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Complete Itmmunity From Infection Im
possible, But Wise Sanitary Measures
Reduce Danger to Minimum.
Dr. James C. Bayles in World's
It has often been said of typhoid
fever (which is jnst now so previent
in many Americai cities and townt)
that one may eat and drink it, but he
cannot breathe it. Experience estab
lishes this as a general truth.
While typhoid attacks persons of
all ages its greatest fatality is among
those in the prime of life. The
period of maximu susceptibility
seems to be between tho ages of IS
and 45. This, however, may be loss
of a paradox than it appears to be.
Vigorous persons in the prine of life
are, perhaps, less prudent than the
young are required to be. They in
dulgo in niore excesses aid incur
greater risks in oxposure to weaken
ing inlllpuecs. *t *, * Good gon
oral helth is the host safegiurd
known or imgintible against t y phoid ;
and it should not bo forgottonl that
general good healthi is inconsistnt.
with iipridellce in lllibit or diot.
Undoubtodly the most frequent
cause df ty,phoid fever is foni I in
polluted drilkilig vater. (eneralll)
spilking, tho rotectionl of i wito.
Supply is boyondt le powr of t le
individuald but (von polliutod wItolr
inny be perfectly sterilized by the
slIm;pl) oxpolienlt of boiling it. (Cairo
llist ho Itakln, hlowvr', to prAloect it
fromi sblisetji it volitill)illit io .
Th'lle cooling widelb is nv%ossary to
render it agroeoible to tohe taste
should not, bo donlo witi ice ldlod to
it and peiprmitted to miliglo with it in
mlting, 1un1less tlio prity, of he ice
is Is'lured. A will of eleanl glass be
woeoll the boiled witor anld the ico
which (ools it is pridoit.
Why the very goneral use of
boileil wiater does not safogiard
moor hoimles against typhoil itivisionl
than it appears to is probablly du110 to
tIhe fact that it. is not used exclusive.
1ly. There is iniost eortiii to bo
eArol. ssiiess in til kitclen, however
great. the dgro of efro inl th din
ing room. 0Thlo waishing of green
vogetables ill viater froim the i ap and
its additionl to food prp am rat iin
served invoolied will oflon carry thli
gorms to th le nost t( Iplilously
guarded tabl. If the water Huppl)
"f a house is know.i to be polliited it
sIiould( hlo t rented like any oItfIem
po15ison. llttle'd waiters nmay or may11
not be safe. It deplends paurt ly upo111
wvhat t hey are tilh11.4 with and pa11 rtly~
cleIansed beitween'0l rehillIing. Sint
the conisumlier can know very litth
aibout t hiis, however cuiriously In
may imiquire, lie nimy feel more coti
donuco in water lhe has boileid amn
proIperly' cooled( thain ini a suppl
wvhich mu st be t akomi largely o1
M~lilk is iii inailly respeclts t he 11uos
danIlgOrousM art iclo of food whicho comoie
into1 the wvell-ordeored ihvollinig. In
nlumolrabe 0 pidemIies oIS(f typId)( feve
have been t racedl to it. The niormta
condition oIf thle mil1k of coimmeorcei
that of swairing with b actorin
Generally spealukinig it sh iil niove
1h0 used1 unsteril11ized. TIhe proces
it isi heaIited to) Ih i5'r Ittlb I(dgree(s, i
thel simpl1)est and11 safost . In no( (othle
which roceives a daily supp1~ly 0
nmulk 1h0 safegiuardled agaiunst ty~ phoi,
fove r.
The sam11 ISt iu (of sea fool I. Sinei
it is imposinle'II toI kno1w thet iinnedl
ate sou1rce oIf shll Is1h purcha sedi
thle mnarkot , Iteir use unci(ooked man
he irof ,nly discouraged, Theo san
tary' litetratutre on this subjet is vo:
there are very few things whlich malh
he (oi' rw with iuinity from ti
immledito' daniger of typhoid ife
tioni. D)r. WV. TI. Sedgwick, profess
of bacteriology in the Massachiuset
Inst it ute of Techniology, says5 wi
great force and( at tract ivoi brevit,
"'Nothlin g is miore' certaill ill sam t at
scienceC tha 11 thaIIt coo0ke4ry, whiichi 1
the use of heat de(st roys paurasite
m inlding b,actoeria, is of t he veor
hi ghest. bygienIII'ie alu.'"
