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Judge Dantzler Tells the Grand Jury In
portance of Orderly Administration of
Justice---Blijah Edwards to be
Tried Tomorrow-Other ases.
The Court of General Sessions con
vened yesterday morning at 10 o'clock,
Judge Chas. G. '-antzler presiding.
Solicitor Thos. S. Sease, Stenogra
her Motte, and the other oflicers of
th court were promptly on ldnd, and
onl a little time was consumed in get
ting ready for business.
Thb following indictments were hand
ed the grand jury:
State vs. Pink Smith, violation of dis
p.-nsary law.
State vs. Ed. Dominick, entering
house with intent to steal.
State vs. Lawson Matthews, house
breaking and lareeny.
State vs. Win. Conkle, assault with
intent to rape.
State vs. Fred Herbert, violation 4f
dispensary law.
State vs. Elijah Edwards et al., mur
State vs. Joseph Jones and Minnie
Jones, entering house with intent to
State vs. George Summer and Moock
Boozer, house br aking and larceny.
State vs. Will Tucker, violatin of
dispensary law.
State vs. Laura Metts and Mary
Means, house breaking and larceny.
State vs. John Byrd, assault and bat
tery with intent to kill.
State vs. Jeff Galhnan, assault and
battery with intent to kill.
State vs. Ike Kelly, assaul' and bat
tery withsintent to kill and carrying
concealed weapons.
State vs. John Thom,9s, carryingcon
cealed weapons.
State vs. John Thomas, assault and
battery with intent to kill.
State vs. Dock Roberson and Lou
Roberson, obtaining signature under
false pretences.
Judge Dantzler charged the grand
jury both as to their general and specific
duties. The charge was timely and
strong and clear. In the course of his
remarks Judge Dantzler took occasion
very strongly to condemn the recent
outbreaks of mob law in this and other
States. You are here for the purpose
of assisting in the orderly administra
tion of justice, he said to the jury. I say
orderly-any other administration is
anarchy based on the dogma that eveiy
man has a right to do as he pleases.
Judge Dantzler brought out the point
that if evei y mnan wou,ld be permitted
to infringe upon the rights of others,
and thera would be only one man in a
community with any rights. It is nec
essary for the preservation of individ
ual rights and civil liberty that justice
should be administered in an orderly
manner. We are all subject to law.
While it is necessary to have good
laws, said Judge Lantzler, yet it is
equally important that we should have
these laws orderly administered. A
bad law wvell administered is better than
a goodl lawv badly admisistered.
Lynching is e'sorderly administra
tion of the law, .en when the victimn
is guilty of the crime for which he p)ays
the penalty. It is the dluty of every
grand juror to seek to supprless any
tihing andl every thing wvhich tends to the
-disorderly administration of justice.
Judge Dantzler here spoke very strong
ly against mob law, saying that It will,
undermine the very foundations of law
and order and justice.
Judge Dantzler~ then explained to the
jury their dluties in regard to the indict
ments handed them. If you (10 not find
a true bill tbat dloes *not finally exon
erate tihe p)art.y against whom the in
dictment is brought. Another indict
ment may he brought at this court.or
at the next. Let your investigation.,
then, be thoroughly conducted, in order
that your conclusions may he final.
TimE mu,Ls.]
The followving true bills were re
turnedl by the grand juiry yesterday up
to the hlour1 of going to p)ress:
George Summer andl Mooch Boozer, I
house breaking and lareeny.
John Thomas, ca rrying concealed I
Elijah ICdwardls, Grleenlwood W,ash ing
ton anId Thomas Gary, murder.
The case of Elijahl Idwards, Green- 1
wood Washington andl Tlhomas Gary, I
for tile mlurder of Hutler~ Kinard wvas
set for Wednesday morning. Washli ng
ton has retained Cole'. L. Blease andI~(
Lambert W. JIones to dlefendl hlim. ThIe<
other two defendants hlaving no counlsel
the judge apploinlted 1. 11 Hunt, J1. B.
Hunter an(l F. L. Ilynum to (defend
Clinton Si mms, assauIlt and battery
intent to kill.1
Wmn. Conkle, assault with intent to
Joeph Jonles and Minnie Jiones enter-I
ing house withl intent so steal.
