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A Very Pleasant and Profitable Session of 1
the Cokesbury District-Encour
aging Reports.
The annual meeting of the Cokesbury
district of the Woman's Foreign Mis
sionary Society of South Carolina was
held at New Chapel last week. There
were about sixteen delegates and many
lisitors in attendance. The sessions
i#are held on Friday and Saturday, and
on Sunday morning a sermon was
preached by the Rev. S. H. Zimmor
man, of Central Methodist church, and
on Sunday afternoon the Silve. Jubilee
service was held.
While the attendance of delegates was
not very large, the reports from the
various societies in the' district were
'Nvery encouraging, and the report of
Mrs. M. C. Owens, the district secretary,
showed that for the quarter ending
with June the contributions were more
than double the contributions for the
same* perici last year. Mrs. J. W.
Humbert's report of the work in the
State showed a large increase in mem
bership and in collections during the
past year.
The meeting opened at 10 o'clock Fri
day morning. Mrs. M. C. Owens, the
district secretary, was not able to be
present on account of affliction and her
report was read. The report showed
that the outlook -n the district is very
encouraging. The district now includes
about forty societies.
Mrs. J W. Humbert of Ridgeville,
secretary of the W. F. M. Society of
South Carolina, submitted a report of
the vork in the State during the year.
Mrs. Humbert's report showed that
there are 273 societies in the State,
with a membership of 5,600. During
the past year the contributions amount
ed to $8,080.
Miss Johnnie Sanders made an inter
esting talk on the work in China. Miss
Sanders lately returned from th 3 China
missionary fields, and will soon go back.
She made talks each day during the
meeting and she was received with the
closest attention.
On Saturday reports were received
from delegates of the adult societies.
Mrs. P. C. Gaillard submitted a very
excellent report from the Newberry
adult and juvenile societies, and the
reports of Mrs. Gambrell, of Abbeville,
and Mrs. Chipley, of Greenwood, were
very encouraging. The societies repre
sented by Mrs. Chipley are the banner
societies of the district.
A discussion was engaged in on the
importance of missionary literature and
the value and importance of mite
On Sunday morning a testimony meet
ing was held. This meeting was very
largely attended.
At 11 o'clock the sermon was preached
by the Rev. S. 1-i. Zimmerman. Rev.
Mr. Zimmerman chose as his text,
"Christ is all and in all." The sermot
was strong and was heard by a congre
gation wvhich more than filled the
On Sunday afternoon Miss Sanders
spoke to the young people on the worn
among the children in China.
The meeting closed with the Silvel
.Jubilee service. The present year is th<
twenty-fifth anniversary of the organi
zation of the W. F. M. Society of the
M. F. Church South. The organiza
tion in the State wvas effected in tha
same year. The Silver Jubilee services
which are held at all the meetings o
the various conferences this year, ar
commemorative of this event. Mrs
Humbert, Mrs. E. S. Herbert, an
others who were charter members
the organization in this State, talked C
the succ.ess of the work during twenty
Sfive years. During the first year of th
society there was but one missionar
field, China, and but one missionar,
Trhe contributions amounted to oni
$4,000. Now there are six fields-Chin
Korea, Brazil, Cuba, Mexico, and ti
Indian Territory-with sixty-sevt
missionaries. The contributions ti
past year amounted to $112,878, and ti
membership numbers between 70,01
and 80,000.
At the morning and afternoon servic,
'very creditable collections were taken.
The generous hospitality of the pc
ple of New Chapel was very thorough
.enjoyed by the delegates and th<
friends. The meetings occupied t
wvhole of each day.
Cokesbury dlistrict is the second b4
district in the Society in the State
point of numbers and amount of cont
butions, following Marion, the banr
The district is composed of Abbevil
Newberry andl Greenwood counties,
) portions of Saluda, Lexington
To Lecture Before Law Students.
In the prospectus of the law depi
ment of the South Carolina college,
the session of 1903-1904, there appe
a list of distinguished lawyers of
State who will lecture before the
dents of the department during
session. The number includes H
Geo. S. Mower, of Newberry. Otia
of prominence are Judige Chas. H.
monton, Judge W. HI. Brawley, I
Edward McGrady, Hion. Win. C. Bel
Hon. Eugene B. Gary, lion. C.
Wfoods, Hion. J. C. Sheppard, lion.
Duncan Bellinger and others.
Death at Mollohonl Mill.