Flis are ~( inidustriio15us genits in it
disseminiation of the secondary infet
tion of typhoid fever. After wanildel
ing about all sorts of unclean placn
andI picking up bacteria they3 come
at op)e1 wind(ows and( dhoors and( nat isf
their pamaporedl appetites b)y visits t
the food prepared1 foir the famiily.
fly in the butter muay be assumed t
leave b)ehlirnd hinm, if hoe gets awva)
whatever parasitic micro. orgatisni
he carried on his feet and legn, or t<
plant them there if he dos not. Tho
fly is also the agent of a more direct
conveyance of typhoid bacilli inl fiht
spreading of secondary infootioi. lit
bas a fondness for lighting' on I he
lips of persons, sick or well, is may
be, and every human being indulget,
more or less in thi habit of wetting
the lips with the tongue. In thit
way what the fly leaves behind himn
may be taken up by the saliva and
passed directly into the alimeita y
canal, there to do whatever tuisciief
may bo its normal function. To be
offectually safoguardod agaiist ty
pioid fever one must koop flis, mom
quitoes and-all other insects out. of
his house and away frot his por
Digital infection is recogipizod as
on1e of the many ways in Whici ty
phoid fever is carried to personws vnpa
ble of avoiding other exposure. Froiml
baistrados, door knobs, (It 11m,l
rails of street vehileos, tih taip
provided for thoso who amntl ,r get
sots and froill a tho1isaiIl -0ier
thinigs which one ittay onel a nd
ualiflly thiklic h n1111ay tolehl and l > A
bo defld bfumay gol 01h haivilli on
his fingers ail hoever un t anlid
1,i1i vartful l hit , Imlay o tilh l 1th r"Inl
finigor to011(h11inIHsinal elnnal Is usuaflly
Ohat of "Ilwat roslHt anlle. "
D)r. Bityloi votichidos, 1herof4pro,
11ha0 colliploto immnn11fity froml ty plloid
ifrm-ionl d144mand1i "tin illoposstible
vigilanlco." jif wVoni scarul-oY bo
wor(h t ho t roublo andl anx iN y.*r
quirml to iiako imumnity fron Oat-k
vortitinl. lint coilpariionl of t bt iy
phoid1 doath ratos Iin Amiorlica aitit
1tu(ropean citios mvls t hat wis 1it41ts
IIIres of Inui ii cipal i ilIlov lilof it,
ChiOllyN ini 01 h *e1It rt ionl Of thO Wattlil
supply, tho regulation of tho miill
traflic andA other Mimlplo expedioenlb
will reducii tho dngors fi typhoii
infoctioll (to I iniflinIuII . An idi4it11I
of it in alny city vity or town, lil
that of Italica last winlor, is ovidl-ne.
Of nogligolnco. Doall with byN (t
local ath10or1itiesin it lirgo %wiy IyV
phoii is (ltIeltrod to bi1 "oo of fit
miost reaiiy cont.rollublle attprovoit
able of disotses
Sad beath Of A .idy In Charlestim, W1l
1)ed An Hour After Ier hairrhage.
Nows aid Comrir.
TW wono icoH appoarod mi Ilho Now
Itnd C11urieor of h'llt rsalky, amiI W
any i of thle patie icS(onictrnedt or noit
mus11 t i'l av btein totieced. Tlhe tirI
told( oIf the marriage of I wo 1,.un
very~3 siad Ilitt le story, in volvinig li
andtt lovet andt dthti, iall, it stimnit,
Itin i no ebpttor, amtit in the city n1ou1
spok1( of it and1( breth led ai sigh ft
ister's woirtds were still in ginig in ih
It \vas XVodiesoday ttveiniig th,
ilhtess thle girl, who hadtt plighited bi
troth ito thet younllg num11 of hor ebiiit
,stood bideSjl him, siippltedttt buy b
. i made t hemt one"ile lt it dith a
Ithe l'hpiscopatil (Charehi wats condueii(tt
i by I t l(ov. A. 10. Corniish, retor i
Sthons, llamps 111( td Te b iit
Itt her iln less, itwlt t f Imli ly i m
frI in d wer thnk'igtat his gii
ne now.condie(''l'itit an is tnthei
~.Il N'. em lynor powerfu' pthn ll o tv b
. and tay I ('ith, hand( of tVti i t Iii
s Wtthatta alN d t h 1ist' gi
yi tshdih in thte hom i iiIsts 'io.i
e Wtii h, the crfemofy wasi iove It
Ni.an Mti1rs. l''lrepared to le,v i
rtheir htod, n hinttt t liry shorbtt tif
is worlayN itf tassnoo sItoo wnilr
ohno cmn fhsbbe
ibrshoh ii he wtltlo had li psill it
with ain the iitrwe (of butian iho
paslloed hway tn her lusad' rs
plar. Crih h a o al
"Napoleon of the Wheat Market" Make
And Loses Millions and is Now
a Bankrupt.
