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the Meeting Monday -Prominent Speakers
. To Be Present-Township
The regular quarterly meeting of the
Good Roads Association for Newberry
county will be held on Monday. The
Association will meet in the court house,
and will be called to order by President
Schumpert at 10 o'clock:
As has been previously announced,
nited States Senator Asbury C. Lati
ner, Congressman Wyatt Aiken, and
resident F. H. Hyatt of the State
Good Roads Association, have accepted
invitations extended them to be present
and to deliver addresses. These gentle
men are distinguished advocates of high
way improvement, and their addresses
' will no doubt be highly interesting and
of much benefit.
Township associations have been or
ganized in practically all the townships
of the county, and an interest has been
awakened which can not but redound
o the benefit of the whole county in the
n natter of highway improvement. En-,
tpraging reports are extended on Mon
uay from all the townships.
The good roads machinery recently
purchased by the commissioners is in
-hand, and some practical suggestions
tpon its use will be forthcoming. In
act, all things seem to point to a meet
g of the Association which can not
1)ut accomplish great good in the cause.
t full attendance of the citizens of the
county is earnestly urged.
1r. Fayette Ramage Shot And Killed by
Mr. J. G. Wham.
News was received in Newberry yes
terday afternuin just before The
Herald and News went to press to the
effect that Mr. Fayette Ramage had
been shot and killed by Mr. J. G. Wham,
abopt two and a half miles beyond
None of the particulars of the trag
edy could be learned except what was
obtained from the railroad men as the
train passsed through Newberry, and
all that they would state was that ex
citement was running high at Clinton,
or at the scene of the shooting-that
several hundred people were there with
dogs in search of the man who did the
It is said that both parties are prom
.1nent men in the community and that
fhe cause of the affair was some do
inestic trouble.
Goes to Savannah.
Mr. E. P. Wideman, the efficient
book-keeper for Lhe Carolina Manu
facturing Company has resigned his
position here to accept a better one
with the National Biscuit Company, of
Sava-nah, -Ga. He will leave for
Savannah today.
Mr. Wideman is an excellent young
gentleman and Newberry regrets to
give him up; yet his many friends here
are confident that success will follow
*him whierever he goes.
Excursion to Augusta.
4.Messrs. M. L. Spearman, P. F. Bax
*/~er and others have arranged to run an
~excursion train to Augusta, Ga., from
1inely-Six over the Southern on Thurs
day, the 16th instant. The train will
leave Ninety-Six at 6.30 o'clock in the
morning, passing Newvberry about 8
o'clock. The i'eturn trip will be made
on the 17th. The fare for the round
trip will be $1.50. This will be a fine
opportunity to visit Augusta.
Something Neat.
The Ewart-Pifer Company is never
satisfied if not going forward in keep
ing with the times, hence they have
put in a set of neat solid glass show
cases in which to display their beauti
ful line of Furnishing Goods and Nov.
elties. These show cases prove the
finishing touches t.o their already hand
sonme appartments. They not only have
a pretty store, but here is also to be
found .one of the mnost carefully select
edstocks of Clothing, Furnishings,
4H1ats, Shoes, etc., on the Newberry
'market, which are nowv 1 'ing offered at
cost. You miss a barga if you miss
this store.
Stockholders to Meet.
The annual meeting of the stockhold
ers of the Bank of Prosperity, Prosper
ity, S. C., will be held in the bank
building at Prosperity, S. C. on Tues
day, July 14, 1903, at 10 o'clock a. in.,
for the purpose of electing directors
and the transaction of otheir business.
Debate at Little Mountain.
Tlhe Little Mountain Literary Society
'will hold a public dlebate at the school
house Saturday evening, July 11th, at
S8 o'clock. The Ladies' Aid Society will
furnish refreshments. Public is invi ted.
Admission free. Following is the prio
Address by President JIas. E. Shecaley.
Orator, HI. D). Chapman.
Question: Resolved, TIhat the South
was justifiable in waging the Civil War.
Affirmative. N gative.
,J. K. D)errick, J1. 1H. Shealy.
B. V. Chapman, J1. B. D)errick.
'By Rev, IR. C. Ligon at the residence
'of G. B. Boozer, Esq., July 4, 193,
Mr. E. L. Boozer and al iss Mattie Cole,
both of Goldville, . C.
By a Close Vote, School District No.
14, Refuses to Vote Bonds,
For New School.
