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The Newberry herald and news. (Newberry, S.C.) 1884-1903, July 17, 1903, Image 4

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PIC muirald and wo
The Cause Lies At The 1oor Of Mr. Roose
velt, With His odoor Of
-Hopec" PIM3..
Atlanti% constitntio
The roports from vfarios parts of
.bt eonittry and spiaIslly from the
nior1 tailng ovort Rol' of antxg,
4111MI) bc4twosn thet WhIto. andi black-.7,
enmiingt the "-miIzI of ti-rwrr
%nd Ild dshd hFransvoi 1 ah 1113.,
are end),tnleloo o" a Imowom; Ikllmow:ale
re\ - tv :nt resindi itis an 1 physi
1'ov't hlA' l'toi. a l'I n i jinrtoa.e
ws, svwr:lM b1t'%%xTo1 i hr rmeks
bt. t , 3n . I o!
.om Iv d : '
"til 01 - S
a li - h t i A
it: ta t 2
b(W iSt' is t a,hL
fitidtrm. offie ve
ted to. suen - -
tihe unaniin
it t lt' b'.r S - 7
is party mia&ri t ' ~ - -
fused to o tirin t -
a secnd ti::., be -:'~
the peupl C
gave l ii i ,r j
T1herein L . - -:.
to forc~ :Le '
11 es> ZS. ?
Fra :ew:r-x
i rance, a : &e set'.~. be
n~g r. t-s u te .- n es L av- g row:.
bietweeni the rac.es toAy is 'essi fr.end
ly anid e:-s god.- for the. co'utry's
w~elfare tha. st a-. y ti:ue since the
ba) ouet bolstered go.ver~ieets of the
south w'ere d isper-ed.
Nearly all the race troubles of the
past year Ccn be attributed to the
authors of the agitation around the
Crum case and the restless, reck-less,
rebellious feeliugs they have stirred
into fury in the breasts of the negroes
of the nation--north as wvell as
It is fortunate that the lessons
taught to thetn by t he riots and miur
doIrs b)rought I upon themI by' the whIiit es
of 1Kanisas, Illinois, Ohio. Inidiana
Dl)ahware and( Nw Y~ ork have booen
forgot ten'i in thiir new eniItusiaism,
genierated b)y the mhisconceivedl ideal
of atpprovatl of the mot ive that forced
Orm uponi a prottig commuiI)nity.
It gaive themi false hiopes and1( is lead.
ing themn iln the~ way of woes and dis.
asters incalculablo.
WVe (do not holine Prescident
Rtoosovelt umant to produon these
effeots. lII wans himself miisl.ed b)
at disonsed( sonso5( of justice Hie in,.
tOlnded( to (do something hetlpfuil tol
the negro bt the blindu race and
the blind lnnder havn fnan n .I..
ditch',toigettt Widd otMon'leta
be would repeat'hIadjMr-us aces
if be Could re0al them. H, wn-t
have now a better anderfstdirng
and a better desire in these matR
Rut serious damage to the can ( "f
amity between the rj%e has be..a
ione and the effet. will not pas
nutil long after the president shAeR1
have become ODe more a private
The worst and most pitiabhe tea
tnre of the situation is that tho
Ornm Oase and its oonsequeto.u.
have et hack the best int.orests of
the negrow of the south by a whole
decade. It has disbearten,d those
who were rejoicing that ont race
tronhise have settled down to an am
mshle modns virxendi. It hHQ made
i' ton fold more iiffienit for i hose
who dtlmied to enconre anid aid
the negro to indnatrial and ioneqt.io
idependence to stand up and plead
hl AnIse to t.hat end.
will take a dosen more years. of
tqx' to nni the harm aned dispel
de aggrsvationg race dioig Pf
'*~ o t.he Orn= revival of hogit -
' Tie hmq: that cr he done a
-b o agki. the worL of re
.un'.a: and Itri t Pivoid the re
' rA s (Vnit,to.
+ ~.-nx Tannig tom ta tnni 4s.
- w a nSz anis .
P -finf f RJDit R.T'. Y a .t1i
zb i,W - ki 3i,9 TaktR i
.W Lzw' fsillifol tr ~'IM.. a1
RantfTli~ f 1L,. n; I ZKI
2- :.m* *a mf "E1 lfmen
i'z ia3DxL *81l4L a wnDi1 :"nn
SL... 111 jt kt
e Vt ILhc WirffA . .l jLk :li.
