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A lcautlif\l Roance Accountng I'-Fr
Strange Nunterical Nmoencla
turc in T1w l'icilmnt.
Nows and Courior.
InI tho lowilr portion of 'iokonltl
Couity, onth Carolintia, ont the
Solithorl1 1611al 's great trunk 1e
fromt Washing(.ito to Atlanta, staid
tw.) votiot ll 111!, jus4t foill' 11ilkS
aillt 1ti oliel 1itI is kilowin as
CatIolr anld the now one, not yet
Bollifiil, Illollow 1,titding lnime,
1hey are, betraying their lduba
Assoite'ltd witi thost. na1111ues is a
It'eid Ihat ltlis tle story of the lov
of a beiautifful Itianl maidenl for a
bravt om. ti. of SCotMh Irish
deseit. lhe story of a roniane
11oo b'autifill a'd rither Mn dot.
of 1ar iig I hali Dhio*s lovo for Aewas,
t oi awaits aiotei Virgil to ilke
SaVO iII sonle and sory.
o po y noi wh ~):- now
iNpill I ' 11 t,N 1 w al-A I'; 11o
I'lh- I\ -is te hillo of a
A 'h. r. kol, 1i1 han nation,
o i powe'fn! riud initig.'nt of
I ;e i t' s Iii eirly tinos
\~ n''ip'e'l in.'st 'f I ho terrtor\
npr ' r. t he uppeu j'ort tin of thiat
1 .Ish . 1 t ho white man
ed' 't':ba'k t ow at d the BIlle'
I i: , l' isn a,e it ' bore that
\'he 'K .'1l Io\ n ore(, Glon,
' s . W I I I tim f I r k I I s
u .m . i. thir ~nwh rodnoed, yet
I. er ir t.' t te whit m aI In , eO d
a -h.,,: roe't fort' and t r ad
, n the ' esterl froitiOr.
I s Slue withii this tat v Fort
- - I t,k w krot i on tiho
'tim o' cf lte K 'qon el iver,
P, p the lndiai town of the
Sulit 1 1114'
It w ras her' in j'wev town tlhit
i II I I 1 ( Iot.,taw miden, Cat ee
eht , ivi'd in hondage wit lthe great
ehief of tihe% Chirokoo. Koinga It
iS sa1d of liir ihat "hor face was
boat1i1fill is as the t1oo1dliav sui, pit
pur1*e0 aid entle likll Iito the light
Of lhtituo ." Sht was t01 e t as t e
debor Oit retie'd in tor iativil forests,
I*%1 1(li lland gralt-fill its t ho palit hor.
lior stin was a palo olive, mneh
lightr thaln MOst pooplo of hr ract.
Ittloldar broi'wii tyes were soft land
etilIto alih itoie'iiii smiteni exquiisite
lips piartedc only to diselosoe tooeth
pe'rfi''t ini form ands of penrly wtuite
mi si. hi t hler hairi w as hie'r crow'n
ing~ fi'atulre wavy ravetn t rosses of
sin'h Ii~icptu11018 tia it it y as ahilinost
to ecnwenat bori form. Amionig tier
ein i uoglet shit wats a chje'f' diauighi
term, a jprifioss, alid tier uiami' was
imr pepl we~ ~ire at wair wvith Ko
unga' is (hterokec w'arrit rs she was
.. e'i town'u. 11to, learninig of hier
hitity ttlij bing sinit toni withI her
grieait beau'ittIy, ehse'ited toe huld hier
mis, for slht w'as to lhe ant inuimatte of
the chief's wVigwmn.
Pr'iice'tssI5 issineena i f 8114 wa~stedi
and11 lannis~lhed inl eniptivity theii
loge'iit doeis not iIay Ni. Soinetimes,
pierhaplts, shte grow horichso for her
'ine happy~ ad I'ouga, eleighted,
gave hie thle freeudomi, of Kcnowto
tewni. Oniie dayi Iso thie ttry geios)
I"m'rank Al\ len,i ai young tradorhe', bothI
b rave amid hds Iomei, froms ( ambhridge,
now lmitown as Ninety Six,) chanticedc
ti 'iiga'a wvigwamn, tie saw lsam
Ienihoitiet, muit, se'einig hur, sttrigh1~t.