By a vote of 49 to 47. School District
No. 14, in which is included the town
of Pro'perity, on Tuesday refused to
,vote bonds to the amount of $5,000, for
the purpose of erecting a new school
building in the town of Prosperity, and
purchasing a lot therefor.
The election was ordered by the trus
tees on a petition signed by more than
one-third of the freeholders resident of
the district. The issue of bonds for
the erection of a new school building
has been agitated for some years, and I
at the last session of the Legislature,
the Act providing for the election upon
a petition signed by a majority of the
freeholders, was so amended that an
election was provided for upon a peti
tion by one-third of the freeholders.
The qualified electors of the school dis
trict were entitled to vote.
The polls were located in the building
adjoining the Bank of Prosperity. A
great deal of interest was manifested,
as is evidenced by the very close vote,
but the day passed off quietly.
Mrs. Sam West, of Columbus, Ga.,
is visiting relatives in the city.
Mrs. J. M. Boyd has returned from a
visit to relatives in Chester.
Miss Rhett Sheppard, of Edgefield,
is visiting at Mr. F. Z. Wilson's.
The hose wagon race Wednesday
evening was a fine one.
Miss Maxcie Sheppard, of Edgefield,
is visiting Miss Pauline Gilder.
Mr. Geo. Bishop, of Columbia, was in
the city yesterday.
'Dr. J. D. Cromer, of Atlanta, Ga.,
is in the city for a few days visiting
The usual services will be held in the
Lutheran Church of the Redeemer Sun
day morning.
There will be an ice cream festival
at the school building in West End Sat
urday night.
Mr. E. Y. Morris left Wednesday for
Glenn Springs, where he will sbend ten
days or two weeks.
The second quarterly report of the
clerk aud treasnrer of the town is pub
lished in another column.
Sheriff Buford has only three prisoners
in jail awaiting trial at the approach
ing term of the sessions court.
Miss Maud Langford left on Wednes
day for Hendersonville, N. C., where
she will spend several weeks.
Harriet Greenwood, a noted negro
character, died at her home in this city
Mr. Bushnell Miller, of near Sligh's,
has accepted a position with the Carolina
Manufacturing Company.
Miss Hattie Jones is spending a
while in the city with her sister, Mrs.
S. H. Zimmerman.
Mr. C. C. McWhirter, a knight of
the grip, was in the city Weduesday
shaking hands with his friends.
Mesa. A. C. Phillips and T. D. Wray,
of the Southern Cotton Oil Company,
Columbia, were in the city .Wednesday.
Jas. F. J. Caldwell Es4j, of the Green
woodl bar, has been in the city foi' the
past few days on professional business.
The Good Roads Convention will meet
here Monday. Every township in the
county should be largely represented.
Maj. D. L. Copeland had the misfor
tune to lose another valuable mare a
fewv days ago. She died of "blind stag
Misses Edna Whitmire and Minnie
Hollis, of Greenville are spending a
few (lays with the family of Sheriff
M. M. Buford.
Editor E. H. Aull and family are at
tending the annual meeting of the State
Press Association at Whitestone Springs
this wveek.
Some of our citizens are getting anx
ious to hear something from the R. RI.
Commissioners concerning that new
depot for Newberry.
Mr. Tom Neel, Jr., will leave tomor
rowv for Detroit, Mich., to attendl a
meeting of a fraternal society of which
he is a member.
Editor W. HI. Wallace, of The Obser
ver, left yesterday to spend a few (lays
in Spartanbui'g wvith his son Dr. D. D.
Farmers are begining to speak more
encouragingly of their cr01) prosp)ects.
The warm weather followed by the re
freshing showers have advancedl cotton
Miss B3essie Carlisle left on Wednes
(lay for Chautauqua, N. Y., to take a
summer course in music undler the in
struction of Mr. Win. HI. Sherwood of
the Chicago University.
'The oditor andl local reporter are both
attending the State Press Association
at Whitestone Springs this week andl
the paper is in the hands of "the boys"
in the office-hence our short cornings
will be over looked for one issue.
Mr. P. E". Scott, one of our most suc
cessful and prominent business men of
the firm of Purcell & Scott, left a few
days ago to visit relatives near Chicago,
Ill., and in the,State of Iowa. He will
also visit the great lakes while on his
trip) and enjoy a much needed rest.
Good Everywhere Used.
