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When Man With Big Revolver Walked
Into Secretary Shaw's Office.
Oloveland Loader.
One day last week when Secretary
Shaw was dictating a letter to the
Charles McCaul company of Phila
delphia, which was complaining be.
cause the contract for the construc
tion of the new federal building in
Cleveland had been awarded to a
rival bidder, the door leading into
his olice suddenly swung open, and
there stood a man with a 11 calibre
Colt's revolver in his hand. The
weapon wis about a foot long, and
was loaded with cartridges the size
of a iman's thumb. The man's finger
wits on the trigger, and he seemed
ready for business. A friend of the
secretary was sitting in the office,
and it seemed to him that there soon
w01uld be ".oomethling doing."
But there was to shooting. The
secretary looked curiously at the in.
rei, aid 'lie next ilistalitlle l it
ter wits apologizilig.
"Did ) oI rinig ' h atsked.
"No," replied tilit secretary.
"The signail went ot dowlistairp,
and1 I thbought oil raig. Excuse
Ime, sir
"iAll right," said Mr. Shaw, and
th inan withi the guiu retired. lit
was it 1ieiilber Of th t'rtlasl1r-v Wa(CII
Acmideitally thbe itiir conIlecting
the captain's room and the secretary's
(tqk wits sollided, anld lie bad i lits
toned upstitir.s to defend M. Shaw
agaiist it possible assitilitit.
Thore is i p-lilw button it the end
of ai eletric wir- at the seretmy's
elbow, itnd if h4 needs assistaitneo
agia11imst assatilt, it slight pressutre will
bring the tjreasujry gnarit(d to Ilis aid.
This contlrivawce wits iiistalled three
yetrs ago aftmr Fralk 11. Morris of
leviland 1, h war depirtmieit indi
tor, was aississiiutd inl his ollieo bN
a disgruntled clori. Lyman j. (;age
was thln tlie lieid of the trtasury
111d 1'iiik A Vitnderlip wa tat its.
sisttll secretary. Threts were ut.
tore' iligainst both of them aid they
imlmiledifitely propitred for auny con
tingeney. iach wits given it big re
V41ver which reposed on a littitk shelf
ulpon the 1ld of his desk, amid the
the desks were voilnectd by electrit,
wire with tho ollieo of the captain of
the gua1ir(d. But no onio ever offerod
toI molest (ither otliciil, and tliir
suiccesso)rs l ikewiso hitve been free
from anniiovanIe.
Law~'rence Copelaund orl'c Rehune Chargest
Wilth limbe'zzlemenut l.'ets as to
Postioflee ShortaKe.
C2olumiaii lt'eord,.
I aawrnce Copel0anid, formerly post
noisier itt Ilothunie in Nershaw county,
wits (commiitted to jiail ini dltfault of
$2 tlt) bioid, 1o await trial itt the
Noveibor termn of Uhnted States
Conrt , oin thei chartge of eimbezzlo.
menit. Thie hein'~ g wats condul cted
before Uniiited Staites C omnj issioner
W\ernier anid thle chairgo wits thle
resul t of inivest igations condtI ed by
secet service oflicer i. J1 . , l>uls
for, whlo it will be reiineinlbored worked
up) thle cits atgainlst. the safe craeckers.
Thie chairgo has boon pendling
against C'oplandti for soinoe tiurni and
Lt inspector jias had him under
itrrest for <inito atwhilhe. It sorns
that ont April 29lth theo lot.hune oflice
lost about $1,000( ~in money0) ordler
fuumi I and beifore thIiis hadtt been1 short
maille r amotunlt s. O)fie ar P'il si for
lad Copieliiud arrested some time
litter, anod thle proliiiinary canie oili
yest erday before Comnmissioner Vor.
nier. Copobtand ithlnitted thait he
dIranik heavily, and it may bo that
tis wvas the cauge of[ heo(disatppar.
antco of the funds, but whether tis
will hold good wit hi the United Statoa
governmuiet or not reminsn to be seenr
It is undersi mod that he wvill omeipe
Colonel P'. 11. Nelson, of t his city
aind Mr. M. L. Smiith, of Camden, ni
his ittorenieys.
