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thr Atald and ?#t
A Gentleman.
Rev. Dr Midison Peters, of
Brooklyn, N. Y., tell, the moth.
e.s of the land how to make their
boys gentlemen, Ie tys :
"Let your boy with the ti-st
lispings of speech, be taught to
speak accurately on all subjcts, be
they trivial or important. and when
he comes a man he will scorn to
tell a lie.
"Early instill into your boy's
mind de"'ision of character., .
decided, purposeless boys make
nam1by p.unby men, useless to
themselves and to evervbodv else.
"Teach vour bov to h. anl ob
ject in viewN, the backt--one to gzo
after it. and then stick.
"Teach vour boy to disdain re
venge. Revene is a sin t hat
grovs w'th his growth, and
strengthens with his strength.
Teach him to write kindness in
marble, injuries in the dust.
"There is nothing that im
proves, a boy's character so much
as putting him On 11 his ic nor.
I have little hope for the bov
who is dead to the feeling of
honor. Fle boy who leeds
to be continually looked after is on
the road to ruin. It treating your
boy as a gentleman1 does not make
him . gentleman, notLing else will.
"Let your boy wait upon him
self as much as possible. The
more he has to depend upon him
self the more manly a little fellow
he will show himself. Self-de
pendence will call out his energies,
bring into exercise his talents.
The wisest charity is to help a boy
lielp hiliself.'
"llappy is the father who is
happy in his boy, and happy is the
hoy who is happy in his father.
"Many sons of most pious
fathers turn out badly because they
are .mrfeited with religion, not the
religion of ChrIst, who was him
self reproved by the prototypes of
such severe men."--Sel.
No Power Like Love.
There is no power like love on
earth or in heaven. Illustrations
of this truth occur in every sphere.
In a missionary school in Porto
Rico, a litfle boy who had given
trouble in several classes was put
into the c,ass of a lady who seemed
to win him from the start. She
had no trouble with him. As
accounting for this, she said that
he had very beautiful eyes, and
that every time that she looked at
him she was reminded of a dlear
brothter who had (lied not long
before. The love thus awakened
in thme teacher's heart made itself
felt for good in the boy's heart
Years ago, in a L on don Sunday
school, a teacher shmowedl remark
able power over the boys puit inito
her class, even those who were
roughest. Every one of them was
won to Christ , and t his was the
case wvith each new boy brought
under her i nfluence. TIhe su perin
tendent on one occasion, referring
to tbis fact, asked what was her pe
culiar way- with rough boys. 1Her
(quiet answer was: "I (lonl't knowv
of any peculiar way 1 have. Only,
whlenever I look into the face of a
boy who is given into my charge,
I think, 'llere is a boy for whom
the blood of the Son of God was
bhed. And because of that thought
I can't help loving hi m. It may
be the boy feels some of that love.'"
W\hen from any reason, there is
real love for a pupil in the teacher's
heart, the pupil is likely to feel it.
There is no power like love.--S. S.
Much of the edlucation of our
day places emphasis on what the
Hlerald and Presbyter says: '"But
in all the plans for the betterment
of tile present educational system
there is an almost total lack of any
provision for the training of the
moral and spiritual nature of man.
Upon this subject many of our
foremost educators seem to have
nothing to say or treat it as if it
were beneath their distinguished
consideratiotn. TPhe tri ninug of
the eye, the hand, and the minid of
man, is sotught to be carried to its
utmost eiliciency, but here the
effort endls and the rest is left to
take care of itself, so far as they
are concerned. Yet this, with the
most important p art of man's
nature untrained,'islealleod, 'a liberal
education.' "' T1he' time will colme
when educators wvill marvel that
they could have been so blind to
the larger interests of man. Thle
importanlt qjuestion for society is,
"'What will a man do with his eye,
his hand, and Is mind, when
trained to the highest efficiency ?"'
--Lutheran World.
JOmMY'a Mother's Sonnet.
