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As the State surmised, the Newberry
Herald vid News w- misinformed I
gardin the sick ian who was put oir
at thai tom%j. The card from State
Treilurer Jenniigs shows that the poor
fellow wa, dewd. le had not becn in
the Columbia hospital, conscquently
wti not dischar-yed when ill. lie asked
for transr : mation f) Newbeicy and
received trans1 rtat.ion and money.
Columbians may be ve- y bad people but
their hearts are not for' from the right
place. -Tle State.
We are very glad to reproduce in an
other column the card from State Treas
urer Jennings. The at tiele in The
Herald and News giving the sick man's
statements gave those statements ex
actly as they were made, aid the article
was piloted in order to give the Colvim
bia hospital an oppoi:unit.y to set it,elf
straight in the matter. We could not
believe the statements when they were
made but we thought at the time that
it would be doing the Columbia people
an injustice rot to give them an oppor
tunity to make reply, i'asmuch as the
statements bad been generally circu
lated in this city, and we still think so.
We made no statement in the matter
except that the people of Newbei .'y re
fused to believe t hat, in this civiliz-d age
such trea,ment woul he accoi.led by
any hospital any where. The people of
iewberry were colnvinecd tihat as sootn
as the man's charges were brought to
the at it ion of t be hospita1 aut hoa t ie.
the matter would he clevare:1 up, .nd it
i!; with plealsore that they have lei ned
the truth in the case.
The GreenShoro Rcerd is enltitlt-<' to
the erI.lit for Ibis 11ueSt exCe'!el t sl ee.
"While we ale tassing laws tit t
thinlg a 1ld that I flnu- sliall lot he .sOhl,
why 1iol p ss Oile i t l'oti' si'il flot
Ic 1ki armind iln a b,ak k. aete a mn1i n
c.lli get his hai ls on ' ? lie tiii' I be
te.1iptd to seil. A !Il ' inigl1 A:o I ..
gi I idheat to preVelit the ;il\\iV- aii
oillet' hig ). ii iattitills Itmnl l i W ii1I
tileir e iplov's too li i'hle i:1V l1ille\ .it
all 11make tfeiiin ix i1) a k !,l f iiactit 'e
\ihe-e all ilo;eV 1i11st gol S t11 a i caill
niot Ile likeii ont ecept bv the pliltor
perSlsm Ofi cto"'-su, Iliiat Iffil0ln't JW S 'l
iight ste;il also, but this wolkil re<hlice
the n )ii of steale s at le.,. The fiie
11;le 11tW is t) keep toe 111"i;.6,11 w; \'
(l-mil .a ill:al, ll()'ti 1( te.m-l1 11; -1 to) \\ili
standi Ite11llwi i.'
Th:t's fl il I i. la i.t l w T.!e
p) ple Ilt lIml I1() 1 Y t, . 11c. 1 a'l ildt
llied' ;blilt! it is titit ellmnll tI I)II11
ish titellt a._er I ll:ive mii i"e \\ iii
mi1ake laws 1it.ul .e wl"e1 it \\JIl ie ;.I as
sible fIl 'liv;:! tod n onl:) . Tl. W\%arbl
laws. - Ch:i:otte Oh:el Vei
Anid iiW c(mies tile t le sMa;il
and says:
' t keg.sLlllie olli 1 i t il J)t- ; l. \
aganist picking pIlei1's pck ets
A nd 1n \11WiV lii it ask the4 le'. lati e
to pISS a law gi\m y lik 6 11 i ts 0111VOl1ig Il p11 lt
in oml peke' :' \\'e have n tw a law
a git!is: t ' .' piill a s istl except il a cei
tain weight :id length, ;1il of tis d1e
c iptioll lIlle W evel- 1i1a1he, ; ilt vet
the pistol oting halbit is just ;'s bid s it
eVerI M;ts. \e haVe itl hii 1111-tlve i) I.,\%
110W (id t00 inaieli tha;t is l(et etifioret Il.