Edward L. Dwyer of New Yor]
lias filod a petition in bankrupto;
with the clerk of the United State
District Court at New York. Thi
liabilities arto fixed at. $374,855 an(
aHsois $I0. Most, of tho liabilitiei
are moon red.
The history of Edward L. Dwyo:
rea1lds liio i ro : anco. Heo was horn
iii Connecticut, fort.y-throe year ago
11n at lio igo of 25 wout to Mexico,
whore ho roalizedi a million dollar
(i rongli tilt) lovlopllnt of land and
tle cotrilmetion of a railroad. Then
he wont. to %Jhicago ant entered into
wheat spoenlation and for someo time
W11H knIown Its the "Napoloon of the
Wloat Pit." II his wheat spoetila
loll it is Hitid ht 11111ai h a sevkral Imil
liot dollars, but finally lost all.
Inl 1893 lit) mnet and maurriod the
iliiehes do (astelluchia, a Now York
Woman1111, who 111ny years iproviolisly
hand bemi married to an Italian no
blian. The I)uehosw pom08ed
imay itres of orango grovos in
Floria Sho wia 73 years of age
And41 Dwyer 3 3 Not long after the
marriingo Mrs. Dwvyor diod, lolaving
30 0stato Of over $3,000,000. slhe
h-ediim $10 of this amount to
I )yer. ,Tho will was fought for
six years bu11 t 1im1tly Wias admitted to
probathe by the surrogate of Nov
Yorlk vity.
A ftor the ,lti of his aged wif
D%wyor went ial over the West organ
izing min.ing and han<d companies
Iuo1ly of wiiih are- said to havo *e
turlil vast lumits of money to thl
invti-stors, of which lie says hie ha
re'ived lit le or nothing.
lin 1900 Dwyer enlisted in the nit
i rillo vorp" ill I l 11-ooklyn I navy yar
for a tern of throw years and wv
smit to 11tnilla, where I" was Iow
as the "illlionairo Marinie." Aftv
onlo year's solrvieo, ()In I.lo applilicatil
Of frimiids, lhe reeivod l an hionoral
Week Eud Rates.
Thei -ot-;o1hern1l Railway announces Li
lollowiig Wteek d1(lates, begiilnill
Stiurday, .1unle 0th, colitinig I
August. 29ti, for all Saturday train,
good returning uitil Tuesday followir
(l:ate of sale; round t.rip tickets wvill 1
(M sale from Newbrery to Chiarlesto
Sillivals Island, aid isle of Pm1111s,
rate ofI $5-. 16.
14-gihminig Ju1no (4th, cont.inuing
8 September 12th, for all Saturday ai
1 Sumday mornling trains, good returnir
leav ing dest ination not later than Tue
day fllowinig daite of1 salte, round L.i
ikts will b)e oni sale fr'om Newher
tas follows:
Spa:rtanhu)1rg...... .. .. ,.. ..$2
Gr'eenvtille............ .. .. 2
WVhitestone . . .. .....
'T'aylors ( for C hit'ck Springs) . . . 2
1,Asheville, N. C.... .. .. .. ...
y Ilot Spriings, N. C(2 . .. .. ..1
>rAnlenl, N. ('.... .. .. . . ....
l"letchlers, N. ('...... .. .. . ....
Illendersoniville.. N. ( ...
lat Riek, N. ('.. .. . . . . ....
Saluthi, N. C. .. .. .. .. 3
it Tryoni, N. C........... .. ..3
~lirevard, N. (.... .. .. .......1
h ake 'Illxacway, N. C ......5
i'or 1 icket s aind futhetltr iniformiatit
daply to S. I1. MCLiAN, Agt.
. ow It ound TIrip tates VIa A. C. L.
3 turni: Anuial (Conventitn G;rand l"or
I tain United Order True Rteforme'
Sept dember 1st. to 8th, 190)3, w ith retti
I latr than1111 Septemberl('l I0th, 190)3.