"1 want you to put jes' as many
vi'lets on as you ken for t wenty
c'ents, right there in the firont, s't
theY'll stick up an' look kind o'
stylish." It was a thin, sickly
looking little boy that spoke. The
young girl behind the counter
smiled, but there were tears in her
eyes as the grimy fingers undid the
ungainly newspaper bundle. and
took out a rusty black straw bonnet,
which had seen a great deal of ser
"It's fur my mother," he con
tinued, "an' it's a surprise. Do
you think yoi ken git it done fur
me by the time I take my papers
down to the olice and git back "'
"Oh, yes," said the girl: ''only
don't hurry too much. What is
vour name?'
"lem.'' answered the boy : "an'
1 won't. An' there's the twenty
:ents. I'd wait fur it a couple o'
hours, if I had to.''
lie passed out, whistling cheer
LIv. The clerk opened her shop
ping bag, and, taking out a bot
le of shoe polish, she began apply-.
ng it vigorously to the faded
tra v.
Are vou really going to try to
ix up that old thing?" inquired an
ther clerk, "and take your noon
iour, too? Catch me ! Why didn't
ou give him the violets a1nd let
in go? Twenty cents' worth
"Indeed, I am going to fix it up
or the poor little fellow,'' was the
!arnest reply. "-just think, Nlarv:
[ suppose lie's saved up that twenty
:ents for weeks! I'm so glad I
iappened to get this blacking this
norning. You can't tell the bon
:let when I get through with it : see
f you can!''
She hummed a happy little song
is she went, putting on coat after
:oat, deftly turning the straw up
here and down there.
"Mrs. Brown,'' she said, as the
proprietor of the store entered,
"twill you give me thirty-five cents'
worth of violets at wholesale? A
poor little boy has brought ine his
mother's bonnet to trim, and I want
to add a few violets to what he has
ordered, and make it just as pretty
as I can.''
"Indeed, I will," the proprietor
answered; "and good measure at
that!" Aud so it come about that
the poor black bo,r et was trans
formed into a beautiful "shiney'
one, with bunches of violets peep'
ing out here and there from the
ribbons so cunningly arranged that
he worn, faded parts could hardly'
be discerned.
''Oh, you don't mean it ; y'ou
don't mean that's my ,nother's
bunit, and all fur t wenty' cents?''
exclaimed Jem. comning back just
as the finishing touch was beinrg
given. "'Oh, what lots o' vi'lots!
I low did you git it so shiney? ( )h,
she'll be jest ticklsd to death !''
It was a wonderfully haappy' little
boy who gazed from the bonnet
into the clerk's face.
As the door closed behind hunii,
oneC who had been a silent spect at or
of it all went up to thle young girl,
and, laying her hanid on her shoulI
decr, said : "This has been a lesson
to me, my dear--a lesson that I can
never forget. Ouit of the abunad
anice withI which the LoArd has
blessed me I have begrudged to the
poor aiid needy within my gate.
Please God, it shall never happen
again !"'
In her simple way, the girl poni
diered upon the woman's words, and
wondered wvhat her life had been,
and what it would be. Ah, who
can say? As the circles of a pool1,
imto which a pebble has been cast,
widen and widen until the ripples
reach beyond our sight, so the in
fluence of a noble, generous act,
th.oughl one the world might call a
small one, goes on and on throtigh
all eternity.-Our Boys and Girls.
Which Are You?
T wo boys went to gather grapes.
One was happy because they found
grapes. Thle other was unrhapp)ly
because tile grapes had seeds in
Two men11, heinlg coilvailescent,
were asked how thley were- One
said, "I1 am better today.'' The
other satid, ''1 was worse yester
When it rains, onle man says,
'This will make mud ;'' another,
"'This wit.1 lay the dust.''
T1wo- boys examined a bush. One
observed that it had a thorn ; thle
othler, that it had a rose.
T1wo children, looking through
colored glasses, one said, "TLhe
world is blue ;'' and the otber said,
"'It is bi ight,'"
Tlwo bovs~ having a bee, oneC go
honley, the other got stung ''he
1Irst called it a honey bee the other,
A stinging bee.
"11 atil glad t hat I live," says one
man. " I ai sorry I mus0t die,''
says allother.
"1 am1 glad." says one, "that it
is io w-tse." ''1 am sorry,'' says
another, "that it is no hetter.
