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The Columbia correslonidelit. of the
News and Courier, writing to his paper
under recent date, says: "Chief Con
stable llammett has returned from
Charleston, where he went to look over
the situation and report upon the way
in which the law is carried out. lie is
well pleased with the result of his in
vestigations and expects soon to receive
a report from Sub Chief Holmes, con
firming his opinion. Ini speaking of the
way the dispensary law was enforced
in Charleston. . . . Mr. Hanmett
said that tile law was being better ob
served . . . than ever before."'
lThat came from the Columbia end of
the line.
In the same issue of tile News and
Courier in which the abovespecial from
Columbia was printed appeared an ae
count of the raid of ani humble negro's
home in Charleston by tile liquor Con
stables. The raid occurred on Monday
while the occupant, 11. 11. Owens, tihe
olored jianitor at the UTiitedI States
Custom House. was awlyv frot hole at
his work. Whn htle returId liome tihat
night "Iall investigatioi showed that
dispellsary colst ables hadI vnt ered the
place through a dloor in the rear, had
broken open severaIl doors. hadI golne
through tle hou.se frot top to htI tol
searching lor liquor, and hlad then ft
it. and its contents at t he Ierey of anly
vagranit negro who might havc uakel a
notion to ent -r. " Not a drop of liquoir
was foundi. ()wens is a t \.)t of the old
Southern negro, who was faithf-.1l to
the great trust relost'd in him irintg
the dIrkest itriold of the sith's his
tory. In riprt 1lmting the affair to the#
News and Courier, le said: I have
served you i white pl)04 I'mr sit-three
ye.krs served -(i it as a -iivt' zold as a
freedmian, 111d I have a iright ni,1 'Il
to ask but to <IL-mand11i lI'otcio at yu.ar
Whe'n (hiief IlamtI ati!t I ;vernr
leyward Ixress th e II es '' elI
l " wit II th e enI T IeIIti of tI Ie
dipe s:y l in . C Imr 4Ill , tof clour I,e
they do not mevanl t hat tIe arl '0'we WIl
St:ahles ct-nIm m .ll 1t h 'irut:l :i,-. t - :,ta ti.
searcheing:i if t his obI n .:ro Ii h :;.s. In
faict, thisi ou:tr:n ie c rril after' ih.r
11"Ve c;2.J... ~~
in '* .1 St I:.. Ii' ~' a in
are,( not w\% h:i, it h .no e
ment of te I ip
twn in this-:; nr l i it is hig tim
that alais of thiav kaind sl(,abit
Such acts arei. brt:dha :ttit hih-as. :atl
is against thlie Inforemnlit of h dis
oensary law anv wI. and it is an' im2
piossible task sith ictly to nforce the law
inl lharleston so ltingi as this is itw t'a'i.
It is the iduty of thi0 ticers (of thet law,
not)twitlhsat:miin t his stnt itntt, t o sieekl
to enCorce the law inl Ihlarltstion. Ibi)t
('Very such bruttal aet as the ridt ofi thi-u
(ohl nlegro's5 houwls is goingi to ma1k e thle
law morte impo~tssiblde I> eniftirce, uI
this fact ought to hie recognized by the
oflicer's if it is no) t. I t the faects as re
ported ini the News mud (Courier ar'e
the lisp ensarv coinst alies w ho com
miit ted the deed outght. to I . dischargerd
from thle fitrci andi iniit(ed in thle
to it that thle li ke doiies no t soon ocem-'
in aniy piortitoi of tilt St ate. ilet ter
that tIlh law shlt d no,1t' enforitedi at.
all thlani that theitse ioutrages shoul) d be
com11 commoniit ocem11 rencles.
We nti ce that several of our tx
changes hav' taintihoned that lion1. WV.
(1. Tatum I;was a t:uttlid ati' fot'r11 m in?r
of the board rf d r+---tor1' of theu dispt'n.
fairy. . h a' msmh
A I-unniy Show Cominug.