Bransford 's "Clifton" is guaranteedl
by the maker to be the best flour in the
market. It is carefully milled from
sound wvheat, making bread that is pure,
wholesome andl nutritious-just what
the American people need for their
Idaily food. Besides "Clifton" is an all
round flour, being as well adapted to
making cake and p)astry as it is bread
and biscut naye & uM.Ca.ty
Installation of Officers Pocahdntas Degree
1.0. R. M.--Junior Order United Amer
ican Mechanics Elect Officers.
Catecchee Council No. 4, Pocahontas
Degree Improved Order of Red Men,
held its annual installation of officers
in their hall on last Tuesday night. The
installation services were conductwd by
District Deputy Van Smith, who did
the honors nicely.
The following is a complete list of
the officers installed:
Prophetess-Mrs. J. L. Burns.
Pocahontas - Miss Helen Smith.
Winnonah .Mrs. Lula Guinn.
Powhattan - L. W. Mills
Keeper of Wampur--Mrs. Rebecca
Scouts-Mrs. Minnie Dukes and Miss
Lizzie Wicker.
Warriors Mrs. J. L. Williams and
Misses Iva Hiller, Agnes Bishop and F1
len Darby.
Runners-Misses Angella Shirey and
Mary Campbell.
Counsellors -Mrs. Ida Franklin and
Mrs. W. S. Mann.
Guard of the Forest-J. L. Williams.
Guard of the Wigwarm-W. P. Reid.
Ater the installation of officers the
members enjoyed a treat of cake and
At the meeting of the local lodge
Junior Order United American Mechan
ics held Monday night, the regular
semi-annual election of officers was
held which resulted as follows:
Jr. Past Councilor, W. B. Jeter.
Councilor, W. B. Thompson.
Vice Councilor, Geo. Davenport.
Asst. Recording Secretary, Oscar
Treasurer, W. B. Jeter.
Inside Sentinel, W. M. Reagin.
Outside Sentinel, Tiller Attaway.
Warden, Jim Darby.
Conductor, T. Af. Tarrant.
Trustees, F. 11. Campsen, E. C. Bed
enbaugh, J. T. Attaway.
The Juniors were instituted in New
berry July 20th 1901, and have steadily
increased in menbership since, and are
doing a good work.
The objects of this order are as fol
1. To maintain and promote the in
terests of Americans and shield them
from the depressing effects of unre
structed immigration; to assist them in
obtaining employment and toencourage
them in business.
2. To establish an Insurance Branch
and a sick and funeral fund.
3. To uphold the American Public
School System, to prevent interference
therewith and to encourage the reading
of the Holy Bible in the schools there
4. To Promote and maintain a Na
tional Orphan's Home.
Fine romatoes.
Mr. F. A. Golden, of Helena, was
showing on the streets yesterday morn
ing some fine specimens of tomatoes
grown by himself. He had a bunch con
taining five tomatoes wvhich weighed
four p)ounds. They were beauties.
Newberrians at Whitmnire.
Great Prophet .J. HI. Hair and D)is
trict Deputy Van Smith went to Whit
mire Wednesday to install the efficers
of the Red Men of that place. They
returned yesferdlay and report a nice
A Nice Residence.
Messrs. Shockley & Livingston have
about comp)leted Mr. IH. E. Todd's res
idence on F'riendl street andl it is quite
an add(ition to that part of the city.
The contractors have madIe a neat and
thorough job of it.
Picnic at Hartford.
There will be a neighborhood pienic
at Harutford School H ouse tomorrowv,
11th instant. Everybody is invitedl to
attend with well filled baskets.
A Good Suggestion.
The Sumter Watchman and Southern
wisely suggests that if the Spartanburg
relief committee is unable to use all the
-money contributed for the flood suffer
era, it might p)lace the unexpended bal
ance in the hands of the Governor to be
held by him as a permanent relief fund
to he drawn on in emergencies wher
dlisasters make citizens of the Statt
(destitute and in need of immedliate re
Special Sale of Summer Rate Tickets t<
the Mountains and Seashore.
The Columbia, Newberry & ILaurem!
RtailIroad Offers Week -End Spec ia
Summer rates to the Mountains an(
to the Seashore and other summer re
sorts. Tfickets sold1 each Saturday Junm
0th to August 29th, 1903, inclusive, a~
follows: From Newvberry, S. C., to
Charleston, S. C............... .... 5I
Cross Hill, S. C......... ..........2 O(
Glenni Springs, S. C. ............. 2 1(
Greenville, S. C---................. 2 1(
Isle of P'alms, S. C................5 1
Spartanb)urg, S. C.................2 1(
Sullivan's Island, S. C...... ....... If1
Waterloo, S. C. (Harris Spring)... 2 O(
White Stone Lithia Springs, S. C. 2 l(
These are week end tickets, sold (encla
S.aturdIay, final limit Tuesday following
date of sale.
