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A good deal iats been said in one way
a d another about. the financial condi
ti on of the county. We are not in posi
tion just now to give the condition in
det ail but. a few facts may be of inter
est to the ta% payers. At the session
of the Legislature of 1902 the county
commissioners were authorized to bor
row $5,000 for ctrrent expenses, so as
to place the county !a a cash basis
during the year and to pledge the taxes
of that year for the payment of the
The same legislature provided for the
loan from the Sinking Fund of $5,000
for past indebtedness to be paid back
in five equal annual instalments, and a
special levy of one-fourth of one mill
was provided inl order to meet the an
nual payments. This provision being
part of the Supply bill the county com1
missioners did not find out that they
were authorized to secure the loan until
it was too late to have the auditor put
the levy on for that year, and as a re
suit I he loan was not secured.
The Act of 11102 reads:
"lhe s.uipervisor is hereby authorized
and (.1m1powered to borrow for current
expses not monre than five thousand
dollars <Ihing thie year 11102 from the
Sinking Fiid Commit i.sion oil the note
of th- oity0111 Supelrvisor. anld Coulty
'l'reatsuJre', and to pedg the county
taxls f 1902 for payient of said hir
roweVd imonvy anld for, initereStohrn
...Forl . purow of putttinig the
coilty m1 a cash basis, the county
boardl of1 l4)il[ioners fre hreiy au
ihorizeW4 lo bmrrow fiv t Iusari dollars,
if* o mimich he ri-rssary, firom the Sink
liv. :auimal instalhnnts, mald for Ihe
pr11pose of repaying tho s:ailf., a tax of
01n, fourthIl of at mil11 Is her-ebly lovied
uponl the ta(i roet f the. co'm
ItV." TI. 11st WaIS not1 horrowe'd andI
I hI ley I no t nit ile. 'I' ot her wa., bor
r1 id atild 111 ' b n ImId.
Th'le h4.idlture of this yerpassed
the I'(01(win, Act whicb explainis it
"Ie ion i 1. te i t ena .tedhv the (;'en
ea11 :\s11 mlyf o(f Ilhe Statt of South
'a rilina, 1ha. t h114 trnnissii'rwr of
1 l1- Silkuiig Fi l d(,11 11f oStfall of
C'arolina1 ar1 her-1bv ailt hoorized to flind
thI( C'minty H:lof Conmisinr of
Newievry '<iity, out if t he fiid, in
theirI h:oshe sum11 of H.en thousanild
do4lirs, lo bf. I soi d inl pla icig tai ' -
by in a csha a;i. Ihal said lan shall
be: iintrest at a 1 rat not xced11ing
nualy. Tereis hej-r,by leviod a spewcial
anMIl tax of mnw half of 11nr oill the
dollar. onl all t:aah: . pr-oper-ty inl th"
Cf nlty uif Niwiiiiry i',r th4. :aid pfu'riod
of five year.s. for h inh pl.-pose of repay
ing said 1 loani. 'Ihe pr1.o(.e< ds (of said Iey
shall bw iaid 4 ach yar. on said loan,
.01ml itres uittil it is fully repaid; and
shal be f u rr di ntol\ 1 lthe ('uny r.a
"e. 'iThat tIe Tr'1easuror and :I
ori notes( ofi said1 cn.:isiontersa of the'
v'ideud for shiall stand14 plidgi'd for th
of ('lritni-rs of Ne4(wbeirry i'ouint y
if the loan: lf tlannoi be ptlrocur from tile
ill tha:t l4Eent ihe l h erein4111(1 pri ded(I!
