl of ext.remely
bighl velocity swept to the east, up
rooting trees, Hinashing plate glass
winde(ow-, b)lowing podestrainms frcm
their .footing anLd dloing all kinds of
FanntLiio Kinstrer, at 6. year-Old1 child,
frightened by the storm and blinded
by the rain, ran directly under ai
swiftly moving wagon and was
killed( instantly. John D)ominick, ai
dock laborer, wats knocked into the
East River by a plank, which had
been picked upj b)y thle wind, acnd
was drownedl.
Trhe windts swept thme embers of a
bonfire, kindled by a numbeor of boys,
over the pinafore of 8-year old( Clar
evnct' 11addon, anid lhe .was bmuned to
Conust able Wm., Lykes wais pain
fully injnur(d ine Chlarlest on onJ Hatur
(lay afternoon ine anv attemupt to seize
one of Chicco's lignor wagons. LAykes
seizedi thme bridlle reinri and thle driver
whipped up his horsss. Lykos, how.
ever, held on, and fi inalIly muade the
enpture. 'T'he driver was arrested
r words instead of
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A M ifi4 Trtiesdaile, wh.,livmd inl ithe li
Camden factory village, WatH drownera
in the factory ponld Friday evening
while out, bathing with t wo other
young ladiis. It it tiipposid fhe
stepped ill it dip plac and lust badl1
Johni Osborne, thie nogro charged 1,
with criminally 11Haia111ing an aged at
womanty) in Unioi Couity, vai lynelid Hi
on Thursday iight. It. is maid the ali
negro mado i full confutssiori.
Abraham Ancrimn, a negro living to
near Springtown inl Bailerg County, C
iH in jail charged with having beaten th
11i 1.1 year 01<1 daighttor to doath. I
Jo Friday, a bell boy at. WrIghtt's
hotel ill Columbia, alioml Wialter
Stophlnsonl, it waiter, with it kinif" on 0I
Thursdaiy afternoon inflict.ing woudi g? I
from which StplimsoI died. Thoe
crie vah connuitted just behind the
office lobby. Fridiay escap)ed.
MVlrs. J. B. 1 mun tat Swanstiea wvas m
painfully and( probably fatally ini-w
julredl by anm explosioni of kerouiino oil m
while tryinug to st art ia lire ini a stovo L
last week. i
Ex. Senator John11 L. Mc Laurini hia' 81
ret.urnied t o h1is hIom ini Bonneiittavi lie. Ic
TLhe only p)rop)erty t hat lhe owns there re
now~ i8 a rice plani tationm vialuted iat "I
$1503,000t. e
Coroner's Verdict Was Thlat 'lIvans DI)ed
at Hands of Unknown Parties.
Thle State.
Norway, Jutly 2. An .inqu1lest over
the body of Chas. aisiti, who wits
lynched bore Tunesdaiy n1ighit, wvas helda
this mlorninmg by Coroner Iticken
backer. Six witnesses4e were exatm
After it short talk to the jury by
CJoroner l.(ickenibacker thle jury cameii
to a verdict ''that the de tconsed( citmeh
to his (death from thle eIfect of gnun C
shiots iand stranmguilationi at thle hiands (3
or a party or parties unikniown to the
Everything is4 quiet again. No moure'
trouble is expected from thle negroes.
Town waus guairded well last niight.
Mr. P'hillips, whJo wasH shot on1 Moni.
daiy night, 18 living, but it. is niot,
thought lie will latst t hrough the
MIiay cas'~ua1t.ies maiirked ihe l"on rt hi r
or Ju tly. l4ou r personis were killed
iln a terrible ratin storm att Pit.tsbuirg,
Pa., eleven were inijured in ia trolley (
car collision at ir minghatm, Ala.,
and two were killed and (it hors4 in
jured by flying glass fromi it collision
at N"ew York l)uhe ito a witchi eniginel
111and a rgmlatr nisager
oc kind, 110W otlyb 12%-eC N ard.
Us, Gold and Silver Brand worth
ts 6oc, for this sale 39c.
article in our Millinery Depart
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st store in Newberry by JI,ong
s Feeble Lips Murmur "God's Will be
Done" Already Speculation as to
Ilis Successor.
Rome, July 6, 3 a. Iml.---0od's
Al Ie done. Who would have be
Ived it, whln olly 10 days ago I
As presiding over a public consis
ry Y" murimiured foobly Pope Leo
i ho felt hium1self late hast evoning
iiking into it sloop which lasted
>out, throe lioirs until excruciating
kinl brought. tho dying pointiflf back
or ,iouiess. lilo groaned and
m111PMu110d of pains on both siles of
e thorax. Tenderly Dr. Lapponi,
Hitted by Popo Loo's valet, P1iocen
4, and the p1131icIans' second, DO
istro, lifted the frail form and
anging the I>osition, suCCOedod in
ving the patient. moio relief.
Though hovering on the brink of
1ath, the life of file poltifl im still
olonged by means of strong stim
anits and concent ratedl nourish
ant, and while he is still alive his
m[derful vitality maty atgaini resist
d conquer the attackc of' t his illness,.
ste last evening, after ihot excite
unt, of the ceremony of the last
cramnentd was over, the p)oposeerbned
as restless, partly soothedi by the
ligious service and partly b)y a (Jose
chloral which was given to himi im
nsiderable quantity.
Th'le pontiff is lying on at small bed
'awn up to at wind(ow overlookmng
0 piatzz/a of St. Poters. The only
eturiet in the room is an antique
adonna, anmd t hi sole o)rnament a
rent ivory crucifix.
Ali kinds of spoenlation are al..
iadiy in circulation as to the prob..
>ie successor to the throne of Sf,
eter. Opinions are mnuchl dividedj
ving to the tmany interests wvhich
ill be affected accordinig to the
moice made by the sacred clege,
he first qJuestion the cardlinals will
uIvo to solve will be whether' tho
>ntclave shall be hold ini ltomie or
utside of Italy.
IlThe candidates chiefly spoken of
re Cardinal ltamplJlIa and Cardlinal
lerafino Vannutelli. They arte both I
njpresenitativos. otf the conservative
olicy, but. are bitter anitag>niists of
atch other.
A great watet spont. struck in the
iciniity of Oak ford Park, (Greensburg,
'a., oni Sunday. D)etails are yet
eagre, but reptort. pute the number
f dead at more than oneO hiundredl.
The last conntilon in the Pacifio
jompaniy's cable was made at H ono
ulu Saturday night and a cablegram
vas laIshed1 arouind the world itt nine
and one- half nijnutes. TIhe first
ntessage was sent by lLoosevelt to
r'aft at lunnila.

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