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Capture of Lee Green, Charged With
the Murder of Surasky, the Jew
Peddler, In Aiken County.
Aiken,' August 21.-Lee Ireen,
he alleged murderer of Surasky, the
ew peddler, was brought to Aiken
by Sheriff Alderman and posse last
night about 9.30. Green was sur
rounded and captured at his father's
place, near Hawthorne, about twenty
miles from Aiken.
For several days two men of that
section, Arthur Glover and West
Cadden, have been on the watch for
Green, and finally located him at his
father's place. Early yesterday
morning they telegraphed Sheriff
Alderman that Green wps cornered
and if he could come at once with
a few men Green could be captured.
Sheriff Alderman left Aiken about
12 o'clock with ten mon. Two of
Surasky's brothers left here for the
scene about the same time. The
sheriff's party arrived at McClan's
store, two miies from Green's house,
at about 5 o'clock, where they found
Glover and Cadden, who had slipped
away to again communicate with the
sheriff. Messrs. Glover and Cadden
reported that they and Green had
fired several shots at. one another
during the morning and that they
felt sure that he was still on the
place. Sheriff Alderman, who now
had about fifteen men, sont pirt of
his force around to come in at the
back of the place and he and the re
maider of the party went to the
Mr. Greei, the elder, was asked if
his son Lee was at. home. He re.
plied that his son was on the place,
but he did not know where. The
posse then searched all the buildings
and it was at last discovered that
Green was in the fodder loft of the
It was at first thought that the
building would have to be ltirned in
order to chase Green out, but the
sheriff finally told Lee Green's
brother to go into the barn and tell
him that he had better give up.
The brother went in and came out
in few minutes with Lee's gun and a
few moments later the man who had
terrorized titt section for nearly a
month walked out of the barn and
gave himself up to .heriff Alderman.
The gun Green had with him was
a single-barrelled broech loader and
his ammunition was shells loaded
with bird shot. Green told the
sheriff that he intended to give him.
self up after a while, as he wvas not
able to give bond and did not care to
stay in jail so long.
However, there is nio doubt that
that immediate vicinity is feeling a
great deal easier now that he and
.the sheriff have finally made connec
Lee Greeun is a young man about
18 years of age, weighs about 175
pounds and is shout six feet tall, and
is a powerful man for his age. He
is saidl to be a bad character and a
great trouble to his old fat her, who
is one of the best ment of that. section.
It is aid that Lce (Grein ,hot at a
Jew peddler, named Levi, fronm Au
gusta, not long ago, and stated at
the time that lie did it just to see him
run. He is also said to have threat
ened to kill the next p)eddler that
came to his house, as they always
sold his wife goods, and1 he was never
able to keep a cent of money in the
Abram Surasky is said to have been
killed while performing an act of
courtesy for Green On the dIay of
the murder Green had been t.o the
mill and was at his honne on his
horse, with his saek of meal and his
double barrelled shotgun across the
RP.dldle, just ahout t he time Surasky
drove tip ini hi. wvagon.
TIhins was about. 2 o'clock mn the
aft erno< n. As ihne r ce-n ailig hted they
shook hands, anrd Sntrasky' walked
over to Gr eon's heroe and t hre'w the
sack of meal nero ns his shoer I', and
told Greene t hat, heu would caerry it tc
the honse fo,r heim. Sarasky weelkedl
towards the honse' snd whene he was
about I wenty liv" cstops away Green
shot hinm t wice in the back, but die]
not. hurt him t, as the shot. probably
all entered the sack of meal. nras
ky turne'd and, throwing the sack
down, lifted his hands above his
head and begged Green not to shoot
Surasky then saw Green reloading
his gun, and so the peddler ran into
the house, where Mrs Green was, and r
begg9d her not to let her husband i
kill him. It is said that Mrs Green '
pleaded for the life of the Jew, butl
Green rushed into the house after
him. 0
Surasky held Mrs Green between t
himself and his assailant; and then c
Green is said to have told his wife t
that if she didn't get out of the way d
he would shoot her. Surasky then i
tried to run away, but Green shot e
him twice in the back and brought 1
him to the ground, just outside of 1
the door. L
The gunshots did not kill him, and
Green then got an axe and chopped i
him until life was extinct. He then il
loaded the body on his victim's ii
wagon and hid it in the woods, as t
before reported. il
The above story of the crime is c
said to have been received direct C
from a relative of Lee Green and is a
thought to bi authentic. t
It is said that George Toole is not
crin-inally connected with the crime, 1
as was at first thought, but it is under j
stood that he arrived at Green's house l
just as the killing occurred and he t
was afraid to tell of it. Toole is now L
out of jail on $500 bail and it is a
thought that he may be able to ti
"prove out," as he said. H
The party who went with Sheriff c
Alderman from here and assisted in i
capturing Green consisted of Messrs. I
Wesley Royal, Monroe Vernon, Jim t
Vernon, W. T. McCullough, Henry
Howard, L. Craig, Paul Glover, T. 1
J. Harmon and John Kennedy. The j
two Hurask) a went alone. C
Guest At White Stone Was Much Morti
fled By Having Her Luggage
Held Up and Searched.
