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Former Editor of The Heral and S
Now Liring in Texas Writes of
the Old Times Hczr.
"Oh come again, ye merry times.
Sweet, sunny. fresh ari calm.
And let me hear those Eaer chinms
And -.ear my Sunay pAArn
If I could cry away mine cyes.
My tears would iow ir. vi.,
If I could waste my hert in iigh,
They'll never come again
Old times' 01d times'"
Here am I in the prosperons h.i
city of Brownwood, the guts of my
youngekst daughter. Mrs. C. L Me
Cartney. I was uneYpto.y tht?
cause of her getting McCartiey. The
school trustees were in dontv. s:
whom they sould select as proe:ps.
of the school, and as I passd by
asked my opinion I saw M-Car:
ney's name and said. "Her' a
Scotbc Irisb name: be':: h'3 b
kids to tbe hck-.cg." TbeN i.:1
him, an,i 1 .w he pr-:e:
r. .Pii.gi"a...t A.
go.) bT . . -. ..
Ja . La : r- w.- r
- 1. i
wav on hl wt- "n-: .r
Father wever t.ueb.d xtCx.
but as thbe ei-tzn> wa- w; p. :r+b.
in, L o rrl - L I :.
"Brown J1ug" .n baL.d TL- ..~
drank, never sa:i "tuirk*-J' t- 1
ought the jd, ir.lbe l. ' .
andi got a n1h e thraTh:ng. s...w
chanage. No lunger d-i :6...s
of hospit it-t fe r 1 'u I i( to :6.
guest. N i l)r I -- tva b, .oreb t
set out a botthi.a., . .:. L i- co
the buyer anl the nI-rLandis .:
of drink, s.ts the .ri wirling, 16
natural stieulart h-avei th: h
lilled withu wildest r.-v.lry, wir
silnt, iiar1 .-a I, nore deerted
Woae next at At bA (Cuntor's
whobe god nature piloted Lils g
sens,e. 'Twa- sad t) learn of th
deoath of his lrave~ s n, Cap)t. Tihomp
suon Cuonnor, -whome I v. eH remem1I
her), after passinkg through t he toil
an,d dangers of the civil war; but al
of 118 are pasoing on Ilike shiadow!
over a suindial.
We ow are at (Gary 's Lane. Tb:
G3arys were a large iluen~tiai faily
I wr'll reznrnber D)r. J no. K., Hlillary
auial dJesse Giary. lidllary JJnarried(l
uiost elegant andt d ig'nified lady
31iss Sally Carwile. They were in
telli genit, p)rosperus, pious8 and goo,
Bush River Baptists. Mlany of t.h
Garys and their descendants are o
the best citizens in Texas, andl amon
thnem my good friend R. A. Welch
WVe leave the Laiurenis road, b)elos
Capt. Jas. Mlaffett's on the Colum~
biia road1, wore the ruins of anm old
house, where I have beeni told wai
born one of the great men of Texan
a soldier, Supiremie J udge, and U. 8
Senator, Gent. Thos. J. Rush.
In the Liberty Hall section, niea
Sam Young's brick mansion an
near the Laurensa line lived an influ
ent ial, intelligent, prosperous famnil
--t he Laws (niot men tioned in th
Annals). They settled there aboui
1790, were Scotch Irish, staunelc
Presbyterians and1( had the ind(om it
able energy characteristic of tha
race; they worshipped at (Gilder'i
Creek Prest>yterian Church. Tiher.
were t wo brot hers WVilli arn and d1obrrn
WVilliamn moeved to Colurmbhia, was
well known, successful mierch ant anc
amassed a large fortune, lie married
a Miss Adger; they had no children,
It is said that by his will he gave
large legacy .to the Presbytoriar>
Seminary t.t Columbia, and to each
of his nephews and neices anid grand
nephews andl niees whme p.rni.
we dead, 6m 4bousad dolla, I
W4el r#mombe tn bave 9ftea seen
him in (Oaumb&a. He wab a good,
useful aiti"CL
John Law was a prospeous plant
et and mtrehan a.d was a pure,
g>d man. He married a Mifs Tur
ner. They had four ohildreit, name
ly: Margaret, Elizabeth, John, and
Mar -are married Samuel Brown,
who was te son of the ROvolution
ary s0ldier, Sim Brown.