For further in formation and sched
uales, call on or write
J. W. D)enning, Agent.
Who Is lie?
Who is it that makes Fewer-gallons
wear..1onmn. n)aint?
Addresses in the Interest of Education by
Prominent Educators-Tomorrow the
.aturday will be Educational Rally
Day in Newberry.
The exercises will be held in the city
opera house, beginning at 10 o'clock
a. m.
Prof. J. G. Clinkscales, of Wofford
College, Spartanburg, and Dr. Geo. 1.
Cromer, President of Newberry College
have been invited and will deliver ad
dresses on educational subjects.
All teachers, school trustees and
friends to education in the County
should make it a point to attend this
rally. They will be greatly benefitted
and amply repaid for the time and
trouble required to be present.
Superintendent Eug. S. Werts is anx
ious to have all the teachers and trus
tees of the County present.
The Newberry Real Estate Company Buys
196 Acres in This City Which is to be
Greatly Improved.
The Newberry Real Estate Company,
which is now being incorporated, has
consummated a sale with Mr. Geo. S.
Mower for 196 acres of land in this city,
known as the Lambert Jones Grove,
which is to be cleared lip, avenues run
through it, nice sidewalks and streets
made, shade trees planted and it made
a model place for homes. The deal
means much for Newberry as monied
men are behind it.
The Little Mountain leunion.
Arrangements are being perfected
by which the accommodation for those
who wish to attend the Newberry Col
lege Reunion at Little Mountain on the
first Friday in August, will be ample.
The railroad authorities have taken up
the matter of schedules, rates, etc., all
of which will be announced later.
Organization in No. 6.
The citizens of No. 6 Township met
on the third day of July at Longshore
for the purpose of organizing a Good
Roads Association, and elected the fol
lowing officers : President, V. C. Wil
son ; Vice-President, H. D. Boozer;
Secretary, J. Y. Floyd.
Delegates to,County Convention : P.
C. Smith, J. Y. Floyd and T. P. Pitts.
J. Y. Fi.OYD, Secretary.
Meterological Record for June, 1903.
Mean maximum temperature, 8.1.2.
Mean minimum temperature, 63.3.
Mean, 73.8. Maximum, 95; date, 21st.
Minimum, 49; date, 13th. Greatest
daily range, 33.
Total, 9.12 inches. Greatest in 24
hours, 3.75; date, 1st.
Number of days -- With 01 inch or
more of precepetates, 14. Clear, 13.
Fa' 4. Cloudy 13. Light frost on
th. tth.
The rainfaf for June was the heaviest
on the recordl. Rainfall 6 mo. , 35.99
W. G. PwrTERsoN, V. 0.
To The Citizens of No. 5.
A meeting of the citizens of Town
ship No. 5 is hereby called, to be helat.
,Jalapa on Saturday afternoon, the I 1 th,
for the purpose of organizing a townt
ship goodl roadls association for said
W. C. Sligh,
Advertised Letters
Remaining in p)ostoflice' for the wveek
endIing .Juily 4th, 1903:
1B-James B3renon.
C- Johnnie Cousin.
G--Miss Alice B. Gray.
,K---Mrs. Sallie Kinard.
M -MIrs. Martha Martha.
R Y. J. Reeder.
S.- A rthur Sondley.
Persons calling for these letters wvill
p)lease say that they were advertised.
C. J. PURCE:i.r, P.* M.
Week End Rates.
The Sou thern Rai lway announcies the
followving Week End Rates, b)egir; ing
Saturday, June 6th, continuing to
August 29t,h, for all Saturday trains,
goodl returning until Tuesday following
(late of sale; roundl trip) tickets will be
on sale from Newvbrery to Charleston,
Sullivans Island, and Isle of Palmis, at
rate of $5.16.