Spartanburg, August, 21.-The
jewels 811d valuables stolen fron
White Stone Springs continue an un
solved mystery.
Recently a guest from Chicago,
stopping at the hotel, for several days,
decided to go to Glenn Springs. She I
could not secure accoimmodations
there snited to her, owing to tho
crowds of people at that place. She I
returned to White Stone, and in a
hurried manner decided to leave the
hotel and go to the mountains. She<
was in ill health.
For a few days articles of jewelry
were missing from a number of rooms
on the south side, second floor, and I
suspicion rested on her among some
of the hotel people.
She had her trunks ready for do
parting, when an agent of 'roprie
tor Harris approahed her and advised
her to stay, relating the robbery in.
She was bent on going, and oftered
to pay the expenses of the agent to
this city where he could examine
her trunks and grip. T[his wvas set.
tIed on and( upon her arrival here a
thorough search, instit uted subse
quent to securing her written consent
thereto, was entered into.
TI'he result revealed the fact t hat
she had not one of the missing articles
in her possession. She is very much
mortified and hurt at the treatment
she received and proposes to stay
here until the entire mat.teir is set
She is a memb)er of the Illinois
Women's Press association, a mem
ber of the Chicago chapter D. A IR.
and a number of clubs, and is al. o a
newspaper woman.
Taken With Cramps.
Wim. K rom.se, a member of the bridge
gang workmg near Littleport was taken
sudd(enly ill T~hursda y night with cr amps
andl a kimd of cholera. uIs case was so
severe that he had to have the imemb)ers
of the crew wvait uplonl him and Mr.
GifTord was called and consultedl. 1le
told them he had a medicine in the form
of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
D)iarrhoea Remedy that he thought
would help him out, andl accordlingly
several doses were administeredl w i
the result that the fellow was able to
be around next (lay. 'The incidenit.
speaks quite highly of Mr. Gifford's
medicines. -Elkader, Iowa, Agnus.
This remedy never fails. 1(edp it in
your home, it may save Ii fe. For sale
by Wm. E. Pelhamn & Son and Prosper
ity Denug Co.
Large Attendance Is Predicted-Priso
ner Has Unusual Liberty in Lex
Ington Jail.
A special to the Spartanburg Jour
al from Lexington has the. follow
3g with reference to the Tillman
rial and the prisoner's surround
About a month hence it is expect
d that this lIttle town will be enter
iining the largest number of visit
ra ever known in its history. The
rial of Jas. H Tillman for the mur
er of N. G. Gonzales in Columbia
i set for that time, and it is gen
rally believod, will be delayed no
)nger. Almost 500 witnesses have
een summoned to appear in this case
y the opposing sides.
All available space in the hotels
as been engaged weeks since by
iterested parties, and how the
nmense number >f spectators sure
) be on hand will be accommodated
i an interesting problem The last
ensus gave the town something over
00 inhabitants. It, is thought that
t least 5,000 will be here during
bie trial.
Meantime the prisoner occupies
is cell in the Lexington County
til. Sheriff Oaughman has made
im as comfortable as possible, put
ing him on the shady side of the
uilding on the first floor near the
heriff's own quarters and occasion.
Ily permitting him to exercise him.
elf by walking up and down the
orridor. As a rule the sheriff does
ot. lock the cell from the outside,
ut leaves the lock for Tillman to
urn if he so desires.