for hm. beI prolured'1 friom? any ot her
i-ourc14 for? th-:11arne purlo andJ5i o11(n thet
":d'. 14.'' ~ Tha tiI ,1o A t hll go1 rinto
Februa -:. A' . . l itIr ."So i
Th(Je 'lI r.oneyas be)en borrowed1 andt
til e : e ii1 1.o inelmb- 'th i good
rjeof mhlert wich wasi Souh faon
Wa e.bt thefrer paymentforetel new
t1+! brMy the ini'c t Whioh the oi naefr
coxetheir nfal0l The. W d noet
that f hihe m~iCor the hnex wij be if I
neft thenpayI orhesn'tmbine an reie
ar'r of Agr iculture anlxSor toi
ell that.rM .Bte,o ot
( ao, te ngaged in awarmo lnes
prcontfolre as1 tonehe woranot
beenx'of ewist. h Suhrnfr
erf woeh ee ntesy fooarless.ii
Whiates a fagrms ae angterestei
no iate po ric micnte wul betoe
Shir Th oaspTonha s no quwonh
tha)tro ih butice haor the oodil
wiand esAritem o the peoplenao te
Jte tat s I a hw isl
a true abort then Mran a a th owug e
cole olmretanonnomn
Major Charles H. Smith ("Bill Arp")
died at his home in Cartersville, Ga.,
on Monday. His pen is stilled forever
the pen which so truly framed in words,
homely though they were, the sent i
ments of the great masses of the South
during the stress of a fratricidal strife,
during the dark period of reconstrue
tion following, and in the later days
during the building of a now South
loyal to the Union and at the same ti me
true to the old traditions.
"Bill Arp" was a writer for the
masses. His writings fih.3t attracted
attention in the early part of the war,
and during the progressof the war he
became widely known. During that
time and up to the time of his death
his letters were looked forward to
eagerly and read with great interest
thoroughout the South. There was
nothings brilliant about them. Very
often there was nothing original. 13ill
Arp's fame grew out of his ability to
reach the heart through the printed
column. His sentiments found echo in
the hearts of the Southern people.
Ilis first widely read letter was his
answer to Lincoln's proclamation in
the early stage of the war advising the
Southern army to "disperse." Arp
told Lincoln that he had gone out and
tried his "darndest" to "disperse" but
just couldn't. This letter, though it
was written some forty years ago,
still holds a place in the memory of
many men who have aged with the
flight of the years since then, and in
talking over those troublous times with
their coipan ions of those (a,s aid
since, and in recounting the glorious
story of brave deeds and of' patient
sufTering to their childreni and grand
children, they still tell what Bill A rp
told lincoln when be advised tihe South
ern arimy to disperse. flow ridicuilous
the advice sounded to them then!
Such was the character of Arp's
writings during the war. In the dark
days which followed, when starvation
pressed upon the heels of war, when
Davis was in chains and the South had
passed into the hands of the ignorant
negroes the tools of Northern varpet
baggers, when all was lost save honor
and hope, Bill A rp's letters were read
for the courage and the patience and
the forbearance which they inspired.
And even then his quaint humor helped
to lift mally a heavy burden of des
During these later years of peace his
pictures of his own home life have in
spired to contentment an( happiness in
the path of duty, however hurinble, if
honorable. In Mrs. Arp he has pi
tured thousands of women throughout
the Southland happy in the love of
home and children. Ilis philosophy and
his hunor were quaint and horneiy, but
were such that they touched the great
maasses and were appreciated by thern.
lie has pleaded for a reunited country,
but not at the expense of the traditions
which the (old South held dear, not at
the expene of a failure on the part of
a later generation to honor the roenim
ory of their fathers who fought for a
'auase which was just.
Thousands throughout the Southlandl
h ave laughed withi A rp andl have wept
with him. lie loved the South arid her
pe.ople with a passion which kne'w no0
failing. Many air old1 Con federate sol
dier will wipe from his eye the unbiade-n
e-ar whenr hre hears that "'Hill A rp" has
passedl from his Ilabors her''is beow..,
arid threir chrildjren will horror their
fathers when they mioun bio:'at
"'A rp"' is dead.
Thice'onvention of ne~groes behd ii o
umrrbia oni 'iTiesda ty arnd Wed rnes,l ;y ',
'liscuss'. thre iyniing evil coiirlimnedlie
rnne whib urstially is, follow~eri by th.
yrv'whing of thre perpetrator arnIl ':h
upon')i thle w hite peoplet.e of the( State* toa ptr
a sta;p to mnob, violenice Thre r on ye it i,
was a,ttendeel by less than onre hundr -i e
indn fifty negroes, and was e ornuposedi fir
Thie addrle',s whichu was issuedl to thep.
