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Fire Laddies Practicing Hard for the
Event - Off Tuesday Morning.
et week is the time set for the
week festivities at.Anderson.
most interesting and exciting
the program is the firemen's
There is great rivalry be
e of the teams, the contests
always being close between
cially between the Columbia
rry teams, and they are
of an opportunity to meet
on the track.
e Newberry's first time on
ith a hose wagon, and they
ke record-breaking - time
autiful team of horse's.
remembered by New
at the tournament held in
t four years ago that the
team of Columbia and the
three times in succes
rab race, and while the
s now claim. to have "won
he Newberry end it was
le time, a ad is so held now
hat the judges gave the
s the race to end the con
r boys are doing some
and will do their best t'o
t week.
d of citizens will accom
Fined $50 for Running a
erly House.
i (lull in the mayor's
y, but few cases
re the mayor.
g Carrie Suber was
f nning a dis
muary la to Feb
.She is rving
uard house.
the "soiled dove
city administra
ved from town
ade against her.
oved back into
vas made, when
he city. Tuesday
aying this was her
arrested and tried
ge with the stated
dministration is de
the city clear of such
t Improvements.
g of the city council held
fternoon it was decided to
nd the sidewalk from the
k to J. H. Hair's barber
tt street, as soon as per
be obtained from the
horities, the sink between
f the two roads will also be
o decided to throw the side
the row of trees from the
se to Mayes' drug store,
eet, and thus widen the street
ge was ordered built and some
done in wvard 5, wvhich will
great imp)rovement to that part
ouncil wvill hold a special meet
safternoon at 6 o'clock to con
ther important matters.
hlecklng Up tihe County OffIcers,
he three special committees appoint
ed by the grand jury to cheek up and
examine the offices of the county offi
cers have been at wvork the past few
days preparatory to the assembling of
the grand jury at the sessions court
next week.
Foreman .Jos. HI. Ilunter, 11. L. Tar
rant and E. C. ,Jones have been ex
amining the dlisp)ensaries, the oflices of
sheriff, sup)erintendent of education,
supervisor, treasurer andl audlitor.
W. P. Counts, Lang C. Merchant and
J. HI. Summer were a committee to ex
amine the oflices of clerk of court, pro
bate judge and master, and the books
of magistrates.
Tabor HI. H ill, N. Turner Hlipp and
Per ry Hlalfacre were a committee to
examine the county home and roads
andl bridges and ferries. These com
mittees wvill report to the grandl jury
nex:t wveek and thlese reports will b)e
emb)odiedl inl thei( prIesenItmen't of the
grandt jury.
Good Roads Meeting at Whitmlre.
Dr. IH. C. Carlisle, t he v'ice-president
of the Good 1toadls Associat.ion for No. 41
township, has beeni confinedt to his hed for
the past two weeks and as a result has
been unable to announce the program~
for the meeting in No. 4I, on August 14.
He was in the city yesterday and asked
us to state that he requests Messrs.
W. D). McNeill, .Jas. S. McCarley and
Zack Suber to act as a commit tee of
arrangement for the meeting and to
take charge of it, and for them to take
.this publication as notice of their ap)
Hie also asks us to announce the fol
ilowing as speakers for the dlay: IRev.
S. H. Zimmerman, Rev. J1. A. Sligh, Mr.
JTno. W. Scott, Co.le IL. Hiease, Esq.
and Col. F. 11. Aull.
It is expec ed that this will be one of
the largest mneetings of the campaign
for good roados.
The March of Progress.
As long as people knew no better,
they were content to (10 without the
railroad, the telegraph, the telephone,
&c., but who, in this progressive age,
wouldl disp)ense wvith these necessities
now? So it is with flour. As long as
you use inferior flour andl know nothing
of the merits of lBransford's "'Clifton,'"
you may be satisfiedl with your bread,
cake and pastry, but if yee' try one sack
of ''Clifton,'' the ''cake is dough'' with
all inferior flours.
IlAvs1 & McCAn'rv.
About Bight Hundred Newberrians Picnic
in the Capital City.
