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That was a notable address deliverd
on Tuesday by the lion. John Temple
Graves, of Atlanta, before the Chau
tauqua, N. Y., "mob" confeence. A
brief synopsis of the address, outlining 2
Mr. Graves' position. is published else
where in this issue. Mr. Graves' argu- t
ment is very s'rong. His portrayal of
conditions existing in the South is very
true. lHis theme was "Lynching." and
while the crime is national, he spoke of
it from the standpoint of the South.
"Lynching is a crime," said Mr.
Graves. "No sane man will deny that
proposition. It is anarchy. It is riot.
It is a stab at the law. It is deplorable.
It is awful. It. is appalling. But it is
here. It is here to stay. ' ''We might
as well state the question fairly. Ile
problem of the hour is not how to pre
vent, lynching in the South, but the
larger question, how shall we destroy
the crime which always has and always
will provoke lynching."
No truer words were ever spoken.
Lynching for what ever cause is deplora
he. ut. to seek to prevent it for the
one crime is worse than useless. Nor
do we helive that lynching for t his crime
is always unjst itiable. The great
dallgerl lies itn the fact that the spirit of
lawlessness once aroused can not he
cont rolled. If lynht'ling for rapt he
Con111ne(ilded the spirit of mob violence
will spread until even the least crimes
will be considered suilcient cause for
speedy executimn at the hands of the
mob. 'Ihe truth of this has alreadv
bee) seen.
lBut however mueh we may d iset
the evil of lynching the fact remains
that lynching for utpe can not he Plre
vented. Ini the el oUetIt Wolrds of \I1r.
Graves, "the crtime of lVnching had its
originl a1d genesis it) the unsp 'eak al ble
horror and 1 unspeakable indigilation of
a chivalrous I ople for a monstrous
outrage igaiist the Iothers. the wives
and the daughters of the race. t'ount
it at its worst, c(onicede its liwlessiess,
colifess its dettoraization but you.
sir- voi who coidetin lynching most
put yourself in the place of the victitli
or the viclim's kin stand in tle asles
and desolation of anguish for which
there is no balm in tioe (and n' healing
inl religion: look upon the forim maimtoed.
hattered anld forever dishonored, of the
thing yon hh1l dleat'est and puest on1
elarth l ati then with vour' hal upon
the hea't of' at honest matn. answer
the challenge of the mob. 'nd say.
where would you stand in that dav'.'
So long as letn hold the family t:
sacred ntil the honor of their womecn
above all things lviclhing will i Low
the criie. The. only way then t-i pr
vent lynclint:g is to prevent the 'rn-..
herefore. as .Mr. Gra\es has said.
qtuestion fotr the S'ithl is not the;r
velition of lyltclhiig, but the pi'evet'i
of the crime which p-recedes it.
"The lyncher does not exvterminat
t1he rapist ult 1.1 e holds him mi .
it) ('leek. The mob I statnds todlay as th'
highest, strtotigest atnd most poetenthdi
bulwark bii eier t h, wotnet of t}h.
Siuth andui such a carntivatl of crimet :u
tate t In' anntihiilat i of thei. negro tac. -
Nor'thr li ole,tl that thte spietacuitr
applitah' to thett Soont'rn neigr'o mal that
lhe prtomitnentce giveni himn by a cout t of
Just ice ltas niot sot much of' trr'tor't for
hit t.
As the otily remoedv for the cr'ime and
t he conset uetnt lyneh intg NI r. G raves gave
the compiIlte separat ion of t he race..
Il(' (fuotedl statistics to pro'ive that icdu
eatio w(1 ~ilf not s(olve the prtoblemi. -liv
the ('ensuis 1he is worst. in t he SonthI
since his educilat ion than liefonre'. i ir byv
cent. of th li'opul101at ion - furnishedl :1
pet' ('e'nf. of' the1 ciime, including itO per
ce'nt.of' the assaults itn flhe w hole coun tt'y,
andt af'tr .i' 0 yearLis of freendom1, whnt
tt('ation, iand( I:s i!literacyo' ha s deere ased
.22 per' cent !"
Separat ion thea 1' gave as the~ oil
soltion11. Andu when Mlr. Gr aves giavet
this soliution lit gave thet only solut ion.
