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Meetings Arranged for Townships -Strong
and Practical Addresses by Sena
tor Latimer and Congrrss
man Alken Yesterday.
The meeting of the Good Roads As
soc!ation for Newberry county, which
was held in the court house yesterday
-morning, was attended by about three
hundred persons, representing nearly
every section of the county. Strong,
practical addresses were delivered by
Senator A. C. Latimer and Congress
man Wyatt Aiken and an active good
roads campaign was begun. It was a
matter of general regret that Presi
dedt F. H. Hyatt, of the State Good
Roads Association, who had intended
to be present and to deliver an address,
was unable to do so on account of in
Practically every man present de
clared himself in favor of taxation Ofor
road improvement. At the conclusion
of Senator Latimer's address, that gen
tleman asked every man in favor of a
- mills' annual tax for five years to
ide. With the exception of three oy
four, every man in the court house rose
to his feet. Senator Latimer then
asked that every man opposed rise.
Not one declared himself opposed to
this annual tax of five mills to be levied
for a pericd of five years.
After the addresses had been deliv
ered some routine business was trans
acted, and meetings were arranged for
S:.every township in the county, to be
Ic held within the next two months.
The Association was called to order
by Mr. R. T. C. Hunter, vice-president
from No. 9. President Schumpert was
prevented from being present on ac
count of sickness.
was introduced by the chairman. The
senator was received with generous ap
plause. He spoke for about sixty min
utes, making a strong argument in
favor of good roads, to be secured by
taxation with government aid if possi
ble, if not by the people's own efforts.
He urged the people not to divide on
details-to go ahead and provide for
the building of the roads and then let
the details be decided by the majority.
He outlined his plan of government aid
--the county to bear one-forth, the
State one-fourth, and the government
one-half. "But if the federal govern
ment never gives us a cent, if we get
aroused we'll get good roads anyhow,"
he declared. And let us act in time, he
said. New York has already voted
$5,000,000 for ten years, and Pennsyl
vania $6,500,000 Suppose the national
government appropriates $100,000,0:0.
If we lag behind, we geC nothing.
Senator Latimer in beginning his re
marks thanked the people of Newberry
for their support in the last campaign,
and promised to show his appreciation
by earnest work in their behalf. He
had worked for free rural delivery.
That was opposed by many, especially
the farmers, because it was held that
it would bankt-upt the government.
But a few of us got together and
worked for it andl todlay we have it and
it is self-sustaining, and its advantages
can not be estimated. Along with this
question comes that of public roads.
The government wvill not give free ru
ral dlelivery except that there be roads,
and many sections are denied this great
advantage on account of the condition
of their roads.
Senator Latimer referred to the
great "'mud tax'' which is dIraining the
country. If the appropriation for good
roads is dlefeated the farmers will de
feat it, he saP-, and the farmers are
the ones who will derive the greatest
Senator 1Lati mer undlertook to showv
where the farmers would make one
hundred per~ cent, in three dlifferent
ways by the macadlamiz.ing of the pub
lic roads - first, by the saving in the
wear andl tear of vehicles and in the
saving of time; second, the increased
value of their land; third, there would
be a demand for labor and they could
get a month's or six weeks' hauling af
ter they have laidl by their crops, when
their teams are idlle on their hands.
The speaker referred to the condi
tions in NewEngland, where there are
goodl r'oads, contrasting these condlitions
with thosie of the South. lie held that.
the only way to get good sc'hool houses,
good churches in the country, the only
vWay to make the country tolerable, is
to build good roads.
He showed the farnmers the advan
tages which would accrue t.o thenm from
the method of taxation for this purs
pose0. A large per cent. wvould come
from the towns, and the direct benefit
from this would be reap)ed by the coun
try people. Fully fifteen per~ cent.
would come from the railroads. Every
cent of it will go into the country.
