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bre Thousand Yards of Sidewalk in the
Business Portion of the City to be
Made of Cement.
lty council at a recent meeting de
Od to cement the sidewalks in the
Oiness portion of Newberry. The ex
nditure of money which will be neces
ary to make this improvement is esti
ated at about $4,500. This amount,
tris believed, will cover the cost of
ing at least three thousand yards of
During the past year the affairs of
9 city have been run very economi
'ly, and council fi-es that it will be
ble to expend this amount of money
n the permanent improvement of the
sidewalks without placing the town
&'deeper in debt or in worse condition
Efinancially in any way than when the
F-present administration took charge.
A committee irom council, consisting
of Aldermen A. T. Brown, Van Smith,
and E. Y. Moiris, with Mayor Earhardt
a member ex-oflicio, was appointed to
prepare plans and specifications and to
advertise for bids. This committee
held a meeting on Tuesday afternoon
a .nd decided to adve tise for bids for
ttrnishing all material and laying not
s than three thousand square yards
cement pavements and curbing com
plete. The bids will be opened by the
committee on September 4th, at 8
o'clock p. in. The contractor will be
bonded for three years to the amount
of contract.
Following are the plans and sl: 3cifica
tions prepared by the committee:
The sidewalks shall be of 4 inches of
concrete with 1-inch finishing coat laid
on a 4-inch bed of broken st ones or cin
dern, the stone or cinders to be well
rolled or tamped before the concrete is
laid. The concrete shall be composcd
of one volume of loose Portland cement,
two volumes of Ic)se sand, five volumes
of hard stone, broken to pass through
a 1-inch ring. Lay off' in rectangular
slabs about 4 feet square, the joints to
extend at least half way through the
concrete, and before the concrete com
mences to set spread the finishing coat,
composed of equal volumes of Portland
cement and finely crushed granite, or
clean gravel of a size to pass through
a f-inch mesh screen, mix with only
enough water to dampen the mass, as
dusting with dry cement ', finishing
will not be permitted. ' .owel to a
xmooth even surface; cut through on
lines coinciding with joints in the con
crote, and finish with a V shaped tool.
AP entrance to driveway the finishing
coat shall be laid off in squares of
about 6 inches with V joints so -s to
permit foot-hold for horses. Finish to
the required grades, keeping the outer
edge i-inch above the cursb where fin
ishing against same.
The walks must he kept moist, be
protected from the sun until the cement
has set, then covered with 1 inch of
wet sand, which must be removed after
six days.
A;i Operation Necessary.
Mr. Sam A. Hawkins, of Prosperity,
who has been very set iously ill of ap
pendicitit or the pr,'t several days,
was carriedl to Columbia yesterday after
noon. lie wvas accompilniedl by Dr. Gee.
Y. Hunter, of Prosp)el it,y, end was met
in Columbia by Dr. J. H-. McIntosh,
, of Columbia, and Dr. J1. C. Bloodgood,
one of the surgeors of Johrs Hopkins
University, Balt-i more. An operation
will be performed this mom sing by Dr.
Bloodgoc 1. Mr. iH awkins' many fi lends
hiere tru'st that the 0o: aratic : will prove
entirely successful and that Mr. Hlaw
kinq will soon be restorcd to heritl'
Masonic Picnic.
The joint Masonic picnic b)y Amit.y
Lodge, No. 87, this city, and Prosperity
Lodge, No. 115, will b g.vcn on Taies
day, the first of Septemt ir, at Young's
Grove. Addresses w ill be made by
p)rominent Masons of the State. The
members of the two lodg-s are poi mit
tedl and urgedl to bring their families
andl to invite as many of their friends
as they may dlesire.
Those in Newhecr, y dlesiring to attend
may leave Newbmsny on the C., N. &
L. train at 8.40 a. m. and returning
leave Prosperity at 6.40 p. im., thus
giving amp)le time in wvhich to enjoy the
pleasures of the dlay. Sullicient con
veyance to and from Young's Grove
will he pr~ovidedl wit hoot exp):nse' to the
Masons andl theira friends.
