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The Newberry herald and news. (Newberry, S.C.) 1884-1903, August 04, 1903, Image 4

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Federal tGrand Jury Ieturns Seven New
Indicinents Another Sensation lin the
Postollice InvestIgatoll.
WlmIlingtoi, .1 lily 3 I .-TlIio po0t
oflico invost igat.ion dovolopod atnot,hor
monittioln todity, I(ho F od(oral granil
jury returning movon indifiCtrnts, inl
volving ninici pooplo for allogod (coil
mpiritcy and bribory inl connolicto
with postal a1l'irt. August V.
Aitchne, for many yonri the hid of
tho froo dolivery SPrvicO, WaI tilod
jointly with ot,horm inl four of tm ill
dictinontm. Tho other partfio woro
Williami G,ordon Crawford, who wasi
deputy iditor for the postollico do
pirtmont froin Juno 12, 1893, to
Sept (inber i, ' , I i-YGo,sm isamnornor
of 1n of 1i1i OXCIIIHiVo (lub11)H of t his
city; Lvopol S. Sthrn, of No. 5
North aIty St root, Bidtimnoro; (heorgo
E.. I.oronz, of Tolodo, formorly it
proymimin Govornihont, oficiad, amid
%iartha .1. lia-roz, his wifo; Jolhri T
Oip--r, inayor of I,oekhivon, l'it ;
Willitrn (1. ILong, an ( Oio m11anl, who
lil', s p - j 1 fii 1 (111 1 1 ti iiI Ilhis ilt y ril
recs,it yoaiH, an ill infinitato frimnid
of Maclivii, 1mrico liuikl, of Now
Yirk ( itI and Tolw. W. A(irogor,
at prot-gI4 (f Mlacholn, whlo was it
[LW4IIvsi-gr ait thoe h-gimmliig or iftl.
vl ls timll -Irittiott tif tho frm le
hvory sorvice and Ii ilcent ylir, bils
boomn in cloirgo (i ho mupplie for tho
rmral fiov dvivery Hrvie. (-raW
ford vihiutarilv appoared in coirt
S "ll It4-1. ti (, i1IlivtIl1111n s wV41r04 i.4
hirns,d, amid filtlIIIH110d fit,0)00t I),il,
10141 Mv(Irogor likowim(I gaivo ,> (
1sail. I,>ig wts arro-Mod fit iholioio,
wIorII )opoty ,ar0hal ISpringian
found hh d. i . I was omirml'ad
44n0 11( 4,iM 111141. 111 was tI1 o o>ily
l"Val caiso In wich at bimich warrant.
wa'l iss"Iikil, owing to thil voltint ary
"HI1 i-11 of I im () ot rs ind1vtodI Aitcholl
Wpill, liiolr 1 l o tihi( lkt IevO rIi
wlks atgi, ol i uo btoritis felt
Witws s11fiOliti idim1r 1118 ar.
11a11H 'O Wraits miliini o imym his itp
Hilil for Ihm ol ..()I-to giW pu [rt il8 ill
divtod atd ol thoir irlOH is mxpectod
witn tl nx 114 wn4XtI 'four Iour,
'I'lo grniud jury los nt,( coinplotod
te worl ho i i frore it b ch. IOmtal
inetiaor ta thrinldiefinlont.4
WoAY bo vxpecel later o), possibly
wit in it wook or t wo. It imunder
Ito(d 11att w additl lI4s
aiga tfist ->1114 of 111 he parti(jes iicI14d
utticial, ar'* Iu-ing iinfiuired into bys
- . by~ h IrookIynz g..rand
to iijtn111n1t1 11arno
:2 .wi it thers. Maichien,
- o atr14 namedI4I jointIly
El' f for vition o 11(f thel
- - 6 f t ho Itavis4d
- I . I bet inen4t~ (441 out
- pr ilu11ed( Mitachen to
pi. -r1, the1 conItratt for
Sorirals1 for andl141 ornloy.
* .ju aint ing of Ilet44 r bioxes,
b- .* (lont9 at box., lonlg actI
t,'h ;llr1Diu1hry. ;\nlother in-.
toir.* agaIIinsr, L) )1 ogd
violatio Jf.f the sain1e( statute1,
e harigo. l tat Stern I 11t1ered( inlto at
Coiat raut with th- G i~(ove4rlianint ti fur.
rilsh letter (:arriors,' 8ittchIls and1 lIt.
