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li. Hi. AUI, )mt I-OR.
Beginning with this issue, The Herald
and News will print each issue the cot
ton market at. the various places in the
county. 'The market will be corrected
by buyers at the various places whose
names appear at the head of the mar
Receiving the various markets of the
county twice each week the farmers will
know where it will pay them to carry
their cotton.
The wreck on the Southern near
Yorkville last Thursday, caused by a
trestle giving way under a train loaded
with passengers. adds another to the
long list of railroad horrors which have
appalled this section ot the count-ry dur
ing the past year and more. It is said
that timbers in the trestle were rotten.
This report has been widely cireulated
and we have as yet seen no denial. If
this was in reality the cause of the dis
aster. thenl this loss of life and limb
was caused 1 somebody's criminal
We were informed by a railroad man
that the railroad commissioners of this
St ate had not inpec ted this trest le in
seventeen 'em-s What are the hit Its
of the railroad comn"issioners if not to
use t0heir evern endeav-or to see t ha
tihe lives of railroad passengers in t his
State are safe'.' The matter of railroad
rates anld of depot facilitits is Very
small when ComNpared to tihe loss of
even one life in a railroad disaster
caused by negleet. We are not in a
position to substIntia t e sI it ement
that the comissioners hai not inspect
oil this t restI e I se\ en tee . v tars. Tilt'
statement is merlr iv .(In for. what ii
is worth. \\ e ar4 not soo Iking' to I" t he
responsibilit for Ibhis disaster o' ih
reason that we" art, not In poSSIsson 0t
sutlicient fatts ever. to at tImpt to S
the respons. i lI Th. 1The ma t I,' w il
doubtless lit fui' I aot i in Ihe courts
and the facts w1 he! brought to 1Ight.
About t hi great est \Iood , whi can he
accomplished nowi m,i t hi ianage has
booln dont Is. b1Y :1\inq- 0h14s, n ibh
t v. to ra'm'l iW. , hs ons; bhrm,.re
In' .'u in ih fao 1c rlr ar tirmg0mg
noc ac'.isat tn agc:cn 1i he ralroadc ~'com
ission :c'rs , t '-t siil \ i'l:iiihlinl
0hat if the' satmnti of i rilroal
otlletal is c . Ihtiat ih Irest it whose
ten t imbers ,aiused I hi appalling
d iisast (r nea Y ork vilh.- had not neen in
spielted by hi' nomissionSr V isvn
t (4n *Vars. ict he com:mssioners hi
in n iii. r es -.: in hlii . r .u:T eta
-ver. hce 'c's,the i'i e ihth ccnvoca
. iith l'.AvL,? tI\ , tc'hie tg, ',s ~c.
'D cry i' C' a Ls, 0: A\licnu. Liga1'n ncit.
5L'jiL .'!a: bc * '.':h lc . .'c' :. ' hi s:'c ,11
11'11 I I th\ iin ii c's:' '5:iL t'-I vs glioit
his acssetie hi -,I. 11 'Im si.ui c. :nc,e. vL'
c ink lo:ll i . v i i l' ; c ol' ' c
icr e i i n-c, ccc c re 'cc.. . 'ts :- 'he' oni
s,olcccic. \\'e. 'ie i' ih:nik m hat: the ta.sk
cccc: . co c.vi cc'.i c lt ''h<.i It :ie i th 'e c"'
.\ \\'hi . he'ir..' stall havei. ici:neid
1i.1, he I w i'. e ;e. w~ 'I li t' w hit.
ina 1:i It n t' cisc'h en icough I: 'fI
thel. w . 'm cc Ic:.:ci.c ti eniablei.
hun to wc'cc:k u''i I:, ccn riesc::cc
'\ "lb i ' ii d \ c-Ld cwhicht wccll t;
it.. fe: sL'paic h: cc h1 mcipe, fai thet
ithe. sep;cc 't 'wc -I .'inii. as c it ight to'
A -' in .pscc ,: '\:: Grcives' :ildre's'.
