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Bold. Plan of the Prisoners Folled-One
of Them Gets Scared- and Gives
Plot Away.
Sheriff Buford discovered a bold and
ring plot which was being made by
e prisoners in jail to make a dash for
berty just in time to save, possibly,
serious trouble.
Workmen are engaged in putting
sewerage in the jail and in order to let
m work In the iron cage, he has been
ving the prisoners to the wooden
Is during the day time in order that
workmen might have the use of the
n cage.
n Saturday an old negro called to
a young negro from his section.
is negro boy sent word for Sheriff
ford to come to see him.
Deputy j3heriff Duncan Johnson went
and the boy told him that the pris
era had made a plot to kill the white
an who came up to make the transfer
m the cells and then they could easi
make their escape from the negro
ho always accompanied either Mr.
uford or M r. Johnson. His reason for
telling was that he was scared. He
knew some one would be killed and he
was afraid he would be the victim, or
one of them.
There are about seven negro men in
jail and the sheriff nor his dbputy went
--armed for such a bold deed as seemed
o be brewing among them.
The sheriff will be on his guard now
and there is no donger of their plot be
ing successfully put into execution.
The prisoners had in some way secured
ome pieces of wire and a small knife
hich it is supposed they intended to
se in picking the locks. There is only
e prisoner in the jail who is held for a
ry serious charge-Elijah Edwards
t the prospect of liberty we presume
d worked them up to the point of un
rtaking the bold act which has been
Newberry Bible Society.
The first quarterly meeting of the
ewberry Bible Society, a branch of
he American 'Bible Society, was held
n O'Neall Street Methodist church,
unday evening at 8 o'clock. After
devotional exercises conducted by Revi.
S. H. Zimmerman, Dr. 0. B. Mayer,
resident of the society, stated the
purpose of the local society, the good
it had done in supplying people with
the Word of God at the actual cost of
printing. Ile also said that if there
was any one too poor to buy a Bible
that the society would give him a
copy. He then introduced Dr. Geo. B.
Cromer, President of Newberry Col
lege, who made a very interesting and
instructive address on the Bible.
A liberal collection was taken for the
work of thesociety.
The Mayor's Court.
The Mayor had his usual Monday
matinee yesterday morning which
netted the city treasury upwards of
$30 dollars. One negro took the liberty
of frailing another over the head with
a hickory stick because he wvasn't given
~all the sidewalk Saturday night- for
Swhich he paid $5 rather than serve 30
days on the county chain gang. Another
plead guilty to being driunk and cursing,
for which he paidi $5. There were sov
eral other chre for smiall off enses,
Sall of which were convicted, plead guil
ty or bonds were forfeit.ed.
Several cases were cont iniued. It is'
iunusual to have a ease of helplessly
.drunk in Newberry, hut t here were
:three such charges b)efore t he M ayor
"Monday morning.
New School District.
A new school district has been or
dered by the county board of education
Sto be made fro portions of Broad
River dlistrict, Zion, Mt. Pleasant and
Rutherford dlistricts, the school house
to be located near Mr. Albert G. Crooks
in No. 11. Mir. F. W. H-iggins is nowv
Ssurveying the new dlistrict. It is pro
posed to build a modern andl up to (late
school house, the cost to be borne by the
citizens apart from the public fund
and the building to be readly for occu
*pancy by the opiening of the schools in
,the fall.
Sunday School Excursion.
The excursion of the Sunday schools
will be run on Thursday from Helena to
Columbia and return. Tlhe rate is 60
.cents for whole tickets and 30o cents for
half tickets. 'rickets on sale at Mayes'
Book Store, Herald and Newvs office and
by L. B. K(ibler at William Johnson's.
There will be a large number of tick
ets and the management requests all
who can to p)urchlase tickets in adlvance.
Arrangements for street cars and other
plans for the entert'ainment and amuse
ment of children will be arranged in
advance. it will be a p)leasant outing
for the children.
