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The Newberry herald and news. (Newberry, S.C.) 1884-1903, August 11, 1903, Image 2

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A Washington s,1xis t,, T'he tat
of yesteniy s.\s:
At the New York nav an the rac
question has: arisenaste f t:he
enlistilent of a ne-gw As hief r
ter's mate on homNi ihe-w en ship
Columbi&a -. ise i-he on% n m
dcaethey wia n.: ki it r.c s-.
eame t mes-he w h:c nx- I s
left the n\%N s,I Vu th tLme t-hvy
havie %v.a o aet .hc,-,z a
until the "Ce"Ne b- h left .he
tsb, The mter has n o vet -a.h:
: i:A -n of s, of A
b w
We cetne,oha re Ine
7 1.
.:,e ee inome :.a h nor.g :
Tarnt weemri.nvndyatr
\\>a* cnt iu~-to Ma '.
1)a1d en:i c ' I
Saluda \vr r a W ces
disicns. Thise t
the railroad rl. -.n
cU'essfll e(nae in the.: drg uins
wl~ith Mvr.wc J. E. Henwik d als f e
berry. MissTrt i arrant te.o
Mr.NIW.- . Tarrant ad Nis very er
igi andth acmplihed~- yorug l.ay. The
youngh couple. havP Byde ma rridgi
Nwba ery and~ Unin an throughou E
nessint therjrie througf he liedo
ofethe yr. gic-p
Mr. andet Ms.Huet frt fowbrrUnio
Sunday o~~ night. o n i er u
Wisfthv eagduat in AtIglsn.
wjhMr. E. A. Carli,lefto ofturda
borry Mpigfieald, Oi, ahereher os
accept Ta position aish Soutern crmp
renadv acomplihed ypringildy MTll
Caskeg Copay. maiy feduar
Nw be in Aana, Ga.. and heuhoi
thae Stare wof wsix tte: Vrgapii
Norithearlina,nSouthCrohli, Geo
ige hashdmcheprenei.h
Mierf.o and has~ bueleft fr suces
fu.Wis m1anyfariens in Atlwhtrr
wifor im ind hio, herfiee thtau
danet auccesit winha they douteno re
will attain.Alna a. n ew
hA chae tofdixt Circuit parnisl
Nth rolina, S.oyd, Aguti6a, 190:
gia Flerry lSlda andunty,a. M . (a
Wm.ehs a Krmuch memberefnte idh
lino workm anda hitte vry wstae
fudl. l ill Thuyrida n cwith rm
wash fo im in cholew Hiel tae wabu
everntha huces whicd thae theb notber
A the crethodit upnci panag M
MiTr. acs cral and conslted.k
May he e a oua dcneun ty, S.r
ofTCambeain's Cramps.oer a
in.rhoms e,metha of thouig
would workina Lttl port aording
sev(ealyidoses wre(a anihtetrdmwi
teereu that the adlow avbe themme
be aoro a ae nd consuly. Teider
tolpem quie highd of medcin ifheford
medChmer-la's Coic, Cholras.
Diarrhome itemey a hifo thougl
woul Wm.Ep Pehm ou Sond adcProspegl
bearnd,, netdyrrh nie
yffiWf C. FALLOWS.
En~iet Neo'enetty y at the Rea4 of the
Abe tsta be*artent of tb
Atnta News.
Mr. Henry C, Fallows, an old New
bem bcoy. and a grauate of New bi ry
O'lkw in the las of 189S, no"w holds
the r,"jvrjnsib1e position of advertism,
athrw- of one of Atlanta's great
after-noon dilims-the Atlanta News
Mr. Pallows wme time after his gr.da
Ation went wit.h the Atlanta Cons:
tion in the advertising dqarimet.
wbeN' he V-n for hiMself an eI q Ne
reputation in Atlanta wspape
clls. He iSt a on of W. A. Paln\
w-ho livNi in Newbe.yry for na-r y es:rs
ieaki.ig of Mr. FaHcows ano h .
t.he At.lanta News says:
Mr. Honr C. Pallows is at the ha
.he advertismg department of :hc A
la.a News, and he has proven r
one of t.he most brilliant yoiir.e .a
t iing men in the connt.rv.
$It nipil of that veteran 'su e
vert.ising man. Mr. T. .l. Kce
s n manag-er of the At.lar:
Tim)in. Mr, Pallows,.hut
n wit.hout h-aving had p'e
s.;niiit,-, except as an a, c
worker under Mr. Kelly. was
vert.ising man&ger of this pac
sestabhAhment., and to his
.it.hf'ul and effitient labrs is
of he credit for the pheiomons' L
of the News fr\m an advet
n.'i-t.. He is in c4se tou
, advertisers and is pv..'
esch and every one of tChe-mi
:is &rt corig-inal and his wo:
1.n ind reliable..