About eight hundred citizens of New
berry left here yesterday morning at
7.30 o'clock for Columbia, where they
enjoyed a delightful day picnicing at
Hyatt's Park and seeing the many
sights at the capital city.
The idea at first was for the Sunday
Schools of the city to unite and run a
joint excursion, but for some reason
this plan did not develop and private
parties took tho excursion in hand.
Every effort was made to have parties
secure tickets in advance so as to have
some idea as to how many coaches
would be needed to accommodate the
crowd, but very few were sold. The
consequences were that only five
coaches were brought to Newberry and
yesterday morning when tne train was
ready to pull out there were between
eight hundred and a thousand people on
board. The train was crowded-people
actually hanging on the steps, yet the
management was not to be blamed for
it. More coaches were provided for the
return trip and everybody enjoyed it.
Mrs. John S. Wiley, of Columbia, is
visiting Mrs. W. E. Ruff.
Miss Leila Fulmer, of Columbia, is
visiting relatives in the city and coun
Senator Geo. S. Mower and Mr. Mc,
Hardy Mower spent Tuesday in Colum
Mrs. A. D. Timmerman and daugh
ter, of Dysons, are visiting relatives in
the city.
Mr. H. M. Sanders, of California, is
on a visit to his mother and brother at
Old Town.
Mrs. Paul Johnstone has retnrned
from Due West, where she was visiting
everal new houses are being built
at e Knitting Mill for the use of the
Miss Ckra Cook, after spending sev
eral (lays at ome, returned to Camden
on Monday.
An ordinance 'egulating the conduct
of hackmen at ti e depots is published
in this paper.
Col. 0. L. Schur pert is in Laurens
this week. He assisks the Solicitor in
the prosecution of Wh m.
Prof. Thos. W. Keitt .nd family, of
Clemson College, are visitg his father,
Col. E. S. Keitt, of the count.
Among the South Carolinia s at the
New York Chautauka we no ice the
name of Miss Bessie Carlisle, ok New
Mrs. G. P. Meredith, of Colu4 ia,
left the first of the week for her hdme
after spending tpeveral days with er
sister Mrs. Cook.
There will be preaching at the Luther.
an Church of the Redeemer Sunday'
morning, the sermon will be preached
by the Rev. Z. W. Bedenbaugh.
Rev. W. B. Aull, of Newberry and a
graduate of Newberry college, who has
been servi. .g a Lutheran pastorate at
Buena Vista, Va., has resigned to take
effect on September 1.
Goes to Florence.
Miss Blanche Davidson has been
electedl principal of Bethlehem Graded
School in Florence county and has ac
cepted. She wvill have two assistant
teachers. Miss Davidson is wvell edu
cated and has ha(l experience in teach
ing and we feel sure will make a sue
cess in her new p)osition.
Death of Miss Olle Caldwell.
Miss Olie Caldwell, aged about 20 years
(laughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. Calvin Cald
wvell of the Mt. Pleasant section of t.he
county, dlied of typhoid fever on Mon
day afternoon and wvss buried Tuesday
afternoon at Ebenezer, near Newvherry.
The Herald andl News extends sym
p)athy to the bereaved family.
Death at Belfast.
Ola, the oldest child of Thos. .J.
D)avenport of Belfast, died on Friday
in the thirteenth year of her age. She
hadl been sick a long time, first wvith
typ)hoidl fever, andl then with p)neumno
nia. The funeral services, condluced)
by Rev. L. W. Siwope, were hold on
Saturday at 11 a. mn., andl the inter
ment was in Bush River church ceme
tery.--Obser'ver', 28th.
Sudden Death ini Saluda.
Mr. Jlohn Ropp receivedl a telephone
message from Saluda Wednesday an
nouncing the sudden death of his
brother-in-law, Mr. R. P. Harrison.
Mr. I larrison was wvell known in New
Best in the World.
Mr. G. M. B. Epting is selling the
Walter A. Wood mowers and rak(es,
the best in thme worldl, and wvould like
to consult with those interestedl in such
machines. IHe can be found at the
Bonded Warehouse, near the C., N. &
La. depot, or part'Iies can consult Mr.
IW. TI. Gaillard.
Ini Memoriam.
