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1i~S FWnE,r~y ._c71 FRID.AYq AUGU ST 4. 1903.
Oxfords and Slippers
a Any reasonable offer on any a
Crime was Committed On Wednesday Bv
Not Discovered Until Friday --A Hor
rible Affair.
Aiken, August I.-Abram Suras
ky, a Jewitih peddler living il
Aiken, Wis nurdered near H7Law
thorne, in Aikon County, on Wed
nesday evenneg, by two white mei
men, George Toole arid L -,) Greer
The body was rnot discovero unti
Friday evening arA Surasky's fan
ily were notified until Friday nght
n last Tuesday Mr. Surrask
loaded his wagon with his packs r.n
started on hin rounds. 1 it, suj
posed to havo stopped at (xreen'
house to Hell his WlareH, as iL wan hI
Custom1 to (10, and it. wi-i then tha
thd two men carried out their plai
of robbery and nur.oer.
Suraky was. Hhot t-wice in the bal
with a gun, onek, arm wias athnos
severed fromt his body andl his heat
and body worn bracke~d horribly witi
an axe. WVhen the bidy was dis
covered it wan impiJossible to recog
'nize any selIublani(ce of at humrian be
inig in t he face, an diecompo isit ion hat
*iet ini. Buzzw/ardsn lin g over thre npo
atttracted1 the attent ion of mien pass
ing b)y.
Sherifif Aldrmani arid the Corone
went to thne scene of ih limiurde
early thin mnorn inrg. ( )n searchin1
for clews thIe elliers found a pool1 o
Nlood ini tihe yard uf Lee G:'ren
hoeuse, and ot her b,lood ot ais wver<
dliscovered n m relonri 1d(s, anrd thr
b)loody axe wvas fotned undmrer thi
At the C~oro ner's inqinest it wvas dle
veloped b)y the1 leine found thra
Toole and Gireeni o't Srirasky twici
in the brack aindn t hern cut him upj witi
an axe. The nhrotn evidently (lid nol
sufhice to subdure thleir vict imn and t hi
axe was used( to finish him. Aftei
their wvork was we oump1linhed t hie
loaded the corpseI i i t itim'n owr
wagon and( drove t) a Ilonrely npot ir
the wVoodsE and( tiod ihe horse to i
tree anid left it. TJhe horsoec'omin if
hungry broko loose anid pulled tha
wagon with itn ghiastly load away
from thle spot where hie wvas tied tc
within a iile and a hal f of Hlaw
throrne, whren it wvas( discovered. A
negro 1n1an1 ins18 stree'd of being ar
accomrplice ini the (crimre, but so fan
the negro is free.
Lee Groonr is a brad chariactor, 11b
attempted ho kill a peddller niamied
Levi fromr August a, (iia., sonin( timei
ago. Levi wvas wounIded bunt (s.
caped1. Surasky only had about $%
in money. Thlris wan I akien, but hii
watch aund pack wore rnot distuirbe(1
by hi* miurdoerers. Possibhly becaun(
If we ourselves did not know wh
te best variety and the lowest pric
)u. But we ask you to remembe
*e not merchants. Stores d6 nol
iants do make stores. The tradir
ere before MIMNAUGH came, a
e today. The old "HAS BEEN
Newberry are deag cocks In the
and-banks on the qqality of their
tve you heard it whispered that P
ng, that a few months would end
Duld forever disappear from the p
at Less than Cost: Every
rticle in our MILLINERY D
the chances of discovery would be
greater if such goods werp found in
their po.isession. The man Toole
testified at.the inquest that he found
) the budy on Wednesday night, but
was afraid to say anything about it.
t The authorities are confid nt that
they have the right parties.
Aiken, Aug. 2.-George Toole,
one of the supposed murderers of
Abram Surasky, was brought to
Aiken and put in jail last night by
Coroner Plunkett. The body of Su
rasky, was also brought here, but
was taken to Augusta this morning,
where he was buried today.
Lee Green the supposed accom
plice of Toole, and at whose house
Surasky was killed, is still at large
but will be caught.
It was George Toole who told
Magistrate Holley of Silverton that
L Surasky's body was in the woods.
While leading Mr. Holley and others
to the spo# he stated several times,
without being asked, that he could
prove that he had nothing to do with
it. He also asserted that he knew
of the bo0dy being there on Wednes.