Goverhnor TIorrel, of (Georgia, hut
pub) icly endorsed thle contents of
Presidenit Roosevtilt's lot teor t.o Gov.
D)urbin of Inldianta on the iyncinli
qjuestioni. Lotuisianaii's governbor
patrtly (endorses Hoosevelt.
Hlenry Carpenter, a street railway
conductor of Norfolk, On Monday
shiot anid seriously inijred hi wife
and then blowv out his owni brtains.
H-is wife had. not lived1 with lhim for a
month and he was trying to persnitde
her to come hack to hims when ho0
became ngry.
Awful Catastrophe in the Paris Stree
Railway Tunnel, In Which 1oo Men
and Women Were Smothered.
Paris, August 11.- An awful vat
astrophe occurred last evouing on t le
Metropolitan Elect rio tailhwa
wflich runs mostly undergrounid, it
which many porsons lost their lives
One of the trains broke at MAonilii
taut Station, which is In a poor ani4
populous section of the city. 'htit
train was promptly emptied, and lil
train which followed was ordored It
push it to the repairing sHlieds. Oi
the way these two trains caught fire
but the employees succeeding il vs
caping. Meanlwlhile, a crowded train
reached Les Curiennes, the preltwd
in, station, and the officials, svoing
smoko pouring out of the tinnwl,
gave the alarm. A panic ensued,
the passengers struggling to v.sepn
froi the station. Amid the increas
ing smoke many attempted to return
along the line towards Belleville, but
they were suffocated.
The firemen started in to lbm I the
burnting ears, an(d shortlyt afterward
they were able to enter the tiueil.
'I'lev brought up tlie orpse- of live,
it1enl and t wo womliel, all belonlgintg
to the working class.
F1401iTY-I,ot* lk l
have bon recovered, itd he ldont i
list probably will exceed ono h1111
'I'lTe acciient t Viicl occirred on thlo
Motropolitian l'etric Uailliway as.
sioted the proportios of an awful
catastrophe during th (,oarhN hoirs
toaNy, wlio niore ta ,1 fouril
bodies of the burned and1utf ttcattd
vivtim)s were iitovod frotn ibo sub
torrautean pastsage. The wt wk vi
tinues, and indivations are tHit t1h
deaithIt list will perhaps X-o-, livo
The Islaind Sweept by a Destructive -11ur
ricane Loss of Property 'ei
Million Dollars.
Kingston, Jaifaica, August 1'
1Te West Indian il hurricanlo stril,
the Island of J1amtaien with it!i fut1I
forc yesterday, inflicting great dain
age. Port Antoio, oil ih I notii
colst , wis Completely ovi-%lii w thee.
0OIly six hiollsos wvor. ht-ft stiinii
tiro. 'lho :tid Irit Cmpo F1..1
whar11vos, offivos, hotol and1( plalitat ion1,
wi%ro utterly leniolisleil. Lv, of
the coipany's st-eaior, iiM-li)lig
th Simnoni 1)luhttis, AlIfred 1 )uiot,
aald Br1ighItont, weore driven ashmre,
butt are ly intg in easy pos.it ieon.. I>o 't
Mlaria, aitothier townt, ont the nthl
coatst , also sutll'oredi slit'artv. 'Hle
(Cast is strewnt with i W tkatg.' of
local sailinig boats.
T'he 50oulthesternt peirtis cu of thei
islanud haus been comtpletetly iiidel
of its crops, thte rivers are Ilhib.
antd niany inent were ctarroi e im t
sea antd drownedoi. C~onisierjing t h
daomage to property duirinig thIe hulr
ricante, thle loss of lifto is cornparai.
ively smnall, t bough thle preset ti
mtio is I thait thIe o nthi list will reachI
Ii fty. Ii undreds of persoit wot
inijuredl and1 there were numtetirouit
hiair-breadlth eseapes. Theii propeort
loss is est i utted at $ j(, ),( t )
FOUR1 CllLDi)REN BUltNis Al.Iyn
WVere Locked it a llouse by TheIr Par
ents, WVho Wetnt Away to At
tend Chuirtch.
lTe Stante.