Three times a (lay Mr. Marks, who
s1ps a restaurant just, behind the
il, can be seen bringing the prison.
r his meals. Tillman sfates that he
nds his quarters here pleasanter
han those in the Richland jail,
where he was imprisoned during
ome warmii days of May and Juno.
Many visitors attracted by curiof
ty or other motives go to see the
ioted prisoner. Sometime since hia
vife and little daughter spent several
lays in Lexington with relatives and
nado frequent visits to the jail.
)t-hers of his kinsfolk have been herc
rom time to time. Tillinan's littlc
iephew, a handsome boy of seven oi
iight summers, is staying in the jail
o wait upon his uncle and is said tc
>) a general favorite with the prison
Speculation as to the verdict in th(
~ase is almost useless. As stated
bovo Mrs. Jas. H. Tilinan has rela
ives in the town and also in th
~ounty, and p)eople feel much rea
ympat.hy for' her. It is doubtfuli
he same feeling exists in her hus
>and's case. The11 belief of all thosi
vho have read the newspapers and
saro to express themuselves is tha
hle act was genuine' murder anm
blould be punished. At the samn
imo it should1( be rememberen tha
Senator Tillmnain has always had 1
arge followving im the county, what
over h' 3 nephew's following was, aum
lhat thIiis fact is alImost sure to in
luence some jurymen.
So,.far sent imnt does not seem t<
bave crystalized, but it will be5 a sur
prise if Tlilbinan is. esther acquitte<
or sentenced to be hanged as a re
RuIt of this trial Not a few look fo
a mistrial and t hen another applici
tioni for hail.
A dispatch from Wilmington), D)el
rep)orts that t he receiver of the B&'
State Gas comipauny, of D)elawre, ha
filed a b)ill of complaint, in the U.
circuit court against J. Edward At
(licks, thle notorious Riepub)lican po
itician, and others, alleging fraudi
connect ion with a transaction ii
volving thie stock of the compan;
said to he valued at $75,000,000.
Sick Headache.
'"For several years my wvife wt
t.ronbIledl with wliiat physicians call(
sick headache of a ve*ry severe chara<
ter'. She dloctoredl with several cm
nent. p)hysicianis andl at a great exp)ens
only t.o grow worse until she was tu
abl1e to (do any kind of work. A bout
year ago she began taking ChaLmbe
lain's Stomach and Liver Tlable Cts at
t.oday weighs more than she ever' d
before and is real well,'" says Mr. Ge
E. Wright. of New Londlon, Newv Yor1
For sale by Wmn. E. Peclham & Son ai
Prosperit.v I)r, Co.
The President's Rteception of the Ambassa
dor from Ruritania-A Strenuous
Utica Observer.
It was a warm, midsummer day at
Dyster Bay, and the President was
3eated on the shady veranda of Saga
more Hill, when his secretary ap
proached, accompanied by a man of
unmistakable foreign aspect. Be
bind the-two came a half dozen men
3arrying bulky bundles.
"Mr. President, I have the honor
Lo introduce Baron Blob von Hind
most, the ambassador from Ituri.
"Dc-lighted to meet you, Blob;
how's your lnuscle?"
"I have the honor to represent the
King of iunritania as special ambas.
3ador at Washington, and I can
,hrow you three times out of five,
3atch as catch can, Graeco Roman,
>r any other fashion."
"I am greatly pleased to welcome
Ahe representative of my dear and
great friend the King of Ruritania,
Amd-say, come down cellar till I
ihow you my new bowling alley."
"I am commanded to convey to
your Excellency the assurance of my
sovereign's most distinguished con
3ideration, and do you prefer four or
eight ounce gloves y"
"I cherish the kindest regard for
the people of luritania, although I
I know there isn't a man in the whole
blOei-ing round up who can stand
one, two, three with me handling a
"In nothing do the Government
and pooplh of Ruritania count them
selves more fortunate than in the
friendship of the Government and
people of the United States; but at
the same time I can give you cards
and spades and beat you at domi
"it is my most, ardent desire that
the amicable relations now existing
between your country and mine shall
be porpotuated and strengthened;
and n oantinme I will run you a two
mile race with 500-yard handicap."
"I am part.icularly charged to use
my best efforts to promote mutual
peace and prosperity, and I'll bet my
hat against a peanut that I can kick
higher than you can."
