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Negro Woman Rushed In Front of a Pistol
In Hands of IHer Brother Aimed
at Her Husband.
N, Viloa Rutherford, a negro woman liv
)ng on Mr.'S. P. Crotwell's place, just
6utslde the eastern city limits, was shot
and seriously wounded on Wednesday
afternoon while seeking to prevent a
difficulty between her brother and her
husband. The bullet which struck her
was from a pistol in the hands of her
brother, Pearl Hnnter, and was inten
dT for her husband, Robert Ruther
wShe three negroes were at Mr. Crot
we l's tobacco barn, about one-half
\ mile from hfs home, when Rutherford
and Hunter got into a heated discussion.
Just as Hunter drew his pistol to shoot
.Rutherford the woman jumped between
the two men, receiving the bullet in
her neck. The ball entered the front
part of the neck from the side, lodging
in the left shoulder. It is not known
whether or not the woman saw the pis
tol before she jumped between her
brother and her hu sband.
'V Dr. P. G. Ellesor was summoned and
took the case in charge. Yesterday the
woman was getting along very well,
and Dr. Ellesor will extract the ba'l as
soon as the wound is in proper condi
Hunter took leg bail immediately
\Wednesday afternoon but returned to
le place yesterday morning.
Child Drank Concentrated Lye.
Robert, the eighteen-months-old child
of Modoc Satterwhite, one of the negro
street hands, drank concentrated lye
on Monday afternoon and died on Tues
day. The little child drank the lye
while its mother was washing clothes.
Prosperity's First Bale.
Prosperity's first bale of cotton
brought 11 3-4 cents, three-quarters
ihigher than Newberry's first bale. It
was sold on Tuesday by L. S. Long
and bought by J. L. Wise. The bale
weighed 428 ponnds, the total price re
ceived for it being $50.29. The cotton
was classed strict middling.
Dr. George 13. Merritt, of Prosperity,
and Miss Dorothy Attilie lerkhain, of
Charleston, were married in Charleston
on Sunday night. Dr. Merritt is a
Charlestonian, but has been in Pros
perity for some time. He is pharma
cist for the drug firm of Hunter &
During his stay in Prosperity Dr.
Merritt has made many friends through
out the county who wish for him and
his bride every happiness through life.
Carried Back to Columbia.
Two negroes, one wanted on a charge
of stealing and the other an escaped
member of the chain gang, were carried
to Columbia on Tuesday by Policeman
Jim Hutchison, of the Columbia force,
andl a former Newberrian.
One of the negroes was arrested at
the C., N. & L. depot Tuesday just be
fore the time of arrival of the trtiin go
ing towardls Columbia. IHe is charged
wvith stealing $30 from the Reanmer Ice
K& Fuel Co., of Columbia.
The other negro is Pink Lathrop, a
Newberry negro, wvho was sentenced in
Columbia to the gang for thirty days
for carrying concealed wveap)ons. lie
escap)ed from the gang and came to
\ Newberry, and on advices received from
the Columbia authorities, was arrested
by Chief Harris.
South Carolina College Scholarship.
The normal scholarship in the South
fCarolina College given to Newberry
'County has been awardled by the faculty
of the college to1 Mr. HI. L. Boulware.
The examination was held a few wveeks
Sago. [he scholarship amounts to $10) a
.year and free tuition.
The Weather for August.
'The meteorological record of Volun
~tary Observer W. G. Peterson for the
'month of August showvs that there was
no killing frost (luring the month. Ob
server Peterson says there has been
hotter weather in August, continuing
for a longer time than the recent hot
spell. Observer Peterson is wvell in
formed on all such matters, and ought
to know. He says that August 14,
'1900, had fourteen (lays in which the
maximum temp)erature was over the
100 mark. Still the following recordl for
*the past month has nothing to he
ashamed of even if fourteen days in
August, 1900, did go over the 100 mark :
Temperature-Mean maximum, 91.4;
mean minimum, 69.8; mean, 80.6; max
imum, 100; (late, 26th; minimum, 65;
date, 22nd and 23(1. Greatest daily
range, 32.
Precipitation -Total, 8.57 inches.
Greatest in 24 hours, 1.85; date, 2nd.
Number of (lays with .01 inch or more
precip)itation, 10; clear, 16; p)artly
cloudly, 8; cloudly, 12.
