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Jack the Ripper Makes ills Appearance in
Detroit-Maniac of Unusual
Detroit, Mich., Aug. 18.-Tne mu.
tilatedbody of four year-old Alphonse
Wilmes, whose father lives on Statin
avenue, was found today in a lot at
the rear of the Michigan Stovo Works
at Adair and Wight streets. The
body was discovered byi a workman
about 10 o'clock wedged in between
two molding boxes. The hands wore
tied behind with wiro and a red hand
kerchief had been stuffed down the
little fellow'i throat for a gag. Thilt
body was partly stripped of clothing.
The abdomen was slashed open and
the left, wrist, was nearly severed.
Both thighs also had long cuts in
them. All the wounds had appar
ently been made with a very sharp
instrument. Alphonse had been
missing from his home sinco yester
day noon. Nothing was thought of
his absence at first, but whle ho did
not, roturn for supper a search was
begun that enied with the identifiva
tion of the body by his father at the
morgue this forenoon.
It is evident that the murder was
not committed near where the body
wias found, for althiougl scarcely a
drol of blood was left ill the little
follow's body, there wits practically
no blood n ithe boards where he was
found. A search for blood stainis to
and<l fronm the seotio was ilaugurated
without result Perhaps t ho straig.
est phase of t I iin yste. is t Iiat there
were only a few S1111111 stai1s oI the
body and clothing of the lad, dospite
the horrilh charetor of his wounds.
It looks aisthliugh tile nirdorer, aftor
comIlit tog ihe deed,washed the blood
froin tile body, and tihen carried it to
the lot where it was found. The
police are satislied that thetO boy ils
murddered , by i maia andi( lrp work.
ing along these liles alone. The oi
cers are inclined to elieve tliat the
child was killed inl solme house ind
that afterward the tmurderer co ried
his body, it a sack or a wago , to
the lonely spot where it. was found
today. There have been several other
crimes against chl(ib-iron inl the city
recontly, and ulitny persons beliese
that, a 1iianiac of un1usual ln111ning is
'The Thornwell Orphanage.
T'he Thiornw ~ell Orph aniage, locaned
iln Clintoni, SonthI Carolina, is ani in
stitution for the P'rimnary, High
School anid advaniced edutentloll, hothI
literary and1( techniicai, o)f orpbhani bo1,
andI giruls. TPlie inlst itut Iion is un<der
theoconitrol of t rust 05 i s )) apinte<d by
the t hroe Synods of SouthI Carolina,
Ge~or.gia andt I l ori da liut it receiv~es
pu1pils fromi u iy religions denina ili
tion anid form atny plart of our com11
11o01 coun1try.
Orphaniis to be recei vedl, iniutst 1be
withlouit mleanls al supp)ort of their
own an d ben(en thle care of thIiem rests
upon01 thle genieral publi)c. Cont ribu.
tionis for thle aid of the inst itunt ion atre
riot ordered by aniy church court;
there are no0 agents c'anvasSinig theit
field asking for mnilney; there are nto
collection1 boxes en the p ronL:ises of
the instit ution. Thie onily depend.
en1Ce of those or phians for thIieiri dilv
b)readl is oni the goodn1 tess of God, t he
printed page and lie generous helF
gven lby thle press in splreadIing in.
format i abou (t the' work,
The boy and 11( girls are niot. legally
boundl to the inistitultioni bult aire free
to comle and go. They choose tc
to come. T'hey hate to leave us even
whieni all hats been dlono for thIem that
cain h)e donie by thle Inl~tituition. An
they are wvell taught ln their b,ooks
anid trainedI in varions trad I suicl:
dering arnd the like, they are alwayi
able to take care of thlemlselves or
leaving us5.
We have 102 orphantrs fromt South
(Jarolina, 42 fromi Georgia, 16 fron
Florida, and1( 42 from t welve othe
states and territories.
Those who love the fathlerless (al
of our 200 chiildseon are fatherless
can aid by seninig flour-, molasses
sugar, rice, mieal or aniy other kim
of p)rovisionis except vegetables
(which they raise for themtselves)o
by gifts of moniey. JlThe sum of Iin
dollars will boaird and clothe a chik
for one month. Allmost anlyb)odycat
by that small gift, be a plrotector o
some orphaun for thirty days. Th'i
may be senit simlply to Thornwel
Orphanage, or to llev. D)r. Jacobs
Olinton, 8. 0., wvho will take pleasuri
in giving aidditional information tA
anv naking for it
It has Strength and Rigidity Greater than
Aluminum, Is Lighter and
Costs Far Less.