Spairtanburg, Aug. 12. -iformta
tion has reached thle city of a barrow
in g t ragedly, by wichl t he foutr cii
(hen of Chbarley ILlines, colo--e d, wo
burned alive at thteir hoino ont tlin
farm of Mr. E4rnest We[or, non
WVingo mills, 18 miles aii eve thte cit y
(Jharley Hines and his wife deccirk
to go to meeting Sunday night at
churcht of worship totr colored peol
about oneo or two mtiles tromt thIiei
honme. Like a gnt at mtany itpep
white anid colored, they thbought t thI
best thing to do was to lock I ihe chii
drnen up int the hou)ist whlilei toy wer*
gone. 'FThis wvas qlu ick I ly detii
01n, anid foutr hit iki colored chiire
rngintg ini age from 8 to 1 2 yena
were locked up int the honse. ( )
their ret tun the parenits we. e o ,3tui
with thle appallinig sightofi sne .<br
ing ruins anti charred objcts wh i r
their quiet, tinprotemain Hcottag
had b9en situated. Ui ring the itight
tm t heir absor.co, the house citught
fire by somne means and thet cihib Ireui
the entirie htouseholdl (tleCts antd th
builIdinrg wvore reduiced to ashes.
J. P. M~organt & Co. have got cont
trol of the Scabloard Air las wIhicl
moans that it wvill be operated by thii
name corporation which operated1 thi
Rock Island and 'Frieo syatem.
Items of More or Less Interest Condensed
Outside the State.
nJ 14111CM Gighill, iged 40 years,
diod it .llolyoke, Mass., thi" week
aftr iatviig lived three years with a
brokoln bavk. The fall which frac
t tird I he mpiail volumn caised pa
ritlysis below tho break.
It is roportd from a sWhington
I lt Sevrot ry( of War Root will
plavo his rosigiition in tihe lintid of
I ho Prosidmit. boforo hi tailm from
b .o14noi to sit with the Alaskan com
lmiilsin. (ov. Taft is prominently
Yit itioned 11 him Hilveolsor.
P,opo l'ius X fainted while coil
brating InIss in the Sistine Chapel
Tunosdlay morning. Dr. Lapponli
was hilyrivilh. sullilliollod. His hol
I neloss dietrotl that tihe 11(ldden at
itck wits due to fatigue of the first
week in tIhe cha ir of St. Peter.
rs. Hery (ilover who committed
suicidt, in Chicago this wook by
shooting, halts given out it stitlenlit
inl which sho sitys that her home is
in l lonigomi y where sbo lived
iM0ler her real nI1e of Mario (lor.
dolt, anlld thatt 8ihl( WI (e4j1ndeit
Itild wont to Chicago to kill horself.
Kelit Stow(, of Nfuillo, shot his
girl wife ead on Mollity and then
tilriled tihe, pistol onl himusolf and
s0t it t blillet throlIg i dii derailged
hlwtd. Kolnt and( his wNIft, wo.o inl
tio-ir I h room and - hud just arison
f0i ti lle inlorlling. The 1111111 took his
haby down stairs amll( Coming back
Tho S,111li railway's fast sinih.
"h11"d tir1ai1 11111 lint, il ipell switch
Ill-mr (list.,nill, N C , M 'ndayt) nlight
mid was wreced. Sevli of the
1111 1 r l ll W111t. lidely hil[ b t aill
I i f hutsst-il ers esr pet i 8'riolls ill.
jllry. The10 switch had ovidenith
ilonilivihived pimrplisoly. Tho
4hr phled its h11e engine rIti
(Il" th witelh. Tho tritin wats rin
n in a t a o i t I InI I nt1e1.
In the ilivestigation) begun it iho
i. pri''n farnii f charges agaiist
tilie Wai'-il for the whipping (-f a
whi04 w'.1111n, Mliss Mitallio DoCris,
sho dvieirki sh li wits whlipedk Inat
J 1tA. ot hals1% shl haid heel inso
ht-it t the warden's wife, as was
s'ttoll ili Ili stotr published in the
hist is.Ijo of The llorald and News,
ilt I i-e m!'. sh1)% hid intlig aiiitly re
wl tl1 ilPr"ITer proposals from tlhe
wa)r<han i hniselfI.