wvay fi'll ini lov T4* Ihiis tjime Atllen
dtat noi t t arry~ long, butt seairosely a
emiont hi had paissied c'ro he' amne againi
tic K'eowooe' tuowni andie algauin and4
agin~uu. So often dlid hoi comoii thaut
1K tinilga grow~ jelIonIs 1n11i wit h jeail.
iieverlu I115 irsed w arriors to)nu wath t he
(Chctaw' mtaidhen. -
\Vleni Allentr eliniio igin lSilcn(lnooa
nwit hium oil the river ban11k in 1 grove
if hl'ciamii and1( piophlar, fragrant wvithI
thce. sceont oif miotuntaini ivy' and1 rho
ddtendtron,. leiro IHlaatiietna toild
her leove'r of thtei r udanger hoonnse
of thle wrathI of t he great. Kontuga.
Shet told how iihc had heon wat ched,
and1( wairnndii Alleni that, even as they
stood, unmseIon eyes watoced their
ove'ry miovement. Allen, with the
dash and thioughtIcelelnon of a young
nm ini loe, misan t he to By i
tim then, but Issaqueens told bim I
Aie madness of such a step. Sheit
laid h must wiait, just how hmng she
ouilhd not tell, intil slo sont him a i
4igni. Allon rohitolantly votimimt.-I
nd, with words of lovo tpok,lt il I
tli ht omrvs8inig Intlian ttiguto in kO n. I
inl his ears, they parted. l.. ht1tle i
dreamt1ot, iAs he looked bak at her I
limbinig the steop river batik wi0h a i
grace nid vaso uiknowi to civilived
wom11anh11ood, how sooni his Rsagnee' a I
was to pass throuigh an tirde al Almost I
too much for her streugth, itlt by d
that ordeal prove her lovi for i1m1
Konlugat IIlloedel his jealoNy to
oVerrido hils judgint. stingt Ig
u-lrtit' n naywronig donlo hn11
tb% Allen I.-- 1e?e to hate all the
"11a' fates lit -.l1.wed It 0 w%ar
nr101s Ito rak 11e1 tia. t , ned,i
dpredatioti u ti t1e Iwite s tlen
who at vce noeinated Tw Reim
ga's rago k t 11 ,ounuds. 111 sum
Mo0ed his, bI ave. to his Wigw,mi for
it 00neil of N 4. Th I en 10 0 tire'
n\\ k*io i ,111t,1mlal his warr i s emine
Alld sat hbollt it. Konmga 1ud,0' A
spoech 11ur1nilig witil hatrud for tte
white-s and dematiiniding r'e'""e 1i
wias deo,l tht a 1,ii of wan.e s
h.'mutl I' le'es e-',1rli h t li ' Aet iihtriiitg
for I't It. 11011t'a' eo ui 14 t'~
I wol'-d I - 11ur prisO t e whit --' anld
mu1sse4 o the ottie,, '111lo ti lell,
Wom11en1 anld ohlildronI! I'heir plans
Wore1 skilfullN laid", but in thinking
mutih of Allti te h ai Id forgotten
Issfquteenta, Who, wralped in her
lanket, seeet fast asleep.
At longth tiho braves started fG r
thlen 'ir wgwamus. l'oenuga wvrappedt
himself it his big chief's blaikot amd
ho, too, fell asleep to dream, no
dotit, of burning buildtigs, t he cries
of womenii atid grom,s of mon as bis
savage hatids tort' otT t heir soalps
Bit what of lsageeona? About
muidniglit, whin all wias still r.id the
t,oineil firos burnied low, the cover
ing of hor witzwam was pushed asid.
Catutiously her head appears. WIi h
out I sonod she steps out, listenl.s
and looks tit Kenuga's wigwam. All
is still. No sound breaks the er sp
mount ain air save tle rushing waters
of the Keow'o, l\ing at the foot of
tho hilt Likt- a tNat slIt steals o T
toward the river, follows the baik
several h idrd y ars, then h N adts
into tle rivor, soarclVI makitig a rip
pIl, an.d swims through thet turbu
lent v at r to tle opposite b-nk.
Tho sh is off like a door to the
soint hwest.