The Brooklyn Eagle.
The anuouricewent comes from
Germnny that a Frenchman, Edward
Mollard, has reported to the Stato
department the discovery of another
metal. This new metal is called
selitim and is both lighter and
stronger than aluminum. Itp hard
nos is not quite equal to ioi, but.
is greater than zinc, and its power of
resistance ranks between iron and
stool. The groatest advantage of the
nowi metal is its cost of prodluction,
which is only about, one twentieth
that of aluminum. Solium dooH not
corrode and is capable of a very high
polish. Tho former quality is an
important requisite in ship building,
while the latter makes the now metal
exeOptionailly suited for cooking
Nuimorous experimentors have triod
to Obtain i a metal as light as alum
inum, but one which would possels
greator rigidity. At, first might
niuim, whitl is a colnbination of al.
11uminnilln an1d m Iagnesilurn, seed to
fulfil these eonditions, buti a few
trials proved that it, possessed a very
short. grain, which destroyed all clas
ticity. In other word]s, the metal
was capable of sustaining a st-rong
pressuire, but breaks easily.
Such a metal, thorofore, as solinmi,
possessing the good qualities of al
uminunn, togother with strength, rig
idity and tho quality of receiving a
high polish, con scarcely help ) he
corning a strong cominercial factor,
especially whne the low cost of pro
thnetion is consi<erod. It is to be
hlopod that soliumii possessed !ill the
advantages clained for it.
"Just From Georgia."
R. 1,. Stanton, in Atlanta Constitution.
I'his Cn0n1try's goin' to havo her way
In spite of all the big folks say;
There will be flowers and fish in May,
As usual!
It spite of every hunter's aim
We'll have ouir 'possilin just the sainle,
And (icks inl Georgia'll be its ganie
As iisual!
The-n shout your loudest hallel!
When it don't rain, the sky is blue!
The I,ord--Ile will take care of you
As usual!
I'le najor is onie of the liost inodest
and retiring of iliel.''
"Whtat business is he ini?"
Soutitry a-huntiniin'
l'roun l)ade to l)an;
Oflice a eoiunint'
For to ieet the inan,
liarbeene inn iers
WVhere the ioonshin,e stays- -
Whien the brass band plavs!
UTt''ll1,E T.i~I 1, n i 1..
I saw Johnson going hioiite wilt ty
niew bo~ok untder his artn."
"YVes ; juist b)uilt a newv house, anid his
wife wanltedl somiething inl blue and gold
for a p)arlor ornamieunt."
Tim Pill i.)Soii of I.
Write it downu ez gospel -
No iatter what dey say,
1>e airthquake never hurt you
lA,ss yotu in de airth<ptake way!
I >e I ,awd lhe iniake die country;
Miat 'low deC counitry his;
liut de fire never burn you
lif you stay fum whar it is!
You 'bleege ter riekerntize it,
1iin know what imakes a load.
Ff you aint a-wantini' trouble,
Give trouble all dle roadi!
TIhiis itetut front an ' ehanige of the
ltillville variety:
"'11aven't had hut thliree pieie as this
saason, and there is on ly onei p)rob)able
liaiigiiig iut sight,''
IJi' W A I T'.
hthacksnake stewv and lizzard fry.
lBullfrog by lie polund;
\ou'll git ter glory by an by,
Soon ez die world turn round!
r Many American authors have electet
to live in IFngland--n tot that thley' lovi
their country less, but it is necessary' t<
er oss to that side of the water before thea
ean gain) recognitioni on this.
IjuicV PuRoSP'eC'.
, The mtehon now is lookin'
Too eloquent for speech;
Anid yondler. in dlim lorchardls,
The red1 roundt of the peach.
Says Birother l)iekey: "Never ax
f man to choose 'twixt dle devil andl high
j water who's 'fraid of fire, and can't swim.'
IFor a robe of white lhe changedl his conl
When death his life arrested;
Hie saidl. "I1 hold a heavenly niote
WVhich will not he protted,1"
Says it Billville exchange: "We hems
of a negeo who was swallowed alive by
an alligator. It is all right, however, a.
they have since lynched the alligator
Can't have sunshine all the time
Glad for rain to fall;
Fills the wells an' makes the dells
Look fresh and sparkliu'-all!