Dates of thunderstorms, 1st, 2nd, 4Ith,
11th, 13th, 14th, and 15th. Hail, 14th.
Remarks: On night of 21st very
bright sunset glow, wvith less glows for
.several nights.
Ice Cream Festival in West End,
There v,ill be an ice cream festival
in~ the Odd F'ellow's hail in West nd,
Saturday n'ght, September 5th, for the
benefit of Newberry Council, No. 46,
Junior Order United American Mechan
ics. In add(ition to the ice cream festi
val a cake will be given to the ladly re
ceiving the largest number of votes as
being the most popular young lady in
West End. Also a free concert.
fho Movements of Many People, Newber
rians and Those Who 'isit
Mrs. and Mrs. Cole. L. Blease were
in Columbia this week.
Mr. Aubrey Matthews returned to,
Clemoon college yesterday.
Miss Lilla Cromer left on Wednesday
for West Springs, S. C.
Mrs. S. J. McCaughrin left yester
day for Charlotte, N. C.
Mr. A. 11. Booth has returned to the
city much improved in health.
Mr. C. E. Summer has one to Hen
dersonville, N. C., for a week's rest.
Miss Georgia Schumpert, of Pros
perity, is no.w with the Mower Company.
Mrs L. R. Lynn, of Palatka, Fla., is
visiting her fri md, Nliss Nina R. Car
Dr. L. B. Folk, of Columbia, is visit
in,. the family of Mrs. R. E. Beden
baugh of near Prosperity.
Dr and Mrs. J. K. Gilder left Wed
nesday for a trip to Baltimore, New
York and other points.
Messrs. Will Cannon, Frank Brad
burn and George Summer leave today
for Clemson college.
Mrs. H. H. Franklin and children
have returned home after a visit to
relatives at Greenwood.
M rs. W. A. Fulmer and children have
returned to their home in the city after
a visit to relatives at Maybinton.
Mrs. T. M. Roebuck has returned to
her home at Helena after a visit to
relatives in the Maybinton section.
Mr. W. C. Summer visited relatives
in Lexington this week. le leaves to
morrow for Clemson college.
Miss Nina Carlisle has returned home
from Hendersonville, Brevard, Coesar's
Head and other points in North Caro
Miss Helen Goggans went to Laurens
on Wednesday to teach in the graded
school there the ensuing session. The
school opened yesterday.
The Rev. W. L. Seabrook and son,
Mr. W. B. Seabrook, have returned to
the city after an extended trip to
Baltimore and points North.
Miss Berta May Sample, who has
been visiting at Mr. II. 1[. Franklin's,
has returned to her home in Stillmore,
Miss Myrtis Rigby stopped over in
Newberry Tuesday night with the
Misses Davidson on her return from
Greenville to her home in Charleston.
Mr. Newton Lorick and his charming
sister, Miss Marie, have returned from
a visit to their friends and relatives in
Newberry. -Lexington Dispatch, 2nd.
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Richards, of
Columbia, after a visit to Mrs. Rich
ards' mother, Mrs. R. E. Bedenbaugh
of near Prosperity, left Wednesday for
Harris Springs.
Miss S. L. Holland has returned from
an extended visit to Spartanburg,
Greenville, Atlanta and other points,
andl has resumed her place in the West
ern Union telegraph office.
Miss Leila Fulmer after a visit to
relatives in Newvberry returned to her
home in Columbia yesterday. She wvill
retura in a few wveeks to take a position
with ?he Newberry Cash Store.
Mr Rumfums G. Fellers, who has been
with the clothing store of 0. M. .Janmie
son and Summe.r Bros. for the past
several years, went to Columbia on
Wednesdav to accep)t a position as book
keeper for the general grocery firm of
Beardlen & Luther.
The Rev. J. H. Graves, of Green
wvoodl, after spending several (lays in
Newberry, has returned home. Rev.
Mr. Graves (luring his visits has made
many friends in Newvberry, who are
always glad to see him. IIe preached
a very excellent sermon in Central
Me thodlist church Sunday morning.
There have been no cases in the
mayor's court during the past several
Much to the (elight of everybody,
the past several night.s have been cool
comp)aredl to those which wvent. before.