Mc kn cilic ',le statitlics. is
The Charlot c' UObsi'rv'er thinks that
''an able pre"a.cher withI the faculty for
(c'cndi.nsat0ioic and diect ness of ('xpres
sion' wh'o. wouid sit down at his desk
withI paper'c and pen ci'l. co nfine himself
sti'c'iv t the suic ert in hand, develop
ever.' poimt in the fewcest wcor'ds pos
sible and wc'ih the most effective words
atI his comlvmand aini leaving his point as
soon as he madec it . wit hout recourse to
'in ot her worlcds. ' aind a rest at ement of
the same proposition in difTerent Ian
guage, wcould lbe aston'ished to find how
much gracnnd he could cover in a ser
mon whien wcould occupy no more than
thirty' minutes in it.s delivery!; and in
cident ally he might astonish his congre
gat ion, t oo.' "Ilt has been said, and
wit h a gooid deal of t.ruth. that a
prealch(er makes mighty fewv convert.s
by a sermon after the first thirty
minutes of it..
Adver'tised Letters
lUemaining in postotlice for the week
ending September 5. 1903:
A - Mrs. M. C. Amiick.
H. Jinm razel.
(~ Miss Ida ('annon. Par's (alven.
D) is. Ella Dav'is.
F-MNitchcell F"lat on.
Il M. M. llerlong, 1. 5. Head. C. C.
31 Mrs. Ann deter, 10. H. dlones.
Ir. Willie L anguage, Will Lake, Han
MI - A. IF. McRal, Mrs. Lucy Miller
il Miss Mary Racket, C. P. Robin
Bon, Monroe Robert.
S- Miss IClient Simpson.
T1 -1. R. TIucker.
W-I'Lurcfle Williams.
Persons calling for these letters will
please say that they were advertised.
L brother of Mr. 0. McR, Holmes, of this
City, Passes Away In Wi- ell
mlnton N.C. I
The following annotucement of the vf
leath of Mr. Gabriel Holmes, who was a h<
>other of Mr. 0. Mcn. Holmes, of this b
:ity, is frot the Wilmington, N C, Star
,f September i wi
The community will be maddened this se
norning at the annonneement of the te
leath of Mr. Gabriel Holmes, which o0- e
nurred last midnight at his home, No
tiz North Third street, after an ietedi- ell
ite ilhess of only a few weeks All -%]
nembers of the family were at the bed C
tide of Mr. Holuies when he passcd away,
Id although the hour was late not a few
'riends called at the home to express l'
heir sympathy and regret at the death nil
it a citizen so useful and highly esteemed pe
i the conmunity Mr. 11olhcs had been
n vetry poor health for several years, but
ie was actively engaged until abont the m
it-st of Angust, when, upon the advice of Co
liis physician, he went to the iountaina
r A few weeks' rest, lie r,ew worse
hile away and was brought flome about
the middle of the month, where he grad
tally bevatne weaker atid weaker ntil )ei
leatl calue to end his siffering. After ,
us retiurn he was taketl to Railimore fol.
I-eatM1ient by a specialist, but no hope
tvaN given and he was brought bIck to -
itiilngton to spend the renainler of B(
us days surrounded by his fanlIv and
Ivilds and all the coinforts of a well pro n
nided homitie.m
hir. 11olimes was boN1 in Soulitport, fi
Rtinswiek conty, and would have been gir
V 'a1s of age on tie ten Ih day of the e
esent 1)oith. Os 1nothC ws NI rs
\11 i ill liolitles. ani his fat l 0wen
:is l4o1imes, long sincc pavssed way
I is fatihet wns t intage t iee plantei ad at
'II tunle operated tlie enidall plantation
\ t lohnies att n ldel scoliil unile[ G rad v
nid Nlcl.cod, at Cliiton. N C.. where the oil
atin refIugevi 4during the civil war in th
i he reioved to Wilmington and en- is
.red the vrkce business as a clerk for is
' NIY yers & Co. nt1'l the titim dis- if
e'l. i' atet he was with othet houses mI
uni lad tioromghly nasteredevei v detail W
li %he trd wAdohen, in S;0, lie weit into
Wtns with I I tis 11 WNtters. und1,11el
he l i.'I nIiame of I im- S H \\'a trs.