I he I>esigner for Sceter,
I). 'inr i.. in imainy respects ihe
miist renmi4rlkahhti issueO of this po
lar iiagazinie foIr woinoi that hats
o4ver appea~ltred I I Thi art, work is of
s uninsnatlly high'l order, and1( the(
art icli's arie briiful of* inte'rtatinmeni'it
linrery fiir attunni are tasit.efuilly sot,
"Po'iints eln D)iessimakinig" assist the4
a)tii rto ai ttini e4xcllnit results ill
boi thI. I-'very wvomn1i wtho( wanlts to
"'Iiowv a ('amileral Ibitied at Mortgalg(,"'
ani((I a tta ~inc(identii chiarmn gly ro
hitl by1 13 Aniio D)oiinolly, and4( 11111
trateId fromi phiotogratphs by3 thin au
1 hier. " Art ist ie Table Arrangement,"'
by~ thei wvetll-known wiv ter, Wailldo
I a weetIt, aecompaniijieid by banli(5ome(
hatlf-tonies shiowinIg 1th4 tale spread
wvithI the corriect appu)hrIotnance foi
thei4 vius meailsI 1'iI. wvililibe highlyI ap
preciatd byl 1 the youn g hiousokeepor,
and1( will inicidlentally fuirnish hints to
those84 who atre'. ta loss whait to givo
ni he silvear hln to) pirospective bid(es.
Canniels, will set1 o'very 4ne4 soitrchi ig
for unditeris withI which to1 do t his
mlost fatscinatinug work, wvhich (can b)4
*tinine, or indteedi at atny 5sson, if aniy
r on11( wats1 to dlecorat'e th1e hioume or to
, akoti( pio(ket money143. A liist, novel
d4epar ituIr44 is th(e appea05ranice in thI iis
nllumber oif t14heinital atie of
"4~'lt5ashin Notehs for- Mln,'" whic(h is
tho1rongbyI, i up- to dat111 it(i0. (l I i
vi'ioius smalle hsr it ems of the( maIisen.
line toil.t. No womaniti who roaids
heart, hugsbandior son50, nior ill the
manm hiniself, eveni if 114 lhves mnites
awvay frtomi ia met ropoi s, h14 forced to
1ook "hoinid the(4 tim's"' hecnusl ho
dloos not4 knolw what is ini good Ilast I
tltashioni nots foHrr womIen1 are given
" lItash(1in an l re s,"Nt 4C bth of whieb18
playhee irn th most (X exclsiv sho pois.
in this number, also a laughable
farce, "The (jampere," which is suit
able for amateur production, while
"Firoplaces ond Mantelpioces," by
Mary Kilsyth, will bo valued by the
hoin builder. Tihe regular dopart
ments, "What Women ae Doimg,"
"He14l) Along the Way," "Etiquotto
1hints," "Toilet Tablo Chat," "In
Mot horland" and "Tie Kitchen King
dom," are filled with timely sugges
tions, and "F'lorivulturo," which is
1ma1. (into a feature under the able
coiid-A of Miss M. W. Park, a prac
tield ilorist, Is devotod thi mouth to
the cultivati,n of plants raised tron
bul Ibs.
Pid Fily Dollars a Minute.
Lom Angeles, Cal., Aug. 11.-Eu
ginoer Warboy, who was in charge
of the engine that drow the Lowe
special into [,om Angeles Friday, re
ceived $U00 for the skill he d1isplayed.
W lin Warboy took the train at San
Bernardino, Mr. Lowe, in his aux
ioty to completo his wonderful jour
ney, offered ,)0 for overy minute
gained by the engineer over the
Tho run from San Bernardino to
Los Angelos is sixty miles, and War.
boy covered the distance in sixty
two 1u1inntes, nine minutes ahoad of
schedule. A great, part. of the run
was as tho rate of a milh for overy
fifty seconds.
Warren White Sulpher Springs.
Variety of mineral waters. Elevation
2 100 feet. One mile from station. Four
mails daily. Excellent table. Modern
buildings and equipment. Rates $25
per month. Special rates to familles.