Death of an Infaut.
The infant of Mr. R. C. Williams,
Lizzie WhIte Williams. aged seven
months, died Sunday morning and was
interred yesterday morning at Rose
mont. The mother dlied seven months
ago andl the childl was cared for by Mr.
and Mrs. J1. W. White. but was never
The Citadel.
Col. John P. Thomas will be in Newv
berry this week in the interest, of the
Citadel Academy at Charleston. lie is
canvassing for pay students and if any
young man is thinking of tak<ing a mili
tary school Col. Thomas will be glad to
see him and talk to him.
Wias some interesting things to say
to the ladies this week. We invite you
o rad his annoneement in this paper.
Verdict for the Defendant in Case of Hov
ard vs. thi Glenn-Lowry-Ad
Journment Friday.
The Court of Common Pleas finishe
itL business and reached adjournmei
Friday afternoon.
The case of Henry Howard vs. tl
Glenn-Lowry Manufacturing Co;npan;
suit for wages claimed due Howard b
the mill, went to the jury Friday afte
noon. After being out about an hot
the jury returned a verdict for the d4
fendgnt. The amount of the wag<
claimed by Howard was $625.29 and i
terest from March, 1903, which amour
Howard alleges was due for layir
brick in the erection of the mill buil<
ing. Howard was represented I
Schumpert & Holloway, and the mi
by Johnstone & Welch.
Judge Dantzler has not yet render(
a decision in the case of Bedenbaug
vs. the Southern on the motion <
counsel for the defendant that the ve
dict be set aside.
Miss Camille Evans is visiting i
Miss Lurline Evans hws returned froi
Prof N.JY. Aull has returned to Hici
ory, N. C
Mr. W. H. Carwile left yesterday fo
Miss Annie Jamieson is visitin
friends in Laurens.
Miss Lucille Wilson is visiting rela
tives in Laurens.
Miss Estelle Aull of Pendleton is visil
ing relatives in Newberry.
The General Sessions Court will cor
vene here next Monday.
I)r. J. 0. Wells of Minneapolis, Minn.
is visiting relatives in Newberry.
Mrs. T. M. Wells, of Columbia, vi,
ited friends in Newberry the past week
Maj. R. H Welch and family and Mis
Kate Suber left yesterday for Pawley'
Judge J. H. Chappell and a party <
friends from West End have gone t
Saluda or a fishing trip.
Dr. D. L. Boozer left yesterday fc
Asheville, N. C., to attend annual meel
ing National Dental Association.
Mr. Jno. K. Aull and Mr Herma
Werts are visiting relatives in Greer
wood county this week.
Dr. Geo. B. Cromer and Rev. Geo.A
Wright attended the interdenomin
tional Sunday-school convention a
Johnston last week.
Capt. Eugene Greneker and Mn
Greneer and her sister, Miss Ck
Moore, of Augusta, Ga., are visitin
relatives and friends in the city.
Dr. Geo. B. Cromer left yestetday f<
Charlotte, N. C., to attend a meetir
of the directors of the Lutheran The(
logical Seminary for the purpose <
electing a president.
Mis.s Nellie Colston, of Lake Cit:
FIa., is Helen Fellers of Greenwo<
county, and Miss Belle Epting of Nev
berry are visiting at the home of M
F. L. Paysinger at Hartford.
It is said there wvere more dlrunk<
negroes in town Saturday night thn
have been known in a long time at
yet the dispensary soal only $308 wor
of whiskey Saturday. That, howeve
was capable of prodlucing a good mat
Excursion to Asheville.
An excursion will be run from Nei
berry to Asheville on August 11th, tJ
fare for the round trip being only $2.0
This is a rare opportunity to visit tli
beautiful section of country at a mir
mum of cost.
Election of Dispenser.
