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The tax question is one of the most
important before the people today and
it is no new problem. It has ever
been a perplexing question since gov
ernment has been organized and taxes
laid. If every property owner would
obey the law and follow the mandate
of the constitution the question would
be solved and the burden would bear
evenly on all property and not heavily
on any one. The constitution of this
State says as plainly as language can
express it, that all property shall be
assessed for the purposes of taxat.ion
at its actual value. and yet people go
on making thear returns at one half or
even less than act.ual value and take
the affidavit that they have assessed it
at its actual value. Then the railroad
board and the State board of equaliza
t.ion meet and assess railroad property
and cotton mill property at sixty per
centum of its capital stock. Why
should they fix sixty per centlum' Why
not make it tifty or seventy five per
cent um, or why not make it one hundred
per cent um of value as the constituion
requires. and what right have these
boards to fix any ot.het valualtion than
t.hat fixed by t he const it ut ion which
instrumlent they are sworn to obey and
The whole thing is wrong. It makes
but little ditTerene to the taxpayer
whet.her his property is assessed at
fiftv per cent.. of its value or its actual
value so all propert.\ is assessed at tihe
same rat.io of value. As it is now tle
t.axpayer who assesses his property at
it.s actual value. and there are soIre of
this kiid, pays more than his pl opor
tionate share of tle tax. The greatest
objection to our present pla of assess
ient is t hat the per cent age of value
ditfers in the ditferent count iets. In
some counties the per cent age is fi\ed
as low as forty while in others as high
as eighty, and as a result tihe eighty
per centage county pays twice the
amount of State tax that th. forty per
cent. county does. The only equitable
mode is to have all property assessed at
its actual value.
The Ways and Means committee In
thit last house presented a bill which. if
it had been adopted by the L.egishtmrv.
would have greatly inereased the t axa
ble property in the State, and would
have gone a long way toward equal
izing the burden, bnt some of the mnem
hers were afraid of it. The State
board of equalization is a worthless ap
pendage. They do not equalize the as
sessment s among t lie count ies, and they
say to the corparat ion ret iI'l youir prXIp
erty at sixty per cent. of your capital
stock. That. eouhl be done without the
board meeting.
A committet was appointed by the
1ast. I,egislattuire to tajke this matter
under consideration We do not expect
any great things fl oim this committee.
and even if they should agree upon a
measure, we doubt if the L egislatuore
would adopt. it.
This is as important as atny quest ion
before the( pheople.
We understand that t he railroad of
ficials of the (C. , N. & I 2. are very
ucuh pleased withI thle patronage on
tIhe niew morning traini to Columbia.
andt afternoon t rain out. So much so
that they are thinking of making it a
regular passenger t rain and ext ending
the service to Greenv'ilIe.
We have written a book on this sched
uile and( are glad it is p)rovinlg a success.
Anad it has hardly been on long enough
for the people to know that it was run
ninhg. It is a good schedule and gives
p)eope~ the opportunity to go to Colum
bia, sp)end( the day and return the same
afternoon. If it shouild be extended to
Greenv'ille it would be still more pro
fitable. Tlhe tmore oppIortunity you
give people to travel thle tmore they ar-e
goimg to travel. And then it is a great
conivenfiice. to the traveling men. It
ives theml an op)portunity to visit the
smaill towns without the expense and
we*ariniess of a buggy dIrive. So far
the train has been running on the
wI:hod u and the patroniage ha~s been
grvAL We- hope it wilt prove sufficiently
profits Me to~ warrant the uthlorities in
rraia .r4 it a regular pas4senger- and mail
The paro ait White Stone Springs
(gf.jiG ':,r night of the press asso
'A C .seu br.cet. L The governor's pri
ra~ . w.a'y intimates that it was
we~'ary ard f'ell on sleep on account of
the prot1ad.-d talking of the after dlin
r.er sweks. ft has also been sug
geatsr 'that it died of envy because it
wa. rot inivitedl to the banquet, wvhile
aniother Parrot p)artook of the royal
feast. It is our private opinion that
Polly fell deadI when Solicitoir Sease re
fused to touch his glass of champagne.