Thel pr'ophei'y of Tlhomuas J1efl'erisont
uttered ttanty, manyi) year's ago will be
fulfill'd. Molt violeite is rapidly
spreading t hroughout the' countriy to)
(day. Lynchinig f'oi' thle ciime of rape
cannot lit pt'even te and nuiltever will b e
pr'eetd. So long aus the're aire ly neli
ings for t his cime ot her ad lesser
crimes will provoke theit samet piunishi
ment. TIhe spirit tof niob v'iolence will
cotntinlue to sprieadl, and(l t'e41 cnt inuante
of the spirit tof mob violence tmeans an-.
archy, and anarchy mecans tyratnny.
Mr. Roosevelt was cor'rect whetn he
utter"ed that thought. There is (only
oneO cotnclusion. If the cim)e of rape
be niot prevented it will be onily a v'ery
few years utntil anarchy, verging inito
tyrany will pre'tvail.
E'dutcation wvill not prtevent the crime.
There have been more assaulIts u potn
wvhite women by negro brutes ini the
last few year's than at any other p)eriod
since the war'. If education wvill not
solve the plroblemi, nothing is left save
separation. And in the eloquent word(s
of Mr. Graves, "When the wvisdomn,
the courage, the candor of the country
shall reach this great and just conclu
sion, God and the statesmanship of an
unclontrollahle race wvill find the honor
able and peCaceful way."
We are glad the Observer is willitig
to join in the eff'orts to secure compul
sory connection with the sewerage.
The overflowving of the stand p)ipe
once a weeki, alsa go:sugtin
We note that the newspaper sa:, that
ov. Heyward is pleased with the re
ort of Chief Hammett and the resilts
'omplished in the enforcemnct of the
ispensary law in South Carolina. We
peW' the governor has just grou -d for
is pleasure, and that the tinte will
ome soown when this law shall be eii
oived just as other laws are, wit hout
speial force and a special mtehinct v.
The report of Chief tlammet tt com
,ares the months of May and Jinie of
902 with she same months of to.'.
'he business at the State and u' uet
ispensaries has increased in 190: eer
.X)2 considerably. The sales at t-e
'tate dispensary have incrase, :.
4$.4S. while in the County dispe sane,
chich indicates the consumri., of
hiskey, there is an increase f:
wO mnirths over last Year of.:'.
'his increase it is claimed doe . :m
icate more drinking by the peop:,
hows that the blind tiger h.. o n
itt out of bus iness. We hopi 'Ii.
Another comparison s
lOyward has inectkised he 'huber :
onstables and the cost ol :h :n
nonhs. May and Junte, for o :
2.169.%6 more than in l u::, w i - t
eizures for the months ne:ti ni
818.78 more than in 1902.
The total sales in local iiispTns;: iWs
or whiskey alone for the mont s of
4ay and June this year acconiing to
he report were $3;70u,978."7. ;ntl these
wo the dullest me stlis inl the year.
l'he sale of beer in t.a local dispensar
es amoutited to $111.204.'ll for .\lav amd
Ilne. Nearly a half million dollarS inl
wo months for whiskey tuad bt-er.
If we could have this Ionie\ tlxpwklitI
i on the roatl of the State we wohi'd
ioton have go( . roads.
We hope the govenor is right and
hat the increase in the a-les by\. the
ok"al dispensauies meas nthat tht blind14
igers are doing less butsintess.
Our ('leilsor (ollege correSlootldnit
luotes ('ol. It. I. Watson as sa\ ;niie at
he Farmers' I istititte It is S une
liat every 1111i Van't g; v. hiS wite
uId chihdien strawberr-1ites,aphri
R Ia'lies ol. 11ppleS. 01' MVl killd -1' fralt
I tellt iZet a i>-: '* ' i art'
ina. but if I . - - n rr
I mantf s lh:'.
fruit for me. 6.