1t is estimated(, he said, that $900
000,000 were spent last year in hauling
over dlirt roadls. The total receipts of
all the railroads in the country were
$700,000,000. What did wve get in re
turn from the dirt roads? Nothing.
The returns from the railroads were
magnificent salaries andl magnificent re
turns in every way..
There are 600,000,000 acres of land in
the United States. itis estimated that
$450,000,000 will macadlamize every
road in the United States. If we tax
every acre of land $1.00 we can macad
amize every road. The value of the
land would be increasedl more than
$1.00 per acre. Hence the increase in
the value of the land would pay for the
building of the roadls.
His plan was not unconstitutional, as
ho attemp)ted to prove, andl it was
practicable. The town people are not
kicking against taxation, and the rail
roadsanre not kicking. The greantest
kickers are the farmers, who will be
mast benefited. He advocated in this
State a tax of flve mills f?r a period of
five years. The constitution of this
State now forbids but he wanted a sen
timent worked up in every township irn
the State so that at the next session of
the legislature this matter would be
Can we get aid from the federa
government? We can get anything
from the feder#l government if the
people organize and demand it. We
may be defeat- d several years, and I
don't say I have influence enough to
get it. But I have given you the argu
ment I am going to use, and I believe
in less than five years, we will get it.
At the conclusion of his remarks,
Senator Latimer held the primary
above mentioned.
was applauded when introduced. le
said he came more to meet the people
of the county and to learn something
than to try to teach. He 1elieved in
government improvement of roads
whether or not it be constitutional or
democratic. He was heartily in sympa
thy with Senator Latimer.
The most gool we can do now is to
agitate this subject, he said. Every
man is a stockholder in the public roads
as much as railroad stc-kholders are
stockholers in railroads. The railroad
stockholders would not for a moment
think of letting their properties run
down. The people from the rural dis
tricts now pay about one-half of the
taxes and get about one-tenth of the
The Brownlow Bill now seeks to ap
propriatg $20,000,000. South Carolina's
share would be about $300, 000. We are
spending $4,000,000 now to build roads
in the Philippines and in Puerto Rico
and if this is constitutional, it is not un
constitutional to make appropriations
for good roads in our own country.
The thanks of the Association were
extended Senator Latimer and Congress
man Aiken for their excellent ad
The reports from the townships showed
that organizations had been effected ii
seven of the eleven township!- in the
county. No reports could be obtained
from Nos. 7 and 8 and 11. In No. 10 it
was reported that only a very small
meeting was obtained and no organiza.
tion perfected. The township chairmen
were requested to perfect the organiza
tions as soon as possible.
The following committee was ap
pointed to arrange for meetings to be
held in the various townships of the
county : No. 1, J. H. Chappell; No. 2,
W. C. Brown; No. 3, F. E. Mabin; No.
4, John W. Scott ; No. 5, W. C. Sligh;
No. 6, P.. C. Smith ; No. 9, R. T. C.
Hunter; No. 10, Rev. J. A. Sligh; No.
11, Benjamin Halfacre.
Meetings in the various townships on
the following dates were arranged for:
No. 1, at the Court House August 1.
No. 2, at Mt. Bethel July 31st.
No. 3, at Mt. Pleasant August 22d.
No. 4, at Whitmire August 14th.
No. 5, at Spearman's Spring Au
gust 27th.
No. 6, at Longshore Augajst 18th.
No. 9, at Young's Grove August 14th.
No. 11, at Perry Halfacre's Mill,
July 25th.
'rho meeting in No. 10 will be held at
Jolly Street. The date will be fixed
later. No representatives wvere present
from Nos. 7 and 8 and the dates for
these meetings will be fixed by the
township chairmen, who wvill notify the
Rev. J. A. Sligh, chairman of the com
mittee, and the dates will be published.
The following speakers have already
been secured for four of the towvnships.
T1he others will be selected within the
next fewv days and their names will 1)e
p)ublished :
No. 1, J1. A. Sligh, 0. B3. Mayer, C.
