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'he 'ohimbi. ;ta savs:
".et it niot be f'ore.ten that the
South pays ier ful! sh:e f the $14.
(W,*000 given Foderal army Ivnsiones
each Y. ,r. It is cai ed away and none
rvLvred -.a huge and se mlingly p. r
petual indemility exacted b the victors.
In view of this 'our large direct appro
priations for Confederate per-ions rep
resents a greater -acritiee than at tirst
appears and our taxation for negro edu
cation assumes the most liberal propor
The annual pension bill oin accouLt of
the civil wai- is about $1,0,0C00,O). Of
this the South pays approximately one
third. or say 17,M( ),C)O. of which it
Ivets back next to noth-ig. It is doabt
]IuI if, in all the 1,;story of the world.
such a tribute was ever laid by con
cluerors uponl a people d 1emted inl war.
'Then consider I ne other drain pipes t, t
the North has in the 'ou Ih for life and
fire insurance. for nearly ali manufa
ure( goods, aiitulral imnplements
and nearly evel ything that enters in' >
the (':tily life of' our people. All these
things tihle North sells us. :md as an ofl
set we sell it --what? A part of an
annutal cotton crop of 9,4100,000 bales.
The wondfr is not that the South has
so little imon-y but that it has any at
all. (harlote Obselver.
Ar,d yet. wti we have a possibility
of get t-ing some aid for the improvement
of the public road' from the govein
ment we hear people say it will bank
I-Ilt tle gove nmlent and some) hold it
is uncolist if t ional and t ont rary to our
foiml of government. We admit we
felt that w-ty for a while bit: the mtIore
we have thought mit. the lore strongly
are we of t opinion that we should
take all we cnI get for this purpose
fron this source. There certai,ty is
precedent for it.
It is irne, as the Observer says, that
no (it.her ctun t rv could stand he drain
oi it and live fthat this Southern mnl
try of ours stands.
It tlots not S t em fair to us for the
stft' to establish a whole lot of free
schools for highrl. edtication, such ps
Souih Carolinla tcoll ge and the ( Citadel
m-ademy, and then 11a1y ieni to go oveI
tle state and solicit stidents. It is tin
fair coIIpIe't-it ion witi private and de
nir at ional Iolleges. Newbety Oh
There as also a ve y decided disposi
lion among these liberally suppolted
statt inst itutiolis to expect. the nIw;s
pal-rs to :lvertise t.hlivm, diret ly and
iniret-f ly, oIr little or no pay. This is
an li'er inu ilsti e t t ihe c l leges sill:
fulirted withoit slatenid, which we have
tevter kntwil to ask for frell advertis
ing. Chester ILantern.
And lmost of the papers give tle free
advt' ising JUst as it is asked. And it
costs the State a pre( ty g4)od sumll per
vapi(a r) fitnisi t1his higher c'duIcat.ion
an14d the yoItig Inl just as litul as it
would col im to go to anly other col
4-ge in thi State while we are painiig
(he small suml (1f $2.0o p(w capita to
give t I t' tousands of bos and girls
mbltogo 1to volleg. thet Common
stIlmol eduat ion f1urniiisht d by the fret'
public sciols. 'Tle con';tilittion says
we "shall" support the public schools
:mt we ''may" sIupport the colleges.
Wt' plltish in this issuet thle retsolut
titons oil the good Irtoads etonvenition heltd
ini Yoirk (Counlt y a few dlays agt. 'lTe
po~sitIion t aketn int these i'esolu tionis is
lonilg thle sameit lin' wt' have beeni t alk
ing f'tr stimit t tme. A towvnshiip comii
mitssiineri ini eath eoutty to look a f't't'
Itle mtairitimnee of' ft' r'oatds and t he
atioli ioni tif ytiiur sit hb superv isoi's; a c'omi
miul ationt tax of' Iwtidtollar's; antI a tprotp
er'tyv ta ofti' two imtilIs. 'llT'en keep your
('lm in gan tg oi n' rnmnelunt work and select.