The county board of control will ele
a dispenser and clerk for the Newber]
dispensary and a dispenser for Prospe
ity on 8th of August. The time f
filing applications was out on 18t
There is only onp applicant for the poi
tion of dispenser at Prosperity. The
are six ap)plicants for dispenser at Ne'
berry and seven applicants for the po;
tion of clerk.
Good Rloads CampaIgn This Week.
There are two meetings this week
the cause of good roads. One at Jo
Street on Thursday and one at A
Bethel academy on Friday.
The meeting Thursday will be held
the school house and1 the speaking vt
begin at 10 o'clock.
The following are the speakers
Thursday's meeting:
Geo. S. Mower, E. H, Aull, .Jno.
Banks, 0. B. Mayer, C. T. Wyche a
Cole. L. Blease.
The meeting on Friday at Mt. Det
will be addressed by Geo: S. Mow
E. HI. Aull and Cole. L. Blease.
A good barbecue dinner will be sers
on both days.
Stealing a Watch.
Some time in March of this y<
some one stole the gold watch wh
was presented to the Excelsior F
company by Mr. Otto Klettner. Up
this time all efforts to locate the th
proved unavailing. Frnest Ruff I
been arrested and is in jail awaiti
trial on the charge of stealing1
Pastor Called.
At a congreg ational meeting on S
dlay St. Luke's Lutheran church in ]
9 Township extended a call to the R
S. P. Koon, who is now serving a cha
in Bluefield, W. Va. Mr. Kooni
graduate of Newberry College in
class of 1899 and of the Theolog
Seminary at Mt. Pleasant. It is
known whether he will accept.
I a
r- Opening Meeting Held on Saturday at s
Perry Halfacr's Mill-About 200 o
in Attendance. a
d The opening meeting of the campaign bi
it for good roads recently arranged by the t
County Good Roads Association, was e
ie held on Saturday at Perry Halfacre's ei
r, Mill. in Township No. 11. There were y
y about two hundred persons in attend- pi
,ance, including about seventy-five ni
ir ladies. is
-Speeches were made by the Rev. J. c(
z A. Sligh, Col. E. 11. Aull, Hon. Cole L. b
Blease and W. A. Hill. Hion. Jno. F. b
t Banks presided over the meeting and in
g also briefly expressed his views. The ti
I- speakers all received good attention.
y All were agreed that the roads shoulq a
11 be improved, and practically every 2.
man in the audience seemed to be in tt
d favor of some plan for road 'improve- ti
h ment. The point to be discussed then si
>f was the best method, and to this the p
speakers devoted their attention. N
The first speaker was si
REv. J. A. SIGH. 0(
n Rev. Mr. Sligh, after discussing the w
advantages of good roads, stated his til
n plan for building them. He favored b3
a property tax, and he did not think ON
five mills would be too much. The r<
property tax would permit the railroads bi
and the cotton mills to help, and they th
r are direct beneficiaries and would not a1
complain. There is $700,000 taxabbi vct- L
ton mill property in Newberry county. of
The speaker gave frequent illustrations )
in support of his argument. The peo- is
ple are being taxed for roa-ls now in p
the wear and tear of vehicles and stock w
and loss of time, more than tiey would is
be taxed directly under the plan which a,
he proposed, and under that Mlan they e:
would secure the good roads.
