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No Bonds to be Issued for a New School
House--Personals, Lt':.
Prosperity, S. C., July 8. The elec
tion for voting bonds for a rew school
house was held on last Tuesday. The
result is we will have no new school
house at present although we nee( it
very bad.
Miss Gussie Kibler spent a few days
with Miss Gertrude Simpson this week.
Mr. Cecil Wyche who attended the
citadel the past year is at home for the
summer vacation.
Miss Marie Bobb is at home now and
her friend Mrs. Edward lawkes, of
Washington, is spending a while with
Mr. Allen Capers, of W okarulf, spent.
a few (lays in town this week.
Miss Lillie Mae Russell laft last Sat
urday for Columbia to visit friends and
Mr. Joe Hartman and mother have
gone to Atlanta to spend some time.
Prof. Sligh was in the city Tuesday.
(race Evangelical Lutheran Sunday
School has decided to have its piCnic at
lyatt's Park in Columbia on the
thirtieth day of this month.
Miss Jessie Moseley leaves Saturday
for Vidalia, Ga., where she will spnd
some time.
The Prosperity S'ocial Club will have
a picnic at Wyse's Ferry on Friday
July 10th.
State Sunday School Convention.
To Pastors, Superintiendents and
Teachers : The 26th Annual Conven
tionl of the South Carolina Sunday
School Convention will be held in the
Washington Street Presbyterian Church
of Greenville, S. C., August 25-27.
The Executive Committee recommends
that the County Conventions he held
either during July or August and that
delegates he elvcted to the State Conl
Nirs. Mary loster Bryner, known as
the most expert primary teacherin this
country, will attelld the convention,
teach the lessons and iake addresses.
We are very fortunate in securing Mrs.
Hryner's services for this meeting.
l'rominent. speakers of all dlenomina
tions will take part. Programs will he
issled later.
Entertainment provided for all who
attend. All ministers, superintendents.
Sunday-school teachers and scholars
may go as delegates. Where no coun
ties are organized, or conventions held,
let, that not hinder those interest-ed from
Laet all of our Christian people en
courage by presence as by sympathy
Ilhis important gathering, that great
good may come to the cause we all love
lo much. W. E. PI:.H AM,
Chair. State Ex. Comll.
A Chance for a Young Man.
A schiobarsip of' $11) ini money besides
(Oeemptioni fromo tuitioni and other fees
is prov idedl by the L egislature for 03ne1
young man from each county to pursue
a one year normal course in the Southl
Carolina ( 'ollege. Examinations will
be held on thbe I10th inst. beftore the
County Hoard of Education. Appli1 -
cants shoul he at. least 19 years of
age, and preflerably teachers. Write
President llenjamin Sloan, South C aro
lina College, Columbia, S. C., for blank
on which to apply be fore the 10)thI.
Besides this valuable scholarship the
College also oifers to young men ini
each county two normal scholarships
good for four years anid exemptinig the
holder from tuition and other fees.
Moreover, tecacheris, women as well as
men,. may take thle one year nornial
course wit hiout fee of any kind.
Keep Kicking.
Once upon03 a I imie two frogs that had
been living in comfort and ease ini a
cool 1)oo1 (if water were accidentally
scoped up by a milk man in a bucket
of wvater, which he pouiredl into his can
in order to give his milk more body and
thereby increase his revenue. The frogs
were astonished to findl themselves in an
unknown element, in wvhich it was not e
possible to support life, and they had to
kick vigorously in order to keep their
heads abiove the milk. One of them, be
ing dlisheatenedW( by being shut upj in the ,
dark, in an elemnt entirely new to him, J
said: "'Let's give' it up and go to tihe
bottom; it's no use kicking any longer."
The other said:; "Oh, no, let's keep ~
kicking as long as we can, and see what
the outcome will be. Maybe things "
wihll change presently.'' So one frog
gave it up and1( went to the bottom. o
The other kept kicking, andl wheni the
milkman got to town and1( opiened his r
can, behold the frog had kicked out a '
lump of butter large enough to float.i
him, ando he wvas sitting on it com)1fort a- n'
bly. Moral K eep k ick ing.
