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Large and Attentive Crowd, Good Speeches,
and a Good Dinuer-The Tther
The good roadq meeting for Township
No. 8 was held at Utopia on Wednes
day. The crowd numbered about two
hundred persons, who gave all the
speakers the closest attention. A very
excelleit barbecue dinner was served,
and the day passed off very pleasantly.
The meeting was held in the beauti
fl grove at Mr. W. I. Herbert's resi
dence. At the request of those in
charge, Col. Jno. C. Goggans presided.
The first speaker was Col. E. H. Aull,
who reiterated the position taken on
former occasions, showing the neces
sity for good roads and the great ad
vantages from every standpoint which
will be secured from building them.
Mr. Aull favors a property tax for road
purposes, raising the commutation tax to
at least $2.00, and working the chaingang
on permanent road building. He thinks
under the present system of road work
ing the chaingang consumes too much
time in moving from one place to an
other, and he also favors hiring State
convicts when the gang becomes so
small that its work will not pay. Mr.
Aull outlined a plan for the mainten
ance of the present roads while the
proposed permanent roads are being
Col. W. A. Hill, who is a practical
roadworker made a good and practical
address. He said no amount of talk
would bring good roads. If the people
wanted good roads then they must pay
for them. lie favored a small property
tax to begin with, and then if the peo
pie desire they can increase the tax at
any time they see fit.
Col. Cole. L. Blease, after dinner,
excused himself from making a speech
but stated his position.
The last speaker was the Rev. S. H.
Zimmerman. Mr. Zimmerman's ad
dress was particularly strong, and he
received very close attention.
A tax for good roads is not a contribu
tion, he said, but a paying investment,
and an investment which will pay the
farmers especially. le wanted to see
roads built, and he knew the people
must pay for them, 'hether they levied
a property tax or voted bonds.
The Rev. J. A. Sligh and the Hon.
Geo. S. Mower sent their regrets that
they were unable t.o be present. Dr.
George B. Cromer was absent on ac
count of the Delmar reunion.
The barbecue dinner was one of the
best of the season. It was furnished
by Mr. W. I. llerbert, the cooking
being done by Messrs. J. P. and Thos.
No. 3-Mt. Pleasant, August 22.
Speakers: Rev. J. A. Sligh, Cole. L.
Blease, E. 11. Aull.
No. 4--Whitmire, August 15. Speak
ers: Rer. S. H1. Zimmerman, Rev. J.
A. Sligh, Jno. W. Scott, Cole. L' Blease,
E. 11. Aull.
No. 5 pearman's Spring, August27.
Speakers: E. H. Aull, Cole. L. Blease,
0. L. Schumpert, Rev J1. A. Sligh.
No. 6 -Lo dngshore, August 18. SpeaX
ers: E. H. Aull, Cole. l,. Blease, W. .
Hill, 0. 1H. Mayer, W. HI. Hunt, George
J ohnstone.
No. 7-Williams' Store, August 19.
Speakers: Cole. L. lilease, E. HI. Aull,
F. H. D)ominick, ,Jno. I". Hank<s, C. T.
Wyche, W. HI. Han ders
No. 9 -Yotmg's Grove, August 14.
Speakers: E. 11. Mill, WV. H. Hunt,
G iorge Jobhnstone, Rev. S. H-. Zimmer
The Delmar Reunion.
The annual reunion of the alumni,
students and friends of Newberry Col
lege, for Edgefield, Sailuda and Alken
counties, wvas hel at Delmar , Sahuda
county. The attendance was unusu
ally large. Addresses were made by
County Su per intendlentI of Education
B. F. Sample, the Rev. D). B3. Grose
close of Etheridge, Prof. D). R. Riser of
Ninety-Six, and Dri. Geo. H. Cromer,
presidlent of the college. Of Dr. Cro
mer's add(ress the Saluda corresp)ondcn t
of the Newvs and Courier says:
"'Presidlent Geo. H. Cromer, whom
every Newberry College boy loves, made
the closing add(ress. His subject was
"Newberry College andl Education,"
and it goes without saying that his
speech was, as they all are, elegant in
diction, eloquent. in delivery andl withal
replete wvith wisdlom."
