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It Is Almost Grammarless, but is Re.
markably Expressive.
Lieut. Isaac Seymour, U. S. N,
who, notwithstanding much active
service, has found time to study the
Malays, while in the Philippines and
in Samoa, recently gave an infor
mat talk at the Cosmos Club in
His subject was the Malay lan
guage, of whose subtle meanings and
line gradations he had much to say
in admiration. He said the lan
guage is nearly graminarless. Some
of their pronouns are used by one
native to another; some between En
ropeans and Americans and natives;
others between inferiors and supe
riors; others when the native ad.
dresses his prince, and finally soni
are never used at all colloquially.
The Malay language is the motle,
tongue of 40,000,000 people, being
spoken from Madagascar to distani
Pacific islands and !ron the 1-hilip.
pines to Australia. One can use ii
in the spice markets of Ceylon, bu)
in Java, ingratiate himself with thi
sovereign in att ra or converso
with a priest in Manilla. The lan
guage is written inl the A rabic charic
ter, this having been introduce
with Mohaniedaniism. Sanslirit hai
left a strong iipresnionl 1ponl tih
language. I.ient. Seymour says thi
delightful eu1pheiisi of he ilan
guage and its cliarining surprise
will repay one for learning it.
To die in Mialavese is "to return t
the bosom of Allah." To take
stroll is "to eat the wind." A sprin
"is the eve of water." To imak(
neighbor of one is to "allow himt
ascend the ladder of v mr house.
A 11titterer is one wilo hias "sugs
('anit' on his lips.
The Malay is a creature of the -e
aid the threst: the light foam of ti
one aid the idark shade of the othe
is iln his language. He loves free
dom, aid he exquisitely expresses I
by the proverb. "Though you fee
a jungle fowl from a gol1I plate, I
will return to the jungle aizain."
lie is a fatalist, al .e sa
"When the prow is wreck-d ih
shark gets his fill." and agai. "U:
May escaje the tiger anid I :t
the jaws of the crocudile."
He bas a sense of drollery, ar. i 1.
says: "'10 levo ons ch ildren. c
mrust weep for them now anid t
ti love one's wife, (one muhs~ X'av
her now anid t hen."'
Seymour drew from a British cct
sul's collect ion some oif his proverl
to illustrate the fancy anid feeling
the Malays of the Phlilippines:
If you reacb the river's mi'uth i
night fall, what's thle use of talk in
of returninig
It is a project, anid thle re~sulIt;
wvith (God.
Thle tortoise lays a thlousan<d og
anti tellIs no one; thle lien l av on
anid tells thnt world.
lie carries a torch ini daylight.
A shiipwvrecked vesnel miay 11o1
again ; a heairt once bro ken is b roke
Because of tile mouthI t he bioid
comnes to biarmin.
It rains goldI afar, lbut stone
\'at if you sit on a cushion(
gold with ani uneas~.y miiidyI
Like a frog under a cocotui
shll, lhe thinks he sees thle sky.
A slave who( (does well is nCvi
praised; itf lhe (does badly noev
NIneteen-Year-Old 1Boy Maltreated biy T
Indiana Negroes Whose l'urpose
Was Robbery'.
Hart ford City, Ind, August, :i
George Hlearshey, ani invalid, ag
19, while hunt ig squirrels onI
fathler's farm near here at noon
day, was approached by two pro'
inig negroes. Thley grabbed the b
searched his clothing for money mi
findinig none, tore his clothing fri
him and( mutilated himl with a kni
The boy succt oded in reaching hor:
He told his story and hlis fathe1r gi
the alarm, mounted a horse and call
for volunteers to wreck vengeance
the fleeing negroes. Two hundi
mon anid boyc joined in the oban
Neighboring farms and towns w<
warnel by telephone and the coi
try was scoured. No trace of I
negroes was fotund. Th'ie hlunt p
ceeded till nightfall. Sheriff Mt
gal, with a detachment of dleput
and( police, followed the mob01 to p
vent a lynnchinng if npossil
The History of William Key, His Keeper '
and Trainer.
Baltimjore Suu.
The many persons who at different
ti- les have seen in this city Jim Key,
the wonderful horse, will he oven
more interested in the history of the
old negro who attends the horse than
they were in the intelligent animal.
