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R'ilroad Train Near Yorkville Took a 50
Foot Plunge, Killing 6 and Injuring
Passenger train No. 15, north
bound, on the South Carolina and
Georgia Extension Railroad, former
ly. the Three C.'s now operated by
the Southern Railway, went through
a trestle fifty feet high over Fishing
Creek, three miles east of Yorkville,
about 11.80 o'clock Thursday, killing
six men and injuring twenty-four,
five of whom will likely die. Three
of the latter are negro passengers.
Engineer Henry Brickhan.
Fireman Fred Rhyrie.
Postal Clerk Smith and three un
known negroes.
Julius Johnson, of Rock Hill, S.
C , perhaps fatally.
W. L. Slaughter, Hickory Grove,
8, C., seriously.
Fred Poag, Lancaster, S 0.
P. W. Spence, Roddy's, S C.
J. N. McLaurin, Bethune, S. 0.
Mrs. J. 0. Boyd, Pressley, N. C
Mrs. H. B. Buist, Rock Hill, S. C.
B. F. Williford, Charlotte.
T. C. Hicks, Lancaster, S. C.,
W. Harry Wilie, Jr, Rock Hill,
S. 0.
R. A. Willis, Edgemoor, S. C.
F. M. Stephenson, Kershaw, S. 01.
-Ounningham, Lancaster, S. C.
0. B. Hall, Rock Hill, S. 0.
Mrs. Sadie Caskill, Kershaw, S. C.
Two children named Jenkins, of
Rock Hill.
Conductor Ed. Ttiurier.
Baggagemaster Dukes.
Flagman Whisnant.
All the above are white.
Colored: Billie Beard, Rock Hill;
Frank Burrisma, Sharon, S. C.; Alec
Hurry, McConnellsville, S. C.
All the bodies have been taken
out save those of the engineer and
The train consisted of an engine
and three cars. It left Rock Hill
about 11 o'clock with about forty
passengers on board. When the
train passed upon the trestle the
entire structure under the cars gave
way, hurling the engine and cars to
the bank of the creek, about fifty
feet below. Engineer Henry Brick
man, Firemem Fred Rhyie and three
negro passengers were instantly
killed. Conductor Ed Turner suf
fered a broken shoulde r and W T.
Slaughter, of Hickory Grove, S. C.,
and Julius Johnson, of Rook Hill, S.
C., were perhaps fatally injured.
Marin H. Morrow, of B3lacksburg,
RA ;T. 0. Hicks, of Lancaster, and
.A.Willis, of Edgemnoor, S. C.,
have broken b)ones, while a dloz.en or
more other passengers wvere less
seriously injured. B3 F. Williford,
Sof Charlotte, who was slightly in
Sjured, displayed rare presenc.e of
mind in helping the passenigera The
timbers of the bridge were rotten
and this fact is ascribed as the cause
-of the wreck.
The seven directors and four ofl.
cars of the trolly line in Newark,
7N. J., who were indicted for murder
T)bepause a numb)er of people had been
killed in an accident on their line
n de, it was held in the coroner's ver
7~,to the negligence of the comi
y,were acquitted, the jud(ge in.
S~ting the jury to return a verdict
'~t'ot 4uilty" because it had not
nshown that t he officials had
~4Ied to performi some specified act.
n Y~ accrounit of the strike situation
v. Peaboby of C >nnee int I has
ta military fore.' of 1,200 men
~ Wripple Cree.k.
Sour Stomach.
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MtIcate the food t.horoughly. Let
fiv hours elapse between meals, and
w) you feel a fullness and weight in
t~eion of the stomach after eating,
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Judge Townsend, Not Judge Gage, Will
Hear the Case--Chief Justice Pope
Issues Order Relieving Judge
Columbia, September 4.-The case
of James H. Tillman will not be
heard before Judge George W. Gage,
at the coming term of Court in Lex
ington County. An order has been
issued by Chief Justice Pope, ap
pointing Judge D. A. Townsend to
hold the fall term of Courts in Ker
shaw and Lexington on account of
the physical infirmities of Ju-1ge
Gage. Justice Pope's order making
the change of Judges is as follows:
The State of South Carolina.
Whereas, the Hon. George Wil
liams Gage as presiding Judge of
the 5th judicial circuit for the fall
term, 1903, is unable by reason of
physical infirmities to hold the fall
term 1903 of the Courts of General
Sessions and Common Pleas for the
county of Lexington, in said State,
beginning on Monday, the 21st day
of September, in the year 1903, at
10 o'clock in the morning.
Now, in obedience to the laws of
this State governing such matters, I
do hereby nominate and appoint, the
Hon. D. A. Townsend, of the circuit
bench of this State, to hold the said
Court of General Sessions and Com.
won Pleas of and for the county of
Lexington, in the State of South
Carolina, for the fall term, 1903, of
said county, beginning on Monday
morning at 10 o'clock on the 21st
day of Sptenber, in the year 1903,
of said Courts of (Ioneral SosHions
and Common Pleas for Lexington,
in said State. Y. J Pope.