Protracted Mectig at Unity.
Protracted preaching services will
begin at Amity church, the Rev. Chas.
M. Bloyd pastor, on Saturday before
the fourth Sabbath of August. On
Saturday andl Sabbath there wvill be
two services with an intermission, and
lunch on the groundls each (lay. An
nouncements for the following week
will be made on Sabbath.
Trhe Rev. S. J. Patt erson, of Char
lotte, N. C., will preach. Rev. Mr.
Patterson is a young divine of greal
pulpit power.
Week Eind Rates
From points on the Atlantic Coasi
Line to Seaside Resorts, tickets on sak
Saturday, good returning including Mon.
(lay following, attractive schedules, uin
surpassedl service Summer Tourist
Tickets to Mountain and Seaside Resort,
limited for return. passage to Octobei
31st on sale until September 30th.
For full pat'ticulars, rates, etc, cal
on ['icket Agents or write,
General Passenger Agent
Traflic Manager
Wilmington, N. C.
The Movements of Many People, Newber
rians and Those Who Visit
Rev. W. I. Herbert, of Columbia is
in the city.
Mr. Francis B. McIntosh, of Co
lumbia, is in the city.
. Mr. Wm. H. Greer, of The State,
was in Newberry this week.
Mr. H. Arthur Copeland, of Union,
is spending a few days in the city.
Miss Susan Willingham,of South
Boston, Va., is visiting at Mr. T. C.
Mr. James Seldon Davidson and wife,
of Spartanburg, are visiting relatives
in the city.
Mr. J. W. M. Simmons returned yes
terday after a very pleasant stay on
Pauley's Island.
Mr. William Johnson and son, Mr.
James M. Johnson, have returned from
Glenn Springs.
Miss Margaret Motte, of Ninety-Six,
is visiting Misses Marguerite and
Carolyn Cromer.
Misses Bessie and Pauline Gilder and
Maud Fant, who have been visiting at
Whitmire, have returned home.
Miss Agnes Snmmer left on Tuesday
for Winchester, Va., where she will
spend a month visiting friends.
Senator George S. Mower attended a
meeting of the sinking fund commission
in Columbia on Wednesday.
Misses Annie Aiken and Rosalie' Mc
Caslan, of Greenwood, are in the city
the guests of Miss Jeanne Pelham.
Prof. C. L. T. Fisher, of Elizabeth
College, Charlotte, N. C., was in the
city the past several days in the interest
of his college.
Mr. J. E. Norment, private secretary
to Governor Heyward, was in the city
the guest of Col. W. H. Hunt this
Mrs. L. C. Boland left yesterday for
Leesville where she will visit friends
and from there she will go to Charles
ton to visit relatives.
Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Evans and son
Everett and Miss Genevieve Evans left
on Tuesday for Roanoke, Va., where
they will visit Mr. Evans' brother.
Miss Ola Wilson of Newberry, who
has been visifing Miss Vivian Caldwell
in West Gr- .ville, left yesterday for
Spartanburg. She will return to Green- ]
ville Friday next-Greenville News,
Mr. Wm. J. Weddington, of Concord,
N. C., spent Wednesday night in the
city. "Billy" Weddington achieved
fame in Newberry several years ago
when he pitched ball for the Newberry
college team.
Miss Moriat Gary is visiting in Edge
field. She will leave for Newberry to
day for a short stay and thence to her
home in Florida. Many sorrow at
seeing her leave, as a more popular
visitor has never been in our midst
Johnston News, August 12.
Messrs. B. F. Cannon, J. C. S. Brown,
J. J. H. Brown, W. H. Wendt, Jos. L.
Keitt, William Spearman, David Werts,
A. J. Gibson, D. A. Livingston, Jno. C.
Aull, M. H. Folk and Bernard Carlisle
represented Newberry at the farmers'
institute held at Clemson College this
Dr. James 0. Wells, wvho has been
visiting his father's family in the city,
left on Tuesday for his home in Minne
apolis, Minn. Mr. Wells since going to
Minneapolis several years ago has had
a remarkably successful career, and is
at present professor in one of the coun
try's leading colleges of dentistry
located in Minneapolis. While here Dr.