"You will please convey to your
sovereign the assurance of my grati
lication at welcoming such a distin.
guished representative of Riuritania;
only please ask him to pick your suc
cessor fromn my own eiss. You're
only a welter-weight and Ilam in the
heavy-weight class."
"In closing I beg your Excel
"Cut it out, cut it out! I've stood
all of that sort of stuff I propose to.
Come on back of the balrn). I want
to put a few notions in your head of
the manner ini which an amb)assador
in Washington conducts himself.
Got your guns?'
The ambassador signals to the men
with' the queer bundles and the
party disappears. And presently
the soundl of musketry is heard, whmilt
discreet neighbors seek their bomb
proof cellars.
. Week End Rtates
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For full p)art.iculars, rates, etc, ca
on f'icket Agents or write,
General Passenger Agent
Traflic Manager
Wilmington, N. C.
Violent Attack of Diarrhoea Cured by Chamn
berlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoca
' Iemedy and Perhaps a Life Saved.
"'A short time ago I wais taken witl
a violent attiack of dliarrhoea andl believ,
I would( have (lied if I had niot gottel
relief," say,s .John ,J. Patton, a leadini
citizen of Pat.ton, Ala. ''A friend re
commended Chamberlain's Colic, Chol
era and D)iarr-hoea Remedy. I bough
a twenty-five cent bottle and after tak4
ing t.hree (loses of it was entirely cur-e<
I conisidler it, thme best. remedy in thm
wVorldl for b,owel complaints."'' For sal
by Wm-. E. P'elham & Son and Prospem
it.v 1h,nr (o.
The Reliance Defeats the Shamrock III on
Saturday-Lipton Still Has
Great Hope.
New York, August 22.-In a splen
did twelve to fifteen:knot breeze over
a windward and leeward course of
thirty miles the gallant sloop Roli
ance to day beat Shamrock 11I in
commanding style by exactly nine
minutes, actual time, or seven min.
utes and three seconds after deduct
ing the one minute and fifty seven
seconds, which the defender concedes
to Sir Thomas Lipton's third chal
longer on account of her sailing
plan as at present measured.
It was a royal water fight for the
ancient trophy which carries with it
the yachting supremacy of the world,
and by a strange coincidence the
first victory in the cup series of 1903
occurred on the fifty -secoud anni
versary of the day on which the old
schooner America captured it in her
famous race around the Isle of Wight.
The reliance beat the British' boat
three minutes and twenty four sec
in the thresh to windward, o,d five
minutes and thircy-six seconds in the
run down the wind.
who had already made up their minds
on Thursday that. the Reliance could
take the measure of the challenger
in any kind of weather, regard to
day's test as conclusive, although
they hardly anticipated so overwhel
ming a victory. The race even
dampened tho ardor of Sir Thonms,
who insisted, aftep Thursday's fluke
that his confidence in the beautiful
craft designed by Fife was greater
than ever. Still, like a true sports
man, hq does not acknowledge defeat
and hopes for better Iick next time.
The single criticigu he and his
friends make of to-day's race is that
the only shift of the wind which oc
curred was to the advantage of the
defending yacht. As this shift of
the wind occurred on the windward
beat, even granting that it accounted
for Reliance's lead at the turn, the
time the defender gained on the run
home was more than ample to have
given her the race. It mst be con
ceded, however, that the Shamrock
showed herself a wonderful boat in
beating to windward; perhaps tho
ablest craft in this respect ever sent
across the western ocean on a cup
hunting expedition.
Twelfth Attempt to Lift Cup.
The schooner yatch America won
the cup in a race arouo.1 the Isle of
Wight, from a fleet of English
schooners and cutters on August 22,
Yesterday's race was the 13th
contest for the trophy. The cup is
valued at 100 gnineas. it is in the
form of a :'ilver pitcher and is 27
inches high, 36 inches in circum
ference and wveighs 11 pounds. It
now has no botton. It is kept in the
Tiffany vault., New York. The cup
is offered to the world-"Come and1
take it if you can.'' August 1870,
.James Asbury's English, schooner
Syacht champion, tried for it.
In 1876 the Canadian countess of
Dufferin was beaten by the Ameri.
.can. Madeline.
r In 1881 the Canadian Atalanta
,was beaten by the American sloop
In 1885 Sir Richard Sut.toni's
.,ienesta was beaten by the Boston
y yacht Puritan.
is In 1886 William HIenn, an Irish
3. man, tried with Gialatea and was
1. beaten by the Mayflower.