Newberry, S. C.
<CrP nmeXzxismcs. 109E.
Capital - - - $50,000
Surplus - - - 19,500
Paid Stockholders
since organization 21,000
Paid Depositors in
Savings depart
ment since or
ganization - - $9,200
A iman working by the (lay is paid
for the itime he pnts ini at work, but
when that man saves a dollar for his
daty's labor it works for him nights,
as well as days; never lays off on ac
conumt of bad weather anid never gets
sick, but1 goes right oni earning him
an income. It's a nice thing to work
fur mo'iey, I ut it's much nicer to
hi." ety 'vorking for y'ou. Try
a savings account with us
.me money wvorking for you.
. posit ini thme Datvings de
p)art:- 1t todlay aind let it begin to
wvork tor you. interest computed at
4 per cent January 1 amid July I of
each year.
and everything in the
line of STAPLE STA
TIONE RY at the
Tablets from 2 cents
each up.
Beautiful Writing
Come and see.
Alsoa line ofnice
Watches, Clocks,
Silver and Plate Ware,
Cut Blass and Table Ware
Wedding and Birthday Presents
Key winding Watches1
Changed to Stem
Eduard Scholtz,
Joweler a.nd Optician.
The following druggists requests th
holders of MURNA coupons to brinj
them in at once and secure absolute
ly free, the rogular size bottle of Ih,
Great Preparation, MURNA WI N]
For sale only by Gilder & Week
Small Savings are the Stepping
Stones to success and plenty
$1.00 a month deposited in our
Will in 10 years amount to $ 146 00
$5.00 will in 10 years
amount to - - '- - $ 730 00
$10.00 will in 10 years
amount to - - - -'$1460 00
We want your business.
Have ample facilities to
accommodate our cus
The Commercial Bank
of Newberry, S. C.
Two Daily Pullman V
Between SOUTH 4
The Best Rates and R
Via Richmond and
Norfolk and Stea
Nashville, Memp
Louis, Chicago, N
Points South and Sout
and Jacksonville ari
and Cuba.
siiFor detailed Informati(
man reservations, etc., apji
board Air Line Railway,c
Passenger Agent, Columb:
W. A.'?rKn,D
Pas-s. Traffic Mgr.
A passenger service
and comfort,equipped w
Dining, Sleeping and 1
Por rates, schedule,i
tion, write to
WM. J.
Thedford's Black-Draught has
saved doctors' bills for more than
sixty years. For the common famn
ily aiilments, much as Constipation, I
indigestion, hard colds, howeA com- "a
plaints, chills and fever, bilious
niess, headaches and othevr like t
complaints no other medicino is
necessary. It invigorates and reg
ul.attes kho liver, assists dif"i.Ation, 1
stimulates action of the kidio yst
urifles the blood, and purges tho
owels of foul accumuh11ions, It
cures liver complaint, indigestion,
sour stomach, dizziness, chills,
rheumatic pains, sideacho, back- 1
acho, kidne troubles, constipation 2
diarrhoa, biliousness, piles, har3
colds and headache. Every dru 3
gist has Thedford's Black-Draugrt
in 25 cent packages and in main
moth size for $1.00. Never ace t
a su.bstitute. Insist on having t he
original made by the Chattanooga
Medicino Company.
I believe Thed(ord's Black.Draught -
Is the best medicin- on earth. It Is 6
goodfor any and everything. I have .
a family of twelve children, and for F
four years I have kept them on foot 2
and healthy with no doctor but Black. 3
Draught. A. J. GREEN, Illewara, La.
| -- EAST -- WEST.
estibuled Limited Trains
oute to all Eastern Cities
W ashington, or via
mers. To Atlanta,
his, Louisville, St.
ew Orleans, and All
hwest-To Savannah
d all points in Florida
)n, rates, schedules, Pull
)ly to any agent of The Sea
>r J. J. Puller, Traveling
la, S. C.
Esst.Gfeni. Pass. Agt.,
INE FOR ALL THE~ b 1/ ho
piete Summer Resot Fofrd
ed Free to Any Addreas. cte
cs. H. !ARowIctc w. b
WASHItNGaoN. 1b.c. '.