Wells attended the meeting of the
Dental Association held in Asheville.
The Asheville excursion got back to
Newberry about 5 o'clock yesterday
morning. The excursionists report a
very enjoyable trip.
Messrs. Jno. Henderson and W. 1).
Rutherford will give a barhecue at Mt.
Pleasant on the 22d, the occasion of the
good roadls meeting.
Several Newberrians are visiting in
the Bush river section (hiring the pr1o
gress of the protractedl meeting at
Bush River church this week.
A barbecue wvill be given at St. Paul's
on Tuesday, the 18th, the occasion of'
the educational r'ally. The prioL'cds
from the barbecue will he given to. the
The date for the educational rally at
St. Luke's has been changed from
Tuesday, [the 18th, to Thlursdlay, the
20th. Picnic dinner on the grounds.
The public is cordially invited to attend
bringing baskets.
Gil iford Snowvden, the colored'1porter
at the National Bank, shipped Col.
N. B. Mazyck, of Columbia, a 70-pound
watermelon yesterday as a present. It
was a Newberry county melon grown
by Mr. Luthoi' Fellers.
The weather bureau's bulletin pre-.
dicts that the great storm which swept
over Jamaica Tuesday was apparently
central Wednesday afternoon near' ex
treme western Cuba and recurving.
That it should enter the southeast Gulf
of Mexico dur'ing Wednesday night,
and move northward or northeast duri
ing Thursday. Warnings have been
sent along the line from Jacksonville t.o
Low Rtates VIa Southern.
The Southern Railway Company will
sell round trip tickets from Columbia to
Ocean View, Virginia Beach and Old
Point Comfort, August 19th, for $7.50,
good to return until September 2nd.
(egro Who Cursed Everything In Sight.
Appeal in One Case-Several
Minor Cases.
There were several sinners before
Jis Honor yesterday morning.
The Asheville excursion brought back
o Newberry a negro from near Chap
)ells. His name was Marshall Hird
md he was intoxicated. He had the
-ursing mania and early yesterday
norning he went into Levi Green's
)lackstpith shop on Friend street and
.ursed out Levi. When ordered to leave
e showed fight. He cursed out every
ody he saw. The police were called
or and Policeman Bedenbaugh started
out to arrest him. When he baught
ight of the policeman lie chased him
elf around a few blocks, and started
out towards Brooklyn, still cursing and
vith Policeman Bedenbaugh behind him.
-Ie was arrested near the railroad tres
le and he cursed some more after be
ng arrested He was given $15 or
hirty days.
Fannie Richards and another negro
voman were found guilty of running a
lisorderly house and were sentenced to
>ay a fine of $15 each or to serve thirty
lays in the guardhouse. Fannie Richards
vas represented by Cole. L. Blease,
Esq., who gave notice of appeal to the
ircuit court, and she has been released
mn bond.
Ella Douglas, colored, was fined $5.00
:or cursing.
Robert Green, colored, was sent to
;he gang Tuesday morning for thirty
lays for cursing and fighting. When
ie serves his sentence he will be tried
or stealing thirty pounds of scrap iron
'rom Levi Green. He stole the iron
md sold it to Mr. James F. Todd.
New Firm.
Mr. Henry Ilavird and Mrs. J. H.
lair, both of whom haviqg been in the
lepartment store of J. A. Mimnaugh,
vill open a millinery and dress goods
tore on the first of September 'n the
wick store in the Summer block next
o Dr. Van Smith's drug store.
Conkle Released On Bond.
William Conkle, charged with attempt
;o ravish, aud whose case was continued
intil the next term of court, has been
.leased on a bond of $300 du!y qualified
>Wfore Clerk of Court Goggans. Con
de is represented by Cole. L. Blease,
'isq.- -10
Pastor Here 25 Years Ago.