Week End Rtates tO
From p)oints on the Atlantic Coast or
Line to Seaside Resorts, tickets on satle 051
Saturday, good returning including Moni- a
day following, attractive schedluleso, un- as
surpassed service Summer Tourist
Tickets to Mountain andl Seaside Resorts te
limited for return passage to Octoher ~
31st on sale until September 30th. y
For full p)articulars, rates, etc, call W
on ['icket Agents or wvrite,
W. J1. CRAIG, po
General Passenger Agent
't. M. EMERSON, c
Traffic Manager
Wilmingonn. N. C.
Conference About St. Louis Bxpositio
With Governor.
6olumbia Record, 8.
A conference was held ni the Gov
ernor's olice today relative to securin
a State exhibit at the St. Louise expo
sition. I'he conference was compose
of gentlemen who have intereste
themselves in the matter and who hav
been endeavoring to arouse interest i
it. Those present were Governor Hey
ward, It. C. Rhett, J. H. Aver-ill, Au
gust Kohn, W. E. Gonzales, A. W
Love, Altaniont Moses, Louis Appelt
Robert Aldrich ' It was decided to ap
point a commission to meet to mee
here July 16th to discuss plans furthe
for getting up an exhibit. It is sai(
that the outlook is bright. I'lie name
of those composing the commission wil
be announced later.
Farmers' Institutes.
13y authority of the Board of rusteet
of Clemson College, Local Institutet
will be held in such counties as send re
juests, signed by fifteen farmers, be
fore the fifteenth of June, to J. S
Newman, Director of Farmers Insti
tuts, Clemson College, S. C. The pe
titioners will namne thle plaes at whicl
Institutes are desired and the dates wit
be atrranged by the college authorites
The State Institute will be held a
Clemson College commencing Monda,
evening August 10th and closing Frida3
evening August 14th.
Newberry Readers must Come to tha
It is not the tllIng of a single cast
in Newberry but scores of citizuns tes
tify. 'iiCdorsetnoitbymnt hy pople yon knoi
bealrs tll! Ntallp of trtllh. TPho follow
ing Is one of lh pubile st,at,ements muat
inl thi-, locality about. Duoan's Kitine.
M. M. (-ralhani sale-in anin furnitur,
at.ore on Main 81 says: "My back hur
1110 for a long 1 iile es p. il3'ly at nigi
when I have lain awike uany it 1int
sulering witih It. 'here was at n1ststv
dull aching pain across 1113' loilns anil
110 position I assuner would ease it ant
it hurt so to turn over that I had t,
LIke b4th lnIIds aid just jull I in%. sO
,ver. Th -4-C' MtiOlIS fro 1- 111h(- k id'njey?
w.'re a t al fill of se<diment husi.h.
'ii" So fruo tnt its action that m11%
iigl ht's rest was broken as nmany as sev
"ra; titln!. I used diIferent kidney rut-i,
41(li's but nolhing touehed tle righl
s' 'it. t,il I got a box of h-Lan's Kidn,
Pills at W. DE. leillam's & so-fts (li11
st ore. I was11 Iprised at i he rebl it oh
tained. The sedinent disappearet
froint t,e Csecretions and they re.-uitt]
their natural apperaanee and af-tion s.
that I (-ouild sleep all night and( arise it
the norning rested and rufreshi d.I
have nio . had ackaclihe since. "'
lFor saln by all d oalers P>rice b) ceo ts
lPoster- I 11 'll Go. 1311yalio
lieml-nime the name Doans and taki
The Soh Caaim CAUC
bg om Che Dra oentury of Nt 0m ve
anui wAM ce#ebrate tn otensad h Jm
amry, 190. Ttx- Ollege viis Aasrt
In SlM ad opened flor action wees i
Jeaaruy, 1805. It owes Its emnsw. t<
a pnArite~ purposle, tahe educ.ttoe e1
all the youth of the State at a come
mater "in order to promtote t'e a
Itru('tion, the good order anmd the har.
nmouy of the whole comurunity." ad I1
was built frotm a portion of the pro.
coeds oif a reituhursero.nent mnade by thi
United States to South Carollina for' ex.