L. lBlease.
No. 2, E. HI. Aull, C. L. Blease.
No. 3, J. A. Sligh, C. L. Blease.
No. 5, E. HI. A all, C. L. Blease, 0.
L. Schumper.t, J. A. Sligh.
No. 11, J. A. Sligh, J. 1". Banks, E.
HI. Aull, C. L. Blease.
The members of the Association se
lected to dliver a(ddressesq on assigned
subjects wvere asked to have their ad
dIresses ready at the next meeting.
Elxcursion from Ninety-Six to August a,
Ga., Thursday, July 16, IReturn
ing Friday, July i7.
Separate coaches for white and col
ored people. Round1 trip only $1.50.
Ninety-Six..................... 6.30 a. mn
Dysons ...................... 6.40 "
Chappeils ............... ..... 6.50 "
Old Town.................,...7O
Silver Street ......... ..... .7.10
Helena........ ...... ..........25 "
Newberry ... ................ 7.30 "
Prosperity....... ............ 7.45 "
Pomaria.------................. 8.00 "
Peak .. .....................8.15 "
Alston-...-...................8.25 "
A Torrent.
Of bargains is on at Mimnaugh's
again this week. It includes every
thing from a cake of soap) to a pair of
shoes. Summer goods at cost and belowv
when summer has just started is some
thing to attract attention of purchasers.
Mimnaugh's warehouse on second flooi
reminds you. of a wholesale establish
meat. Hence he can soil cheap.
Who Is He?
Who is it that makes Fewer-gallons
wears-longrer paint-?
Mr. L. B. Aull spent Sunday at lhis
oA home at Dysons.
Miss Julia Paisley is visiting relatives
and friends in Charleston.
Mrs. E. B. Wilbur left yesterday for
a visit to relatives in Maine. -
Miss Maggie Johnston is visiting re
latives and friends in Columbia.
The Newberry German Clnb will gvci
a dance in the *rmory Friday night.
Mr. Lawrence W. Wicker, of Colum
bia, is visiting relatives in the city.
Mrs. L. B. Aull and son Luther are
visiting relatives in Greenwood county.
Miss Nancy lool has returned home
after a visit to Greenwood and Abbe
Mrs. Sophia Reedus and Miss Helen
Mower left yesterday for a visit to
Dexter, Me.
Mrs. W. W. Fulmer, of Columbia, is
in the city on account of the illness of
her grandson.
Miss Blanche McLendon, of Ander
sonville, N. C., is visiting Misses Myrtie
and Bessie Schumpert.
Mr. J. L. Mimnaugh, of Columbia,
spent Sunday in the city with his brother
Mr. J. A. Mimnaugh.
Senator A. C. Latimer returned to
his home yesterday after addressing the
Good Roads Association.
Miss Annie Mae Bedenbaugh, of near
Prosperity, is visiting her sister, Mrs.
Clarence Richards, in Columbia.
Miss Daisy O'Neale, after a visit to
Newberry, has returned to Columbia to
the delight of her many friends. - State,
Major Robert 11. Welch returned to
the city yesterday after spending sev
eral days with his family near Walhalla.
The regalar meeting of Newberry
Lodge, No. 75, Knights of Pythias will
be held tonight. A full attendance is
Mr. Clyde Shockley has accepted a
position in the railroad shops at Talla
daga, Alit., and will leave the latter
part of the week.
Messrs. J. B. Bedenbaugh and E. W.
Werts, of Prosperity, nade an ex
tended trip to Johnston, Saluda and
other points last week.
Mrs. Robert 11. Welch and little girl
returned yesterday from a visit to rela
tives at Mountain Rest. They will go
to the Isle of Palms on Thursday.
Mrs. I). F. Efird and children returined
to their home in Lexington County,
after several weeks visit to her sister,
Mrs. S. J. Derrick, on the college cam
Frof. W. C. Bynum came home yes
terday to spend the summer. Prof.
Bynum conducted the sulmmner school
in Georgetown after the close of his
regular school.