Supervisor Schuimpert wvill be at the
D)ysons bridge, over Saluda river, on
thme 24th for the purpose of letting con
tract. to buildl wooden applroach to sai(d
T[wo negroes were slightly injummredl
near the Molloh.on mill yesterday after
noon by a log falling on them. One
had his hand severely mashed and the
other escaped wvith two or three broken
P ol iceman Franklin has recovered for~
a negro wvoman a watch wvhich she lost
several weeks ago and wvhich he found
in the p)ossession of another negro. The
recovery of the watch was a clever piece
of work.
It has been suggested that on a dark
night bicyclists, in order strictly to corn
ply with the provisions of the towvn
ordinance, must light their lanterns
before the electric lights are turned on.
When (hoes it become (lark?
The street force is engaged in build
ing a sidlewalk from JIos. II. Unir's bar
ber, shop on Main street, to the tracks
of the~ Southern railway, tilling in and
making the walk level. The improve
meet has been needed for some t,ime.
The Newberry H ardwvare company
for the past several (lays has been en
gagedl in moving its stock from its old
st.andl on Main street to the two stores
under the Crotwvell hotel. Shelly &.
D)ean will move their st.ock of furniture
into the store room vacated by the
Neowhorry inrdwaren ompnyn.
;ix Applications Now Pending From New
berry County-Congressman
Aiken is Active.
In connection with the petitions which
are to be forwarded to the department
at Washington from Sligh's, this county,
asking that the two routes from Sligh's
be made daily, it may be mentioned
that Congressman Aiken for some time
has been trying to get a. special agent
sent into this district in order to finish
up the pending applications for routes,
and especially in Newberry county.
Ile hopes to go over each route before
very long with a special agent and will
do all in his power to have every route
estal'ished that has been asked for.
Applications for six routes are now
p)ending from Newberry county and all
were filed in 1902 except the one from
Sligh's, which was filed January 24,
1901. Two other applications have been
filed this summer, making eight in all,
but these latter will have to await their
Congressman Aiken recently wrote
the department about this matter and
received the following in reply:
"Your letter of August 17 requesting
that a special agent be assigned toyour
district pending applications for free
rural delivery service, has been received.
The records of this office indicate that
of the 152 applications filed from your
district there are now but 23 pending.
None of the pending applications was
received in-ior to 1902, Under the rule
of the department that petitions for
rural routes shall be investigated as
far as possible in th . order of filing, the
routes in which you are interested wil,
be considered at the earliest practicable
It is Rapidly Nearing Completion -One of
the Best Equipped Plants in the
Prosperity's cotton oil mill is rapidly
nearing completion. The ginnery will
be put in operation the latter part of
next week probably, and the whole mill
will likely be in operation by the middle
of October.
The engine and boiler and all the
machinery for the ginnery have been
placed, and the other machinery will b
put in in the next few days. The build
ing is very near completion and will be
entirely completed as soon as the ma
ehinery is installed. Work on the ware
house has begun.
The machinery is of the most modern
design, and the mill will be one of the
best equipped cotton oil plants in the
State. The building is of brick and is
constructed on the latest and most ap
lroved plan for cotton oil mills. Presi
dent L. A. Sease has personally super
intended the whole work.
The success of this industry will
prove an important factor in Prosperi
ty's material growth and development.
Under the management of the officers
and directors who wvill be at the head
of its affairs there is no doubt as to its
The Masons of Newberry and ProsperIty
and TheIr F iends Spend a
Pleasant Day.
The joint annual Masonic picnic of
Amity lodge, No. 87, this city, and
Prosperity lodge, No. 115, was held at
Young's Grove, near Prosperity, on
r'uesday. Though the morning wvas
very cloudy and rain, wvhich, howvever,
lid not come, w.as p)redictedl before the
:linner hour, the crowd present num
beredl probably four hundred, and the
lay was p)leasantly ar.d p)rofitably spent
by the Masons of Newvberry county and
their friends.
Addresses on Masonic subjects were
iade by the Hion. W. W. Lumpkin, of
?Columbia; D)r. Win. E. Pelham, Master
>f Newberry lodge; D)r. C. TV. Wyche,
Past Master of Prosperity lodge; and
the IHon. R. T. C. Hunter, Past Master
>f Prosperity lodge. Mr. Hunter, as
~hairman of the arrangements commit
ee, read letters from Governor HeIy
yard, J1udge D)antzler, andl other promi
ient Masons throughout the State, re
tretting their inability to accept the
nvitat.ions extendedl them to be p)resent
md to detliver addresses.