1Venses Ilirurri'ed in the Rev'oluUen. Dur-~
tng the century that ih clotting the Col
h"iie has contributed hargely to the
sla-te'sr.niuahi), the paltr'iot&iIn, the
.irning san' th hIgh moral8 standards
tihat have preva.ied in South (Carolins
rind herm s Rtert States. The roll of Co.
kege A Iuit ni cotainis the nateswt of 11ne11
who havt be' lot'neit noted in all the pur
muits of life, bothin ps eave and war.
l'he exigtencies of the struggle betweeni
thse St;i.' closed the coMlege in 1863,
ud the builngs were usned as hoapt
tias for sIck andi~ wounded C'onfederates.
Buat as .9oon as peace was restored the
isittu ttin was reopenled by the "Orr
govern'ineni't" anId enjoyedM several yearu
f satc,ess until it was overturned dur
sig the ititdi'al reghnie. Sin1ce 1880, how
'ver, th it ol lege' 1has been conitinuousnly
>jten, an ld has edctri u ndutreds of
Vounig mtni td a nurnhetr of young
eotnen. wh or .1 sine yearst' have been
)et'rtnit ted to1 pata tke of its advantages.
OrigInally the t 'ollege was knownt ias
h'terairy Insti ttion. ialthough front
~aAy t imes Its flaculIty t'ontalhined 'tlin
frMs of great abilit y, but of late years
18 enotsrses hav ie broadttenied ouit so as
0 embratcite atlso tech iIcal scietillIe it
itroirtin instrutin o n law an I'itd a
'turse In Iratical iiethlouls tor' teach
Prestent lIenjaiin S loani, tihe hea iti
f the'1) .hpat tr ut of' lPhtysit.s tand 10nli
ndi was a is xitguoishied officer' of otrd
anitie diuin g thle war t bet weeui the
lte is. Ilis gradatelli is it etngin&eritng
etion in0 d'iiferet pariltisofth t'niOtbed
LtiaIts. IPrtof essorSI Jotsephl l)aieol Iope
('til of thei' 1aw It>.paritin'ent, hats had
"Ide e xperh-ne4iie ini govitermn Ienit in lhe
.ginMative' Itills of' the Stiate andtt In the
ecesslin c''uvetion.l andit Is r'etcognizlxu
a hIgh auithotil y it law~ itnid it eatulty
ursisprudencei'.. Somtte 0' thle ther0 mtem.t
era of the fatuIty halve hatd dlis
I iguished ei~ 'e's8 iln thIiIs t 'etlege, wh lIt
.tIers hitve birutghlt to It thle bes'
'fethodi of tolb-'ges andIitib u ivsit ie.
'ihtuiti re thcenati totel itat
Seftlinless of theis t 'ollege Is theii ext -
Shmet' o f st'hoItlatips tto be gIvenl t'
nie manit-teaucher in tat'h etttliy wh Io
as taulght a st Ie'ast on yter. 'ithis Ix
!mIsional trtainintg to till, wa Io lt- -I
Irett tan realies tediffatiultie tat
iw, who Is at te head of toe-.
mnt( 0 in pdagtogy, is e.tnlint In lit t
t'laslont bothI t a 4 a1 studenlt an td as a
-atc tache an teit I
TIc('ilge issituaited-t at the iapital
th State andi' ~ afftirid to the sItudenst
>portuitty for study1'inig the workin1.;s4
the gover'nrnttt~ t it ai diect way' It
n(eessible frotrn al,l Iparts oif thle S t'
at 144 inl a hteathu llo tcait Iy. PThe rt'-,
tIs' each of the pint'ipaI denittmi Ii ,
~mhen a i *'seios t'rteitj,
iere is a suite of three roomlls ftor eai'
br of sItudienlt, warm'tit bv winter iiaid
mtpuja. a lie Symnsium ti unItte
IMent athletk' flkt afford tnll p
rtuni.ty for exercise.