With tht spool (f tlt, win"d she
runts along thle rough trail hrou;gh
lhick fore'sts dimly lighted by, the
paera- s of t' moon. ()eeasioenally
the wail of the pant her e'omes to hier
oars. biut shei has nto fe'ar She t hinks
only of Alien aine1 hik dianger. Soon
a smnall st rtami is rtenehodt, whieb she
fords with ea lS. Slit namites it Mit o
('ek oe' ilet. from Fort 1'rmi ee
tG eorge. Thon she co.mes to a river.
This she crosses int safety, nminig it
TweilveN Milo. Ont thItis v'ery river the
apintdIes antd loomts of C'at eeite (Cot
toni Mill h.um todayi )
Ont antd oni she goes, nevter toncei
slatckonig bor piate'. Anuot her stream
is passed. Thiis she namets Eight ee'n
MIileo (reolk, andit still anotheor, wihuich
im T1woiut y six Mile C'rtek. l'hien she
hogimi teo ascondc t hat ridge lying ho
twon ft' wat ers of the Keowee anid
lie Salumda h' ivter. Here day.-tight
eanmt ton. She' fjids refuge in a
somall cave ini a hillside'. Hlero she
htidos, rt'st ig uponi its tdamp, coole
toor. Ilter ftoot are torn anmd weary.
W hat lit tle covering sh,e wore hangs
ini taiit ters abouiit heir bieautiful form.
Site is itunigry, but t here is no food.
Slie drntiks fromt a lit tlIt pool of water
wvit hin t' enive, thlen falls into a do
As thet shaldowis wvithiiinI t ftortt
boegml Ice lenigthouei shte iawiakes aund
withI rteitneed ettergy atarits ont her
wayi Altl ducring thlie long night shte
rn i, ne cver tnent stopin tg ftor rest,
,1list as th suin mi roddtueinig theit east,.
trn hotrizon)t slit tcomiesi ini iighit of
Cambtthridlge. li tIt ltl di t set tlers
kniow tef I thei ag ry Ildins miiarch m g
Itowiard temt, tei r satvago boairts
filledi wiithI ai esir fot r revengo.
Smiok' t'nrhiig ttpwird fromt rock
chiimn e a tiell s of thett pttreartiont of
t he tmorin cg imtal. Ior tnd yeI)Onder
ait i itti tst r iotis set t Ier enni h)e seon
illinig the f'it itt' SOil.
Almotcst thlt Iirnst tto 51o1 l taqeenta
ic Frnik Alten. At first he t hiought
sito had utudely madhet til her numid
to fly from Kontiuga ande come to himt.
She lies in his armts faicnt withI hunger
antd fatiguti anti when she attemipts
to speak lie triets tto quit her with
soot hinug w6~rds, tellinig her that she
miust he st ill lumd rest. lut, she insistst
upon spmnking andit iin a voice scaircely
neat oamu wis.ers tat te nhero_
[os are on -the war path, coining.
Tho alari wou itumediately given
Lud, proppyAt.Jiu 1-sgu to defend
lbe Is,ttlenlieut.. Whme Kmntai ar
iveid wilt him warris t h f following
ikht, iione of hurprioing the "pale
neo" he lihiael f is wurpried: i the
ore battle that. follows the ludisue
ire driven off with great, alaughter
md Oambrittgo im saved. The taimo
vas then clintiged to Ninoty Six, the
miiier of mile travellod by th the
irav Iudiain girl, who onveil it fromu
Thl1e Suiquel of I the tory, ai may
INve boten ill rised, wis the marrage
iAllon aml~ l"N"tAlipoti".
('0UP1,1.1i TRY sulCIriti,
A Sad Case in New York-- Man and
Wife Without Meians Seek to Uind thelir
Now York, Jtily 22 -(erald Jor
Ail. a promoter, who gives h a tgo
as 42, and his wife, Liaura, otwenty
years younger, matIn t wo attempits at
1ui1d% last nIight and todal). ilts
.ordati sa s tha the, eane to an
agreemet to k Ill themselvos last night
anid swillowt-di 1ndatt1num. Tlle po8on
dtI not takt, fill vtfeet, aIld at noon
I ho ouiple rtiank inoro of it. Irs.
J oi dan apparent li relt,ed aifter the
so,M doIIde and s lied a docit or from
the grandl floor, who suum[mou1111 an
amhnlanee. Ars Jordain recovered
rapidly. 'he mia n ws slower in re
sponding to the treatment. It is
thought that both will be well enough
to be arraigned in the Police Court
tomorrow. Jordan is from the South.
