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Open Windows no More bangerous thar
Closed Windows The SpIC.ndid
Phenomci of the Storm.
New York im1s.
A eorrespondent whose letter ap
pears in another tcolumn makes in
quiry as to the meaure of safety it
thunder showers sNv,ured th
closing of %VindoWs to eluie Al
currents. it gives us pleasure 4
furnish the information desird and
incident-ally, to venture a few genera
remarks for the tomfort, and
bly the benefit, of those A1 ho throngl
fear of lightning are all their lifotim
subject tc. bondage. We know o n,
more pitiable timidity than tha
which a 11hunder storm exot1s 1
those who have been taught to fea
it or whose nerves .re esitiall;
sensitive it eXcitation from t hi
The now general' svel'pte" tler,
of visible lightning is that the 'par
j11mp1s from rg.nofp
TIhe 1I.sh h-n-.os ':.ros
son f the fs-4 i: tt !
relatively L.gh :os- -.s
as to render :y .t .
the pat of I. spl
der stcrnms thc
and the OarthL s
A sra 3 et -
last 1e
mm :wrp -
ligLh. \
t.~ -.
0raL l 'I i v.~. : ',
of tL - a
a bS -
qthe bs
run no. ier ~r - -
by lightr
rent o'r mlb.. .v.
high tenIi..-rsr . -
muosphuere. I 1... -:.. -
we ktnow of t r e.-:~:
windouws at smL:b .: are - i
out the dust wL;I i
them am tho.ir.;: g ra' e of w
theyt cons.i,t. If f.r a:ny r -..: .
lightning !.hrbl wa:t t -c-n
"out of the wet" it woul mi ot ''a
to knock a1tm a lowol -l&or or hift
dlroppued saash. !! d.e. nmny an
prising things, I-ut th-o are noti
clud(edl inl it-s repIertoire.
Anm unreasoniale ando ill'agieal ,lra
of lightrintg is great ly to be deplore1
People who suiffer fromt it are ob je
of sympjathy, no doubt, but thev a
largely to'h ba me for encoturaging
T[hose who itndulge this weakne
dleny t himselves a great deal of st re
nusm pleasure, withI a ri'4k too si
'b e given arithmet ial expressio
I not watching from begin nig
etnd every typical thunder utor
which passes. I t is oneo of the gi
est sights itn tnaturo to witness, at
the umost magiiicet of symphpioni
to) lisEtn to). It tuually beogmns itn
minor proludlo of deoeponing gloc
(andante agitaito) as the great c
mumli roll upl from the wvest and1( bl
out the sunt. The hushb deopptns,
living things remnaining silenit in t
presenlce of the " tumutltuous bombt)
of the clouds."' Then comles
troemolo of rustlinig leaves, quiiver
ant.icipation of the minent torna
atnd are stirred profoundly wht
scarcely a zophIyr catn be felt, (ab
grotto transquillo. ) The dunst. whi
windl follows, (allegretto scherzandl
toessintg light I things in fataust ic gyt
tions, like dwmarfs and jest ers antd t
rabble of the streets precedling t'
King ini processioni. Then the r-a
begins to fall, timidly atnd wvi th u
certainty at first, (lento,) but gat
ing force and volhumo until it dosconm
in a paroxysmal outpouring of
skies, with its splendid drum at
cymbal acconarmnt. of thn
and lightning, (presto furioso.) 'I'hen
follovw the passing of the sHowor,
with ditintishiug rain and re:-ediig
thnnder, (allegro ma non trpp ,)
sUeeeded by the sunburst a-kl t h
revival of nature refreshed and puri
tied, (allegro maestoso.) 't'hose who
hide themselves in dark closets or
under feather beds miss all this.
The is so little to be afraid of and
wso mn1h to enjoy that one who Ioses
the opportunity of witnessing aA
hearing a thunder shower d.-nits
himself a great and inspiring privil
-go Nerrousness would quick ly pHss
if one could bring himself to under
stai ani appreciate the splntdidt
phenmen of the storm, whiebi never
lo iuterest, for the reason that thoy
are never monotonons.
Young Man, Crarc By Too Much 1.Ivc
Kills a Young Lady and Thcu lim
sclf Poth Well Known rctpeic.
Mn.ily morning 11erbert B. Bstos,
sI of Assist.aut City Engineer Frank
l'. BaisI, of 1ichmo.dl, Va . shot and
'i k -uss Rena Gentry at her bwim,%.