C'olumblia very soo ti I discuss thle'quels
ion of lyinchm tg. Th'lere is only onile
thing that will stop it mal that is stop
te rme whIaieb gi ves rise toI it. 'lThe
average Citizen will justify the' mob11
ini this one crime, Thet dlangeri is ini
the mob taking the law into its haainds
foir other crimes, miad that it leads toi
iaachy~ andl dIisregard of oither' law.
Tlhe negrto ne'eds to Ib' t aught mor'ahs
and( right livinag mlore' thau aniythling.
Geor'gia hias jutst placed on her stat -
ute hooks a vIagrant law. It is maeant
to reac iLtILhat Class lof citizens particu
larly who oiaf a urouind thel Citi's andi
townls andli live froam the labor of their
waves and ehihdren. If en forced it is a
good law. Thiere is pdenty oh workl.l to
doi andI ino. mian has a right to bie idle
and11 loaf, andii the moatto of the G eorgia
law is to "work or walk."' dii honorale
labor1 ori lie made1k to do( his plart at dlis
honoroabhle haior, whiich means in strnilpes
on the publlie works.
Some of til'he papers say' that the
nmerger of Seaboiare Air' lin meaelns a
great deal for the Sotth, butt we ar'e
sorryW to see thei Seabo ard1 pass into thel.
handlIs of thlese litaer roads. Mr a. J1. I'.
MIorgan seemlls to bie blehind thel dea'il,
and whlenever the SIeaboardl andI the
Southern (teril a cit y thait city will have
two linesi with one11 mlanagemlett, two
hlear'ts heat ing ias one.
The fatrmers arie now r'eflising 11 cents
for cotton to be. dleliveredt inl the fall, in
somel sectiotns, so we see in thle papers.
I f they couald make it and11 live at 5 eents
they should feel liKe puatting their
thumnbs in their vests and feeling for
once ind(epe(ndlent andl happy. Thle
crops in this sectionl were nlever better,
taken a' a whole. We hope nothing
will come to cut thle yield short. Thle
pr'ice is going to b)e guad it matters nlot
much how good( thme yield is.
"'Newspaper stories to the etl'cct t hat
thec Souathmern railway or the Atlantic
Coatst Line railway, or' the allied inter
ests of either' those two systems, have
acquired an interest in the Seaboard
piroperty are'( inceorrect. '' Such is the
statement maude' in the weekly bulletin
of the banking house of John11 L. Wil
liams & Sons, in ana ar'ticle dlisculssing
the recent putrchaase oif the Seaboard by
the Rock Island and 'Fraisco systems.
Continuing, the article says: "'Thle Sea
board Air Line system n lad the Rock
Islanid system are in nio wvise !ompetitive.
An examination of the map will readily
disclose the great adlvanatages and bene
close co-operatkon, and,Alliance between
these two propOrties. The Rock Island
system brings the Seabohrd system iin
direct contact with the great gr-ainei ice
and storehouses of the West, Not thwest
tind Southwest, whilst the Seal:,-ed
furnishes Rock Island a direct outlet to
seven important seacoats on the At.
lantic and Gulf coasts, and fur,nishes
the shortest and most direct route,
with favorable grades, fron Kov,sv,;
City to tide water."
The statement, coming from the above
source, that the Seaboard will still be
t independent time sofar as theSouth
e.n and Coast Line is concerned, will
be received with plenture in the
Leth Eden Items.
We had some rain here yesterday,
bi as it was quitc dry the fainiers n'.
not satisfied.
Mrs. Maiy Got Ilett, Mrs. W. T. Co
field and children spent Saturday and
Sabbath at Mr. J. W. Caildwell's.
Master Willie and little Miss Estelle
Dominick are away at their grandl)a
rents attending a summer school.
Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Sligh spent todtay
at .Jalapa.
rI i's. Sligh has just returned from a
visit to her parents in Union county.
T. Bernard Carlisle has ret orned frilom
the Farmers' institute at CleIson.
Miss Sue Carlisle. of Gainm1esv ,
F"la., is visiting her brother. Dr. . C.
Carlisle. We are glad to see that the
world deals so gently with our dttv
friend of foier days.