Itor col leutor'S' st bels1 for t he free
d14 eliv o.r V eri, thei 8atchels1 to b)e
supied1(c iin eaich Citse with it lather
shoulde1(4r st ra; The1 cost of Ilachl of
t hese straps~ to Ste1rn1 inl comljly
w ithI hi conitract wouhI amoun11) it to1
Itwenty fIv ~' Ocents 1. Thte ilnlietm11nt1
chalrgoHs thatt M,.t(1hen, iln 1118 oliclial
capacit( iy, was ~Yto pD ruculro should'er
NItrapsi it the14 4 expense of the Unfited
Staite arid deli (141v(r thio 81a1n1 to Stern,
to be( us8ed( by the 1111ter mt the( por
forimanre of h18 ii ontat, inl ord(er
Stat Sterii might Miave Itwnty.Ilyvo
cenIt.8 on1 eacii telt t1e 4 deivoredl to
the Uited St at1(4. 1t furt bor4 cha!rgos
resHiduIo paid2 to LJong, to be( divided
b)ot.wfin L ong and1( Macthien.d
WVIili (ordon Crawford, A ugust g
WV. Maeheni, GIeorgo~ E. Lorenz, and til
his wife, Mairthai Ji. Lo)renz'/, both of
Toledo, Ohio, for conspiracy. Craw. N
ford rep[resenlted the0 Postal Device a]
and1( Lock C2ompanty and secured tho of
contract for furnuishinig cortain of theo I
letter carriors' sautchtols. The con- cc
tract called for shoude sl.,-p fo .
tho Hatcholu, whiach,. uh indict-moln t
chargoil, wore nover furaimi1h3 te
cont r1otorm, being Hupplied illatold
b)y thle Unlit"d Hta1tem undor AMnchou'i
ordorti, alt-hough ft) cont.ractor ro
c4%ivod paty for. t.heil. I!*()r thiH Con
(4c1ion it, im oIargod thast Crawforl
Paid to Alhion, through tl I,)
rmizom, aboutf, :30 por cont. of tie
amiounilt, r-vec4ivod fromn th Govern
aiurico Iuuikol, of Now Ylork city;
Thomiam WV. MeOregor, forrniorly inl
cha1rgo of thE f4upplim for ift 1 ru1ral
frflo dolivory mirvico, and reconty
iilictod ill ltitiiorn, on 11noltImr
cbar-go, and Angul. W. tinlich"l ntro
111ilod jointly iml nlot imr ihedieniilt.
for at miinlilir tranlmietiol.. Tho in.
divinlimiC allogom t1hat I111kol palid
81111H to $2,1)t to INIfichoil 1141 $T0)0
14) McGrogor. dohn 'T. Capippor, 11i11
111yor of lJoekbanvoll, I'nl., iA chmgrgoil
ill a qs1pilrafo indietiulnW Nwith pling
Ni al(loll it bribm of $1)( in Ang1,11I,
I WOR 1101ng AlsO iH iIliVt-OI HOpa
ratoly for piying at bribo, bolh thomo
bribory ca) eom boiIg ill th Hikillf,
1ranMACtiODH ilivolV0d i i h4l 4-011416
r1ney inilct.-1141. Crivfor< amI
Hqlratoly illdiclod for prommnig i ta
falHo eliilnl fmr Hn cidl by chaflrging
Ihm Govortimit mid reciviig paty
Chorfor ft. i olmider sti-apti novor
mlippliod by Iink.
Somei of the "11-ducaled Class" ;nd hloker
T. Washiigon Iazor's anld i11
Pinls :lKure.
BOHt flI, Jilly t. i 1o1 ol1
tIll part. of ialf it dozo-i f-o>rod o.r
hOIl oTpoulI to' iookol T. Washmg
l ol of u'll(ogim in4t 1ite, h) lisk
<illoHtlollm it tho Involing wIlivil lift
had hoon achdreHHilitg tOlightl 40 OhW
Zion ehureb, abn11oW rmtillm<l I iia
riol, and policomin w1tro enlloi
to (11441 1141 dilitiluanco. 84vral
arroH(H woro 1nutdo, 0110 p4o)Oiftli
r1)(11ive<d it dvop Wtal> fromi it halill
Whilo aitn11 i l to ) )n milof thiomo
0ppoM.0d to VLHIliiligh)II, re114n4ived
movorl razor cu11(8 and im 184ow ill I'llo
lloH)i it(.