This negro is William Key and he
was formerly the owner of the horse.
Some time ago he sold the horse for
$10,000, but, the new owner soon diS
covered that the wonderful horse was
of little use without William, as no
one can make the animal do the tricks
as William can. Accordingly the
new owner engaged William at $50
a month and he is now with tihe
horse at Atlantic City. The history
of AWilliam Key, as he told it, wlien
,last in this city, reads like a romnittice.
When the civil war broko out,
forty-two years ago, Williain was a
slave on the plantation of tlt late
John W. Key, of Bedford County,
Virginia, Mr. Key was too old for
military service, but his three sons
espoused the Confederato cause, aind
when they rode awa from homle
William Went. along witi tilvii as
their servant.
At Fort. Donelson, when thw Con
fodorates were forced to surrender,
Willian built a bastion of logs andi
rocks, behind which tihte wounded
were sheltered. "Fort Bill," as ilt'
soldiers termed it, saved nlIany a
wounded mian's life. When Fort
Donelson surrendered William took
on his back one of the three brotlhers,
who had been badly wouinled, an,
evading the pickets, carried him he
yond tle enemy's line.
While with his masters at Shelbv
ville, Tenn., William volutittari\y
went to Mutrfreesboro to recover for
r a Confederate officer a large stni of
money, which 1.a been loft behind
a in the retreat. After blng stbout
N Murfreesboro for a few hour- WIl.
r liam was arrested as a spy. lie was
made to wear a hall and ebain for
three montis before ht hali a final
, hearing. le was conIdemlitned to be
t shot. But William did riot want to
dih that way, and as t1ho hall and
ebain had been taken (ff of him the
e night 6.-fore he was to bf exeNted
e b sueceeded iII e-caiing and got
baick within the CI infederate lines.
Wlhen the war was over William
%ws free to go or stnv. When as
u -ureI that his od ruiaster wished him
to go out for himself WVilliam, who
was a good blacksmith, set up a shopi.
I n a few years he b,ranche-d out arid
be begani ra isinrg liine h.rses. I n
his he was also sui(ees foi and it
w 'a- apparernt that \\n.hainn was
growing rich.
,t Being a great lo'ver of hors he
Ibogan to t rain a young horse ti do
vari>us t hinigs general ly though to
-be beyondo the capiacit y of an an imal.
Thi- h 'rs' he inme *Jimn KN.
rtuhis knowle lge of bor-o Wii
I ham mnanaged1 to obtain a degr.ee
frnm a vet erinasrian sceho. andI be
prepar I a liniumer.t for horj150 wihich
t~ is saili to have an exelent sale.
o William then calhel hnini..lf Dr. Wit
liar1 N ev.
y William saved rmoe and lie is
now thle owr. r of sevoralI fine horses
it in Sheh19 > antI also of a large
stock farn.. lut I rn i i his prosperity
,f he has never forgoetten his 01d was
tors. I ivurintlIy hie wrote to ohiO of
it - th sons of Itis to r tuor ru asteor offer
ig him a IbeauitifuIlo h o, to ho his
.r while lit lived. I1o closed the letter
3r with th following pathIetic retferoee
to the old days:
Illaido your fat.her a good servant,
I Iio t ho graves wvhere thIn tamuilyI
are laid. Your fat her anid muothlir
'Y wore gooda to mri. I rteminr as oven,
your faithful servant util dt.
Williamn Key.
etd l'-ATltICID')h NIiAl GRIlIlINVILLIi,
Bud Pack Strikes hIs Brother oni the llead
to-- With a Chair and KIlls Ilim.
37, News atndl Coiuriotr.
1(d, Gjretenvil le, Augumst 4.-Griillir
>mf arid Hutd l'ack, two brot hers, whcu
fe. live beyond tho city limits, otn
ie. Chick Spnrigs road, b'ecamo involved
,ve in a light yesterday miorninrg over a
ed trivial matter. Bud dealt his brother ti
onl heavy blo(w on (lie head withI a chair,
ed from thne elTocts of which lie (died in~
se. about two hours. Shortly after the
are fight Bud1( Pack ran, hut tie waus ar.
in- rested thuis afternoon near TIaylor's
he Stat ion . IHe is now in thle county
ro- jail.
rn- Little is knownu of the character
ies of the two men, who have lived in
re- this section only a short time, hnaving
run away from North Carolinn.
o be Held by Order of the Presbytery of
South Carolina, at Honea Path, S. C.,
August 19-20, 1903.
