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The Newberry herald and news. (Newberry, S.C.) 1884-1903, July 28, 1903, Image 2

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a' .~.
a~ ~
.. .~ '~' *~2~
a' . a.,,~..
.a. .. ,
a,... a *.
a ,aa a. a , a
*1* ~' .
a. .
I . . .
* *.;.a.'.. ,
.a.... .
.1' at .
* a.
.2 . , , a,'. a,
''''a' a~
1 . , , .. . ,,,.~ ,,. a~.aaa!!a'1a a
'''a: a! I la' a
a a '' . . , a ~a a' t!aa .. ~ aaa :a'
.1 a' ! aaa 1.!! a a,' aaa~at a,aaa
a' ~''' \\. a! I a:aaaaa
a,,, l.a I:a!! ~ a a''''! 'aa'a' a'aaa
,a' aa,.a,a.aa!
*at,a ~~Ca Ia ~ai dat ,aap, \. ., Atta: ~a'~ *'
'aaa ~, t Iaa.t~a I!;!!a''. II:! 'aaa!tII!ag at
it:tII'~ II
a Ia a a a a aaaaat a ! ii aa' alaaa 'a a' aaa'a':t' aa.a
t Iaa' aaaal ila ala I~ mI'av t~ \'a~ dl *aa'lI a'aaata'
I a ala I ~a'I~ a'! a'. I a, (\ a~a1a'i'aaaat~ :a t'~aI aa aat aa
tat :1 a'l:a:'~ Ilata' 1altt'a ';aa'. lot lila' t'abttt
t't)a. Ni ataittlatat! tall a' latla',
a I ta ha' ota aaa~1a' Att1a~tal lt)~ ('all
II la 'atlal ',l la, Wa! It I~aaad liattil Attatt'.at x~
l~at 11
1"a'a ti! a'i, ~~a'Iaa'at~tIa'a1. a'! ~' a alIapI\'
1 .aaaial .\ta:aaail ata I aa
U. Vt'. IltaN'!',
(i t h1k, omll houle. Now t hat
M\l 0.1. s boon put III fhovo i-1 nil
eueitholm to bet fit ny. bult th11
d th dit fol-p; n I
h n ihet s h atImd be l e t)info t it bl1.
.1""- ~ ~ 'N'th ht 9111ke1 tit, !.O I I,nild
Aoel:m ald Ilo.-I 1nd (t
t'o tt tt ol f % Stiver
G t t 'h tte .
ovo nfr n: re
\ 3\\ i i e I .M \
u 'inI
u.. . . . .b.t
l V im i h
... .)AM
" \ i . V C
lso a'( ~lin of c
lin et~IAi[~V
Mother's tar
N IItNO A - ANt IN Tpitt
\,iD$N I'l Te* 1A f vR tIrN(# it A e
t -h ,
1#v tu v r ftA* ff?rNl( Iflo A -,
t4 il,~ Mite .* o,t ig it- Mo 1 r-f? ANtI
t-ill -
SI \ n \' l~ , h ,w.*s
t .\Mk\irk.
I- tti ,f d r uIgint
Wood's Seeds
I -ilt' -: m,t I wd lit"o who il,
ile h 11 Iitt It I I I egt I I II In
-t i 1t lit
Veftable ond Farm Seeds
ut' \N- i ito f- W ooN'ds New
t L'"t otglie, 1! (t !'l .11, if-mit
(t men ( f'vet , Vekhts
td , 4.
0 11Zt - lo vsa e es,ea
.110. cl m".
-C( 0. t 1c
e .' .' .
Prosperiiy tv As hie vIe1
Kn iAs of Pyth as,
:1 )' 1 -.
* *.. .0..d8 '.
For Hoors and infte
rior Wood Work, Etc,
For other Ihto anesntlon
|Sheriff's Delinquent Tax Sale.
S'1'A'I'41, OF Ml'l'IT CAROI,A.- -NA
COlN''Y 010 NP1WiMiciY.
to mIIN h lr elvil by ,11. 1,. 14lypl
''e ivr of Nowhtir'y (!ot vi I wil
mi'll d11iing Iho lgn h ims of' (al l o
monmhly, the :<W (IIy Of AlIV0141, 1903,
( PIletny tw wery Coun-t Iomige,
the I )WIf)iny 1pI y o wiI :
h,l i w I N wherry. :14N444-dI 1o
.1o."wph oleI 4 . ( c', b11t11 4filed ill niorl 1| by ( il
'ord Silowdll. 1 )r. .I11111m Me IIo4 l,
lmnd 'arrit' t,dlI4Iw.
it il (own or Nowh . Ir. V, 44'40e (o
'u1 41111'1 W ilmoln'.q III!fillf, bliolilt'd4 by
Nl ivtinio .4441411(144. A toreli ,otom andi4
8oulthorn 11il iY
it inl (own or''Nowim'-rv , a 4 -sse vs t to
ChI't r< i - r I i v ei Na I'm i lft'd 4I)v lr Imi
''':t wN! il No. I IowVn4hi1,. 111.4
1 l'.o' 'I ,:1(h111101vy?4'' t
R minfl. I'liv W . V 1iI. lb trI - 11' 1 ) troneI
T'Iio'Iof ale ('anh l'4 rehnser 4<
TinIi w wil be th'et-t~ 'is l 4ater.
i1vit'M . fn e- w illl- Iw I
Shewrify Nt,wi-er-y C'1(1mly
ShOve ilT' (1011te. .illv 1:1. 004et
I, ( I) i1(' t
4 t 4' \ 9 N \'S ( - l.' i! N ' *1 I f \ ,
geh,ei 13.. \ue"-t 4 44.. l,'',. e
' .\.'.. ..' t. .. *.