Tyrenius Whitener, assault and bat-i
tery intent to kill.
Lawson Matthews, house5 breaking
and larceny.
Laura Meets and Mad Means, house- I
breaking andl larceny.
Geo. Sumnmr p)leadl guilty to tile<
charge of house breaking and larceny.
Mooch Boozer in I he same ease pleadl
not guilty and went to trial, lie was
dlefendled b)y Cole. L. Hleaise. No ver
dlict had beenI reniderecd when wve wvent
to press.
John Thomas plead guilty in both
cases against im and( wasl given two(
months on chain gang or $20 on tIle as
sault andl batteiy crse and at the expi
ration of this sentence thirty (lays or1
$25 in the case of cariying concealed
Lawson MattIhews plead g.lilty to the.
charge of hlouse breaking andl larceny,
andl was g'ven five mlonIths onl the chlain
The court was enga"ed in the trial of
Clinton Sims yesterday afternoon as
we wvent to press.
Will be Held on Friday-An Interesting
Program Arranged for the
The annual reunion, for Newberry
and Lexington Counties, of the students
and alumni of Newberry College will be
held at Little Mountain on Friday,
August 7th.
The program for the reunion com
prises several addresses and good bar
becue and picnic dinners.
The opening address will be delivered
by the Rev. B. D. Wessinger. ]
Other addresses on educational topics
will be delivered by Prof. S. J. Der- t
rick, of Newberry College; Col. E. H. %
Aull; Supt. E. B. Wallace, of the Co- 1
lumbia.City Schools; and Dr. Geo, B.
Cromer, president of Newberry Col
The Columbia, Newberry and L aurens o
road offers a special rate of 60 cents for 1
the round trip, on regular trains. (
Tie railroad states that it will be un
able to furnish extra coaches for the C
occasion. Its regular train, with one c
passenger coach, will go down at 8.40, I
returning reaching Newberry at 7 p. m.
In addition to this the regular passen
ger goes down at 3.10 p. m.
Mrs. Van Snith is visiting relatives c
at Jalapa and Clinton. 1
Mrs. I. T. StAmand left yesterday 1
for a visit to Tryon, N. C. a
Mr. Ed. Ricer, of Georgia, is visiting
is old home in Newberry. k
Mr. Julian Kinard visit,3d relatives t1
in the city the past week. t
I IMiss Jena Bradburn is visiting in a
Hendersonville and Brevard.
Mrs. Dr. J. W. Nance, of Florida, t
s visiting relatives in the county.
Miss Nathalie Mazyck, of CAlumbia, s(
Is visiting Mrs. Dr. James McIntosh.
Miss Del Land, of Augusta, is visit- o
ng her sister, Mrs. Jno. M. Kinard. |n
Mr. J. M. Johrson has been elected |t
3uperintendent of the Kingstree city A
chools. tl
Mr. Perry Simpson has been elected "
teacher of St. Paul's school for the next
Session. h
Mrs. A. C. Jackson and son Diberi, a
)f Augasta Ga., are visiting Mrs. W. '
@. Ruff. i
Mr. J. H. M. Kinard of the Obseiver
;pent Saturday and Sunday at the Isle
)f Palms.
Miss Helen Smith has gone to Ander- n
;on for gala week and will then visit ti
'elatives at Seneca.
Mr. L. I. Epting is with the dispen- T4
iary during the absence of Dispenser ti
iayer on account of sickness. n(
H. F. Addy & Co., have opened a ai
)lacksmith shop in front of the jail and
ire prepared to do all kinds of work in
;heir line.
Col. P. C. Smith, a member of Gov- a
ernor Heyward's staff, was with the tI
lovernor in Charleston at the review vi
>f t ie Second Regiment on Fr iday. w
Mr. James J. Lane andi family left ti
ast Satur day for the North and wvill H
pendi two or three weeks at New
Taven, Conn., as guests of Mr. and
Irs. Herman D. Clarke. ei
The re-election of Editor E. H. Aull i
o the presidency of th> State f ress
ssociation is a highly merited tribut '
d his fitness and wor th. President
tull is one of the best all round news
aper men in South Carolina, a gener
>us, genial gentleman.-Chester. Re- T
>or ter.T
Good Roads MeMlngs. aC
Tlie date of the good roads meeting
Lt Whitmire has been changed from
he 14th day of August to the 15th, TI
mnd the meeting at Young's Grove has in
een changed from thr 13th to the 14th.