'eCollege is IIineiasintg it uIst-te
ae ad in prospetrity3 wIthI the Ii
mesi prosperity of thte Sta te. anid tIl
Dtepeea, arec that witti itt .t~'ititj~
In Anetitution,. wIll 505uts tew ad.ur
EmMe reora It as ahead, thad
. Of the C erk and Treasur
er of the Town of New
berry, S. C,, for Quar
ter Ending June 30th,
By cash balance last report $ 135 70
By cash loan Savings Bank 500 00
B By cash loan Commercial Bank. 200o 00
I By cash rents . . . . . . . . 75 00
. By cash tax 1902 . . . - . . 504 58
By cash tax 1901 . . . 39 41
By cash tax 1900 ....... 14 79
By cash tax 1899 . . . . . . . 18 56
By cash tax 1898 . . . . . . . 17 87
. By cash tax 1897 -...... 16 13
By cash loan M. G. G. Scherer. 300 00
By cash loan Mary A. Ehrman. 100 00
r By cash dispensary and beer
I profits. ---.--. - .. 977 58
By cash licenses --....115 25
By cash sale of lot in colored
cemetery . . . . -. . - -
By cash petty cash . . . ....14 13
By cash streetduty . . . . . . 488 50
By cash fines mayor's court. . 342 65
Total cash receipts . . . $5665 15
To cash lamp department . . . $ 103 12
To cash feed department . . 518 13
To cash fire department . . . 14 1 50
To cash interest Savings Bank. 18 67
To cash interest Commercial
Bank . . . . . ... .... 224 40
To cadi interest Commercial
Bank..-.-.-..-.-.-.-. 94 64
To cash Material and repairs
(Dominick) ........ 534 61
To cash Material and repairs
(Chalmers).----.... 242 50
To cash expense police . . . . 17 27
To cash mayor's salary . . . . 100 00
To cash janitor's salary . . . . 60 00
To cash health officer's salary . 135 00
To cash police salaries (regular) 570 00
To cash police salaries (special) 8 05
To cash street super's salary . 105 00
To cash clerk and treasurer's
salary . - . . . . . . . . 150 00
To cash hose wagon driver's
salary . . . . 120 00
To cash abated tax (M. E. Hoof
see County Auditor) . . . 7 18
To cash stamps . . . . . . .. 1 06
To cash July opera house cou
pons and exchange . . . . 349 25
To cash P. 0. box rent 2nd (1tr. 1 00
To cash cememt pavement. 56 80
To cash printing and advertis
ing . . . . - - - . . . 34 25
To case opera house insurance . 310 50
To cash pay roll street hands . 625 31
To cash water and lights . . . 1031 25
'o cash opera house expense . 6 25
Total disbursements . . $5565 74
Total cash receipts . . . . . . $5665 15
Total cash disbursements . . . 5565 74
Cash balance...... $ 99 41
HilLS FOR 1902 PAID 1903.
Hale harness Company . . . . . $105 00
Daniels & Williams -..-... 48 27
$153 27
Personally appeared Thos. 0. Stewart,
Jr., who, being duly sworn, says that.
he iN Clerk and Treasurer of the Town
of Newberry, S. C., and that the fore
going statement of his account for the
quarter ending June 30, 1903, as Clerk
and Trea.-urer as aforesaid, is true and
t to the best of his knowledge and
Clerk and Treasurer.
Sworn to before mec this 2nd dlay of
July, 1903.
.JNo. C. GoGGANS, [L. S.]
N. P. cf N. C.
Correct Attest:
Chairnman F'inanice Committee.
Caution I
This is not a gentle word-but when
you think how liable you are not to pur
chase the only remedy universally
known and a remedy that has had the
largest.sale of any medicine in the
world since 1868 for the cure andl treat
ment of Consumption andI Throat and
Lung troubles without losing its great
popularity all these years, you wilbe
thankful we called your attention to
Boschee's German Syrup. There are so
many ordimary cough remedies made by
drugists and others that are cheap and
goo for light colds perhaps, but for
severe Coughs, Bronchitis, Croup-and
especially for Consumption, where there
is difficult expectoration and coughing
during.the nmghts and mornings, there
is nothmg like German Syrup. The 25
cent size has just been introduced this
year. Regular size 75 cents. Foi sale
byW. E. Pelham & Son.