The committee from Amity Lodge
requests that. all those who expect to
attend from Newberm y infom m the com
mittee as soon as possible so that
sufircient accommodantions may be se
cured from the railroad company.
The committee from Amit.y Lc:lge is
composedl of Fredl H. D)ominiek, S. H.
McLean and J. D). D)avenport. The
committee from Pr.osperity Lodge is
composed of R. T. C. Hunter, B. B.
Schumpert andl J. B. Bedenbaugh.
-Special Occasion.
The Columbia, Newberry and Laur
ens Railroad will sell round trip tickets
to Greenville and retura Auig5st 24th,
25th, and 26th, gocdl to retut n aAugust
29th., Account of the Annual Conven
tion South Carolina Sunday School As
sociation (Interdenominational.)
At following rates:
Columbia .............$.65
Prosperity ............. 4.00
Newberry .. ..... ...3.75
Clinton .... ....... ... 2.50
Laurens.......... .. 2.00
C. N. & L. train leave Newberry 12.
46 p. in., arriving Greenville 3.00 p. im.
with no change of ears.
J. W Dnnig aet
The Movements of Many People, Newber
rians and Those Who Visit
Dr. Robert Mayes went to Glenn
Springs yesterday.
Miss Berta May Sample, of Stillmore,
Ga., is visiting at Mr. Franklin's.
Mr. J. D. Coat, of Richmond, Va.,
is visiting his old home at Helena.
Mr. W. C. Tyrie has returned home
after a visit to relatives in Wilson, N.
Miss Elmina Eason- of Charleston, is
in the city the guest of Mrs. Jno. M.
Miss Lillie Griffin leaves today for
Columbia to visit Miss Minnie Hope
Master Roy Jones returned yester
day from a visit to relatives in L.n
Mr. 0. M. Jamieson left yesterday
for Atlanta and Birmingham and to
visit his mother in Greenville, Miss.
Miss Margaret Motte, who has been
visiting Misses Marguerite and Carolyn
Cromer, retWrned yesterday to her
home in Columbia.
Misses Annie Aiken and Rosalie Mc
Caslan, who have been visiting Miss
Jeanne Pelham, returned to their home
at Greenwood yesterday.
Mrs. E. W. McLenna, who has L en
visiting the Rev. G. A. Wright, returned
yesterday to her home at Johns' -n.
She was accompained home by her grand
children, Misses Eva and Lucy and
Master3 Alvin and George Wright.
&Mr. Hew:y T. Wells and family have
movel into .their home on Ha' i ng ton
New Hope school, disti ict No. 25,
will elect a teacher on the 5th of Sep
Ashgrove Camp, Woodman of the
World, recently organized at Pomaria,
was instituted last night.
The postoffice at Cromers ha4 been
discontinued, the order to take effect
August 31.
Mr. W. C. Miller, wh<r lives near the
city, lost four cows :'st week, from
eating a l:isonouq we-d.
The county has had plenty of rain for
the past several days and the farmers
are wanting the stnshine again.
Mayes' Lc )k sf-)re hrq on hpnd the
lat3st bo>ks, inclu6ing Dixon's "The
One Wompi" --id Page's "Gordon
Mr. J. Y. Culbreath had an open boll
of cotton on the 15th and Mr. G. B.
Summer also brought one 'o the city
last week.
Greenwood Washington and Tom
Gary, colored, implicat-d in the Butler
Kinard murder have given bond each in
the sum of $5C3 and have been released
from custody.
The next good roa]h meeting will be
held at Mt. Pleasant tomorrow. The
speakers are Messrs. E. H. Aull, Cole.
L. Blease, andlJ. A. Sligh. A firstclrss
barbecue will be served.
The Mayor's Court.