8.30-Song service.
8.45-Address, The Sabbath
3chool; Ideal and Real, Rev. R. C.
.Ieed, D. D.
8 45 - -Song Service.
9.00-Methods of Bible Study, I.
4. Wallace.
10.00-Kindergarten Features of
iabbath School Work, Miss Kitty
11.00-The Recitation, W. A.
12.00-The Sabbath School Li
12 30 -- Question Box.
3.00-iuty of the Teacher Out.
iide the Class Room, Dr. V. E.
4.00 --Some Principles of Modern
Education Applied to the Sabbath
School, Prof. Patterson Wardlaw.
5.00- -The Teachers' Meeting, W.
P. Nesbitt.
6.00-Question Box.
S.30-Song Service.
S 45-Address, The Church as a
Tencher of the Word of God, Rtev.
It It. Murchison.
1. Attend the institute nearer you.
2. Send your name at least live
days before hand. For Richland, to
W. H-. Hughs; for Honva Path, to
1'. H1. Brock.
3. Bring Bible, note book, pencil,
copy of new psalms and hymns.
4. Come in time and stay through
the meetings.
To be Held by Order of the Presbytery o
South Carolina, at Richland, S. C.
August 17-18, 1903.
3 0-Song service.
8.45 -Address, The Might\ Mis
sion of the Sabbath SchDol, Hon
Julius E. Boggs.
S.4Z---Song Service.
i)( k--Methods of Bible Study
Rev. G. 0. Mayes.
11) 00-Some Principles of Moder
Education Applied to the Sabbatl
Sebool, Prof. Patterson Wardlaw.
I1.00-The Preparation of th,
Le..on, J. P. Smith.
12 h0-Singing in the Sabbati
School, Maj. S. P. Dendy.
1 2.80-Question Box.
3.00-The Sabbath School Li
brary, WV. P. Anderson.
4.' 00--Kindergarten Features o
Sabbath School Work, Miss Kitt
S IMI The H-ome Departmwent
Rev. T. H. Law. D. D.
').lH-Qulestioni Box.
8.3ij--Hong cervice.
8.45 T1he Proper Relation o
Home and Sabbath School, Rev. J
C. Shive.
I. Attend the institute nearer you
2. Senzd your name at least five
(lays beOfore hand. For Richland, tc
WV. Hi. Hughs; for Honea Path, tc
T'. H. Brock.
8. Bring Bible, note boo0k, pencil,
cop~y of new psalms and hymns.
4. (Come in time and stay through.
the meetings.
More than $30,000,000 Worth Reach th<
United States.
Tlhe Government department o
commuerce and labor, through its bu
reau of statistics statements, show
that. the total importation of dii
monds and other precious atonesi
the eleven months end(ing with Ma
amounted to over $28,000,000i
value, and as the ligures for thi
month of May alone were about $3
000,000, it is evident that the Jun
tigares will b)ring the grand total<
diamonds and other precious stone
upI to a full $30,000,000 for the isac
year ending June 30, 1903.
This is the largest importation
diamonds and other precious stonm
ever shown, in a single year of 01
comlmerce. Prior to 1887 the toti
hais seldom, if ever, reached $10
000,000) per annum; from 1887
1893 the total gradually moved uj
ward until it reached $16I,000,001
then it ranidly fell to $5,500,000
1894; $7,500,000 in 1895, $6,750,
000 in 1890 and $2,500,000 in th<
fiscal year 1897. In 1898 the tota
increased to nearly $9,000,000, it
1902 to over $23,000,000, and it
1903 will be fully $30,000,000
making a total for the year just ond
ed not only more than any procedinf
year, but 50 per cent in excess o
1901, doublo the figures of 1899 an<
more than six ttims the averag<
during the period 1884 1897.