Liquor Seized.
Constable J. R. Eison seized two gal
lons of liquor at Strothers on Saturday.
The liquor was taken from the depot.
Constable Woods, of Columbia, also
seized several gallons at the same time
andl place.
Music School.
Miss Susie 8ummer~ will give instrue..
tion in pianaforte, violin, and pipe
organ, and voice p)rodulction and t heor
etical music. M iss Summer's ability is
recognizedl. Full p)articulars as to terms,.
etc., will be given upon appllication.
A Heavy Rain.
A heavy rain fell for a few hours yes
ter-day afternoon, and the dlownp)our
continuedl at inter vals through the af ter
noon. The rain app)eared to be general.
Barbecue at Mt Bethel.
Mrssrs B. B. L.eitzsey andl S. .1..
Cromer wvill give a first class barbecue
at Mt. Bethel school house in No. 2:
township on Fridlay July 31. This is
the time and p)lace wvhich hais been ap
p)ointedl for the good roads rally and it
is expected that a large crowd wvill b)e
present. The committee has appointed
E. H1. Aull and Cole. L. Blease to speak
on the subject of good roadls.
Copeland Bros.
Have been so busy they scarcely had
time to wvrite a change of ad for this
issue andl then they could only find time
to tell you goods that wvill suit you may
be foun.d at their store and that prices,
always low, are now cut half and you
can secure bargans that will astonish
you. Call to see them.
The Bachelor MaIds,
The Bachelor Maids will meet this.
afternoon at 2 o'clock with M iss. T1hyra
Miss B-ernice Mlartin,
P rCeiet.
Miss Cora Dominick,
Good Everywvhere Used.
Bransford 's '"Clifton'' is guiara.nteed
by the maker to be the best flour in the
market. It is carefully milleti from,
sound wheat, making bread that is p)ure,
wh'>l'osome and nutritious-- just what
th.e Jxmerican peole need for their
daily food. Besides ''Clifton'"is an all
rouind flour, b)eing as well adapted to
making cake and p)astry as' it is b)readl
and biscuit. Hayes & McCarty.
Excursion runs from
Ninety-Six to Augusta,
Ga., Thursday, July
16th, returning July
17th. Thirty hours in
this beautiful city on
the Savannah, for the
small sum of $ 1.50.
Why not o?
A Small Attendance-Bxcellent Addresses
Meeting Elsewhere In The County
To Be Arranged.
The educational rally took place i
tie opera house Saturday mornin
beginning at 10 o'clock. Many teacherE
a few trustees, and a small crowd u
citizens from the town, greeted th
distinguished educational caipaignern
and gave them the very closest an
most appreciative attention.
Prof. S. J. Derrick presided and ic
troduced the speakers, Dr. Geo. B
Cromer, and Pof. .J. G. Clinkscales o
Wofford College. These gentlenei
made exceedingly able addresses--ad
dresses that should have been heard b;
every school teacher in the county.
Superintendent E. S. Werts will tr
to have the same speakers make ad
dresses at some point in the count;
later in the summer.
Capt. Stewart In Anderson.
Capt. T. 0. Stewart, of the Newberr;
Fire Department , went ton Aderson thi
week to make virangements for th
stay of.his teams during the firemen'
tournanfent to be given in Andersoi
August 4-7. All arrangements wer
made, and the team is assured of a ver
pleasant trip.
The Newberry boys will enter all th
races, and have already begun practice
The first prize for the hand reel race i
$100, second prize, $50; first prize hors<
hose wagon race, $100, second prize
$50; first prize grab reel race, $352
second prize, $15; first prize hand trucl
race, $100, second prize, $50; first priz
foot race, $10, second prize, $5.00.
Capt. Stewart secured board fo
twenty-five persons, including the teams
and requests that all who desire acconi
mc:lations with the teams notify hit
as early as possible; or accommodation
can be secured by addressing N. 1
Sharpe, Chief of the Anderson Fir
Enjoyable Affair in West End.