~. A spe'cial V'al id atinig Agency uine
athle charge. oh ,1 oseph1 lichartdst
sp'cial amgenit, will be located in I
St ation, ;th and 11. Streets, Washii
thour before t he schedule t ime of<
d parturie ofl achi t rain, August 30t h
SepItembers'i 10th, inclu tsivye. On Li<
da <(ite no( othe ai'':genit ini Washingt
will Ibe11 athiorized I.e vatlidate the
turn portion1o these tckets.
rs '$17.301 to IHa:lt.imlore, Mdl., andc reti
or Sovereign Granid ILodge of Odd 1Fellov
Tl Iickets oin sale Steptember 18th, it
anid 20th1. TIitket.s luist he deposi I
withI .1 oinit Agent in Hlaltimiorei
'i meitt ly upon1)1 arrival, and upon01 p1
or' iment of $1 25 att timelt oft deposit, li
no will be extendedl to leave Haltimor-ei
re lamter' tha Olli ctoerei 3rd, 1903.
Generl'lal l 'assengeir Agen'it
LIr Week lhnd Rtates
a. l"romi poeinls oni the A tlanitic Co:
'd L ine' to Seatside liesorts, ticktets oni .
e Sat iirdayv, good ret uirni:ng including M<
'Ir day fol lowinog, attractive scedultles,
r.e surpa issedt se'rvice Summr TIom
mcl TIicket s t Mounit ain and' Seaside lieso
11' lim11(ie for r'etturn puassage to Octol
31st. on salt' unt il Sep)tember :30th,
l1a For fuill pati cuilars, rates, etc,
og n l'ieket Agents or wrnite,
WV. J. CltA1I0,
id General P'assenger Agent
ul II. M. 10MERlSON,
ig TIraflie Manager
Wi'lmington, N. C.
The following druggists requests th
holders of MURNA coupons to brin
them in at once and secure absolute
ly free, the regular size bottle of th,
Great Preparation, MURNA WIN]
1"or salo only by Gilder & Weeki
Watches, Clocks,
Silver and Plate Ware,
Cut Glass and Table Ware
Wedding and Birthday Presents
Key winding Watches
Changed to Stem
Eduard Scholtz,
Jeweler and Optician.
Newberry, S. C.
Capital - - - $50,00
Surplus - - - 19,50
Paid Stockholders
since )rganization 21,00
Paid Depositors in
- Savings depart
ment since or
ganization - - $9,20
A man working by the day is pa
: for the timo ho puts in at work, bi
,s when that mani saves a dollar for L
n day's labor it works for him nighi
as woll as lays; never lays (fr on H
Co11nt of bad voither and never g(
" iick, but. goos right on earning hi
0 an i incomn. It's a nlice thing to wo
for money, but it's munch nicer
have money working for you. T
it--open a stivings account with
e an,1d got Home money working for y(
9 Make it deposit in the Savings
0 pallt ntli todany nud let ii. begin
work for you. Interest computed
.1 por cnt . annary 1 and 'July 1
"ICh year.
Id Small Savings are the Stepping
g Stones to success and lnoty
ip $1.00 a month deOposited in our
10 Will in 10 years amount to $ 146 0
5 $5.00) will in 10 years
5amount to - - - - $ 73~0 0
$10.00 wvill in 10 years
85 amount to - - --i$1460 0
85 We wvant your business.
8 lave amle facilities to
85 accommodlate our eus
85 tomers.
00I The Commercial Bank
of Newberry, S. C
Offers very low rates on followIng di
he Colonist Tliekots to California, U
. Nevada, New M :ico, Arizona, C
ne rado, Oregon, \b .shington, Monti
lI.. Idahilo, WXyomiing, on sale daily a
to Junie h>.
=X St. Louis and Retur
.n: On Halo Jun 16 (, 17, good to ret
'2 San Francisco, Lo
: Angeles and Returi
tot National Encampmtent G. A. Ii
icikets oni sale Jully 31I to Aug.
G-tod to return unmt il Oct. 15.
Denver, Col. 2) Rein
Ont satle Jun 30 ti o t Jumly 9t h, goot
is Thlirough P ullmtan Sleeping
ile Daiily hegt'ti o J Jacks'ontvile, Mat
n- At lantta, (ChaIttanoognt, NashIvi lle
n- St. Louis. "reu' Iteelining Chair
sot woo Naishvil le and St. Louis
-ta Thlroughi Putlhujan Sleeping (
ter di~Il betoon Nashiville and Chic
TPhis is thle only D)oublo Track
all het woli Chticago and the Ohio i
For full particulars, rates, tIckets
pamphlets address
i Tavelin PasenerAgent
Cosas Only 2cents
Ur inall 25 cots to G. J
e Ouroa Lruptlonj, Sores, Colic, Hives,
wormsD. SjEGE1TJIN.A,C,
Low I
-: VIA
The Nashville, CI
St. Louis Ry., ai
ern and AtC
The Scenic Bat
To the North, North
Best Equipped Trains, 1
Quickest Time. For rat
etc., or any information,
JNO. E. S,
No. I North Pryor St.,
Opposite Union Depot.