Aftor th nt OHIM, \\'niliilgoll AI
allowed to procood, 1111d tipolm for
nmarly two hourm.
Both faction atU tho clo of th1o
1114)[ting iH8110d Htalit11114. '! 'Itih
ingtoll Huld i8 li l8tah ml 4luent that th
colorod p)opl of BOlono slild tinot.
bo hol rosposimiblo for at fmowiti
individaln, wilf) Williamn Mo roo
Trolt,or, on of thomo who waHs ar
rs81 44(1, at at 44( t,illI at 44 0448)41
riot infg was4 1140 1ib)urd ul i, f i )' 14
chai4r44nanf, I aoi4)V, in ordering tlf h14 4nr.
r14st. n414 4( 4)ctior14 4)f 4114y )orNo44liwho
hi18844d or IianIifosted1 nily objuoet i44n
14) 11h4 81pe441<r (of tho )venin g
11t i8 841i41 111nt 1 lho dist 1ubanco4 44vas
proa4rrat4g44d and1( af1te4r 114)he 44 intig
Trotter) and4( his friends n<44nitled th11111
th1ey wvont theroe wi.h the4 idersn of 4181;
iI'g Wash8iinlg1on 4a number)4 411' on
t14o18 414n41 to r4eso)lt n1i3' attn<-k4 th41
inigh1t b)4 made(14 4)n th1e N44w l''nglando
1Th4 moo44tin1g was4 ho(4<( n1111r the 14
41i8jspic)8os f t he ( Xovo I 11s181ious
en'sIg assocint14)4 (oIof 114 loeil v4n1s t
WmIl. II. Ii44wVs, 4)n1e of the4 l'Ited414
Stalt 4) as8ista4.ii district. 4111 4riOys,
A Manl Natued Me(Canni lIrects II dlt lhe
P'resldent adi 11ls l'amily14
Made 1(o Move 1)1.
Oy38 or 11ay3, Allgust. 2. I'rofano44
4and4 abu)sivo VO angun~1 go w14H (11 recoIl44
fam44ily 1(1dny3 448 they) wor1n4 dIrivinig upj
to CJhrist's church01 ho4reo 14)tt14nd4 1144
4440r11iig 804rvice4. The44 o1ffe:4 44r wV8
al residenIt of1 O)yster 11ay3, named1441 ae.
Cannii. 114 was4 1-18 huat led nwny from1
11h0 church unce0reml1oniouH81y. I)) 1114
Acc~ornpied)1 by11)'N Ars. lIonsovo444It
14 imd tw of her)1 ch1ihiron, 1he p)resi4.
lont 1b44( d riven1 to theo iin go from1
Sa1garn1oro4 I liil to) attend4ICI huireb1 8'-.
ic as041 is thei1r Cu418tom4 SI)nday3'14 mor
ing. D)irectly in front of ChIrist
yelCo. As8 (1h4 pres'ident1's enrrinigo
41ndinlg into4 the4 churchwI g round4(1 it
a4884ed McCann44r . With1on4)11 pr'Oooca. '
on, 1140 1m1an, wVithi an1 offensive44 onIth,
1mandedo4 to) kniow whethe1ll4r thely J
anted0( the~ wiholo rond44. This8 wasi o
>1 Iow,1ed by abi8ve ar44( pro'fano4 14a44.
Iiage4. As 8h 144car4rinlgc stopp4ed at hI
40 chuiirch dloor, 1144 p)residen4t, grealt.
anrnoyedI 41 at 44 the 011 ins l ofred to 81
rs. R oose4velt 41( ni 44)the ciIlren,
ighited and4( directed 1144 attention e~
the s4crol4 servico otlcor. to the
an0 and( by his ordeorN McCann wfas i
miipolle'd to lea4ve theo vicinity of the d
urch. 4
Ahe August NAilonal.