Ar cxoelient cut of Mj:.
mpr. ' this handsome -
Cho-lra nfanur.
This dise.ase has lost s:-x
0ha. Oferla.l's Coh, o . -
1%aee Remedy came in67t?14 -
The urafwmrr suocess which s.
of .his remeh .r .
YL Ar F-rcor. b
I)is ecn wom-a ~t.n -
c-'..L71-- '.4 o
;s . tea &:.it w-t.
.L:dprhased': l. Sickew
the rphng in Columb. -
ago*-~. Th gent~lman car
The. March of Progress.
As ln asc peol ne rNLL. -
the werefconten to:. doi *-th.
rairod,th tgrph the tle
no? Moiti.wt florr. A .km a,
you use ifror flour and knwo:r.
of the raio B rfr' "ift..
you ay obe atsid ed with yr. bre
ake.Thd gastly,mbu cifyutryoe ac
of " lon Mare cak duh " w it hss
As logasHAopl &ne Mcany
They wcere cantpan til diaperfh
adviceu wo,fi this Nebrgrescitie
woulddispes followese.
now oan's witkhs flour Aebe and. ~
oftea eitin lanfrW Ch.
yosma tiesa'tisthd kidneyour fal.
Boek"Chn"e "ake kidoy neht;
Thahes why Dpans Kw n ill ap erifte
advicy of twhrreey ci knthis.
Rea watn' e has~ l&to sayt a mt in:
Mrsit J.ne M Wshelr kid ing~ fat.'o
perityc. I.sa:, "l e o'idney
Ill.s ory k)a idneyac hadll bot
credn me fo r on Wtie' an they i
mead great aont hfas I hada' u at
t,ril Jpa in trg my loin at ndo
d t I ot my kb as severeh attime ht n
wa istubed durilng t he tidht, n ai.
ae n,o theea atnooteun,n of h
k uine sear'ion I used ay numb. ri i
of kidney remies and hait ltd a phyvsiciant
attotnd me huta nin iig see~miidt to do mt
any good. Mi v son-in-law who liv's in
NewherrTy seeing I oan 's K i(le ti-v'iis
ad vert Isedl andl heatrin th~lem iiS pok -n-of
'so highly, wet, ((o W. K. IPelhamr &
a Son's dlrug~ storei got a box and senit
.them to nm , ri-nesting mie to try theunm
I did so and( the resuilt, was ve-ry 'rat.i
tying. Indeed. Tlhe n e of two bonxe
tregu lated the act iou of i.he secre tions
e from the kineys andl caused ti-he ank
ra ache to d isappe-ar I catn and hatvel
s al ready re-cornmentded t h is imediineIn to
r> my frientd 5 atd will co-'tinu..- to do so
s for the phIlit are wot,biy of til i ul
,say ini their favor."
e 1Vo'- sale by all dealers P rhi-e (0 n ' s.
n~ a box l"M-et-MIiburn ( 0 Holfalo, N. Y.
d sole age-nt, for t' (1 United States.
t Remember ,he ran Doanls andI take{(
noi subhstituttes
a HIlhard Weston, colored, was iabot.
and killed at Cayce's in Loxingtoti
e county on Tnnraday night by his
ibrother. The mnr.tarar fld
A SNAI Okwh WtI I RNlkn Thliuo frm
N%'wknIY W1th VWXy ANtin1
oi V<w z\'ew,v\%irgi Vwh a
1*%,.,,, Ci o nit:0 1for: Ni at he tak. lA ir
si :se a ni a.e I'm. le fare,
othe rumit: oc , ti'rs
A;eI-. r for
e ache.ir W: antedg
sqY H i D RSV Ozz t
L 1. EPTING . .2ev
.l \..AmT. res
1Mn aer \Vanted
otiea to Ponagy buoines.ti
nancialstandin . 8:.n str aigh rash
saar and expne .pai ac Monday
by-n chc diec f*rm hed ur(r.j:'
Me,13 axng Whate.