The followving cases wvere disposed of
in the Mayor's court this week:
Seven negro b)oys were sentenced
each to pay a fine of $3.00 or to serve
thirty days on the gang for stealing
rides on the C., N. & L. trains between
the tank andl the station and jumping
on and off trains in the city limits.
Lula Renwick, colored, was given $10
or thirty days for stealing six dresses
from another negro woman.
Will Holt, white, wvas given $5.00 or
thirty days for spitting on the floor of
the O'Neall Street Methodist church.
Scott D)ouglrss, colorcd, we.s fined $10
and John Mathis, colored, $3.09 for
fighting and creating a (disturbance.
A negro boy was fined $5.00 for throw
ing rocks on the street and1 fighting.
School Boards May Alter Disti icts.
Assistant A ttorney General Tfownsend,
at the request of the county superintend
ent of Newberry, couty, has rendered
an opinion of considerable interest on
whether a school b)oard of education
has power to alter the line of a school
disti ict. After quoting the law on the
subject, Mr. Townsenmd states that
boards have such power, but that the
p)ort.ion taken away remains liable for
it share in any outstanding tax levied
b)y the dlistrict from wvhich it is taken.
T1hc State.
Via Greendlie to Spartanburg.
An excursion from New berry to Spar
tanburg via Greenville will be 1 ani over
the Southern railway Wednesday,
August 26th. The train will leave New
berry at 7.30 a. in., reaching Greenville
at 11 a. in., andl arriving at Spartan
burg at 12 o'clock noon. Returning it
will leave Spartanburg at 10 o'clock.
The fare from Nowbem ry, Silver Street
andl Old Town will be $1.25 for the round
trip; all points above, $1.00. There
will be separate coaches for white and
Flour Higher.
T1he late Government report makes
the wheat crop thirty-five million bush
els less than last year. This means very
much higher flour until another harvest
in 1V)4. All flour is higher now, but
the adlvance on Biransford's "Clifton"
has not yet been as great in proportion
to other flour. However, it is a mighty
g- id time to buy a sup)ply before it goes
still higher. Fresh flour constantly rne
ceivedl. T. J. HAvs,
Successor to lays & uMa.
Board of Trustees Will Fill Vacancy
Sept. 4-- Mr. J. M. Johnson Made
Principal. .
At a meeting of the board of trustees
of the city graded schools held on Tues
day afternoon, the resignation of Super
intendent Burr Hf. Johnstone was re
ceived an accepted. The vacancy will
be filled at a meeting of the board to be
held on Friday, September 4th. Super
intendent Johnstone was re-elected
after the close of the last session.
Mr. J. M. Johnson was elected prin
cipal of the Boundary street school to
fill the vacancy caused by the resigna
tion of Mr. W. H. Thompson, of An
derson. Mr. Thompson was elected
come weeks ago, but asked to be re
leased. Mr. Johnson is a graduate of
Newberry College in the class of 1902.
During the past year he acted as labar
atoiy assistant to Prof. 8. L. Powell in
the science department of Newberry
College, and his work was very satis
factory. Some time ago he was elected
principal of the Kingstree graded school
for the next session, but will ask to be
released by the Kingstree school. He
is a young man of ability and his many
friends predict for him much success in
his chosen profession.
Good IRoads Meetings.
The good roads meeting at Longshore
on Tuesday was attended by about one
hundred people. At the request of the
township chairman, Mr. Vernon C.
Wilson, Col. Cole. L. Blease presided
over the meeting.
Col. Blease made a short speech and
introduced Mr. R. T. C. Hunter. Mr.
Hunter advocated the issue of bonds as
the best and only way to get sufficient
money to accomplish anything in road
Col. E. 11. Aull and Mr. W. A. Hill
made speeches r-eiterating their l)ositions
in favor of a property tax for road
At, the request of the township chair
man, Mr. Blease acted as chairman of
the meeting at Williams' Store on Wed
There wr-i no speaking duiing the
moining on account of a protracted
meeting in progress at Cross Roads
church, conducted by the p.-stor, the
Rev. E. A. McDowell, of Ninety-Six,
assisted by the Rev. Vernon I'Anson.