Amoriuan oitioim present tho na
reinarikatl, fonturo of th 'ralip
growth of this enitinit in, jopjllati,
1111d richo. Thorm hasi boon not,hii
iko it. in thI whole previous hintoi
of tho world. Tho storiies of Tor
lipauto, Columbisl, Youngsitowni a
lii-rritburg, orisply told maid ful
illistritod in the Natioal Magazi
for A ugust, drive this fact hom e
tho mind of evin the least obs'orvaiti
1110H articls h-(i how 111HO( Vilt
hegan, what thoy are and what th
R11% doing. Charlos I"orgitson's au
ticlio hin Tho Itimo of Prim Cities Ui
dor Ih Nt,w auistrial Order in tI
Man11 nunhor, ruks cloar th largi
meaoining of this rapid city growth i
A-Irica. 'Ai August National vou
I ains also six brilliant. Aort. storiv
a dozin illutirate<l artiolsoion variou
ihitis of AtEorivnI life, tho 11"m11
cbaomy dopartmmts oil Affairs v
Wamhiigton, Oiur Army aid Nav)
Tim rly Topies of the Stago, Not
Mid Colinmint, anld ,t's TaliIlk
Ovor, rolleocting tho thoughtA an
dtI of nrit nw1l wornon dio worli
tVl%r*. 'is illustrations (if Chis num
b0r ar0 11101r0 t ilaill 1IMIlal I)' l11t)
4o10is Itil at t act ivo
'4ollowing i i All unary of ti
p,rinlcipial conotnts of 114 n1umht1or:
T'10 IisO of FroO Citi0s 11114d
ths Now lIdstria Ordor" Chrirl
Y igHlltowl), ()h jo, (ligromilta
l11ais loKolmtody.
(olltuhis, ()hio, Roliort (I. owit
Torn II anto, I tidinia, A Staff Coi
hiarrislitirg, 'ntimylvarln, liairto
5Totti 1s.
"Al iVYo for an I,Vo", Edwint a
ii1o laitsoy
"Obadinhi'm Propomal," Carri.,e 1m
Sat t ai.
"The lIlood lod 110000,"' y. C
"Ijiving PicturOs," 111ianios lRogei
"Th1,14 Tiny ()ot's H1om1ecoll
ing," Sara L. Coloan.
"ItI is 1"atal G ift of I inior," J anit,
"Tho Modol-1hr1i Musos of 1litkois,
hiulittloy Biigolow.
"Vamaiion Diays at ''uskogoo,
lohnu S. Durham.
"N ow I'ngaind's (reat, Rival,
I ui(4j I0. Mac l1rayn1e.
"(h)ir Naiti onat Pt41,'' lIiX I
''The1( ' Whet41 Ha1rves1.t A rounid th
"WhV1y Laife Is Safer at Sea tha~
"T'ha i"isha They443 (atch at Lios Art
"An Actresss WVhto 1a iiliio at 1aw
"'A Day13 at Conan D)oyIe's IHomo,
I) ho Aillena W h ey.
"Tihe( Nat ionail's Phbotograiphi
Pr'tizo Contest."
"'Ilowv l'origit (Connnomrco Ben44ji
th4e AmherCican ilanikor,"' Wmi. La
A Ifir a 4it Wa lshiigtonIt ,J0e Mit ch
T'inly1) T'oliesI of the St ago, Geo0rg4
Onr Army anid Navy, Wiahlor
Nott anid Cionnnen45t., F"rank I-nt.
"'I'This IXlanu, 'l'ho4y Stidt, Was
lsoIt4,"' l'orank IPultnam.,
"Inter1 Pines,"1' Iilltori It. G4rtr.
I jovo4 Sonigs-.
g4n14 (4- Dolsonl "The14 W'ods T[hat
tiring tho Sunset Near."
Richard1 Watsori GIilder.
'"'liasasi,'' Paitick Leopol .1 Oray.
['1e Unknotwnt Murderer lInd Shot Out Is
Biralis anld Made Good
Ills Iiscatpe.
'hto Stato.
alte'shtirg, Autg. I. .A ngr ,tne
ohli inard1, living in t he vicinity
f D)olunar, Saluda county, was foundil
0end in t h14 roiad yesterday, his braiins
vinVtg been51 Ahot out.
'Thn ne$gro had14 hoon) in) som1e4 law
lit and wats tunder at $d(001ond.
No informtatiolt as to the killing
Th'e conor's jury retuirdd a ver.
et that the dIeceaseld came to his
ath at the hands of unlknlown par.
-&-'I JU 7 V kjo A-JL
COLUMIA FHiMAAI ),il,lj(;p.
at $50o000 Will ic bX1eideL Upon Mater'I
Alteralons an1i 1mprovenenls.
64 1artanb41urg ll11rI41.