His wife says he has lost everything.
Advertised Letters
lemaining in postofliee for the
week ending Jily 1S, 1903
--John Bewan, Mrs S. H. Brock.
F-Sulers Fnllington
H -lias Mamnie 1odges. C. L.
Hilliston, Prof Joe Hunter.
J-Mrs. Patsy Jeter, P. H. Poag.
T 'M. T. F. Todd
W- -0. Paul Werts.
Persons oalling for ihws letters
will please say that they were ad
Btter Plan.
Weeks: "Does yiour wife ever
send for you if yon happen to stay
ont too latef"
Mooks: "No, indeed. She wait8
until 1 get home, then she goes
for me."
Special Sale of Summer Rate Tickets (c
the Mountains and Seashore.
The Columbia. Newborry & Laurems
Railroad offers Week-End Special
Summer rates to the Mountains 'and
to the Seashore and other summer re
sorts. Tickets sold each Saturday Ju tne
6th to August 29th, 19031, inclusive, as
follows: From Newvberry, S. C., to
Charleston, S. C.............. .....51
Cross liill, S. C................ ...2 0(
Glenn Springs, S. C. .............. 2 i1.
Greenville, S. C....................,2 l(
isle of Palms, S. C............. 5 15
Spartanburg, C.................2 10
Sullivan's aIsh .J, 8. C ...... .........~ if1
Waterloo, S. .'. (llarris Spring)... 2 00
White Stone Lithia Springs, S. C. 2 10
These are wveek end tickets, sold each
Saturday, final limit Tuesday following
date of sale.
F'or further information and sched
ules, call on or write
J. WV. D)enning, Agent.
The South Carolina College
for Teachers.
Aithough nearly approaching tts e-en
tennal anniversary, the S.outh Carolina
College shows none of the de. repttudle
of 1ld age, buat rather lncreastng signs
of VIgorous life. A new departure ot
great kaportance to the College an. t.
the State h?aa just been Inaugu,ra ted.
Por senue years the College has had a
de.sttmalt of pedagogy, for the traIn
tng et teacher,; but last wInter. for the
Ar tiee, the Legislature created a
nume et edowed normal scholar
shipe, oe toe each county. It is the
intentips of the Tr-usteos and F'bculty
to set thee scholarship. upon a high
Pane, and to seek thereby to qualify
superior young men ter positions 'of
leadership sand bnfueace in our public
schels. However largely women may
be employed as teachere, the Werk of
superinatendence, direction and control
annt maue to be amost largely in the
hands ot the men, and It ia to supply
these teechers of leadership and in
Ousme, la the community as welt as in
the scoods, that the College will chiefly
saws, thwroa thse ScholarshIps. H ence.
no young nan unde&r nineteen yearsa of
nee will be eligible, and preference will
be given to those applicants who have
already taught with succesas for a i
least one year.
A ,special and technical course or
study has been estatiltshed, on a highl
yet practical plane; and It Is intended
that this department shall be wmib ily
entItled to be called a "Cotlleg tim
Treacher.." All the work wtil be dis
tinctively nlormtal, and apart (rorn the*
regular College' clasaes. 1The Trusmtee.
and Factulty feel sure that In pirepain g
a body of strong and well equippeid
men teachers thie College wIll 3.id In
iiuppilng one of the molst imprtan lt
needs of the State. They hope, also
that this work, In Its succes and it
results, may mieet wIth sueh puble ap
proval as to lead hereafter to Its stIll
further enlargement.
Circulars have been tssued gIvIng the
detaIls. of regulations and Qoutlse of
The presetit sessIon, now nearly
ended, has been very encguraging. Not
a rIpple has dIsturbed the Itermnl
Peace of the College. The ne w Piesi..
tent has woa golden oplnlnhs, and has
tuore thai maIntaIned the confidence
and affection gaIned in hIs long servIce
as professor. The frIends of the Col.
.egs, le epe%ully for ward to- the gen
#e .and increased tgaeul se
eeeter htioIto second 4entuary e
ti h JtaNA~L. , gg
Do em want tI att"d he werwe fair?