This rapid growth in the importa
tion of diatuonds, while it suggest
general prosperity, also seems to in
dicate the developnnt of a com
paratively new industry in th
United States--the cutting of din
monds. The total importation o
diamondi alone in the eleven month
ending with May amounted to $24,
000,000, and of othr precious ston
$4,500,000. Of t le $2.1,000,001
worth of diamonds importod, $10,
000,000 woro uncut diamonds is
large increot comparod witi the im
portations of uicut diamonds in pro
ceding years, the figures for olovoi
months of tle year 1902 being $5,
500,000, whilo for the corresponidinj
period of 10i tihey wore $(,600,o0d
for the correspo(ling monthis of I90
$3,500,000 and for tlie correspodinj
months of 189S Lit little over $2,
Bright Young Son of Capt. Peter Lee Vie
im of Ills Own Shoguin How
It Occurred.
T'he State.
Beaufort, Amr. i At half past.
o'clock Tuesday aftsiernoon Hamptor
the bright El) year old son of Cap
Peter Lve, living at Bu1rton, t-w
milnis from Beaufort, accompaniv
by his little sister, Lillie, got in
boat for t he purpose of killing a crat
for his sister. When lie got into Q1
boat he pull ia double barrel
shotgun frsm ite % harf. Tho hin
iner is supposed t iav struck ti
side of the wharf, which caused ti
gun to discharge, adil the full lot
of bird shot entered the pit of i
stomach. Ie realiz0kd that he w
fatally shot and sent his si-ter to tt
his fatiher tihat he lad accident
killed himself.
When two of his father's frien
arrived on tihe scene a few minut
later they found the boy unconscio
and he died in ten minutes time.
The tragedy has shoicked mai
people of t hiis coin inunity who deep
sympathize withI the heart brok
Newberry, S. C.
Capital - - - $50,00
Surplus - - - 19,5C
Paid Stockholders
since organization 21,00
Paid Depositors in
Savings depart
ment since or
ganization -- $9,20
A man working by the day is pa
for the time lhe Puts ini at work, bi
when that mean saves a dlollar for I
day's labor it works for him nighi
as well as (days; never lays oll' on
count of bad weat her arid never ge
sick, b)ut goes right on earn i ng hi
an inicomie. It's a nilce thing to wo
for money, but it's ranuch nicer
have money working for you. T1
it -opern a savings account with
and1 get some mJonley workinig for yo
Make at deposit ini ther Savings d
partmnent todlay and( let it begin
wvork for you. Interest comnpiuted
4 per cent 'January 1 and July 1
cach year.
SimalI Saving- are thei Stepping
Stones to succes and'5 11 plenit.y
$1O.0 amnth depl losited in ouri
. Will in It0 years~ amounut to $ l'lt' 0(
e $5.00 will in 10I yeairs
famount to - - ..- .$ :0 0(
s$10.00 will in 10) years
itiamouint to~ - - -- -$'1460 0f
WVe wvant youri blusiness.
IInave amnple facilities to
SThe Commercial Bank
o - of Newberry, S. C,
College of Charlestoi
Letr,Science, Engineeri"g
SchoIarship to each n O Sot
Carolina. Entrance eaiation 6i
at Newbe!ry by County Suprintend
of Education and Judge of Probate
J Jul 10. Tuition $40. Board and fi
nil'8 ed room in Dormitory, $101
month. All candidadas for admiss
are erinitted to compete for Bo,
Scholarship, which pays $100 a yel
I For cata,logue, address
i Watches, Clocks,
Silver and Plate Warl
Cut Glass and Table War
Wedding and Birthday Preseni
Key winding Watch(
Changed to Stem
Eduard Scholtz,
Jeweler and Optician.
Two Daily Pullman
Between SOUTH
The Best Rates and
Via Richmond ar
Norfolk and S1
Nashville, Mery
Louis, Chicago,
Points South and S<
1 and Jacksonville
and Cuba.
nr-For detailed inform
y man reservations, etc.,
I board Air Line Railway
Passenger Agent, Colu
- C. F. STE WAR]
0 -
lIt.WAsut NcrroI
of .""-:""
~ LANT1~
A passenger eirv
and comfort,equippec
Dining, Sleeping an
Por rates, schedi.
tion, write to
Of (Anlivemdonu, Texam.
- "Wine of Cardui is indeed a blessing
to tired women. Hlaving suffertd for
seven years with weakness and bear.