rhe change at Whitmire wvas madie by ol
3r. Rt. C. Carlisle, towvnship chairman,
Lfter a conference with those in charge
>f the meeting at Young's Grove. The
lates as first published conflicted, both p
neetings being set for the 14th. The at
nleeting at Young's Grove wvas then s
nade the 13th. The citizens of No. 9, ft
iowever, had already .made prepara- c<
ions for the 14th and Dr. Carlisle con-- h<
Lentedl to change the (late of the Whit- ti
nire meeting. So the dates as finally p,
Lrrangedl are: Whitmire, Augvst 15th; pi
foung's Grove, August 14lth.
The Rev. S. H. Zimmerman has been
Lddedl to the list of speakers at Utopi
mn the 12th. T1he speakers for Utopia de
tre the Rev. S. H. Zimmerman, E. HI. t1
\ull, J. A. Sligh, Geo. B. Cromner, 01
A'. A. lill. A barbecue dlinner wvill be le
'urnished by W. 1. Herbert. t
D)r. 0. B. Mayer and Col. W. H1. n,
-hunt have been added to the sp)eakers si
tt L4ongshore on the 18th. o1
About 100 persons attendied the meet- P
ng held at Mt. Bethel on Friday. Ad
iresses wore made by Messrs. E. H. tI
Aull and Cole. L,. Blease. An excel- !T
ent barbecue dinneP was furuishedl. ir
No meeting was held at Newberry on
The next meeting wvili be held at
.Jtopia on the 12th, to be followed by ai
he meeting at Young's Gi ove on the s'
14th, and at Whitmire on the 15th. 01
Emnphasizes~ Its Superiority. t
The best test of the mer-it of an ar- 0
icle is the way it sells, Bransford w
Wvills at Owensboro, Ky. Where "Clif- se
an "flour is made, run diay and night, ti
md yet they cannot supply the dlemand b~
for "'Clifton''. In this city, as else
where, It is the standiard by which other n
flours are guiagedl, and the statement
th t ''it is just as good as Clifton'' only y
mi kes its superiority the more pro- b
nounced. HIArI* & Me('AnnT .
;reenwood Washington and Toni Gar3
,Colored, Arrested as Parties to
the Crime.
Greenwood Washington and Tor
lary, colored, were arrested on Frida
:harged with the murder of J. Butle
Kinard on the 21st day of June, 190;
it Kinard's house, four and one hal
niles from the city. The arrest wa
nade upon the confession of Elijal
Edwards, in- jail on the same charge
oupled with other facts substantiatin
vdwards' confession and statement.
Edwards' statement is to the effec
hat the killing and subsequent burnini
vere accomplished by three othe
egroes and himself. Two of thesi
ther negroes he said were .Washingtoi
nd Gary. Edwards says that all fou
7ent to Kinard's house for the purpos<
f killing Kinard and robbing him. Tha
e stood back while Washington an<
ary went into the house. That Wash
igton shot Kinard, and that Gary am
Vashington then took what money thel
ould find, set the house on fire, cam<
ut, and locked the door. That he an<
Vashington and Gary and the othei
egro then went up the road and divide<
ie money, which amounted to $20.00
This statement, coupled with som(
,Acts in regard to the watches recent3
)und in a house on Kinard's place an(
lentified by Mr. Scholtz as Kinard'i
'atches, was considered sufficient t<
istify the arrest, and a warrant wa.,
laced in the Sheriff's hands and th(
rrest mtde.
Greenw-)od Washington did not tak(
indly to the affair. When placed it
ie iron cell the first thing he did wa!
> ask Edwards if he was the cause ol
it this, and when Edwards said that h<
as, Washington assa'ied dIwards,
he officers, however, soon put a stol:
> this little game and Washington and
dwards and Gary have been spiending
-veral days in the same cell in peace.
