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Mr A. C. Jones, of Newberry, is writ
ing articles to the State on the dispen
sary and urging the prohibitio'nists to 1
organize and fight the dispensary. lie I
says you can rely on 'the Christian <
ministers of the State. the college
presidents and professors and teachers
in the schools" and that the teachers
are not with the dispensary because I
their schools receive a small pit
tance of "this blood money.' A
united effort by the preachers. teach
ers and professors would or shouldi
be able to create a very strong sent i
ment in whatever course it might be
lie thinks politicians are advocating
g,i roads because it will in their
opinion be a gooi horse to ride in the
next campaign. That may be true with
some of them ani hen again it may
D01 prove a gooi horst Then t here
arc' leopit n~ hDaie ad\ oCat ing good roads
ht'ause :.he. bhNeve it is a P,\i thing
h peop\lc anci ar Joil i not from
'.o.:: c. ::r:is's nor for ihe purpose
.es. T!:-e ar some
u-t m h wl-r,,i who can nct
he~ p.:6 we. .. he see t Mr.
- . -.. . . . . . . 6 5 6
-, -n- -O--,e
helht5 okatrth.a iay cni
tion ofteciy.n.we.esa ha
.ed o eiet emsnesod
he oenradte pca or
toapita tt akexmr: e
cide tha noecudbjpone n
deV h rvsoso h c f19
because n appropration wa maefoJ
-aar and.. ny a o.
Sewerage will not be worth anything
o this town unless the people use the
yatem. A leading physician of this
'ommunity tells us that the greatest
nenace to public health is a privy.
1hen wo should do everything possible
md reasonable to get rid of this me
.ace. The city council, the board of
italth and the commissioners should co
>perate in their efforts for the public
The cost of sewerage as charged by
he plumbers here makes it. almost pro
iibition. We do not say they charge
t- much for we do not know anything
%bout the cost, but we want to fall up
n some plan by which all persons with
n the reach of the sewerage can tak
idvantage of it.
The commissioners should arrange t(I
nake sewerage connection at actil
-ost. and the board of health should
nake it compulsory, and then let the
town pav for it, and give the property
wner a term of years to pay t he monev
ck so that it would not fall so heavily
mn t-he persons of limited means. This we
lderstand is being done in some citsie
Ind while there will be more or less
kicking when the people realize the im
pxortance of this sanitary measure they
will accept it as the best solution and an
zensible solution. Sewerage will nevci
:e worth anything to the health of this
oxl n so long as it is not used and the.s
menaces to public health are jpimittedl
to remain, and some of them right by
the side of the street.
In the matter of a pIroperty ta\ for
''.3:i we hive favo0rel h t\ \n- li taN
n:d opposod a five-mill t:.N. Wc h:ne
\1*ressed ou-rselves as in favor tf t wI
loIar-s comnil txat ion I aX, aal t ritd to
lain why the members if tI, I-gis
t ae fr1"0M N ew, bert h:x.. fai- i Ir y- t
nc to ralSO ti- tax from kne dollar.
Ems ('h.i be uplain. 1t i., :m ne wxx
Itie. 1: is thc same :. . x the
.1 te mhe camp'aign: la.s ya r.
Int SIate v lo I k t at.' f%r 11.s
w ha: 11! patier." pai th t
,~~!::-t1 it In-ort xa' ~
Amination fR Scholarship. August 21.
A Chai ne or a Your., MaIn.
L iL;t t t - 7 '
S, - T ' 1..
I t -
- - fro i n
T t is n tron ther ia
o'y; miar of ;;oor t.echnic*al
rr". providid he have rmaturity
..r a natral ability , ape'-i:ly when he
-i hi.- '. xp -ienf':(e try.ing to teachfl
hrer' -. th iT On yr'-c tenebher'si
o,ir-' with" in. forty-. n'- w-holarshipsi
fird j,r3' m'-r of poor advan
ag-,btarnbjon t~ o t'-ae h, a rare op
/.t.d to ',?,.h atfe t hies eve more
',r yth andI at the sameii time fib
h " s ob better teachers and to
in- in their profi-ssion. Yet the c!ourse
nay be pursued with profit. by t he col
(rge graduate who has not had thorough
raining in the p)rincip)les and methods
f teaching--and in all likelihood is
ot master of the elementary bratnches
thich he studied under poor teachers
iefore he went to college, s-ltudlied so
ong ago that he has forgotten them.