On July 24th, 1903, Ola, eldest
(laughter of T. J. and F. M. Daven
port died at her home, Belfast, S. C.,
agedl 11 years andl 10 months. A fter'
six weeks of intense suffering, which
she bore without a murmur, she fell
asleep on Jesus, whom she b)eggedl to
take her home.
''None knewv her, but to love her!''
We miss thee darling, yes we miss thee!
Standing on this disnmal shore,
But 'twas .Jesus who has called thee,
And His will is best we know.
Conductors Not Allowed to Charge Twenty
Five Cents Excess on Cash Fares.
Fulmer Gets a New Trial.
The Supreme Court of this State has
decided that railroad companies have no
right to charge excess fares of persons
who get on the trains without tickets
and pay cash fares.
The railroads are accustomed to iak
ing this charge when passengers fail to
get tickets. It is customary when this
excess is collected to give a rebate
check and the 25 cents excess fare is
refunded by the agent of the company
upon the arrival of the passenger at
destingttion. It is claimed that this is
in violation of the law limiting the rate
of fare to three cents per mile.
It will be remembered that during a
special term of court held in this county,
presided over by special Judge Izlar
that in the case of Fulmer vs. Southern
Railway, the railroad won. Fulmer
appealed to the Supreme Court. After
argumefft in that court it was ordered
that the case be re-argued before the
court "en bane"-comprised of the
supreme court justices and seven of the
eight circuit judges. The court assem
bled and Judge Watts retired in the
drawing of lots.
"The leading opinion in each case is
delivered by Associate Justice Gary,
and it is concurred in by Judges Ald
rich, Klugh, Dantzler, Purdy and Irn
est Gary, the last named filing a sepa
rate opinion. The conclusion reached is
that under the existing statute a railroad
company is limited to the rate of pas
senger fare ---3 cents per mile- fixed in
the statute and that it cannot exceed
that rate. It is further held that the
25 cents excess fare is "charged,'" not
withstanding the agreement of the rail
road, in its "rebate check," to refund
the sum to the holder of the check.
Judge Ernest Gary holds that the rail
road company may exclude from its
passenger car any person not provided
with a ticket, but having permitted
such person to become a passenger
without a ticket, the excess charge is
"The dissenting opinion is written by
Associate Justice Jones and concurred
in by Associate Justice Woods, Judge
Townsend and Judge Gage. It holds
that as the passenger paying the 25
cents excess, because he has not pro
cured a ticket may get back that sum
by presenting his "rebate check" to the
company's agent, there is no extra
charge but simply a reasonable regula
tion of the railroad company in the
In the Fulmer case the plaintiff was
represented by Messrs. Johnstone and
Welch and the company by Mr. B. L.
Abney and Mr. Thomas P. Cothran.
Under this decision Fulmer is allowed
a new trial.
At Central Methodist Church.
At the Central Methodist church next
Sur)day morning at 11 o'clock the pas
tor will receive into the church a large
class o.f applicants, after which the
Sacrament of the Lord's Supper will
be adlministered. All the members of
the church are earnestly requested to
be p)resent.
At the evening service the p)astor
will p)reach the third sermon inl the
series on the Pa.rables.
Sundlay School at 5:30 p. mn.
Visitors always welcome and strang
ers in the city specially invited to all
Need More Like Him.
If all South Carolina sheriffs dis
played the same dlesire to "'get next''
to criminals as (does Sheriff Bu ford. of
Newberry, lawbreakers wouldn't be so
bold. But some of the officers of the
lawv seem to be as anxious to dodge the
lawbreaker as the criminal is to avoid
them. -Editorial in The State.
IIelen, the four-year-old (laughter of
Mr. and Mi-s. Matt HI. Coleman, of
Colemans, Saluda county, died on Sat
urday andl was buried at Pine Pleasant
church on Monday.
The Herald andl News extends symn
p)athy to the bereaved parents.
Children's Day at New Hope.
Children's day will be observed at
New llope Saturday, August the 8th.
T1he public is cordially invited to at
tendl and bring with them well filled
baskets, and let us make this a pleas
ant occasion for the children. Exer
cises to commence at 10:30 a. mn.