'rhe Rev. F. W. Eason, of Charles
on, who has been conducting a series
>f meetings at Whitmire, stopped over
n Newberry Wednesday on his way
iome. Rev. M r. Eason was pastor of
he First Baptist church hete some
wenty-five or thirty years ago, having
oft Newberry in 1878. le was warmly
velcomed by his old friends in New
>erry, who regretted that he could not
;tay longer.
To Move September 1.
The Newvberry IHardw~are Company
vill move into the two stores under the
Drotwell Hotel on the first of Septem
er. At a recent meeting of the stock
iolders of the company a four per cent.
~emi-annual dlividendl was declared and
ill the 01(1 officers re-elected with the
:xception of the Vice-President, Mr. L.
3. Eskridge being made Vice-IPresidlent.
WIr'. Eskridge is closely identified with
the company and is a young man of
business judlgment and ability.
The Werts Application for Ball.
T1he hearing on the application for
bail in the case of Henry Werts,
charged with having murdleredl H enry
N. Auton ton years ago, and who sur
rendecredl to SherifT Buiford on Monday,
has been postponed1 until today. Werts
was carried to Greenwot :1 by Sherifr
Buford and appe)aredi before Judlge
Chas. G. D)antzler on Monday after
noon, but Solicitor Sease dIemandled the
customary four days allowved by lawv in
which to prepare after the notice of
app)lication for bail has been served.
TPhe demand of the Solicitor wvas
granted by J1udge D)antzler and the
hearing continuedl until today. Werts
was brought b)ack to Newberry andI
lodged in jail.
Suniday School Convention.
The I nte rdenom inational Sunday
School Convention wvill meet at Trinity
church 0on Wedlnesday, the 19th inst.,
and continue in session for two days.
Mi nisterls andl Sunday School Superin
tenden ts are memb)ers ex-ofliecio. Enci
school is expected t;o sendl three (dee
gates. Schools will p)lease send theii
repor s to Secretmy IP. C. Gaillard
Newberry, S. C. F"riends of Sunda3
School work throughout the county wil
p)lease uttend the Convention andl hell
to make~ t.he meeting a success.
JNo. C. GoGG(A NS,
Presidenj t.
Curls Jilood Poison.--Treatment Free,
Blood poison is t.he worsL dlisease or
ear't.h ye t, t he en-iist L,o en re w heni B
II I. ( loinnie Blood Balm) is uised.
lan.v hive pimples, speots on the skini
uleers muneu, pat'ches, faillingy hair
itchi ng skin Ienr. pains, rhuumt,ism
cataurrh. e'nf.anI bileuldini, festern.
sore's, sero ii, Mi ahs andl scalIes, canlcer
and (10.',' k now it. is lood pioisot. Gcl
hnt,anmiie li.. tIialmn (B HB. B ) $1. A
few Bittb-CS Lltruarateied to ce Ct he
w,orst cad,tt. Sold amt d rugi. stores Tr'ieat
mnent of I . B. B snt fre amnd p)t'-emit
hiv writinv to Bloodl Ihlm (to . At,binta
G;a. Dles ribie tronih!u and fr'ee medica
adtvice ivent unttu cuired Ii B. II
t,horougly es' od f'r 30 years. ( ure:
when all else fails. l B B mn skes t,ht
blond purie~ and r'ich heal ovev sore
and st,ops all aches andl palins. II. B B
imn prove the ,digeton
Social, Personal, and Other Matters-Quar
terly Missionary Day at Grace
Prosperity, S. C., August 12, 1903.
Mr. Forest Kibler, wife and baby, of
Atlanta, reached his old home among
us last Friday. They also made a part
of the reunion at Little Mountain.
Misses Lilla and Gussie Kibler with
little Willie and Clarence Kinard are
visiting Dr. J. A. Simpson's family.
Dr. G. B. Cromer was on our streets
a little while last Tuesday.
Capt. U. B. Whites, after a trip to
Columbia and the Dutch Fork, is again
with us.
Mr. S. A. Hawkins, son of A. 11.