A Rabbit's F"oot Comedy Company, at
high class companity (If genine niegro
funi miaker's arie billed0( to appIeatr ill New
berry, Motiday nlighit, August 24, under.'i
canvass5 oin theit Mower' lot, opposite thle
jail. WhIile this sho1(w is compoltsedl oft
all colored male and( fettale perf'orm11 -rs
dliffrenit fr'om most shows of its class,
it comes0 hiidytl enditorsedl by press anld
public as giving a st rictly clean and1( ret
tmedl show such as can lie allttnded by
elite ladies andl chlildr'en. They travel
in two plrivate cars' andi( carry a big
brass band andt supler'b orchiestrau. The11
performnance besides beinug very lugh
able, consists of goodl siniging, buck and
wing dancing, cake wvalking atit comelldy
specially written for this cuomlpany by
Fratnk Dumont, all 01(1 time intstrel
man of note. In this comedy is a com1
plete minstrel fitst. pat., with its gags,
witticisms, change of end meni, etc.,
replete wvith rag-time oIpera.
Prices of admission 35i cents, -childrenl
25 cents. Reserved seats soldi at tent.
Watch for their gr'aind street p)aradie
nn ayonf show.
r. J. W. Writes Interestingly on Union (
Academy Subjects. t
There was communion service at
Colony Church last Sunday.
Mr. George P. Griffin will represent
this congregation at conference. which c
convenes at St. Paul's church embrac- t
ing the fifth Sunday of this month. c
The Sunday-school elected Messrs. lien t
Buzhardt, Ernest Long and Miss Della I
Long as delegates to the Union Sun- (
day-school convention which is in ses- I
sion at Trinity Methodist church, near 2
Longshore's, No. 6 Township.
Mr. Billy Jennings, an old veteran,
who left this country just after the
Confederate war and went to Georgia,
is visiting some of his old comrades itn
this county. He will stay over for the
reunion of the old Confeds at Young's
Before I forget let me tell you that I
we are having too much rain for the l
cotton. If the rain continues ilucli
longer it's going to be a short horse.
Messrs. L. 1. Epting and George
Wicker go to the Sunday-school con
vention as delegates from St. Paul's
Mrs. H. R. Epps is spending a while
with her daughter, Mrs. S. A. Rikard
and family.
We were mistaken in giving the age
of Mr. J. J. Gallman, deceased. I le
was in the fifty-ninth year of his age.
an( not in the sixty-third as was stated.
Through the kindness of our friend.
Mr. M. L. Strauss, we went down to
the barbecue at St. Paul's last T1e1sday.
It is not our custom togo into another I
man's field and gather up the frag
ments that belong to him, but my friend 1
Push always gives me this pl ivilcge.
And with his permission I will take an
14Y-handed shot at the happening. of4
the day. Notwithstanding the morning
was very tihtreatening about 85' people
showed that they were bound for tOhe
'ue at 'aul's in spite of the weather.
1Te morning passed off lovely with oly
lccasional mists of rain. D)inner wa t
hurried on a little before t wvelvc n a
,ount of the fear of rain. and \%l it
was, for Some of us who hil to w;dt
until the third and fourth table huti
been served. began to feel a little wolf
ish. To speak in a few words the bar- -
becue was iust all that a harIbcue cu I
he. Tle meat was well cookd Ian.i was
-weet and juicy, and we shlll ne-.or t
forget how courteously we w.re
waited on by those good lalli-s 'd tit
hourelh. The dinner was furni.,b"..i It.
tihe members of the chun i1. and we
were informed this morning by neof
tho- mm1bers that they realizod a nice
son of a little over one hundred d2ars
in Cash. Afiter dinner waz (vtr t he
were called to the f hrb ti
liiL to snm t'ducatiounal to.k. Sipt.
I. . Wel ts called upon 'r . J. A.
Sli h tto preitel ov.ei tie mi.-ting. Nir.
Sligh s tatel that le thought .I!.W
w tiht J1ropet' on tv act a
0A1 h( got even with Mr. W. b
aling mion him to make th. " . g
i.: h. Mlr. W\ert s said t hat I..-h i'
iiteld to make a spcech and 1i.im 0'
hail invited otheri speake's fir ti.it ur
;Inse. lie said the object of this m.-''
ingi was to dliscuss thme piropiet:. If jn
solidlatinig St. Paul's and .Ioi-;tj.:
schools inm one and make [his a graitd
3mit''1. lie said( that there v;. r,'eu'a
itioild rallies going otn tht'oughpu t he'
State' ini this i nter'est, and he was en- t
deavi~oirig to carriy out the Sane i in
Newhi cot'n ty, andt thlat ther we .,re a
atiut thet timoe wev- nut far dtistn't went I
t hey wotl b Ie r'dtuced to' on.- half.