Gary was implicated by the verdict
I the coroner's jury, but at the testi
ony taken at the coroner's inquest
ie name of Washington did not appear.
t the coroner's inquest Gary testified
iat the first he knew of the affair wa
hen Edwards came to his house while
inard's house was burning and woke
i up. lie did not go to the fire tc
Ltempt to save the house because l
Lid his Wife fainted from fright and he
(I not care to leave her. Gary also
stified that Edwards tried to get him
leave the country with him, but that
would not do so.
Edwards had skipped before the corc
r's inquest, and was not heard of un
I a few weeks ago, when lie was cap
red in Florida by Sheriff Buford.
>m Gary lived o1i the Hinard\place at
e time of the crime. Ile was arrested
!ar Prosperity. Washiington was
rested in the city.
Violations Dispensary Law.
Constable T. 1. l'erry on Saturday
rested Mack Spearman, colored, of
e Little River section, charged with
olating the dispensary law. Spearman
as given a p)reliminary before Magis
ate Chappell and hound over to c'ourt.
e gave bond.
Constable Perry Su vday arrestedl
'ill Watkins, colored, on the same
arge. Watkins wvas caught selling
iuor behind Klettner's store. Ilec was
ed $15.00 by Mayor Earhardt.
Mr. Meredith Reighley died at his
'me several miles from the city on
iursday, July 30th, agesl 40 years.
ie remains were interredl at Ebenezer
Friday. HeI leaves a wvidow wvith
veral children.
Death of a Young Lady.
Miss Etta Franklin, daughter of
iompson Fra-nklin, dliedl at her home
the Mollohon Mill village, on Satur
Ly, 4ugust 1. She wvas a young lady
about sixteen years of age.
Big Departmenit Store.
Mimnaugh was never so wvell p)re
Lredl to serve the p)eop)le as lhe is today
id the low prices continue oni all
ring and summer goodls to make room
i the big fall stock wvhich is already
ming in. lie sells as he buys and as
bunys in large quantities he is in posi..
m to get the vei y best and closest
ices and sells accordingly. See the
ices he q1uotes in this issue.
An Explanation.
H-on. George Jlohnstone, who was
>wn on the program for a speech at
ie goedl roadls meeting at .Jolly street
August 30th, requlestedl mei in a
tter wvhich did not reach me in time,
I express to those present his regret at
>t being able to attend. Sonic profes
onal wvork had been arranged for him
that day wvhich wVouild have incon
mnienced a con)sidlerable inumrbor of peo
e had it not bleen attended to. Col.
)hns5tone ex presses very deep) regret
iat lie was not able to attend the
eeting and extendls his thanks for the
vitation. Tr. ,J. Wilson.
Taken With Cramps.
Wim. Kr<.>mse, a member of the bridge
ogi wvorkmno near Littleport was taken
doenlv ill 'I hursday ninat with cramp)s
da kmnd of cholera,.i rIis cs was 5s)
*ver'e that he had to have the members
the crew Wait upon0 him and Mr.
iirord( was called and consuilted. JIle
Id them he had a medicine in the form
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
iarrhoen Reined y that hbe thOUght
ould help him ouit andl accordlingly
~veral doses were administered with
ie result that the fellow was able to
3 aroundlI next (lay. The inicident
)eaks quite highly of Mr. Gilford 's
I(le iymes. -Elkader, Iowa, Agnus.
T his remnedy niever fails. Keep it ini
our home, it may save life. F'or sale
y Wim. E. Pelham & Son and Prospeir
-yIru o
, Man In Last Stages of Consumption Says '
Columbia Hospital Shipped
Him to Newberry.
n A white man in the last stages <;f
consumption, vej y weak and unable to S
r walk, got off the Southern's early pas- f
senger train in this city Sunday morn.. t'
f ing. He lay down on a truck on the 1n
S platform where he was found by Police- e
a man Carter. As soon as Mr. Carter t
saw his condition he brought him over b
( to the city in a hack and carried him to .b
the police court rcam, where he was (1
t given a bed and made as comfortable
r as possible. t
r The man told the police force that T
his name was John Cook and that he
i was from Greens ille. That he had been ,
sent to tie hospital in Columbia some P
three months ago but his condition had ti
steadily grown worse. That some one
I at the State House, as the policenien hI
- understood it, had written him a note
I to the station agent at the union dei-ot
and that he had gone there and was
told to get on the train. That when he In
I got to Newberry the conductor told him bi
- that was as far as his ticket would gi
I catry him and that he must get off. b
Evidently the man was confuscd as of
to how he really left Columbia. But, at
the fact is that a man wa s put oIT the Pi
train at Newberry - a place w;thout a in
hospital, and hundred miles from his It
home in Greenv;llc - ::laiming that he
had been seat here by a hospital in ti'
Columbia where he had been for the V
past three months. 'I'he people of i
Newberry refuse to believe that in this
civilizc:1 age such a course would be
pursued by any hospital a-ywhe-.'.