1. In 1887 the Scotch came with the
n Thistle, owned( by James Bell. T1he
.American beat her.
~, In 1893 Lord Dun raven camse over
wvith Valykrie II., and was beaten by
the Vigilant.
lai 1805 Lord Dun raven, chal leniged
aLgaini with the Valykrie Ill. D)e
dfond'er heat her.
In 1899 caeiui Hir Thomas Lipton
with Shamnrock I. C'olumbnia boat
r In I 901 came Sir Thomias agauin
dI with Shamirock I I. Columiia won.
. I.recmSir TIhornais agi,in
<. the t hirteeuith Iconitest wvith Shamrock
1(l II
Items of More or Less interest Condensed
Outside the State.
A granite monument marking the
site of the birth-plaen of President
Cheater A. Arthur was dedicated at.
Fairfield, Vt , last week.
One man was killed and another
fatally injured in it trolley car aectc
dent, at Braddock, Pa, Thurtday.
The car ran away on it stuep grade.
It is reported that, Gormniy'm finan
ces are bad and that Baro Thiiehman
retired from tohe treaVury depItartmeit,
because of hiH inilbility to Imlaiige
the situation.
John Ellsler, fat hor of iEllie EAllsor,
the actress, and tle asHocittie of 1oe
Jefferson, and himself at venit itc
tor, died in New York on Pridikay att
the age of eighty two.
Dick Childs, it young whito painter
of Columbus, Cia., (onilitted miicido
last week by twaillowig laudanum.
He had attempted sulicido it least a
dozen times before.
The Mobile vemel John11 . Stan
hope was losti in the great Wvest. In
dian hurricane but the crow were
picked up by a paitig veiiol ind
brought safely into port.
Eleven promiieint, white plantors
of Poynsett county, Ark., have boon
arrestedon a charge of whitoecappiting.
The negroes omployed at. a saw mill
in the county were recently forced to
leave under throatH of violence.
United States Sonator Ni. S. (4uty
in an interview given out imt. vook
while the Snator was inU PittHlbulrg
Bays that inl hit o)illiol h1liH State,
Pennsylvania, will Hupl)ort President
Roosevelt it. the naitiorl conveinion
next year.
The Citizens' National Bank of
Beaumont, TOX , lt gone into the
hands of it receiver on acouit of
lossea amiounting to about $2t0,000t,
caitted by loitmr to its preidint, It.
Oliver, and nterpriteH inl Whii he
im interested.
The Salem Woolen1 ImillH and
Salem Pantti factory, it Roanoke,
Va., were destroye by firo Friday
night. The loms Was about $100,
000. The fire started from it lan.
tern of the night. watcliman colming
in contact. with oime voibustible
A negro wi lynched it lalifax,
N. C., oin Thurm(lay iight for it
saulting ond then bruttlly murder.
ing an 13 year-old white girl. After
murdering the girl tihe negro tied
up the body in it satck anrd plaIced
in the sttalese of Capt. Griflith, he r
grand-fither. T1he negro con fesed.
The 0. A. IR. encitmnprnent it daiin
Francisco ad(joiuned oin Friday. J.
C. Black wast choen ennunaindt(e'r in
chief, and1 thle peisioni rig of vet eratns
of 02 yeatrs of age wiae fiavoredl ill a
resolution. GIrouet,iings were ex
changed bot wenn, Comnumitider lactk,
of tihe 0. A. It., itrid Coninanuder .
B. Gordon, of tihe Confederte
TIhe coloial oflice iat I andoni~i hait
received1 detilsh of thre (1est1ruit iori ol
the town of llurmiu, in No rtheirn
Nigeriat, A frient, by it Britishi force of
thirty whites and live hundil(re(
naitivee. T'he enemykV'si 10os WitH i(
killed, atnd t hie Brit ichi loss w as I
killed itnd $2 wVoundied1.
-Miss Kniiina Strickhilnd, a beauti
fiul 18 yearr ob(1 girl liIvi rig nionl
Lit hit Sprinugs, Gae., wiae criminall i1
assaui ul by it negro man on F"ridayt
An atngry mob01 pu reod itald cap
tured the negro, and( at lynching wa
only preventedl by the fiathier of tht
young lady pleadinig t hat the law bi
allowed to take its course.