The protracted meeting was discon
tinued du;ng the afternoon and the
congregation adjoined to the good
roads meeting.
The first speech wes made by the Rev.
Mr. I'Anson, who spoke of the import
ance of gc A roads.
Hon. F. H. Dominick advocatcd the
issue of L nds Ps the best solution.
The h.st speaker was Col. E. H.
The neetng was attended by about
Excellent barl2cue dinneus were
served at Longshore and at Williams'.
The next meeting will be at Mt.
Pleasan't tomom ow
Excursion to Atlanta.
The third annual harvest excursion to
Atlanta via the Coluinbia, Newvberry
andl Laurens and the Seaboard Air Line
wvill be operated Monday, August 24th,
leaving Columbia at 7 a. mn., and arriv
ing in Atlanta at 3 p. mn. Returaing,
the traiin will leave A tlanta at 9 p. m.
Tuesdlay, the 25th. Tickets also good
to return on regular trains A ugust 26th.
The fare for the round trip) from Pros
p)erity and Newberry will be0 $2.00, and
from Columbia $3.00. Refreshments of
all kinds will be servedi on the train,
andl a band of music wvill be carried.
This wvill be the only excursion to At
lanta this season.
Tribute of Respect.
M iss Olive A. Caldwell, second daugh
ter of Mr. and Mrs. J. Calvin Caldwell,
has found blessedl release in the call to
the spirit life, wvhich came to her July
27th, near Mt. Pleasant church. The
new life opened to her after a fewv
weeks of pain ful suffering from typhoid
fever. A pure and swveet spirit is lost
on earth. Those who knew her best are
most grateful for her gracious life.
Many hearts ache. All who knew her
will treasure her in dlear remembrance.
She was always c'heerfull, andl it wvas a
p)leasure( to meet lher. May her glorified
spirit still influence those of us who
wait a while. She is survived by a
father and mother, three sisters, and
one brother, and a large circle of rela
tives. The Rev. D). P. Boyd officiated
at, the funeral services. The floral
fribhutes were very beautiful. Hecr re
mains rest at Ebenezer. She was a deC
votedl member of that church.
She is not here, she is risen.
TIhe Lord gave, the Lord hath taker
away. Be comforted, God is love.
E. AND[ L.
Dispensary In Good Order.
Messrs. N. H1. Stansell and A. H.
D)ean, dispensary insp)ectors, were in
t.he city yesterday to cheek up the
t .oks and investigate the management
of the Newberry dispensary. They
found the books correct andl the affairs
of the institution well managed.
Fresh Flour All the Time.
The celebrated ''Clifton'' flour is sold
only to t.he retail merchants, and, as
they buy in small quantities, the flour
is alIways fresh. Bransford's "Clifton'
is strictly the tiour for family use, and
if your bread, cake and pastry are not
madle of it you are certamnly the loser.
We keep it in stock regailarly.
Suessori to ayoe &, Mcry.
Newberrians Who Took Advantage of the
Cheap Rates to Norfolk on
The following Newberrians took ad
vantage of the cheap rates to Norfolk
offered by the railroads on Wednesday:
Mrs. Holbrook and Mr. S. B. Jones
left for Albany, N. Y., New York and
Manchester, N. H., to visit relatives
and friends.
Mr. W. F. Ewart went to New York
to purchase his fall stock of goods.
Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Davenport and
Miss Ellie Huiett went to Norfolk and
summer coast resorts.
Mr. H. W. Dominick went to Nor
folk and Baltimore.
Mr. J. G. Daniels went to New York
to purchase his fall stock.
Dr. D. L. Boozer went to Baltimore,
Philadelphia and New York.
Mr. J. E. Norwocd went to Norfolk,
New York and the coast resorts, where
he will spend some time befor e going
to Pulaski, Va,, to join Mrs. Norwood.
Dr. W. F. Eberhardt went to New
Col. W. H. Hunt went to New York.