The peopl dore t denmue'ing fe werschoo, *
arid beitter onies.
lh'etortem itrodu'inrg the niext spetaker
lth ehiaibtil:m stat oi that the patrois I
favor f cons ltoln, andt the onlya
trouble, if anty, wot'hl be in the loca- t
t ion. That he rather thought. St. P aul 's 1
woiuld contend tor their present loca
P'rof. 1'. 0. C ounts wvas the next
speaker inttirodutcedI.
A r'. C ounmt s said that lie dIin' teOxpet
to mtake anrytiug like arn edlucationat
Thier'e is a campaign goitng on all over
lie St ate to consolidate the schools,
and also a campaigt of goodo roads.
liut what we want is good schools, and
good I r oads have a gr.eat. deal to do w it h
having geood schools.
hadl b een inv'~itd b'1Iy Sutper'inteindent
Wertis, w'.as niex t initr'oduced.
P rof. I lolloway sid, I haven't wor'ds
to exprtess the gr'atitud'e it atll'ords liet
to lbe wiithI you peop1le of old St. P aul's,
whioml I k now have already showvn such
ani intei'est ini edlucation. Statistics
show that there have been 30 edutcatedl
boys sent out from St. Paul's and Bieth
lehem churches, and it should be a
sourlce of gr'atificationi to knowv that
thley were among tihe tnoblest set oif
men that the counrtry afflor'ds. Not a
black sheep to b e foundif amnonig them..
lBut miy object is tto show some1 r'easonts'
why we' shiotuld have, gr'aded schools in
lihe 'ounitry . 'The t own' lhas them and1(
thletre is nto r'easot why the colmtr'y
shouldn't have them.
''Ther'e ar'e thousans of boys andI gir'ls
im the country who would be equal to
arnybody if they had the mental train.t
inIg. 'Thi'ecounltry b)oys and1 girls arte
allways equail to those in towvn. Better
educational aidvanltages ar'e nteeded in~
the country, amid to have this we must
tmake our homes more attractive. It is
a ver y commiton etxpriession to hear our
country peopile say, I am going to town
to educate my children. And you harve
often hiear'd it said( that it is riot neces
sary to edultcate children to farm, and
that education urnf'itsa penrson for fam
ig. This is a grave mistake. It is
irong, besides it is false. Our farm
rs constitute the wealth of the coun
ry, and we need more intelligence on
lie farm.
Rural graded schools are demanded
oy the times. It is a safe standard of
itizenship. Ninety per cent. of our
hildren have no other training except
brough our country schools, and the
onstitution of our State forbids a man
o be a qualified elector unless lie is
ble to read and write any part of the
onstitution. Our country buys and
,irls are not alwayd to be hiewers of
tone and drawers of water. So I
vould advise the people of Jolly Street
nd St. Pauls to consolidate their
chools and establish one graded school.
.'hat will be a God's blessing to your
Build a good school here. And then
re you going to put a $30 teacher in
t? Not a word of it. When you build
>etter houses you are going to have
ietter teachers. Why can't you have
ust as good school house here as you
ive' at Prospei;fy? You can't have
-rnest Counts as teacher, for there are
'ery few like him. But you can get
ust as good. To have better schools
md better houses is to have more nio
iy. I think every :sehool district
ught to vote a special tax. You can't
,o beyond tw.'o mills. You can't make
better investment than to vote a
pweial school tax. This means a good
eacier. and the teacher at the school
oori is the formation of a chaaacter,
1nd the only way to get good teachers
to give them better salaries. Put up
, school building here that will reflect
ionor upon your community. I am
live on this subject. I hope you peo
ile will cemralize on a location and es
ablish a graded school here. Why
an't you have a school down here
qual to ' leIIIson ' You have got the
r-itt1 ial and you can have it.
This concluded the educational rallv
L St. 'aul's. The congregation was
ismissed with tihe benedictton by Rv.
igh. and evel.>t -]y present seenied
enjoy the day. T. J. W.
A',ugui,t -2,1..