a lramI ini t'ach sectti of the co unty~
featdinrg t'romnt o heta i'ut hituise, hiave your
eniginet'r tot lay it ouit. andh re(lo('nte it.
antI lhae it buiilt piti m'anet'ily andt ate
tcttling to sotmt systt'm. \Vt' (It nott agret't
'achi ttownishipi lit t'xitindteidny in that
townisip, hitt a t'tuntty tax tto be usetd
atS my dot th li'onst goodt to the i'oadls
of ft' t'nth itouniity. We tdo favor soIl
ing lie State f'armis antd putting fte
contviets. on ft' Itublic r'ads(.
An compar'soiSon' witIihther phitts fte
all night. set it'; Sutht liotn, \'a.,
Itays $i50 tir aut' lights, all ntight sericeit.
White Siumit r pays 67i: t'ori art' lights,
mioontlighit "w'vit'o. Greet''nwiod hays
htyrantts. Sutetr I temi.
(if Ntv ewherr w~as paintt~g $<0 pe I mit'it
foru at. lt'ast ant hour. Yitu areit getttig
your' lights re(asonale. 'The' ('ontnis
siner's oif Pub'iteII Works have r'centt ly
incrteasetd th rit' i'i'5 per I c'ent., which
will make out' lights t'tst about $li0t
per iare Iilit per'i year. 'Th e Newberrny
. iutgt'e Datzh-r' is r'ight. What wc'
ni(eed to impret'(ss ini this countrny is r'e
spet't for hiwi andl ot'der arnd fte order'ly
adiniislt rat ion of' just ice.
G~tod rains hiav(' fallent in t e last dayi
oi' tw.o iln t'vei' st'ttioni of fih' county
and this me'ans a great dt'al for the
farmting it'eet an upon( Ltl)h iri prios
per'ity di'eends the pr'osperity of the en
tir'e county.
Cholera Inifantumt.
This disease has lost its terrors since
Chamberain's Ctlic, Cholera and D)iar
rhe ..a 'inomedy came into genieral use.
T'he uniform success whlichi attends the
uSe of this renmedy in all cases of bowel
comp)laints4 il children has made(1 it a
favorite wher'ever' its valuc has become
known. For sale by Win. E. Peolham
and Prosperity D)rug Co.
I regrvt that it wi'l be impossible fo
me to arrange the trip to Blow ing lock
N. C.. as a ned some time ago. or
to go on the trip if u rranged, on acoant
of sickness in my family. I was ,n 'us
to take this outing as we had no " t
last year. and the Deliver trip u %i post -
poned. The Southern Ptailway b'i
agreedt to handle tihe party from Co
kinbia and the Carolina and Nor '
Western Nty. from Clest-'r to Len r.
I have asked the News ane Coc-icr -V .
the State to make this announcement
E. 11. A',)I tI.;
Good Roads Campaign Reaches Jolly Stceet.
Meetinlg Attended by About I w
Jolly Street. August 1. Jolly Strt
is noted for good barbecue din n
also a goo<d place to draw a crwwd. I'ho
ITood roads meeting held here on Th:nls
day was the occasion tfor her to :nhold
her reputation in hoth respc, s. and
right well did she do so.
' TIhe meeting was attended by ablout
two hundred ersoes. about half of
them being ladies.
The Rev. J. A. Sligh acted :'z chair
man. 1Before intr Iueing the first
speaker Rev. Mr. SNgh st.ated that the
i'npression had gotten out that in his
speech at Per. lialfacre's ht had ad
vocated a specal le , of tive mills for
road pur poses. This wa, a mistake.
Ile had only said that. he hiiself ws
n illing to pay tive rnills. lic did not
think live n,ills would be tt > much, yet
he was not advoenhig a : -nil tax at
the start.
lIon. Jlno. F. 1niks, the fit .t speaker,
was then intridced. Mr. Ilzonks made
a short address, but it w- plaiun and
practical ond to the itpoint. lie declared
himself in favor of gk 1i roads, favol ing
a small prope ty tax, whatever aniount
would be sullicient. to put the roads iin
good condition. Wa ited goveriient
aid, but feared it was a1 long way of).