There must be. some mistake. But W
there is something wrong somewhere.
The man was cared for Snnday and sp
made as comfortable as ;:>ssib!e. Ile
was given m1c:lical attention by )r.
Van Smith. ie could not eat ay solid
fo<.d, but was given a little milk and
whiskey. Yesterday morning he was to
given a ticket to Greenville, his home, so
where lie said lie wanted to go. .le
says he has a wife and little girl in fo
Greenville. Ile is about 36 year*s of c
age, and appears to have been hami
some at one time. C
Plhic at M(. Pilgrim. (3,
A 'pienic at. Mt. IPllgrimi church, he- S
low irosperity, en the 15t.h day of Ati- St
gust. ''le public is invited. A very W
pleasant (lay is expected. W
Sugar Cane Caused )eath.
Mr. A. C. Sligh, of Beth Eden, last da
weelk lost a tine horse, valuwd at $20n.
Death was Caused I'on eating sugar tll(
For Assault and Ballery. Cl
John Thomas, Colored, against whom
there was a warrant for assault and Of
battery, and who had escaped from
Constable Hedenbaugh while being
brought to Newberry, was arrested
near Prospemity on Friday m1l -le'd
in the Newberry jail. end
liocution Einteirtainmient.a
Tihere wvill be an entertainment at
U topia schoolhouse Saturday night., mi
Aug .ast 8, by Ai isses Mattie .\ dams an<l eui
Her'thla A ble, of Leesville. r
Littleton Female College b)l
The adlvertisement of which appear's in
inl this ir'sue of our' paper' is a vei y fliouri
ishing Irstitution with a large patron- tI
age andl is dloing a great wyork for the ge
education of young women. hn
It is a select school of' the higheri'
class wvhere young ladies hind a real ~
home. l
We think it will pay any young lady I
who may think of going oil' to school to n.h
make inquil y int.o the merits of' this__
Week End Rates.
The Southern Railway announces the1
following Week End Rates, beginniny
Sat.urday, June 6t.h, continuing to I1i
August 29th, for all Sat.ur'day trains, wi
good1 returning until Tuesdlay following al
(late of sale; round triip tickets will b)e
on sale from Newbr'er'y to Charleston,
Sullivans Island, and isle of I >alms, at de
rate of $5.16. ar
Beginning June 6th, continuing to
4pptember' 12th, foi' all Saturdai.y and
Sunday morning tr'ains, goodl returning
leaving destination not. later thban Tlues
(lay following (late of sale, a urnd trip at
tickets will he on sale fromi Newberry -
a.4 followvs: r
Spartanburg . . .. .. .. ..$2 It)
Greenville *.---. .. .. . 2 10('
Whitestone--- . . . ....2 1 0
Union.... .. .. .. .. .. .... 85 se
Taylors' (for (Chick Springs) . . . 2 31 in
Asheville, N. C .. ---.. . .' 85
IHot Springs, N. C... .. .. ....1 fo 0
Arden, N. C.... .. .. ..... 85 6
Fletchers, N. (..-.... . ...... 85 lii
Hendlersonv illeI, N. C . .38
Flat IRock, N. C .. .. .. . . . 85
Saluda, N. C .. . .. . ... . :3 85
Tryon, N. C . .. .. .. ... 83 85
Brevard, N. C.-.-.-.-. .. ....1 60 b
Lake Tfoxawvay, N. C . .. . ..,5 30 w.
For tickets and furither infhoi'mat ion,
apply to S. II. MCElAN, Ag..