Children's Dai
Lxercises at i'ethlehei Chutrch. near
1'0nu! ia. wil! be heli Thursday. Augu-t
~th. 1n the norning there will bie C.x
reiseis byV the children. and in the after
ic there will be an address by Dr.
;co. h~. 1renmer.
ewherry readers will appreciate this
A Con!-tani t l. n r ..:- vn -
i.dy Ii.: fre ft ff do'i.j i.
e Wr of reIn'a :s but a- ui,bb t- .t
ny\ 'hing toi have un.' <iteet uti 'i
i.. fr -- * \--ry du.\ . I pr <a. d a i ix
1)oan-- Ii intmecnt at W.~'. E ie . ii
b-- alieion 'and thiere ii,not: a tr- if
r -;iration."
Fr -naie by all 'h aie.r. l'ei'e50 cents
-i)st.r-MN ilbu11rn Co liuflalo N. Y. ...01.
g--nr, f,sr theo L'nOited Stat..
io tubj.t itute
etter to Arthur Kibler, Newberry S. C.
D)ear Sir: The way to reckon the cost
f paint is to put both costs together:
he cost. of the paint andl the cost of
mttimg it on.
It wvould save this country hundreds
>f millions of dollars a year; it would
ave yon alone (if you happen to be a
'ictim) several dlollars a year.
See howv it works. It costs as muc'h
o0 pu)t oin one Paint as another, dlon't it?
Yes, if you use the same number of
Well, don't I?
No, you'll use twice as nmany gallons
if adlulterattedl paint as of I)evoe; and
you've got to pay twice as much for
piuttmng it on.
Mr. N. Avery, Delhi, N. Y., has two
houyses alike and ini same con-lition.
I 'ainted one house with D)evoe ; 6 gal
lons. IPaintedl the other house wit I a
paint that was half adulteration; 12
gallons. Same painter, Geo. G ilbert
dlid bo0th jobs. ( ne cost $27; the other
$M1. metter gO by the name.
Y'ours truly,
P. WV. D)evoF & C'o.
P. S. --Newbe'rry Iliardlware C'o. sell
oiur pamit.
Caution I
This.is not a gentle wordl- -but when
you think how lhable you are not to pur
chast. the only rem)edy universally
known and a remedy that has had the
largest sale of any medicine in the
wvorldl since 1868 for' the cur'e and( treat
ment of Conisumpi1tion ando TIhroat and
L ung troubles without losing its great
Popularity all these years, you will be
hank ful we calledl your attention to
JBoschee's German Syrup. Thiere are so
many .ordminar'y cough remedlies madle b)y
dru' igists and(others). that are cheap and
goo foirh lit coldls perhaps, but foi'
severe Coughs Blronchiitis, Croup--andl
3specially for Consumption; where there
s(difficult expectoration andl coughing
luring the nights and mornings, there
s notl.unig l ike German Syrup. Tihe 25
nent size has just been introduied( this
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as. very thing to be had f rom a
re-ls ewelry Store. The finest
nd largest stoc kof spectacles and
'yeglasses in the State.
GUY Dn1I m .
Bids Wanted
A'rial and layinig nlot tess thanl.,000
squIlr yards of ceient paveeitnts and
curbing Co p11)ete. lIids Will le, openIed
by committee froi vity colnil on Sep
teiber .I( h, at 8 o'clok'k p. in.
Contractor Will be bonded for thive
years to tOhe aiolunt of contract. Right
reserved to reject any anld all hids.
For specilieations or informlation ad
(ress or eall oin,
Tl'1101-. 0. STEWAR'
City Clerk adTe.
Newberry. S. C.
Teacher Wanted.
school. No. 11 Townshin,. schollt)
dist riet No. 2:1, will meeot at tne school
house Septeinber :,th. at 2 'clock, for
the purpose of electing a teacher for
said school. Almlicntions nav be tited
On or before saim datte with ally one of
the undersignld trustees.
.1. 1'. ADAMS.
.1. C. L1T7SEY.
C. W. R IlNGE.,li,
Teacher W sute-d
I trict No. :11. Applicants state
salaly wanted. File application with
un1derlsig,led by Septeiber 5.
PAT 10LA ND. Slighs. S. C.
G Eo. F. SII E E IL EY, Slighs, S. C.