()ne says, "Our good is mixed
with evil." Another sap "-Our
Cvil is mixed with good." -l's.
The Bible.
This lHook contains-the imind
of God, the state of man, the way
of Salvation, the doom of sinners,
and happiness of believers. Its
doctrines are its precepts are
binding, its histories are true, and
it decisions are immutable. Read
it to be wvise. believe in it to be
safe, and practice it to be holy. It
contail,s ligit to direct you. food
to support yon, and comfort to
cheer you. It is the traveler's map,
the pilgrim's staff, the pilot's coin
p.ss. the soldier's sword, and the
Christian's charter. 1 lere 'aradise
is restored, heaven opened, and the
gTates of hell disclosed. Christ is
its grand subject ; our good, its de
;ign, and the glory of God, its end.
it should till the memory, rule the
Cart, and guide the feet. Read
t slowly. frequently, prayerfully.
It is a mine of wealth, a paradise
>f glory, and a river of pleasure.
it is given you in life, will be
)pen at the Judgment, and be re
membered forever. It involves the
highest responsibility, rewards the
greatest labor and condemns all
who trifie with its holy contents."
Grandmother's Rules.
Always look at the person to
whom you speak. \\When you are
addressed, look straight at the per
son who speaks to von. I )o not
forget this.
Speak your words plainly; do not
mutter or mumble. If words are
wvurth saying, they are worth pro.
inouncing distinctly and clearly.
Do not say disagreeable things.
If you have nothing pleasant to Say.
keep silent.
Think three times before vou
speak once.
Ilave VoU something to do t hat
yon tiud hard a,od would prefer not
to doI )o the hard thing first,
and get it over witi.. If vou have
done wrong. go and confess it. if
y'our le-on is tough. master it. If
the garden is to be veeded. weed
it tir'.t and play afterwards. D o
first thle thling y'ou don't like to do,
and then, with a clear conscience.
try tIe rest.-Presbyterian Record.
The Right Time For The Right
Wot d.
Maniiy young p)eople arm now dle
bat ing the qutest.on as to whether
or not they shall seek a higher edui
cat ion . Some oft them need adlvice,
counsel aind encouragement at thle
bands of comi~petenit persons. H erei n
ia line field for pastoral ovecrsight
andI at tention. A mana dloes not
know what forces for goodI he may
he start inmg whlen he gets a capable
boy or girl on the track of getting
a thoroughly trained ind(. It is
wort bi some at tenutimon, somne t bought
and soinie exert ion. Thme worldl is
always in, need of good peCopIe withI
eqjuippied andi( discilinedl intellects
ui nitedI to good hearts. The good
heart may (do inuc h but v'ast ly more
ini coinjuinc tion with the adequnate
men tal eqipmentI. Some adv'ice
too can b)e given as to thle place to
get the best.
President JordIan , of Lelandl
Stanford Uini versity, has recently
been delivering himself of sonme
wire wordls on the subt)ject of educa
[ion in the great colleges and tuni
versities. iIe says that "'There is
no worse teaching done under the
sun thani in the lower classes of
some of our most famous colleges.
Cheap tutors, unpracticedl and uin
paid boys, are set to lecture to
classes far beyond their po wer to
TPhat is inot cotm fort inig talk for
some of thle big college p)residlenlts
who hav~e b)een deplreciat ing the
small college. It is not dillicult to
lea rn t hat in ia college that has 300
meni in (eachI of its classes the stoL
dents can not coin e ito p)ersonal
conmtact withI thle head p)rofessors;
these professors lecture at t hem oc
Leasionally, bt thme teaching, esp~e
2iatlly down in the lower classes, is
done by tutors, who, as a rule, will
not compare ini ab)ili ty and( expe
rience with the p)rofessors in the
small colege who (10 all the teach
ig, TLhe average stuiden t stanmds
a better chane of gettin g-o
a greait untiversity.
h'lle right tiMe fot t he right
W01d kott t his stbje.t is low here.
it is a lik"hl tield and p astors should
e t thle alert ouit only that they
inla% exiploit it but that they imv
serve in it. l'hev sholid kotme to
it luot tht thev may bte ministered
unto but thaI theV MaY tiillister.