Mrs. Jones is visiting her dIugh
ter. Mrs. M. A. Rtenwick.
Miss-s Annie and Lucy Subar are
sendiiig this week with their siter,
Mr's. Charley Siber.
Quite a num111ber of the mt.embIebrs of
lHeth Edei church met tr le a'' I't I'itts
day and gave the chulire, church yard
mid cemetely a thorouglh cleaning.
The Lkuthierins out. here Itave a nice
couintly culirch, and i they are very
prouid of it.. Commlunttion se .iees will
be beld next Sabbath.
Two of Mr. John Folk's children, of'
Columbia, and Misses l'ailinie, U.uth
amd B itnelle Ieta y, of' Newher ry, are
:siting their granldfather, (at . 11.
Nr. and MI.s Saml Iiviet sia -d h1s
rather's fatmily last week.
Mr. (Got ge Elpis Sleatnt ye,tord-ty at
I1. Chandler's.
It was our pleasi've and profit I at -
teid Kilig's Creck chur111-ch Sabbath and
listenl to a for-cible and appro;;aIt.. ser
oti f''om I I e Iev. ( '. M. I Ivd. 'h'
t xt w t s, "It is hai for thee a kick
:agaist. the pricks', the s b jet . rol)In-l
lion againlst od's atit hot v. Is Imt
fan t f autholi ty I tht I'rlot III
t bos R t' t\' it'-st ions w liich 11b1v'tt-11
Inh pace tat' ot y gr't nat 1i1n 1i,iy
Aug. 17, 1!Io,. N ita.
The Wiiithri'.i Scholarship.
~n i, a ace:-.uh of thie a-'et - .u :n
'The two other .,ela,bu,hip. I b a ~th
G'.i'enwwc' 1 \\'ashinagtonta m'l'l iTo ,.
ihatrgedl ui ith anunle. :tg .I ItIt- Iei Ki u
weie. g.ated b.ii ott -'rid.ty ini 'tu s.n
of is a . achi by Judge.~ iCht;. G. Iii Inih;.
to aippuem itt peasotil ad wecie aep asenited
by N\lessrs I I1. Ilut ad L:tmble e\'
Tfakean With Cramps.
Wi m. l\ tromisi, a amembert of liihe bridlge
Iganei workitng ntear' ,it t leaort was takent
sudly'l ill 'llTursday' aight wit hi eramatps
anda a kmaad of' cholera. II is eae wvas so
severae t hat hie had to have thle trembaeras
of' te cew wait. uplon himt atlnI a'.
Gitl'oa'd wes called and 'onistal<d. Iie
told t hemn he had a nmedicinte itt thi'e' form
(if Chtamberahin's Colic., Choale'-a atnd
D iarrahoea R(aeedy thatii he thlouaghtl
woitl help hima outt antd :naaordintgly
several doses we"e adhninaistetred wi'thl
thei r'e,alt that. the f'ellow was atble to
lie artolfud next day. Tlhe ineidet
speaks aluite highly of M'. Gil'or'd's
mnedicines. --Elkader'. Iowa, A ganus.
Tihais r'emedyt naevet' fails. Keepi it. int
vourt hiomte,' it miay save IifCe. I"or' saile
'y Wma. l'. Ielhiam & Soat arnd Praospet'
ity Dru'ig Co.
Adver'tlsed Le.tlt's
itemaining itn postollie'e for the week
endinag Autguist 15th,i 1:t :
A -Mt's. JIohna W. Ande'sont.
H-Miss Luitgeatia Braow n.
D)-Amuanda D)uncan.
G- Miss (Cot e Glinie.
ill -idddie HIawkins, Miss Agn'es IHol
an, Ilannie llenttz.
MI John M%-. Maze.
N---Ani Newhierry.
WV William Williamtts, Jiam Wooteni.
Persons callinig Cot' thlese lettea's will
pleais(e say that thley were aidver'tisedl.
(C. J1. Putau'.:a a., P. MI.