Dr. 0. B. Mayer w next i't roduced.
Dr. Mayer referr .1 t tlt bills now
pending in Cong.-ess woviiding help f'o.
the States whiich will lielp themliselves.
lie believed the State I egislato,'-e ogtlIt
to enact, a law allowing the leople to
vote a tax for road i nlp w'oveimen the
amotunmi to be dct!ar ti by tl:e ( ple.
Dr. Maypr .poke of the cost of building
roads and I approve of Mr. Aull's hill
for a good roads commissioner, lie said.
Let, the comil;ssioner select the road';
and work upon which will do the Imlo.t
good to t le Imlost. people. Then let t hem
surlvey tVhe road aid get. 'sti1matS. I
helieve we ought. to know jist what it
will cost to build roads and fit-n put
the money in the hmlds of menl who) are
able to build (tihem andI let tliein ie it
'T'lhe next. sicakier was Ille lion. -'. II.
AulI. Mr. Atill refei re'd t the iml ort
ance of the good road'; subject, and, he
said, it ilealns most. for the a1ral dis
tric'ts. I favor a prop eit-y tai.< beene''e
it is just.. 'The ptublic 'oadi out yondler
is juist. es much I pulie pro~pei Ly :' the
cot i house. MI r. A 1111 fatvoretd a 2- millI
priofperty tax and a commn)ut.ation Itax of
$2. 3. Ie also favored puin g the
chain gang on p)ermanenIt work. Th'le
present I system of working the chai n
gang keep s it mnov ing ninemuh. Set tIe
themi at (lnet place and if ft' gang i ams
(own) hire enough convicts fionm lie
f'e'nit cnt inry t o nuik e (lie gang fpay. NI '.
Aull favored goverinmetnt aidl, bt if we
wait. on that. we will never fhavet rowlIs,
he sa id. We must. hel p om selvtes
Thte lon. (Cole. 1,. Itle;''e was the
firist. sp eake'r after dinnler. .\lr. lIletase
took three dIist.ineit. piositi onis. lI
01ppo(sed( the issueL of' biondt. P'ut
ytitui commuititationi tax< btack to O't.( .
As Ito a priopiert.y tax, if' yotu
tdecide to vte a propftty taix, my ad
vitt' to yoti is niott oi vtte oven' two mills.
I don't believe we may expect ainythiung
from ft' goveru nument. f'or thet nt'x: ttn
or fifteen yems , Yomu munst detpe'nd unmn
what. you can (It your'selvyes. Yom-n pr'es.i
et.t r'oadt law is a f&urce'.
Tfhe n'xt speaker w'rvz's I)r. . TI.
WVyche. I)r'. WVyche favoredl a snmall
propty v ax and a communtifat itn I ax fht- -
tween $1 anid $:3, the exat amlotrmt to leit
'of. WV. A. Ifill was catllted uonl andI
niade a shot, priact icaul oldrf ess fa'vtor
inig it small priol'rity tfax. ('tl. fIlilli
a firacttcal r'oad~ wvorkei' a'i huis aldre'tss '
Th'Ie barblecut' dinner wa~(s given fly 1'
NMr. (Geor'ge litchanisonr. I
fThe' dayu passed till' ve ry pleasantyv,
Violent Attack of DItarrho'.a Cur'ed by Chaim
tberlahti's Colic. Choler'a anid Dlirrhoea (
Remedy and Perhaps a I.tfe Saved.
''A short time atgt I was take'n withI
a violent aft ack tif' diarrh'fot'a antd betlit've
I woufld hiave tdied if' I fhad not gtit Iten
relief,'' says Jothun .1. fPat Itin, au leadning
('itriz~en of P at tton, AlIa. '"'A friie'nd re
c'ommndedi(t't Chaimberhlin's (oflit', C hol- '
era and11 I )iai'rhtot' 'ieedy. I bought
a Iw~en tv-tvt' t'ent ho nt t f andI atfter I ak
img I iet' doses of' it wa; t'nt ir'ely curmed.