The l ight tu1e is in, V 'When 11t1l
tititd s o e t 11un" pelel ill miur
0hu1A t.e Aideritg this
problem of sec1urng t t' eduicatiotn.
-1 .ut heail ot id,
F-'olget the ahe 1 tim own heart holds
Ily easing othets' pain
Fouget * our hin1tget iitg fot wealth
Ilt 'y m king othels' gain;
A tid tiitke yout lif iuntmeh ht ieler seem
l1y hi ightettinig the ieats -I
Atid tems dry tiieket ini the eyes
That look fou otlhets' teats.
Ileat tache fade iliekest fltot ti lte hearl
That feels .1nothet-s pain;
The gived foi wealth dies sooner if
We seek anolhet's gaiti
Life's sands in lightly if we fill
\\ ith kinditess all the vears
And tea ts dt v quieker inl the eyves
That look for othe's tea s.
Warren White Sulpher Springs.
E. 1). CUl.L.EN & SON, I'HOl'IETORs.
Variety of mitneral waters. E"ievation
2, 100 feet. One mile rI'om- station. Four
mails daily. Exeelletit table. Modern
buildings and equi mient. Hates $25
per month. Special rates to families.
Coll o of l1arlloston
I etters. Scieiec. 1-:ngineering. One
SCholarship to each ontyt of South
Carolina. EntraInC eXaMllination held
at Newherry by County Superintendent
of Ed-'tueation and .Judge of Probate on
duhy 10. Tuition W1. Board and furl
nished room in Dor-mitory, $10 per
month. All candidates ftor admission
are permitted to coplljete fO' Boyle
Scholarsilp. which pays $100 a Year.
For eat alogno, address'
Newberry, S. C.
OrganXtri:zcc1 1000.
Capital - - - $50,000
Surplus - - - 19,500
Paid Stockholders
since organization 21,000
Paid Depositors in
Savings depart
ment since or
ganization - - $9,200
A [an wurking by th d o ay is paid
for the timne hi ivn in at work, hut
when that titan saves' a Jul lar for his
day's lbior it w. rkL f r hi rn nights,
as wetll as (lay.: tl'vIr hliy- if on ae.
counlt of haitd w.eamt her and n iever gets
sick, lint goes right in earning himt
an tincouhie. It's a nice tin rg to work
Ior timnte, hut it's innehi nicer to
have trooy wo.rkingm for you.Tr
it- --open a sa vinigs aiccountit with Iis1
anid get moitni luon)y tYwiorkinig for you)t.
Mak a deposi t in thIt Sav in gs de.
patrtmeniit todaiy and lh,t it biegini to
work for youjt. I ntorm'st ((ortputed at
4 per cent dJannary 1 andI July 1 of
each year.
and everything in the
line of STA PLE STA
TIONERY at the
Tablets from 2 cents
each up.
Beautiful Writing
Come and see.
Also a line of nice
Theiu fol lowing dlruggists rinuestst the
holders of M~Ult N A coiupon~ to b)ring
thetm in at once antd Roeuirtt absolto
ly free, the regular size bot tIe of the
Great Preparation, MUlHNA WI NE
IFor sale only b)y Gilder & Weeks
07-'4SP~L IA*
Watches, Clocks,
Silver and Plate Ware,
Cut Glass and Table Ware
Wedding and Birthday Presents
Key winding Watches
Changed to Stem
ilictzll LOY1111:16: ittodby
Eduard Scholtz,
Jeweler and Optician.
- , 4 PFETT
- -i x Uuisi:, or mail 25c
- ,-n ai Mr . colio, tiive:
Two Daily Pullman Ver
Between SOUTH ai
The Best Rates and Roi
Via Richmond and \
Norfolk and Steam
Nashville, Memph
Louis, Chicago, Ne
Points South and South\
and Jacksonville and
and Cuba.
ie-For detailed information
man reservations, etc., appl:
board Air Line Railway, or
Passenger Agent, Columbia
4~HUN Comnpl
Pass. Traffic Mgra.