Mr. Jno. M. Kinard went to New
Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Wooten went to
Baltimore and Northern points, where
Mr. Wooten will purchase his fall stock.
Mr. Nat Gist went to the coast re
sorts and points North.
Messrs. Geo. W. and J. H. Summer
went to New York.
Mrs. A. T. Brown went to New York.
Mr. Joseph Mann went to New York
and other Northern markets to buy
Mr. W. T. Tarrant went to New
York to purchase a fall stock.
Mr. and Mrs. R. D. Wright went to
New York.
Mr. L. W. Floyd went to New York.
Negro on the Force Engaged in Clearing
Jones' Woods Melts With a
Se lous Accident.
John Counts, one of the gang of
negroes engaged in clearing Jones'
woods, met with a very painful and
serious accident Wednesday afteinooi.
He and six other negroes were chopping
on a tree which had been felled. The
negroes were working close together.
Counts had a habit of whirlin'g around
after swinging his axe each time. le
was whirling around and slightly lost
his balance, and in attempting to bal
ance himself he got his right foot in the
path of Henry Gallman's upraised axe.
Gallman was unable to keep off the
blow and te axe struck Counts' leg
ab:ut six ir2hes aL:ve the ankle, sever
ing the leaders and both bones.
Dr. P. G. Ellesor was summoncd im
mediately and bound up the wound.
He called in Dr. J. K. Gilder to assist
him and after a careful examination
dhe physicians decided that as the main
artery was not hurt it might b possi
ble to save the leg, and it has not been
The Jones proper ty is being cleared
by the Newberry Real Estate com
pany, by whom it was recently p)ur
chased. Major F. W. Higgins has a
force of twenty-one hands engagedl in
the work, and the avenues and streets
are being r un, p)rep)aratory to the sale
of the land for residence lots.
Maybl'iton Newvs.
May binton, A ugust 19. Quite a num
ber of visitors have been in this com
munity the past week.
M4rs. Addie Hodges, formerly of this
county but now of Clinton, is visiting
relatives and friends here.
Mr. Herbert Frost, of Columbia, is
visiting the family of his uncle, W. D.
Hardy, and other relatives.
Mr. J. W. Henderson, of Newberry,
is spending some time with relatives
Mrs. Fannie Hair, Mrs. Hlargrove,
Mr. andl Mrs. Danielson, and Mr. and
Mrs. Reuben Boozer, of West End, have
been visiting relatives here the past
Mr. Ed Stone and family, of St. Phil
ips, are visiting the family of her father,
Mr. T. J. Eison.
Mr. J. M. HIendlerson is confinedi to
his home on account of sickness.
Mr, D). A. Thomas is in more serious
condlition at this writing than he has
been during his illness.
Miss Sallie Whitney, one of the popu
lar belles, has been visiting the Misses
hamilton, near H-erbert's.
Miss Annie Maybin is visiting her
brother, Mr. W. D. Maybin, at Whit
Miss Nannie Eison has returnedl home
after an extendedl visit to her sin
The Rev. Mr. Anderson, of Whitmire,
is holding a protracted meeting at Rodg
era church, near Goshen lill. This
church is among the oldest in the cor1
ference- H1.
Currs Blood Poison. -Treatment Free.
Blood poIson Is thre worst diseaso on
earth yet th ecasiest to cure when B
B B. ( Botanie Blood Balm) Is used.
Many have pImples, spots on tha skin,
ulcers, mucous p)atches, fallIng haIr,
Itching skin, hone pains, rheumatism,
catairrh. cati ng, bleed1ing , test em ing
sores, serofula, seabs and scales, cancer,
and don't know It Is blood p)oison. Get
Botanic Bh rid Balm (B B. B ) $1. A
few Bottl - guaratnt.eedl to care the
worst cases. Sold at, d rug stores Treat -
ment of B. B. B. sent free and p)repatid
b.y writing to Bloodt Balm Cu , A tlanta,
Ga. Des r-rcb tronbte iad free medien1m
advice gIven until eured iB ii 11
thoroughly tested for 30 years. Cures
when all else tails. B. BI. B mnnskes t.he
blood pure an- rIch heal every sore,
and stops atll aches andl pal is. B. B. B.
imnenves then( InettIo.
