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Alluding to Recent Lynchings in the North,
Carolina Senator Declared, "It Makes
Mighty Big Differenee Whose
Family is Struck, Whose Wife
or Daughter is the Victim."
Augusta (Ga.) Chronicle.
Madison, Wis., July 27.-Senator
B. I. Tillman of South Carolina to
night matched his keen wit aud sar
casm agaitnt the legal mind and
western manners of Senator Burton
of Kansas.
Eight thousand people listened to
the debate on the negro problem and
Senator Tillman r9ceived the great
est favor. 1
Senator Tiffian said the negro
owed allf,de progress he had made
to th Southern people; that the
nQr fi went to war to "free the nig
ger" first and "save the union later;"
that the Republican party played the
friend of the black man in order to
got black votes; that the great dis
turbing element in the problem was
that the people of the north, affect.
ing motives of charity, christianity
and huaniitarianism were attempt
ing to poke their "great long nosem"
into the business of the southern
people who were equal to accomplish
ing the task.
Senator Burton agreed that the
negroes had grown more degraded
since the war, but said it wis the
fault of the south, lack of schools
atid the otchroing of the negroes out
of their conistitutional rights of bal
Senator Tillman said the South
wonld tike up arms rather than al
low the North to force an impossible
soVial or politicil equality bet ween
tlt, whites aid negroes in thi. South
ern States.
Speaking of the recent lynching of
negroes in the toSoth, Senator Till
[Manl said, "4it makes a mighty big
diff1erence whose family is struck,
whoso wife or daughter is the vic
Uses the Parts of Speech to Describe His
At t he recent session of the Georgia
\Wookly Pross Association, at Cedar
town, one of the most interesting
featuros of the exercises was the ad
dress of J. W. Bivins, editor of The
Clordele Sentinel, on the development
of the editor, ini which he referred
humIioroulsly to his evolution as5 an
nteInt of the parUts of speech.
i"irst. he is an article, ani indefinite
article. Next lhe gradunates into an
adIjoctive, with qi(ualifying and de
scribing powe'rs. As lie rises he ad
vances to the dignity of a nIoun--a
namie of aniy person, place or thing.
In this case a person who lives ir, a
place, but makes -Inot a thing. He
(declatred that person came from the
Lat in "perlsona," tihe miask worn by
actors t hrough the mouthpiece of
wvhich tile voice gave forth sound.
Applied1 to an editor, implies to blow
his ow'n hornl anid blow it loudly and
long, lie stated that most editors
werei (omion( nlounls and that it is
only niow andl thien that a perfectly
proper onie can1 be encountered, Hie
contiined: "But they naturally in
cline to be collective nouns --collect
ing around at the annual meetings
andm oithier mooetinigs; collecting news
here and1( there, collecting what some
peoplel wisht to see in the paper and
what ot hers do not wish to see-col
lecting overyt hinig, except from his
sulbscrib,ers, but makes(0 up for this ini
,oliectinig blackberries. He is a
gregarionls a creature as the "E~nglish
sp)arrowv," and some peopIle think
Pgnllly ams miischieivous. His face ms
expect ed to be0 seen everywhere, and
just as5 sure as hle is seen, just so sure
does overybodly expect a nice write.
.leconimig serious, he declared:
''The best and greatest enduring ex
istence is in action-im mortal action.
Undying actions are the mlotive p)ow.
ers, t he incarna t ion of thought, the
emibodiment of purpose and are im
perishable. Th'ien, let every editor lhe
a verb, that which expresses act ion,
anld withbout which tihe sentence of life
is iiieaniiingess. 'Nouns' are empty
names, ad(j'ct ivos are ever changing
shadows, but verbs aire living forces,
throbbing anoergies, imnmortanl powers.
Then, lot ?very editor ne a verb.
"By all menls avid( the subjunc
tive mood0( the exp)ression of dboulbt and
uncertainty. Positiveness is the ele.
ment11 e'sentiall to the highest type of
eharacteOr, niecessairy to commtfend(1able
succenss. That word 'if,' tbe ver
ign of the subjunctive mood, is de
tructive of force. It is the evil
>rophet of defeat and the forerunner
. danger. The subjunctive mocd of
he general, the doubt of the captain,
aused a panic in the ranks, brought
lefet upon the army and resulted A
in the ruin of a nation."