The raindrop makes the roses grow
And if the rivers rise
They water all the innd, and go
Just singin' 'neath the skies!
Low Round Trip Rates Via A. C. L.
$15.35 to Washington, D. C., an(d re
turn: Annual Convention Grand Foun
tain United Order True Reformers,
September Ist to 8th, 1903, with return
final limit to reach starting point not
later than September 10th, 1903.
A special Validating Agency under
the charge of Joseph Richardson,
special agent, will be located in the
Station, 6th and B. Streets, Washing
ton, 1). C., and will be opened one
hour beiore the schedule time of de
parture of each train, August 30th to
September 10th, inclusive. On these
dates no other agent in Washington
will be authorized to validate the re
turn portion of these tickets.
$17.30 to Baltimore, Md., and return:
Sovereign Grand Lodge of Odd Fellows.
Tickets on sale September 18th, 19th
an(d 20th. Tickets must be deposited
with Joint Agent in Baltimore im
mie(liately upon arrival, and upon pay
ment of $1 25 at time of deposit, limit
will be extended to leave Baltimore not
later than October 3rd, 1903.
W. J. Craig,
General Passenger Agent,
.J. W. Denning, Agpnt.
Week End Rates.
The Southern Railway announces the
following Week End Rates, beginning
Satur(lay, June 6th, continuing to
August 29th, for all Saturday trains,
good retirning until Tuesday following
date of sale; round trip tickets will be
on sale from Newbrery to Charleston,
Sullivans Island, and Isle of Palms, at
rate of $5. 16.
leginning June 6th, continuing to
Septeimer 12th, for all Saturday in(
Sunday morning trains, good returning
leaving dlestination not later than 'ues
lay following (late of sale, roundI tril:
tickets will be on sale from Newherry
as follows:
Spartanburg . . . . . . . . . . $2 H
Greenville . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 1(
Whitestone . . . . .. . 2 1(
U nion . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 8f
Taylors (for Chick Springs) . . . 2 31
Asheville, N. C.......... 3 8f
I lot Springs, N. C......... 4 (
Arlen, N. C. . . . . . . . . . : 81
Pletehers, N. C ........ 3 81
lendersonville, N. C . . . . . . 81
Flat Rock, N. C .. . . . . . . . . 3 8
Saluda, N. C . . . . . . . . . . 3 81
Trryon, N. C .. . . . . . . . . . . :8
Arevard, N. C......... .1 6'
Lake Toxaway, N. C ...... 5 31
For tickets and further information
apply to S. 11. MCLEAN, Agt.
Miss Ida. M. Snyder.
T reinmrer or Lihe
1iroo,kys EastL Esad Art 4'Isb.
"If women would pay more attention to
their healtht we would have more happy
wives, mothers and daughters, and if they
would observe results 'they would find
that the doctors' prescriptions do not
perform the many cures they are given
credit for.
"In consulting with my druggist he ad
vised McElree's Winme of C.ardui antd 1Thed.
ford' Black-l)raug~ht, and sc) I took it andI
have every reason to thank him for a new
life opened up to mec with restored health,
and it only took three months to cure me."
W ian of tcai is a regulator of thoe
moieistriul fcii,tionse ani d it a most as
tomishiing tconic for- cmmen. It cures
sceauty, suiresse d. too freajuent, ir reg
ulai andc pacimful moenstrtm4tion, fatllin
of the womb. whimtes aind lloodcincg, It
isi hlipftil whlen alppro ~ccming woimn
hood. duaring p>rce 1nacy'. acfter chid
birth and ini cI cun g of lifce. It fre
cquc,tly brina dc ucear Ibaby c to hcomes
that have Ienci b'.arren for yearsc. All
druiggi'sts hcave $1.00 bottles of Wine
of Caru i.
Wood's Seeds
. amecrs andic Gardenemirsc who de
sire t lat est and fuallest infoium
tioin abouit
Vegetable and Farm Seeds
shcould write for WVood's New
Fall Catalogue. I t telIls iall ai cont
the fall planinzg of Lettuce, Cab
bage amid othe r Vegetable crops
which arce provi ng so profit able tio
sOut hcrn grcwcers. Also cab oit
Crimson Clover, Vetches,
Grasses and Clovers,
Seed Oats, Whe,
Rye, Barley, etc.