Ing-down pains, and having triied sev
eral doctors and differer't renedies
with no success, your Wine of Cardui
was the only thing which hlcIped me,
and eventually cured me Itsccied to
build up the weak parts, strengthen
the system and correct i- ularities."
By "tired women- . -s. Adams
ineans nervous women who have
disordered menses, falling of the
womb, ovarian troubles or any of
althese an1mts that women have.
You can eure yours(lf athomue with
this great women's remedy, Wino
3S of Cardui. Wine of Car'ani has
cured tlhousands of eases which
dloctors have failed to b''zeneit. Wh
not bef-,in to get well today? All
druggists have $1.00 bottle.s. For
any Stomach, liver bowel disor
der Thedford's lilaek-Dtranght
shold be uised.
'H -- EAST -- WEST.
Vestibuled Limited Trains
Route to all Eastern Cities
d Washington, or via
eamers.--To Atlanta,
iphis, Louisville, St.
New Orleans, and All,,
)uthwest-To Savannah
and all points in Florida
ation, rates, schedules, Pull
apply to any agent of The Sea
,or J. 3. Puller, Traveling
mbia, S. C.
Complete Summer Resort Folder
Mailed Free to Any Address.
RK . H. HARDWIext' . . 'r T /.
a- Cuba.
ice unexcelled for luxury
dwithi the latest Pullman
d Thoroughfare Cars.
le, maps.or any informa.
3eneral Passenger Agent,
Wilmingon, N.l C'
11. 0. BEA' TIE, RecoWer. 1
In Etect June 8,. 02.
M#etwen A nilersiout,n hd Walballa.
[uAOI1u10.141t u. WINTROVir
Miied. Mixed
No. U. No. 12 dtatione. No. 11 No. 0
I l. A. M. P. M. A. M
310o 9h 5 ...............nBelton ............... 8 20 10 60
248 983 ........Anderson F. D......... 840 1110
2 4 930........ Anderson P. D..... ... 846 1116
....... 9 25........ W estA ndrson....... 849 ....
....... 909...............Denver.............. 869 .
....... 9 02...............Autun............... 40 .
....... 855 ...........Pendleton ...,...... 411
....... 847....r........Cherry............... 418
------- 844...............Adam s............... 42
... .. 8 28 . . (la i... ... 4
....... 825-.. ....... eneca.............. 4
4 40
--..... 8 06........ ..W est Union ......... 604
-"- 8 00............ W alhalla ............ 6,09 -
All regular tris Irocm Belton to Walla
ave precedence over trains of s me ol
Soving in t0e opposite dirootton uniess g
r1wjHe 14peelli by train order.
W ill&alo to plp , the following stations t
tak oi an lot oil passengers: Phinney's,
]FRIles and sall';y 8prings.
J. 1.. A D UHEtN, Superintendent 9
Uhlarloston alid Western Carolna RWv O
Augusta and Ashevillo Short Line
(Schedule in effoot barch 1, 1908.)
(Itead Down.) (Read Up)
12.46 pin ......... lv Newberry......... Ar 8.10 pm
1.50 pin .. ......Ar Laurens......... V 2.02 pm
2.07 pim ......... Lv Laurens.. .. Ar 1.80 pm
3.30 pi.........A r Spartanburg..... Lv 12 01 pm
3.40 1pl......... Lv spartanburg..... Ar 10.25 am
6.32 pin .........Ar Saluda............... Lv 8. 89 am
11.11 pw.........Ar Hendersonville Lv 8.05 am
7.15 pin.........Ar Asieville........... Lv 7.00 am
12.40 piu...... Lv No%worry (O.N.&L.) 8 10 pm
1.60 pin..... Ar Laurens.................. Ly 2.02 pm
1.551)111 ...... ,v Laurens.........Ar 1.4 pm
2. >1 pin......Ar Greenwood.............Lv 12.44 pm
6.201 in..... Ar Augusta.................Lv 10.10 am
236 pin......Lv Augusta.........Ar 11.66 am
6.30 pm...... Ar noanfort................Lv 7.50 am
6.45 pin...... Atr Port. Royal............Lv 7.40 a m
12 46 pin......Lv Nnwberry (o.N.aL)Ar 8.10 pm
1 W0 pm..... Ar Laurens ............v 2.02 pm
2 (i) pm. Lv Latur-nu ............... Ar 1.85 pm
3.25 )1...... Ar Greenville............ LV 12.15 pm
For ftartihor inoitiion relative to rates,
o1c., cSil on, or atdress
GiEw. T llilY i 1N, Gen. Ag' . Greenville 0.