;ih- of South <arolinia and' b,ri"f synapses I
,~f tire Spe'echres inadue on thre fl,or of the '
''!v'ntlirn are pmiulishred e'l'-wird-'. iii
Thie c'invenlt iou nr ay ha;ve am,rir n pair.e
i0ome( g's.'l. We hope~d it dlid. fBut there
lit tle uis for a inegro (conv'.enit iln 1ir
>threr.in venrtlin to dlemandri tiin-'suppries5
onir of miobd v olenre ~ s, long' 514 as th errhm
.0 s be onrrnitted4 Jr riatter s nri ot llo-r :
ihe lierpet oto, lie a neg;ro, di a who mi.lii
ii iiii- 4a e'e out oft tenr lyin hring ;a pois, e
a fe,irew I,5 ee i g ja is . r irne sir i
,rught to be, s.tdIppdel. IBut ii .il ,r.,.r
Lie stdopped i until tire rirre for wieh it is A
moist ruually " prr"r-."ric.it 4 'uses Whart
thne regres ' urghrt to do,, whlethrer eor inot
i conrveint ion arssemibled, is to diiscouirne- e
dii fo ris of laewlessiness tenreerg. tihe mnen "
bers of thiri race Thait is tihe cud to'
w;'rdls wich tire) shrouble direct their of
forts, arid doirg I.ihis they mu Ist actris d i
plish good.
'The, Greenweood Inude'x I inks thai.tire
Soth otught to fall ini ine withi thre
Clevelaeind cotlutnrm a nrominit ii for.
presidertI. "'If he riefutses the noniuie
I iin, (lhen c'ertnainrly somte onre of his p10.
liticarl mrode of thrctighrt- should ibe the
standlarde beartier and( spokesmntn forr tihe
party." T lhere is ncr doubilt ias to C leve-1
Iiutl 's ail Iity. We do not hrel ieve there
is any doeubt. that hre w'oti necep(''lt a
loth nominrationr for ai third term.
'l'hris courntr'y is not going to give' any e
manh at third term, however, ande to purit (
Cleveland at, tire hread of tire I )emo- a
cratic ticket in tihe inext prresident ial C
campa)tignl wvould be ahnrost as bad aes
noin1tating~ Hr'yairnagaiin. As to Cleve-.
land refusing the nmiination, we Ib'- at
lieve thatt Cleveland or almost anry
other nman in tihe cotuntry wvoul eagerly
grasi) the chane,. hrow,mei sli.s of
being the greatest ruler of the greatest
country in the world.
Cleveland is one of the brainiesti men
in the country today, but by nominating
him for a third term the Democratic
party would beat itself at the very
start. The party has handicapped
itself in too many races in recent years.
It ieeds to look for a good man and a
sound Democrat who can win.
The New York Sun this week printed
an interview with General M. C. Butler.
Tihe interview was given out in New
York. "It seems to me," said General
Butler, "that the Democratic party has
an opportunity to win at the coming
election such as it has rarely had since
the civil wiar. From my conversations
with the gentlemen representing all
parts of the country, I am convinced
that were the Democratic party to come
into the field next year with acandidate
representing conservatism and on a
platform reassuring to the business in
terests of the country, there would be
as many or more conservative lepubli
cans who would vote its ticket as voted
for and elected Mr. Cleveland. "o Gen.
Butler is right. What the Democratic
party needs is a leader who is a conser
vative on a conservative plat form. The
next question is to find the leader and
then to get the various factions of the
party to support him. This is a pretty
hard job, but it must he accomiplished
in order that there may be Democratic
.1. E. Wihite a citizenl of Columbia,
has en1terel suit against t he counlty of
Iexinlgtn for $1011 datilages which lie
claims to have r'6'eived while riding
along a ro:al in L.exington vonity.
"White in his coiplaint. allvges that
he was riding in the rear of a wogon
with his feet hanging ov(-r thi(e back.
T ihe was a stumlnip aboluit 18 inl.'s
high whivh tho wagonl passed over all
ri'i at, bu1t whicb vauight Mr. White oin
the ankle, brivaking soine of elone''
I t' Iexiniigtol counlty has t fin Ps vighteenl
inches high in the middle of her roads,
she must have aLbno. as bI ll 'o;tl Is as
ar in Newherry couinty. TIe suit, is a
very good argiuent for good roads.