T1he picnic was the most Pleasant and
the attendance the largest in the his
Lory of these annual Masonic gather
ngs. The dinner was such as might
have b)en exp)ecte I near Prosperity.
All the goodl things imaginable were
there, and plenty of them.
Newberry county is a strong Masonic
couinty, and now has three active
125 Bales Per Day.
The Newvberry Oil Mill, L. WA. Floyd
manager, has recently overhauled its
ginnery at a cost of several thousand
dlollars, and is now p)repared to gin 125
bales of cotton per dlay, thus enabling
it to serve the p)eop)le p)romlptly and to
give satisfaction. The mill pays the
highest market price for the seed and
d.rnishes bagging and ties at the mar
ket price.
Flour Higher.
The late Go ;vernmnent report makes
the W(heat. crop thirty-five million bush
els less than last year. This means very
much higher floer until another harvest
in 19J04. All flour is higher now, but
the advance on Hransford's ''Clifton'
has not yet been as great in proj >rtion
to other flour. Howvever-, it is a mighity
goodl time to buy a supplly before it goes
still higher. I"resh flour constantly r
ceivedl. TI. J. HAYS,'
Sucessom- to hnys & MuCrt.
Several Lexingtonlans In The County Seek
-Ing To Buy and Rent Farming
L ands.
Some eight or ten people from Lex
ington county were in Newberry We7d
nesday and yesterdty in search of farm
lands. Several of them wanted to buy
and the others wanted to rent. Wed
nesday night several of the party wont
out into the county towards No. 8, and
the others in other directions. They
wanted, if possible, to rent and buy ad
joining lands so as to be near together,
forming a small col6ny, as it were. It
is not known at this writing whether or
not they succeeded in getting the land
An Interesting Program To Be Rendered
In Central Methodist Church
Sunday Night.
Following is the program of the
musical service to be rendered Sunday
night in Central Methodist church, the
Rev. S. H.'Zimmerman pastor:
1. "In Heavenly Love Abiding," W.
E. Brown.
2. Prayer.
3. Solo: "One Sweetly Solemn
Thought, " Phoebe Cary -- M is,, Lola
4. "Teach Me, 0 Lord," G. W.
5. "The Voice of the Father," Clifton
Bingham --Miss LiAie Salter.
6. Address by the pastor, the Rev. S.
-1. Zimmerman.
7. "Send Out 'Thy 1,ight," Charles
8. "Zion," G. C. Iinglham -Mirs. P.
C. Gaillard.
9. Benediction.
The Attorney Gencaal Says the Intendent
May Have No Fear as to Validity
of Its Charter.
Mr. W. A. Dunn, intendent of tl
town of Pomaria, recently wrote to At
torney General Gunter stating that he
had been threatened with a suit in the
courts attacking the validity of the
charter of the town ifr he attemptei to
enforce the ordinances of the town and
to put fines 11ponl certLain11 offYenders. In
tendent 1unn asked the advice of the
attorney general in the matter.
On Wednesday Mr. lunn received a
letter from Mr. W. HI. 'Pownsend, the
assistant attorney general, advising
him to go ahead and enforce the ordi
nances of the town without any fear of
such a contingency. "A defendant
charged with' violating the ordinances
of a town can not attack the validity
of the charter of that town."
Mr. Townsend continues: "You
should not cease to attemlpt to enforce
the town ordinances because of an ob
jection to the validity of the charter
being interposed by pei.ons charged
with their violation. Should the ehar
ter' be vacatedl or set asidle it would have
to be done in an action for that purpose
brought by the attorney general in the
name of the State, and persons who
have been theretofore fined andl im
prisonedl for violation of town ordi
nances wvould thereby acquire no0 right
to have their fines r'et.urned or' to r'e
cover' damages by r'eason) of impr1ison
ment undler sentence of town council."
1t is saidl that a test case will be
heard at th)e next court.
The Newvberry German Club.
The annual meeting of the Newvberriy
German Club was held on Tuesdlay
Thue following oflicers were re-elected
for another year: President, G. F.
Wearn; Vice-President, F. H1. D)omi
niick; Secretary, Jno. K. AullI; Treas
urer', H. T.' Renwick.