Louisiana Mob Strings up a Woman who 0
Polhoned a White girl.
New Orleans, July 27.- A Picaynune
special from Shreveport, La., says:
News reached Shreveport today
that a negress, Jennie Steer, who ad
ministered poison in a glass of lemo.
nade to Lizzie Dolan, from the effects
of which she died, was lynched by an
infuriated mob about sundown last 9
night. The lynching occurred on
the Beard plantation, near where the
crime was coml 'ted.
Jennie Steer % .s stubborn to the
last, denying her crime, but the proof
against her was direct and conclu
It is said the negress fled from the
Dolan house as soon as her crime was
known. She was found crouching in
a hay loft. The negress indignantly
denied the crime. She was taken to
the Dolan homestead and fully ident
The mob then took her to a near
by tree, plac2d a rope around her
neck and ,gain asked her to confess.
She was stubborn to the last, how.
ever, and was strung up wit,hout, mak
ing any admissions.
While the body was dangling in
mid air several bullets were tired in
to it by enraged citizens.
The victim of poison wias a beauti
ful young girl who was not known to
have an enemy in tbN world. She
died in horrible agony, which accen
tuated the rage of the mob.
The Pope and Pretty Heretic from Peoria.
A few years ago a beautiful young
girl visited the vatican with a party
of pilgrims, and was presentf at an
audience with the Pope. The beauiti
ful American was a sightseer. She
was "doing" Rome and she wanted
to see all of its feattires, ancient,
modern, living and deaid, that she
could. She raved over St.. Peter's
aind waved her han1d at the king as
he drove by, and lingered over the
ruins of the Parthenon and the
Coliseum, even as did D)aisy Miller,
of pathetic memory.
The Pope she had her dloubts
aboiut. . One had to dress in black
to enter the vatican and( she under
stood that it was customar~y to bow
before the p)ontiflf and tpL kiss his
ring. She belonged to the Baptist
church at home in Peoria, and she
didn't know what her pastor would
say. But she wvas inl Rome to see
things, and when thle opportunity
arrived she did as the Romans did.
The black was very becoming--a
trailing gown and a mantilla like
veil over her fair hair. She looked
lovelier than ever.
Th'le audience wvas not half as awe
inspiring as she had expected. It
wvas quite simple, impressive and
rather touching.
T1he pontiff spoke a few words to
each of the party and asked the
spokesman of the party many ques
tions about the country. Then each
pilgrim bowed before the pontiff,
while he extended a white and al
most transparently thin hand over
the bent head in benediction.
When it camne the turn of the
beautiful Baptist from Peoria she
hung b)ack. She did riot want to be
blessed. T1hie pontiff asked one of the
party why she dlid niot approach him.
It was explained that the fair maiden
was a Protestant. '['he Pope smiiledl.
"An old man's blessing could not
harm even so beautiful a heretic as
you, my dlear," lie saidl.
And then-as P'eoria was shocked
to hear b)y the next miiail-thle beau -
tiful Baptist went forward and beont
her primrose head before thle figureo
on the pont ifical th rone.
Week Enmd Rates
From points on the A tlantic Coast
Line to Seaside Resorts, tickets on sale <
Saturday, good returnJ1ing i ncludhing Mon
(lay following, attractive schedules, un
suirpassed(' service Summer TPourist
Tickets to Mountain and SeasidIe Rlesorts
limited for return passage t.o October
31st on salc until September 30th.
For full particulars, rates, etc, call
on iket Agents or write,
W. J. CRtA IG,
General Passenger Agent
H. M. EMERSON, , r
TPraflic Manager(
Wilmingto, N. C..
formation Is That Revenne Tax Was Not
Paid and Government Holds Stuff
Until Thorough Investigation
Can be Made.
ugusta Chronicle.
Columbia, S. C., July 27.-Reve
no offlers here seized a carload of
:rn whiskey Saturday afternoon be
eved to have been assigned to a
cal dealer. The seizure was made
it requeisy of the collector of inter
al revonue of Georgia and will be
old until an investigation now be
ig made is completed.