I '.NI,t14 8 str-t, 1ih.1 d
s i :hen killdt him.-s-tlf it h t he same
'A hich he n)t- l in killing Il is
0t e ti - ing was tie fet Of a
r.:. e z vh,-, hsd Sd e o his reasn
.:-d:: :be rcorn a w::'k k.o i:.
the Mrpoibl thre fee~ apar
T w.enth .ro was e. tr .
Mis Getywsi -e '. ye
:1 S:
a U wa one of t be kw o
wn in the city.Shew
- dim, build wit d ealtwhe odr
*t'bair,o a i compleion and dark:eye'
' heroomh was a memerrofUnio Stti
r- ihlethes wourid ond hanel rne
as churc worker. a nhr2.
r. a,was 24 o th earsnui VoblH
had ner kon the tse wsof liu
oahar, tobaccondlevern used (ar profa
wrd. h e was noer cler ano t t fiC
. Methista Bank.h And xanatione<
his Mrookas hweds ccouts ol H
correct to a cont.
m Boil1 All The Water.
u:- --
ot A patient recently camne dIown wil
l typhoid fever, in whose hiouseho
he it had for years booni thle custom
et boil all the water used( for drinkir
he purposes. As the patinit had ni
in drunk any unboiled water away fro
do hiomie, her fani ly (coubl not. unde(
en standt how she conld have acquire
e the dlisoaso It was, hiowever, atseo
rI. t.ainied that, while the drinking wati
>,) had b)eenI hoiled, the family had n<
a boiled that. used for wVashinug letuci
ho fruit, et c. It is t is point t hat shoul
bie ha implhressed tipi)n the communitiiit:
in If t he water contains typhoid geru
a all the water used in thle kitcho
n should be boiled, whether it b)e fe
cle drinking, for washing articles of foot
ie or for cleansing dishes. In cloami
idi ing thle toothI even t he samie precan
er tion should be nana(1
Sectetary Hester's Annual Statenent
A Splendid Showing Made by
Southern Mills.
Netv Orleanw, Sept. I -The totall
of Secroltr) l1'oter's anial repur
of th cottoi crop of tho Ulitc.
St' toswre' pr omlulgated today. TPho
Ahow rectipts of cotton at all Unittl
States parts for the year 7,724,10.
agailst ,10,290 Iiast y oar; overlati
iort h 1111e us aid C,n ita 1,S1,3'S
against 1, 103,9.8; sett horia consuIll
tion t akon d irect from t hO interior cot
ton bolt 1.920,072 aganist 1,8917,4 11
makin.: tho ctlon vrop of the Un ito
States for 1902 0 amount to 10,727,
o ba against lo,A1SO, OlSt Ins
y1er andi 1,3S3,422 th h otar befort
Setret ir liest or has inad hi, usni
i vestigat ion litO tiho consipt io
of tho Snih ad h ias rece v ed Ie
Ports by 11ail an1d telo'graaph fror
overy mull eo:.suming cotton itn thl
Ootton growing State's, neludlii
Woolen II)ills that have usti'd vottoll
-ind the re.tilts show a total of 2,00,
' but of his S,i,o were itakei
from ports an iietded in iort ro
cOits. 'his shows that the mill
of the South have used up til,
balhs more th.) during 1141 i02 an
mvore than during 11000 01, 1
mos't romtarokale Iowmllg in1 face o
reventt trade codiltious *sNup\ .d t4
h v tk ,i h at' ut bt thw tb
ucrnaa. d.1,Tre tAit' Ot t eel\ v.a nto o
the raw iv :t''r.al zitI the isulufac
1: d n: t the tot:0 I: th
.,* cr'p f T
ret . t t
neg I. A I1- -tood a :!ar
t tr whiebh wa- .ced on the chat
L.te libit:on of I1, U 1)ll In Iin Ian a
e t.tipi Pt low-~'~ r [b'r rAwe>r.I to w g
f - NI :. hbehl bK he'rself. Drive
by M\1r. .ings b.-r ownler, she su
e('flde. hA (iIeliping one' qaIIrtE.r of
r ---'irn I otT her peviousll rteord], ru a
n~~rg the mile' in 2.t)4 1 2.
ing sp)echos.A ini Onio ini the initerte
of thle Ohio De'tioe ratief' i ck'r ,,heat
SbyV Toml Jo)hnls'>n, D)ernoerat icecand
t dlate for governor.