Violent Attack of DIlat'rhoca Cure'd by ChItamn
ber1ln's Colic, Choler'a and Dilarrhottea
Remedy anid Perahaps a 1.1fe Saved.
'"A short. time ago I wvas takeat w;thl
a violent at tack of dliarrhoent&' anal h)elieve
I wouald have died if I hiad Inot gotten
reliefC,"' says Jlohn . 1Pattoat, ia leadiniag
citiz.en of Patttn, Ala. ''A ft'iend a'e
'omimendedI Chambei'lain's C olie, Ch'Iol
era and D)iat'rhoea itemedy. I botaght
a twenty-five cent. btottle and a fte (''Iak -
ing three (loses of it wit aitir'ely curated.
I conisider' it the btest. remtedy itt the
world foi' bowel comrplaints." '' ora satle
by Wmr. E. Pelhamr & Son antd Prtosperi
ity Drng Co.
fews From Excelsior
We have had good rains in this sec
tion the past few days, and crop pros
pects have b-en mtieh improved.
Mr. J. C. Singly is making some im
rovelent oil his dwelling house.
Mrs. J. 1. Sense hus ben confined t4
fier room sick for a few (lays.
Messrs. Luther and- Eugenia Werti
of Saluda county have been visiting it
this section.
Mr. T. L. Wheeler, wife and childrer
silent Sunday with Dr. J. I. Beden
baugh and wife of Saluda county.
Miss Carrie Cook is visiting her sistei
near Greenlwe-l.
Sunday moi aiing we attended th<
commimion service at Colony church,
the first time we had attended servict
at Colony i'i a long while. We were v
little late, but reache i the church ill
time to hear a good able sermon
)ieached by the lp-itor, the Rev. John
J. iong. The cong.-egation w.s large,
and after the se-..non a large number
of communicants obeyed the conmand
of oiel blessed Saviour, "D) this in re
memberance of me."
The weather on lVst Saturday morn
ing was very tnfavorable for a picnic
day, and the clouds kept lingering
Vor l: amd threatening for rain until
about the middle of the day before the
bi;glt. sun came out and the clouds
disappeared. The plenic we have refer
< oce to is the Sunday-sci ol picnic at
NIt. Pilg1 ml cht-ch on lhst Sat.rday.
Tihe exere'ses were oeied w;th prayer
by the Rev. 1'. H1. F. Deii iek. Excel
lein tall:s were mr-le by the Rev. S. C.
1illent ine and Prof. E. 0. Counts. Mr.
J. V. .11I .un then announced the
next, tNnilg would ha2 dimier and all
pir<sent would rssemble at the long
table , the geove near the chu-ch and
enjoy a picnic dlinner together, and
aiter the table was filled with the va
rious ki'uNs of go. .1 eatables, just such
a pienlic dir'er vs the goe,l ladies of
Nt. Pilg.-ii section know how to pre
pare for' such occsionls. The after
nc )i was sint in vaiiovs ways by old
r ul yotimg, but of cot"se the young
folks wt re scatter .1 off in ditrerent di
iretions itumbei g "two" in a group.
Tlh day w a iplevsant. one for Mt.
ily: m. and will be long remembered
bv ,I, present VS an enjoyable occa
S1011. Sig ma.
I find nothing better for liver de
rangeients and constipation thai
1minhmerlain's Stomach and Liver Tab
lets. IL. F. Anth'ews, I)es Moines.
Iowa. For sale by Wim. E. Pelham &
Son and Prosperity DIrug Co.
No. 7 Townshuip News.
Illt IW-AlIlI o,f tlhi. townsslip i,; go(wl.
A1lk, Ik*f11 i- !howeis ('' rainl that
h ivc f-dll the past two wLeks baie
Ow c- l l erojip% put oil Ilew life,
Tit (e es I' av . 111 u collsillt-ablv.
NM 1. S'-iij: (1i )imiinick is iw t inl
1o O lws1i1cs'; and iattend
i o 'iv 4 " ct,t m1 tting at Blethel.