Z- rvr31$ hii' s' '.1a: id . ac
'.7).. 'Lb 'iht 11*R Dlh111[1.
vC .'n' s-I i 'C''I' atn *i Aty
L.'~L'A' tii.af't fAld[14
LZ '. -ve ani 51 Ean a':
I -J.l'ibIt... .LIgJI-an
v: e c as.-.Me fnuErV a d er
t.. oa t.r :: :.a~r erm !ed . : f :.=
yo)ug man who LaM recr.ak*d -..
the girl coamiog down the str*s VM
pret ty win.s a qoarter f rom tthe : t.t
'knockeria" playersa, a.d 'cr..
match amonag themseloves t.sa
which of them eball give rb+. 25
Cts to the wiLDer.
It',. a great gain.-, all right, r at
th~e fellows wbc are, occsion are
forced to take tha short et ' of it b
stanidiag to lo.se a quar.ur on tbe
proposition that uoue of the Wwm
will have a knock for the woman
praised, are losing out pretty fa4t so
It is Said that t'.iey Do, but Who
Philadelphia North Amuerican.
Out of the west comnes thse an
nouncement flhat the Women's Med.
ical Club, of Chicago, has taken to
socks--wears 'em and advooates 'em
as the proper style of hosiery for all
women. Then follows the inquiay
of a mascnline observer: "WVill Phil
adelphia women wear socks?"
Rhocked by the seeming andacity
of the half-hos,e suggestion, inquiry
was pursued in department store.
There te act'n .... dhloed at
there will bp no %vattiling innovat.ion
here in the hoxierv line. Phi%de.
phia'women will man-reiv e-sntinnt. to
W.$Ir ROck., -f-,r t-'. enw
ti (041) I1EFA. AAVS PAVS1IAN.
"Rutodrodp of them," was iho an1
wer of a salefman who was asked how
many women hny half hoe.
"*t's4 nt a fad," inAisted a promi
nent woman ph%Aican, "it' ensi
ble ide l i%i hose are cocl,e than
loug stockinIgs and1A fftr t'eiet fTon a
hygienic iOupolllat. I wekar them
arid I tdtiie all ant patiewnt, %nd
friends to wear th,m "
Behirid the hosior% PonttA in a
departrmoot st.ore i. sult-mI41) grinei
wbtn OAked if maIn w.1m4i 1iOZ;t
half hose
"Do ihe% "' he nhnAk',-3 . ".I,
1 rathmr think so \\ h( Ig.at yon
womarn t.hre.'' he. whisprw. -in
orderedI twer11 par, -atnI t b hot- m
A tMar-ac ('it' ?Shes suvi 1 br. wt
f,, tl%T bro hot- h i m A l
timid womor; nme 1.tw Uhtht.lo,
In i Tiil he l) r' fNO l s \\v. s toi.,l
1otimi ii g h ..Ji t rie t -- f - ,
'f'hoero. taa, I hs.r.9%i r tuA : ' tir-ar be
wonid ask h'.iis sstb: ~t1i :noha. i
Li' u w a'# :l a s .1x ev
w aLn *i'1.4' .a ks :,.d' ...'i s,
* -h ie.a tu,- .t t :. A('.... .,.r
i . a ";. ' .
i t I - ; l ' r ' I .
a ll... . . .. .
- if . 6.
*. L .e O1t -~2 P AP A
i RAJI.N El.
r. Lo w wocar A.4u a
6 3"'a t2A. A r .'
In a'ec4a~4 'i r It ar te es-p: esf
tibraity t~~y thTb Jmerarr7 s.r an
oue~ a te marsat'r-a A 5m .ree
CorSstiy oe w-a r n tr, a. .;t asyne ?ri.At
ants o St ouis a. ?tmr 14e
e'ee otyd 900e gPeo tkng tn me
)ret eUbsC?l.r the as ite. ts ~ t
aod) yoabel oe Pl the foty
Ita mno fCRS.F t a i apt re.. e
he nttle t tiae tn tht EOntee
triah toser.ber t- ha1 Wprid'is aae.