(day but was afraid to mention the
The scene of the murder is about
18 miles southeast of Aiken, and
Sheriff Alderman and the coroner
dlidl not get there until early Satur
day miorning. The body was found
lying in the victim's wagon with the
head and shoulders over the dlash
board and with the feet and legs ex
tendfed under the seat. The face
was b)lackened be3 0ond recognition,
and the remains were almost ill too
h)ad shape for the undertaker to han
A significant fact is that the father
of George Tloole wvas one of the jury;
and the father of Lee Green says
that if he can find his son he wvill
blrinig him to jail himself.
Two Negroes Commit the Crime which
Almost InvarIayly Precedes
Charlotte, N. C., August 1.--Near
llocky Mount today Mrs. Pass Long
'was assaulteel in her home by an uin
known negro. She was alone at the
time, her husband being absent. She
was found unconscious, after the ne
gro had fled. The people of the
community are doing their utmost, to
capture the criminal.
Wh len Adolphus11 Beaver, a young
farmer of Iredell Count.y, ret.urned
to his home fronm a trip to St ates
villet yesterday, lhe couild ntot find his
wif,A. The neighbors were atlarmied
and tihe body of the. woman was
found in a well. The coroner's in
vestigation shtowed that sihe had beon
assaultedl andl murdered. Sus[>icion
points to a negro ntamed Wolford
Rloseboro, who has not been at
ere to get the best in style, But
.s we could not offer them to the
r that all men who run stois one
make merchants but mer- Ty
ig public recollect how things
nd they all know how they
S" high priced credit stores 60 <
pit. Now and then one bobs P
goods. How many times a:
AIMNAUCH could not last Abo
our career and our name 5<
ages of Merchantile History? 50 r
pair of Men's, Ladies', Misses and
E PA RT MEN T will be accepte
Thin Line of Smokes From Burning Ba- Th
lots Announces No Electionl
Yet -42 Elects.
tomo, Anigust, I.-The first day T[
of thle Conclave has" en1ded an11d n10
Popo hafi been elecLd. Both this CC
morning and this afternoon all the he
memers of the Sacred College, ex. so
copt' Cardinals Herrere Y. Espinosa, pr
Crettoni, Langenioux And Coultie, ic<
who were confined to their cells by ant
illness, ontered the Sistine (hapel, re
where, after the .soleni, ritual up- sta
pointed for the occasion, they dropped o
their ballots- in the chalice. That foi
these gave to no candidate the noces- tic
sary forty -two vtoes was mado known co
to iome and to the world by the pe
smoke of burning ballotf WhiCh is
sued from the Sistine Chapel. To ow
morrow the Cardinals will vote again, up
both in the morning and afterinoon, Lh
but what. th chances are of their ar- a i
riving at a decision before Monday fol
no one can tell. lit
it was reported this evening that W1
the Rnmpolla party was in the asee i
dant, but this cannot be taken as any
indication of the final result, as tihe
vote of Pope Leo's secretary of State
may be split up Or giv'en in its en
tiroty to some other Cardinal. Ap >~
parently reliable information, wvhichI
however, it is impossible to verify, is
to the effect that Cardina Rampolla
received at tihe first ballot~ this morn
ing 20 votes, Serafino Vannutelli 1 2,
Gotti 7, Oreglia 5, Dipietro 4, Cap
ecolatro 4 and Agliardi 3, the remin- l
der being scaltteredl.
Romne, August 2.--No successor to po)
Leo XIII has1 yet been chosen. From wl:
the smoke wvhich issued1 from the little ye
chimney 0on the Sis'tino Chapel to- imI
night a vast multitude gathered of
aroundI St. Peter's learned that the ox:
second (lay of the Conclave had (de01 the
fruitless. The conclusion is drawni
that the strength of thle leading en1 be0
didate remnainas unbroken, and that lmt
no comp)lromnise candidate hais yet pr
appeared. And t horn is no inidica.. rol
Lion of he,m long this condlit ion of ' rei
aiffairs wvill cdonne. T1he pr'olonga dal
Lion of the contest has arouised tre - Sit
moneidouls public interest, if inldeod it wIJ
.canntot be called excitement. .Mvery ha1*
trace of that apathy which followed th<I
the death of t he late Pope has van.. to
ished, and instondl there now exists a pr'
burning initerest in everything por- wiu
taininig to the election of hiis su(cesb:
sor- thel
Chihiren's l)ay at New Hope. in.