Comiittees wvere appoi ntedl by P resi
dent Wearn as followvs:
Invitation-Hi. '1. Hlenwick, chairman,
T. H-. Pope, T. K. .Johnstone.
Arr'angemnents -DI. L~. Booze', chair
man, L. G. Eskr'idge, P. F. Gilder.
Floor'-Jno. K. Aull, chairman, WV. 1".
Eberhardt, S. II. McL ean.
Applications foi' Membership --HI. WV.
D)ominick, chairman, Robt. Mayes, C.
P. Pelham.
Reception-C. L. Suberci, chairman,
,Johnstone Coppock, P. E. Scott, XV. A.
JIamieson, Jr., C. ,J. Moore.
The next dance wvill be given in the
armory on the 18th of this month.
Returned from Birazil.
Maybinton, September 3.-- The Itev.
WV. B. LeeC, who gradluatedl at. 'Trinity
College, N. C., and was some yea1rs ago
sent to Br'azil as a missionary by the
North Carolina Confterence, is expected
at his unicle'si, WV. B. Oxner's, onl Fii
(lay, and will pre'achl at l'benez,er churchl
on1 tihe Sabbath. Mr. Lee is now presi
(lent of Granby (College, Brazil, and has
r'eturned to the States for ai rest. His
father, tIle Rev. W. D). L,ee, at 0one
time belonged to thle South Carolina
Con ference, but dliedl at Mocksville,
N. C. Hie was cut oft' in)to North Caro
lina when the dJivision of' U'rritory wvas
madle. WV. H. 0.
Sale of the Roller MIlI.
The Newt riy Rloller mill wvill be sold
at 1publIic ouitc ry be fore the coulrt house
on salesday in October, if not1 sold at
pr1ivate sale before, by Dr3. D). L,.
Boozer, Jir., adminstr'ator of the (st ate
of Dr1. D). IL. Boozer, Sr. The sale wvill
include the mnill and machinery, seven
acres of land, a 2-room tenlement house
and two outbuildings. Purhaser will
be required to pay thlree- four this cash,
balance .monle mvtbin non y.a'.
New Cotton Has Begun to Come in-Chil
dren's Day at Bethlehem-Per
sonal and Otherwise.
Prosperity, S. C., Sept. 3.-Probably
the last of the summer gatherings at
Young's Grove was the joint Masonic
picnic on last Tuesday, September 1st.
There was a large crowd, an abundance
of good eating, and a feast of reason
in the eloquence of the orators of the
day. There were in evidence many
older people who do not usually attend
festival days. The general good order
and social inclination of the gathering
was quite a pleasant feature New-.
berry's jovial and cultured delegation
added much to the success of the occa
The Prosperity Graded school began
the fall session September 1st. There
is life again on the old school yard.
Several members of the Board were
present to set the session moving
smoothly on its misson,
September, the real opening of the
year is here, and everybody Is expect
ing something to happen in a business
way. Cotton will soon begin to move
in very truth, and if the price remains
up, a lively season evidently will result,
and we will all be 'happy and serene."
Mr. E. A. Counts' -new building is
now going upward and will add much
to the appearance of that vicinity. lie
is building on the north side of the
Southern railroad near the residence of
Mr. L. A. Bowers.
Children's Day exercises were held
at Bethlehem church, near Ponaria,
August 26th. In our limited observa
tions of Childrens' Days that community
takes the cake. Over the chancel was
erected a porch with a covering of
green and the arch rich with blooming
wild cleinatis. The exercises by the
children were illustrated and were ob
ject lessons to be seen as well as heard.
The character of the afternoon exer
cises is sufficiently indicated by saying
that Dr. Cromer made the address. A
large crowd enjoyed the (lay and the
dinner. In fact the crowd seemed to
A ve been larger at the table than any
wvhere else, yet the attack was trium
)hantly withstood.
Prof. J. E. Hunter, of Clemson Col
lege, left yesterday for the opening of
the college.
Misses Pearl and Sara Blakely, of
Clinton, are visiting Miss Nannie $inp
Mrs. W. H. Wharton and Miss Louise,
of Columbia, are visiting here.
Miss Della Welch, of Jalapa, is visit
ing relatives in this community.
Mr. and Mrs. L. S. Bowers spent
several days around Jalapa last week.