Irec vea isgo the liwt %as issolved
li i1itnal coili-ent, and NI: 11o"ines A
lorme114d the II oiilnes Grcer Co., of w% hih
he n'AS prCsiCIt Atl pri1I-Ipa stock
NII. iliitnes piersolially was a Iiani of .
tte at timents, urbane and chivAlli Iml oll
his tuainet , ; k ind tid vi courtt os ith ferel a
:mi to the wishes ot' others; a tan, of gi vat
prohity: a t;*11e fulend Aind a safe conisCl
Icm ile lAd tiot an enenilly in the worldt f
Kit! was a Chr1,t1anl ge'lltilmail inl everyt
sens' of the word. lie was senti ia:
'tl of St .1olhn's J.Piiscojinl Clilirt'll, h f
meiber ot the lhoard 0t Count, Coium s -,;
me01IrCs to: smx veArs until his de:ct a
Iirctct i the Atlatitic National 'aik m
:d" a IIIN of remiiarkably filie huI1sIIess
N:. Holies IiiarrieI a dilightel of Co'.
Petei Nialk it. o'New York, the fann,\
!%eiig onie of tle leacdltig inl Ciimibrindit al
aid iraige cointies As a ICsul1it of hiat
union Ihere are left to moiin the loss of
, devot'dC hushand aII fathei a sore
IbL-rvaved wife and( two sons. Nitss-s.
Pierre and I )wen 1 Iolites, RgC 20 and 14 h)
Veirs, esiectvel'. Nir. liolimes is also
:v Ve4 liv three brothers, 0 NIke R
Ines. of Newherry S C ; A:int u ti y
a Roblert I.ee liolhnles, of this ett\. and
c -isters, Mrs j ulia Harris iq o'it W I
:a. lon; ,'Mirs \\'m l1anliton, t Spt- d
h Rg, N lrts Alice P tacoti, t
.: t: e. Va All of them were
hen wkhen NIl. liloiies passed awal
Letter:: 10 Sam'l Crotwell, Newber'ry, S. C.
I tear Sir When you can buyv paint for r
s ihan Dev~oe, don't ;save,v'our' money.
M rAaronH iggins, Plamntield. N :1.
away usd ingalonsof paint for his
houste: Devoe took 11.P
NI inEzra Rathmell, Williamsport,. Pa.
a:wysusd 11; D'evoe took ti.
M utYotng, Girard, Pia, alwaysh
.used al gallon for certain rooms; took
half as mutch Devoe.
Mr Nathaniel Barber, Canton. N Y,
bought 12 D)evoe; tused less t.han ti.
Yout (enn alway's buy paint for less
than De)voe; dion I save youir money.
The wear'ing counts the same 'way
aiid doubles the difference.
The cost of painting is by the gallon. -
\\ eak paint costs most ;most gallons. 6'
Yours t.ruly, ii
F. W. Dev~oi.: & C
1'. S~. Tlhe Newtberry H-ardware Coct
s Is our paint. u
V# Ill Otuly Strengthen the Testimony of
Newberry Citizens.
Th ie tesrt.imnyi which tcollows will
I ad i ie t erI of cIlde,t. invesc't,igat.ion.
-tioss-cxamn, alion oif snceh evldcence
w i ti ttr Iigthe it.. IProof of I.h is na
ar i'c pl jent.i fi in Newibcerry~ atnd L,hi
mn 51 skc pitical can h:ardly~ donuht, thle'
'aa:nus madc' for "The,, iIt,Lc Con i
iteci''r ' w bien laiced finee t.i fiace wit
tI pu- itblic utter-cncces of frictius, neigh
'Iisa cd lcai l c'iit n H,cacl II he c'\
c riec' ~ ell bclciw; it may sav-e yoti
many~ houre cof ftutunre trouble.