C. L. Graham, Sup)t.
Teacher Elected.
At a meeting of the trustees of Union
Academy in No. 10, held last Saturday,
Miss Olive l"eagle was elected teacher
for the next term of said school. She
is a (laughter of Mr-. L. I. i"eagle.
Currs Blood PoIson. -Treatmnit Freec.
lIloodl poison is the worst. d isease on
car-ch yet, the siejst to euro wh1en B
H II. ( ll'tanic Blood halm) is used(.
Maniy have llfpimpls, spot's on the sklin,
ule'-rs, muclious patchles, fallin1! hair,
Itchi nt. ,kin, bo0ur1 palinfs, rheutmat,ism,
cat arrh.i - at.i n, b'lee-ding1, ft-sterin
sores, scrofuila, srah, and scales, canecer,
artd don'I kinow it is hIood poison, Cet,
Hotanic Blord ulIalmi (It I. It ) $1. A
tew ltIttles1 cutaanteed to uale the
wor-t. cae Sohl at dIrug store-i Treait -
met of I . It. It sentI free aLnd prepaidI
byv writ in).. to Blood Balm (0 , A tanta,
G . De-s riht- troule( and frece ni-dical
adlvie - L'iven until curedi. It I. It.
t.h orou. hIly tsid fort 30 yiears. ( uresc
wheni all i-lse- (aii. It. B It m ke,' t,be~
and( s'05toill aches and pinits. It. It I
Improves the dhrest ion.
The New Ba'ik Buildhig Going Up-Three
New Stores and an Oil Mill.
Personals, Etc.
Prosperity, July 29. -Miss Maggie
Barre has returned from her visit to
Mr. Henry Beacham is visiting Judge
S. L. Fellers' family.
Dr. A. J. 1dwers spent last Sunday
night in our city the guest of Mr. A. M.
Lester's family.
Material is on the ground for the
People's National Bank. 'The founda
tions have already been dug out.
Irosp(rity now presents a busy scene.
There . -e now in process of erection
three store rooms, one bank buikling,
and one oil mill. What more could be
expected of a progressive, properous
town unless the addition of a new
school building is made.
Mr. A. H. Hawkins has made a trip
to Glenn's and returned since our last
Rev. and Mrs. W. A. Lutz leave this
week for one month's vacation. They
will spend some time at the Sulphur
Springs in North Carolina and also
among their home people.
Rev. C. P. Boozer, treasurer of the
Bachman Endowment Fund, of New
berry College, will preach in Grace
Lut' sran church next Sunday morning
at 10 o'clock.
Mr. Robt. Caldwell and Miss lone,
of Newberry, visited his sister, Mrs.
DeWalt recently.
Mr. George Swittenburg, of Jalapa,
is visiting Mr. L. S. Bowers' family.
Mrs. L. S. Bowers is visiting her
brother, Mr. J. J. Gallman.
Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Schumperf, and
baby, of Vildr.lia, Ga., are visiting his
father's family- -Mr. I. It. Schuipert.
R. T. Boozer, Esq., and family, of
Florfda, are visiting his old home and
among old acquaintances.
Miss Loinetta Latv,ii, Little Moun
tain, is visiting relatives here.
Miss Eugenia Summer W.as a visitor
in our town this week.
Mr. Bennie Chapman, of Selwood,
has been visiting in this community the
past week.
Mr. and Mrs. Pink Cook, of Colum
bia, are visitors in this connunity.
J. It. Hunter, Esq., and wife were
here this week.
Miss Helen WhIte and Miss Mower Enter
tainled Friends.
Miss Helen White and Miss lyra
Mower of Newberry, entertained at
the home of the former's parents, Capt.
and Mrs. L. W. White. 'I'he affair was
turned into a conversation party in
which every one present indulged, and
the evening was spent most pleasantly,
the boys being moved from one girl to
another so that each one had a chance
to talk with whom they pleased. Both
Miss White and Miss Mower acquitted
themselves elegantly, as was demon
strated by their attention to the guests.