We le trn th.it there were potracted
c .s hl thi! week :it Sonhl Chapel,
...is I h-qpe .il Saluda, and that sonte
Ktr:. Ce se '. ' sitinig hier p,irents nie.tr
Weare soi'i y' to leatii of the illness
of I'i'e' Shelton Gai'rett and Aunt
I .zie Shirey' of No. 91. Mi'. Garrett is
in hiis'.ilst yemi a ~nd Mr's. Sh iraey is
I hie ('xluion'50 to Ashiev ille pas'sed
here1 pactiked~ to her utimost, and only a
few\ ilf o" I 'ole( wei'e able to make
ihi' trilp.
hin Srr''lay pr'otrat.ed ser'vices n1
'oie'ne'e at ('ross Roads Chur'ch and
c'oitiu for1 ' i several (lays.
Seve'ral of~ our' men have gone to the
muiit.n''s "'i wagors on at pleasUre
Alessr51s. .11no. 1pt i ng and Marion L ong
of theL Macuedonia sect ion ar'e til here on
\'visit .
.\lr. ( sIlen wvho is ling over the
tiops of .\I i'. P'. ( . Simitbh's lieneis in this
Si'it ion. sp ent steverial dhiys over here
reven'it ly.
tiller 1(o Refutnd Money If' Dr'. llowaritd's
Spee100 WViIl Not t't're Any Case of
Conllsti patlon or Dyspepsia.
Gibbt r IX W\i k. are' o' i:king the worst
o'5'(f d> pe i ' orlconstipat ion In
Ni' Wll'y r vie 'inity' to test, )ir. I low
ii"~ w a'it'ellit for' ihe cure of thos
"i 'oi idet art' thc: that ihis ,'e.
eme1' i "lihct. tim tn.1hat they tlth'r lo
I '(letl l.hi moneyi'~ houuihI it not b.e Mitt
(ess ful.
bile jinlt'idutiLoni Gilderi &X W\teeks will
sell aL r'eenhi.r lifly rent pi'c'kage cit t.is
It, will reigulat,r lie boiwels, tone u1
thle whiole initost. ial trilt, L'ive out itn
app't ite, irakeci ftod laste iyood aind di.
g'st w'ill, a 'nI increcase vigor. .loy' and
hainessjliii will take(1 the place of that
dioni't lenri whlethei' I live oi' die" feel
'Takie aldvaitage* ot'f Gibi'r I Wee'ks
cbal eur 'i' ' i d sleeni a't boiittl I ofu I )r.
I lowardi's "sp'-'ille. at 1half pi'ce. wvithI
Leter' to I. A. SchuimperI, Newberr'y, S. C.
IDta r Sit: 'T' cheap plainit to buy is
the( (lnet I hat 'ic'ers imor'e than you think;
t he chleall (lne to wearii i5 the one that
is youngll whien old.
Mi.r. Mloi'e, of' Kelsey, N. Y. , bought
1 Ii gal lons Ievot' to myn,~t her' house two
co(at: her painIIteris .. 'd it would take
that. I l ;i yalloins left.
NM'. .lamnes AcklIey's house, in Caire
(('atskill Mouitntainis), N. Y., wvas
paLintedI De)vot' it. worie 14 yearls; and1(
he plaint was ini goodii condit.ion then.
lIt' was going to paint, the last we
knew, thbough. Tlhat's the wvay to pre'C
st ;e a house; i'epaint. when there's no
over'isionc. Youris ttiuly,
ji. W. D)evon & Co.
I' S . Nwberry.. ha....w..,, Co sel
Disease takes no summer
If you need flesh and
strength use
Scott's Emulsion
summer as in winter.
Send for free sample.
SCOT & BOWNE, Chernists,
409-41S Pearl Street, New York.
Soc. and $.oo; all druggists.
(B, I. of Wolll's COilce, Richmllid, Va,)
Mower Co's Store.
School Opens
September Ist, 1903.
Torms-$2,60 per Eight Losson,
A. I. Counts. J. L, Dickert.
Gro--orios, Con fectionorit , Produce,
Etc., - Etc., - Etc.