Chi ldren,'s (liy will be obsXerved( at oif
Newv Ilope Satr rday, Auhguast the 8th.
TIhe p)ublic is cordially nie"oa
tend( and bring wit.h them wvell filledl
baskets, and let usx make this a leas
anrbt occasion for the children. Exe hle
(iSes to commefl1nce at It):30 a. mi.
. C. I,. (i'h.m, Su...
we- are still in the ring; and in a f<
writer from one of the smallest i
of the largest in South Carolina.
'ue to my Motto:
[oz. Corsets, Long,.Medium and
N., they are worth all over town
long as they last for only 38c.
it two thousand yards 36 in. Ble:
and 6 1-2c yd., to go as long as
>cs. American Shirting Prints, yo
Dhildren's Low Cut Shoes 10 pe;
Pd this week. We need the room
e People, iI Goniventlon Assenibled,
kdopj Some Very Good and Striou
itesolutions. conI
Il State. (10n
Yorlvillo, -July 21.) Ti Y01rk coil
uinty good roads conventionl 1114t S
ro today. There wis a full repro- t ho
itation of tlte difforeit townships inl t
at. Mr. Joh:i G. Aid(rsonl of lovi
rck Hill was ccomen am elhairan1111 I h
d Alr. V. D. ri4t elctod is see. mo1
ary. Maj. Jas. F'. IHart iualo a it ho
Itomeint as to what the .oclivo so I
11flitteik liadI dono. Tho goneral to t
Oiig of the Conventio \wasI opposi- roa
11 to the issning of bolids, eiither to .
ln(y or township, but favoring a all(
r Capita tax and Hpecial lovy. sho
A comiittoo of nino, 110 froin Ithol
'I toWIIslip, was alppoiIt0d to got abo
it sot of resoIltions to put, before coi
i meeting, which wias dono during tior
-Wc088 of it couple of hori-s. 'Tho 1
lowing was tho result, of ihe (d. ict
erations of the coinittee, which sidt:
,s freely an( intelligently (iscisse( tio
a mos0t harmonious manneiIir. am1l
TH'iE itmsoLUTJIONs.
We as8 representat Iio o)f t he peo- the
Sof York CJounty, a.ssomled info
aventioni to (de lberate on01 ecoomi- 8(4"
an1d pratctical methlods of imp rrov- r(4<p
the public highway8, aind recog - haI
inig thait tis sublljecl.t merit. (iar-- ,1an
it and1( effective act ion by1 thle law- bie
king power of thle State1(, 118 wll1 t
the encouragamlent of all its citi.-w
18, do set forth an id recornmiend1
iilative action as8 follows:
Fi~rst. Thaiit the counlty bloardls of 11ull
we(red1 to a1 ppoint an1 (engm ier,
080 dut.y it shall1 be to makite su1r
'rMof such liighiwaty as8 thle bloard
3direct. and1 to furnish (est imaites8 t.
the cost of any13 reloen1t ing, and0 thei ci
IonnHe of peOrinanienty 1'11 imp rig er 1~
Il r
i(econd(. Tha it the ( genei(raIl assembl in o
mlemioriaimzed to anwnord t hie roadin
18 so1a to p)rovidlo for com >eotenit
leticali townsip JsupejMrv isors (If
018, for eh townshIip, who1( shaiill it
'oivyo $2 per (day3, n ot Sxceed(ii ii whi
riors8 wh1o 8shal1 receivell% $10 r (13 mv n
ile inllI acual 8irvice, wh'lo shall1 i
ve sp)ecil 811pe8rvision over al11 of
i1 public roads1 inl their1 respect('1i vo4(I
v[n8hips, a1ppoinit ll over8oor,
o fails to1 pu11t the requjiriid numll- Ih'
of daIys' wVork((i on1 his et Iin, and1
4. wito. shall) g i.' h1)l in t he surr1181 Nl
mity' on t heir ollicial hool0 for no(g. to I
Sof duty(3. 11( 4
J'hirdl. Thaiit the4 (cominuit atio lO ax b X ut
fixed( aIt $2. opIti
I"ourthi. Th'Iat if deernorIih noen0ssary a(1
p0oeil le4vy be4 1141014 for road un11 day11
Our one a
selling is i
else can.