Hawkins, was taken seriously ill last
Saturday of appendicitis. le is quite
Miss Kate Mobley, of Johnston, is
visiting Miss Annie May Bedenbaugh,
of Kibler's Bridge. These young ladies
spent Wednesday in Prosperity with
Miss Jessie Moseley.
Mr. Robt. P. Luther, of Columbia,
is visiting his father's family here.
There will be an excursion to Balti
more next week. Some of our people
will take the trip.
About sixty tickets were sold here
for the trip to Asheville.
Our pleasure seekers will have a
Tackey Party at the residence of Mr.
J. L. Wise Thursday evening of this
week, and Social Club will be enter
tained at the residence of Rev. Z. W.
Bedenbaugh Friday evening.
Mr. S. D. Duncan was off on a few
days vacation with his family to Lees
Miss Ophelial all, of Anderson county,
is here among relatives.
Prosperity's Sunday-school excursion
--well, don't mention it.
Miss Nannie Simpson has returned
from several weeks stay at Leesville.
Ml rs. B. B. Schumpert is visiting rela
tives at Gary's Lane.
Mr. McFall Ridgell and his sister
Grace, of Batesburg, are visiting rela
tives in Prosperity.
Mr. Bushnell Bowers is in the post
oflice this week while Mr. J. A. Counts
is off to Asheville.
Miss Annie Lou Dominick, of lelena,
is with Mrs. L. M. Counts' family.
Messrs. A. 11. Hawkins and J. L.
Wise spent a few days at Tybee re
Las Stunday was quarterly missionary
day at Grace church. The chief feat
tire of the day was an address by R. T.
Boozer, Esq. A liberal contribution
was made to missions.
Dr. Geo. B. Merritt, of the Pros
perity Drug Co., will be off in a few
days on his summer vacation.
Dr. J. S. Wheeler is now at llender
sonville enjoying the mountain bree:,e.
Dr. James Wells, of Minneappolis,
visitcd in our city this week.
Mr. Geo. Harmon is with lawkins
Bros. this week while Mr. Maxey liar
mon is in Asheville.
The little folks had a delightful "At
Home" given at the residence of D)r.
J. A. Simpson.
Mir. .Jas. Hi. Hialtiwanger and wvife,
of Columbia, spent his vacation among
relatives in Newberry county.
An Eixchlange of Compliments.
The Anderson Daily Mail of Thursday
of last week referred to the winning of
the first and second prizes in the hook
andl ladder contest in the Anderson tour
nament by the Newberry teams-the
only teams enter ed -- a~ ''a huge joke."
Thursday afternoon before leaving An
dlerson the Newberry boys dlecoratedl a
ladder, duly inscribed it, andl presented
it as a souvenir to the edlitor' of the
Mail. The Mail, speaking of the affair,
The Daily Mail is under many ob)liera
tions to the Excelsior H ook an<! La<kker
teams Nos. 1 and 2 of Newherry.
Yesterday the members of the two
teams brought to this oflice a fireman's
ladder, the very same one wvith which
they wvon a splendid victory on Wednes
(day, as a souvenir of the tournament.
The ladder is wayly dlecoratedl with yel
lowv andl red1, tne company's colors, andl
bears this inscrip)tion:
''A Newberry ,Joke May your path
way in life be as easy as was ouri vic
Tihe members of the team -beg par
dlon, the two teams- -will p)lease accept
assurances of' outi most dlistingulished
considlerationl and our high apprec(ialtion)
of the gift. May you live long andl
flourshing, boys, andl may all your lire
fighting be as successful, here and here
a!lter, and as pleasant as wvas the tour
The News Of Utopia.
Mr. George Long and wvife are hert
on a visit to his mother Mi's. l.ui
Lonng. They will leave on Friday fot
their home at McCormick.
Miss Mary Heribert returned hom<
yesterdlay from Saluda, where she sp)enf
a few (lays with friends. Miss CIasm
Riser accompaniedl her h ome.
Miss Mattie Adams and her friend
andl co-worker, Miss A ble, left on Mon
(lay for' Leesville. T1heir talks at New
Chapel on Sunday were ennobling, up
Ii fting, soul-inspiring. Their noble mis
sion is work in tho interest of the
Woman's Christian Temperance Ulnion.