The stuff passed through bere
ome time ago being consigned from
ipencer, N. C., to Savannah, Ga.,
vhich is the way local dealers work,
anking the shipment interstate and
afe from the hands of the consta
oles. The constables, however, got
ousy with the internal revenue offico
n Georgia and when the car came
>ack Saterday the revenue office
tere was requested bythe Georgia
office to hold the car. The dealer
iere finding the car watched so
ilosely had it billed to Charlotte,
q. C., but the train was stopped at
3landing street station and the car
ieized. It contained 165 kegs each
iolding 4 7-8 gallons of corn whis
coy valued at about $1.50 a gallon.
L'he rOvanne officers here will hold
t until the officers at Spencer, N. C.,
vhere the car originated, ascertain
,vhether the government tax is paid
)r not and if not it will b 4 confis
3ated. If it has been paid the stuff
vill be released, as the government
ias nothing to do with the State's
Law. Meanwhile the constables will
not lose sight of the car as long as
it is in this State and the local deal.
3r is simply out a carload of whis
Constable Cureton this morning
reported to Chief Hammett that he
bad seized the distillery run by J. D.
Stansell in Pickens county and about
300 gallons of whiskey. Stansell
was caught taking whiskey from the
government warehouse for illegal
purposes and as - the government
gauger violated the law in letting
him have it, he will be prosecuted
by the United States government.
The Question Which Absorbs the Vaticai
Just Now -Almost all the Cardinals In
Rome-Cordial Reception of
Cardinal Gibbons.
Rome, July 27.-Almost all the
Cardinals of the Conclave have now
arrived1. Their time today was main
ly occupied with a long meeting oi
the Congregation, which was notable
for the cordiality with which Cardi
nal Gibbons was received. Aftei
the meeting the (Jardinals received
nuumerons visits at their various resi
deuces. In well-informed circle,
Cardinal Angelo Di Pietro, prothono.
tary of the late Pope, is being talked
or as a compromise candidate, in the
event that Cardinals Oreglia, Gotti
Rampolla or Serafino Vannutelli arn
unable to secure the necessary votes
Should D Piet.ro be elected Pope hi
would, it is said, be the representa,
tive of the Rampolla-Gotti faction
and yet would be fairly acceptable t<
all. Cardinal Michael Logue, 'Arch
bishop of Armagh, who, with the ex
ception of Cardinal Gibbons, will hi
the only English-speaking Cardina
in the Conclave, arrived today fron
Ireland. He said he believed that
the successor to Leo would be quick.
ly chosen. In his case perhaps the
hope is father to the thought, as h<
said he did not look forward with
great degree of p)leasure to being
shut up in the Vatican during the
present hot wean her.
Speaking of Cardinal Gibbons, the
Irish Cardinal paid him a glowin~
tribute, though, like all the prelat et
hero, he held out no hope that th
Amrerican Cardinal had the remnotesi
Dh ance of election.
"Indeed,'" said Cardinal Logue,
"I think Cardinal Gibbons would be
ra subject for commiseration if thme so
lection should devolve upon him, foi
nio American would care to spend the
rest of his life conliried within the
precincts of the Vatican."
Th1e( Irish Cardinal expressed tho
>pinmion t hat thle qluest ion of sending
Snote to the Powers protesting
ugai nst the t reat mment of the Vat icanu
o the Ii alian GAovernmenmt shouldI be
est to I he next Popet.
It is nmow practically certain that
dll the Cardinals will beo present at
he Conclave except Cardinal Moran,
trebbishop of Sydney, who wvill not
each Rome in time, and Cardinal
Jolesia, Archbishop of PolOrmio, wvho
toonII it attendl
Work of Preparation at the Vatican Is
Being Rushed.
Rome, July 27.-The vatican re.
sembles an anthill so feverish is the
work of preparing the part of that
building set apart for the conclave.
Before 1870 conclaves were held in
the quirinal palace, one long wing
of which was already without and
special preparation. But in the case
of the vatican apartments of three
or four rooms for each cardinal have
to be specially prepared and as there
are sixty four car linals the amount
of work involved is very great in
The Sistene chapel, as in the case
of the last conclave, will be used for
the meetings of the cardinals and
the balloting. There, after three
solemn funeral services which began
Tuesday, will be erected a throne
for each cardinal. Over the thrones
will he baldacchinos, or canopies,
attached to the wall behind. The
moment the new pope is elected he
will lower his baldacchino as a
token of' his new dignity, thus si
lently announced. The Paulin
chapel will be used for the celebra
tion of high m1ass every morning of
the conclave, while in the Sala Du.
cale will be movable altars for the
masses to be colebrated every morn.
ing by each cardinal.