A passenger service u
and comfort,equipped wil
Dining, Sleeping and Thi
For rates, schedule, n1
tion, write to
Small Savings are the Stepping
Stones to success and plenty
$1.00 a month deposited in our
Will in 10 years amount to $ 146 00
$5.00 will in 10 years
amount to - - - - $ 730 00
$10.00 will in 10 years
amount to - - - -'$1460 00
We want your business.
Have ample facilities to
accommodate our cus
The Commercial Bank
of Newberry, S. C,
Cures Cholera-Infantum,
Diarrhoea, Dysentery, and
the Bowel Troubles of
Children of Any Age.
Aids Digestion, Regulates
the Bowds, Strengthens
the ChilW and Makes
to C, J. MOFFLT, M. D., St. Louis, Mo.
and Thrush. Removes and Prevents
,tibuled Limited Trains
ite to all Eastern Cities
Vashington, or via
ers.-To Atlanta,
is, Louisville, St.
w Orleans, and All
vest-To Savannah
all points in Florida
rates, schedules, Pull
to any agent of The Sea
J. J. Puller, Travellng
S. C.
iet summrer Resort FoW -
Free to Any Addrer.
nexcelled for luxury
:h the latest Pullman
oroughfare Cars.
aps or any informa.
Passenger Agent,
Wilmington, N. C.
1. 0. BEA' TIE, Receiver.
In Eil(et June 8,19VJ.
netw4ooi Ai-dur"ta and Walialla.
Mixled Mixed
No. 9. No. 12 rtations. No. 11 No. 9
P. M. A. M. V A. A. M
3 10 9 6............... l otion............... 3 20 10660
248 93S ........ Andereon F. D......... 840 1110
2 45 930........ A ndorsonl P. D..... ... 8 46 116
........ 926........West Anderson....... 849.
.....-. 9 09...............D ouver.............. 869
........ 902 . Autu.......... 40 ...5
........ 8 55 ...........P I"O d loton ..,......,.. 4 il ....
........ 841...............Cherry............... 4 18
-...-.. 8 44 ........ ...... A d atin............... 4 21 ....
---. -- 8 28 ....2. lo di a n Jut,.1, ... ... 4 33 ....
---..... 8 25-...............sonlecit.............. 4 88
........ 8 06....... ..W eit Un11on ......... 604 .
-:....--. 800-........... W alhalla ............ 6 09
All regular tralin from Bolton to Walbala,
have precedenCo over trains of s%mo class
11 ovilg In tho Opposite dirootton unless oth
Orwise speolfied by train orier.
Willn nso stop at the following stations to
take o and lt oil rassengers: Philuey's
Jaeos and Siawl yI1whIigs.
J. . AN DhHON, Superintendent
Charleston and Western Carolina Rwv Co,
Augusta and Ashevillo Short Line
(Schedulo in effect haioh I,1903.)
(Road Down.) (Read Up)
12.46 pm.........lv New borry......... Ar 8.0 pm
1.50 pMn .. ......Ar Laurons............. Lv 2.02 pm
2.07 pil ......... Lv Laurens.. . . .. Ar 1.80 pm
..80 pm......... Ar Spartan burg... Lv 12 01 pm
3.41) pmn.........Lv Spartanburg.Ar 10.25 am
..32 pm.........Ar 8aluda............... Lv 8. 89 am
.311 pm.........Ar Hondorsonvilie Lv 8.05 am
7.1 I pm.........Ar -\shreville.......... Lv 7.05 am
1M-4I pa n...... Lv Newberry (e.N.&L.) 3 10 pm
1.60 pm..... Ar LaurOns.................. Ly 2.02 pm
,1.55 pm...... Lv Laurens.................Ar 1.45 vm
2 1 pm......Ar Greonwood.............Lv 12.44 pm
6.20 Im...... Ar Augusta-...............Lv 10.10 am
S3 pm.lv Augusta..........Ar 11.66 am
6.30 pm...... Ar Ileaufort........ Lv 7.50 am
6.45 pm......Ar Port Royal ...........Lv 7.40 am
12 46 pm...Lv Nowrry ( N.&L)Ar 8.10 pm
1 & ..... Ar Laurens ............Lv 2.02 pm
2 0pm...... Lv Laur-,nm ............... Ar 1.36 pm
3.2b pl ...... Ar Greonville............ Lv 12.15 pm
For fuirthie Ifornitiou rolaive to rates,
3tc. oall on, or address
CEO. T BfRY AN, Gen. Ag'. Greenville, 8 C.