W e in'O it, bniminesR again ind , will
lioll tho best goods at the lowest
pricos. soo is whii you nod goods
in our linio.
Russell's Old Stand.
Main Street.
We woould like to ask, through the
coliimins ot your paper, if there is any
pernson who las used Green's August
Flower for the cure of 1ndigestion,
Dys lpsia, and Livcr Troubles that has
not been eu re( --and we also mean their
results, such as sour stomach, fermen
tation of food, habitual costiveness,
nervous dyspepsia, headaches, despon
dent feelings, slveplessness-in fact,
any trouble connected with the stom
ach or liver? This medicine has been
Sold for many years in all civilized coun
tries, and we wish to correspond with
you and sen(d you one of our books free
of cost. If you never tried August
Flower, try a 25 cent bottle first. We
have never known of its failing. If so,
solething more serious is the matter
with you. The 25 cent size has just
been introduced this year. Regular
size 75 cents. For sale by W. E. Pel
ham & Son.
G. (;REEN, Woodbury, N. J.
Notice to Policy Holders.
Farmer's Mutual Insurance Asso
ciation of Newberry County, will meet
at Newberry. on Saturday, the fifth
d1aY of S-ptem"her, at II o'clock a. m.
Every Policy H1older is urgedI to be pre
sent; if not to send a >roxy.
L. 1. EPTING, Secty.
.J. L. Ki.:rir, Pres.
Manager Wanted.
. tieman to manage business in this
C ounity and adljoining territory for well
and favorably known IHouse of solid
financial standling. $20.00 straight cash
salary and expenses, paid each Monday
by (check direct from headquarters. Ex
lpense money adlvanced; p)osition perma
uen t. Add(1ress Thomas Cooper, Mana
ger, 1030 Caxton Bldg., Chicago.
Teacher Wanted.
Ftict No. 19. Applicants state
salary wantedl. File application with
untder'signedl by August 22.
Slighs, S. C.
Little Mountain, S. C.
. . first class Barbecue at Williams'
Store on August 19, the occasion of the
goodl roadls meeting to be held there.
The price of dinner will be 40 cents and
30 cents. The speakers for the occa
sion are Cole. IL. Blease, E. HI. Aull,
F. H. D)ominick, Jno. F. Banks, C. T.
Wyche and W. H1. Sanders.
Warren White Suipher Springs.
Variet y of mineral waters. Elevation
2,100t feet. One mile from station. Four
mails daily. Excellent table. Modern
buildings and equ1ip)ment. Rates $25
p)er month. Special rates to familIes.
and everything in the
line of STAPLE STA
TIONERY at the
Tablets from 2 cents
each up.
Beautiful Writing
Come and see.
Also a line of nice
Our money winning books,
Written by men who know, tell
you all about
I'lwyare needed by every man
whlio owns a field aid a plow, and
who desiret to got the most out
of theil.
They are/rt. Send postal card,
98 NaMaaa Strect. Now York
Sept. st
We Will Move Our v
Hardware etc
To the Two Stores Under '
Crotwo11 HOTEL
Where we will
be glad to see all
of our friends as
we will be in a
better position
to give them t
Cone Now
and get what t
you want and r
save us the
trouble and ex.
pense of
"We~~~IasLkC rn
"For ~ Beuiyn heHo ?
Newbery Hadwar
Kn0 ihtns o Plyel
c o dg wil o h and
ittleton Ferr
One of the most prosperous schools
f scholarship, located at a very popu
irge patronage from five states, exte
-an Institution that is doing a great
We will take a limited number of i
board and Full Literai
Per term on conditions made know
Ri. J. M. Ritoims, A
Lble goods. We are he
ner stuff and are det
ome price. We have tl
Vhite Goods in India Li
oeautiful and sheer, Str
Lnd Madras, all to go at
/lercerized White Good4
vill be included in th
.awns, Dimities. Batisti
)rgandies to go at sac
ies for Men, Ladies, M
Don't fail to visit our
age of the many bargai
Yours f
S. J. W
[here's Gre
In- wearing Laundry \A
he very latest style,
We keep abreast wil
very department.