I considecr it the buest reedyl'l in fte
wvorld ftor bowvef coiimilatints." I"oi' sale
by Wmn. l'. P'efham & Son andI Prtsfier- A
ity 1)rtug Co.
The March of Protgress.
As long ats pueople k new nio bettter, dI
they were'L conitenit to dot "'ithout the v
railroatd, the telegraph, the telephiont',
&c., but. whio, in this progressive age,
would dIisp)ense with these nece'ssitiles
now? So it is with flour. As long ats"
you tise inferior' flour antd know nothin 1)b
of the merits of Hransfordt's "'Clifton, i
you may be satisfied with yogr bi'ea'd,t
cake and pastry, btit if you try one sack N:
of "'Clifton,'' the ''cake is dlough'' with
all inferior flours.
mAyS & MCR,rr
List of the Appointments and the Speak
ers Who Will Hold Forth.
Foollowing are the appointments for
1.' goXI roads campaign arranged by
:ithority of the County Good loads
No. -. Mt. I'leasant, Augast 22.
peakers: J. A. Sligh, Cole. 1. Blease.
No. 1. Whitmirv. August 15. Speak
rs: Rev. S. It. Zimmerman. Rev. J. A.
ugh. Jno. W. Scott. Cole. 1,. Blease,
I.. Ault.
No. 5. Spearman's Spring. August
Speakers: K I:. Aull, Cole. L. Blease,
. 1,. Schump_rt, J. A. Sligh.
No. (. Longshore, August 18. Speak
rs: E. 11. Aull, Cole. L. ilease. W.
I. ill. 0. B. Mayer, W. It. lunt.
No. 7. William-' Store. August 19.
'akers: Cole. L. Blease, E. 11. Aill.
i'. Doniiick. John F. lanks, C. T.
Vyehe. W. Ht. Sanders.
No. S. Utopia. Augus 12. Speakers:
I.. Aill, J. A. Sligh, Geo. It. Cromer,
N. A. Hill, S. 11. Zimmerman.
No. 9. Young's Grove, Augest 1.1.
lpeakrs: F. 11 Aull, W. 11. Ilunt.
eo. J-ohnstone.
find nothing better for liver de
-anlgements and constipation than
hamberlain's Stomach and Liver Tab
ets. ~L. F. Andrews, )es Moines,
Iowa. For sile by Wim. E. Pelham &
"oI and 'rosperit.y Il ug Co.
St. Paul's Items.
'lhe glol iols rains have coie. Crops
will be greatly benefited by them.
'lhe St. Paaul's committees are push
ig ahead and are making every ar
rangement to have one of the best eues
of the season. We would like t.o see
aill of the old members that have gone
out from this cliirci to come on tdhe
lSth day of August and be with the
large concourse of people that will be
there on that day. Everybody is in
vited, and a hearty welcome awaits
them. ThIse who vxpect to be candi
dates next year had better be oi hand,
for i f they don't help us in this small
way, we might not help them when the
pil hic onles. The m1etombership of this
churll is about 300 strong, which would
make a considerable change in the vote
of (the (couity.
'lhe agent. for the Fat mers' Mutual
hisiriance Association informs us that
on account of there not being a (Iuorum
pretsent Satu uday that the business for
which the meeting was called was not
transacted. 'T'hierefore there will be
anotii' meeting on Saturday, the fifth
day of September. All policy holders
are retiuested to conie or send proxy.
The Misses Nettie, Mamye and Cleo.
Atill took dinner with Miss Erie Epting
Sunday. Mr. George I)errick dined
with INr. Pred Elpting Sunday.
Mr. I,. 1. Epting goes to Newberry
this week to fill )ispenser Mayer's
place in the dispensary, Mr. Mayer be
ing conlfined to his room v Jh fever.
The patrons of St. Paul's school have
elected Mr. Pel 1y ). Simpson (a grad
nate of Newberry College) to teach
nex t termii. Tlhe' trustees have awar'dedt
ie contriac't to r'emodel andh paint St.
l'aul's stchoof honse to I,. I. Epting.