\\' H-. 1.1arris, chic-I of Po-l ice of! Necw
1 auflere forincm year's fiom v i c
andec kidney and. - *lc a duill iaching a'cr-e
h it b ntma! of tic b ack matd e mie isera i
dl' e'ctc..eially ait iiig'ht wheicn it wi'c.
ine ob mcrse' 1 ('oulId no0t irest in any t
poiton,Iiic thi' r(ectetin' wer~ie very' clark
a nd full ci'd ei muent ancd cau sei mh nt t
i-e a niumb' of Iitisdtinug the' niht
ancc bcetwe'.n this annoyi%anc(e iandt icc j
bac'kac'he it w'.as imp;ossi ble for mei, t.o(r
i t oneh 51-lee whliIt h wmas fast under- V
no in m gcie irai hicalt.h. I r'iedc a
inumber ti-iof remeldjIies but t,il LiI saw' thc
cccdmc'rtisc nien t aboumit IDoa n's K idnccs
' i's anid pcrcur'ecd a box at \\' . Pl'' i
hamc in Soin's drug store-, not.hi ine mave'
lic'me eh f. Tihe nuce of t.huis rem'nedy- as
coridoig tot di rectii.in iciiuli prmp 1 bruui
abut a clecded cange~ for' I' c' beltter i
.\her turu.g two bioxec. the- batckache al
I lt'. : n' kidne uc- s- lions c'le'ruis
upi andi r-oa,ne.d theirit not.rmail t?acion
1"cr sai-l ivb allI driers'" l'i ce i
cent r. Foster i-.\t :huri i'i ( . ii hfalo. N
. silt 'jcent1s fcir the: i: S
1 temem'b r thei nlamte D) ans andi ht'ake
lii subtsttituteie
kShools will open on 21st Septem
ber, 1903. White pupils without Krade
cards wil report to the Superinten (ent's
othece for examination and classifica
tion the 17th and 18th at 9.30 a anr
Colored pupcils will report at 11o0e !"
school at the same time. :i -
The Superintendent will be in his ret
ofhee iat oiundar'y street school from
9 to 11 o'clock on the 17th and 18th
mats, for consultation with patrons
Sep. 17. 1903. SUp,.itnd-a dmn
St. PauPs Items.
There will be communion at, St.. Paul's
urch on the first Sunday in October.
The congregation has granted ou
Mor, the Rev. .1. A. Sligh, a month's
cation. Pastor Sligh will visit some
alt.h esort., with the expectation o1
ing bernefitted.
Tihe ladies of the missionary society
Il give an entertainment at. th<
hlool house next. Priday night, Sep
mber 11th, the proceeds to go to pur
asing a pulpit and chairs for the
urch. The admission fee will bt
iall, so that everybody can afford t<
me and enjoy an entertainment -n
celled by any. The ladi(s gave on<
;t April which was enjoyed very
icl, and which was beyond the ex.
Mt.ations of the large crowd present..
ie one Ftriday night promises t , 1e
ich better than the other. I say,
me everybody, laugh and get fat..
r'e following oliCers have beeN
,ted for St.. Paul's church. Elders:
1). Sheely, .1. C. Aull, .. A C. Kib.
,.1. P". Richardson, l,. 1. Ept ing,
11. Livingston. Dencons: N. W.
chardson, T. A. Epting, G. 11. Aull,
A. Sheely. E. M. Sheely, .1. 11.
Phe St.. Paul's church council will
'et on Saturday afternoon before tihe
t Sunday in October. The Mt. l'il
im council i.; invited to meet with ou
Incil. as per arrangements a yeai
"opl. 7th, 100:'.
Firesh Flour All the Time.
rhe celebrated "Clifton'' flour is soh
.y to the retail merchants, and, as
ry buy in small tuantities, the loim
ylways fresh. Biransford's *'Clifton'
t.rict.ly the ftlour for family use, and
our bread, cake and pasti-y arc not
de of it you are certainly tihe loser.
keep it in stock reguhrly.
T. ,1. 11A1F,
Successor to Hayes & Me0CarIt\.
that I will sell at public outerv bre
r the Court H1ouse at New\berr'.