A very enjoyable ice cream festiv:
was given Saturday night on the law
in front of the graded school building
in West End, for the benefit of New
berry Council, No. 46, Junior Ordu
United American Mechanics. The at
tendance was good, and a nice sum w.i
realized. A beautiful cake was offere
to that lady who should be voted th
most popular lady in West End. Th
voting resulted as follows: Mrs. Crist'i
Younghlood, 465; Miss Hattie Rame3
430; Miss Vidie Smith, 6; Miss Anni
Ramey, 11; Miss Belle Haynes, 4; Mi
Helen Smith, 2; Miss Annie Carter, '
Miss Mattie Bouknight, 2; Miss Mar
Sanders, 2; Miss Carrie Streets, 4.
Picnic at Croner's.
There will be a picnic at Cromer's e
next Friday, the 17th. The public
invited to attend, bringing baskets. A
kinds of pleasures will be arranged f<
the young people.
To Teach at Rock Hill.
The followving is from the lRock Hi
coe"rresp)ondence of the State:
"The friends of Miss Lucy Rtist
were dlelighted on Wednesday to her
that she had been elected by the tru;
tees of the graded school to teach hei
the following year. Miss Riser is fro
Newberry and, being a graduate<
Witnthrop, she has many friends at
admirers in Rock Ilill who wvill give h<
a hearty wvelcome."
F or' The Comning Season.
Among the attractions the ope1
house management have booked for tI
coming season are~ Robert D)owning,
his latest comedy-dlrama success, '"Ti
Hlonorable John North;'' Who, What
When Minstrels; ''Reaping the llat
- 'est;'.' ''Thelma;'' Barlow Brothei
kinstrels; "'Edsall ;" Winthrope Repe
tto.ire Company, and others.
Organization ini No. 1.
In ob)edience to a call issued by M
J1. HI. Chappell, chairman, a meeting
the citizens of No. 1 Township was h(
on F"ridlay for the p)urpose of organizeir
a township good roadls association.
organization was effeted, with the f<
lowing officers:
.President, J. H. Chapnell.
Vice-Plresident, L. W. Jones.
Secretary and Treasurer, .J. B. lIiunt<
, T1he meeting wvas not largely attenidet
On D)eath of Ei. Herman Aull.
At the meeting of' the South Caroli
Pre ss Association, held last week
Wh ite Stone I,.ithia Springs, the folIo
ing resolutions upon the dleath of
Hlermian Aull were introduced by ?\
Ed II. D)eCamp, of Gaffney, andl adopi
Iby a rising vote:
'Whereas, It has pleased our infin
andl all-wise Creator to remove fri
1this earthly habitation IHerman, the
loved son of our honored president; a;
c"hras, Although he was not
m remb)er of this AssocIation, he bi
b)een with the members on various t.i
andl by his manly manner, sturdy ch:
acter andl sunty dlispositionl had<
deared1 himself to a large numbe(r of<
members; there fore, be it
U<-solved, That we off'er this ,a
expressedl evidence of our' sympathy
our pr'esidlent andl to his family."
Excursion to Augu
ta, Ga., July 16th, r<
turningiJuly 17th.
Fare $1.50.
''That's All.''
Time to Loo3ei
I T'S rounding up time instea
tember prices go on now, i
while there are yet two or 1
piece, every article, will go at c
One case, two thousand yards
sold this week for 5c the yi
One cace Lonsdale Cambric, fi
for this week 16 yds. for $
20 bales of Sea Island to go al
25 pieces Checked Muslin, thE
5000 cakes Fairy Soap for thi:
2000 cakes Fairbank's Tar So
1000 cans of Talcum Powder.
50 doz. Ladies' Lace Lisle Ho!