AusustW, da.
T. M. t- in I on Trafh Manager.
(Eastern Standard Tirre.)
iou th botnd. Northbound.
ichedule in Effect Sunday,'June 128th, 1908
8 40 am Lv Atlanta (s.A.L) Ar. 8 60 pm
10 50 ani Athone 6 19 pm
11 65 aln Elborton 5 17 pm
12 ;h pill Abbeville 4 05 pm
1 22 pin Oreonwood 3 35 vm
2 r5pw Ar Clinton (in'r) L. 2 45 pin
10 00 am Lv Alonn Springs Ar 4 00 pm
12 16 pin ,partanburg 8 30 pm
12 2 pin 7roonville 3 26 Dm
(Harris Springs)
1 12 pIn Waterloo 2 35 pm
1 42 1 1- Ar iaurens (Dlin'r) Lv 2 17 pin
8 '2 53 62 21 85
Tl ') D'ly D'ly W-ly DIly
ex ex Ox ex
4t: .9iun nSti
in am pin pm pmn am
7 111 700 202 L.v !,trenio Ar I b0 900 600
25 7 10 2(,9 Parks 1 42 851 650
845 7 %'0 2 2! Oli.itmn.. 130 830 525
915 7 50 384 Goldvilli 1 17 300 4 46
73 80') 241 Kinard 110 745 480
940 809 249 Oary 105 735 440
950 818 264 Jlapa 100 726 405
1 tw 840 310 Nowborry 1246 795 346
.232 902 324 Prosperity 1282 941 305
248 918 334 81gli 1223 626 2 60
1 10 9 25 3 39 It Mountain 12 19 620 2 40
1 4) 840 3 61 Ohapin 1209 (105 220
165 950 357 Hilton 1202 55B 216
. 05 965 4 01 White Rock 11 59 660 200
2,25 .001 4(.7 Ballentine 1154 541 150
2 5 ii .7 4 17 Irmo 1146 524 132
3 05 io 6 4 214 Leaphar.. IL 40 6 91 119
3.30 10 4i 4 40 Oolumbla 1126 500 1.00
.. U. L.
(Union Station)
445 11 20
pm am
1 55 LvColuin bin ('A.O.L.)Ar 11 10
6 20 Siumitet- 9 60
S9 20 A r Carlton Lv 7
Traia53 and 62 arrive and del. fromi
iew union deopot.
Trains 22 and 8i fromn A. C. U. freight depot,
West (Gervals strct.
For Rtates,Tlnme Tables, or further informa
Ion call en any Agent, or write to
President. Traffie Manager.
Bol. Agt. '4ei.'1 Krt. & P'ass Agt.
Aleumiha. P.. C- wtlnminotnn. N ('.
No taste. No odor. Can be given in
~lass of water, tea, or coffee without
atient's knowledge.
White Ribbon Remedly will cure or
estroy.the diseased appetite for alco
ohec stimulants, wvhether the patient is
confirmed inebriate, a "tippler," so
ial drinker or dIrunkard. Impossible
or anyone to hlave an appetite for alco
olic lhquors after using White Ribbon
ndorsed by Members of W. C. T. U.
Mrs. Moore, press superintendent of
V/oman's Christian Temperance Union,
lentura, California, writes: "I have
ested White Ribbon Remedy on very
bstinate drunkards, andl the cures have
een many. In many cases the Remedy
vas given secretly. I cheerfully recoin
non d and indorse White Ribbon Reme
ly. Members of our Union are de
ighted to find an economical treatment
o aid us in our temperance work."
Drtuggists or by mail, $1. Trial pack
ge free by writing Mrs. A. M. Town
entd (for yiears secretary of a Woman's
bhristian I'emperance Union), 218 Tre
nont St., Boston, Mass. Sold in New
erry by Gilder & Weeks.
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onot comp)lete and best general semi
veekly you can get. It publishes 16
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