Mr. L. S. Long sold the first bale of
cotton on this market this season,
Tuesday, September 3. It was bought
by Mars. Wise at 11 3-4. Two other
bales were sold the same (lay at 11
Dr. J. J. Dominick has moved from
Mr . 0. P. Harris' to Mr. J. P. Bowers'.
Supt. E. S. Werts and wife were in
1 '.aperity this wveek.
Mr. W. W. Wheeler is off on busi
niess to Batesburg.
Mr. Lucius D)reher, of Selwood, is
visiting Mr. Bushnell Howers.
Mr. J. M. Counts and wvife, of New
berry, are here. Mr. Counts is super
intending the building of Mr. E. 0.
Counts' house.
Messr.' H. 1B. Schumpent & Co. have
moved Ir,L , their new (quarters, and( nowv
are ''happy and serene, '' for they say
they have the best store room in town.
Mr. .1 erome Harmon has opened a
stock of goods in the Wheat store room
now owvned by Mr. David Cromer.
Messrs. Schumpert and Counts have
ath(ledl notions and gen ts' furnishinir
goods to their stock.
Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Moseley andl
Mrs. S. M Calmes have returned from
the Northern markets.
Mr. Ira Hland has gone to Little
Mountain andl will be connected wit.h
Mr. J. H. TP. Scott. We are truly sorry
to lose M r. and M rs. Boland. M r. W.
TI. Mitchell, our townsman, takes his
place. - .
To lilect Pension Board.
The towvnship rep)resentatives of the
Confederate veterans will meet at the
Auditor's oflice on the first Monday,
the 7th of September, to elect a county
peonsion board and p)ension commis
sioner. I hope every township will he
represen ted1. W. G. Peterson,
Chairman Co. Pen, lBd.
At the Lutheran Church.
There will l:e services at the Luther
an Church of the Redleemer on Sunday,
conducted b)y the pastor, the Rev. Wmn.
L. Seabrook.
The Citadel Scholarship.
As a result of the recent examina
tions Mr. R. C. Ilunter, son of Mr. R.
TI. C. Nunter, of Prosperity, has been
awardled the scholarship given to New
berry county in the South Carolina
MIilitary Academy.
IEczema, JIching Humnors, Pimples -Treat
ment Free.
Does your sk(in itch and burn? D)is
tressing er'upJtionls on the skin so you
feel ashamed to be seen in compa'ny?
D)o scabs and scales form on the skin,
hair or scalp)? lHave you Eczema?
Skin sore and cracked? R~ash form on
the skin? Swollen joints? F'allin g
hair? All run down? Skin pale? Old
sores? l'Cat ing sores? Ulckers? TIo
cure to stay curedl take H. H. H. ( Bo
tanic Blood Halmi) which makes t.he
blood pure and rich, then the sores will
heal and the itching of eczema stop)
forever, the skin beCcome clear and the
blood( pure. B. H. B. sol at (rug
stores S1. Tlrial treatment sent, free
andl prepaid by writ.ing to Blood Balm
Co., Atlanta, Ga. D)escribe, your
t.roubile andl free' medical advice gi'ven.
Over 3000t IAestimnonials of cures by B.
It. H.
Gilder & Weeks Offer Popular Medicine
at Half Price.
Gilder& Weeks the popular druggists,
are making an offer that is just like
finding inqney, for they are selling a
regular 30 cent, bottle of Dr. Howard's
celebrated specific for tle cure of con
stipation an<I dyspepsia at half price.
In addition to this large discotint they
t iree to return the money to any pur
c hser whom the sveilic does not eure. I
It is quite tiuuilsual to be ablo to bu I
fifty-cent )ieces for a ijarter, but th;a
is what this offer really means, for it is
only recently, through the solicitation
of Driggist Gilder & Weeks that this
medicine could lie bought for less than
fifty cents. They urged the proprietors
to allow them to sell it at tins reduced
price for a little while, agreein to sell
a certain amott. The result has jus
tified their good ,udgmient, for the sale
has been something remarkable.
Anyone who sultfers with headache,
dyspepsia, dizziness, 011 stomach,
specks before the eves, or any liver
trouble, should talke advantage of this
opportunity, for Dr. lloward's specific
will Cure all these troubles. hut if I
any chance it. should not, Gibler &
W,eeks will return 'YOm money.