Miss Harriet Johnson died at
Mollohon mill village on Sunday an
buried yesterday at Rosemont.
funeral was conducted b)y the Rev.
N. Burton.
[he Movements of Many People, Newbor
rians and Those Who Visit
Maj. Robert H. Welch has returned
home from Glenn Springs.
Mr. R. J. Miller, of Columbia, spent
Sunday and yesterday in the city.
Editor H. C. Bailey, of the Chapin
News, was in the city last week.
Miss Essle Moore, of the county, is
visiting Miss Mattie Adams in the city.
Dr. Robert Mayes has returned home
after spending a week at Glenn Springs.
Mr. Odell H. Duncan left yesterday
for Maxton, N. C.. where he will buy
Hon. Fred. H. Dominick spent Sun
day at Glenn Springs and White Stone
Mrs. Carrie Black and children, of
Atlanta, are visiting at Mr. R. L.
Miss Genevieve Evans has returned
home after an extended visit to relatives
in Roanoke, Va.
Miss Marie Eason, who'has been visit
ing at Mr. Jno. M. Kinard's, returned
yesterday to her home in Charleston.
Miss Del. Land, who has been visit
ing her sister Mrs. Jno. M. Kinard,
returned yesterday to her home in
Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Evans and son,
who have been visiting Mr. Evans'
brother, in Roanoke, Va., have returned
Miss Corrie Lee Pearson, of Bennetts
ville, who has been visiting her sister.
Miss Allie Pearson, returned home yes
Mr. Jas. K. Gilder, Jr., left yester
day for Minneapolis, Minn., to take a
course in dent,stry in the University of
Col. Geo. Johnstone, of Newberry,
one of the ablest and most brilliant law
yers in the state, spent yesterday in the
city on his way to the mountains. -Spar
tanburg Herald, 30th.
The Rev. W. L. Seabrook and son,
Mr. Wm. B. Seabrook, who have been
in Westminster, Md., Baltimore, and
other points for the past two months,
will return to Newberry Wednesday
Prof. J. W. Swittenberg left yester
(lay for Fairfax, where the school of
which he is principal opens on Monday.
Miss Annie Riser, who is now visiting
relatives in Bartow, Georgia, in also ;
teacher in the Fairfax school, and wil
go from Georgia to Fairfax.
The regular semi-annual meeting o
the Newberry German Club will b
held tonight.
A good roads meeting will be held il
the court house on Saturday, Septem
ber 12th.
The past couple nights have not beel
so fearfully warm as the nights durn,
the whole of last wveek.
Mr. P. D. Simpson, who was recent
ly elected teacher of the St. Paul
school, has declined.
~City Clerk TP. 0. Stewart, Jr., ha
been granted a twvo weeks' vacatior
beginning this morning.
There will be services in the Lutl
- eran Church of the Redeemer on Sunda:
e conducted by the pastor the llev. V
,L. Seabrook.
f The bids for cementing three thousat
e square yards of sidewalks in the bus
. ness p)ortion of the city will be openi
d Friday night.
Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Wooten have r<
turned from the Northern market
where Mr. Wooten purchased a full lit
eof fall (ry goods and notions.
p. Chief W. HI. Harris, of the poli
y force, who has been off the force on
, two weeks' vacation, resumed his duti
e as chief yesterday morning.
n There will be a musical service
eC Central Methodist church Sunday eve
ie ing at 8.30 o'clock. The full progrt
3will be announced in Friday's issue.
es There wvas a very beautiful sums
.Sunday evening. A lofty range
o- mountains was depicted in the west(
ly heavens. The p)icture wvas so true tl
ir it seemed the mountain ced(ars could
he clearly dlistinguished.
The election for the position of sup~
t intendent of the city schools, mi
in vacant by the resignation of Supt.
i- H.~ Johnstone, will be held on Frid
erI the 4th of September. There are s
eral appllicants for the position.
The Rev. W. C. Ewart, of Abbevi
mid will preach in Thompson Street A.