I stand here today, said the speaker, n
making the assertion that I am willing h(
to pay a tax of five iills for improving B
the roads. We must put the ball in a
s motion ourselves. If you want federal tj
s aid, you must first show a willing mind V
by going in your own pockets. 1 as- h
sure you the investment will return you b
dollar for dollar if you never get any b
federal aid. If the people will vote a n
tax upon themselves and then petition cl
their congressmen for federal aid I as- a
sure you, or I believe, it will come by a
and by. Is it right to seek this govern- ti
n ment aid ? South Carolina has got p
nothing from the government compared ti
to the vast amounts appropriated to
other States for river and harbor im
L- provements, to the west for land irri
,t gation, to the Mississippi levees. It is d
right and just for South Car0lina to get
this aid and in order to get it you will
0 not be forced to pay a cent more tax *
than you are paying now. 'But if you e
don't help yourselves you never will t
get it and the indirect tax which you c
ire paying now you will continue to g
9 pay, and it will continue to go to the s
North, and South Carolina will be left P
behind in the mud. The speaker con
sidered this question the most import
ant before the Ieople. a
d~ The second speaker was
HION. CO012. L. IHI2ASE. b
Mr. Blease spoke of the condition of
*n the roadl from Hlalfacre"s Mill to New
n berry and said he was sa'isfied all who 3
Ld had traveled that road todlay, even af- 0
h ter~ the good wecather we have been C
r~, having, would agree that we needl good
y roads. Now as to the best wvay to se
cure them:
I am absolutely opposed0( to the issue
-of bonds because after you have v'oted r
ethe bonds for five or ten years, no mat
ter' how your money may have been
iswasted, you have no remedy. If you
vote a tax like your school tax you
may stop it or continue it as you see
fit. There is no use to deceive any-t
body as to this question. You now pay
Sa State tax of five mills, a county tax
of twvo and one-half mills, and a school
r.. of 3 mills, making a total of 10 1-2 mills.
r The last legislature appropriated$100,000
bmore than it p)rovidled for raising, so that
gi at the next session it will be confronted
re with a deficit of $100,000. That is the
y. condition in which you now find your
gi. selves.
What you need is a commutationi
tax. There is a certain class of citi-I
zens (referring to the negro) which
ir you can't reach with a p)roperty tax.
ly Then, if you want to (10 it, and I say
t. you ought to (10 it, vote upon yourselves
a separate tax for good roads. Decide
at for yourselves wvhat tax you shall vote.
ill Mr. Blease saidl federal aid was all
right and ought to be securedl, but he
'or did not believe it could be secured so
long as the republicans are in power,
F. and they will be in p)ower~ untl the dIem
nd ocrats stop) Bryan's mouth, send Cleve
land off fishing and nominate Whitney
icl and Harrison on a sound democratic
r, platform. If we can get federal aid,
howvever, let us meet every dlollar we
ed get with a dlollar from our own pockets.
We must have good roads and a ' must
pay for them. Vote your own tax, and
as much as you see fit, but don't bond
ar yourselves.
ire COL- E- H. AULh,I
to was the first speaker after dinner. Col.
ief Aull said that everybody realized the
tas adlvantage of good, roads -how they
ng would save time, and wvear' and tear in
he stock and vehicles and how they would
increase the value of lands--and every
body realized the importance of secur
ing good rogis. This is the most import
n- ant question before the people. The
~o- country is being (depopulated and the
ev- cities arc .)ecoming congested1--- an ab
'go normal state. The solution of this
s a problem is the building of roads. Good
the schools, good churches in the country,
cal thus making the country the ideal pla5ce
not to live, as it was intended by nature it
hounil be, will follow gnood roas.u The
Ktension of the free rural delivery
tid the maintenance. of the present
estem depend upon the improvement
f the highways. In fact, taken from
iy view-point, the road question of
I questions is the most important now
3fore the peoplo. Mr. Aull gave illus
ations in support of his assertions,
ting the advantages which have ac
-ued to other sections from good roads.
re can't have good roads unless we
iy for them. There are about 1,000
iles of road in Newberry county. It
estimated by other States that it has
>st them about $1,100 per mile to
.uild good roads- -not hiacadani roads.
it good dirt roads. I am not advocat
g the macadamizing of every road in
ie county at the start.
I am in favor of a property tax-not
5-mill tax, however, at the start. A
mill tax gives us $11,000. Of this tax
ic farmer will pay the least propor
on. One million five hundred thou
ind dollars of the $5,500,000 taxable
.operty in the county is in tht-- town of
awberry; $500,000 in the railroads out
de the town of Newberry, and $200,.