C.. within the legal hours of sale
Saledav in l ,iber, 10k:'d. 1i not sole
private sale before then. all that
Operty known as the Newberry oth'
Ill, siitatod one and alhlif 1 mih's noi
N b r .C.. :id dosctit"d :
lows: 0omiplete 7.:brrel st1:m
lilet flour mill; brick huildinle :xt
et. with metal roof: (ein'e ron
x6.0 feet. of brick. with netal roof,
ntaining Sl 14rownell & Co.,
at 10 engine. 40 horse 1owM or I ombart
iIer anl one Motfratt co)ine boile
ed-p1ump and heater; one .\ lie-h
tneral I -i t', CO. dy n . Sk\vMilo
res of land w\'ill be sohl 'wit h t litm Ill
SO 2-room t enement house and twt
it l-aildings.
Terms of Sale: Purchaser will be rt
lired to lay t hiree-foart hs cash: b.al
lce payable within one y'ear. sem-e
note, Mortgage and osm:me no0
i he preniscs sold. Int ere- . at ' ' pe
,lit. annually. llrchaser to a\ fto
liis propetv w \%ill be solhi t, sciii
it estate, of 'r. 1). 1. 1oex .r Sr.
c eased.
Sept. 2nd 1.. I Z
Teacher Wvante'd.
Lschool wvill meet at th sic ~hot
itse on I"riday . Septembm- ic I1 . fori t.h
i rplose of elct.ing a tenet'her' for t.h
inter sc hool at a salarv of 8:itt pt'
onthI. All applic'at ions' must be i
aiis of t he undersigned b y t.hat 1.1 ilt
wvantedl for t.hi' eltg. Schoo.
lo. 8" Townisip. Mchoo! 0onen1. t b
ft.h day~ of (Oct.ober ani runi t seve
iiths'-saIry' $:30 a mont bi. A pphe:
Onls mayi\ be' sent to an\ omi 0! t
nidermigned truist.ee.
Newherr. S. C. Aug :h. 190:
Ipium Whiskey an
All Drug Habits
sur'ed Without Pai i
Your Home.
HE REST or 5/N1eU/,0IA
If aol. ad~nu~ol it it
ithon: ai01 he.
buse't lii
eI lld ' '~I '
)r Wi. in
'l: 'enre;a '
l'eator, i.on , 11-': een ''>th ao '
the best dOta I eVer inlve-sted
irs. Virginia To.'nlsr"-.i, o v
t, La , writes: "No moI:e ropiu 111
e taken no other remlledy than v'o.
p make t.o mnistake whien I say that
health is better now than it ever w.as
ny life, and I owe it to you and voor
iedy. It has been twelve y'ears smnee
as cured by your~I 1ti t'.
ocr full particulars address, Dr. It M'
>1ley, 30ol Lowndes Bldg ,Atlanta,
., who will send you hi s book on these
ease m> o o
The only kind of consump
tion to fear is " neglected
Pmpiare le ring that con
it Sis nvgl ected consumption
that is so often incurable.
A the faintest Suspicion of
consumption get a bottle of
Scott's E'milsion and begin
regular doses.
The use of Sett's Emulsion
at once, has, il thousands of
Cases, turned the balance in
Ivor of health.
Neglected consumption does
not exist where Scott's Emul
sion is.
Prompt use of Scott's Emul
sion checks the disease while it
C.m he checked.
Send fo l ec sample.
SI'iTT & 1OWN F., t'hemists.
49V4t% Pe1 reet. New York.
So And $1 tv% a', drulcists.
Newberily College.
Tuition $30 to $40,
Board $6.50 to $12,50
Strong Faculty.
Good Equipment.
Now building $20,
000 recitation hall.
Next Session begins Sep
teniber 23.
GEO, B. CROMER, President,
Coll1effe of Cliarlestonl
Letter~ s. Sioe ci .ng ing. one
:el(a.h kl .11 ov f South
Carohinak. Elltr:.,!Wc cXami'na.tion hlvd
at N wltr.\ Iy C.n Superinlvndvnt
o' Iduc ation and Iudge of Il-ollatc oil
.1l11y 10. Tm: 0. t ( :1rd :an1d fur
nisht-d rotn, I omito . 1 10 per
miont h. All c;midiit:e- for admission
Are pei'tt- I d it o m et Vt f 1o v.e
Sclolar'shil1. wVtIli 1'y SIi'O a year.