P. church, Thursday night, and e
morning and evening (during the
maindler of the week. The public
cordially invited to all of the servil
r- Mr. W. F. Ewart, of the Ew
fr Pifer Co., is at home from the No
twhere he purchased his fall stocki
itu- goodsR. The Ewart-Pifor company 1
the been carrying a beautiful line of gi
ofor the past several seasons, and
on Ewart has paid especial attentiot
Si select1ing his stock for the fall trad<
[on.- --
A. Flour Higher.
G.I The late Government report m
the wheat crop thirty-five million b~
els less than last year. This means
much higher flour until another har
in 1904. All flour is higher now,
the adlvance on Bransford's "Clif
the has not yet been as great in pr1op)
was to other flour. However, it is a ml
Tegood time to buy a supply before it
TestillI higher. Fresh flour~ constanti
N. ceived. T. J1. HAYS,
Successor to IIays & McCar
Sold by Jno. C. .Hipp to 0. McR. Holmes M
for 11 Cents--Second Bale Brought
10 1-4 Cents.
Newberry's first bale of cotton was
classed strict middling, ani brought 11 tI
cents. It was brought to town on Fri- R
day by Jno. C. Hipp and sold to O. McR. in
Holmes, buyer for the Newberry Cotton N
Mills. The bale weighed 524 pounds, el
the total price paid being $58.74. 1a
The second bale was sold on Satur- c4
day to the same buyer for 10 1-4 cents ir
by S. P. McCracken, who lives in the c4
Mollohon section of the county. Mr. tl
McCracken's bale weighed 555 pounds, c4
bringing $56.89. tl
The first bale last year was nearly s
three weeks earlier, but brought over ti
two cents a pound less. It was sold at C
Prosperity by J. W. Stockman and A
brought 8.55.
To Lecture in the Armory Tonight in the
Interest of the Woodmen of
the World.
The Rev. S. H. Zimmerman will de- r
liver an address in the Armory this
evening in the interest of the Wood
men of the World. The public is in
vited and urged to attend.
The Woodmen of the World form one
of the strongest and best fraternal or
ganizations in South Carolina and in the
South. In addition to the excellent fra
ternal features, the order has a strong
insurance f-ature, affording to its mem
bers safe and clip life insurance.
Rosewood camp was recently organ
ized in this city with seventeen charter
members and will be instituted at an
early date. The order will no doubt
become very popular in Newberry.
Rev. Mr. Zimmerman is a devoted
Woodman. le is a strong and inter
esting talker, and his address tonight
should be heard by a large audience.
The address will be delivered at 8.30
State Sunday School Workers.
At the meeting of the State Sunday
School Convention held in Greenville
last week Mrs. M. A. Carlisle, of this
city, was re-elected superintendent of
the primary department and Dr. W.
E. Pelham was re-elected chairman of
the executive committee. Dr. E. C.
Jones and Rev. Ceo. A. Wright, of
Newberry, were chosen members of
the executive committee.
I In making her report of the primary
and junior work, "Mrs M. A. Carlisle
announced the organization during the
past year of the Newberry Primary and
Junior Teachers' Unions, Nos. 1 and 2,
and reported the unions to be in a flour
ishing condition. No. 1 was organized
by Mrs. Hamill on March 1, 1901. It
is composed of primary and junior
1 teachers of the various congregations
- in Newberry, having a membership of
between thirty-five and forty. Union
ra No. 2 wvas organized by Mrs. Carlisle
Sherself in May, 1902. It is composed
of teachers from the dlifferent, churches
-at the cotton mills aroundl Newberry."
Protracted Meeting at Aveleigh.
s The Rev. R. G. McLees, of Green
, wood, who has been engaged in evan
gelistic work for some time, and who
Shas been singularly blessed in all his
,meetings, is expeetedl to begin a pro
rtractedl meeting in the Aveleigh Pres
byterian church on next Sunday, Sep
dtemby 6th. There will be twvo sermons
each day during the following wveek,
dand to all these the public generally is
cordially invited.
Has Resigned the Presidency.
Owing to the fact that the (duties of
the position interfere wvith my other
duties, 1 have resigned the presidlency
e of the Workmen's Union Protective
a Asscciation. My resignationw~as caused:
e solely by this fact. J. W. Earhardt.
in Returned to the Gang.
n- Will Mathis, the negro who escapet
"fl from the county chain gang some tim<
ago, returned to the gang last wveek
ct He walked up to the guard, raised hi:
of hat and said he was ready to go back ti
rn work. lie had been over in Saluda ti
iat see Mr. W. S. Long, for whom i
be worked formerly. He said he wantel
to get Mr. Long to pay his fine an
lake him off the gang. Mr. Long ad
de visedl him to return, and he did so.
ay, Business Changes.
cv. J. Q. Black, who has been condluctin
a general grocery store on Main stre<
lhas bought out G. B. Summer, ne:
(i, loor, and wvill occupy both store room
ac Mr. Summer goes into partnersh
aciwith Mr. 'r. J1. Hays. Mi'. Jno.