HlIEL2AN ,O Il K: Ihirty
Lhours in Asheville by going on
he excursion August 11th. T1rip in
ludes visit to famous Hiltmore and
ther points of interest, and a view of
ome of the grandest mountain scenery
n the worle.
New Buildings being Completed-Hum of
Industry on all Sides-Sunday School
Excursion -Personal Mention.
Prosperity, S. C., August 6, 1903.
Mr. Jas. C. Schumpert has returned
home from an extended visit to friends
and relatives in Georgia.
Mr. I. P. Wicker and wife are among
friends and relatives in Saluda.
Miss Lucille Wise, of Saluda County,
is now the guest of Miss Lillian Wise.
Lit tle Kenneth and Ralph Baker, of
Greenwood, are with Grandma Barre of
our town. Mr. K. iaker who was re
ported so seriously ill is now rapidly
The picnic and barbecue at the steel
bridge last Tuesday in honor of Super
visors Schuipert and Matthews of
Newberry and Saluda Counties was a
decided success in point of numbers.
The weather was hot enough and the
day was qu.etly spent crossing and re
crossing the river until the rain storm
in the early afternoon drove the ralue
tant pleatsure seekers away.
Col. E. 11. Aull of The Herald and
News spent Wednesday afternoon on
our streets.
Rev. G. R. ShatTer has been having
preaching all this week at Zion. lie is
assisted by Revs. Creighton, Edwards
and Zimmerman.
Little Rubie Wheeler, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Wheeler has a
broken arm. She is doing finely.
Rev. J. 0. Wilson came from the
quaiterly conference last Sunday at
Zlin and preached at Wightman Chapel
Im our town.
Mr. F. W. Schumpert will leave next
Saturday with his brother, Mr. S. C.
-chamlipert. of Vidalia. Ga. lie will be
erngiged in telegraph otlice work with
his brother.
N r. R. 1. Stoudenmire's brick building
is inished and Mr. Matfett will move
in on Thursday of this week. The two
stor's and the oil mill are moving along
nicely with the noise and hum of indus
Mrs. 1. C. Singley has given an "At
H ome' in honor of the departure of her
brother, Mr. F. W. Schumpert. for his
new Georgia home.
The good roads meeting for Stoney
Battery township will be held in Young's
Grovc on Friday. 14. M r. J. C. Nills
will furnish the barbecue.
Mt. Pilgrim will observe her usual
annual picnie on Saturday, 15.
Thj- Prosperity picnic excursion will
r.n over the Southern on Thursday, 20.
Tit surrounding country will please
*l:r notice that all the stores of Pros
1e closed on that day. This
+r::y's ou:ng to Hyatt's 'ark.
SW. K. Sigh will preach at St.
",.7.E x f Del r.A.
a e ramr Saturday night.
-are b.Thy layin~g by.
- -ay are:-rnall.
"'-P~ ..:~twa.' in, this se~ctionl la.st
~r.g grain. Grain generally
a- ' .:a Ltt!e sorry
,A . 5 irgley is preparing to
nw barn. Mr. E M. Cook is
n.rg :-ome new buildings to his
Sor''-.' f' w of our people joined the
"'-b-rr excursion Thursday and
sp.ert 'r."- day in~ the capital city.
Ma- ter:- Ira and Clarence Werts, of
E: ir.2dge, S. C., visitied in this section
M rs Pink Cook and little child, of
(jlumb, ia, are spending awhile with
Mr. dJ. C:. Cook's family.
Mr. D. B. Cook and children have
been, on a visit to relatives In Saluda
Mrs. TI. L.. W heeler andI children
visited her daughter, Mrs. Dr. J. I.
Jedenhauzgh, of Saluda county, last
Mrs. Caughman, of Saluda county,
has been sp<mding a few days with Mr.
D. H. Cook's family.
Sunday morning we attended the
communion services at Hachman Chapel
church for the first time since they have
hadl their newv organ. The congregation
was large and the nice new organ raIds
much to the s4ervice. They have v good
Sunday school, superintendled b)y Mr.
Herry Livingston.
Miss Al ve Waters spent Saturdlay and
Sunday with her father's family at
Mrs. .Jas. P. Cook has been confined
to her room with fever for a few dlays,
but is able to get out again, glad to say.
This community will be well repre
sentedI at the Little Mountain reunion
on Friday.
A good deal is being said now as to
good roads and how to get them. Put
on a $?..00 commutation tax, andl if
properly used the roads can be kept in
a good condition.