Tlhose who missedl Miss Adams' talk
andl Miss A ble's singing at the school
house on Saturday night missed a tr'eat.
Mr. Tom Setzler is sick at this wvrit
Miss Annie Hlerber't visitedl at Mr'.
Frank Schumpert's l"riday.
The (district missionary meeting will
be held here, starting I"riday before thc
fifth Sunday and continuing through
Saturday andl Sunday.
August 13.X
Union Meeting to Be Held With Bethel
Courch August 29th and 30th.
Following is the program of theunion
meeting of the Reedy River Association
to be held with Bethel church August
29 and 30.
Introductory sermon-G. A. Wright.
Alternate, J. H1. Pearcy.
Missionary sermon -- L. W. Swope.
Order of exercises:
10 a. m.-1st. Devotional exercises,
N. N. Burton.
2. Eniollment of delegates.
3. Introductory sermon.
4. Discussion of queries.
4 1). i.-Ladies Missionary Meeting,
conducted by Mrs. J. H1. West.
Mia3ionary sermon.
Unfinished and miscellaneous busi
1. How may we encourage and help
our sister churches, especially the weak
ones? E. A. Longshore, J. H. Pearcy.
2. Importance of developing young
p)eople in Christian activity. Jas. Su
ber, N. N. Burton.
3. How may we help the sisLers, and
how can we utilize them in helping the
Church? M. J. Scott, L. W. Swope.
for Committee.
Whitinire, S. C., Aug. 7th, .1903.
Card of Thanks.
Mr. Editor: Please allow the family
of the late Mr. M. D. Reighley to ex
tend, through the columns of your
paper, their sincere thanks for the
many thoughtful kindnesses by nmier
otis friends during the prolonged illness
and death. Words are feeble to ex
press the feelings of the bereaved; who
not only experienced pain at the loss of
the loved one, but are deeply grateful
for the human sympathies which with
the help of providence enable to bear
up under trials to wihieh human flesh is
heir. Truly,
Columbia, Newberry and Laurens R. R. Co
Special occasion: 26th Annual Con
vention S. C. Sunday School Associ
ation (I nter(lenominat.ional), Green
ville, S. C., August 26th and 27th, 1903.
Columbia . . ......... $5.65
I)rosperity .$..
Newberry ...8.75
Lau rens . . .............00
Clinton . .$2.50
Date of sale: August 26th, 25th and
26th, with final limit August 29th.
LOv Round Trip Rates Via A. C. L.
$15.35 to Wa ..ington, ). '.,. and re
tun: Annual Conivenition Grnpounl
t-ain Unlited Order True Reformyer-s,
SelAeAber 1 ust to 8th, 1903, with retand
fital liiit to reach itarting point not
laerthmbetemob8th 1903, 1903.eur
A special Validating Agency undler
the charge of .Joseph Richardson,
sp)ecial agent, will he located in the
Station, 6th andt B. Streets, Washing
ton, D). C. , and wvill he opened one
houri before the scl-edule time of de.
p)art.ure of each train, A ugust 30th to
September~ 10th, inclusive. On these
(dates no other agent in Washington
will he authorized to validate the re
turn plort ion of these tickets.
$17.30 to Baltimore, Md., and return:
Sovereign Grand Lodge of 0(1( Fellows.
Ticket.s on sale September 18th, 19th
and 20th. Tickets must be deoposited
with .Joint Agent in Baltimore im
mediately upon arrival, andi upon0 pay
ment of $1 25 at time of dleposit, limit
wvill be extendled t.o leave Baltimiore not
later than October 3rd, 1903.
W. J. Craig,
Gener~al Passenger Agent,
J1. W. D)enning, Agent.
Week End Rates.
The Southern Rtailv.-y announces the
following Week l'Cnd Rtates, b)eginning
Saturday, ,Jutne 6th, continuing to
A uguist 29t.h, fo all Sat.urday trains,
goodl returning uintil Tiuesdlay following
dlate of sale; routri i p tickets will be
on sale from Ncwhrery to Charleston,
Sillivans Island, and Isle of Palms, at
rate of $5. 16.