0 is in the town of Prosperity. The
xable property of the average farmer
ill not go over $1,000, and, therefore,
e portion of this 2-mill tax to be paid
r the average farmer would not go
,er $2, and the average farmer would
ap the greatest benefit. The speaker
lieved really the best way to go at
e question would be to issue bonds,
id lie had introduced a Bill in the last
3gislature, which has the endorsement
the State Good Roa(s Association,
rmitting the people to vote on a bond
3ue. But he didn't think it would
tss and lie didn't Chink the peop'e
ould vote to bond themselves, as there
always a danger that after the bonds
c voted the money will not be wisely
,pended. For this reason, at present,
favored the property tax. Favored
itional aid if it could be secured, and
believed it could be secured. The
rownlow Bill now before Congress is
good bill, but if we do nothing, when
ie Bill passes New York and Pennsyl
mnia and the other States which are
lping themselves will reap all the
miefits. The commutation tax should
3 made more than $1.00, but this can
>t be do done until the constitutioi is
manged, because the coast. counties
1d the mountain counties do1 not W.ant
iore than $1.00 and no special legisla
on can be passed. But first of all the
roperty tax shioul be voted, and then
le details could be arranged.
ade a few remarks upon the impor
mee of good roads, and then intro
COL.. W. A, HI1.L,,
ho made a short. address favoring a
mnutation tax and a small property
tx, relocating solr.e of the roads, ma
idamizing in places. We can't talk
Lod roais into existence, however, he
Aid. They cost something, and the
eople must be taxed to get them.
Mr. Aull in his address niade a pleas
At reference to some fine corn and
me fine hogs raised this year by Col.
1A. Itf. T'i s, after the adkdresses,
rought on a friendly dliscussion among
ol. tuli', Mr. llenjamini IIal faere and
Ir. Perry Hlalfacre as to corn anid hogs.
hese three gentlemen have gained an
niviable reputation as raisers of fine
rops and fine hogs, andl they have
amne of the best in Newberry ,ounit y
ow, or 13n the country, for that matt.er.
A nNHAUTI"tUi. li.ACE'.
Th'le gr.ove at the miill, where the
iceting was held1, is a beautiful pla8ce
01r pubbie gatherings. A cool spring
urniishes fine water on the sp)Ot. The
airbecue dinner, w hiich was lurn ished
y Messrs J D) H Kibler and D). I. IlaIf
cre was pronounced one of the best of
hie season.
Thier'e will be meetings in two towvn
hips this week, at .Jolly Street., in
o. 10, on the 30th, andl at Mt. Biethel,
iNo. 2, on the 31st.
Jeptha and is Dautghter.
The entertainment givent at the opera
Louse last week was so nmuch liked by
hose wvho witnessedl it that the colored
>eople wvho are giving it have been re
guested to repeat the entertain ment
mid they will do so this evening.
The pierformance is clean, ando thos<
yhio want a goodl clean enitertainmeni
ihould attendl this evening at the opern
iouse. Prices in reserved seats onb~
15 conts. TJhe galleries are reserve<
for colored peCople.
The entertainment is for the benefi
of Calvary Presbyterian church.
Some of the prnincipal features of th
play will be:
Mourning the Oppres4ion of G;ilead
The Israelites Liament the absence of
Leader-Jeptha Comes as a D)eliverei
Jepitha's Vow. Grand March. On t
the Battlefield4Stormy Night on th
Enochi's Death. .Maidens of Isra<
Waiting the Return of their Victoriou
HeIroes-- Iphigenia Meets her Father.
Funeral March. Place of Sacrificei
Mizpah. Where JJptha Sacrificus hi
Daugh ter.
Grand Finale. The music thIirough
out is rapiturous.
The March of Progress.