I1n111nbill, it . c ., u l1y 31.). ll
M otholliNt. 1141 11l1thi Collegi biii lhr
vn hiciy wihbwmmiltlly oi
lyt4rodi andl improv-411 Ill ()m'64 fihl bmin
havng ecdedto4xNI)d $N,001
upon it. I)r. W. .1. 4 1uay, e ll.r
P.',hrlich andi , 1 . ,l n j , i
this (It y, vim itl lig 1 th,111 I v 'lljiv4
commllitiol ( f thw b1ai 414f dirlitef"IH
fubo ihod bi (%41 l!y I41 vi-is ohllitmebp
)rmsmri iti n 1ft r V t li li'4V1HioI'
it, wam 11(witded to IteellI the14 vilri o
Ir. c. ('-. w ilsmi qf 1111s city. TFil)
18 llg )il lilng MI I'linil Hst t. Wil
ha1vo I wo wiigi Illihlml t( it, o tll 1
I t pol Ilivig In H11t ilg (JI,anity ()I
,000 h1 th oth r ti hit Ill of mvionvil.
Work will hI4 )talelt ones o1 1
19lee whihls(ude hemiotrol
of tit( NI4thi s4 t1 ) onfr4' . of thiN
14tato andl thl I w 1 oill b, llo)mot
ti0n 1s providiiid frlr ti t a st Ift i
C:011-1ar10ng1o'S Rlluprt Acquius lihlm ol
Charges il ve Ieal.
r -wilshinlghon, ludy 30) Hertr
IH 't t t"1Y W v iV t I '4lwr1 id*~
8 hoot. ttoIhty gnlve' out ho I' report of1
Col. 14. . (11 illrgt-m, n ism in
t t11 ollicO' 4 of til, h hr g1'sp-ch)r
11(Illiting i6-presm tt it lvq ius N
. I laitt Inr, at (" h fIl i i f fj r * i nt
-Itoo s l, of Imy Co)ilIl"l"l jl Lvml't
glovi c Iltrewl with lhw Itriliv.
C . , A (luminr ithm 1',n It \I )Ng
Smuth Caroliiwn 'ws ailihty mtld
Ilientimn htv1 %V(ol for himli rapid
Milt l npotant il pronitAionl inll
United Stites IarmIlly. il 4 Is it grlld)
it atI(oIof W vSt i , ld has b)4,411 1)m
tinlumisly inl th servic -iinen IdI I
glradullt ion.
('ol. (iarligton l is at mlsin o ir.
. C. (i-lingto ) o)f this (t V. -Spur
Stallburg liornld.
Col. ("arling)n i4 lnat ivil (hf Now.
horry and is at Hot of till lIt4j ((li.
A. C. (ia1rlin1gtom.
'hI'e followinsg drggists request the
hiolIrs of Ni I UIf N A coupons)1 t4 o brinig
them)1 in) aLt orien' IOid 8h0ur1 al>holuto
13y free, I ho re'gular si1zo ho)t 1 iof t.he
0 rent P roeparat1 ion), MNi I I N A W I NE
1ori 8sale' only3 by G ihior & Wooks
Newberry, S. C.
Capital - - -$50,000
Surpluns - - - 19,500
Pald Stockhol ders
since organization 21,000
Paid Depositors in
Savings depart
ment since or
ganization - - $9,200
A mn working by3 the (1ay3 i8 paid
for thei time)( ho pu1t8 inl at w,ork, but
whent t hat, man sa1ves a dollJar for h is
daty's labor it works for himu nights,
as8 well)h as8 days'; never la1ys off oti aIC
count of bad1( w4onthe1r ando unever gets
sick, Iit goos right 4)1 04rlgy hi
anl mICOmle'. I t's a1 nlico thing to work
for mfoneoy, but it's muitch n)iceir to,
halvI) monoy wvorking for you. Tiry
it oper11 ? Saings a1ccouItII with 118
anld got 80Irne riliney workinig for you.
M'uako a dleposit in the Havinig do.
palrtmenot today3 antd lot it beogin to
work for youh1. Int1ernst com11pnlted at
1 por ('enlt Januaiii&ry 1 and1 . Jlly I of
4each1 yea'lr.
SmnalI Savinogs arle the)( Ste'pping
Stones to) su)(CceSS and1 plenity
Will in 1(4 years amIlount to $ 146 00
$5.00 w~ii ji t) ,CIP
amlfount. to - . .. -- $ 7:1 00
$10.00 will in 10 yearVs
amliot to - -- 40 00
We wanitlt your' bin1ess4.