Froml the Immense number of estimates
belln r*eeived each day to The aurnal'e
contet, otte would matesi1 @"olVde
that the anwfsr of 0ry IndIvidual
would be In the aMirUmatWo.. All are nat
urally vvry anxious to gm, but sente are
unable. The %Jourtilt tos oop" to their
reacue. 1Forty people a. goitng to the
kreat expoaltion as its g0e4ta.
WITl yow.be oe ef the torty?
in accordstee with Its pat spirit et
liberallty, on VIay Wth, The Journal an
6ouItee for the Rist time that 40 tree
trips to tile at. Looul World's fair, each
00n,ist,n9 of a frst-olass tick(e trotu At
latn to St Louts and t%urn and $0 fer
0xpent40A. wotild be given to this number
of It' sttwct'lt. W of these tripa to Its
stabsettbtf ' III Atlainto -.1 tultn eosaty
And A OtIlsidse of F1lt(. 4ntmnty.
it is t1 tife,emiry to pay in atdvanee, t
be entitled to tvtimate it thin eontsL
F'oh subsvriber who has paid In advance
Is entitle,l to as nt.any eatimates as the
letgth of titte subseription is paid in ad
Nance frot May .0th The hirt 'fi ner
eat oorrect eatiiates will recf these
free trips.it It Is thortefore inpqrtant that
pot send In your eattntate at once Be
sure yom have the oarrier sign the cou
Ionl each time you pay hiln 10 or Ui oents,
if the paper i- detiverei by carrIer, or It
the paper is rweived by mail. and you
send In your enewal dor't forget to send
in estimato.
The muntest lo*..... r_t midiight April 1,
I.9. antd the gatem will open May let.
WhItle the e.t-mates receved Inst may
be the Atoccosqtul ones. It Is better to sond
in estimates at one. and keep sending.
as the first 40 neArot correct etIMate
will receIve the trips it costs absolutely
nothitng to enter the contest. lsatimates
cannot be bought for any price, and as no
one will know the 4imher of a.dnissons
to the St. uts Wot 4d s fair until after
the opening da), uy one has an equie
Week E-nd Rates
From points on the Atlantic Coast
lint to Soaside Resorts. tickets on sale
Sat urtday. good returning including Non
day following. attractive schedules, un
surpassed serviev ' Summer Tourist
Tickets to Mountain and Seaside Resorts
limited for return passage to October
31st on sale until September 30th.
For full particulars. rates. ete. call
on 'icket Agents or write,
General Passenger Agent
Traffie Manager
Wilmington, N. C.
Warren White Suipher Springs.
Variety of mineral wat ers. Elevation
2, 100 feet. Oi.e mile from station. Four
mails daily. Excellent table. Modern
iildings and equipment. Rates $25
er month. Special rates to familIes.
CoIl19e0f llallstoll,
Letters, Science. Engineering. One
Scholarship to each County of South
Carolina. Entrance examination held
at Newberry by County Superintendent
of Education and .Judge of Probate on
Jluly 10. Tuition $40. Board and fur
nished room in Dormitory. $10 per
month. All candidates for admission
are permitted to compete for Boyle
Scholarship, which pays $100 a year.
For catalogute, address
The following druggists requests the
holders of MURHNA coupons to bring
them in at once and secuire absolute
ly free, th.' rcgular size bottle of tb e
Great Preparation, MURNA WI NE
For sale only by Gilder & Weeks
Newberry, S. C.
Capital - - - $50,000
Surplus - - - 19,500
PaldS Stockholders
since organization 21,000
Paid Depositors in
Savings depart
ment since or
ganization - - $9,200
A mian wvorkintg by the day is p)aid
for the time he putis mt at work, but
when that man saves a do01lhar for his
day's labor it works for him nights,
as well as days; never lays off Ott ac
count of b)ad weather and never gets
sick, but goes right on earning him
ant income. It's a nice thing to work
for money, but it's much nicer to
have money working for you. Try
it-openi a savings account with us
and get some money working for you.
Make a deposit, in the Savings de
partment today and let it begin to
work for yon. Interest computed at.
4 per cent January 1 and .July 1 of
ach ya.
Small Savings are the Stopping
Stones to success and plenty
$1.00 a month deposited In our
Will in 10 years amount to $ 146 00
$6.00 will in 10 years
amount to - - - - $ 730 00
$10.00 will in 10 years
amount to - - - -' $I460 00
We want your business.