,w short years have driven
erchants In the country to
Sell as I Buy."
:hort, W. B., R. & 0. and
50c, 65c and 75c, to go
tching, short lengths worth
it lasts for only 4c the yd.
u all know the price is 5c
cent. below cost. Now ik
for our big Fall Stock now
vs, not 1%S, tiinl. 011( nor 1nor
n throv mnills.
"ifti. That. lie oflico of ouilt.
lilnissiontrm bm aboliihe(d nid th
Dt'hi)p Sll)Pervi or Hit With ti
lity snpervitor as the boari o
1y ', voiiun.-mmioners.
ixt h. That, maid board hail I appi
111104 raiHOd to those highway
he towliHilips from whicl tihe ta
k4s Are inad0o.
eveit h1. lUisolved, That. we ino
'ialize the logiHiature to ano11
co(nslitlition offocting road wvorl
i' to allow townihipm or colintiI
ax tholn-inlveii to build or repai
!i. A lo to change the poll ta
3 instod of $1 ai heretoforc
wing $2 for road purposeH. An
Mid thiH seetion becone a la
i the $2 for road purpose a
Vo 11101tionled, hm ill lien of the $
ilitationl tax mleolntionled ill Hoe
I third.
'h1e foregoing resoluionti wer
5ii upon by Hection in(d after con
rable disellsHion 0upon 801110 0
11, espocially tile fiiveoid, fonrt
fifthI sect.ionsi, they w'ere ad(op)ted
apt. J. WV. Ardrey of Fort M1il
I mnoved as an addition to t,in
going rolutions8, that our repro
ativos inl tihe general assemibly bi
1Lated to 1180 their endonvaors t<
the State farm8 dlone awVay wvitl
the money03 expande(ld U pon t hen
appliedO to the imnprovemient o
highwvays of the State. Th1is
Leader In New Orleanis Itids Thi:
In Vain New York Market
iaMt rot ice (liy for dJuly d(lllver
111 b)oon looked forwardI to as8 1
cal tirne1 ini cotton and1( while noi
iclarly active t he market i
ning dislye11'd consideralo norv
1113 op10ned1 2(0 poirs8 h ighoir at
( 01 d I Yie 81ale8 reacheid I.
a not ad vance of forty poinut
le in New OJrleans tihe bull leadei
replorted to be bidding for nJul)
lock1( (of 1,000)( batles aIt 15 cent
iont. Iininrg HolIers. Th'le rest 0
V Iirmed8 up withi July uinder co
4' onl hiigh cables4, the strengfth oj
(Orleansi and1 theI tlk of tot
hi rain in i the wst erun belt,.
t 1 N"IH olis.:JJ
iiw( rleans, filly ;1(1. - Inl thel c~otton
kot thlis rnorhniing theiebhll loader0
Ie on ly113 I Iptins t 1( I c)(Olls, b)uy.
1all111 that was fferedt fromi I 1. 25
I cent11s whiei len feings stop ped.
h lon b1 i Ol ent fn ior() t 1),00 0 l
nothlin g wasH olfored . Othier
1)n1 wvoro (p 'int1 at. at moderno
me abo1il (vo thle (1h0, (If y.8te.
- TV jdI~J.,
im in buying,ou~0
to satisfy your nee4
yd., as long as they last 4c yd.
15 pcs. Cottonades worth ISo aid 2(
ics Crash Skirts left, they are
your choice 24c each.
25 doz. Ladies' Linen Handkerchiefs
25 doz. Ladies' Drop Stitch I-lose, th
25 doz. Ladies' Drop Stitch 1-lose, th
20 doz. Ladies' Drop 2titch [lose, th
your chance to buy a pair of Low Cut
roJling in.
0 I~lOT PLIiASIiI ~vIrn 'riliElit (;IELLS. tiep~~~.
I ltt(4r4'
(1idiu~~Is Iitd Them W is lieu I HuIilil,i1,r
W;iter dud Veutlidi toe A ~Ve~tls liv
f I~it~~ ,J 1113' ?.4 I. ~ l'91t1lt1t9119l 4)f XViI
today V 184 tO( I t I~o * 1118 ~V Ii e'h lltev d uy It
sure to ~iectipy dli ('lug I 11(4 ('OItI'idVe, 1(481 4.)