4 ave ample facilities to
The Commercial Bank'
01 Newberry. S. C.
Collegee ofcharlsto.l
118 YliAlt BEGit;INS S11 nI' i 4 2.
'Wtest-, Clocks,er.
Sinlveranlte Waren
aWewhdrry and Bnirtdy NPerineen
ih. All mi tes :S 1m
Ar" IrWi der to compl. 6ow oy
vh oar0 hi,1 whi- pays $100ayear
Ir StEAo B, res
AIMISON 1(1. N E 11,',
Watches, Clocks,
Silver and Plate Ware,
Cut Glass and Table Ware
Wedding and Birthday Presents
Key winding Watches
Changed to SteHm
:ptheo:an LCE11m riatto byan
Eduard Scholtz,
Jow0101 and Optician.
Two Daily IPllman V
Between SOUTH
The BetRates and R
Via Richmond and
Norfolk and Stea
Nashville, Memp
Louis, Chicago, N
Points South and Sout
and Jacksonville an
and Cuba.
xiW-For detailed informatic
man reservations, etc.,ap
board Air Line RailIway, o
Passenger Agent, Colu mbi
Fo es schdl,
WMI. J. Ci
A 4alowo j lj tin ofh r
1M114'?4'4I )11 1 .4 f11V III,ii
and'~ 4id 'yI v i41 :11 ( ,- I 'n.,
hows i troni 'I, fi ti yJ() s
t hough l.'painfl' at ti staII4, nr
iinig'-ark II t o enre4xl4. '11'hefordl's
lIack li h v1 fa.114' 1,11f41 b(;:I
noysI I t~ stirs th . fl'r i d I~ IB-m
, o II(hrw ,' i l i germs I 81M of .
I'n I. It, is a itawhin Ipr Vil
of eblra 1 and BriIVh' dimiaso of
th 41kidnY . With kcidliv e -
ifor I ced by T'hI'edford ' M,ve t e ad .
I )Ialvght t hollsalds of pi-rionlH havM
dw l l il tinoe I he idt of y I
INIIw 1evr.1anyfailiV liVf1 Ill
Itertee hetal' a Ineav ite other
d 1 ,4 th an 'Thedtfor i 1 ads kilack
Dr:nighld . It is an lwa ys an d for
1111 m nlerv "nvy alld saves
'"1-1". 4xi -n0 4 en 1* If t doctor. 4
Mullins, S. C., March 10, 19 l .
!bhave med Thedford's 111ack-Draught
for Uhrec yea.sld I have not had tYO R K
o t to a lr since I have b n takingt.
It Is the be%t mnedicine for mne th'at isk
W s the market for fiver and kidney
StrorhICs and dyspepsla and other
d aloints, Rev. A. . LEWIS.
-e EAST -- WEST.
estibuled Limited lrains
ind N EW YORK.
oute to all Eastern Cities
Washington, or via
mers.-To Atlanta,
His, Louisville, St.
NExw Orleans, and All
iwest-To Savannah
d all points in Florida
n, rates, schedules, Pull
lyre to any aet. of ThSa
S. . JADI. Wulr TrIavelng
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new 111Wilmington,49Nai.
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1'alient i koledge. alc aagr
Whie RbboReedywll ure or 0
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Woherbbemedyae a"ipl cure sor
1al drinker or drunkard. Im possible
>r' anyone to have an ap etite for alco
oli i quors after using White Ribbon
iorsedi by Memsbers of W. C. T. U.
Mrs. Mloore, pres~s supelxrintendent of
/omnan's Christian TJemp)erance Union,
entura, California, writes: "I1 have
sted White Ribbon Remedy on very
>.stmnate dr1unk ards, and the cur'es have
3en many. In many cases the Remedy
as given secretly. Ichecerfully recomn
enfl and indorse White Ribbon Reme
~. Members of our Union are dIe
hted to.find4 an economical treatment
aid us: m our temrpera4nce work."
Druggists or' by mail, $1. Trial pack-.
~e free bsy wr~img Mrs. A. M.Town..
ni( .for years Secretary of a Woman's
!lis tanI TFempI erance Union), 218 Tre
onIt St., HOston, Mass. Sold in New
rr3y by G;ilder & Weeks.
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