IlAlI8iiSo1N lhANIiOi1'H.
Warren White Suipher Springs.
Var'e U lL: ! nn er wa t etionl
: I 10xi e < xlaii ron . I )1o Four,1
ni monu.I Iun (ia. rat: t1 famxille.
Watches, Clocks,
SiIii and Plofe Wore,
Cui Glass and Table Ware
Wedding and Birthday Presents
ke\ w~inding WNatches
C nned to Stem
Eduard SchOltz,
J(eweler and Optician.
UUJRLU .j:tas Hicks'I
-' N T . \ iI ANni THEL
ou. hn WLI ~ arr; iad the tickets
w (he i Wr e i t h fl. n f e.
any I t i-., w ho ha've' already sub)- I
serbeu A1 oo a001 i' thlese' haveI rce(ived
tL,,an thexrs mxay ge.t Iickets.
. Jhe (olinL AIg I ?five n mb ers conslt.it.ute0
th cour(( e: ( -X G v. Bo TQl avlor, (in
hi' i,ewt leue, I astles in thec Air),
110n. AlIf Tay~lor. DeWitt M~1iller, Met ro
p~ontan(1 Grand (Concert Co., Sig.
Meyer-Cauveoev' Co.
A -iigle reserved seat se'asonl tickeft
will he $8.00.i Any oneV takinig two
tickets will.get t hemn for $.5.!0
TIhe olbemlng number of t.he coursie
will hi t night.. of Ocoer &..
(B..1.or Wouall's Collegc, lichiliolid, Ya.)
Mower Co's Store.
School Opens
September Ist, 1903.
Terms-$2,50 per Eight Lcssos.
We would like to ask, through the
columns of your paper, if there is any
p,rson who has used Green's August
ower for the cure of Indigestion,
Dyspesia, and Liver Troubles that has
not, een cured --- and we also mean their
results, such as sour stomach, ferIen
tation of food, habitual costiveness,
nervous dyspepsia. headaches, despon
dent feelings, sleeplessness- in fact.
any trouble connected with the stom
ac i or- liver? This medicine has been
sold for many years in all civilized coun
tries, and we wish to correspond with
you and a- nd you one of our books free
of cost.. If you never tried August
Flower, try a 25 cent. bottle first. We
have never known of its failing. 1f so,
something more serious is the matter
with you. The 25 cent size has just
been introduced this year. Regular
size 75 cents. For sale 1by W. E. Pel
ham & Son.
G. G. GRWEN, Woodbury, N. J.
Notice to Policy Holders.
- Farmer's Mutual Insurance Asso
ciation of Newberry County, will meet
at Newberry, on Saturda',, the fifth
day of Sept ember, at 11 'clock a. In.
Every Policy llolder is urged to be pre
sent; if not to send a proxv.
L'. 1. 11PT1\1G. Scy
.1. L. KrITT, Pres.
Knights of Pythias,
N-t-,whert-ry -.otlt-e No. . ,
l 1'odgie will be held on the 2nd and
.t h Tueslav nights of each month at
8.00. Visiting1 Knights cordially wel
coined. T 1S. E. EPTlNGt.
K. of 11. and S.
Crotwell llotel 11uilding.
M1 8. S. T. BAUM , Pi4cil.
Pn'riay. lntcirmodialte and Adh-:mced
Conrses. Scientite GIading. Latest
Methods in Touch and Technic.
Instruet ion t horougTh. prices moderaite.
Satisfaction gaaranted.
(Clarter applied for.)
IS , S VSl' S V'M M ER . A S7AS C -
'LA aie of \Victoria C'ollegec of MuIc-1
of London. EnIg., inl Pianlofor-te pia,Vingj:
St udemt !Loldon Colt- of Mu.' -
derl Emlifle Kvhswn, 1)". F.. 11. b.arn, and
H. T. Ad:tns. Aiso -rl:u in Pa
forte of Prestri ColiTet of Char
ot.t e. N. C. , und r 1ir. . . Fisher.
will givet inistriu(t 0ms1 in Pmianot.