!s ata to as wand estimat a gg g
legh iesubscrip>r n tati. -- paid n ad-nt
anceousd of~ ayulih.Th -irntl
I st isrnot neceslsyte p win rdvance to
be enditIed ou estimate arith onet.R
such youbhseibe charid sin tdhao
isa eachtie o paay himat0eo as cets,
itathe froer May elh.vheb firtr oer-i
et tort eeIsutwl receivdb al han o
feed i you rsthereforet fmor'at thaset
iou esendinatee.imt a n .B
sure you havt the.. crrid ight theI 1o.
if~. the s i ope ayr orst
Whe pape eits recebymai,pan my
ben the yurss r nea dit forge to send
in estimates.a ne n iepBnig
Whil the stim nares oree t astmayr
wilt receive the trips. It costs absolutej
nothting to enter the Contest. II tniatp.
eahnot be bought for aniy Price, tid as no
one wilt know the number of L.dn1 lesons
to the St. L ouis World's fair:i ntil aftet
th Dening day, erV 00 had Ia;a4e
~SiI o
New Schslamhtps for Men
Ttche at the Smth
cArolm colek*,
tClauset~ itm Anniy 14 ae et e
01%%Mplh%f AIN eit to hevls
t+e p.'VIg the tayn mhh o%'hten, a h
N1r aav*"j = es e+ w ea h
con . t the a M iI te rnMn A
heasthe )etw'emAen at' twitte Av.
$It Ut lA t.o--6T %%Iis vwY%~
rmaat A n I ~ t%M O*he , "t.t
he10 kylti It 0tt40 q%tV bW
ha 'eb tah. the ,h at ' eat IAI
H)Thia men he &~in aa the Aindnt
She i t e h tu r ,m . th.
tmSwesin $' th t tot esight bimbnh
toasis i 9n la ewasr hi mg
RMtW1.ThYON*tk 'A-Ott T'01 A
etbn in t av k t..r ij as ( Ttic lr
tP Skmat h A A1s%o1 bl. WMi he
en as A I....a,, ,i:ewt.rn
I -'lbeatve i%l t Vmoe )-,uu mut ,i FAi
) IrWt*T w4m oc t havtag 'lm
T*4nv O th l4e40t4lat r4mq n,; no
thlk ere be n usta sm ts'
have ta"Wht. the W4W*T1&t ff thAl
at IAy te &Ww*"%d ti &3% a tm,
inO&' WNI C-nl3r toends* $6ot.h.
Anglmatanaob"1 be WMa,e t,% tht
1bqfC Julkl 18. V.PM preOrted bjAn1,S
futnthedbythe 'Trt4dem( or by oounmw%
Q fe4k T h~e blank&a sth&l pm-w%de6t
inf%I-mat1*ka &nd "'trth sa t, the.
phltsago, p ivw-wmnnt*%*k Ften.
eva eht-aterand Obilit7, ed mtt,n%i
*inBg the1 143ta .I&arInal4 Iirse Thefl
inforatumthu* *%1bmitte%d MIR be Mv
N'&M as*a4*v&trji&v* examinaiton
V*h*. hae' - v4v t'e T'wants to aan
b%%:x;hsrtk wmll 1' s t * oo tt
r smis r es.
S Thk latow. omlexm au
4,1Mhm .t.nd Enematary . s.-brA
krtm 'h .t-'ve. S2ts -
N'to ni mrry th ers. '.
Caprta -t-d a 'k $50tate <,00
Surplus -ewpe t- n- 19,500e
Plk "'t*S.h,*Lrvkh1
nLiCtAl rgah aton m
Savings de..art-g
mont since r- gar
gai4tin4 -,$9,20
kint a hJtA HIes-- : Jo r ns hi
. Ik rass;m ua 'VWy , IT . 1
;uk id. goes rigt on testa i$g:iims
at.-.1 a stn it ns Oa rumn, , h
md goe t om oney worning :'.rno:.
akehi a eitunt in' the;-. .8ais do.
al1I f'j%h -ft .''mm-1s
-atmn today a''d let t egi toh
o y t n o-n at
-If pe1etJnay% n uy1o
a-- ed a t. . -
yt- ma 2, r eas.-.s a a
IM1iiu Hil un var
0041 The TroPD LavER
- $1.i umo th ep sitl pin,nu
N W ill m 1,\ r\m3 ut to $ 1 W 0M
$51 \ il lm 10 0.11ars
Wt ' \\Wt \0,1- s bu se O
Il\'o wmp"' fac iliis To
The Commercial Bank
of Newberry, S. CO
a Jil TI
- NC'Cf
* R T H . .no
Diing, SlepigMndTh
tion, write t
I have had occason to use your
Iti-Draveht Sto,amd Poultry Medi.