Refreshments were served (luring the
About the midnight hour the guests
began to depart, everyone del igh ted
wvith the wvay in wvhich the evening wvas
spent. There being some forty guests
p)resent the evening was not lacking in
joy andl merriment.
Not having a list, of t h.se pre~senit,
their niames (10 not appear. - A bbeville
Press and Hanner, 28th.
Appointed General Agent.
MIr. Robt. T. Norris has been ap
pointed general agent for South Caro
lina for the Pacific Mutual ILife I nsur
anice Company. Capt. A. P. Pifer,
who has held the position for sonme
years has resignedl. Mr. Norris has
been working for the company for the
past year and his promotion comes as a
recognition of merit. Tihe IIlerald und
News congratulates Mr. Norris on his
A List of thc Appointments and the Speak
ers Who Will Hold Forth.
Following are the applointments for
the good roadls campaign arranged by
authority of t,he County Good IRoads
No. 1.--Court I loujse, A ugust I.
Speakers: .J. A. Sligh, 0. IH. Maiyer,
Cole. L. lilease.
No. 2. -- Mt. Bethel, July 31. Speak.
ers: S. II. Aull, Geo. S. Mower, C'ole.
L. Blease.
No. 3.--Mt. P'leasant, August. 22.
Speaker s: J. A. Sligh, Cole. L~. lilease.
No. 4I. --Whitmire, Aumgust 14. Speak -
ers: Rev. S. II. Zimmerman, Rtev. .J. A.
Sligh, J1no. W. Scott, Cole. L~. Blease,
E. II. Aull.
No. 5..Spearman 's Spring, August
27. Speakers: E. II. A ull, Cole L,. Hlease,
0. L. Schumpert, .J. A. SIligh.
No. 6I. -- ILongshore, A uguist 18. Speak
ers: E.I. A ull, Cole. L,. Blease, W.
A. ihill.
No. 7. - - Williams' Store, A ugust 19.
Speakers: Cole. L. Blease, E. II. Aumll,
F". II. I)ominick, .Johni I"'. lHanks.
No. 8. UJtopia, A ugus 12. Speakers:
E. 1I. Aull, J1. A. SIligh, Geo. B. ( romer,
No. 9.--Young's Grove, Auigust 13.
Speakers: E. I1 AullI, W. II. Ilunrt,
Geo. ,Johnst one.
Eimphmaslzes Its Superiority.
Tihe heat test of the merit of an ar
ticle is the way it sells. Bransford
Mills at Owenshoro, K(y., where "Clif
ton '"flour is mfadle, runl di(ay and niight,
andI yet they cannot sup1ply the demnand
for "'Clifton''. in this city, as else
where, it is the st andardl by which other
Ilour areU*t guiaged(, andl the statement
t hat "it. is jutst as good as Cli fton"' only
makes its sup)eriority the more pro
nnanieLl. II AvYIs & M( iwrviT
Dean of the Southern Theological Semi
nary of the United Synod, South.
Dr. Cromer, who returned on Wednes.
day from Charlotte, where he had been
to attend a meeting of the board of
directors of the Theological Seminary
of the Lutheran church in the South,
informs us that the board elected Rev.
A. G. Voigt, dean of the faculty, to
succeed Rev. J. A. Morehead, who re
signed to accept the presidency of
Roanoke College at Salem, Va. Dr.
Voigt was for some years the only pro
fessor of the Seminary when it was
located at Newberry and the Church is
familiar with the good work he did
there. lie is one of the most thor
ough scholars in the Lutheran church
in the South and a born teacher. It is
to be hopea lie will accept.
Company "ID" 13th Regiment S. C.
We have received the followin- roll
in an envelope postmarked Center 3oint,
A rk., and printed on it, "The Monitor,
Chas. C. Hill, editor and proprietor."
On the back of the last page of the roll
is: "Give my regards to all the old
boys, &e.
"JoN W. HILL."
We take it that Chas. C. Hill is ason
of Joe W. Hill and that the latter
moved from this section to Arkansas.
le was a member of Co. D. No doubt
he is remembered by some of the older
citizens and especially those who woro
members of Co. D. 18th Regiment. At
any rate we print the roll and hope it
will be interesting to many of our read
ers. It will revive memories of other
Captain, 1. F. Hunt.