Have ample facilities to
accommodate our cus
The Commercial Bank
of Newberry, S. C.
II, Cures Cholera-Irfantum,
Diarrhoea, Dysentery, and
the Bowel Troubles of
Children of Any Age.
Aids Digestion. Regulates
the Bowels, Strengthens
- the Child and Makes
to C, . OFFEWf', M. D., St. 1,ous, Mo.
s and Thrush. lnemoves and Prevents
-. EAST -- WEST.
stibuled Limited, Trains
nd NEW)/ YORK.
>ute to all Eastern Cities
Washington, or via
ners.- To Atlanta,
iis, Louisville, St.
.w Orleans, and All
iwest-To Savannah
i all points in Florida
n, rates, schedules, Pull
ly to any agent of The Sea
3. 3. Puller, Traellng
a, S.C.
Lsst.G6enl. Pass. Agt.,
>iee stummer Resort Foil
d Free to Any Addre.
S. H. HAuWicx, w
Gen'I Pass. Ageft. A..i .
G iiFAiItgoPf ? lL
.anexcelled for luxury
th tht.Jatest Pullman
loroughifare Cars.
naps or any Informa
:RA Ic,
Ii Passenger Agent,
Wilmingonn_ N. C.
. . 0. BEA'%TF, Recelver.
In Effeot Juno 8 , 1i02.
netween /tHdorsonatnd Walhalla.
Mixed * Mixet
No. 9. No. 12 it3t,ione. Mo. 11 N
P. 1 A.l. P. M. A.
810 966 ...............Belton ............... 890 1
248 988 ........Anderson F. D......... 840 1
2 45 930........ Andornon P. D..... ... 846
........ 925........ WestAndurson....... 8 49
........ 9 09...............Denver............. 869
.----... 902...............Autun............... 4 06'
........ 865 ........... Pondleton .....,,... 4 11
........ 8 47..........Cherry ............... 4 18
. 8 - .. Adama............ 421
. 8 28 .....Jo,tlaina Junot... ... 483
----.-. 825...............Seneca.............. 485
------.. 808........ ..West Union ......... 504
.800........... Waialla ............ 609
All regular traing froij Belton to'W&lh
have precedence over trains of sam el
I oving in the opposite dirootton unles
01 wise Npelflel by train ortler.
W,i1O Nolop at the following station
take oil and let oil passengers: PhIinne
James aIItI San y SprIngs.
J. It. AND ktbuL, Superintende
CharIleston and Western uarolina Rv
Augusta and Ashevillo Short Lin
(Sohedulo in eirect Maroh 1,1906.)
(Riaow Down.) (Read U
12.46 pin.........Lv Newberry. Ar 8.1p
1.50 pin........Ar Laurens..... Lv 2.02 pi
2.07 pm......... Lv Laurens.. . Ar 1.80 pm
8.30 pn.........Ar Spartan rv "I01pW
3.40 pin. L v Spar tanbur Ar 10.25 an
6.32 pin .........Ar Saluda......... Lv 8. 89 am
3.11 p1.........A Hendersonville Lv 8.06 am
7.1S 011n......... A, Aliheville........... Lv 1.00 am
2.46 pum...... Lv Newborry (C.N.&L.) 8 10 pm
1.50 ) ..... .A r Laurens........,..Ly 2.02 pm
1.55 p . J. v latirmns................. Ar 1.45 "1
- I . A r- 111 - % 0 ...... ..v 12.4 pi.
I ~ I&,a~,1Lv 1( 0 am
V.n .b Ai '"t...... .... Ar ll.56ane
I '. It at nftort, ......... Lv 7.0 X.p
.Ar 'Port iOyn1 ......., ,v 7.4(i a
41 pr A I inr n ......... I v 2*02 put
k.40 . ) I V 1itiru a............UL bb6 Ilu
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.'ior ": Inlf4o n ti relatie to raa,
v . c 11 () , 1 r1 jj lJjJ-*.j4
t PA). T It It Y ' -N, 4et. A . Oroenville,8 ac
KaNE 1'WII.1IANIS,Gen. Ias%. A gt.
'. I .1 r Auusta, da.