Townsend( l'Idsenl, sone of a form
e mayor of Newv York, ini his apie
r ments11 in New' Yo rk onlVt Wed IIA~
sho an inistanitly killed Mrs. Fam11
Pullen, the wi fe of his fritAndt, oa:
then shot anrd killoed himnself. Eds
was madly in love with the wVoml
0 aind t.he hiootinig followedl a dlramal
sceno in which hat called uipon her
desert her husbandIl( andi chli(dren a
fly withI him to anttheAr Staite.
Wood's Seeds
m .ire th atst ( andrule.0 4 ifor' .
Ve getable andi Farm Sech
(1 hou!ldelA wVritA for W~oodI's %A
r- :Fall Cat aloegue. It t ells aLIb.
trIn' t:il pdIrA1An.' of I.to e C A
bage an Aoth r c 1I Vecgtale crop:;
nieratu~ groer es. Ah,;, ablar
Crimson Clover, VekhL.
Grasses and Clovers,
Se dLt, Wh.:1;
~ ARe, Blarey, etc.
r Ie ''l a :,-n
Mrs. Fred Unrath,
Paitadont C4Ammtr-y 4'In:h, ilentosn
larIt)r, Me1-1.
"After my first baby was born I did tint
seem to regain my strength although the
doctor gave ne a tonic w hich he con%id
t cred very superior, but instead ci getting
better I rcw weaker cvery day. My hus.
band insisted that I take Vinc of Cardoi
for a week and see what it would do for
nit. I did take the nedkine and was very
grateful to find my strength and health
slowly returnimg. In two weeks I was out
of bed and In a month I was able to take
up my usual duties. I am vcry enthusi.
astic in its praisc."
W ine of Cardui reinforces theorgans
of L'neration for the ordeal of preg
nncy and chi iki h. It prevents mis
earr !zi. No w on\.:m w ho takes Wine
of Canii noi f:mr t. coinii of her
chill. Ii Mrs. i'urath l taken
W int, of ( .i x. : I I h C.IvnI
she w I ,a L. \ 1 0e 1n t A'skin dt a
she was. lIe: IiI reoN .. should
comnd 1I I this .::Vst r0ned1y to evIerN
t'X pcs'tant methwr. V% in. if C:rdi
rt'alate-A the menstrual fit.w.
Newberry, S. C.
CrganioIsCc1 18013.
Capital - - - $50,000
Surplus - - - 19,500
Paid Stockholders
since organization 21,000
Paid Depositors in
Savings depart
ment since or
ganization - - $9,200
.\ m1111 w1ko \h thlt dis:. I. pa"i
n.'' ho pi'. s .: nt '\ork. I'
- Illch _Ileor t
--V s s\-,Vol rr\-Oha
w.'u~ier ad hfer gt
w \ you. try
e v: t wit h us~
-. w rkin for 'e...
1*ry 1 t) .1l 11o
b-h. f .'55wing dlru,.gi- re1i--ts the
-: tehr-- *f Mtl H N.njoup-nI:t bring
-rn ini at i lee asnd seenire ab1 soluti
hr~-. lth regular ii.o bottle of the
tGreat P reparastion, M"IU INA WVI NE
l'or sale only byv Gilder & Weeks
CliR:hI 'r) SrAY eun1> Iny
I announce to the world that I havt
an absolute curc for dIrunkenness ir
White Rtibbon Remedy, biasedl on thous.
er. ands of cures made of the most obsti
tnate casesC. In a majority of caise.
White Ribbon Remedy was given sec
}) ireuy in tea, coffee or food, wvithout ti<
l)patient's knowledge. Hv degrees th<
d. patient 'ets a (list aste for initoxit-ante
nandi fina ily leaves off altogether. It ih
w.ondlerful. Many a lhart 1(driniker hat
.KI thus bleen reel aimedQi and restoredl to his
Ie fml ands fr-iends(. White lRibbon
to) Remedy(l~ is e'asily given bly followinig
lie ainllle direchtions. It is tasteless
odlorless, andl perfectly safe to give oi
-. White Riioni Remedy w.ill clure o
desi~t roy the dlisCese appettite for all
aleohol ie dr tiks, whether the patieunt is.
a confir(1)med mteb,riatte, a "tipler," so.
ctia li- driker' or drunkIlSardl. Impossibk)l
8 for any' one toi. have ant ap~petite for al1
4 oholis liquoriis afte usin Wh\'ite' Rib
Sboni Reriedy'. It restores a v.ictimi to
resist1 tempjtast ion. Iluilds upJ th J( will
~' Indorsed and Sold by ?lemmters of a
Womn 's Christ ian Temperance Union.