-Pee Dee Advocate.
We have been trying to findI an ex..
planation for the sudden dIemiise of
Polly and we should think Brother
Freeman's opinion was authority on
the subject, though we had been sus
pectinig that Polly gave upi the ghost
when she foundt some one who could
out te.ik her.
The Governor has appointed a com
mission to get up an exhibit for tihe St.
Louis Exposition, or rather to take the
matter under advisement. To raise
$2,000 by private sub)scri[ption would
require about $600J from each county.
It is dIoubtful if this amount could be
raised and it would be hazardous to de
pend on an appropriation frcee the
State, for unless the members have
changed very much since the last aes
lion no appropriation will ba mmae
All ports of the rent neetin
the State l ss Assoiattort at hit
Stone Sprins give a most interestir
account or the prooeedings. Thom
meeting are no doubt profitable
many, And should be pleasant to al
One notable feature of the reci
meeting is the inereased int*reat of ti
brethren in the matters which perta
to the welfare of the craft. Piesidei
Aull has made a most popular and at
ceptable President, and Secretary (
0. L,angston is so efficient and so po
ular that he was not allowed to resti
No ni-ni has ever worked more e-e
t.ivel. aan has President Aull, And I
is now a power with the brethren.
In his addrea he matde plaant mev
tion of the memory of the dead. Ar
in his editorial column he says:
"We missed our friends Col. las. '
Bacon, of the Chronicle, Col. T. 1
Ciws, of t.he Laurensville Herald, ar
Gen. R. R. Hemphill, of the Abbevill
Medium. These have always been goo
friends of the Association and promij
in (heir at tendance. They are veterar
in the profession and should lose n1
opportunity to Ie with t.heir younge
brethren and give thent their counsel an
For t.hirts years Messrs. Raeon, Crew
and Hemplill have been active and it
terested. as well as interesting mniemli
of the Association. The wit hidrawal
old merbers, and the death of oth-rn
removes froi the Association nrarlh a
.he original or charter members. 't
new men and new facos are to be see
in greater numbei t-han% were eve
present in the olden times. In runn
through the list. a large per cent.
the recent meeting are new faces t
us-men with whom we have no persor
a1l acquaitanvce except t.hzugh the
As far as we have seen any not.1e 4
the proceings, t he discussions and tI
intercourse have ben in good fellov
shi , wit h due regati to the convitior
andt ut t erances of each ot her This
well, and must r-tsult in ksocx to al
They\ will learn by personal intevoun
the lessons which suhuld be exempli
fied in their editorial ut Rarncs F
these met-ings t.he individual mimi u-i
be raised to the higher st.aniaids
conduct one towards anot.her. 've
the humblest may learn I.hat a broth(
may differ in opinion fim hn. a
still be a gentleman, though Pr dio
It is to be h edn that t.he ience,
President AuNl and the assxiatior. w
be such t.hat in the future each mer
her of the Yourt.h rlst.ate ma- s reg
late his t-utoirial oolumns as to be
honorable and mx fu' t.hat none ms
resort to unhe-Nming or ungent.leman
at tacks upon another. Mer, of ur.:e
gence and abitliy need not resort t. .
low thing device of astons. ms.n
at ions, offensive epithets or of beNr
unmst im Any- w&y tO others, The pr
vaing sentiment of t.he bretter. .
hoped. may be against t.he dera$Is,i.
of the high eLinrg which t.hy-so
It is to be hoped .hat the manrc rs ,
the street g-ammin ma3 be f-fe'
barred fwim the bret.hrer. among who
there should p-exail nothing but go.