Weck End itates
From points on th'e Atlantic Coast {
Line to Seaside IResorts, I icket s on sale
Saturday, goodl retiurninmg including Mon--~
(lay fol lowing, attrac'tive' schedules, un. -
.Suripassed( ser'v ice Suniiuner Tlour ist gi
Tickets to Mouant air. arnd Seaisidle lesorts
liii.ed for r'eturn~'i passiage to October
31st bn sale until Se''$ember 30t.1
onl l'icket Agents or wr'ite,
W. .J. CRtA IG,
G'ieneral I'aissenrij Aglenti
Tlraflic Manager
Wilmingtonn N. C.
he Newberry Firemen Leave Today.
Will, Enter Every Contest from
Start to Finish.
The Newberry firemen leave over the
outhern this morning at 8.30 o'clock
)r Anderson to enter the tournament
) be h ld there this week. The fire
ten wl wo compose the four teams to be C
itered by the Excelsiorsiumber about
irty, and they will be accompanied
y some ten or twelve citizens. New- M
myriy will be well represented in An- at
nrson this week.
Thle horse hose wagbn was taken over
Anderson on yesterday by Capt.
0. Stewart.
The tournament. will open this after
nn at three o'clock with the grand
trade. Vomorrow will come the hand
tick and reel races and the foot races,
id on Thursday mornin r the horse
)Se wagon races will be p led off. Of
The Newberry boys will return home
iursday night.
In addition to the firemen's tout na- M
ent there will be a numb2r of other
g eveits going to make up the pro
-am for the gala week. The Third
,ginent State Troops and a company
United States Regulars are in camp
Anderson, aid there will be military
Lrades. clay pigeon shouts, horse rae
g, ba-seball, gecand concei ts, etc., etc.
will be a great week in Anderson.
The Southein will sell round trip
*kets for one fare plus twei.ty-five
its, on the 4th, 5th, 6th and7th, with
Ial limit the 8th.
Who is He?
Who is it that makes Fewer-gallons;
mars-longer paint?
ecial Sale of Summer Rate Tickcts to "
the Mountains and Seashore.
The Columbia, Newberry & Laurens
tilroad offers Week-End Special BI
immer rates to the Mountains and(] ali
the Seashore and other summer re
rts. Tickets sold each Saturday June M1
i to August 29th, 1903, inclusive, as SO
lows: From Newberry, S. C., to W
arleston, S. C.......... ... ...........$5 15
oss Hill, S. C........ .... .... ........ 2 00 b e
0nn -SIings, S. C. .. ............ 2 10 an
Oenville, S. C ..--.... .................. 2 1 ()
V of Palms, S. C....................... 5 15 M
artanhurg, S. C .............. 2 10 W
llivanl's Island, S. C .... ........ 5 1 L5
aterloo, S. C. (Ilarris Spring)... 2 L
hite Stone Lithia Springs, S. C. 2 10 Or
l'hese are week end tickets, solI each Ti
turiday, final limit Tuesday following
Le of sale.
["or firtler information antI schd(l- ta
-s call on or write
J. W. Denning, Agent.
'er to Refund Money if Dr. lowart's
SpecOc Will Not Cure Any Case of
Constipation or Dyspepsia.
Ailder & Weeks are seek ng the worst,
'e tor t1 35Pt' psiai or conist,i paiLon in
~wherry' or viciity to test. Drz. Iliow
L's neiw sptciftic for the curie of those
o ionidtit, Lare Lt,bey thiat, t.his re
rk abe mediine will e flect at lasting
re i n at shoirt ,i met, tbat tb h y ofler t.o.
fund1( t,he m. ioney' abhoulId it not be sue- it
lIn oi'der to securme the <jiuicest. possi
ilnr duct.ion ( il en & Weeccks will L
11 a r'egutlar Ii fty cent ibackagie or this
ad i cin1e at half pr'ice, 25i cents.
ILtvwill re'gulate' the b)owels, tone upl
e w hole in tostinal i'iiet,, i ve y'ou anth
peLi te, make food tate goodl and i.
t well, ad ini0(lcase v~ ior. J1oiy iandi
th iss will take the lacie of thait
on't, care whet her I live or' dIe"' feel.