Reunion of Company G at Young's Grove
On the 26th Instant-Personal Men
tion-,Other Matters.
Prosperity, S. C , August 19.-Dr. J. S.
Wheeler, after a refreshing stay of a few
days at Hendersonville, N. C., is at hone
Mrs. Kate Bray, of Floren ce, is visiting
at. the hoine of Dr Luther.
Miss Joe Langfoid, of Pacolet, is stay.
ing awhile here -- her old hosne a:ong
relatives aid friep*s .
Mrs Clarence Pitts, of Newberry,
visite I Mrs L. 11 Kinard last week.
Mrs. Pitts spent her early school days
a-ong the pc3ple of Prosp rity, and con.
sequently is at hotne here.
Dr. Geo. Meriitt is off ot a vacation.
Mr. Rayniond Ftellers is with Prosperity
Drug Company in his absence.
Misses Leila and Eula Odom, of John
ston, after a pleasant stay with Mrs. juo.
S. Barre, have returned to their hone.
Mrs IL 1. Kennedy, of Due West. is
wili her mother, Mrs. ). H- Wither
spoon. Mrs. Kennedy is at home here.
She went from aniong us after spending
her school days in Prosperity.
Mrs. F,verett and daughter, M'iss Male,
have returned to their hone in Atlanta.
Mise Grace Harnon has been atnong
her friends inl the country the past week.
Our little ftiends Annie Moseley and
Marie Schtuttpert have just returned froi
a visit to Columbia
Mr Hennie Swygert, who hats been
visitinig ini this coninutity, has returned
to his home at I ranio.
Miss Annie Copeland, of Clinton, ar
rived todiay ott' a visit to the Mlisses
Mr. and Mrs. K. Baker aa:d children
are amnong their ol. friends at their old
honme int Properity. It was especially
agreeable at this tinne to have a visit fro:n
our Greenwood friends because of Mr
Baker's convalescence fro: his critica
Attong our people who went North to
day we anention the followitig: Messrs.
J. C. and '. X Scltupert, A M. Lester,
Mr. and Mrs. W A Moseley, Mrs. S. W.
Calties, Mrs. DeValt, Miss Marie Bobb.
Some are ott pleasure hent and others will
cotiitiv business with pleasttre.
The State of August 19 Itas it: "Mr. 11.
C. Moseley, the -nerchant prince atnd
philosopher of l'roipe:i, spent yester
day it: the city.'
Mia. J W. Stockmnan, who has had a
long an I critical illness, is able to be out
It is rutnored that Mrs. Calnes on her
return fro: the Northern markets will es
tablish hergelf in the store roon just
vacated by Mr G. A Maffett.
It is also ruinored that. upon the retire
Iatent of Mr. \V. W. Wheelei as book
keeper for Messrs. Hawkins Bros., the
vacaticy will be fil:ed by Mr. C 14. Lahi
a:, of Little MouNttinl.
Mr ttishnell Bowers is ettjoyinig hii
self arotind Jalapa
Mr. Robert CabIwell's daughters, Sarta
and t 'aroline, spent the past week with
Ms DeWalt.
Mr. 1 lerattat WVise, of Saltuda County,
is visitintg reltatives here.
cally- ill. D)r. Nichols, of Atlanta, was
called here last week as a con:sultina
physiin int htis caseC.
Mr. G lennt Situpsont andt daughter, MIiss
Jant:ie, of L4aureats countty, arte visiting
Dr:. J. 1B. Sitnpson's faiatily.