Special Sale of Summer Rate Tickcts to
the Mountains and Seashore.
The Columbia, Newberry & Liiurenp
Railroad offers Week-End Special
Summer rates to the Mountains and
to the Seashore and other summer re
sorts. Tickets sold each Saturday June
6th to August 29th, 1903, inclusive, as
follows: From Newberry, S. C., to
Charleston, S. C............... ...........$5 1.
Cross H ill, S. C......... ......... ....... 2 0(
Glenn Springs, S. C. .. ............. 2 1(
Greenville, S. C ........ .................. 2 1(
Isle of Palms, S. C....................... 5 if
Spartanburg, S. C......... ....... ...... 2 1(
Sullivan's Island, S. C ....... ......... 5 li
Waterloo, S. C. (Harris Spring)... 2 0(
White Stone Lithia Springs, S. C. 2 1(
These are week end tickets, sold eaci
Saturday, final limit Tuesday following
date of sale.
For further information and sched
ules, call on or write
J. W. Denning, Agent.
Newberry, S. C.
O'Xv.'ganiJL.s.cc% 1890 .
Capital - - - $50,00C
Surplus - - - 19,50C
Paid Stockholders
since organization 21,00C
Paid Depositors in
Savings depart
ment since or
ganization - - $9,20(
A man working by the day is pair
for the time he puts in at wvork, but
when that man saves a dollar for hi,
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as well as days; never lays off on aic
count of bad weather and never- get;
sick, but goes right on earning hin
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have money wvorking for you. Tr
it-open a savings account. .wih - -6
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Have ample facilities to
. accommodlate our1 cus
TeCommercial Bank
I The ot Newberry, S. O,
''T ANGER SIGNAL.S," a llook
.1. forn Boys andi Girls and thmose
of ILarger- Gr-owt.h, war-ning them of the
Per-iils of Youth, which if avoidled will
give them Fe-ace and .1Happiness in this
wvorld and Eternal Bliss hierea fter; but
if disregarded will bi-ing Miser-y and
Woe here and Eternal Torment afte
By CIIAnu:s A. CAL,vo, J1ni.,
One Who Fell by the Wayside.
Price 50 cents. IFor sale by Chlar-les
A. Calve, Jr-., P'. 0. Box 77, Columbia,
Watches, Clocks,
Silver and Plate Ware,
Cut Glass and Table Ware
Wedding and Birthday Presents
Key winding Watches
Changed to Stem
SpOW111 ud B70111ml by
Eduard Scholtz,
Jeweler and Optician.
iWarren White Sulpher Springs.
Variety of mineral waters. Elevation
2, 100 feet. One mile from station. Four
mails daily. Excellent table. Modern
uildings and equipment. Itates $25
er month. Special rates to familles.
Costab May 25 cea
-1 \4 m.tai, "5 urntl t) C
V, F
Two Daily Pullman V
Between SOUTH
The Best Ratcs and R
Via Richmond and
Norfolk and Stea
Nashville, Memp
Louis, Chicago, N
Points South and Sout
and Jacksonville ar
and Cuba.
PostniviELY THE SH(
jrw-For detailed informati(
man reservations, etc., ap'
board Ai Line Railway,
Passenger Agent, CoIldimb
Pass.'Trr.ff Mer
E -4
A passenger service
and comnfort,equnipped v
Dining, Sleeping and 'l
For rates, scheduIle,
tion, write to
WM. J.
Collee of,Charleston,
Letters, Science, Engineering. One
Scholarship to each County of South
Carolina. Entrance exammation held
at Newberry by County Superintendent
of Education and Judge of Probate on
July 10. Tuition $40. Board and fur
nished room in Dormitory, $10 Vor
month. All candidates for admission
are permitted to compete for Boyle
Scholarship, which pays $100 a year.
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E., Thrush. Romoves and Provents,
estibuled Limited Train%,
oute to all Easteyn Cities
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ew Orleans, and All
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d all woints in Florida
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ply to any agent of The Sea
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maps or any iriforma
ral l>assengcr Agent,
WVilmino-ton. N. C.
U. 4. BY.A1 't i., Rocoiver.
In Etrect J unt 8 .1902.