First Lieutenant, E. S. Coppock.
See6nd Lieutenant, W. P. Cromer.
Third Lieutenant, W. J. Lake.
First Sergeant, W. P. Gilliam.
Second Sergeant, T. F. Hunter,
I'hird Sergeant, .J. W. Caldwell,
Fourth Sergeant, J. W. Hill.
Fifth Sergeant, J. A. Wickor.
First, .1. G. Rikard.
Second, A. .J McCollum.
h'llird, ''. M. Chapman.
Pourth, A. M. Bowers.
L. M. 11. Boozer.
S. 1'. Hoozer.
L. ). loyd.
''. I'. Hoyd.
J. A. Hoyd.
W. A. Barr.
.1. J. Harr.
A. W. Brainlet.
D). Buzhardt.
.1. R. Campbello.
G. H1. Cromler.
.1. P. Cromer.
A. S. Conmwell.
.J. S. Caldwell.
C. C. Clamp.
E. 11. Christian.
J1. C. D)uncan.
WV. W. D)avenport.
II. I". Enlow,.
II. L. Fuller.
J1. W. Glasgow.
T1. Gordlon.
,John Hlalfacre.
J1. WV. P. H armnon.
WV. K. D). H-armon.
J1. A. Hlenry.
Wmn. H iggins.
WV. ,J. H[unter'.
II. M. .Johnson.
M. .J. .Jenkins.
W. J1. Kelly.
D). W. Kinardl.
,J. II. Kinard.
WA. J1. Kinard.
J1. II. Lake.
.J. WV. Livingston.
George ILarson.
W. R?. Lane.
J1. Y. MceFall.
R. IH. MIc(rackin.
,John McCarley.
John McMorris.
F. S. Margasit.
IA. P. Neal.
R. NM. Normnon.
D). S. Paysinger.
.1ames P i tts.
D). S. IPlunkett.
C. C. Plunket t.
I). A. Ring.
Ji. P. Rtikard.
A. C. l'ik(ard.
WV. M. liikard.
.J. .J. Ruff.
I). Huff.
J. II. Rulff.
Ht. ID. Suber.
.J. ID. Suber.
Jame's IP. Senn.
JIohn P'. Senni.
T1. F. Scnn.
K. MI. Sennt,
I). Simmns.
F. NI. Setz,ler.
.Jessie Spears.
Jiessie' Spar'ks.
IS. F. Smith.
G. D). Smith.
.John S. Tolanid.
W ~. E. Wvelch.
I. MI. EC. Wicker.
R. S. Whaley.
ZA. L~. White.
T1. J1. Whitman.
Who Is lHe?
Who is it 'hat makes l"ewer-gallons
wears-longrer naint?
Good Roads Meeting at Jolly Street.
The second meeting in the count
campaign in, the interest of good road
was held at Jolly Street yesterday.
There was a good attendance, abou
250 persons being present and milel
interest manifested.
Speeches were made by Dr. '0. B
Mayer, 1Ion. Jno. F. Banks, Col. E. 11
Aull, Cole. L. lllease, Esq., ])Ir. C. T.
Wyche and W. A. Hill. Rev. -J. A,
Sligh acted as ehairm:mial.
Coupon With 25C. If Presented at Gilder &
Wceks' Store.
In order to test the Ierald and News
great circulation and its superior ad
vertisimg value, we hav 1%e IMade arrange
ments with Gilder & \Veeks tihe popu
lar druggist, to ofler one of their
best selling medicilles at hl1f-price to
any one who will cut out tihe tollowiiy
coupon and present at tlieir store.
This couponl untitles tie loler to <Ie
50c. >ackage of I)r. lloward's specI t
for i le tl.r(e of colist ipat ionl ald (1ys
pepsia at lalf' privc. . We wI ref'iin
the moley to anly dissat islied purilcast.r.
TweIty-live Cents.