The delegates fromn outr chuirches to thte
Cotuntty Sunday Schtool Conventiotn,nw
it sessiont at Trintity, are as followvs:
1'rottn the A R P. Chu:rch, A. N Cros
sotn, Suipt., Misses May D)omtinick, Jatuie
WVithterspoont, atnd Mr V. Glallman.
Froin Ithe Methtodist Chturcht, T A. D)otn
itnick, Sutpt., Mrs Shafifer, Mrs. J P.
Howers, anad Ma-. W . S. Gibsona. Fromn
the Luthleran: Chu:rch, R C Countts,
Supt , Prof J S WVheeler, Mr S J.
Kohn, atnd Miss l)ella Howers. Fron:i the
Baptist Churtach, the ntautes of the dele
gates wer - not ob*aitned.
Mr. Gletnn Rikard is visitinag Mrs.
Fanntie Schtnpttlert's fatily.
Mrt J B. Whlitttnire, of Greentville, is
the liead clerk it: the Sewittg Maciine
depatmaentt at IIawkitts Bros.
Out- schtool beginas its ntext sessioni
Tuiesdaty, Septemb:ler 1. The timte is close
at htatad to (lust aid collect books for an:
othter step itn schIool life. Hlow impalortant
it is to b)egitn thtis step together is oftent
ttot teal ized uti l too late The puptils
will have tto ntew tene):ers to kearat The
teachintg remtaitns the satmet as duarinig the
patst year Thte Board of Eductation: says
thtat the schtool will b)e better the cotmiing
sessiotn than: it h1as ev-er been. aand the
atiin as ttow up;watrd. This "'better'' does
tnot refer to ttumbelrs nour to the butilditng,
buat rathuer to thle buitnaess for whtich a
school exists
MIr. Billie Jetnnintgs, of Soutth:west Geor
gia, is visitittg amaontg uts Thte aratnless
sleeve tellIs a story. Hie was a tmemibet
of ('o. G. a 3th S ( vohtttteers, atnd h:i
hiomae w.as, unatil after thte war, it: New
berry coutyt3.
Rev L~ P. Hlolaand, of Granaiteville
paid oanr town!. call thte past week. Hi:
is otte of our boys -- .a brother of Mr. Irn
JRolantd, head clerk itn thte grocery depart
mnetnt of Moseley Bros. iIe was edutcatei
at Mt. rTbor Hligha Schaool ian the dayt
when: that flou:rish:ing coutntry schtool er
istedh, antd gradatted at Newberry C ol
Youttg's Grove is a faramers gathecring
pla5ce. Thte good road's barbuecue wn:
held there. The Veterana's reutnioan aaml
barbecute will be thle naext Thl~is will b<i
held Ott thte 26tht anntiversary' of Coma)
G I13th S. C volunateers' (departuare fo'
their bapt'sma of fare. float. Frnk Lever
Contgressant from: 2atd District, will ba
the orator of the occasiont Thte enttire
cottitnity shtoutld be thecre itt hotnor o
this oiccastin
'T.he Maisontic pica:ic wvil be ) the ntext
Thais is thec joi at maeetintg of A tatity' Lodge
Newherry,anad I'rospe-rity l;odge. Th:
Trestle Washed Away ty High Water In
the Middle Tiger-Through Trains by
- Newberry.
There were very heavy rains in the
Piedmont section of South Carolina on
Monday and Tuesday, and at Tuesday
noon there was something akin to a
cloud-burst over the Middle Tiger river,
between Spartanhurg and Greenville,
washing away the trestle of the Atlanta
and Charlotte Air Line. In consequence
traffle along the Southern was very
much delayed for twelve or fifteen
hours. The trains caught at Spartan
burg were moved down to Alston, and
thence up the Columbia and Greenville
division to Greenville, and from Green
ville on to Atlanta. The trip around
by Alston was a Ldetour of some 200
miles to get 30 miles from the starting
The Southern has suffered a number
of other accidents during the past few
(lays, and it was reported from Char
lotte this week that there were two
attempts to wreck its trains near Char
lotte, which were discovered just in
time to save the trains.