Wcuod's New l"all Cat:alo'ucm..
free oni retuest. Wr\ite~ fo' c.
T. W. WOOD & 80NS,
Seedsmen, . Dichmmutd Via
Tho following druggists reqtilA the
holders of M U R NA conupotn to bring,
thll) it at once and seocuro absolute
ly fre, the regular Hizo bottle of the
Great P)rfpiarati)ni, NUIiNA WI NIM
1'or malo only by Iilder & Wooks
Watches, Clocks,
Silver and Plate Ware,
Cut Glass and Table Ware
Wedding and Birthday Presents
Key winding Watches
Changed to Stem
Eduard Scholtz,
Jeweler and Optician.
Newberry, S. C.
Capital - - $50,000
Surplus - - - 19,500
Paid Stockholders
since organization 21,000
Paid Depositors in
Savings depart
ment since or
ganization - - $9,200
A imin worl<ii, hy till- da11Y is paid
for the timio lt puits ill it work, but.
whon that nti sivvs it dollar for his
day's labor it w'irks for himn nights,
as Well as <bys; n1-ver lays (1l' Oil ic
-ount of had wvoathler and never gots
sick, but govs right 1)n1 (11arn1ing him
nll iIcom1o. I I's at nico thing to work
for monvy, biut it's utich nicer to
havo it)oy wmirkinig for you. Try
it -opno a salviitgs ac Init with us
ald got s illomoy working for you.
Make i dopsit il the 81tvings tie.
partmont to lty and let it bigin to
work for y-oi. Intorost eomputed at
'4 per cenit Jiaury I and July I of
oneli your.
Small Sa-iings are the Stepping
.. S(tns to -suicess andI plenty -
Wi'll in 10i yer amountiitt to $~ I.I6 00
amounittlt o - - $ '730 00
mnuio t o - -. - :I460 00
IThe oammercia~ Bank
of Newaarry, S. C,
0ffetrs ver y low rtes on following dates:
(Coloniist TJicket s to ( 'alifornia, Utah,
rado, Ortegont,o ttasigtotn, Montana,
Juneo lI>.
St. Louis and Return.
ON10Atl l'A LUS 25> (iNTS.
On stale June 16, 17, good to return
tuntitl June i>th.
San Francisco, Los
Anigeles and Return.
ITickets onl satlu Jutly~ 31 to Aug l
(Good to re turn unitil Oct li>.
Denver, Col. A Return
retur bt , ii Aug 81 st.
I'Throusgh Un'ihIoan SIleipinog Ca r
D ai ly between11 'Jiac'kettv ille, Matonji,
StI lituis' I"reii H~e(liingit~ Ch8air Car:
SlThrough Pu'olhitanr Sl''opintg Curiu
dilyI) hot wVii'n Naish vill o 1nd1 hicago,
hi ls is the ontly l)iinblo Traiek 11ino
hat woln Chicago an rd he Oh io River
Spamphlets address
SINo. iihrnwnhld'.r AIin*tsi ti
Special Sale of Summer Rate Tickcts tc
the Mountains and Seashore.
The Columbia, Newberry & Laurenc
Railroad offers Week-End Specia
Smamer rates to the Mountains am
to the Seashore and other summer re
sorts. Tickets sold each Saturday Jun
Gth to August 29th, 1903, inclusive, a
follows: From Newberry, S. C., to
Charleston, S. C............... ...........$5 11
Cross Hill, S. C.......... 2 0
Glenn Springs, S. C. ... ............. 2 1
The Nashville, 4
St. Louis Ry.,
ern and A
The Scenic B
To the North, Nor
Best Equipped Trains
Quickest Time. For r
etc., or any infornatio
No. I North Pryor St.,
Opposite Union Dep
Two Daily Pullman \
Between SOUTH
The Best Rates and I
Via Richmond and
Norfolk and Ste,
Nashville, Memr
Louis, Chicago, lN
Points South and Sou
and Jacksonville a
and Cuba.