I; 1 1 11( 1 \i.
Ii t
\ },
u 1 t01 0.
A4. Headaclaes 44444&
All1 I(1(iC Il.
oard $iiptll$ill.
Now building $20,
000 recitation hail.
Next Session begins Sep.
temiber 23.
BED. B. CROMERI President.
Like the
Of the
Trading Opportunities
swilteri ng w(,i thr of the past week 4
sanwiine cex OX p'ettions. [he stock
mondlous; inrods1 made on it by eagE
think that sich a Ishopping opportun
the buyers of Nfewberry. We invite
and prices with othmrs. That you ha
abundantly proven by the largest Sp
Dry (oods ectabishmont in this seci
Note the M
Imlb I )I et; ' ilk ) wI " i ' wmt h fu. H sc t i I b igd al(
Now is Your Chance to buy a Black Skir
400 U-1eces =
youir chanto
n 1'; n1 whito11 !4 (h rI v(111 In Sn11ow. io do.
a:ei mi w t Ih -,v d 4
1 oil 1 : I - ,I .W hc0 c i e Nl,l
lit II c : 114 1 ' k i,iil.
The Biggest Cut Pric
Ladies I ppers 0i
''All SuIm er Goods mlust go.
and in edor to d., thiS, we mIake ini
OVerI "i nd I' find ; that M IMNAU
thing. that Mln. \Wmen .nd Childre
Cannot speak: otherwise This salei
it would tell its own story, I n order to
and were its organ of opening of ti
speech as pronounced as put everythii
its one quality R ELI ABIL- 30 d ay s. N
ITV, no need of these r1e- money. Dor
marks. We do not claim All wool Dr
that it will eure Mumps, All Silks a r
Consumpt ion, or' grow hair All Ri bbone
on bald heads, and ir, fact All White C
we do not advise mothers All Colored
using it for Soot hing Syrup at cost.
but we do claim that there All Cloth i n
is nothing better on the All Boy's C
market for Pain in the All Shoes a
Stomach. Colic, Cholera All H ats at
Morbus. D)iarrhoea and All U mbrel
1Dysentory- All Trunks,
~Ay BfriTtrt. """1ite
WOrldTeacher \
tht 1 1w a r . 1 Scoo,Nih.I i&
WVorks, wbI ''n 4 .1abu .ub 'n1 1 .houb.M'o
lect nnu eo Super intnd n to I 4 .'. p n4 -,,ioh 1
Termii of ohlice to betro ued ist.iu nf.i.a
194V~ to -,d '..lo1ck.p . , o
ch 4in a tenher.,
here are like the Ocean's Tide
one goes out and anothe
comes in. Despite the hot
>ur business surpassed our most.
is showing evidence of the tre
r buyers. We candidly do not
ity has ever been placed before
vou to compare our Merchandise
ve confidence in our statement is
ring business ever done by any
iough Prices:
Yom. v cht)i for tils , le .i.g 4 pCs- 36 in.
wl. p 6 In. lac-k 'eaii (e Soire worth
ma Silk w(Irth 5cVII., for- this big Sa1le 33C.
1 or a Silk Waist far a Liftle Money,
Iect from Relia , Ircndt , 2, 2 ' 11 3 yds long,
mil le d 1c( t j.o o nl Sle t- half price. Now Is
to buy a Remnant for a Ititle Money. Elegant
''riliged I)oilo., wort iof dio/.. as Iong as they last
As long as t he', list 4p;r dov. 25 doz. Bleached
rkish I.t i T w vr I w r k5C, now only r22C. I
on1iv ' m4V) 1,airge White Bed Spreads, the
s-eile. icd Spre:als worth $2 o, for this sale $1.49.
~ sho Sale In Newberry's
g hoe Sale ' istory,
11Ite tih, gral ''s1noi pur '' tit price sale from all
itic e on bi Sthng w %,it h t h biggest bargains in town.
,;(3)t pails Mec, Shoes wort i 5l go, for this sale
Slt' si .pi1 ()t it tie lte of Gents' Crossetts
Ali ChiIcet tli-, week tot (MIN :-2 (t).
id Irop ondoIs
251 pr I,adies' ()xfoids, all sizes, worth
rap Sa l"s w tt $ .7 51u $2.0, now only $1.47.
rdS a11nd Str.111 '.An1dlatS Worth $2 (0, $2 5oand $3-00,
We will not carry them over,
eresting prices. Look the town
n wear.
ncludes everything in the store.
reduce our large stock before the
ie Fall season, we have decided to
Ig in our store at Actual Cost for
ow is your opportunity to save
i't miss it.
ess Goods at cost.
d Velvets at cost.
;, Laces and Embroideries at cost
loods at cost
Lawns, Organdies and Dimnities
for Men at cost.
lothing at cost.
nd Slippers at cost.
cost. All Shirts at cost.
las and Parasols at cost.
Valises and Telescopes at cost.
m 3an1 get th nh t ofi iic thee C'o.t P rices on New
eland Bros.
T(cher Wanted.
S ,iteCd ir 'ti TRSTEEIS 01F DEAD1 FAllA
niF 8M V R N A ichiool w iii me'het at D)ead Fail on
nship, w'in meetI Pua lh I,a o'lock, for the
Fiday, .lulj\ :11, i'urpow C3 i'le'tin aI teacheri for' De'ad
th puros Pt 1''C M( li isho A' pplicants w'.ill ple'ase.
ale' teache i d' .l":"3 -,s3'i P'ur'ther informae
igned, who~ will Al* "br,
1n deire1d. 1~i.DMNwbrry
0'. 1t,10NN
P.1 0(Y.1H, S'uver St reek.

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