Proposals for Furnishing Wood
for the State Capitol,
.11the undersigned, until July 15th,
1903, for supplying 300 cords of wood
for heating the South Carolina State
Only straigh~t, split pine wood in '4-ft.
length, will bei accepted; long leaf pine
pro ferred.
Wood must be delivered at the State
Capitol on or before October 1st, but
the successful bidder wvill be perilitted
to deliver it at n time after the ac
. Wood ust be corded by the bidder
in the storage rooms under the building
and measured after bein~g so p)laced.
The right is reserved in this proposal,
and will be reserved in any contract
made .under .it, to reject. any wood
which in the judgment by the undler
signed is of an inferior quality. Bids ~
must be sealed and marked '"Proposals C
for furnishmn wood for the State Capi- C
tol.,' and add ressed to the undersigned.
.Secretairy of State.i
Columbia, S. C., June 27, 1903.
Teacher Wanted.
tion of teacher of Union school,N
district No. 32, will he receivedl by any
of the undersigned on or before July
25. Salary $30.00 per month. I
. .FEAGL4E th
Prosperity, S. C. C<
Slighs, S. C. To
Notice. A
iewarned not to hire, harbor or re
ieemployment in any manner to th
..Young, alias Bud Young an t
ife, Clara Young, they being 'unan<et
ontract with undersigned for year 1903
Jm Dumps as
Had "1 ForC* 1
When c
" 'Tis t
T* wash-a t
pleases everybod
in every 1
- We Like it.
WO use 'Force' at h
It Oee0ingly.
"U. R.
Bil Redotioll On
able goods. We ar- I
mer stuff and are d
some price. We have
White Goods in India
beautiful and sheer, S
and Madras, all to go
Mercerized White Go<
will be included in
Lawns, Dimities. Bati
Organdies to go at s
Ties for Men, Ladies,
Don't fail to visit o
tage of the many bars
so i
Notice ot Corporators.
I ith day of ~ Jiily 1903, ille with the ser(
retary of State. a decho ationi :t ii 1 itii
pravlg that a certificate of incourporaltio
be~ issued( to rhie (Calvarv P'resbyvterta
Chutrch (coloredl L of Newhearr ,on
Carl lina, with all thle right s. powern
priv ilages and immna tnities, atI subljec
to all the Ilmitation s and liabt iliies coil
fer red by an Act of the General Asembl
of South Carolina entitleal: Ani Act
Pr. vide for the lIncorporatin of Reli
gionus, 1Educational, So 'ial. Fratt erna 1
Charitable Churches, Lodge's, Societies
or Companies, and for amending th~
Charters of those ailreadly formed antd
be formed," approved1 February 19, A
D) 19(X, and( other provisions of law.
Corpora toi s.
Newherry, S. C ,July 6 1903.
Teacher Wanted.
school, No. 11 township, sche
district No. 22 will meet at the schoc
house July 17tf1. at 3 o'clock for the
purpose of electing a teacher for si<
mayfore.filedate with any one of t.ht
undl(ersigned trustees.
Manager Wanted.
..tleman to manage buisiness in this
ounty and adjoining territory for wvep
md favorably known House of solid
inancial atanding. $20.00 straight cash
slary and.expenses, paid each Monday
ay check direct from heatdquarters. Ex
ense money advanced; position perma
tent. Address Thomas Cooper, Matna
ter, 1030 Caxton hlldg., Chicago.
Election of Teacher.
-School will elect a teacher, and
Iso trustees on the 15th of July, at l..30
'clock. Wish all patrons to 1)e pres
tt. Application from teacher' may be
lcd with the untdersigned.
,J. A. LONG, ..
Sli 'hs, . .
J. M. WER' 8
Prospeiy .C
Slighis, S. C.
Itiog of Filial Scttllimollt aild U)jsclialg
NI will make a final settlement oni
e estate of Mary E. Fowler, deceased,'
the Probate Court of Newberry
mtnty, S. C., on Ttuesday, the 4th (lay
August, 1903, at 11 o'clock in the~
renoon, andl will immedliately there
ter ap ply for letters dlismissory ats
Iminim rtrix of said estate.