Popular Patterns, the kind
sold this week at I 9c, not
r 60 doz. Ladies' Vests just ope
for this sale 6 1-4c each, o
25 pieces Brown Linen, the k
0 other stores, for this big so
Another big lot of Colored Mu
Another big lot of 5c Calicoes
50 doz. Men's Negligee Shirts
worth 65c.
y 25 doz. Men's Black Sateen SI
50 doz. Boy's Knee Pants wor
50 doz. Boy's Knee Pants wor
-, Shoes
(1 reCt frc
Now if you want Wolfe Bros.
and see me and I will save y
say go get Mimnaugh's pric
l have no prices to meet bu
Sfirst placed on goods. Eve
Childrens' Low Cut Shoes a
SCome to Newberry's Bigg
the Work of Two..
The Leading S
that the1~ ('mmsonrs ofe PublieA
atof the WVat er WVork.s, IE:lect1ric L ightone
w 'atad ew rSystemII of teT w
of Newherry, . C. [6 j
Terma of oille(( toII bfoini AuIgust Ist ~
- 19031, to .J uly : st , 191)1.' O
.iiij"erii"''"In" p uit es
'>m Stockholders' M~eeting. 30 dt
,e- rjj in.: ANNIIA L ME'1NG; O1' il.: mone
-NewbIerr.y and Seeuity Co. , will A jI j
' lbe heldl at City C'ouncil ('ambers on
a Tusday21st July at 8:810 p. m. , for the AI
ad election of directors andi t.r)anction of A Il I
rH an te JNO) M. KINAlI), t A ll \
Ju .iily 18, 1 908. Sec'y andr TIr*es. All (
u at cos
Ntce Open*ing Booksi. All(
T o i1 Is a:u:V aV: All I
capital stoikIof The jt Newerr ie A l
i mpanyI wVil l b; opened~ at the All I
te inte townI of N\ewherrv, South All I
('arolinai, at la . In., o Thuirsday, t.e All
. . (.)HY NESO((TH,
i the Purse Strings.
d of having a clearing out sle. Sep
vhen Summer Goods are selling, and
hree months more of service. Every
tartling reductions this week.
of Poe Mills yard wide Bleaching to be
ird, not over 10 yards to a customer.
all 36 in. vide and worth 12 1-2c yd.,
1 .00, only $ 1 .00 worth to a customer.
5c the yard.
8 1-3c kind, for this sale 5c.
3 sale 3 cakes for 1 Oc.
ap for this sale 3 cakes for I Oc.
3 cans for 10c.
,iery showing all the Newest and Most
that sells at 35c and 40c pair will be
)ver 4 pair to a customer.
ned, they are worth 1 Oc and 12 1-2c,
nly 4 to a customer.
ind You pay 1Oc and 12 1-2c for at
Ae 7 1-2c.
sins this week, the 5c kind to go at 3c.
to go at 3c yard.
just opened, the entire lot to go at 39c,
iirts for this sale 39c.
th 60c, for this sale 38c.
th 40c, for this sale I 9c.
3s Wolfe Bros.
ust landed di
>mi the factory.
Shoes in this season's latest styles come
ou from I 5c to 25c on every pair. Some
es and let us meet them. They all know
t beat competition "one better" when
wry pair of Men's, Ladies, Misses and
t: COST.
est Store Where One Dollar Does
tore of Newberry, S. C.
s sale includes everything in the store.
rder to reduce our large stock before the
ng of the Fall season, we have decided to
ierything in, our store at Actual Cost for
lys. Now is your opportunity to save
y. Don t miss it.
vool Dress Goods at cost.
si1ks and Velvets at cost.
libbons, Laces and Embroideries at cost
White Goods at cost.
olored Lawns, Organdies and Dimities
slothing for Men at cost.
3oy's Clothing at cost.
hoes and Slippers at cost.
-lats at cost. All Shirts at cost.
Jnderwear and Parasols at cost.
rrunks, Valises and Telescopes at cost.
111(1 '- toi"" 81"(1 get t le benefit of these Cost Prices on New
:opeland ros.

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