'irs Anna Aloore, i'ress Superi'in.
ttende'nt oft the~ Womanii's Chriistian'liem
nm. olltts: 'I have.5 testied White Rib.
ar ds, ai th cure*))4s haive been'm manyW,.
etrf uilly recommend(-,s and iinlom't
VIwomanii toI give it to any relative suffer.
ng lrom01 dtrunl)kenness.'
.old in every drug st ore, 50e and $1.
Irial Ipack age free >)y w.ri ting or call
on it Mrs. A. M. 'l'ownsendl (for c'ars
ertay of a WVoman's Christian f'm
perance Umnon), 21l8 TPremont St., los
toni Mass. Spec-ial agents in
ss Ony at Druggists, or nil 25c
Cures Eruptions and Soros, Collo, Hivm
Worms. rC 3. W "Mr . c
-: VI
The Nashville, C
St. Louis Ry., e
ern and At]
The Scenic Ba
To the North, Nortl
Best Equipped Trains,
Quickest Time. For ra
etc., or any information
No. I North Pryor St.,
Opposite Union Depol
Two Daily Pullman Ve
Between SOUTH a
The Best R:Ik aid RC
Via Richmond and I
Norfolk and Steai
Nashville, Memph
Louis. Chicago, Ne
Points SOuth and South
and Jacksonville anc
and Cuba.
to For detailed informatioi
man rezervations, etc.. appl
board Air Line Railway, or
Passenger Agent. Columbik
A passengA srice
For rates,scule
tion, ritedt
WM. J.
the ! - is. Stru : e
Cub. 0,;J and Kc
to C. MOFFIfT, ". it., S1. Itfis, Ak
aid Thrush. Roiovo and Prv'evnt
hattanooga and
tnd the West
antic R. R.
ttlefield Route.
li-West and West.
Superior Service and
tes, schedules, maps,
, call on or address
Passenger Agent,
Atlanta, Ga.
Bell'Phone 169.
stibuled Limited Trains
ute to all Eastern Cities
N/ashington, or via
iers.--To Atlanta,
is, Louisvi~ ., St.
w Orleans, and All
west-To Savannah
all points in Florida
i, rates, schedules, Pull
y to any agent of The Sea
J. J. Puller, Traveling
s' t. Genl. Pass. Agt.,
kH, GA.
.---- -
eie Summerf Ret}sorit I-0
V ree to Any Ad.:e.
'iI Co4ST IN E
unIexcelledl for luxury
/ithi the latest Pullman
'horoughfare Cars.
maps or any informa.
ra! Passenger Agent,
Wilmiingtm, N. C.
t. t . iAe T i ' , -
L1 a1 t i i 8 I'.
-4~' 1IT14 04 t114a
M x0 Mixed
4o. 9. No. 12 tatlonh. No. 11 No.. 9
0. 3M. A. bi. 11. Ms. A. rd
310 9 55 .............. Bellol n............... 820 10 6)
248 9.33........ &jndersvi F. )......... 340 )J 10
245 1) 30........ 1ndor8on P. D..... ... 3 45 11 16
....... 9 26........W est Andl i on....... 349 ........
909 ...............D over.............. 369
....... 902...............Autun ......... 4 05 ........
....... 8 Wo . .. Potifletoin ........... 4 11 ........
....... 8 41 ..............Cherry.... .......... 4 18 ........
....... $ 44........ ...... A dam s ............... 4 21 ........
8 28 J .a n Ji.ct ... ... 4 33 ........
8 2- ............... Neneca.............. . a5
.- .--- b 00 ....... ..W est Un1ion ......... 6 o-I ....
....... 800............ W alha lla ............ 5 (.I . ......
All rgiet~-lar trailuf, fro-di Helton to Waliils,
lave precedence ovor trains of samio olass
."VIng in the opotite dlrootton unlouss oth
Irwiso Speclfled by train order.
Will Iso stop at the following Stations to
ak.O on and let oil passengers: Phlliney's
Falnes and Sand irlit a.
J- . A DH bN, Superintendent
iharleston and Western Carolina Rwv Co
Augusta and AsheviUo Short Line
(Schedule in tireet zu8ist 1, 1903.)