We constantly keep oi
hing new that will imp
lightest degree.
We now produce a qu
hat done by the largest
ories in the world.
If we are not serving -
>ackage this week,
We guarantee to plea
Main 6
FeIephone 116.
o the Public at L.arge!
Seeing the need of an organiza
tion looking to giving cheap pro
tection in this county, we take
pleasure in recommending to the
people as a whole, the Workmen's
Umon Protzc4h" Association of
America, as being tt.c best thing
in the way of sick, accident and
buial benefits, in existence. We
write from the age of 12 to 65.
It costs $2.10 for a policy, and if
you are sick one week, we pay
you $6 per week ; and at the death
of a member $50 as a burial fund
is paid. Any one wishing protec
tion against sickness or accidIent
at cost, can get it by applying to
either Eugene S. Werts, Secre
tary and Treasurer, J. W. Ear
hardt, President, or J. W. Reeder,
County Agent.
'o the Secretary and Treasurer of the
Workmen's Union Protective Asso
ciation of America:
I certainly appreciate the promptness
iyou paying my husband, 'homas HI.
~eeves, sick benefit and burial fnnds.
I can heartily recommendl the com
any to one andl all who want protec
on at cost. My husband had only paid
rirty-five cents (35c) into the treasury
fter receiving his policy, and the com
any has fulfilled its promise to a let
er. I think every man, woman and
hild in the county, that is twelve years
Id, ought to have a policy in the Work
ien's Union Proteetive Association of
Lmerica. First why, because it is a&
ome company; second the money is
11 kept right at home; third -you get it
t cost; fourth-the association is do
ig what God has taught us to do, help
ne another; and there is no better way
a obey the commrnd of the Lord than
a link together in this g rand Associa
ion. I cannot praise the Association
so high for what it has done for my
usband, Thos. HI. lIeeves. May you all
ver live and carry on the good work,
my best wishes to the Association.
kwanted for the Reag in School in
lo. 8 Township. School opens the
fth day of October andl runs seven
ionths-- salary $.30 a month. -A pplica
ions may be sent to any one of the
ndlersigned truste'es.
W. HI. LONG, Chairman;
GEO. A. ME'Ts.
Newhbery S. C, Aug 3d, 1903.
ale College.
in the South, with a high standard
lar Stumer Resort, and with a
uding from New Jer.ey to Florida
upils, including
oy Tuition for $52.90
11 om application to
., Pres., Littleton, N. C.
lSommolr Gods
CASH" --
1, We will put the
knife in all season
xvily stocked in sum
3rmined to unload at
iousands of yards of
nens, Persian Lawns,
ipe Lawns, Nainsooks
very low prices. Our
3 are unsurpassed and
is sale. All colored
, Swisses, Mulls and
rificed prices. Oxford
isses and Children.
store and take advan
ns we will offe:.
:>r business,
I oIisfocIion.
(ork that you know is
:h the latest styles in
ir eyes open for any
rove our work in the
ality of work equal to
shirt and collar fac
,ou lot us have a trial
se you.
Wood's Seek
. Farruers and1( ( trd< .:er whoL ,h
sre the 1litst nr. fi 'est in forIna I
Vegtab le 2it E
shold write for Wood -
Fall Catalogue.. i .
Crimsor2 C:i"
Grasses andJ C * I
Seed CaV,'b
Rye, Baky,'
WVood's N "w I'ab I mio: ' '. 1
free on requaes4t.. \. . a. .
Seedsmecn, - Rihmon
Cannot speak; otherwise
it would tell its own story,
and were its organ of
speech as pronounced as
its one quality RELIABIL
ITY, no need of these re
marks. We do not claim
that it will cure Mumps,
Consumption, or grow hair
on bald heads, and in fact
we do not advise mothers
using it for Soothing Syrup
but we do claim that there
is nothing better on the
market for Pain In the
Stomach, Colic, Cholera
Morb us, Diarrhoea and
PRICE 1 5c and 25c
Maye'llrgl te.P

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