ERNE--T WILLIAMS, Gen. Pass. Agi*
Auust.a, iUa.
1'. . 1 in -i ttTraille Manager.
(Eastern Standard Tirr.e.)
sout.hliboind. Northbound.
4chil Iut in Effect Sunday, *June 128th, 1908
8 40 am Lv Atlanta (s.A.L) Ar. 8 50 pm
10 50 al A thenis 6 19 pm
11 55 am Elberton 5 17 pin
12 .g pim Abbeville 4 05 pm
I 22 pin Greenwood 8 86 pm
2 thpn Ar Clinton (Din'r) Lv. 2 45 pm
10 00 am Lv Glenn Springs Ar 4 00 pm
12 l5 pit parlanburg 8 80 pm
12 2 p in Greonville 8 26 Dm
(Harris Springs)
1 12 pin Waterloo 2 85 pm
1 42 1 i r uatrons (Din'r) Lv 2 17 pm
h81 1.2. -53 62 21 85
D11y D'1Y D'1y D,ly Li.ly D'ly
ex PX OX Ox
Su 7 SSn1un Hun
an am pm pm pm am
7 11) 700 2 02 Lv Liaurend Ar 150 900 8 00
7 25 7 10 209 Parks 1 42 861 550
845 70 ' 22 Clinton.. 130 880 525
1115 7 60' 334 (40o)i1le 1 17 804 446
7 :3 8 l 241 Kinard 110 746 480
11 40 801 2 49 Gary 105 785 440
9 5' 818 254 Jalapa 100 726 406
11.o 840 310 Newberry 1246 795 846
1? 32 1) 02 3 21 Prosperity 1282 9 41 8 05
12 48 9 18 3 34 Slighs 1223 626 250
l 1 25 339 Lc Mountain 12 19 620 2440
i 1.1 XI 3 C Chapin 1209 605 210
155 960 3 h7 Hilton 1202 655 216
205 955 4 01 White Rock 1159 560 200
225 .004 4(7 Hallentine 1164 541 150
25 To 7 4 17 Irmo 1146 624 182
3 (5 1ij V6 4 21 Leaphart.. 1140 5 9 119
330 to 45 440 Oolumbia 11 26 500 1 00
it. C. L.
(Union Station)
445. 1120
pin am
I 55 LvUolutm bia (A.0.L.)Ar 1l 10
6 '20 Sumter 9 64)
9 20 A r Charleston Lv 7 00
Trinis53 andi 52 arrIve ard depart fromz
Trains 22 anal 81 from A. C. U. freight depol,
WVest. (ervals .street.
For iRates, Tlane Tables, or further informia/
tion call on any Agent, or wvrlte to
w. G. C H I LDs, T. Mi. EMERSON,
Preshdent. Traffie Manager. '
Sot. A t1. G)en'l F"rt. & Pass Agt. :t
ColumbIa, . C. WtImin,,Ion. NO -
No taste. No odor. Can be given in
glass of wvater, tea, or coffee without
patient's knowledge.
White Ribbon Remedy will cure or
dlestroy the diseased appetite for alco
holic stimulants, whether the patient is '
a confirmed inebriate, a "tippler," so
cial drinker or drunkard. Impossible ''
for anyone to have an appetite for alco
holic hqultors after using White Ribbon
Ind(orsedl by Members of W. C. T. U.
Mris. Moore, press superintendent of
Woman's Christian Temperance Union,
Ventura, California, writes: "I have
tested White Ribbon Remedy on very ~
obstinate dIrunkards, and the cures have ,
been many. In many eases the Remedy
was given secretly. Icheerfully recomn
mendi andl indlorse White Ribbon Reme
dly. Members of our Union arede
lighted to find an economical treatment ,
to aidl us in our temperance work.''
D)ruggists or by mail, $1. Trial pack
age fre.e by writmng Mrs. A. M. Town
send (for years secretary of a Woman's
Christian Tlemperance Un~ion), 218 Tre
mont St., IHoston, Mass. Sold in New
berry by Gilder & Weeks.
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