..P icrAIN tjT R:E L).IVE.. . :
it ou d telln Ij i r't!r ton story,''
and wev.re its ogan o J..(f j]
Sis~ U one quality REIAB OlIL
thathck i e twl uro wlre Mumps,
w)I1e dAoI1' no a:dise mothersa
unit fod re-} Sooting Syrup\ hi
but II we docli t\)A g(hat ther
Canothn setter oerwhe
markuetlfo i own stry
adsenerey. rgno
sPeeC asc Prnucd 25c
IT, o ee Lo thser
HIumnp Dackq
!-COT'S EMI.SION won't mas :
$ hu'mi bhk striaisht. neither will it m1.0 -
a sh~rt ts long. but It fcedt stt bo
a.d ials disostd bnt and k among
L fa.genuine imeans of rmcovery In
r, s .md bone conumption.
tov h. A
Wood's Seeds
1- 1 'k a I lem Who dte
ire the latest anl fiullest iiforna
tiolu aboiut
Vrtable and Farm Seeds
Shu \\ritt for Vood's New
Fall Catalogue. 1 tells all a%IXt)lt
the f all pi:u:: of L.ettuce, Cab
bagx. and other Vegetable crops
whiClI a 1- voviug mso protitAble to
outhern gron ers. .\lso aboiut
Crimson Gover. Vctchcs,
Grasses and Clovcrs,
Seed Oats. Wheat,
Rye. Barley. etc.
frv-e on W~ ~o \rito for it.
Seedsmen. Richmond, Va.
CURED Hicks'
T~~ N TV At Wl.
Littleton Ferr
- . . k o
..er..e's1 EllIre
the vey late ttstle
LWteonnl epr0
that done by the laet
Board andrul Lotserg
Thkaerthis re
nwerigManr SA
the ver lates stle
The kepabriles w[
W e rntan keeto
The noS ce a
toisi the orld.Nrt
Ifewe Eippervings,
Quickehs Time.rr
e., r anteenfom ao
S. ouis PryrS.,
Onnhe Scnion an
A Golden Rule
of Agriculture:
Bn good to your land and your crop
w'ill be good. Plenty of
ini the fertilizer spells quality
A'o quatity in, t e l mar. e
vest. Wlite is and
we will send you,
Jrd bs next bnil,
or Smone wiruing
93 Nassu stmeet, (
w o y York.
"ery TLi fon290
'For aictioyng t Ho m?
.M.,- Prs.,ile oton N.iC.
/orkbmthatoryu knowjis
JaPeL Colee
:hj the ltes.vtaig stlesain
ar s iken or any
oroV our wer nme"
aity f ok qalt
shirt and co~ lar fac-,~ tow
u bts haver au tria
sae Coluge
.nd the iWiteshg t--(lr
an ticne R&.rt R. it
Surork.ric n
tepis, ischdls,mag
,y Taiton or ddress
'4 Pssene Agttetnt,.
At e late ta tle .i
shir Bend Pollar fac
At COut for
This sale includes e
In order to reduce o
opening of the Fall sec
put everything in our
30 days. Now is yo
money. Don't miss it
All wool Dress Good
All Silks and Velvetz
All Ribbons, Laces a
All White Goods at c
All Colored Lawns,
at cost.
All Clothing for Mer
All Boy's Clothing al
All Shoes and SlippE
All Hats at cost.
All Umbrellas and I
All Trunks, Valises -
Come and see us auw and get ti
and Seasonable Goxds
Outfitters for everybod
Cures diseases
neys, Stom
Endorsed by
For sale by
At Cost!
All Summer Clothi
Cut Shoes at Actual C
are New Spring Goc
Merchandise but New
and see the bargains <
New ./
The latest. blocksi
of Negligee Shirts, Fa
wear, all of which will
margin of profit to us.
The Ew
Newberry, S. C., J
YOur IWOney iF
Until You are Sure You a
oae caprotect<d in e
exclusive style an(l dress, and i
please you that we say YO'JR /
June Graduates
This is Yeuri Store.
itWe have rnade grat prepari
Thin White Fabrics, Silks, ILce
Embroideries, Fans, GlIove.,
I lsiry iRibbions and Iidc
-dr( will putL you on our mailin
verything in the store.
ir large stock before thO
ison, we have decided to
store at Actual Cost for
ur opportunity to save
s at cost.
at cost.
Lnd Embroideries at cost
Organdies and Dimities
at cost.
rs at cost.
All Shirts at cost.
:arasols at cost.
ind Telescopes at cost.
ic benetit of these Cost Prices on New
Od Bros.
V. Newberry, S. C.
of the Liver, Kid
ach and Skin.
Physicians and
by Patients.
all Druggists.
At Cost:
ng, Straw Hats and Low
ost for the Cash. These
ids. No old shop worn
Up-to-date styles. Call
>ffe red.
Er rivals.
n Felt Hats. A nice line
ncy Hosiery and Under
be sold at a very close
[fter Co.
uly 29, 1903.
Only Oil eposI
re Satisfied With Purchase.
.who caritll you somethng about
o m i OIt(liir n her ability to
~ONEY B ACK if she fails.
IThe stranger in town
No doubt you will take advan
to Charl.un dring the sumer.
at the Isl otf.v P ms,o,a th,
tI r l)OOh lair an(1 coolest
,friends at 218 King St.reet..
iTON, S. C.

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