A ug. :I, 1903. Puishi.
SIcit H[eadache.
''"i'r several years miy wife was
roil ed withI what. physicians called
ic'k hieadlat'he of a v'ery st~eere charnae
a'. She dotried with several emi
ii'nt physicians and at a great expenise,
mily to grow wor'se until she was un
ile to do any kind of work. A bout a
eari ago she began taking~ Chamber
ain's Stomiat'h andl Liver Tabtets and
oilay weighs more than she ever did
>'et'ore ani is Neal welt,"' says Mr'. Geo.
GWright of New London, New Yoi'k.
"tr salt' by Wmii. 1. Pelham & Son and
iosper'it.y Dru'ig Co.
f You l1avc, thle Statemeiit of this New
berriy NM will Inter'est You.
Ilver'l have'c a "'i lo don" palin in thie
ii tin' ''smiall" over t,ho h Ips'?
'I'hat.ii's the home' of baick ache.
It's ciausi'i by si.'k kidneys.
'l'tiuLt's why~ Doaii's K idney I 'Ills euro
Ni'i n wh'ry Ipeopl itend iorse th is. I teadt
'iis' of it:
P' R~ P'ayne, clerk of Southerni iell
'lephone (Co. , r'es iing on I 'ratt, SI.,
a' s: ''"iCcaeb' iaiid kid niey l.r'ouble~
ais annoyed ' 'tullt foraI two ye-wis. A dunll
'hing, pain aicr'oss the smanilt of miy
ackiws so bad after sitting thait I was
nailec to get up it,blout. supt,lt and
amtimeis a shiarip shitootlig pin would
trike t'me as if a knmife wei'e goinig
. ' ea' ver dart k andi fulIt of s.d dimeont,
hit I had gret,a ditleultyS to rePt.ij
'St w: di'trub.d half ia dtozen' tiieas
ur'inii thle night. lIn site. of iasinrut
inedi'i t he sime'11 unt I ea atbout
)iain's~ KIdne P3'I'llIs lad wenit up lo
.: I0 'i'iaims & Soti's dr'ug stor' andl
cit it hix andli used' them11 acc'iordI iin t
rections 'Fi Th kIdne I secreit''E Iions
tea red up, b'camei reen la', I 0co1lit
est. wetl! it ig h ti.. t.' baick iich' il isap
i'ere am i my he,althi was'~, e t'r In
vi'r' wiay a ft'r Iaiinise uin~ag fbhe
I' r salh- h:, aT del.a' s Pr -, ' i'.'
'nts l"o-e Ni'',nr' (' . Il ifal. N
ihmemb'ertu'u to ' namein, ih>ns and Iakt'
o sabst.i nilo
Dr'owniig Tra.gedy Near New Orleans
Now Orleans, Aug. 1 In t he en.
vrto save the life of ,John J.
oelket, a well-kniown resident of
owv Orleans, WXater 1F. Bertel, pay
g tter of thle Whitney National
ik, was drownied at Grand Isle
day. Voofkel wvuas also drowned.
irs. V-oelkel and her dIaulghter, who
ent to thai roseue of the men, were
annnd with ,1ffimult.
SCOTT'S EMULSION won't make a
Q he-np back straight, neither will It mijke
a .hort leg long, but It feeds sufl !.ncj
ard heals diseased bone and is among
Lthe (cw vgenuinA means of recovery ini
rint cts and bone consumption.
Se- 1 hir free -.tmple.
"CO ITT 11O W N , Chevi.,
400-11 VC.i 1 . -C.l New York.
S ki. and $1 );Al drUggistS.