Cint and am p:e.:.d to say that '1 never
used any thing kr stock that gave half aS
good sACt.etIon. I heartily recoi.
mnd It to all owner of stock.
J. L. 1LISilR, St. Louis. Mo
"ik stock or poultry shouhl not
oat chemp stock to- A n.v more than
se lxns shol". expet to be
"-t V f,\Xd. When ymnt stick
atid poult.i -nx sick give'11th med
iem"e. D't stut!' them, with worth
os sto\k t1ads I. ttdoad the bowels
andl r e te torpid liver ind the
animau ie ,ured, if it be posi.
ble to eure it bhlck-Draught Stock
ad Poultry Medicinte unicads the
bx-els olin stirs up the torpid liver.
It C.s e Nry 1mady of stkck if
tikenl i t . curtire a 2.-cent can
ot 1lack-i) ' hI~X S and Poultry
ieme m.d ui w' ill p.i.y for i1self tehl
unes e' er. iiors~es work~ better. Cows
.\nd henIs 1:1a more e:.r. It solves the
(nam ittft mam ass nmuch bhl,
tivsh und e..ergy as xossible ot of
the smaI!s t amount of foo~d eon.
sumed, lhiy a can from your dealex.
:bu!edi Limited Trains
e :a.. Eastern~ Cres
iashington, :r na
- - : Atlanta,
s. Louisville, St.
Orleans, A " A
st.zen.Pass Agt.,
A H G A.
'ee t'> Any Ai-.
excelled for luxury
the latest Pullman
roughfare Cars.
ps or any informa-.
massenger Agent,
Wilmington, N. C.
F n (10 1 f.'. RA% W alj
%%. -. ath O.il. V
11 M. A. i. P. M. A.M
3 1 W. ... $20 . b o
2I 9 -i .. . tiiidrot F. 1 . 340 11 iU
'I IN A30. . Ptersou 1. D . S46 11 6
.* 2N .... ... West At1vion...... .......32 b
2.. .s 4 vo....... . l e ive. F....... .... 3 4bw 1
11o t 93 .... ....... ki lluilt ....... ... 8 4 5 .......
- - 9 ......A tndletoti........ 4... 46 .....
--..... iI . .........C httun ............... 4 . .
- - 4 ... . . A . 11l n . ......... .. 421
- Z - S . - .1 .....01 11-rry..........., 4 Ms .,......
- S 2$ .. .lo thnei Jut ei ... 433 ....
- - -............... oti'e a.. .... ...... 4 6
4 -101 :::..
- -. st -.... ..Wtqst Union ........ 6 t;4
S ........... w alihalla ............ 6 09 .
All r-itelr t ra11' r6)ltInto valhala,
1111vP iotie Over tratin of dittuo Cas
tiviti ill thit OIpositt- iirtciton un1less olh
t wi%( specttleI bs traiti order
VIIl a 0u0sto Pat the following stations to
Inkt. wIa tnd I tt ott ImasRelager: Pitiney's
J;t ~ ma wiupsirintendrlint
Iaricsou and Wesurn cam#1wna hwv CO.