Beginning Juntie 6th, continuing to
Septembe~r 12th, for all Saturday and
Sunday morning trains, good returning
leaving dlestination not later than Tlues..
(lay following da~t.e of sale, round tripI
tickets will be on sale from Newberry
as follows:
Spar'tanburg..... .. .. .. ..$2 I(
Greenville....-. .. .. . .... 2
Whit.estone---- . . . . ..2
TPaylors (for Chick Springs) . . . 2 3i
Asheville, N. C.... .. .. ..3. 8
IHot Springs, N. C... .. .. .... 4(
Arden, N. C-..-... . ... . ..3 8
J"ietchers, N. C..-.... .. .... 8
Hlendersonville, N. C..-..-.. ..3 8
Flat Rlock, N. C..-.-.-.-. .. .. 3 84
Saluda, N. C.-.-.--.-...... 3~ 8
Tiryon, N. C..-..-..----.. ..... 8!
Brevard, N. C.-.-.-.-.-.. ....4 6i
Lake Tioxawa.y, N. C... .. .... 3i
I"or tickets and further~ information
apply to S. It. MC LnAN, Agt..
Emnphasizes Its Superiority,
Tlhe best test. of the merit of an at.
ticle is the way it sells. Bransfor<
Mills at Owensboro, Ky. where "Clif
ton "flouir is made, run dIay andI night
and yet they cannot supply the (deman<
for "'Clifton"'. In tis city, as else
where, it is thle stanidard b)y which othe:
w>uriis are guagedl, and tihe statemen
that '"it is just as good as Clifton'' onla
makes its stuperiority the more pro
nounced. Hai AIt a c u AtY.,
Offer to Refund Money if Dr. Howard's
Spec10c Will Not Cure Any Case of
Constipation or Dyspepsia.
Gilder & Wecks are so eking ,he worst
case of dyspopsill or consltiptlon in
Newberry or vicinitY to t, Dr. How
ard's n-w spelcife fAr Ine cure of those
8o conlideti are t.ly tihat this p(.
markable n. o''. will II!feC a ! i
tire in u sti It Iilm -.. '1mi they ofle it )
I0 1 Ult,er 11101se .%u i.I t lokt e14ssi.
ble im.r,duet.on Ui 'r & Weeks wi I
sell l r r l t y hlf nt g..1,. oW i ,
medlicitie at i aif Ir e', 25 et1 .
It will r. gulat' tie 1mels. tone u1p
the whole Intiost-ilail It. et.. lzivt %oul at)
appetite. iake food uiste good I'm di.
gest Well, and inre'ste. vigor. Jny anl
happilnssi will h kke Lb.e phat e of t,
61don't care whether I live or dim" fee!.
Take ad vantal.e of GAliiir & W'eek-s
challenue mild secure a bottle of Dr.
IHIoward's Speciflie at, half price, wit I
tbeir pertil tiarantet. to refui Yom
Iony if It does not, )lp yi.
Special Sale of Summer Rate Tickets to
the Mountains and Seashore.
The Columbia, Newberry & Laurens
Railroad offers Veek-lnd Special
Summer rates to the Mountains and
to the Seashore and other summer re
sorts. Tickets sold each Saturday.lune
6th to August. 29th, 1903, inclusive, as
follows: From Newberr-, S. C., to
Charleston, S. (............... ...........$5 15
Cross Hill, S. C ....... ........ 2 00
Glenn Springs, S. C. .. ............. 2 10
Greenville, S. C....... .......... 2 10
Isle of Palms, ". c ...................... 5 15
Spartanburg, S. C ................ ...... 2 10
Sullivil-'s Island, S. . ....... ........ 5 If.
W i terloo, S. C. ( Hlarris Spring)... 2 I
White Stouie Lithia Springs, S. C. 2 1i
These are week (id tickets, soIeach
Saturday, final limit ''uesday following
date of sale.
For further infformation and sched
ules, call on or write
J. W. Denning, Agent.
Coupon With 25c. if Presented at Gilder &
Weeks' Store.