We wouldI like to ask, through th
coluiins of your paper, it there is an
person who has used Greein's Augii
F1ower for the cure of Indigiestiol
Dyspepsia, and lAver Troubles t hat h:
n1 beIe t1ered - aII( we also Imlenil tlie
result", such I sourl. stomlach, fermel
tationl of food. labitlal costivenes:
niervouls dyspepsia, hiiaeaaces, dlespo0I
(ent feelings. sleeplessness --in ae
any' trouhle connected with11 the ston
.eI a or liver? This Iledicinle has boo
old for many yeary s in all -ivilize(d coui
tries, aid we wish to -or.reso)ndj wil
you and send y ou one of our hooks fr<
of cost. If you never tried Augtr
Flower, try a 25 vent. bottle first. \
have iever (ktownl of its failing. If s
some( hing iore serious is the mat tq
with you. T,he 25 cent size has ju
beenl introduiceI Ihis year. Regul
size 75 cents. For sal' by W. 1-. 1P
ham & Soi.
G. G. GRE.KN, Woodbury. N. J.
Notice to Policy Holders.
r H 101POLCY 1l01)lRS OF 'THll
Farler's Mutuv! Inuir.ance Ass
eiation of NewberrY C unty, will me,
at Newberiy. on Santilay. the iri
dy of Sept emlber, at I1I o'e.ka
Evivry Policy Ilohler is urIgedI to he pr
sent ; if not to send a proox'v.
1,. 1. El l'ING, Seety.
J. l.. K .I Pres.
FIlRST OIZA-11)1-| TEA('CI.:-A I
Wanted for the' lia,inriI Schoo)l
No. 8 Townsh' . Schoo. opens ,Il
lifth a 4o1 ( )t her a1nd rus sevo
months slary I a 'inoti h. A i1ic
ions 11.ay lbe sent to any 011ne i
utidersiene ittt ida2tt's. 1
Newbeny, s. C., Aug. :;1, 1tt 11.
] 0OPT & S A N I)' "WI1,1, (li
I ilrSt ClaSS B04-b e at. Williiam
Siore oi Aij.ist Ih, Ih eceio,1 of t,
good roads meeting to )(- IelI thet
'T'le p) f dilimelr n ill be -1) cents aI
30 ceits. Ihe s;pe.akers for tle oec
sion ar"' ( (lt'. I,. lBlease, I",. H. Au
P. [I. D)ominick, .lno. F. B.anks, C.
Wyche and V. if. Sanders.
Prosperity to Ashevillf
The cheapwSt, and14 bvst (.xvursionl
the season will 1be' run nill
leaving I'rosnerily at 7 a. m and rea(
ing Asheville at 1 1). m11. Ietu-nii
will leave Asheville on
Wcelclu:y, AlIst 12, at 7 p. Ii,
tionis from I 'rospe~ri ty to Iilodges in)cl
sive4. on ly $2 f'or the' roun:I tr'ip
Knights of Pythia!
I I,odge will be1 hldlt on1 the 2nd( m
-i th Tuesdiay nights of 4 ach mon.')1101th
l(. of' IC. and S.
Crot well I lot.el fluilding.
Notice to Policy Holders.
:-'arnets' \ltit 11 u sa 'nuantce Ass
('1ation,1 of Newvh.rry Coun111ty , will tile
at Ne.wberry, on1 Sai:turdayv the firist day,
Autgust, at to a. mn. A full mee'ting
de4.stred. Ititsineiss of initerest to evel
p)oliey holder wi' c'omie up
1,. 1 . EPTFING, Secty'.
Jt)S. l,. IC lIlTT1, Pre's.
MES. 8. T. HAuLMA, Pliicia.
Prtimnary, Itermed11'(iate' and Advancj
C'ourses. Scie'nt.ifie' Grading. L ate:
uMethods inl Tiouch' andI 'Techme. ,
I nstr'uct ioni t horouigh, lpice~s m)odlerat4
P u pils miay ('ntter at. any Ltme.
Satis fact ion guIaranteed4.
(Charter appliedi for'.)
Manager Wanted.