Have heard Messrs. Kibler and llalf
acres' 'cue at Mr. Halfacres highly
spoken of. Mr. Kibler just knows how
The service here Sunday afternoon
was well attended.
Miss Julia Shealy is visiting her 1
grandfather's family at Little Moun
Mr. Charley Shealy and Wife spent f
Friday night with their son, Mr. Sid
ney Shealy and family hens. 0
Mr Endwin llalacre and wife are visit- D
ing her fathe.'s family, Mr. .1. A. C. t
Kibler. t
Glad to see 'rosperity is moving V
right on fotr her oil mill. This is one fl
enterpr1ise we have longed to see and (
one in which the itizens will never I
have cause to regre.
Nr. .1. W. llartmanl has h'en elcted g
superintendeit of tihe Mt. Pilgrim Sul- f
day school,
nithe people genrally are looking for- t
ward to a pleasant occasion at the it.
Pilgrim pionie on August 1.5th.
We had quite a rain ad wind storm
in this sect ion Tuesda,y aft erlloon Z
l.arly eorn1 was Nlowil 11ua esie
ably but of course no senousda
was done, glad to say.
Program of Union Meeting to '. Held att
Bethel Church, Aigust .s-30.
Devotional exercises 10.:30, byl. S.
Enrollment of deegat es.
Introductor' sermon by Nev. A. v
Recess for one hour.
A-'Ti-:RNoON sI'SSION. 1
"How May We W -nEourage tl' Weak
er ('hurches.'' .I. 11. Pcatve and F. 11.
limi;ort .ne of lie' elopmg Ye:n-g
People for C'hristian Work.
"llow May We Help the S:ste-s -0
Utilize them in thet Church','' 1 W
Swope. M. .1. Scot!. .1. Il. l'ai . N.
N. Hurton.
S1VN DAY MoRNINi; s',t.
Nissionary sermon by Rov. N. N.
Ladies' nns:er..n
Sermnon I..
A L s f:h A - z L
-ant. Augast 22.
. o'le. L. Blease.
A,;Lrst 15. Speak
i-.. X--merman. Rev. J. A.
N:. ~... - >;.Qarn.aan's Spring. August
.: -e:e . H ul. (' e. L. Blease,
N . g re. A Last 1. Speak- -
1ra E. A I.(M .L. 1Blease, W. .J
A. H <3 I N. Nlye.. HI. Hunt.
N . W .nd ' .tr. A ugust 19.
' 1 : I.'. . - I 1-.. n , C1 . Au1l, 3
N. I. w'pia Augu'L 12. Speakers:
E-. H. .A .11. J. A. >.ligh, G-o. ii. cromer,
WV. A. H i]. >. Hi. %imermnan.
No. :.. -- Young's Grove. August 14. 7
Speak:-r-::1. H Aull, W. iI. Hunt,
Geo. .Jo(hnston,- f
Currs 100dJ P'otson. Treatment Free. f
HiOod p)a.JoI i,, to Iv. or-,t dIisease On
ea'. y- 'hu,-i:-t to) cure when ii
H 1H. l H'uni Bl [oot Halmn Is used.
Iia '.Lc Iin311e-, 'jpots on the~ skiaj,
ulcer--, muIuiel' eb-.~ falling hair,
itchingi -kin. bor,- pains, rheumatism,
cal ar rb1. s-ating, ble.ed in g, festering
-og -'roful Ia, srab- and( seales, cancer,
and (1on't knuow it is blood( poison. Get
hlotasn ie Bood Hal m (1I H. 11) $1. A
few Hottles L'uaran teed to e 're the
wor.t ca-8 Sol dat dru.tg stores TIreat
mer,t of IH. 1. II.. ent free and pr<p)Iid
liv w.rit int t.o Hinod3( Itam (C , Atlant.a,
Git. lDes -ribhe troubbhl and free medicalN
advilce gi vOn until eutrent. 11 B. B.
thoroughly' tested for 30 year's. ( Tures
when all '-Ic fails. HI. It. H makes the
bloodl pture and rich he'al eer.v sore,
and stops all a('hes and( paLins. B. B B.
Improves the digestion.