AilFor detailed informat
man reservations, etc., ar
board Air Line Railway,
Passenger Agent, Columi
4; THE
A passenger servic
and comfort,equipped
Dining, Sleeping and
For rates, schedule
tion, write to
Greenville, S. C.... ... ............ 2 10
Isle of Palms, S. C ...................... 5 15
Spartanburg, S. C ........ ...... ...... 2 10
Sullivan'3 Island, S. C . ..... ......... 5 15
Waterloo, S. C. (Harris Spring) ... 2 00
White Stone Lithia Springs, S. C. 2 10
These are week end tickets, sold each
Saturday, final limit Tuesday following
date of sale.
For further information and sched
ules, call on or write
) J. W. Denning, Agent.
rIA :
Dhattanooga and
and the West
Hiantic R. R.
attlefield Route.
th-West and- West.
Superior Service and
'ates, schedules, maps,
n, call on or address
ng Passenger Agent,
Atlanta, Ga.
t. Bell'Phone 169.
I -- EAST -- WEST.
restibuled Limited Trains
Zoute to all Eastern Cities
Washington, or via
amers. To Atlanta,
>his, Louisville, St.
lew Orleans, and All
thwest--To Savannah
nd all points in Florida
ion, rates, schedules, Pull
>ply to any agent of The Sea
or J. 3. Puller, [ravelIng
>ia, S. C.
Asst.Gteni. Pass. Agt.,
mpiete Summer Resort F'oI&
tied Free to Any Addres-!
nlc &JT ILNIlE
3 unexcell'.d .for luxury
withI the latest Pullman
Th'loroughfare Cars.
maps or any informa.
oral Passenger Agent,
Wilmingon, N. C.
i r.. BV A'10i ;. Receiver.
InI P1. .111un008 .19011.
nwtw4eb A i.1r:iP1 tond W alhalla.
M ao i bixed
Ni. 9. No. 12 eltittoli. No. 11 No. 9
P.ll. A. 51. P.m. A.
310 9 bo...............HBelton ............... 820 1
248 9M 3........Anderson F. D......... 340 0 c
2 45 9 30. . ..... Anleron1 1. D..... ... 345 J1 16
........ 9 25........ W est A ndotso n....... 349 ........
........ 9 0............... Denver .............. 369
........ 9 02..... ... n .............. 405 .......
. . .. ...........PoIjdletton ........... 4 it ......
........ 847 ............Cherry............... 4 18 ........
........ 8 44...............A tlaans............... 421 ........
... ... 8 28 .....Jo thtnin Jl.pct ... ... 4 3 ........
4 40 1 ........
... .... 801....... ..W est l un ......... 1b04 ........
8 0............ W aihalla ............ 6 o . ......
All roguilar irins tro. 1ltonl to Waliila,
live precettonce over trainll of akino last
n oving in tho opposite (ire tton uilss oth
orwiso mpolillecl by train order.
Will 111o stop at the following stations to
taku ott anti lot oi pasmogeri: Phinney's
J111nlo anl Sndyt rngs.
J. H. A ) N 13coN, superintendent
Charleston Ong Wostern Caro1a Rwv co.
Augusta and Ashevillo Short Line
(Slhettule in effect March 1, 1903.)
(RHoad Down.) (Road Up)
12.46 pin .........Iv Newberry......... Ar 3.10 pm
1.60 pin ... Ar Laurons............. Lv 2.02 pil
2.07 pan ......... Lv Laurons. . .. Ar 1.80 pm
3.30 pan.........Ar 8partanburg..... Lv 12 01 pm
3.41 in......... IN .partanburg..... Ar 10.26 am
6.32 In .........Ar Biluda............... Lv 3. 89 am
(.111 pa.........Ar lendersonville L,v 3.05 am
7.15 Pml.........Ar asl eville........... Lv 7.05 am
tl.46 pan......,v Nowberry (c.N.,a.) 3 10 pm
1.50 pm..... Ar Laurens..................Ly 2.02 pm
1.65 pin..... Lv Laurens.................Ar 1.45 pm
2. P1 pmn......Ar Greenwood.............Lv 12.44 pm
6 .20 -im.. ...Ar Augusta.........Lv 10.10 am
2 35 pn...... liv Augusta....... ..... ..A r 11.56 am
6.30 p o...... Ar lliaufort................LV 7.60 ani
6.15 pin...... Ar Port. Royal ........... Lv 7.40 a m
12 46 pm...... i Nowherry (- N.& L)A r 3.10 pm
1 0 pm. Ar Laurent; ..... ......... Lv 2.02 pm
2 ('9 pin .....l v IajurIn" ............... AT 1.35 pi
3.2b pin .....Ar Greenville............ Lv 12.16 pm
For furtlir 1nforaat Ion roltive to rates,
etc., c41l on, or add<1roas v
GE10. T llHY A N, Gen. Ag'. Greenville 8 i
T. M. m ion. Trafflo Manaut . da.
(Eastern Standlard Tin e.)