U. t Iemanlt to mlaniage' buinesst' ill tii
C outty and adjoininig terrti tory for wel
andt favorably known 1 louse (of soli<
iinanc ial st.anding. $20).00t)straight easl
salary and1( expenses, p)aidl e'ach Monda,
by chleck( dIire'ct. from hea<h iu ar'ters. Ez
pense15 money' advanced; poi ion4)1 perma
net4t. Address Tlhomuas C oope'r, Mlana
ate of Vict oria ('ol1lege of'N Musi
at. London, Enig., in P ianiofote( playing
Stutdent at Londion C'ollege of Musie unt
d1er Emile Kelsen, Drt. 1". ,1. Kar'n, am
11. TP. Adamns. Also gr'adutate in Piano
forte of Presbyterian College of Char
lot te, N. C., undaer D)r. C. R. Fisher
will give instructions inl Piano forte
Violin and1( Pipe Organ, ailso in Voic
Prtodtlion andl 'Theoretical Mutsic, an<
will take ever'y carie to im part soun11
anid thorough musical knowlIedge, amru
insure the rapid progr'ess of the student
The best attention wvill he given to th<
teaching and pIractical work on the in
strunment chosen.
.Full particulars wvill he given r'egardl
and everything in th(
line of STAPLE STA.
TIONERY at the
Tablets from 2 cents
each up.
Beautiful Writing
Come and see.
Also a line of nice
0 All Headaches
CUREDPROMPTLY and no bad oi
-CURED fe"ts y -""*a ,
At all .. .
Drug Store ... CAPUDINE
Tuition $30 to $40.
Board $6.50 to $12.50
Strong Faculty.
Good Equipment.
Now building $20,
000 recitation hall.
Next Session begins Sep
tember 23.
GEO. B. CROMER, Presiden
VYbarbecue-the barbecue of tli
a-- season-at Stomp Springs on Augu:
u-lily ivied. Dinner, 40chienco
Cromer, S. C. C .SANN
cihaetio nosvl emkeet here on AuguE
a weigher for the enu lI1R
Pomaria, S. C., July 15, 193.idnt
C'ontract to Build Flat
10 o'clock $a i,tolet contract to buil
pa flat for use at this ferry,
t. Supervisor.
ISElection of Teacher.
DistictNo.55, will meet at t
School House, August 8th, at 3 o'cloc
fo ad school at $30 per month saahe
Ii( ad eferr'e. deApplication may b
W. G. METTS, Sligh's.
I. M. KINARD, Pomnaria,
D. T. WICKER, Pomaria.
For Floors arnd Inte
rior Wood Work, Etc.
Littleton Fei
One of the most prosperott - sch(
of scholarship, located at a ery p
large patronage fron five states, e
-an Institution that is (oing a gr
We will take a limited n1n1beIer
Board and Full Liter
Per terin on conditions iade kn
Riy. J. M. Risoi>,
?~coit for
This sale includes e
In order to reduce o
opening of the Fall se
put everything in our,,
30 days. Now is yo
money. Don't miss it.
All wool Dress Good:
All Silks and VelvetE
All Ribbons, Laces a
All White Goods at c
All Colored Lawns,
at cost.
All Clothing for Men
All Boy's Clothing at
All Shoes and Slippe
All Hats at cost.
All Umbrellas and F
All Trunks, Valises a
Comne and see us now and get ti
and Seasonable Goods
Outfitters for everybod
Cures diseases'
neys, Stom;
SEndorsed by
For sale by
Cannot speak; otherwist
it would tell its own story
Sand were its organ o
t speech as pronounced a
its one quality RELIABIL
ITY, no need of these-re
marks. We do not clain
that it will cure MVumps
Consumption, or grow hai:
Son bald heads, and in fac
we do not advise mother;
using it for Soothing Syru)
Sbut we do claim that there
is nothing. better on the
market fo Pain in the
Stomach, dJolic, Choleri
MIorbus, Diarrhoea an<
pPRICE 15c and 25c
Wood's Seeds
Hire tilaItest a111flt ir r -
tion about
Vegetable and Farm Seeds
Fal Catalogue. It tleiisit
the fall J)ant a ef Lettue,c Co,
Crimson Clover, Vetches,
Grasses and Clovers,
Seed Oats, Wheat,
Rye, Barley, etc.