In order to test the I Ierald and New.;
great circulation and its superior ad
vertising value, we have made arlraige
ments with Gilder &- Weeks the POPu
lar druggist, to offer one of their
best selling mudicinse at Inlf-pr"ice tO
any one who will cut out the following
coupol and preseit, at thir store.
This coupon entites the holder to one
50c. package of Dr. loward's peiP(!i11(
for te cure of constil),i.iol amld dIys
pepsia at bal f price, 25c. we will refund
the money to any dissat.isfiel PUrchaser.
Twenty-five Cents.
I)r. Howard's specific for the curt of
constipation and dys iIlsia is not an un
known remnedy. It, ias ma'de many re
markable cures right, here in Newherry
and so positive ate Druggist Gidier &
Weeks of its great supl eriorit y in cur
ing dyspepsia, contst ip atioun, sick head -
ache and liver troubles that. they will,
ini addition to) selling it at half price,
refund the( moneya', to anyionet wvhomti it
(10es not eur'e.
If you cannot ('all at their1 store, t
out the couon and ttt mail it with 25
c'ents, ando a 50 ceints bo I r the' ii sperI'itie
wvill be sent you byv mail, charges pid.
wor'th two to-tmortrows."
[ 'OLIClCTl'( T~'rustwor't.hy young
Uman to t'av'el; no canvassing;
salary $18 wee'(kly and expehnse's; chiance
foir priomiotion; exper'iien)cl' uniecessary;
must be sober and steady. Athi'r'ss L
A. Martin, C hatrleston,. S. C.X
W~T A NTh ~I)D to sell linest. breed lh'l
Vgian II ar'ts; yotng stock. Write
X..'crop the Newhelirry lRollert Mill
will not gt'ind after Sieptmbt'r 1at.
31tU IT' Til' .h r. I?. S. Petrry
.2 repre(senits Smith liros. Nursery,
Concord, G a. , andi will be1 glad t.o havc
your ordoet's flit fruit,. t'rees.
{ '1UT' OIl" ,1111T )NIC D)ItNK P'llh
U.... week at t.he sodla fountti. atnd th<
savings wvill ('talet yout tto( t'itnk th<
very best. NIorlitng (Ior'y C oll'ee I'eer
day duing tihl mon1ti h. 'Try lthis higl
grade cofTee So hI only by D avenp,ot
& avenaugh.
1jILACK SM I'il ISI 1O. -, usf. opnie
SiMower' butildling itn frtlt Ill jail
Pre patred to (1( all k{itnds generat~l relpai
wVor'k andI horse shot'intg. Pricies r'easot
able. 11. F. Autty & Co.
fatuirer' wants t'el iable mnn
deliver and collect; horse and4 wago
andl $151) depohsit necessatry ; $21 a wee
)and e'xpenises, per'.mnett. l"ranklir
1 Box 78, IPh'iladeclphia, P1a.
> Otnr stock is il l coimpinit wit
e verythin tg prtty itn the Milliner'
Ca(~ll anmd see otur ribbons, flowei
an halts be114 foro butyinlg
S The Risor ftillinory Coimiay.
flhI E mmdiael by
UUI1 U te use of Hioki
I0c, 25c, 50c.*
'at drugstores Capudin
B E D S,
either single or in suits
TABLES of all kinds,
Art Squares,
Rugs, Etc., Etc.
Everything found in a
first-class Furniture
store. We make a
specialty of framing
At Leavell's Old Stand.
Newberry, S. C.
"Wears Like Iron"
"For Beautifying the Home?"
Newberry Hardware
Cannot speak; otherwise
it would tell it~s own story,
and wore its organ of
speech as pronounced as
ia its one quality R ELIABIL
y ITY, no need of these re
marks. We do not claim
a that it will cure Mumps,
Consumption, or grow hair
on bald heads, and in fact
we do not advise mothers
.using it for Soothing Syrup
but we do claim that there
is nothing better on the
market for Pain in the
Stomach, Colic, Cholera
Morbus, Diarrhoea and
'PRICE I5c and 25c

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