Take ad vantage of Glihder & Weeks
al lnzge and secure at botLe of D)r. dOa
vWard's speeltic att half priice, with
('Ir pe'rsomdit guarantee to refund( youri
>ney' if it dloes not hlp yi ou,
}I ACI(SM T'Il ISIIlP.--Just51open~ I
inm Mower building in front ofjal
>rk atnd horse shceting. Prices r'ensoni
1t0. II. i'. Aimy & Co.
Il'UL' WA NTID, M AlR.--Manu
flacturer wants reliable man to
liver and colltt; horse andI wagon
d $150 dieposit necessary; $21 a wveek
d e'xpenses, pe)rmianenlt. FranklIin,
>x 78, Phliladlelphiai, Pat.
ITlYv NOT GO ): The excursion to
VAsheville August. I th aIlfordls a
r'e oppor'tu nit.y foi' a delighitftul outing -
very smlall cost.
ilIllC I,ANH OF TPIlE SKY: Th'iirty
hours in Asheville by going on
e excurisioni A uguist lithi. Tr'ip in
lots visit to famous IHilt more' andi
heri points of intertest, andi a view tof
mue of' the grandest. mlouintain) scenery
the wvor'ld.
IIY 'NOT I;VY TI'l lilI T?
' oiu can get it fr'om u v lI)ai
I.'Eethin big to hb' hiad from it
cilass ,J ewelr y Store. The liniet,
it litrge'st stock of spect,aelCs anOd
,'Llats.es in t hie Stat.
.Planits for sale at 15e. per hulndred
lFranucis liobb, Prosperity, S. C., for
nter cabblage.
1( I S I 10!, K ent ucky Cotton
l So. eed for sale. A>l oT
. week at. t,he soda fount and the
vmiiis will enable you1 t.o dIrink the
ry Ibest .\orinzg G lory (Coffee every
y diirmig the mlonlth. 'I ry this high
adet coffeei. Sold only by D)avenpzort
( avenauilgh.
Our tolek ii st ill ctJotrte with
turythiung proftty in tho Millinery
( Ial arn stil iiur riioj s, flowers
id hats beiforei buyiuig
it Cost! At Cost.
All Summer Clothing, Straw Hats and Low
ut Shoes at Actual Cost for the Cash. These
e New Spring Goods. No old shop worn
erchandise but New Up-to-date styles. Call
id see the bargains offered.
New Arrivals.
The latest blocks in Felt Hats. A nice line
Negligee Shirts, Fancy Hosiery and Under
3ar, all of which will be sold at a very close
argin of profit to u,s.
The EwortPijer Co,
Newberry, S. C., July 29, 1903.
~ Reduc ion Onal SHuffler Go ods
eGINNING LY 1st ptthe
:GINNNG JUYIstknife inall season
le goods. We are heavily stocked in sum
.r stuff and are determined to unload at
me price. We have thousands of yards of
hite Goods in India Linens, Persian Lawns,
autiful and sheer, Stripe Lawns, Nainsooks
d Madras, all to go at very low prices. Our
3rcerized White Goods are unsurpassed and
I be included in this sale. All colored
wns, Dimities, Batiste, Swisses. Mulls and
gandies to go at sacrificed prices. Oxford
:s for Men, Ladies, Misses and Children.
Don't fail to visit our store and take advan
e of the many bargains we will offer.
Yours for business,
. j. WOOTEN.
iiAL CnViinCES.
hose who have tried our Laundry Work say
s without e iual in this vicinity.
Me have sWudied the weak points of other
undries and made them our strongest points
Ve use a special soap for colored goods
it does not fade them.
Me use a special soap for Woolens that does
t shrink them.
Ve use a special soap for white goods that
es not rot them.
n every department our work is guaranteed
rfe ct.
VlIay we have a trial from you? 'Phone us.
L. B. AULL, Lessee.4
elephone 116.
Until You are Sure You are Satisfied With Purchase.
June Graduates The stranucr in town
This is Your Store. WLCAE
N~o doubt you wvill take adva~n.
t.ii i o e yom i -eatst(4 ( a to . -algo, ion tel s i )1 oel.
Tlhin WVhitIe Fabrliies, Silks, I ,ares, You ',jj wi l I y u Ilfriend eitbhe
l%lunbroileri(s, l"ans, Glove IYs, at (Il isli' ofr '>a.ns, or, at. this,

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