Violin and Pipe Organ. also, in Voice
Product ion and Thieore'tical M usiu . and
will t.ake every careto mat on
and thorough musical know ila. aond
insure O.h rapid progress oIf the s det .
TJhe best attention will bie given to t he
teaching and pract ical wotrk onl ih- in
strument chosen.
. Full p)articuilars will bet given regrard
mig terms, etc.. upon app;leat ion.
Contract to Let.
on Enoree on Friiday. Sep. I th . at
10 a. m. , to let cont ract for bulding
approaches to said bridge. IHight r
served toi reject any or al bids.
tion of teach rs will b.e held. ae
cording to the rel. ilations o(f thle State
Iboardl, o Fria.eptemer ]sch
This~ will be the last (xaminlat ion before
the third Fridav ini Mav. 19L1.
The exai inaltioni will bie heldi in the
court house, b'eginning2 at b o'eoek.
County- Suit.I Educ at ion.
First, Last and Only
:TO :
Savannah, Ga.,
lor t he keasoni bi way of ibie .uh
THVR SDA Y,Sept, 104
Round Trip $2.25
I'mi (; p ' ntH\ tI -- lip ;rit
ow rat.:
N-mir trip *- pa hl -1 i
10. Uii 'llia l p it
J ~ B -l'. \'~' Savio tuan
Ibid Qol JUI', 8 (.' I. Ji*B. tr
Ieier .A.Wib hpei
Are the Best Go
Here. Don't le
and flies make )
vent it by gettir
before too lata.
room they are g
New goods are arriv
from the market with
New stock Pattern
Fashion sheets giv
There's Gi
In wearing Laundry
the very latest style,
We keep abreast '
every department.
We constantly keep
thing new that will in,
slightest degree.
WTje now produce a c
that done by the large
tories in the world.
If we are not serving
package this week,
We guarantee to plE
L B.
Telephone 116.
Those who have n
vacation had better d(
systems in good or-d
health. A few weeksI
weeks of sickness late
Fine Bracing Climate,
Beautiful Autui
New Double-Traci
For further partic
Newberry, S. C.
apital - - - $50,000
urplus - - - 19,500
>aid Stockholders
since organization 21,000
maid Depositors in
Savings depart
ment since or
ganization - - $9,200
A unI.lj working byv tho- ulay is pil
ben~l thait ruan H?aves aI dollaIr for* his
43 sbbr it " rk. fr L : ihs
s wVEil asB days,h iIevr lay efT oi e
moilt of had'~ *w - i m I i.v- r geto1
>r rnoney,, but it's ruutch 'ier to
ope-IL airigs $Iv*ount with b
rid geit Sorne rruor. ' wurkiig for y iu.
iik a deposit 10in tvi0'.,7
liir Etne toi iy 'ro i he i e i, to
rork for yoEu inuterest * r nuted~ at
ach yeiar. d.JiyIo
ing at cut prices
t the mosquitoes
iou sick but pre
ig a canopy now
And for the sick
ing daily. Just returned
the best of the best.
s and Fashion Books.
en away.
Work that you know is
vith the latest styles in
our eyes open for any
prove our work in the
uality of work equal to
st shirt and collar fac
you let us have a trial
ase you.
ot taken their Summer
>so now, and get their
er. Don't neglect your
~ow may save you many
Tin Woods,
id Orchestra,
Excellent Fare,
Pool Table.
< Ten-Pin Alley, and
Rior OiLb Olll80illOllt.
lars address,
Cannot speak; otherwise
it would tell its own story,
and wore its organ of
speech as pronounced as
its one quality RELIABIL
ITY, no need of these re
marks. We do not claim
that it will cure Mumps,
Consumption, or grow hair
on bald heads, and in fact
we do not advise mothers
using it for Soothing Syrup
but we do claim that there
is nothing better on the
market for Pain in the
Stomach, Colic, Cholera
MVorbus, Diarrhoea and
PRICE 15c and 25c

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