Reginning Jutne 6th, continuing to
Septembeir 12th, for all Saturday and
Sunday morning trains, goodl returning
leaving dlestination not later than Tues
(lay followving (late of sale, roundl trip
tickets will be on sale from Newherry
as follows:
SparIItanb)urg.... . ... .. ...$2 10
Greenville.... .. .. .. .. .....10
Whitestone . . . . .. .. .2 10
Union.... .. .. .. .. .....I 85
Taylors (for Chick Springs) . . .2 31
Asheville, N. C.... .. .. ..... 85
Hot Springs, N. C.... .. . . ..4 60
Arden, N. C. ........ .. .. 3 85
Fletchers, N. C..... .. .. . ..3 85
Hiendlersonville, N. C.-.-.. . ... 85
flat Rock, N. C.-. . .... ....3 85
Saluda, N. C.......... .. .. 3 85
Tiryon, N. C.... . . .... ..385
Brevard, N. C..... . . .. . .4 60
I ,ake Tioxaway, N. C.... . ... 5 30
For tickets andl further information,
apply to S. Hi. McL*AN, Agt,
Excursion to Augus
ta, Ga., July 1 6th, re-.
turning July 17th.
Fare $1.50.
"That's All.''
Watches, Clocks,
Silver and Plate Ware,
Cut Glass and Table Ware
Wedding and Birthday Presents
Key winding Watches
Changed to Stem
Plctlc6o Ini ylghmo: illiby
Eduar d Scholtz,
Jewoler and Optician.
Small Savings art. the Stepping
Stonles to suiccess and plenty
$1.00 a month deposited in our
Will in 10 years ailmouit to $ 116 00
$5.00 will in 10 years
ailoilult. to - - - - $ 730 00
$10.00 will in In years
am111nn11t t o - -1$1.1);0 00
We wanlt, yoltr busiless.
Hav '1e amp1e l'acilitives to
at C01onnn1date ontr ens
The Commercial Bank
of Newberry, S. C,
T'Ilo following Iiggist s rotinisis tho
holierti of Al II N A cmn IMKN to bring
thoin in at. I'vici Min vl -qnre abolite.
y free, the regilar 'iz.. botile of tho
Groat Prepmralion, NIUINA WINE
P<or sill#% only by Giler & Weeks
Newberry, S. C.
Capital - - - $50,000
Surplus - - - 19,500
Paid Stockholders
since organization 21,000
Paid Depositors in
Savings depart
ment since or
ganization - - $9,200
A man1 wvorkinig by3 the <11la is paid
for the t.int1oli hi putN in at wo(lrk, but1,
when that man11 saves0 at dollatr for his
day's labor it wo rks fori him in ights,
ito Well a1s (lt3N ; ilever ings oil ol ie
coutlit of ha11 d athr nial1 uover gets
sick, but. goes right ot n. ari ng im t
tIl tlIlhrn. Il t. aI ice t.liz:g t.o Work
fOr molloy, but it's 11illich ico~r t.o
haVe molley Wo(rkinlg for 3ott. T1ry
it--Opell it N1viligN neltIlt with usti
11nd( got, soille liolley Working for yon.
Make a deposNit ini thle Havtigs do
partmnt. toa a(13'ind hl it begini to
work for 3yon. it erteit compn11)1tdc at
'4 por Cent eiJtilllry' i tnd .111ly 1 of
(ech year.
Mrs. Fred Unr. tIx,
P'residelnt Cunutr.' (laha. I< staln
"After my first baby/ I w..s bor nii ! aI'
seem to reg.iain my so :a:' ... a..
doctor g,ave lue a I. .; . whi I e am
cred very snaperla--. bat ird:aat e'gei
better I agrw wen.<er e vev v. .1, l.t
band insisted that I (ia lIm Ma~f U..r!ai
for a week and see wvhat it w.ould( do for
me, I didi uke the meit~a:e anad oma very
grateful to tind mny Fr.'ngath and health
slowly returning, n Is wo weeks I was out
of bedi and In a mntth I was able to take
up my usujal amties. I am very enithusl
astic In Its praise.''
\V ine of C ia ni infoar'es the orgians
of genaeri: oll tar tha' ordlatl (of parog
of I ardnii naeed farI tahe comaing af her
child(. If .\lrI.. [o l' : a o ha taken
Wine' of C tatani h r er a uhr emnela
11he wY~ould noat, have~t beaen wea lianaed ast
she1 wvas. 11 er ratpid reco\ Iry shouild
connneno'id thub: t'rm't renii'dyl to e'very
Ix p'ctanlt m]othe'r. Wine Iof( Cardui
regulate. the ia'armentrua aw.
either single or in suits
TABLES of all kinds,
Art Squares,
Rugs, Etc., Etc.
Everything found in a
first-class Furniture
store. We make a
specialty of framing
At Leavell's Old Stand.