TIe specific Is very 1leasant to take,
coming in the rorn of smal granules,
and there are sixty dozen in every pack
age. It is es >elally convenient when
traveling, an(I no one should start oil a
journey without a bottle of this reliable
FARM FOR SA1,1. Good Sixty
Acre Farm. near town, for sale.
Apply at this olice.
G LENN Springs Water is the great
dyspepsm iure.
001) MA1-S Chts. W. Dolais
is conducting a first -class liestau
rant on lower Maiii st reeI m conmeet iol
with his grocery s ore. For good n,vaIs
at right prices call on him. lIe is al,
selling a gallon ot' vinega' for 20 cents.
Bring your jug.
A SK your . t)ruggist for (len
- Springs Ginger Ale.
CU man to travel; no eamvaissinlg;
salary $18 weekly ind lexlenses; chiance
for promnotion; experince necess;-r.
must be sober and sa;ly. Address I,
A. Martin, Charleston. S. C.
Uweek at the soda to ni t he
savings will vnable yoiu (4o drinkl1 (Ilhe
very best Morning I lory Coffe vvey
day dulring .:v1 mont Ih. Try lhis high
grade collev. Sold oinly by Davenpliort
& Cavenaugh.
I DI',LPr W\NTED, MAl.-E. Mainj
factuier wants relialle man 10
deliver and collt; horse m wagon
and $150 (elpitil necessce"ary; $21 a week
and expenses, perimlnililt. Franklinii
Box 78, Philadelphia. Pa.
LENN Springs \ ineral \Vat er
G clears the coimlexion and soflens
the skin.
W 1Y Not' lWY I I I EI T?
Li (;a1N 1)i'' i fre in ( ).!11
if'Is. , ' i l. I 11, '.
amd kar s (in f stilvilich-, and
Our stock is '1till coiplehite with
overythling? pirit y ini the MIillinr
h al a d e ur nim.h w r
uand hats beifoir.' huii in
The hRisi MilIIIIrCy Comandfy.
We have finished
overhauling our Gin
aery at an expense of
several thousand dol
Jars, which prepares us
to Gin 125 bales of
cotton per day. Bring
your cotton where you
can be served prompt
ly and given satisfac
We also pay highest
market price for Seed
and furnish Bagging
and Ties at market
Newberry Oil Mill,
Contract to Let.
bIridge, over' Saludba river, on TIhuiirs
(lay, September 22lh, at itl a. in., to let
contract for building wooden approach
ty said biridlge. Spec i ieat tins may lhe
seen on (lay of lett ing. Rtight reserved
to reject aLny and1( all bids.
Su perv isor New berry Con ty.
CautIon I
This is not, a gentle wordi--bulIt when
youi think how iiablie you are not to pur
chase the only remedy universally
known aind at remedtSy that has had th'e
largest sale oif any mnedic'ine ini the
worldi since 1868 for the cii ur an t reat
ment of Consumption andl Throat and
Lung troubiles without losinig its gre'at.
popularity all these yeairs, you will be4
thank ful oce cal led your attention toi
lloschee's German Syrup. Tihere are so
many ordinary coungh reimedlies made by
'Jru ggists andI others that arec cheap and
g(ood for light colds perhaps, liut for
severe Coughs, Bronchitis, Croup -and
especially? for Consumpnltioin, where there
is difhicult epcoainadcuhn
dumgth ights andI mornings, there
is nothing like German Syrupj. The 25
cent size has .just, been int.rodluctd this
ye r.legular siz~e 75 cents. For sale
bv . E Plham & Son.
either single or in suits
TABLES of all kinds,
Art Squares,
Rugs, Etc., Etc.
Everything found in a
first-class Furnitur~e
store. We make a
specialty of framing
At Leavell's Old Stand.
Newberry, S. C.
Cannot speak; otherwise
it would tell its own story,
and were its organ of
speech as pronounced as
its one quality RELIABIL
ITY, no need of these re
marks. We do not claim
that it will cure Mumps,
Consumption, or grow hair
on bald heads, and in fact
we do not advise mothers
using it for Soothing Syrup
but we do claim that there
is nothing better on the
market for Pain in the
Stomach, Colic, Cholera
Morbus, Diarrhoea and
PRICE l5c and 25c
"Wears Like Iron"
"For Beautifying the Honme?"
Newberry Hardware

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