I 51(1(1 tt~ Cluriliot 1)44 Multi tlii~ t hey tire hi~ 101
very t~i tlt UMIuIMI W over tie' iti (4~ of I It iii I
l)Oilig (!oltlirted, jetrIIs(148 fol* Nolne /.4i1t p
Ii mo, it what a i.e u ig hI ly t orittel I 1 181 iii
I ''COlIM,'' ~v~iir~ii lire 'vitleoti rilriutwg with
I~ ~vautor uuiel neee8Hary "~'zat dat 111(1. It 'Fit.
H ~V1p,8 foaro(1 I hat 81)1(10 (If I lie oltior 80011
I 5111(1 iuioro f44414114 ('ilIllil d8 (It igid Hllf- (IllyN
~ for. 1~orhstp8 I Ito 1(1081 di8~4Itt IMlitId ('liii 4
I, W118 (.3ai'd i it iii Dii lt/.'/liI'V, '.V ito 4tH ri ni froiti
.1 ato of '11 urigary, 18 1 he 'yeah Ii 1(481 of I 'bit)
', the otirdi it 91)8, lie 18 ~ re lii oil ~VI III WI ItOH
H an jucosno of $ it)tt,(IOt) uututtialiy. a hew
~ 110 i liHixI 8 Iii ut lie (~1( I Itt tt t'iit ~Vj t it LII 0 Ii
the Ol110r14 tied itt tixt itlivil itiH ItttMiiH 18 litOt
Oilt8i(1O. ho t~
~ 1)uri ug t ho uet~t i rig of I lie Cl )it~t'O
- gation of the ('lIt'(iiItiiiH today (Ito 11(4)1)1'
cIlrmori&311g() roitti JUt ui~iI ographi letter I itaii I
frow J~i11t ~~'I'~I' i'iiti tI' 18 4(18(1141 of I JO it \
A 1181-ri 11 wit wit itt h h ~d rer towet I eoi t(io (lit I ii
IOItCO8 (lit (11(4 deitl h ~tf I ~t4ll uurtd ox hooti
~ 1 l)I'0880(l tl((4 1(0184 1 11111 1104 8(U'I'i4d ('(ii- AI~
- I 0J.~(4 WOil 1(1 iitt 1118111 '('ci 1 ~y I ItO gteitt i2
I lit-OrOHI H of Iii e ('liii i'elt I it CitooHi rig 1(11(1 h
) hi~ 8llCCex8or. Fltt~ letter j)ro(i41C44(l 21,( II
a Htrorig iItti)I'0881111( ilitti tt wlt8 do- i(4401)I
i 01(10(1 II) ltitHWer it WI lii it NI ((~C ja i I (4l5~~'y
~ dinal ()regliu explaleell how I ito WItH Ii
~vork of I ito coitt'Juiye ~~'Ii8 to 1)14 (~I~- '~ltoio
rio(1 Oil, ro('lthhiItg I lie ieirtchitid r01o8 1(10(144]
wit icli were t It go Yell t lIt 44 1(04 I)' 111(11
~ ro(~)r(1iit(4It(IiIIg t liter 81 ('tel oioe'rv
clii Itrt(1 l)eila \oijtl ~vet'e eilitrge(I
ivithi tlio (illty (if Vi5it irig the 011101
1(101118 of I ho ('(lIL('!1tV.4 utrul (~itz'iirtitk it 91101'
lirili BnM('lii with ~'i8itiH.' ~ j8eii (1
iripoli I
1)rliCiIiCtH of 11(14 COII('i9iV44 for tIll' lOl F (1 \4~J
jHIM'.t ''~ IiIiik IlI~ 841 I'44 t hut I l(44r'4 ~VI Ii I
I 11144 (jittIHi Ililt 'If ('~(I(ill'I(89tt 111(1 1(1
tjv4 t lie III''' (11(4 1
f It
11(488 ~V9(H 9(181) (1i8('II-e-el III 11(44 CoIl' 49
- grof,'11ti011. Jhte exe('1190r8 (If the
~yili 85(0! I hat 11(44 (t(141tt43' F44(t(911 IttlIg Hhltire
I I after tite eltaritaido l)('(jII(4x18 left by ''M
1444) utro J)11i(1 ~VoI11d ho or(13' about \Vl~it
~' I ,O( 10. i~I i~i 84(1(1 ~Va~ (~()Ji80 iorai vo(~(1t
iIIHIit)iciOl(1 111(41 91 C01(111188j~rJ of car
(Ii 119118 ~Yst8 i lINt TI tel (4(1 to it IIgIma4J( t~ (1. od a
to NItell 5th Ilit(OI1((t 918 might. 1i(lOItt Lhiiutg
aj)J)r(JJ)r 181 44. you
(41 j 41 hI
It Is IIiCI'CIISlIlg' ItS! I lie ii tile, 11(111 549 j(; Ii YE' (I
~V( 1(141
ftil it
* I~O8tOrt (ilohe. lillijI.