Roatd Down.) (Read Upi*
12.46 pm .........Lv Newberry ......... Ar 3.'0 pm
1.50 pml .. Ar Laurmns............. Lv 2.02 pm
2.0 pl m......... Lv Laurens. Ar 1.80 prn a
3.30 pin ......... Ar Spartan burg..... Lv 12o m
3.4,1 pm.........v opartanburg..... Ar 10.25 am
6.32 Pin.........Ar Saluda............... Lv 3. 89 at'
0.11 Pi.........Ar Hoidersonvilke Lv 8.05 alu
1. 1 pin.........Ar %eheville........ .. Lv 7.06 am
12.46 pin...... Lv N-wberry (U.N.&L.) 3 10 pi
1.60 pm..... Ar Laurenj.......... Ly 2.02 pm
55 p in.Lv Laurs..........A r 1.45 rm
2. . 1)111......Ar reenwood.............Lv 12.44 pm
. 20 .. ...Ar Augusta.........Lv 10.10 am
236 pm..V Augusta.........Ar 12.20 aI
6.30 pio ...... Ar Betaufort..........Lv 7.15 a
-15 Pi .... Ar Port Royal ........... LV 7.05 #'r
12 4N p.. . wherry (O.N.&L)Ar 3.10 pn
.t l0 J .... Ar Liutrema -......... Lv 2.02 pm
2 09 pn ...... Lv JI1r -jig .............. .k 1.35 pIn
1.2 11 ..... Ar (Ireo nville....... .. Iv 12.16 pm
For itrther lnfornattiont relativ to (1 ,rates
Lte., ell on), or1 athlru,se
WEO. T 1ItY N Gon. Ag .Greenville,8 C
ERNE T WILL IA MS, (lop. P'ass. Agt.
Augusta, Ga.
T. M. . t onR Trafflo Manager.
(Eitutem Sandard Tirre.)
Soitthbouid. Northbounl.
iclie In Eaoet Sanu1lay, 'JIun0 128th, 1903
8 40 am Lv Atlanta (S.A.L) Ar. 8 50 pin
10 -i ail A litons 6 111 pil
i 1.5 a1n ElFberton 6 17 pmi
12 :' m,11 Abbeville 4 03 pin
1 22111 Uronwood 3 35 tin
Ar Clintoi (Illn'r) .y. 245 pm
10 0i 'u I'V (leMin Sprhigs Ar 4 00 pm tw.
I2 Ir. pn. Pia tanubrg . 30 1im
12 2 1i Greilnvi)JO 3 26 pm
(1rnrs springs)
1 32 l'ui Waterloo 2 % pmn
1 J.i r 1,.a1-r*ns (Dit'r) I.v 2 4 7 pi
24 2 53 52 21 85
Di'Iy 1)Iy 1),ly i,yg1yDl
e.x ex Wly WlLll
ex ex
Aliti 'ili MkuHu
1111 11111 1)11 1 In p n fuill
anm umn im Pmi pIn am
7 14) 700 202 LV Laturon.. Ar 150 900 600
7 V 7 1u 201 Parks 1 42 861 560
8 45 7 ;0 22. Clinton.. 130 830 b25
9 15 7 h0 3 34 Goldville 117 3 04) 446
7 3 80o 24 1 Kinara 1 10 746 430
940 84)9 249 ary 105 736 4 40
1)5 8 18 254 Jalapa 100 726 406
I1o 8 40 :4341 ktowberr y 1246 795 345
S 32 9 2 3 21 Pro.-periy 1232 941 305
12 48 918 3 34 sliglhs 12 23 ff 241 2 60
1 10 9 15 339 br Mountain 12 19 620 2 40
1 4) 8-10 .61 haptn 120) (105 220
155 0 357 Iltlton 1202 55\ 206
05 155 4 01 White Rock 1159 650 200
25 004 4 (7 Balehntinie 1151 541 150
2 b--i1- 7 4 7 Irmuio i 46 62' 332
.5 o 1 4; -Leaphart.. 11 40 5 a,4 1 19
3 304 (4) 4 to 411ulnlbla 11 25 0t 1 00
. U L.
(Uiion St ation)
4 51 hvColut bla (A .O.L.)Ar Il 10
43 20 Stinter 9 50
20 A r Cha, rlestont Lv 7 00
Ta Ins .,M anil u2 arrivecj tdliart from
Tirainsui 22 arnl 8i from A. C. 1L. rregght depot,
W est G4ervals~ street,
For IHates,TlImo Talels, or further informa
t Ion callI on any Ag'nt, or 1wriitei to
WV. (4. CIIII.S, T1. 13. EMEISON,
F. I". l1VI NJUMTON, II 1. Ehi E RSC
8oi. Agti lt.n'Il "rt. &i 'ass Agt.
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