.'ste. A man
venl in town 'w!
niough- in S'outi' .
lot ll-ve ft Uit hve.V
there arte a go!: -
in partial disgrace w
)'ur cesp'teqonde'n t'
L'ol. Watson'*s adidres-s: i
hnalld 11tinary o see hox
s tItrer-rie-s enioughI to
Tho i o ell haIlis went u"'I
grat :ay ther thir
ol. div.. t
is im;.or:ant for tihe n t
' n oft the count IW
't:. l ttd m a]ho tu
Iai t*ii h a i l
A idyal us thartanbu -i h
'Ollnit i or a utnngt}t,t it ibim
atiuiacs ieeed in trit, 'l
tiht gnIui. wta in it
tievt' tt iotnt s 'to t i - a ; -i
redldltis u tatth g
ntitnt is ia tlgtuttrt hi tt .
fno Jona h 'eegonit it itrr'iiwi?
in d il lu the hrh-iaI.wn
l~teAdvertiserI li> it
tiititgoulie sool haut ,i'vt~ a
this State is anything aukin ttt .b,tn:tbi
giount. 'The good roads lit ynm,t i
here antI here to stay rttil w. ,.
.l'The gre'at MloradlIn.s t iutin uhh~ i
otheces im neatly everty couti v n. itt
a, heatvy v itiotlie diselt'rge I-i-nm .\ i r
t' -.IJotnts of' Newbet.rry latst Thuriis a .
Ib s ecaust ie crit ieismrs atre ver'y giem-r i
and t her'efoure, ias thIe legal 'fiatrtit i
woill hilt it, his comla~intt st I i
maile motre dletinit e and cert aini. \\ it '
th.1 use shoo~ ting at the covev: why tii
mm att some parttieular hrindf: ln., i
Tlhat is whlat we ha:vte he.' wn iii
Mr'. .Jones to dlo, lit mote sp-.ili.. \i
tnote that, lhe wriote a pierstiin h-t I- iii
otne membtler oft the 81tate hitanil ofi i.
rectors satying hre did tnot mleanl himt liut
miarke(d it. piersonatl. We lia't Irt a
sti Ilieienyeo thtIe samie old charges matil
rumor101s. Iif t here is w r'ong th,ingo
r'ot.t.elnness ot aniy kind nywhit. ni
anyi\ citi'zen hats evitdence of' it let it
ctome, buat let uis stop thlese vague r
We' jutdge fr'om t he r'esolu t ions itd op t iti
att the Farmer's istituite att ('lemrsol
that at proposition is maiide to miovt the
State Fair fr'om ('oht nnhia to ('he ti,
College. As it putrely argricult itral grt hi.
ering Clemson wotuld be alrighrt, bunt ais
an annrual reurnionr for the pleoplte of tIhe
Statte as the fair has been for miany
years, there is no pilace like (Colunubiai.
1t is cenrtral, easy of nec'ess, with goodI
railroad schedules, and has thre ability
to enter'tain and1( care for the visit or'..
None of these things could be hand at
any other p)lace. We notice t.ht a
resolurtion was adopted appointing a
comrmrttee to confer with the Chamnber
of Commerce of Columbia arid to r'eport.
back to the societty at the Otrte.
If Supervisor Schumpert would tr
the experiment of mixing some sant
with the clay dust on the road fron
Newberry to Lindsay's Bridge since h
has had it worked we beleive he wou<
have a road superior to tle liatcadaim
but ift' he doesn't when the rains comi
he will have some bad road.
The Cosolidation of the Seaboard Ail
L.ine with Rock Island and ''risco sys
tEmIs m1akt's the greatest railroad coimi
bOltiwn in thet world and embraces a
rIMd total of 13,2-19 miles extendini
rm the .A t iC to thIle Pacite at
frem the Niwth to the (uit. It is sait
the vomblinaiot will strengthen th
c:0eitncy an1d indlepoendencet of the Sea
hei.and theretfore. be of great bene
tho South. We hope so.
\\ ilh; biecomle of that new depot
W wO-kd hikt' for the railroad coM
1W siners to let us know what has beet
0 ,r w ha. they are going to do.
1. J. W. Writes Inter'stingly on Untor
Academy Sut$s.
11cre t'rc solne ot' our Long I-ane at
M.\-hont visitors last week who re
turncd home on Sntidav: Messrs. .lo
and \\illie [aker. Joe llenry llake
Mi sscs N.at tie :ind Ada McCulloug)
and 141le lrock and littl- M1ster Cur
ti.s liikarti
Mr. 11. S. B. Kibler and ramily, ol
Newhtetrry. art' spentling a week in tht
coulIIt ry visitinig relatives and friends.
Mrs. Mattie llentz. of the New Ilopt
sect imn, is x.sit ing her sister, Mrs. S. .1.