woathor, t4X 0(41)1 8IiChi 118 port 51111 to IC 10918
C)rIHuutjd ion '''vol. gOoliM'' ~,?41O1II'
118. -, 111111(4 81 itt i8tiC9i1 111)81 rIlet- 1)1(4 Vi
11104 jW4t boeui 18811141 i)y1hotrca8llry glad,
ne thought in
Js as no one
)c yd., now only 1Oc.
worth $1 00, you can take
to go at only 4c each.
I 1Oc kind, now only Sc
l5c kind, now only 10c
3 25c kind, now orly 1
Shoes for a Little Money.
n1mint, Will bm mouind 8olim Very
st ing dat i, howovor.
I it (oniury ago hi Amoriann
timom mw Hatimtid Ivi iti a por
(1 01flillipt ioll of 4.68 gi d lo1
loti itid litlorH por your. To
I deonandm 12.18 gallonii. But,
ir tomporaiceo frionIm Hhoultd
iliut(ll Hho0(kod, lot, it. bo mitid
fly years agito Ihm average Citi
it away 1 2X giloiN of har
od h(uuor. Now heo iH Hatilti
fNet is t inth , IIn 1in1t, iquorm,
18 boor, tho Alinoricall nOwl
'1118 far ouhliiitanco(d the Ain -
f 180), raiiing the averago
111 insmignificanlt 1.58 gallons to
gall onil. 111 tho mat,tor of
the Anorivll 11H nover bomn
iy drinker. Vhiat makos up
mvy) ligire of him conimu:iiption
fly homr, and ovon thim iH not
11tvioNt kind of boer.
Hia)', t 1111, thilt t ho Anidrimin
I atro moro inteomporato now
1103' woro lifty, yort tga would
0 conlitraIry, that~ sob)riety ha11
~onst ant1 I ly the inIcrease.
I year~ Illiniois produlced1 39,
gallons1 of dlistilled spirits
onturcky, wh ich ranko(d 8ocorid,
1, IVIf. Bu t amnonig 7(),()()(,(0)()
i ose figures atre rot 80 vory
. \hori ouar aricootor toIook~
hin rg for~ the Htorniaclh's sake it
our jioopl0 aure now umuch miore
A True:SoclalIlst,
hnnliO," <juothI the soc'ialist ag.
to 11n8 ten1 yoar-old, "'did you
at ol iron. todIay r"
ol, what~ ulidl you got for it y"
vII dollatro."
I the silvern tonigued orator oIf
.oodums ui rubbd l 1hi liaido joy.
vye it to mej."'
ive it to you, pua! W\hy, I
't got it all. I loreo your
u.1e dlollar."'
3' sliar(, y'oti yolinig repirobato!
do you iiioan Y"' 1rre the adl.
i of plnder.
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society, y'ou kno'w, for umaking
a e ial. Von son, we board
Hs)OaI{ OriCo, 1111 l0i8111
b)elieved in dividing tings
ly, 8o woI just dI iidd lip that
lihe t woI ret trned frorn t he4
had(4 dJoinj was very thiought.
iid hie walkod1 with at paIinful
",'11 1 he i t last, "'these bere
aim't meant to apply to us, I
. 'hoy're only for other peo.
ho0 hiavui money, inf't they ?'"
d then th114 fatther'o boalrt was
for hie know hi8 80on wvould
ai t.ruo sociaiiiio.

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