feeling. -- Abbeville Press an R an.ne
We thank the Prss and Rainn f
the kind and fratern words canr.yam
in t he abe. and desi?x '.z Assu
Brother Wison that our mfluenw. v-is
ever .t may be. sha. a1ways t agan
dirspect.fu and unbecormnc u..e
ances in the ozt-rO elumlr. or ai
other pari of the paper. W -eg
that FAitor Wilson has dropped ou;
attendance upon these annus. gahe
ings. We hope. he n"&)- wit us ie
time. lie is nw one of t.he vtrr
and his g-enial presence and wars
counsel wrould be of great benef; i.e t
younger members. We remembser v.e
weil wihen he was a egula.r a-.enai
and we hope he may lay aside V-ham
may have stod in the way of~ ha
tendance in rewent years and meet v
us again. We e.a.n aasure tarL. i
kindly g-r'eeting fiom the rmers k
members, and that they will t.e g;
to have with them one -ho ~fai :.e
so long the editor anid pubhs. er of
successful a n-wspa.pe: as the Prs
and Banner. We are s.lways gad
have the veterans with us.
The Herald arc' nws would :t:e
suggest to the comnLassioners of pub
works the advisability of baring a
other well and putting in a new put
instead of building a ENX,( ' ga.
reservoir. The well and the pr..r
would cost no more than a cist.errn a
then the supply of water would be
ways fresh, and with a reservoir y
would be at the mercy of a pump
case of fire, and with an additional we
you would have two pumps and t'.
wells, and fresh, p'ire water is wh
we need as well as fire protection, ai
with two wells you wo.uld have both.
When the Newberry Real Est.a
Company lay out the streets anid av
nues on the very desirable tract of i
they recently purchased from Senat
Mower, they will have one of the mo
desirable residence portions of the cit,
We hate to see the Jones Grove clean.
out, and yet it is but one of the inei
tables in the growth of the city. Mo
of our streets are too narrow. Th
will not be the case in this new res
dence section. This opening up of ne
lots should give those who desire to b
come home owners an opportunity
(10 so, and it should also be a help I
the Home Loan & Trust Company, at
the two should be mutually beneficia
Buy your lot and then take stocki
the Home Loan & Trust Company an
get the money ona easy terms to buil
your house and thus become a horn
owner inisteadl of a tenant. Instead o
paying rent pay for your home witi
the same money you would use in pay
mug rent.
We are glad to see that Supervisot
Schumpert has decided to take up th<
roads from the county seat and put
them in good condition, macadamizing
where necessary. This Is what The
Herald and News has been advocating
for a long time as the first step to.
ward road improvement, and the right
step. Keep on extending these roadi
until the entire county Is covered.
Who Is He?
Who Is it that makes Icewer-gallona
wnarsnmneh. tilu
>f W* hope the railroad commissionor
Q havo not overlooked that new depot fo
jt C., N. & L. We very much nee
it Andi we underst-ood the matter woult
I. be 1 aken upl At once and we would sool
It Ae evidencos of A new depot. This i
a goo d time to build and we hope tt
t see somothing doing very soon.
We asked the commissioners of pti
lic works sene time ago if they ha
ever had the ordinance making riule
e for the sewerage printed, and. if so, i
it was for distribmutin among the pa
d trons of the system. We should ver.
much like to see a copy of the ordi
nance unless it iS to be kept soecret,
and if it has not been printed we thint
d it should be. We hope, this is a com-W
d teous request . 1O former. inquirv wwi
t ignored.