It is supplied at last in Newherry.
ft bf- stirpr-,oil
No - k aiough 'to o Ill.h.: 1ot, w.-d
Itene !ia b - h' ('.mi .- 1.
-- - - I -l i i Ut. h il t r -a i f I l. l:
1ar-4 Io h.ar , b r - .
8, oil- 31 tu l W i v - oul
Yo' val h i" rf'i .f -11 i Ir i, . o
will ft ) 4)w thll L - If a lo; al cil i
.M P , l o m ue--ph -pl ;1 1 - N--if
r y ., .1 .11 , eot : pi I I,. I-I
l ich 1 -, m) I h\o ari -h ba ' -m?
wrl (jidl ' '' ,fi l a! ( la a k _
p it I h:1, -1 fi1l l.. ,. .. a
r -- -vt b i r , i i, , t ol
al rih i- .fr....'I ie-' gj- . (ag. ,,ir \-a
- 'r,'.b r -l4 (a 0:0, -- )aac -u- - \l I br
(,aution I
Th~ ~' naot a genth:tl wor-tI biut wen
oia thaink how liabl- you ari naot t.o ouar
ba:ei thu- only rt'nwe-ly hunivelly
naowni and' a remedy-'I that haa hl1 th(
trg.esit salt' of anay toa.,'i,.j,o in tl
-orld sincle I81;8 for the r r- ;a tr<i'-.
untg trtotai,-: w.i thouit l'oainia s gr<.
'opulbtrit y all tht-:w yt'ar-, ytou wil h4
bianik fulI we enlk-dt ytoaur aut-n'ioton to
roti-' Grma Syrtaij. 'Tie-r -i' -
11,4y orrhnar-y triugh rn-di i'it'l' natde lay
raggits ;an< 'other a tJm st ;a-< t'lt'.;,a;
orod for ligh1t trobI:s peh;a):: hut.m
sp'eially ftori' -n:iumpjt ionu, i'-ro' there-~
ar'ingo tho naighcts and mornningsii:, t heri
'tat size/4 h4a2 jst been'g tnt roducedg'o this
W l';I. ''elhamt &t Soon.
tilhorize.d Ale of' 1P00e Leo X IlI
VI A N A; G:R W A NTI'eI. 'Truxt
-wor'thy hly or' ge'ntlemnan in
ich distr'it to mnanag'e oum' hulsim.-s
el .start age'nts ini he sale oIf Ihle
flheiaI ma A iathiorized'g I ,i I'e o f IPoe'
li.o ato1' Iltok issued't uner the im
rnnt.ut'tCarinial Giibbns mael ori
iiisedl by the lett i ng Ariebb iiashopi mad
riests thri'oughoti tIe IJiited States
ru Carm; prmi'it ed in h't.h lenglish mel
reehi2tt.00 sti'raight cash sialary-' mad
x lensest', lid' ea'h wet-k dli r'ct 'fiom
barkhston, azl I)cai'bor'n Sati.'t C hicao
118 YhiAIt lihiGIN~S SliPl'fiMllilt 25.
I,ettersk, Scinc,'.nincer?inig. O ne
chlrhpto etach ( ounty of South
arolina. E'intranc'e exahmiation bekl1(
t Newherry by County Supleriii(oen I
f I'tducat ion tand .1 udge of Pr'ioijatO onl
uly 10. TIuitioii $-I0. lIoard and fuji' I
in ied room in D)ormitory, 10 (e
month. All c'andlitdates for tt(lmissio
re >em'mitted to compete for lioyle
chmol arship, which palyis $100 a ym'.,
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nt (iLy t o i i i nyl oe th('e
G;lMO. W. ChWiTT mN IIiG
W. ii. i,)NG, Ch irman
Newberry, S. C., A ug. 3d, 1903.
TPeacher Wanted
i te -e iteglir5h, at 2o'cl<ck, for
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rte of Presbyterian College of Char- 9Y
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id thorough musical kno w edlge, and
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acation had better do e
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IN NO. 1.
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