1). C. h0L.AND. Little Mountain.
1 O. 0. F.
-JJ-. \Z li.\AY N1P' 1I1T
..L at ) ' 1k-t*a thI it al: at the
Gratw . :- cor.
. '!' N G
reacher Wanted
t rict N A p crt tt
s- (,\\I:I S. C
a ar. - . C w.
Sept. st
We Will Move Our
Hardware etc
To the Two Stores Under
Where we will
be glad to see all
of our friends as
we will be in a
better position
to give them
Conie Now
and get what
you want and
save us the
trouble and ex
pense of
j F~ IRST GltAflI, TEA(CIlggI p.
wanted fore l(Enginr Scbocti ji
No. 8 To.wnsip. Seboolr opeWii (I
fifth1 day: of ( )ritobet r ' al run sever
mot hts .m~lary*\ .8::r a mon i ht. A 1p ir a
han c iitnra.' hei senr I trrny on t -ht
W .)l(sJr,r I. tiA>N ,
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County for Genuine Peruvian
Guano, which is a complete, well hal
anced natural manure, containing the
principal elements of plant food in the
most suitable condition. All persons
desiring to avail themselves of the op
portunity to get genuine Peruvian
Guano should place their order with us
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1903, as we cannot contract for any
after that date. For prices and further
informat ion apply to
i.L ate of Victoria College of Music
of London, Eng., in Piano forte playing;
Student at London College of Music un
der Emile Kelsen, Dr. F. J. Karn, and
HI. T. Adams. Also graduate in Piano
forte of Presbyterian College of Char
lotte, N. C., under Dr. C. R. Fisher,
will give instructions in Pianoforte,
Violin and Pipe Organ, also in Voice
Pr-oduction and Theoretical Music, and
will take every care to im part sound
and thorough musical knowlIedge, and
insure the rapid progress of the student.
The best attention will be given to the
teaching and p)ractical work on the in
strument chosen.
.Full p)articulars will be given regardI
mng terms, etc., up)on app)licatior.
MnS. 8. T, IIALLMAN, Prilliipal.
Primary, Intermediate and Advanced
Courses. Scientific Grading. Latest
Methods in Tlouch and Technic.
Instruction thorough, p)rices moderate,
P'upils may enter at any time.
.Satisfaction giuaran teedl.
(Charter app)lied for.)
~TUS AltIVEDat S. B. Jones
P FeshNabico,A thena, Cham.
piagne and l"estino Wafers.
A1 FULIL L,INE of Canned Meats
Cnned Vegetables andl Cannec
F'ish at S. B. Jones'.
I1 IN MONEY" and a complet<
LIine of Hieinz's Pickles it
glass at S. B. Jones'.
{0LIVES, Sauc.es, and all kinds o1
Codimnents at S. B. .Jones'.
H uyler's
Lowney's and
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At S. B. Jones'1
Dried Fruit:
California Apricots,
and Raisins,
At R. 12 .Innes'
The Columbia, Newberry and Laurens Rail
waIlly wVill opwnlte its 'I'linitl Anuaii Iarvest Excursion fron
Cht'lm ia to Atlitita via Newberry id Clinton, Monday.
Auigut ..iith. Ile Specittl T'raii, will Ieavv C01h1imbial ti 7:00
a, m., p int g Netwberry aiboit 8 :.0 a1. Iml.. arriving Atlanta
:0p,M., .111d will returini lenving Atlant:i a.t 9 p). ml.Tus
day, A tili .t, T h1 eI'iv rat" for the round trilp is oIlly $3.00
0' Ctkutmbi, nI d o$.'. from Prosperity id Newberry.
A, t will be th inly t E rxcision to Atlanta this season a
1'or tickets :Id infrormat111tion call on
J. W. DENNING, Agent,
Newberry, S. C.
Co umbia, S. C.
Golden Eye Loiioq!
This is prepared by us ac- .
ii cording to the formula -of a '
well known oculist for the 2
i-treatment of granulated eye- -
i lids and red, smarting, weak, 2
g eyes. It gives immediate re- !0.
i lief, and if used properly ac- .
9 cording to directions is a M
* permanent cure for sore i
9 eyes. Price 25 cents.
Particular Pharmacists,
Corner Drug Store,
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