Aldrich, who has been with Mr. Sur
ismer, will be with H lays & Summer fra
art- --
rth, Picnic With Many Amusements.
ave T'he young men of Maybinton w
)sgive a picnic at the, Petis Chick hor
M~ on the 4th of September. The public
tinvited. 'rho amusements of the dI
wosill he dancing in thei morning, a gar
of ball in the afternoon, andI the dan
(lance of the season at night from 9 t
us- Fresh Flour All the Time.
very The celebrated ''Clifton'' flour is s<
vest only to the retail merchants, andl,
but they buy in small quantities, the fk
ton'' is always fresh. Bransford's "'Clifto
rtion is strictly the flour for family use, t
ghty if your bread, cake andl pastry arei
goes made of it you are certainly the los
y re- We keep it in stock regularly.
ty ucor to 11ayes & McCarty
:ettngs Have Been Held in Eyry Town
ship.-What Is the Sentiment of the
The good roads campaign arranged at
e last meeting of the County Good
oads Association closed with the meet
g at Spearman's Spring on Thursday.
eetings were held in each of the
even townships of the county, and the
rge attendance at the meetings indi
tted the interest which is being taken
the movement by the people of the
)unty. The speakers were chosen by
1e various -wnship chairmen, who
>mpose the eleven vice-presidents of
ie county association. The list of
eakers chosen for the various meet
ngs included the Rev. J. A. Sligh, Dr.
. B. Mayer, Cole. L. Blease, E. H.
ull, Geo. S.- Mower, 0. L. Schumpert,
. A. lill, F. H. Dominick, Jno. F.
anks, Geo. B. Cromer, W. I-. Hunt,
eorge Johnstone, C. T. Wyche, the
ev. S. H. Zimmerman, the Rev. W.
Sligh, and others. The first meet
ig was held on the 25th of July, the
st on the 27th day of August. The
,ttendance at the various meetings
anged from 100 to 300, probably the
ost largely attended being the meet
g at Young's Grove, in No. 9.
For various reasons not all the speak
irs invited to deliver addresses at the
everal meetings were present. Col.
. L. Blease attended ten of the eleven
netings, and Col. E. 11. Aull attended
line. Mr. W. A. Hill was present at
icarly all the meetings.
The majority of the speakers favored
% property tax for permanent road
)uilding, raising the commutation tax
.o $2.00, and putting the chain gang on
permanent work, hiring State convicts
when necessrry in order to have a sulli
Aent number on the gang to make its
work pay for guarding, etc. Those in
favor of a property tax wanted a small
tax--say two mills-levied at the start,
saying the people can raise the levy at
any time they may see fit. Some of
the speakers favored the issue of bonds,
while one or two thought that in the pres
ent condition of the county's finances
the proper expenditure of the money
that is now being paid for road pur
poses is the presentsolution--a propert)
tax or a bond issue to come later whet
the $20,030 debt of the county has beei
Among those who favored a propert)
tax are Messrs. C. L. Blease, E. 11
Aull, the Rev. J. A. Sligh, W. A. lli
and others. The Rev. W. K. Sligi
made a strong speech at Young'sGrov<
in favor of a bond issue. Mr. Dominiel
favors wiping out the county's debt an
then voting bonds, if a tax is to be lai(
for road purposes. The Rev. S. 11
Zimmerman made two very stronj
speeches on the subject.
Practically all the speakers strongl,
urged a special tax of some kind fo
permanent road building. Those wh
attended most of the meetings hav
studied the question and in thei
speeches tl ., outlined practical plan
The speeches at all the meetings r(
ceived close attention and thoughtfi
consideration, and it was very plai
that the people in attendance werei
thorough symps thy wvith the movement
Exactly what plan the majority favc
it is imp)ossible to state, though it ma
be safely p)redictedI that an electioni
this time would carry for a 2-mill. prol
erty tax. The interest in the mov<
ment is nowv at its height.
Senator Latimer took a hand primal
luring his address in the court hou'
some time ago andl every person p)resel
exressed himself in favor of a 5-i
levy. This vote, however, simply mea1
that the people were in sympathy wil
the movement, and nothing more.
Supervisor Schumpert in this issue cal
a meeting in the interest of good roa<
to be held in the court house on t1
12th (lay of September. At this me<
ing no doubt the sentiment of the pc
pe of the county wvill be ascertain
and p)ut on record, andl some (defini
action taken.