Augusta and Ashevillo Short Line
ehedute i i Ireet !ha'oh 1, 1903.)
kiealt Ilwn.) (Read Up)
..4t Vn ......... Lv Newherr y......... Ar 3..0 pm
t.0 ptI . ......Ar Laurens........ .... Lv 4.02 p u
:. 0 p1 ......... Lv Lau rei n .. . .. Ar 1.30 pm
3 i .. n....-Ar Spartanturg.... Lv 12 01 pm
3 I i'm-.......tv "patrtanbtirg. Ar io.W>a
3.S pllk.........Ar Salada............... Lv S. bV amu
. P ........Ar Rtudersonvilio Lv 3.05 am
S li...... r kAieville........ .. Lv 7.00 am
-a.ltv pit.....Lv Nowherry kC.N.&L.) 3 10 pin
1.50 p A . r Laurens .................. Ly 2.02 pm
-.v pn . v Laurons.................Ar 1.45 pim
- in A r UrQou1wooi.-....... .Lv 12.44 pmj
S . ..r Auguista............... Lv 10.10 am
2.'piun...1 Au16ttsta....... .r~11.66~m
. p .. Ar len fort. ............Lv 7.6 am
6.A - Ar Port Royal -.......... L v 7.40 a"'
1 46 pil 1.v Noewlherry (0 N.&L)Ar 3.10 pin
- 0 pi Ar Laures .........Lv 2.02 pm
.i .v ;tur nr -........... 1.6 P I
-2 pi.Ar Uretivit' I Lv 12.16 p I
tr tunih.'i inlfization relative to rates,
t k* . C-1U 11,kl. or- athir iif.
-,.'i. T BRY \ N. Gt'i. Ag . Greenville,B C.
F RN x ' w F LV 11 ,1A MS, UGe.'. Pas1 A g
1' -1* n t1k, N a iiIRvr
k E tz-t ti Stsuiniard Tiu LA.)
S tilt.bin1l. Northbound.
e dut e in Ellrt Suday. J ite 12th, 1903
STATl0' S.
4 L T .v At auta 1. A.I.) Ar. 8 .11 pim
X, ti Il A thitns 6 19 pun
01 b'ton 5 17 pI
I ill ~ h.~t 4 05 Pill
N ttiiw oo 3 35 Jm
NJ% A '"itot tin'r) Lv. 2 45 pin,
CA w C.)
ki t-' Sp'rt 1ts Ar 4 tk pn,
pRauburi 4st i
re , e 26 Pt"
iarris Sprtugs,)
W I )tho 2 35 pln
r't , lu'r' I k 2 - ip l
52 21 8i
WIy D'ly D'ly
ex ex
a ul 111 Ut1 t 3 at
1.v t,At3i. Ar I 5o) 900 6 00
Parks 142 851 660
0P~ ' ClInton.. 130 $830 576
3A 1 .4oidvill- 117 8 0 4 45
Kinard 1 10 745 4 33
44 Uary 105 736 4440
% ., '%4 3alapa 1 00 7225 4405
S t Newberr-% 12 46 7195 345
irciperitj 122 941 306
St Slighs 1223 ti 26 250
SMouItain 12 19 C. 20 2 4LI
. Chapiii 1209 605 210
. Hilton 120 55V 2'6
k I - hite Rock 1 6 660 20W
4 1aentIue 1154 541 150
S7 Limo 11 46 524 1 82
*Aphart it 40 5 1 1 -9
4'44a 1126 5to 100
Sa 112'
pa.v addpatfo
~S Ia HII u bat ai MESN
unter ~ Maa~r
C.n' t'. freiglit dept.
Pretast. Troor ane givseri
Alsso water tser olr. oPase witu
patient's knowledge.
White Ribbon Remedy will cure or
dlestroy the dliseased appetite for alco
holic stimulants, whether the p atient is
a.cOnmfl e-d inebriate, a ''tippler," so
(jal drmnk(r or dru'tnkard. Impossible
for anyone to have an appetite for alco
holic hluors after using White Ribbon
Indlor'sedl by Members of W. C. Tii. U.
Mrs. Mloore, press superintendent of
Woman's Christian Temperance Union,
Venatura, Cali fornia, writes: "'I have'
tested White Ribbon Remedy on very
ob)stimate dIrunkards, and the cures have
been many. In many cases the Remedy
was given secretly. I cheerfully recomn
mend arnd imdorse. White Ribbon Reme
dy. Members of our Union are de
litehtedl to find an economical treatment
to aid us in our temperance wo)rk."
D)ruggists or by mail, $1. Trial pack
age free by writing Mrs. A. M. Town
senmi (for~ years secretary of a Woman's
C,hristian Temperanlce Union), 218 Tre
mronIt St. , 8oston, Mass. 'Sold in New
berry by Giler & Weeks.
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