The livA and Raimer oiffers a farn
d fil sale in Abbeville cOntaining thre
hunded acres "at voW own pri-e anl
on a ceniit three hundred years." Will
that long a credit the price would be 4
f lit t Ie concern t o the ave'agc person
This is an opportunity t'o sm oltim
1who may want a farm heap and 41
sy terms.. Address 'ress and Manner
Ahbeville. S C
Ths I% not A Fcntlv word hut whou
ou thit. ho hAle yon are no( to pm
c hase the only ivmi%d1 univriNlj\
nlisVwn And' -1 rem<N4 thAl hAs hmi 01hC
largest sale of an modicine in the
old sin 1t o Ihe om-e arsi irent
ment of onsmptior anid Th:-oi mn
bmg trublesv It,houw L-L.ing isg
plu'larit ali those vean,. vou wir N
thank rufl we calhvsi you nt teni ,r. tc
Roscher 't-Fra S. r;p The:- N-c u
marny% ordimlpr\ oughjz+ T1m1h04mdei
druggsts and at.hc:-s thr,t a-e ehear an
~ od for hght colds whaps an;' fo
onalyfi k%nsum)s ov.r wh:ion,
Is Aifh ult t run. oughim
rm t.he nig h an .' :-ni;h
is not.hog like de -mnar 's em ''he 2
kNOt sve uhas .ms; ; r ; 'dai hi
Te ichear W aie
a teache- or .C: ". t ' . i.. wit a
scho: ti.ln wIt.nan ma. K
- ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ tl Ie' Ortathrtnergn em
that .d : .1:. ..fst'i hs , ''i s:.
":Ci s.-mNfN '.
0,M lia, 410ltS1101 all[ DISUM217:
NA V., I Ii..,i M i i
maki T fin s1lL temln. m t.n- e,
.t u Z-11rit A -u, o
Uhf ."-(lhlL u t To- Nowvl ... ::lill
N . (a Mona. -'' up 1 S, 11CO:, SLY
immedmaw,nnciate!t ereaftc an t
- :ou-: in- s dis'nare aw M.misturasr~
: Miut es.atu
Al lmdit.orr o' saJq esher.? a hre
1y not.ifiec t nm:sen: t.t oem.n
P aainm ania. estt n roneTre attetes
Or o- be!fnor RUC IaI. 'anrl,a
V1orm1 aR Mest ' Maat. - m S
men:i itt tti: un d i- r? on.,.
A HM li.
er :uanon. .. ' tivnm w ros m
at s'.eto Aai:noui, 'n s a:i .tur :
:uL 'XEt . n.. UItor'.tn-'c Vurnow V
nfllr Lt Ifll'. u;ii Uetea9..
onf ftratt un brie wn
L:E . ..:u: i4).
a a oruat t. B~r.2F
a teiate for te eta ti..
. Pomaria. S. C., July 15, 1903.
It L. 0. 0. F.
&A. at , 30 oClocK at, their hatll at h
dially invited.
J. M GUINN. N. (;
d T. S Hudson. Secretarv.
I Naes Book Store
lOc. eaoh
X%3'Call early
and make a se
lection before
the stock is
pnicked over.
Ji Dumps asserte<
1. summer causes t,
What shall we
That, without n
Aid in gie best of a
Why, "Force,' of cc
The eady-to
the strength of
Evettedes Chae. .rsd Beet
"' r~~' Ii, t a regular. break fad~
the okt standant A G
The Following GilT PRIcES
A0. Kor .LE]n
All Umbxre~.La s and r
All CThns,o Vaie ad
Come Boys Csloth and g t c.
andl Seasonab)le Goods
Outfitters for everybodiy.
Notic ot P11181 SettlllOlt and( Digrh8rgc,
iwi wdl make a final settlement on
the estate of Mary E. Fowler, deceased, dis:
in the Probate Court of Newberry of1
County, S. C., onl Tuesday, the 4th day 25j
oif August, 1903, at 11 o'clock in the
forenoon, and will immediately there
after ap5ply for letters dismissory as
Admiaistratrix of said estate.
All p)ersons holding claims against
the said estate are hereby notified to
render in same duly attested, and all
those indebted to the said estate to pay
the same on or before that date.