Newberry, S. C.
and everything in the
line of STAPLE STA
TIONERY at the
Tablets from 2 cents
each up.
Beautiful Writing
Come and see.
Also a line of nice
Cigar s.
18Iak Ice Ui'e8iii at lO1 1.
an<i have aniy k ind( you want( oni short
nItiP h >)t~jUol oth so e -,ke.'
never tal!.es longer than 3~ minutes.
p'and it i >n trourl at all to free.e
them in a
Peerless Iceland Freezer.
shipenit of thetse <elebratedl Frecyer.
yn IO ae in stock any size from 2
The Excelsior Fire Laddies Will Attend I
the Anderson Tournament.
The members of the Excelsior Fire
Company have decided to enter the An
derson tonrnament during the first
week in August.
Capt. ''. 0. Stewart has had sone
communication with the Anderson fire
men and is assured that the rules and
regilations re alright and will be
equally fair to all.
Our boys will enter a hose wagon
team and a hand reel team, and prom
ises to make the contests "mighty
wari" for the winners.
The hand reel team will begin prac
tice next Monday evening at 6 o'clock,
when Capt. Stewart hopes to have his
men on the track and afterwards to go
into regular and hard practice.
'Tie practice races with the hose
wagon team will be on Main street
every Monday, Wednesday and Friday
evenings, nothing preventing.
Excursion from Ninety-Six to Augusta,
Ga., Thursday, July 16, Return
ing F-riday, July 17.
Separate coaches for white and col
ored people. Round trip only T1 50.
N inety-Six....... ................... 6.30 a. in
Dysons .................... 6.404
Chappells ..... .............. ... 6.50
Old Town................ . 7.00 "
Silver Street ..... ...... . ... 7.10
flelena . .... ...... ....... ....... .. 7.25 "
Newberry ... ..... ................ 7.30 "
Prosperity -............... . 7.45
Poni: ria . ........ ........... 8.00
Peak . . . ... ....................... 8.15
A lston ...... ... .. .................. 8.25 "
Excursion runs from
Ninety-Six to Augusta,
Ga., Thursday, July
16th, returning July
17th. Thirty hours in
this beautiful city on
the Savannah, for the
small sum of $1.50.
Why not go?
W ANTEI).- Every housekeeper in
Newherry to try Corbins Grand
eurs Flour. The best on the market.
Sold by Davenport & Cavenaugh.
6USHE ELS Kei tucky Cotton
Seed for sale. AVply to T.
C. Pool. J. A. URTON.
M ORNING Glory Coffees are the
. best. Davenport & Cavenaugh
are the sole agents for this city.
FOQR RENT.-1ouse on College
Street. Apply to Mary E. Lake. 4t
P l':'TA M l.l*- A N I) lV YlGL A SI.S
Do youlr ev-i itcht- and burn at,
night? I have t.he hlst t.rIal Caw'~ for
lii tin u8 Speytaclcs a ndl' ye'rl aseg and~c
can lit th l m i st di lleult tyes, wVit,hI L,he
prlopier gilsbes. I have fittu.l gl'sse's
for the h1-. plel ini the couty and
cani lit you1. I use on ly t he best, grade
Ciystaline i ns, 5. Comue and giv~e me
aLLi tril.and be eonv i "ed . Strictly one
price to all. GlII D'lANI LS,
.evwh r~ and O pti cian.
nir stock is still comrpleto wit.h
oer th inrg pruott,y in thre Mililinery
Call and see onr ribbons, flowers
and hats Ltfor.e buying
TIhe Riser lYilnery Commualy,
L1..0. F.
.- at 7 :1) o'clock at, theIr hall at the
Granded Schiool buiiId inrg. Visit or-s cor
uially, invited.
.1. MI GUJNN, N. G.
T1. 8 Hn1rdson, Secret,ary.
Stock Certificate.
1.the undersigned has lost, his stock
certificate, No. 5i2, in the cap)ital stock
of Theii N(ewherry C ot.ton Seed( Oil Mill
and J"ert.ilIizer C om pany, and has madIe
appl icat ton for duli ) cate' certificate.
W. Ii. SUiIEI.
4 ,1, lIAiII,ING; Ol SA NI) i0MV
1k Scot l's (iCeek muirst be stIoppe.d at
Clearing Out Sale
At Cost!
All Straw Hats.
All Millinery, Hats and
All Low Quarter Shoes
and Slippers, rvlen's
Women's, Misses'.
All Summer Clothing.
All Summer Dr es s
Mose ey Bros.

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