(Ea Nirn St.andar Tiy e.)
S1n t hr bnn1-l Northbount.
Shtcin I- l ntFhiet Sunday '.June 128th, 190;
ST Al T0" S.
1 40 nit Lv Atlanta (S.A.L) Ar. 8 60 pm
10 50 aIn A thens 8 19 pm
1 65 nan F Ilherton 5 17 pm
.2 : pin Abbeville 4 05 pw
I 22 pil Urotnwood 3 5 1m
2 '51 Ar Clititon (I)In'r) Lv. 2 45 pm
10 410 ain 1 (v0le1 Springs Ar 4 00 pmt
12 16 pit' 'arianburg 8 80 poll)
12 *2 pn Ureonille 3 26 pm
(Ilarris Springe)
1 12 pin wterloo 2 85 pm
1 4 ' , r I.atrens (DIin'r) Lv 2 17 pmt
I 0Ilv W'. D'y DIly D.ly D'ly
( Ni I.X" ex ex
Su. .1Mnn un Sun
aill an1 1m pt am
7 Il 70 202 y.v I,auriaii Ar 1 60 VOO 600
72- 7 10 2 (; Parks 1 42 8 61 5650
8 45 7 0 22. Clinton.. 130 880 525
9 15 7 I' 3 34 4olIvill,. 117 3 00 4 45
73 11to 2 4, Kinard 110 746 480
11 4" 809 2 411 Gary 105 785 440
9f5 81 264 Jalapa 100 725 406
11 60 8 10 3 10 1hewberry 1246 796 846
L'2 T 9 02 3 21 Pronperity 1282 941 306
12 is 9 is 3 '4 slighe 1223 11 26 60
1 10 9.5 3'39 t.t Mountain 12 19 (3 20 2 40
1 4) 8 Il 36 1 Chapin 1209 605 220
15 950 357 Hilton 1202 955 216
1.5 9-55 4 01 White Rock 11 69 60 200
22.% 004 417 Itallontine I164 641 150
26.51 7 4 17 Irmo 1146 52H 182
3 05 1 '(1 4 2 4 Lephart.. I 140 5 9 1 19
3:01 1 '1,4 -111 h 1126 00 100
A. 1. L.
(Union Station)
44 _ 1120
pin am
I 5i hvColin bIa (A .0.L..)Ar 11 D0
Ii -.0 Munder,1 9* 50
11 20 r Charlest on Lv 7 00
Trinii :1 and 92 arr've IL' d depart from
Trai i i 22 ald 8> f' om A. C. U. freight depot,
wi ('t (ir-vals street
Fortt Rtites, Tline Tables, or furtheir informna
t inn call em any Agent, or write to
W. (4. (;iIlLD0% T. hi. EMfERSON,
P'reshient TIraftkic Manapner.
*J. 1". L.IVI NI.1'ToN, II. M. lEERBON,
B3or. Agt. '4on'1 l"rt. & Paps Agt.
No taste. No odor. Can be given in
glass of water, tea, or coffee without
patient's knowledge.
White Ribbon Remedy will cure or
destroy the diseased appetite for alco
hohic stimulants, whether the patient is
a confirmed inebriate, a "tippler," so
cial drinker or dIrunkard. Impossible
for anyone to have an.appetite for alco
holic lhquors after using White Ribbon
Re medy.
Ind(orsed by Members of 'W. C. T. U.
Mrs. Moore, press superintendent of
Woman's Christian Temperance Union,
Ventura, California, writes: "I have
testedl White Ribbon Remedy on very
obstinate dIrunk ards, and the curea have
been many. In many cases the Remedy
was given secretly. I cheerfully recomn
mendiandl indlorse White Ribbon Reme
dy. Members of our Union are de
lighted to find an economical treatment
to aid us in our temnperance work."
Druggists or by mail, $1. Trial pack
age free by writing Mrs. A. M. Town
send (for years secretary of a Woman's
Christian Temperance Union) 218 Tre
mont St., Boston, Mass. Sokd in New
berry by Gilder & Weeks.
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flave mnado D)ropsy andt its corn
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sts 11 y Iat Druggis's, or mall 25
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board Air Li-e Railway, a
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N R TH flN
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and comfort,equiipped wi
Dining, Sleeping and TI
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tion, write to
WM. J. (

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