As long as people knew no0 bettei
they weret content to o w'it.hou t thi
r'ailroadl, the telegraph, the telephonc
&c., but, who, in this progressive agt
would dispense with these necessitie
now? So it is with flour. As long a
you use inferior fliour ando know not hini
of the merits of firansford's " Clifton,
you may lbe satisfied with youri breac
cake and piastry, but if you try one sac
of ''Clifton,'' the ''cake is d(.ugh'" wit
all inferior flours.
This Annual Gathering t6 be Friday,
August T-An Interesting Pro
gram Arranged.
The annual reunion of Newberry Col
lege will be held at Little Mountain on
Friday, August 7. While this is it
Newberry College reunion, it is also a
reunion for the people of all the sur
rounding country, extending into Lex
ington and Saluda counties. The peo
ple conic from miles around and all
have a good time together.
The program for the reunion coni
prises several addresses as well its a
good barbecue dinner and mountain
The address of welcome will be de
livered by Rev. D. B. Wessinger.
Other addresses on education will be
delivered by Prof. S. J. Derrick, Col.
E. 11. Aull, P'rof. E. B. Wallace and
Dr. Geo. B. Cromer.
General Sessions Court.
The General Sessions Court will con
vene here next Monday, Judge C. G.
Dantzler presiding.
There are four prisoners in jail await
ing trial and one awaiting a sealed sen
The following are in jail:
Elijah Edwards, murder, charged
with the killing and cremation of Butler
Kinard. le was arrested in Florida
some time ago by Sheriff Buford.
George Summer, house breaking and
Ed Dominick, entering house in night
Lawson Matthews, house breaking
and larceny.
Dave Feaster, awaiting seal sentence
for violation of dispensary law.
There are, no doubt, several other
cases, the defendants being out on bond.
The officers of court are of the opin
ion that there will be a pretty full court.
Sometimes, however, when a full week
of court is expected, it lasts for only
one or two days. The most important
case is that of Elijah Edwards. It is
saidl he implicates other parties in the
orine, but no arrests have been made.
Who Is lie?
Who is it. that makes leewer-gallons;
wears-longer paint.?
lmphasizes Its Superiority.
h'lhe best test of the merit of an ar
tiele is the way it sells. Bransford
Mills at Owensboro, Ky., where "'Clif
ton "lour is iade, run day and night,
and yet they cannot supply the demand
for "Clifton". In this city, as else
where, it is the standard by which other
Hours are guaged, and the statemenj
that "it is just as good as Clifton" on7
makes its superiority the more pro
nounced. HAYES & M(IVARTY.
Offer to Refund Money if Dr. Howard's
Specioc Will Not Cure Any Case of
Constipation or 1)yspepsia.
Gilder & Weeks are seeking t,he worst,
eas of dyspepsia or' constlipat ion in
N ewberry ori vicin,:t y to test, Drm. I low
ard' s ntew spe'tclilic t,mr the cure of those
S) conij Id ent ae. they that t,hiIs r'e
mnark able mrd i cinte will e ffect a lasting
t.ure I n a short, ti m", that t.hey offer t,o
refutnttmi t. mnoney t houhl (It, not, be sute
1- m-dtt"er to secure the guleitkesit piossi
bile ii.raduacittn t(IIder & Weeks wi l
eIl a regul ar' fifty cent,a p"ek age of th is
medalicinte at, balf p rice. 25 eents.
It, will regulat,e te howels, lone up
Ithe whole intost.inal I racet, elve youi an
gest welt, andl i neease vigor. J1oy and
happiness will take the plac e of tht,
"donei't care whbethe lie'IIvc or die'' feel
Take iad vantate of GI ldetr & Weeks
dbal lenge and secure a bo'ttle of D)r.
I Iowarda's speciftic at half price, with
i,h em'ir ersonl guarantee' to refund your
moiney if It does nt,t help you.