NAi tiso .'N. WET)
4o. 9. No. 12 r3tations.
11. Ill. A . bi.
3 10 11665............... Beltoll .............
2 18 U 3........Augdereon F. D .....
2 45 9 30 ....... %tioron P. D .... 31
........ 925 ......W emt A nkrso n
........ 90)9...............P onvor......... -------
........ 9 02...............Autun..
........ 8 b!> ...........P nd loton ...-::::--.I
........ 8 47 .............. Cherry ........ -.-.
-..--- 8 4I ..............Adiu it........
8 28 .... o tii Junct *
8 Al.. .. .........ec.....at
--- -. 80;....... ..W eL Union .
-.---.- 800............W allialla ......- ...
All rentilar wtin f'rozIn Bolo't'''
hive Prcel-40tilee over trains ma
n ittu iIII th )>posItc dilrootti 1a
orwIiso "peelleItl by trin orF "
Will ap')NIOPH It t1 follov e
takl, ol ait let oil aisese -
JIasan8id san1l y Spritaigs.
J. I. AN DEfUNR, td hat
'harleston and Western Co.ng y
Augusta and Ashevfimnd yo
(Schedulo in ell'eot bia
(Road Down.)' ize u
1'.46 pin .........Lv Newborry .
1.60 pril .. ......Ar Laurons.....
2.07 pi ......... Lv Uauronu..in
3.30 pn11....Ar S par tan burg.
3-.4' pin......... Lv Spartanburg.
5.32 p1l.........Ar Saluda..........
8.11 pi .........A r liondoronv E
7.15 1) 11).........Alr jfhevll0 0..
'1 p40n..... Lv Nubury ((
11.50 p l..... Ar Laurene......
1.5 ..... LV La rons ......
2. -l pin......Ar Uroonwood.
5.20 p.m.A.....Ar Augusta........
2.35 pin...... Lv Augusta.........
6.30 p w ...... Ar Heautfort..........
6.45 pin......Ar Port Roy a.....
12 46 pin...... Lv Nowberry (o
1 50 p ...... Ar Laurons ...... . - -
2 09 pin...... L v L ur-i n ......
3.25 ))n ...... Ar Greonivillo..
For f'uriter lnfornatt
Ce., esil oil 1on , U14r ati ts -
UH0. T IRRY A N, (o
',4)It(ilOl til onud
8 41) ain Lv Ath pin
10.0 1411n t h. pmn
I l 65 ain: Elbt pm
12 a pmn A bi pIt
122 2pm ret pim
2 I5pia Ar Clllnt
T2'15 11sAr
Soith t?lllml ound.1m
12 2 nin Lv Alri pIn
(H arris
1 12 pim watrlo pm
1 42 pi W1 rens- pin
X1 22 :i Ur5e
ex ex ex
11)l w) a ll) I,%- (4 mil i
7 1 7 0'm 2(2 I.v .acirons . II 00
7 23 7 Iti 2(19 Parks 650
84 7 :i 2 22 Clinton 625
1 15 7 t 3 34 Goldvile 4 45
73 : t- th 211 Kinard.*.*.*.*.*.*40
9 4' 8 t1!) 21?? G4ary 4 40
95') 8 18 2 64 Jalapa 05
11 bo 8 4t0 :t ti 1(ewvberry 5
1232 9 02 : '4 Pros perity
1 4 I -, LI lulem pin
12 4 9 18 3:;4 sligh1
in 10 25 :i:4 o I hiMountain
A5l 950 .157 Mito
/il 05 il5l) 0 Wi hRilloc
2 '25 0 (04 4 1.7 Saloen tine
2 551 7 4 7 irino
.. 05 7 1 2 1 ciapllart.. .
90 ' 7 61 ;140 Goldnmbla 44
. C. ..
(Un8ioni Station)
4) -5 11 2
i 5 LvColum bIa (A .0. L.)Ar
j 20 Humntor
9 20 A1 r Ch arlstBIonI Lv
T12rain2 ai0I~ 2 arrive andd
Tra ns 22 -5 nd 8. from A. C. 11. frei
West (Gervlh. sit, c
For Rtes, Tiino Tales, or further
2.10n call In at:1 cy Agent, or write to
W. 1. C I te. T. M. Ehi Eli
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.1. F. L.IV INGSMTON, ii. Mi. KNIggIs,
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