On Tuesday, just before the Middle
Tiger bridge went, there was an acci
dent in Virginia which delayed traffic
along the main line considerably. All
mail from Washington was cut off from
Greenville and points further South for
several hours.
G.OOD MEALS---Chas. W. Douglas
is conducting a first-class Restau
rant on lower Maki street in connection
with his grocery store. For good meals
at right prices call on him. iv is also
selling a gallon of vinegar for 20 cents.
Bring your jug.
[NOLLECTOlt Trustworthy young
man to travel; nio canvassing;
salary $18 weekly and expenses; chance
for promotion; experience unecessary
must be sober aiid steady. Address L.
A. Martin, Charleston, S. C.
. crop the Newberry Roller Mill
will not grind after September Ist.
U. week at the soda fount and the
savings will enable you to drink the
very best Morniig Glory Colee every
day during tie month. Try this high
grade coffee. Sold only by )avenport
& Cavenaugh.
11 facturer wants reliable man t,>
deliver and collect; horse and wagon
and $150 deposit necessary; $21 a week%
and expenses, permanenti. Franklin,
Box 78, Philadelphia, Pa.
Onr stock is ,ti!l comploto with
ovorythiiig protty in 1ho .\lill*i0ry3
Call and soo our rilbl'on, lowers
and hats hofor,- hn) ing
The Riser Millery C01malY.
Coupon With 25C. if Presented at Gilder &
Weeks' Store.
In order to test the lI h l andu News
great circulation and its superior ad
vertising value, we have made arrange
mer ts with) Gilder & Weeks the popu
lar (druggist, to oiler onme of thelir
best selling medicines( at. hal f-p ri'e to
any one who wIll cut, out the following
coup)on andl present at their store.
This coupon enttiles the holer to one
50c. package of IDr. I Ioward's specific
for the cure of constipation andl dys
pepsia at half price, 25c. we will refund
the money to any dissatisfied purchaser.
Twenty-fIye Cents.
D)r. H owardJ's speciiic ('or the cure of
constip)ation andl~V dseJ)sia is not an uin
known remedy. It h as madle many re
markable cures right here in Newherry
and so p)ositive are D)ruggist Gilder &
Weeks of it.s great superiority in cur
,mg dlyspepsia, constipation, sick head
ache andl liver troubles that they will,
in addition to selling it at half price,
refund the money (.o anyone whom it
(does not cure.
If you cannot call at. their( store, cut
out the coupon anid mail it with 25
cents, andl a 5(0 cents box of the specific
will be sent you by mail, charges paid.
Do not put it oil'. "O)ne to-dyi
worth two to-morrows."' -lyi
Over Southern Rail Road
Spartanburg, S, C.
Aug. 26, 1903.
Lv. Newberry 7.30 a.m.
Ar. Greenville 11.00 a. m.
"Spartan'ourg 12.00 m.
Lv. Spartanburg 10 p. m
"Greenville 11 p. m
F"aro fromh Nowborry, Iloh,an
S il ver St.root anid Old TVowi,n I..
All p)oints abovo $1.00)( roundi~ tri1
Separat o ennho fml ~ or whmito am
iolor(id lnnohm
7-7 ~ ~ ~ -.-7!7
either single or in suits
TABLES of all kinds,
Art Squares,
Rugs, Etc., Etc.
Everything found in a
first-class Furniture
store. We make a
specialty of framing
At Leavell's 01l Stand._
Newberry, S. C.
Cannot speak; otherwise
it would tell its own story,
and were its organ of
speech as pronounced as
its one quality RELIABIL
ITY, no need of these r1e
marks. We do not claim
that it will cure Mvumps,
Consumption, or grow hair
on bald heads, and in fact
we do not advise mothers
using it for Soothing Syrup
but we do claim that there
is nothing better on the
market for Pain in the
Stomach, Colic, Cholera
MVorbus, Diarrhoea and
PRICE 1 5c and 25c
"Fo Bauifin th Hos ?

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