Authorized Life of Pope Leo XIII
eah worthy ladly or gentleman in
eahlistrict to mantage our business
andJ start agents in ther 'Ic of the
Ofhecial and Authorized life of Pope
L eo X Ill. Book issued under the im- F
primatur of Cardinal Gibbons andl en
dlorse'd by the leading Archbishops andl(
p)riests throughout the Unfitedl States
andi Canada; printed in biotht ICnlish and 6
l'renchu; $20.00 st raightt cash salary and
exp)enses, pid each weekI 'direct from g
headquarters; exlpense. money advanced;
position perimnanent. Address D)avidl B.
Clarkson, 321 I)earborn Street, Chicago.(
CautIon 1
Thhis is not a gentle wvord-but when
you think how liable you atre not to put'
chtase the only remedy universally
known and a renmedy that has had the
largest sale of any medicine in the
worldl since 1868 for the cure andl treat
ment of Consumption andl Throat andl
Lung troubles withtout losing its great
popularity all these years, you wi il he'
thankful we called your attention to
Boschee's German Sytrup. There are so
many .ordmilarv cough remedies made byj
dlruggists anmothers5 th at are cheap and
goo for light colds perhtaps, but for
severe Coughs, Bronchitis, Croup -and(
especially for Consump tion, wvhere there
tis tiicult e~xpectorationt ando coughing
durin .the mights andl mornings, there
ia nothimg like German Syrup. TIhe 25
cent size has just been introdlucedl this
ear.Reglarsize .5 cents. For sale
>y W. 10. elham & n,.
he C., N. & L. Has Secured Five Extra
Coaches-Able to Handle Crowd
Hycrybody Can Go.
It was 111ounced in Tuesday's issue
f Tlihe lrald and News that the C.,
1. & L. could only handle one coach on
he regula train for the Little Mon
nin reunion today, but on Tuesday we
'er notified that the road had secured
ve extra coaches which will enable it
I take down to Little Mountain today
hr,e hundred Newberriams. The price
. rouid trip is sixty eonts. h'llis is a
rvat occasion and it make lit tle dif
let%en how hot the weather is ther is
1ways a large crowd who gather at
his at-mial rtnmion. A griat many
wvhe'rr'an always go down when the
rain arraigeients are m1de. Five
\tra Ao' lm i saould make it comfort
blt (or all who twill go.
taly a NCwNrry Itcader Knows it Wel
1'twris a wa o 1 convinc the
reatst skeptik. Storos of Nowbe.rry
cop ehave Made it pos,i14 TI.
1.11tt,1110tis it ol.' t,' Xt1I1'ttIt10 ts
iroo( t tie Iikv of w hich has nover t, on
r -tud wr(01for.0 1 N'4I11rry. Road
hi ase of It given by a c it11iml:
NY F F%Vae of the tirti of Ew irt
S o , elottier and gItet lemes
-r.1ti aro't Ma4%n stroot Sav$
I have usd IDIan's t tid ney I ,II Is
1 v'ry reat b Nti t su r tymed
h 10 i 'ack and ku.Iney , f0t quite it
b I i ece ie trouti h, kiey.vs
ere vtvery dark, contained sediment
ud 've p0troying rt IcutarIY at.
lit l e h.; hs da 11 pott ak. Io',
So for whihh" I wore tlasters atd
I.".trenits tet without mnv tppir
v i votie. d $. t u L1ur tt .1 Apivrs
t DVau's Kid e i'ile had done (or
aed 1 at dI at \W . E, ,VeIa
k r o'oua.'or nuk "k-lction
A -c-1 S vot disurbed at I I.,t t IaI
It Le km t a k C a e .ntIirI.yo left
' su M. all d em alers. l'r: e :0
-' tvs ce per tx. FosIer-NiIlbNii no
:T~.N Y .. -ole aigt,mIs lo tt
awr-cr u e oin-; nkld take
3rosperity to Asheville.
", N ..pest an'd best excursion of
W.11 e1a wil be run ov
-ay:ng PrxNsperity at ~ a. n and reach
z Asheville at 3 p. in. Returning
leave Asheville on
Wdnw-Myo Aumlst 12, at 7 p. In.
Fare for the round trip from all sta
ons from Prosperity to Hodges inclu
ve only $2 for the round trip.
can get it rrom, (;uy n).%n
-14. EK r, in, to lv had1 fr-m a
rst ea Jew"lry Sore. Tole filnest
,ld hi,st lock of spret:.-les , d
yegla.ses in I he Stalt
Lafrte. eu tWilliams'
tore on z he occasion of the
ood r- o be held there.
he p)riL t'ill lbe -10) cents and
El cents. The . aers for the ocea
on are Cole. L. Ilease, E. H. AulI,
.H. Dominick, Jno. I". Banks, C. 'P.