0 Two Daily Pullman Ves
Between SOUTH ar
"' The Best Rates and Rot
its Via Richmond and \
rk Norfolk and Steam
to Nashville, Memph
ry Louis, Chicago, Ne
1a. Points South and South,
ie. and Jacksonville and
and Cuba.
iilFor detailed informatior
man reservations, etc., appl
board Air Line Railway, or
Passenger Agent, Columbia
ites: ON THE S M
oloTER - Corn
man, Mait
W. A. T'uax,
'P Pass. Traffic Mgr.
S. -
rn Florid a
Ca,. A passenger service
*"l and comfort,equipped w~
Car Dining, Sleeping and T?
ars For rates, schedule,
line tion, write to
and WM J.
~'ChIldetno( An- Age.
Alds Dilgestione Keguates
'he Bowels.tin.,
at H-r' No *AS*
'brush. RemovOS and Preven,
iattanooga and
rid the West
mntic R. R.
tlefield Route.
-West and West.
Superior Service and
es, schedules, maps,
call on or address
Passenger Agent,
Atlanta, Ga.
Bell'Phone 169.
tibuled Limited Trains
ite to all Eastern Cities
Vashington, or via
ers. To Atlanta,
is, Louisville, St.
w Orleans, and All
west-To Savannah
all points in Florida
i, rates, schedules, Pull
y to any agent of The Sea
J. J. Puller, Traveling
.,S. C.
sst.G~en1. Pass. Agt.,
plete Summecr Resort F,iu
4i Free to Any Addrr.
Sammeea.AonWIC2s . .. . . *
IflFPl- kfiL
'So (UTH
- Cuba.
unexcelled for luxury
Ith the latest Pullman
horoughfare Cars.
naps or any informa.
'at Passenger Agent,
Wilmingon, N. C.
1. 0. BEA'TE, Recoiver.
InI ENIl(OL Juno 81902.
flotween Anderson and Walhalla.
3aarnoUNI'. waarn 4
Mixed. Mixed'
140.9. No. 12 13tations. qo. 11 No. 9
V-0W A' M.1.M. A. M
4810 9 6 ."''.**. --. . lton ............... 820 1060
245 9D".....AndersonF.D......... 340 1110
------.. ... "" Alllergon P.V. D......... 845 1115
........ . 2 ."-. W estAnderson....... 349 .......
--..... ...Denver.............. 86 .
855 """'''... Autun-.............. 405
847lW1 ....... 411 ....
----..Ina J412
----y........421 *
8 d -' - - ......y..... U ....
28 . ..... .. a i ....... 440 .....
Wila n to M a ea trainr. 4ils WIo....
Jakeo. and Ae owng stat 0o
- -. -----* enpo..t........
CbarI6toR 8n Wc8toR Carolia RW-d :1
Augusta and A hivillo Shrt Iet
(t ej dul in f.t'h fiaroch 1,9tu t
(Jeoad Down.) (Iaead Up)
12.46 pm ....Lv Ne wberry......Ar 8.10pm
1.50 pm . A ;r Lauruns........ L.02 p
2.07 pm.Lv Laurons. Ar 1.80 p
3.30 ps ..Ar Spartan burg.Lv 12 01 pm
3.40 pm.....L v dpa rt,an burg..Ar 10.25 amn
5.32 pm.....Ar Saluda.......... Lv 3. 39 amn
.11 p......Ar ndOrsonTville L v .05 am
7.1u m..Ar 4shevillo.... Lv 7.0 am
12.46 pin...... Lv Nowberry (c.N.aL..) 10 pm
1.50 pm. Ar L aurens.............Ly 2.02 pin
1.5 p m..... Lv Laur ens.........Ar 1.45 Pin
2. 30 pm......Ar preon Wood..... Lv 12.44 pm
5.20 m..Ar Augusta............v 10100 am
2 35 pm.......Lv A ugusta...............Ar 11.66 am
d.30 p..Ar Beaufort...........L 7.60 am
7.45 pm......Ar Port. Ioyal...........Lv 7.40 am
12 46 pin......c Nw berry (o N.&L)Ar 3.10 pm
I IO Pm..... Ar Laurne .............. Lv 2.02 pm
2 09 pm ..... Lv Ltrns ........ Ar 1.35 Pml
3.25 pm ..... A r U4roo iio n ............ Lv 12.16 pm
For further linformatilon rolativo to rates,
etc., caL Aga, r ...Ir1 os.