.....===J==....e ag
unexcelled for luxury K
ithi the.latest Pullman
'horoughfare Cars.
maps or any informa. Tul
al Passenger Agent, v
Wilmington, N. C,
- D)o
il BE Art in , I.eiver
in A' (ct June 8jU902.
betweei Axihderioin and Walballa.
A,s6BtOUs' wgwlrbclvhv
ARIitivE. LKAvB.
Mixeti. Mixed
o. 9. No. 12 Uttions. No. 11 No. 9
1. A.. P. M. A. M
10 9 55.... ..et. . 320 1060
48 9&1 ........Anderson F. ......... 340 1110
45 9 30........ A norson P. D... 8 46 11 15b
-.. ........ W est Alidte-son ....... 34 ........
901) ..............'.Dunvor. 869
902 ...............A ttti l ............... 4 05 ........
8 5...........Po di:toii........... 4 11 ........
847 ...... li.ery.. 4 18
. 8 44...... - AliAxas............4 21
8 28 ..... JoAstianla1 Juii t ... ... 4 33 ........
S 25-...............M01nV-ca.............. 4 35 ....
.08 J.........%V,8t 4.
80. estnon ......... 504
. 800-....... WaIa. 09 ...
All IIg tlrns fro.ia Ielton to Waihaa.
Ivo P1r-iteon(O Ovor tins of olas
Ovilg iII tho os)Pito dirootton unless 0t
wise tse(tlel .y trainl order.
Wil also sto) at the following stations to
011 111 n lt t o > MIJOs 'ngors: pihliunoy's
11110A insamtu(3 Wtrigm.
J. It. A 1HU4, uperintondont
CrlcStOU and Wesilcnr Carofina RWv .Co
Augusta and AshevWlo Short Line
(Soleduile InI felot Mtu ch 1,903.)
Doati Jowii.) (Read Up)
.40 PI ......... v Newberry ......... Ar 8.:Q pil
.60 pi .... Ar Lauroit............. Lv 2.02 pm
.07 pin ......... v Laurons.. . .. .. At 1.80 pin
.30 pin ......... A r 8 pit rtinburg..... Lv 12 01 pw
.40 in.........Lv p ~rtauibtirg^...i~T.a In
.32 pn.........Ar 8ludit......... Lv 8. 89 am
-11 pin.........Ar liondtorsovifi; Lv 3.05 am
.15 Pill.........Ar % i evill........... Lv 7.05 at n
-Pmn .... Lv N0wbOrry (U.N.& I..) 3 10 pin
.60 Pin.:... Ar Laurons.................. Ly 2.02 pin
-51"n...... Laurons,.................Ar 1.45 pm
- p11......Ar Oreonwoo(............. v 12.44 ptu
.20 in -----. Ar Augusta -,--.--......... 1v 10.10 "in
30 Pi ...... lA t ... fort........liv 7.560 sn
.46 pin......Ar Port Royal ".I"'" " 'v 7.40 iin
-W P111....-. -- .N -4 w- ir-.--b-.... WiyX v 7.40 a
4PIIn......LVi Newberry (0 N.a*L)ir~3.10 p
---... Ar Laturons ... ...... Lv 2.02 pm
1 . p v a r .... Lv . .......... A 1.85 pin
N ..... Ar Grooivillo........... Lov 12.15 pin
'or firtlhor informsation relatiV* to IA~ates,
v., 01111 onl, or adlI4r1iH
aEo. T BYity N, Notn. Ag . Greenville, 8 U.
EtNK T WILLIAMS, Uorv. Pass.Agt.
1'. in si sn T-aflic Manager.