W iHY NOTl G;O: The excursion to
Asheville August 11th affords a
rartte oppiort.unlity for a delightf'ul outig
at very small cost.
rpi11E LAND) 01" TiHIE SKY: Thirty
hI ours in Asheville by going on
the excursion August 11th. riip in
cludes visit to famous Biltmore and
other points of interest, atnd a view of
sonic of the grandest moutntain scenery
ini the wvorld.
XV You can get it fronm Guy Dan
iels. ECverything to lbt hadl from a
hiirst-cl ass J1e welray Store. Thei Cineiist
and largest stock of sptectacles and
eyegt.lasa.es in the Stat.
,I Plants for sale at 1 5c. per hiundlred
by F"rancis lHobb, Priosperity, S. C., for
winter cabblage.
a I A R BlECU10 -T'he undersigned will
1) furnish a first class barbtecue at
Mt. Bethel Academy, No. 2, township,
e3 2t. B. B. Leitz/sey,
S. J. Cromer.
B Cea ol tetSchool HIouse
July 0th.Best coolk Prc, 0 n
410 cents. Gonl tcAtSN
f,1111US1 ELS Kentucky Cotton
20( Seed for sale. Apply to TI.
C . Pool. .J. A. BIURToN.
U week at. the soda fount and the
savings will enable you lto dIrink the
very b est Mo rniing Glo ry Coffee ('very
day dur ain g t[t month. Tlry this high
,grade coffee. Sold only by D avenport
& Cavenagh.
,Our stock is still cornplete wvith
o verything pretty in the Millinery
Caill and sone our ribbons, flowvere
k andl( limts baroraiyhuia
At Cost
All Summer Cloti
Cut Shoes at Actual 4
are New Spring Go
Mefchandise but Ne%
and see the bargains
New )
The latest blocks
of Negligee Shirts, F
wear, all of which wil
margin of profit to us
The EWoi
Newberry, S. C.,.
Bi1 . ReotilolI 01
able goods. We are
mer stuff and are c
some price. We hav
White Goods in India
beautiful and sheer,
and Madras, all to go
Mercerized White Go
will be included in
Lawns, Dimities. Bai
Organdies to go at c
Ties for Men, Ladies,
Don't fail to visit (
tage of the many bar
S. J.Vy
Those who have tri
it is without equal in
We have studied
Laundries and made
We use a special
that does not fade th
We use a special si
not shrink them.
We use a special si
does not rot them.
In every departme
May we have a trig
L. B. AU
Telephone 116.
Until You are Sure Yoi
Y ou I m -e ut Ii h t ed- i
pleaseC you tJiutt we sa V00U
June Graduate~
This is Your Stor
NI14io s r y >t> . A stck
At Cost.
iing, Straw Hats and Low
3ost for the Cash. These
ods. No old shop worn
v Up-to-date styles. Call
in Felt Hats. A nice line
incy Hosiery and Under
I be sold at a very close
IoPifer Co.
luly 29, 1903.
I all SuMff Goods
FO R ,
CASH'' "- -.
I St We will Out the
knife in all season
heavily stocked in sum
letermined to unload at
e thousands of yards of
Linens, Persian Lawns,
3tripe Lawns, Nainsooks
at very low prices. Our
ods are unsurpassed and
this sale. All colored
:iste, Swisses. Mulls and
-acrificed prices. Oxford
Misses and Children.
>ur store and take advan
gains we will offer.
s for business,
ed our Laundry Work say
this vicinity.
the weak points of other
them our strongest points
soap for colored goods
e m.
ap for Woolens that does
>ap for white goods that
at our work is guaranteed
.1 from you? 'Phone us.
LL, Lessee.
is Oily Oil Delposil
i are Satisfied With Purchase.
SMNEY BACK if she fails.
The strangjer in town~
No dloubt you will take advan-i
a t.< b lrar. ton (0igt e xet it' r i
rfYoied a'll King ou freseth
~STON, S. C.

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