Vyche and W. H. Sanders.
Election of Teacher.
District No. t5, will meet at the
chool House, August 8th, at 3 o'clock
r the purpose of electing a teacher
>r said school at $30 per month salary.
ady preferred. Application may be
led wvith the undersigned.
W. G. METT1s, Sligh's.
I. M. KINARD, Pomai a,
D. T. WTICKEn, Pomaria.
MR8. S. T. HALLMAN, Priticipal.
Primary, Intermediate and Advanced
ourses. Scientific Grading. Latest
[ethods in Touch and Technic.
Instruction thorough, prices moderate.
Pupils may enter at any time.
Satisfaction guaranteed.
(Charter applied for.)
[UST ARRIVED at S. B. Jones'
Fresh Nabisco, Athena, Chain
agne and Festino Wafers.
FULL LINE' of Canned Meats,
kCanned Vegetables and Canned
ish at S. B. Jones'.
'UIN MONEY" and a complete
LI mie of Heinz's Pickles in
lass at S. B. Jones'.
) LIVES, Sauces, and all kinds of
SCondiments at S. B. Jones'.
H uyler's
Lowney's and
Baker's Cocoa,
Lnd Flavoring Extracts
At S. B. Jones'.
)ried Fruit:
California Apricots,
and Raisins,
At S. B. Jones'.
How toKi
Drink Limeade at Pelham's 4
Drink Lemonade at Pelham'i
Drink Ice Cream Soda at Pe]
Our Ice Creams are of Super
All flavors.' Everything ten
Tate Springs, Glenn Springs
Should you get iII this su
Pelham & Son's Drug Store ;
compounded with great car;
the experience and skill, thi
study and graduation gua
sell we guarantee to be of t
will not have need of comp:
Your favors solicited.
WM. E. Pell
Prescription I
For Your Tu
Buist's Improve
Early Purple To
Early Flat Dutc[
Red Top Globe.
Buist's Mammo1
Snow White Glo
Early White Egg
Yellow Absdeen
Amber Globe.
Yellow Globe.
Seven Top.
Southern Prize.
......Buist's New Crop
Particular Pharmacists,
The Following OUT PRIOE!
500 lbs. Yong HIyeon or Tong 1d
Our pric on I) 29 cts
I ,000) tbs. choice Rio Green Coflen,
price onliy 8c.
2,000) yds. MUadras Cloth (everywhere
only 5c.
500 ToweoR worth 35c per pair. Our
Matchine Oil only 'Ie
500 lbs. Chowing Tobacco worth 40e.i
1,200 Maitchee going at only 10c.
12 lbs. Armi ande hammer Keg Sodla ut
Fruit, Jars (Quiarts) at only 0e. per (<
Fruit Jar Ruohere at, only 4c. por dlOzo.
Every nook and, corner iR Rtack(Od Wit,h
COME. We appreciate your t radoI.
climb up t he .July grada1
0. KLE2
Tuition $30 to $408
Board $0.50 to $12.50
Strong Faculty.
Good Equipment.
Now building $20,
000 recitation hall.
Next Session begins Sep
tember 23.
GEO. B. CROMER. President .
38P cool
soda Fount.
h Soda Fount.
ham's Soda Fount.
Ior quality and*delicious.
ipting and healthful.
and other mineral waters.
immer remember that aVj
Vour Prescriptions will be
) and accuracy. We have
tt long service and hard
,rantees. Everything ,we
he first quality, and you
xint if you patronize us.
1001 ( OH
Inip Putch.
d Ruta Baga.
:h Globe.
Turnip Seed at......
- Corner Drug Store,
3y, S. c.
World Laughs
With You!
I Make Everybody L.augh,
e Blend TI'en worthj 60 ciu. per Ib.
wort h 12r'. porr lb. whoI.ale. Onr
hot. he"ro I100 por yd.) Our price
prie only' 19e.
r IIb Oir prion only3 Ede.
\Vo will plonsoe you and help youi
All Headaches
DURED P"RT'Y and no bad or.
>tsre .CAPUD NE.
'ho following druiggts regnlests I ho
ober f 11U 1I NA couons)0 to brinig
v freeO, I hn regin r iz' bo0$ti.e of thei.
rent Pre-pari on, NIU JtNAV WIN10
I'I a8Ile on13ly j by iber & Weeka

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