11mb lchr i R.I hil
(Easta4ern Stan dard 'lin o.)
ithbound. Northbound.
hiedwie in Efr'ct Sundsay, .Jmne j28th, 1903
8 40 sun a ,v Atlauta (M.A.r.) Ar. 8 60 pm
0 50 Iin Athens 0 19 JIM
I US UIn Elberlon 5 17 pm
2 58 pm Abbevilie 4 05 pin
1 22 pms Oreenwood 3 36 pim
2 1iIim Ar Clnton (Iin'r) Lv. 2 46 pn
4100 am Lv u Soinprings Ar 4 00 pm
216 P11) .1pariminburg 8 30 Pin
2 2 pin G4reen1ioe 3 25 pul
(larris Springi)
1 12 P1)t Waterloo 2 36 pin
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4 1 5362- 21 85
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95 7 10 219 Parks 1 42 851 660
iN 7 90 2 2! Clinton.. 130 830 525
15 7 60 3 34 Golvillt, 1 17 8 00 4 45
3 800 2 4 t Kin-ard 110 746 430
411 809 249 Gary 105 786 440
50 818 254 Jalapa 100 725 405
' 40 310 19 ewberry 1246 795 845
32 902 321 Prosporit y 1282 941 305
18 918 334 S1g.s 1223 1126 260
10 1) 25 3 31 [I Mountain 12 19 6 20 240
1i 840 1161 Chapin 1209 0 05 220
56 950 .357 Hilton 1202 6556 216
)5 955 4 01 White Rock 11 69 650 200
2A 1001 4(17 Ballontine 1164 641 160
55 To 17 4 17 Irtno 11 46 5228 132
J5 5i ' 4 23 Loaphnrt.. 11 40 5 90 1 19
30 it) 45 440 (oinmbla 1 26 00 1 00
4. (. L.
(Union Statton)
pm am-~ - -- - - --
5 55 LvUtolunihblR (A.O.L..)Ar il 10
61 20 Sumter 9* 60
S1 20 A r Charleston Lv 7 00
'ratis 3 an I~ '4Io WM i
w uniiion depot,.
~rains 22 sine 8i fronm A. U. L2. freight depot,
est (Aervals street,
Posr Rastes, Tilmo Tables, or furt,her informna
in call on ainy Agent, or writoi to
Presh<tent. rae anaI 'rN
Bot. Agt. Goin'I i"rt. & Pase Agt. '
iumnias. l.-I WIlmington. N. (1
%o taste. No odor. Can be given in
ss of water, tea, or coffee without
bient's knowledge.
vVhite Ribbon Remedy will cure or
.try.the diseased appetite for alco
ic stimulants, whether tihe patient is
onfirmed inebriate, a "tippler," so- .
I drinker or drunkard. Impossible
anyone to have an tip peite for alco
ic lhquors after using White Ribbon
lorscd by Members of W. C. T. U.
rs. Moore, p)ress superintendlenlt of
>manl's Christian Tremperance Union,
ntura, California, writes: "I have
ted White Ribbon Remedy on very
Itimate drunkards, and the cures have
In many. In many eases tihe Remedy '
a piven secretly. I cheerfully recom- ~
na and indorse White Ribbon Reme
Members of our Union are die
hted to find an economical treatment
aid us.mn our temper'ance work.''
3ru:ggists or by mail, $1. Trial pack
u free bly wvriting Mrs. A. M. Town
1(1 (for ,years secretar of a Woman's
ristian I emperanc Union), 218 Tre
int St., Boston, Mass. So dl in New
rry b)y Gilder & Weeks.
Get the Best!
b)Scribe to
hl0~ SenlIi-Wee0y Negs and Olurir
e beCst county newspap)er
e beCst general and State newspaper.
the telegraph, State andi general
le )/ you can readi.
"D usp with) the news of tihe world,
hie nation, tile State antd 'our county.
I thle two) for a song - on yTwo Dol-.
ars for a year's subscription to both
a SaMi-.Was.:s,y ll1EIALD AND) NEws,
E: S:Mi-Wl':l.:jY Nawn AND) COUIER.~
(ou know all abdutI Thle Herald and
ws. 'Ihe Semi-Week lyNews and Cour
l)ubilis4hed at Charleston, S. C., is the
com')rpile and( be'st general semi
~y you can11 get. It publishes 16
es8 a week, or 104 issues a year.
esall the telegraphic and St ate
s, generatl and special stories.
ubsceibe no to thle TWO for Two.
.AIRS though The Herald and News
iDecial arrangemen

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