sotithbound. Northbound.
chednu11 In EfTfoct Suntday, 'June 128th, 1908
8 40 ain Lv Atlanta (S.A.L) Ar. 8 50 pm
10 50 Ri A thens 6 19 pm
11 55 aL Elborton 6 17 pm
12 r8 pnm Abbeville 4 0. pm
i 22 pin Ureonwood 3 35 pm
2 15pI Ar Clinton (DIn'r) L. 2 45 pm
10 (0 am lv U03un Springs Ar 4 00 pin
12 15 pin Hpartanburr 8 10 pm
12 2 pm (reenville 3 25 pm
(larris Springs)
1 12 pin Wttorloo 2 35 pn
1 V 1 is, ^ r Laurens (DlIn'r) Lv 2 17 pw
81522 53 6 2 85
DIy 1))Iy Iply fo'ly D'1y Dly
ex Ox ex ex
Mutl .nii Mun Hun
am Ril 1i pm m i am
711) 700 202 Lv Laurens Ar I50 0 g 000
725 710 20i Parks 142 861 560
845 7 '0 2 2, Clluton.. 130 830 525
915 7 50 3 34 (4oldville 117 3 01 4 45
73 800 241 Kinard 110 746 430
9 4' 809 249 Uary 105 736 440
950 818 254 Jalapa 100 725 406
11 h 840 310 NIowberry 1246 796 346
12 12 02 3 24 Prosperity 1282 941 305
1248 918 33M Slighs 1223 (126 260
110 924 339) Lt Mountain 1219 620 240
1 -) 840 361 ulapin 1209 605 220
'155 950 357 Hilion 1202 555 216
015 955 4 01 Wlhite Rock 13 69 650 200
2125 ;0 01 4(-7 iallontine il 64 641 150
2 55 10 t7 4 17 Irmo . 1146 628 132
3 f5 10 56 4 24 Leaphart.. 11 40 5 9 1 19
33 0 4'1 4 40 Clolimbla 1126 500 1 00
4k. C. Lj.
(Union Station)
4_45 ___it 20
pmn~ am
Ii 5 vUolunaba (A.O.L.)Ar 11 10
II 20 Sninter 9 50.
9 20 A r Charleston Lv 7 00
T1rinat 53 an<I 52! arrIve and depart fromn
now uniou <lupol..
TraIns 22 ad 81 fromn A. U. L.. freight depot,
wesat ( ervals stir at
For Rtatt TLIno Tabli's, orTurther informa
liona call n any Agenut., ori write to
w..I11 LDM, T1. Mt. EMEIRSON,
Presient.'raflic Manageor.
Hot . Agt. (oni'I Irt. & Pass A gt.
Cio'innt'la.s.. WnnlIunl,n. N (I.
No taste. No odor. Can be given in
glass of a ater, tea, or coffee without
patient's Knowledge.
White Ribbon Remedy will cure or
destroy the diseased appetite for alco
holic stimulants, whether the patient is
a confirmed inebriate, a "tippler," so
cial drinker or drtunkard. Impossible
for anyone to have an appetite for alco
hiolic lhquors after using White Ribbon
Indlorsed by Members of W. C. T. U.
Mrs. Moore, press5 superintendent of
Woman's Christian Temperance Union,
Ventura, California, writes: "I have
tested White Ribbon Remedy on very
obstinate drunkards, and the cures have
been many. In n1any cases the Ramedy
was given secretly. I cheerfully recom
mend and indorse White Ribbon Reme-.
dy. Members of our UJnion are de
lighted to find ans economical treatment
to atid us5 in ouri temperance work."
Druggists or by mail, $1. Trial pack
age free by writimg Mrs. A. M. Town
send (for years secretary of a Woman's
Christian TIemp)erance Union), 218 Tre
mont St., Boston, Mass. Sold1 in New
b)erry by Gilder & Weeks.
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