Administratrix ria
Newberry, S. C., July 2, 1903. * A
- - . -of '
Farmers' Institutes.an
By authority of the Board of Trustees
of. Clemson .College, Local Institutes
will be held in such counties as send re
quests, signed by fifteen farmers, be
fore the fifteench of June, to J. S. St
Newman, Director of Farmers Insti..
tutes, Clem son College, S. C. The ie- r1a
titioners will name the places at which -
Institutes are dlesired and the dates willl wvill
be arranged1 by the college authorites. on'
The State Institute will be held at the
Clemson College commencing Monday Lion
evening August 10th and closing Friday
evening August 14th.r
. - A1 a F' XW
I," Too much meat Purple
)o much heat. Top
eat all summer long
eat, shall keep us strong, Rita
ummer trim ?
urse," laughed "Sunny .I
L rirR
C P Fonts
.8~~eiof :
iieat IBeautiful
the heat. -an2e
V (Iry
T rop
N E Vd
Laugh, ~~ e
AND Th - e
World Laughs
w1th You! l :o.ott~
Make Everybody Laugh, OUR UG
11 Os. U - t I i '
Cure dtea
neycls, Set
Endors foed
awelcoan i
0 *'01'8 Fo saleo t
Prpo asfrm upro--,
Ispp. or t Stae unif
l'PIICAUONS vol 'iu; iosi I eeii pArl I r a ggipt.ed
ui IN . 8,~i ,, . Pr ty Wodmn e sc e'e
(1n we ha. ) de ided ', t n te ig (Ol.IUrdt
op to (ir t,ilme iid'tn t to iPave
Em rid -'sa o urihi od h
andC l es N.5,i lect ili 1I(I l and Dirnitiessl o ieot
'h elos y( o.o Se .lMl
ActinC l S it i a t ctifct. (hlce
VV. uat c s i. u.iI,S4,,Jte2
TMlescpes a Wost
~tedy2s uya :0p n,For sale xons adCt
elecionof iretor an trnnfob the ire t fo e au
of ny th - 'ui n p he uonderadvaned; unstl
.JNO M. KINAor entin Add e Thomas Cart~
ily 3, 1 0 . ' S e fan reas Ju rly Capi tom or b ldgr , COctb
sm *,4
6m(:itO. - - C03:ar or ir Store,
B E R R Y. - - S. C.
ding Drug Store!
ition to uOsti , b% ia high rgard for tho
40101101 of 1iv Itr: N , we ( .11411 lto s0 vo u)
Ilus,' lo l I l ti *\ W b vo b11 8twe o m.
Ih s III I I fulo id. wh linv h tg.it llII
r tbi s ,u I 1ar. I t ft1 i hei' gelrti ti' olla
Tk E i Up 'miionid Mit-dern
STORE \V "W on, hI i I ri. SIthek
rimuory -'It I S .ips, mirs a d 'Tobilw.o,
L1-oldreWIC h', -ildt n so,.d,.. Cnt (il flld,a
,s ript io . i t w t ima is i c 1hrg- (if tui
nduslcNI (1 .111 0111 Of I h lt Alitig Collogos
hoci..,,d twoorthllg it, thl. laws of Souith1
N imur dot% r-' -:t-rl iptuu arS111 propare-cd
11'1th le in to. No iitakes
Drg i) S, -o ., is yomr witrk lknd w44
ription Pharnacists.
-al Water
ses of the Liver, Kid
tomach and Skin.
by Physicians and
ned by Patients.
by all Druggists.
ig Wood
of ...oo AIN RELIEVER..,
Cannot speak; otherwise
""le"r ;II an would tell its own story,
adwere its organ of
Sspeech as pronounced as
J)'OlLI its one quality RELIABIL
('' he ITY, no need of these re
he b~~v marks. We do not claim
1)Ilt'i. that it wni cure Mumps,
jhl'nosl Consumption, or grow hair
1(ltllion bald heads, and in fact
he' w'n we do not advise .mothers
liy 118using it for SootNing Syrup
afte (a1d- but we do claim that tnere
-. Is nothing better on the
r sta e.' market for Pain in the
903. Stomach, Colic, Cholera
ed Morbus, Diarrhoea and
)It(14NDysentery. n 5
eillnthis PRICE 15can2c
ofiwh( A BOTTILLE.
n im- ayeS rgSoe

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