Teachers' Fall Examinations.
IThe regular fall examination of tea<
ers will be held, according to the regui
.ions of the State Board, oni Friday, S
tember 18thi. This will be the last.
amination before the third Friday in MI
reo4. The examination will he hleldl
the court house, beginning at 9 o'clo
-Good Roads Mask Meeting.
There will be a good roads muass mn
ing in the court house, at Newherr,
Saturday. September 12, to which all
farmers and other business men of
t county and city arc invited. Let
co ne and lend their infhuence to this
p.lortant mnovenment.
n-Excursion to Savannah.
nm An excursion to Savannah, via
Southern, will be run from Grcot~
on T'hursday, Septemb'r 1o The
cursion will leave Greenwood at 6 a.
ill pasing Newberry at 7.20. Return ii
ne will leave Savannah on Friday. Sept
s her i t, at 1o p m. Thme fare for
yround trip is $2 25 There will be se
ne ate coaches for white and coloredl
c excnrsion will b)e run by J. WV Ropi
- W . Sanders, G. W. Reidl, P P. Ita:
WV A Webb
To Elect Pension Board.
>ld The township representativyes of
as Confederate veterans will meet at
u Auditor's office on the first Mon
nd the 7th of September, to elect a cc
1t pension hoard and pension con
e-~ sioner. I hope every towvnship w
rep)resentedl. W. G. P'eterson
Cairmnan Co. Pon.
Only Two Routes in County Not Daily Are
Fron Sligh's---Petitions For
There are now only two rural free
mail delivery routes in Newberry
county which are not daily. These two
routes are from Sligh's, one reaching
into the St. Paul's section, and the
other going towards the Lexington
line and into Lexington county. They
are both covered by one carrier, who
nkes a trip each way every other day,
t& people along the routes receiving
their mail only three times a week.
There are now about one thousand
patrons along the two routes, and it is
estimated that if the routes were made
daily this number would be increased to
about fifteen hundred. Many of the
people living in this section now get
their mail at the post oflice rather than
suffer the inconvenience of receiving it
every other day.
Petitions have been forwarded to the
department asking that the routes be
made daily, and whatever assistance is
rendered by Congressman Aiken, of this
district, and Congressman Lever. of the
2nd district, will be greatly ap-oreciated
by the people of this section. The rout(
towards Lexington covers a smal see
tion of Lexington county, which is ir
Mr. Lever's district.
Week End Rates
From points on the Atlantic Coasl
Line to Seaside Resorts, tickets on sak
Saturday, good returning including Mon.
day following, attractive schedules, un
surpassed service Summer Touris
Tickets to Mountain and Seaside Resoru
limited for return passage to Octobei
31st on sale until September 30th.
For full particulars, rates, etc, cal
on 'icket Agents or write,
General Passenger Agent
Traflic Manager
Wilmington, N. C.
Sell Dr. Howard's Specific at Half-Prie<
and Guarantee a Cure.
"It isn't often that we have fait
enough in the medicine put up by oti
people to be willing to offer to reful
the noney if it . does not cure," sai
Gikler & Weeks to a IIerald and Neu
man who dropped in, o their store, "bi
we are glad to sell Dr. I loward'-3 spec
fie for the cure of constipation ar
dyspepsia on that basis.
"Thle )r. Howard Company, in ord<
I to get a quick introductory sale, autho
izes us to sell their regular fifty cei
hottles at. half-price, 25 cents, and, a
though we have sold a lot of it, .i
( have guaranteed every package, ii
one ha.i been brought back as unsati
"One great advantage of this spe(
r tc," he continued, "is its small do:
u and convenient form. There are six
1 doses in a vial that can be carried
the vest pocket or purse, and every oi
has myore medicinal power than a b)
pill or tablet or a tumbler of tmine
- water.
We are still selling the sp)ecIfic
half price, although we cannot teli h<
long we shall be able to (10 so, and1 at
one wvho is sub1jec't to conistipaition, si
.headache, dlizziness, liver trouble, ini
r gestion, or a general played-out con<
Lion, ought to take adlvanltage of~ ti
~chance. You can tell your readlers Il
t i f they are not satisfied wvi th the sp)eci
they can catme right back to outr stU
-and wve will cheerfully refund th
11 LENN~ Springs Water is the gr
t dypeps)ia cure.