President ltoosevelt, hats writ.toe
to the hieiads of tihe viariousc depart
monte of Ithe goverrrenit sing I
that it wvill be his policy to rocogiivz
no11 uiioni amoneflg tire empl~oye.s. Than
iho hasi' no objection to lie empilroy
Sbeirng miembiers of a uiinin, "buthn,
rnle's or resoluition of that unrioni cia
t be perm ittbed to oveerrido the Jaw
-of thle Uniited Stait es, wvhich iti
(e mly swont duty to enforce,'' anid Ither
Swill be nto dliscritiitationi betweo
I unioni and nton nioin mnntm,-ye
Items of More or Less Interest Condensed
In the State.
Governor Heyward has gone to
Lexington, Va., where he will spend
a week resting.
The work of rebuilding the do
stroyed mills in the Pacolet valley is
progressing rapidly.
The negro conference to discuss
lynching and its causes will be held
in Columbia on Tuesday.
A second mistrial has been ordered
in the ltichland club case in Colm.m
bia. It is said the vo e stood 5 to I
in favor of the club.
'Iom Dawkins and 1d Bomar have
boon indicted in Spartanburg county
for appropriating cloth captured in
the Pacolet valley during the June
)nring an electric stormin on St.
Helena Island, near Buford, several
days ago two little negroes woro
killed while in bed asleep. They were
looked in each other's arms.
A negro woman has been arrested
at Beaufort for drawing pension
Tnoney fraudulently. At her mother's
death she assumed her mothor's
name and has drawn about $600.
A man by the name of Turner is
held in custody at Fort Mill, having
broken the switch lock and turned
the swich at Catawba river siding
Wodnesday evening. l-o is adijndged
''lie horribly mutilated body of a
negro man wias found in an old field
niear the Arkwright. mills, in Spar
tanburg County, last week. The
man had ovidently been nurder' d
and robbed.
lion. S. (. Folk, a prominent mor.
chant, and farmer of lamberg, has
shipped the second bale of the soa
Ron to Charloston. Mr. Folk some
timo ago shipped the first balo to
Augusta, receiving 20 emnts a pound
for it.
A negro woman of Saluda county
was ibrutally murdered on Saturday
in her home near Donnys. A neigh
hor heard the woman scream and saw
a ma1n11 jumll)p out of the window, anld
it is supposed Ie connitted the
Nlilton Jones, a 16-yoar-old white
boy, of Sumter, who with throo com
panionIs was beating his way to Co
lumbia on a freight train last week,
was killed at Congaree. The boys
were discovered by a brakeman who
told themt to get dIown as soon as the
train slowed dlown. TJhe boy at
tempted to get off before the traini
sto pped.
TIhe solicitor is looking into the
matter of the drowning of J. it
Nornman, who lost his life in Catawba
river', having fled fromt the pol1icoman
at Fort mill on account of a ditlicul
ty which he had with his father-in
law inmmediately after hais tnarriage.
The piol icemaui puracied hi m with a
bloodhound outsidlo thme city limite,
thus1 exceed ing hiis authority. The
pol1icenman climns lhe triedl to call back
his dlog after passing (ieIn iits.
The linmd of Thei l)istingushed lritishm
Statesmanm Was Feaceful and Free
From Pain,
Lonmdon, Aug. 22.--Lord Salisbury
died peacefully at 9) 05 o'clock to
r night. D)urinmg the palst 48S hours
thec oni( wats soon to be inovitable,
,the great framti of Englanid's ex po
.mier being sustained only by thme
sconstant use of oxygen. E'venm thle
administration of oxygen failed of
soon after the shadows had crept
uip from the valley anid ensibarouded
the dnll red wvalls of Hlatfild houts,,
-the (list inguished st atesmani~ making
i the last effort of his life, tu rneid
' sl ighatly towards his favorite dangha
tter, Lady (iwendoline Cecil, who
Swas kneeling besido himt, and1( then
a quiiet ly breathled his last.
Li Viscont Cranbore, who now as
Ssumos thme title of Marquis of Salis
" bury, immnediately riot ified King 1~d.
0 w ird and1( Quon Alexandra, thie
n Prince anid P'rincess. of WVales and

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