Cnief Jutitice of the Supreme
Court of the State of South Caro
lina, at Chambers, 1st September,
The transfer of Judge Townsend
to this circuit will cause some com
plication in the fall term of Court to
be held in Fairfield. In the sche
dule of Courts to be held Judge
Townsend is set down to hold Court
at Winusboro on September 23.
Under these circumstances a pre
siding Judge will have to be ap
pointed for the Fairlield Court.
The change of venue in the Till
man case was granted by Judge
Townsend in Richland County, and
he seems to be getting his share of
this important case.
Further Atrocitis in Maeedonia - Turkey
Gtevs Notice She Can Not Protect
Reports from Sofia, Bulgaria, uin
des date or September 6, give details
of further terrible atrocities commit
ted by the Turks in Macedonia.
Fifty villages have been1 burned in
three districts and four villages
burned and a priest murdered in the
fourth district.
The vilb.ge of Velhosti was entered
by Turks and Bashi Bazduks, who
are said to have surrounded the vil
lage and ent *red and( b)egun 1phindsr
ing the houses and1( assaulting the
wvomen. TIhe other soldiers remained
outside arid killed those inhabitants
of the village who tried to escape.
The Turks then set tire to the village
in four laces, burning twelve wvomen
and children. One child was hanged.
Al together sixty peasants were killed(
and their bodies0 were left in the
(JAN NoT itoOT' AMniASSAD)o1s.
T1he Port.e has given niot ice to the
world that it can ntot guarantee the
protecotion of foreign legat ions and
adlvisinig that the forces inside the
legat ions be increased1. it is thought
this is simply a ruse by the PorLs to
dlisclatim respon~-ibility for any out
rage whieb might occur. Somne of
t he I ejentioans' have i ncrsedf( I heir
guard1s by thne ad(dition of n,a-inen.
Thei. U. 5. con,sut Inw not i et asked
for Inrie' Thei U S a(lI (dron is
s ml ait i3.ir t.
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Foe.r Calls For Riots During The Year
Suggestions For The Next En
The State.
Gen. Frost has forwarded to th4
war department his report of thi
militia of the State for the year 1601
up to the lt of September. Th(
report deals with the riot calls, witl
the encampment, and concludes witi
recommendations asto futureencamp
There were but four calls for th(
services of troops to suppress riots, al
Monck's Corner on March 16th, al
Beaufort on April 22nd, at Chester or
May 4th, and at Norway on July 4th
in all of which cases the troops re
sponded promptly and prevented trou
The account of the various encamp
ments is then followed with a detailee
report from Major P. J. Drew as tc
number of men attending and ex
ponse. The report shows that th(
First regiment had in camp 600 offi.
cers and men; the Second regimenI
612; the Third 545. All of these wer
conducted in a mist creditable man
ner The. enthusiasm over militir
service is due, he thinks, to the receni
Dick military law, which is consid
ered the best ever passed. H(
recimmends, however, that the appro
priation for encampment purposek
will be doubled next year in ordei
that the men might have two weekt
in a concentrated camp.
Upon t.he matter of target prao
tice he adjntatit general stggesti
ihat. t bie povernment hold annual tro
phy contests at Savannah or soni
other good range for the southerri
troops and ho hops to organize riflt
teams in this State soon. Targel
practice has been neglected in South
In view of the fact that 24 drillE
a year are now required by the wa
department and that each company
only gets about $150 from the State,
it is recommended that the govern.
ment pay each man $1 per drill with
$1 fine for absence. This will ena
ble the militia to obtain armories
which are badly needed. The sug.
gestion is also made that the mini.
mum number of each company bE
45 instead of 65, and that the
government hereafter provide trans
portation for cavalry horses.
The work of Capt. Leo Foster iF
highly commended and much good
was done the militia by his work,
The presence of a company of regu
lars at Andersort and Camden, unde,
Capt. Bennett, also served as a model
to the mren.
Valuable Business Houses on Main Street
Destroyed-Mlmnaugh'is Cloth
ing Store Gone.
Fire in Columbia early yesterday
morning destroyed and badly dam
aged some4 of the most valuable bus.
ness houses on Main street. At one
Lime :it appeared that the entire block4
including the Columbia hotel would
be wiped out, but there was no wind
and double fire walls prevented the
spread1 of the costly fire.
The fire was discovered about 1
o'clock. It burst ap in the rear ol
Xepapa's confectionery store.
J. L. Minmnaugh, store $10,000
insurance $7,000; stock $50,000, in
J. S. Wiley, building $15,000, in
N. J. Xopapans, confectioner, $5,
000; insurance $4,000.
H. Kaletskci, $7,000; insured.
Capt. J. S Land, Governor'i
Gntards, Rt. WV. Moody, Palmett<
Lodlge Odd Felloiws, Ho~wiie and( othet
tenani ts ont uppe r fi 'ors, loss and
Ml a I atP n ie,,i.e to build
T'o -I s e a, a 'r ximital ely $92,.
Mr. J1 L Mi nnaughi says that he
will rebuild at once.
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