All persons holding claims against
a said estate are hereby notified .to
ider mi same dutly attested, andl all
>Se imdebtedl to the saidl estate to pay
same on or before that date.
(ewberrv, . RC, .Jtly 2 903.n
U JU Y 109 -5 3
id wife invariably
for Sunday evening tea,
ook went out that afternoon.
at a saucer and a spoon
ask not grim
And a are pleased," .laughed
41 unny Jim."
ome and like
I st We will put the
knife in all season
ieavily stocked in sum
=termined to unload at
thousands of yards of
Linens, Persian Lawns,
tripe Lawns, Nainsooks
at very low prices. Our
>ds are unsurpassed and
this sale. All colored
ste, Swisses. Mulls and
acrificed prices. Oxford
Misses and Children.
ur store and take advan
ains we will offer.
for business,
)Wrapping Paper,
Paper Bags,
And Inks
.Cannot speak; otherwise
it would tell its own story,
and were its organ of
speech as pronounced as
its one quality RELIABIL-.
ITY, no need of these re
marks. We do not claim
that it will cure Mumps,.
Consumption, or grow hair r
on bald heads, and in fact
we do not advise mothers
using it for Soothing Syrup'
but we do claim that there
is notning better on the
mnark(et for Pain in the
Stomach, Colic, Cholera
MJorbus, Diarrhoea and
PRICE l5c and 25c
~iysr~t. F
of a
Fartcn.lar~ Pharmcists,
The Leading
By close attention to bu-4in
interest of our customers, by lo
knowledge of the science or Ph
as well as any first clajs Phart
Of course we do not expect eve
we desire to thank those loyal I
warm supporters, for these mai
support and uniform courtAsica
Toilet Article, Perfumery noId
Huyler'a Candies, Lnndreth's (
Fine China.
AMOur Preticription De
expert Druggist, graduated rroi
of Pharmacy and licensed neceor
Carolina. When your (lociors'
by us, io is with scientific nentrt
are allowed at our Drug St--ro.
will please you.
Prescription P
Ne Live Froni
What we eat, ther,
This argument applies t<
W,%e offer you Pure, U'natdulterated, thav
for the next 30 days, at the
3000 cans 3 lb. Tomatoes, heav a
2000 cans 2 lb. Tomatoes, heavi
l500 cans 3 lb. B'kberries heave
2000 cans 2 lb. B'kberries heav's
2000 cans 3 lb. S. Peaches heavy
2000 cans 2 lb. S. Peaches h1eave
000 cans 3 lb. Str. Beans heav v
000 cans 3 lb. P. Peaches hbeavy
000 cans 3 lb. S. Apples heavy
~000 cans 3 lb. Cabbage heavy
000 cans 3 lb. P~ears heavy
~000 canis 2 lb. SahZuou,tall heavn
Every can guaranteed,
0. KL EI
The Fair and Sqi
ures diseases of t
neys, StomaCh
Endorsed by Ph'
WelComed by
or sale by all
- - Cornerag Store,
Y, - -s. .
Drug $tore!
3HEI, by a high regard for the
1g experislice, and through
Lrwiaey, wo claim, to servo you
1CY m, the United States.
YbOdY to patronize uip, but
rionds whio have been our
qy Years for their generous
Is UP 1o datts and Modern.
\Vo carry at largo stock
Soaps, Cigars and Tobacco,
rardon Sood.4, Cia Giassi and
'atrliwn is in chargo of an
i one of t his loading Colleges
rling to the laws of South
prepcriptians are prepared
ey and earo. No mistakes
Serid (is yotir work and we
AM a tsSON,
carally tsA.GOS
k eyfietQalt nth ol
folo m ho P ics
weiht t oly81cperca
wegta ny5Ve a
Cor.ght at Iny1t e a
wes bh at ong y reg0r for can
"ightpeixe a ndy 9chprocanh
rweyght amtonl 9ser yo n
wita ny 4 Uned tates
weigh to at ony 1e er an
ors forneir ene .
IsU ar e ardMr.
oft ledigCles
dig he Laer of id--t
yarnd 3ks N i.ke
/seiciasyorwk and

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