Dr. Howard's spcific for tilie cu (1
constipation aidI dyI s Ivplsm i. I m al un
known renedv. It Ms mrrale manly rv
markable cures right here in Newleeiv
and so positive are I)rlggist Gilder &
Weeks of its great Ip e riority y ini ir
ing dyspepsia, 'coist ip at, ionl, sick l .vad
ache and liver troubles Ilhat tleY will,
in addition to selling it. at hall Iprice.
refund the Ionley to mya.onle wion it
(hoes not cure.
If you cannot call :11 tiheir store, cum
out the coupon and mail it witi 2)
cents, and a 50 ceits box of ilt spec:ti
will be sent. you by bruail, eh1t1-gVs paid.
Do not put it oif. "()ie to-day is
worth two to-ilmorrows.''
W ANTEI) - At the Newherry lotel
gentle mile or i horse to do light
work for its rood for one or t wo imlonit is.
W IY NOT ("0: Tin' xeursion to
Aslieville A Igst lIt l1orns a
rare opportunity for .a doligit ful out inyp.
at very small cost.
lIE I.AN1) 0F 'I'll ,: S1KY: Th,11irty
TLhouirs in Asheville Iy goig oin
the excursion August i1ih. Trip in
cHIdes visit to 1lml(ouis [tilt Mor'e ainl
other point.s of interest, and a view of,
sonie of the grandest moultainl sceiery
iml the world.
'Y N i'Y' I:;
Y ,ou vanl U! it fr-oml <;Itv.Danl
i(.Is. !vervt.hin ) tbe huld r11m1 I
lirs cl ss ew lry S,Ilo.. -,. lin...
aid larges( 4.ek f Jpocish-s al
e. .rllasses Inr tehe S' t i.
' A\ NIN':LS
J Plants for sa: - at le. pler mliilred
by Franlcis Hobb, I' -osperity, S. C., for
Winter cabbage.
1LI SM."'ils Kenthicky Cotionl
200 Seed for sale. A p .ly to T.
C. Pool. .1. A. lIuRTON.
U weekl at thle' sori I'unit. andi thei(
savings wvill enablle yo'u eo rdrinik Ithe'
very bjest .ilorinjg I;lciiy CoiIfee e'very
day durng tie mnout Ih. TIrv ihis highl
gradIe cofTee. Sol only by' IDavenrport
& Caveniaughn.
Our stock .i iill errm iete wcuithI
overythlingi peret ty mi thle Malillniery
and hiat.n heefore bory ing
Best in the World.
For sale by me
at close figures.
Guaranteed to give
Call on me at the
Bonded Warehouse, or
upon Wmn. T. Gaillard.
A Complete Niti'al Ma1111re,
Cunt y fori Getuine0 Peima
Guno whIiebi i a'omleeie, well bleo
anced('( ntiurauil mniuirne, c'ncninring~ t h<
piniicipaul emleents of 'plnti fod in iht
mrost suitale cuonduit ione. AIlprsn
dhesir'ing t.o avail thle'mnselves of thre opl
portuniity' to g.et .eniniie I ervim
Guano shioubll place theriri orer wiilti mi
for same before the tirst of Sclctembile'r
1903, as we c.ann ot. c'ont rac t for anr'
~afte r that date. Ior prices anud finrthel
in for mationi appily to
1L 0. 0. F.
... t 7 30 ec'eclc at. t.hei r hall at,L t,ht
dh"ly invited.
TI (O Sicwarit.I, r .e'ret.aury.
Warren White Suilher Springs
i's. 10. CUIi,l,I-N & SON, i'Ilcl'i(ii;ieTos.
Variety of mineral wvaters. IElevat ieci
2,100) feet. One mile from station. I"oi
mails daily. Excellent tal. Moder
u.idings andi enetijiment. Rtates $2i
e'r month. Speeimf rates teo familIes
B E D.S,
either single"or in suits
TABLES of all kinds,
Art Squares,
Rugs, Etc., Etc.
Everything found in a.
first-class Furniture
store. We make a
specialty of framing
At Leavell's Old Stand.
Newberry, S. C.
and everything in the
line of STA PLE STA
TIONERY at the
Tablets from 2 cents
each up.
Beautiful Writing
Come and see.
Also a line of nice
Cigar s.
For Floors and Inte
rior Wood Work, Etc.
For other Information.

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