GEO. T l IRY ll N, G n. A . Greenville, 8. C.
ERNE T \VILLIAM, Gun. Pass. Agt
Augusta, da.
T. M. i on Trafmfic Manager.
(Eastern Standard Tin e.)
Southbound. Northbound.
Sciedtule in EI'7ct Sunday, June 128th, 1903
14 40 an Lv Atlanta (S.A.L) Ar. 8 60 pm
10-50 nm A thoes 6 19 pm
11 55 am Elberton 6 17 pm
12 58 pin Abbeville 4 05 pm
1 22 pin Greenwood 3 35 pm
2 16Ir. Ar Clinton (Din'r) LV. 2 45 pm
10 00 am Lv Glenn Springs Ar 4 00 pm
12 15 pin Mpartanburg 8 30 pm
12 2 pim Greonville 3 21 pm
(Harris Springs)
1 12 pm Waterloo 2 35 pm
1 4Z i A r Laurens (Din'r) Lv 2 17 pm
84 22153 62 ~2 i5
D'Iy Dl'y D'iy D'ly D'ly D'y
ex Ox ox ex
slit) .1iSun Sun Sun
am am pi 1)pm pil am
711) 700 202 L.v Laurenti Ar 150 900 600
725 7 1 209 Parks 1 42 b 61 650
845 7 0 224 Clinton.. 130 8 30 525
9 15 7 60 3 Si koldvillA 117 3 0o 4 46
7 30 800 244 Kinard 1 10 746 430
940 8 09 249 Gary 105 736 440
950 818 254 Jalapa 100 725 405
It h 840 3:10 Newberry 1246 796 345
12 32 902 3 21 Prosperity 1282 941 305
1248 918 331 9lighs 12 23 (1241 260
1 10 9 25 339 Lt Mountain 1219 (120 2440
1 4J 8 10 3 61 uhapin 12 09 1 05 220
155 960 357 Hilton 1202 65 240
1'05 955 4 01 White Roch 11 69 560 200
2,25 001 4 (-7 Hallentinoi 1164 641 150
2 55 1 I0 4 17 Irmno 11 46 528 132
3 05 1 6 421 Loaplhart.. It 40 5 41 119
330 1) 4i 4440 OoJuibia 11 26 600 100
.'. U. L.
I5(Union Station)
446 112
pm a
I 65 LvColun,bbia (A.o.L..)Ar 11 10
6 20 Hum Itor 9 60
9 20 Ar Charlestoun Lv 7 00
TraIns 03 ant1i 62 arrive anId dofpart, ~fl
no13w ioln depot...
TraIns 22 atntl 8 from A . C. 1,. freight depot,
W \est Gcrvais st.reet,
For Itatoe,Tnme Tabiles, or further informa
I ,ion call on any Agont,, or write to'
President. Tr'iaffle Manager.
J7. F. ,Ivi NU5TON, 11. M. EMEItBON,
80i. Agt. (4on'1 1"rt. & Pass A gt.
(Columblai.8. f'. Wiliuitn. N O.
No taste. No odor. Can be given in
glass of water, tea, or coffee withlout
patient's knowvledge.
White Ribbon Remedy will cure or
destroy tihe (diseaised appetite for alco
hohic stimulants, whether tihe patient is
a confirmed inebriate, a "tippler," so
cial drinker or drunkard. Impossible
for anyone to have an appetite or alco
holIc hquors after using White Ribbon
Indorsed by Members of W. C. T. U.
Mrs. Moore, press superintendent of
Woman's Christian Temperance Union,
Ventura, California, writes: "I have
tested White Ribbon Remned', on very
obstinate drunkards, and the cures have
been many. In many cases the Remedy '
was given secretly. I cheerfully recoin
m1en1( and imdorse White Ribbon Reme
(ly. Members of our~ Union are de
lighted to find an economical treatment
to aidl us ill ourl temperance work."
Druggists or by mail, $1. Trial pack
age free by writmng Mrs. A. M. Town
send( (for y'ears secretary of a Woman'sa
Christian Pomperance Union), 218 Tre
mont St., Boston, Mass, Sold in New
berry by Gilder & Weeks.
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