The patrons o)f Union Academiy lav
eIected Viss Olive Feagle. daughter ol
Mr. L.. I. Felgle, teacher for the nexi
tel m1.
Mrs. M. L.. Kinard is still st llerinj.
ext retely from cincer of the breast.
ll'ert 1is beeni conisierable Specila
tion as to what will be the ninal result
ol tilt pitseit crop. It u .11 b" somt
litime yet II-fore this can Ihe told accu
ratly. Iut the timt is here when w
tan tigure pretty closely. All crops of
r,(l mland that iave been well fer-Lilizet,
aind cultivated are above the average
All e rops on sa idy hmlid, not w itistand ing
tiliing and work, are below th
aIvLTage. The satdy land is away in
tle ta.irlitv. and taking the county v
a WnlIC. we cannot IMllke a full crop
Mr. L.ditor. I suppose there will b
t,.trt*her eflt il tle approaching
i,4,,r tkI aviv en e thle child laLO
etducation laws. as th
clittl Ilills on half time ia
t d this proble. A few m1or
::Ti crot.es antd this will all be
. he past. But this is just a
: . e. We w ant our legisi
i . more lu sinhess antd less nor
I, nk g.od rI41oa; agitation nIo
- n1mst bt brought to a foeu
to lbe doait' m the assen
b i . :'t r.-xt legislatu re. We be.
lie wn :::het im... me thait HeR)(1 t
i. A:I A lI will track the nut tha
hIi t -C vret ti the gtotI roads prol
i I iin . il W nir plan is not oly goodi
b t i: t reasonale, i' andi we belie0v
wm.t t ih: approbat ion of a majoirit
a Ii.'sd:ay. the 18th, is the (da:
for t.h* barbecue at St. P'aul's church
h* 'eu-- will be' futrnishetd in th linter
Ir o th. church. If vou want to hl
n'eb.ch as weli as get a gotod dinnert
I" t tie 'ilu. St. P'aul's is a g'ot
p:t fo r at big gat the ring. and1( ne.x t Ttues
W:tyIb' ill lbe 1no exceptionl.
I ir bt ;;s. .h>)sephl atnd IHollantd, ana
K i::td andl brthetttr A\lonzo are visitinj
tn-e WhiitmIire.
The March of Progress.
It lng as p eoplte knew no0 better
railri:tal, the telegrapih, the telephone
& c.,I but whoii, in th1is pirogressw e age'
wiouhi<hdsp'tise wvith these niecessitie:
iiw.' So it is with fltour. As long a:
ou u.w itenror flour' and know nothing
tf th me' irits oft PHransford's "'Clifton,'
.c: iut ma be sa~ tifiedo wVith your br'ead
ek:utIst ry, Ibult if yioui trys one snel
eE''lf.n,'' the "'cake is douigh'" wit)
al in t''nor fllin-s.
IIAv's & McCatitrry..
Is to dilsbelieve the evidence Of Newbierr)
cli izens.
NIi t', N.wh rry prof t ocr; Newhioti
U' tI ' i . t:v, har an i i ne o loalt ofi
h an , it'iet evr .' in .rmer ;ing an t he
Ir,ntil be t t'tt N .i her y a~:tln 'r is r
to: - ~I a t hai t I ns idnYo,'
b-u I, daltt my le ba- iitine e altyo
"i%'l li t'hougti t iiel! itru l waX I ma
ltt i.' t h at I it hvadf tt i t jo my
bi~ tnendM given L'it'- rh u i a e M:i.
bttc k ahedt Ievery mioe I madead )tt he
K idn.iyii wh.Nl ~ ~t'I dau htit cltt ex.
lid be t don toii 'heti knet mi a.'ijy V'a
lt til no t edIihlnt't..is
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months -salary $30 a month. Applica
io ma he rent to any one of the.
W. H1. LO0NG Chairman;
Newberry i.u 3d, 1903.
U OleeolJhr1estoii
LCS , SCn i, Engineering. On
Crln. Entrance examination held
at Nwerr.y by County Sup)erintend1ent
of Ed c tu arl*Jde f robte on
month Al andlidates for ad minson
Scho rhitt, toi compete fior Boyle
SForlrataio , addrh pys $100 a year.

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