( 1OOD~ MEALS---Chas. W. Dtoug
Xs is .ducting a first-class Rest
oarnti lowver Main street in connect
:Is with his grocery store. For good.mi
se at rtght prices call on him. iIe ts
_ selling a gallon of vinegar for 20 cet
Biring youtr jug.
Xe Jcrop the Newberry Roller
wvill not grind after September 1at.
ASK your D)ruggist for G
h.Springs Ginger Ale.
b1' U. week at the soda fount andl
ex savings will enable yout to dlrink(
ay, very best Morning Glor y Cotll'e ec
i (lay (luring the month. Try this
yk rade coffee. Sold only by D)aven
e'& Cavenaugh.
Sfacturer wants reliable mal
L't leliver and1 collect; horse andl wi
on and $150 d1eposit ne?esaruy ; $21 a
the and( ex penses, p)ermranen'tt. Fran
the llox 718, Philadelphia, Pa.
~ll LIIENN Spr-ings MIineral w%
imTcer thc comp)lex ion andl soi
the skin.
'r . - --
iels. I'vrvt.h i to be' hadl ft'
11.tie ir-clates J1ew-l ry Str'. The I
'and lrgest stocik of spictacles~
rood ,.yeg'la,'es' In tIhe Sttat.
tg it Otnr s.tock is e~t ill comttplet o
et- t'veryti lng pr(tty in ittIhe Milli
pr- ('all antd snoE onr rihhns, do
'ITh attn Id hat hioforiet 1 i ng
Manager Wanted.
te tleman to manage business it
Count, and adljotining Ltritory for
(lay, and favorably known H outse of
unty financial standing. $20.00 straight
mis-. salary and expenses, p)aidl each Mc
by eheck dirtect ftom headquarters
ll be 1-etnse monley adlvatted(l; position IpI
ne'nt. Address TIhomas Cooper, I
3d. - germ0( Cavtomn 11h1., Chicmro.
At Coa3t forT7
This sale includes eve
In order to reduce our
opening of the Fall seas(
put everytfhing in our st(
30 days. Now is your
money. Don't miss it.
All wool Dress Goods -
All Silks and Velvets a
All Ribbons, Laces an(
All White Goods at coE
All Colored Lawns, Or
at cost.
All Clothing for Men a
All Boy's Clothing at c
All Shoes and Slippers
All Hats at cost.
All Umbrellas and Pa
All Trunks, Valises ani
C"otile .111d SCO 11. 10W 1110 get (lie I
1tild Seasonal&c (;oods.
Ouit terst for every~body.
We Will Move Our
Hardware etc
To the Two Stores Under
Id GrotwEoll HOUTBL
Where we will
be glad to see all
of our friends as
we will be in a
better position
to give them
C onie Now
i.and get what
you want and
save us the
trouble and ex
lagpense of
Watches, Clocks,
Silver and Plate Wan
it Cut Glass and Table Ware
Wedding and Birthday Presen
~"Key winding Watchi
"OChanged to Stern
and1 Winders.
""': Eduard Scholtz,
were Jeweler and Optician.
well nii f mmediately by
cshdIUIL the use of Hic
l0c, 25c, SOc. fla. ggnt
rything in the store.
large stock before the
)n, we have decided to
>re at Actual Cost for
opportunity to save
Lt cost.
't cost.
I Embroideries at cost
gandies and Dimities
t cost.
at cost.
All Shirts at cost.
rasols at cost.
I Telescopes at cost.
enelit of these Cost Irices on New
d Bros.
Newberry, S. C.
Is one of the most
abused terms in the
Commercial World.
Any number of the
"Get Rich Quick"
book concerns offer
the inducement of
price Alone to secure
the confidence of the
Combines the Highest
Grade of Tailoring
with the Most Select
Styles at Popular
Prices, a combination
which tells in a few
words the secret of the
success of this Great
Tailoring Establish
- ment. -
Our Fall and Winter Opening
with the assistance of
one of the Globe's
experienced Cutters,
will take place
August 29 and 31.
Cannot speak; otherwise
it would tell its own story,
and were its organ of
S speech as pronounced as
its one quality RELIABIL
as ITY, no need of these re
marks. We do not claim
that it will cure Mumps,
~Consumption, or grow hair
on b aid heads, and in fact
we do not advise mothers
using it for Soothing Syrup
but we do claim that there
is nothing better on the
market for Pain in the
SStomach, Colic, Cholera
Morbus, Diarrhoea and
PRICE 15c and 25c

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