WoodPs New I all Caloge mailed
Seedsmen., Richman4, Va
enale College.
>ols in tle South, with a high standard
)pttlar Summer Resort, and with a
KCtendiIg from New Jersey to Florida
eat work.
>f pupils, inludll(ing
ary Tuition for $52.90
owl ol application to
A. M., Pres., Littleton, N. C.
Thirtr Dart
verythin gin the store.
Ar large stock before the
tson, we have decided to
3tore at Actual Cost for
ur opportunity to save
s at cost.
at cost.
nd Embroideries at cost
Drgandies and Dimities
at -cost.
rs at cost.
All Shirts at cost.
larasols at cost.
.nd Telescopes at cost.
e benelit of these Cost Prices on New
ld Bros.
.Newberry, S. C.
bf the Liver, Kid
:ch and Skin.
Physicians and
by Patients.
all Druggists.
To the Public at Large!
Seeing thie needl of an organiza
Lion.looking to giving cheap pro
tect ion in this county, wve take
pleasure i in recom mending to the
peo.l e as a whole, the Work men's
s Umi'n Pr'ot ective Association of
\ mrice:t, as being the best thing
in mthe way of sick, accident and
burial bienefits, in existence. We
s write firom thbe age of 12 to 65.
It costs $2. 10 for a policy, and if
"' you are sick one wveek, we pay
.. you $6 petr week; and at the death
of a mi(iembe $(t50 as burial fumd
1 is it:id. . A ny .one wvishing protec
iaon against, sickness or accidIent
at cost., (calt get. it by applying to
iteste Eu~genie S. Wverts, Secre
t ary andi Tlreasurer, J1. W. Ear
hadl , President, 0or J. WV. Reeder,
C'ount y Agent..
) Tlo the' Secretary and lTreasurer of the
3 Vorkmien's Union Protective Asso
eiatiton of,A merica:
3 .1 ('etaintly app)lreciate the p)romptness
I m o paying my husband, Thomas H1.
Reeves, sick henietit and burial fnnds.
1. , I can11 hearitily r'ecommiiend the comn
p,2ayitocone andl all who wvatnt -pr'otec
tio at.cot.My hutsbandi had only paid
thirity-tive cents (35e) into the treasury
a ftr r'ecetiv ing is pllicy, alnd the corn
piany Ias futllilledl its protmise to a let
t'. I think ev'ery man, womani and
chid m(i thle 'outy t, t hat is twvelve years
otll, ouight. to have~' a plolicy in the Work
lmit's tmo Pro0 'ttective Association of
A mier'ica. I'irst wvhy, because it is a
homie (cottpanty; second the money is
all ket. rttght at home; ii hird--you get it
at. cost ;louth the ( associat.ion is do
mug wht; Godl( has taught us to (10, help
one ano)ther Ia'v ml t her'e is no better way
to obey t he commr'itd of the Lord than
to linik togeret in this grand Associa
tion. I caLnnot pr'aise the Association
too high lot' what. it has (lone for my
huisbttad, Th'os. 11. I eeves. May you alt
ever hIi andiit carry on the good work,
is mty last, wilhes lto the Association.
R'spect'ul ly,
AIits. X I'THoMAS H1. REE~VEs.
Notice of'1iI tluoi ild Scflc1181 ischar'go.
I make a tinal set lement on the es- ~
tate of' TI. L,. Schumptert, deceased, in
ihe P robat e Courit for Newvherr'y Coun..
ty, ont Moniday, 17th August. 1(603, and
imimedliat ely t hereaftLetr apply to said
- ourit for a discharge as ad ministrator
oft satid estate.
AlIl cr'edit ors ot' said estate arec here
by no1 tiied (to preseni't their dlemands
a.gainst. said ('state, prioper'ly attested
on or beflor'e said date, and all parties
owing saiid estate m.at make settle
ment wi th the uinder'signed at once.
0. L. SCllUMPlg,
JIuly 15, 1903. .Amtit'tr

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