Eusbeth married Jas. M. Epp,
a.i was the m.ther of JjO Law
EpprN who was one oounty rmas
u rer.I
- gradnated in 6ont b Carohr a
C..TKege and married the eldest dangh
ter o! t ht eminently gxxI man Dr.
Ge W. Olenn. Dr. Sam Fair said
tha, 1:. Law was tLe best practi
t:.;:er in N-w-errv.
Mart b. . F'ried Wni Ras .i Court
ly en'.eanand encsess'n. plater.
He was The szn of Tbo, Ray, a
Baptist pres.hber and a neeful. int&l
--enet man. He baptired a .&3y in
En-rve and abe came out est ing ai.
es3:: be aIso baptiied pretty
--- .,tiang fellow. S,-Me 1f the
:y' c.:Mbed iuIto a troe overhag.r.g
the w*ter and cried out "b.3 bim
.3er. Uncle Tommy." Tte mast
bare Leard of the Vrgir.:S -riew
*enoa'' Baptist preseber. uh. b,iniy
pr:as:med that every Iwe C.e 'e:
!7.: .raoe and repente.i Le v'n:3
re him, wherempx.: a:: :.3
fe.O:w exclaimed. "Mr. Presch,-r.
we'vc gt same of that kind riZht
hoere, D when you get hold o 0 !:eco
te- put him in soak and keep L:m
right thar." Boh the Rsvr ba: b
gr-at fund of g,o.-L humor.
John Brown, like n,y gra:d n:-c:e.
Sam Spence, was impreksed y u.
Britisb. Spenoe, at Charlesten, v
them leg bail and Lied away t Nw
terry where he lived and: d:ed
Brown bad leave to visit bis brcther
:L Phi4l&depbia: when about 1, re
turn bif brother advised bIa not to
. so and abont 1[0) he cauLe to
Nevv errv.
Hio &ou Sims Browu was aRvo
ution army s,ldier. Sis ba,i two
s& Sauuel and John. J:hn mar
r:ed] Jane Caldwell, a lad, uf g4re.it
Me.t&l power-, a sister of JCosephl
Caiwelb My old friend J. C S
Brown is their son. Mrs. B. ater
the death of ber husbar, 1. marr:ed3
tLat Christian geutlemanr, Dr. Wrm
Samuel Brown married Marg.'aret
Law: they bad three child re:.. Dr.
I u'-s L. who died in Mmai.j:
S us eEd ward and Marthba. S.t..- E.
il.' in South Caroliaa Colle-g- w benZ
in~ the~ junior claats; he was a gr-at
favorite especially among e:t-r..
Aleck Hopper, who lived n'ear the
old Alleni Shell place, wh-n mn bi
cuus and feeling happy would say
Sims. Brown was a good boy andl hie
grand daddy was an Irishmasn.
Mlartha married Dr. Thos. B. Kr-n
norly. I first knew Dr. K when I
was to S. C. College about 1>M4;
He was studying medicine with Drs.
Wells & Fair. From tbat tim" I
1had the pleasure of knowing him as
olne of my good friends. He~ was
" A rnan of smooth and stead fast mind, "
"Gentle thoughts and calm desire."
-With him were two tine young men,
Yarborough of Edgefield and Seas.
'trunk of Lexington. Several years
ago, sitting oni the grass in Newton
court yard, I saw a man approach
ing who looked like Col. Dairgan
'Strother, it was Dr Seastrunk.
Sknew the face but not the nm'me. lHe
Sis now some 85 years of age. vigor
ouis and a line doctor. He lives
about fifty miles from 8. B. Kennerly.
J. C. S. Brown an-i Sami B. Ken
-nerly are descendants of the old sol
di(er Sims B3rown, so is Mrs. Alan
a Johnstone. I remember Alan as a
, genial, kindly, lovable little fellow.
The lives of these good people, the
Browns andl Laws are a benediction
r to Newberry, and I write of them
:1 with pleasure.
A justice court scene from North
y Texas: Court held in negro church
e in which there was to 1be service that
t dlay; justice, defendant andl lawyer
2 on hand ; two rotund, expanded col.
ored sisters, cameo in anid sat dlown;
case opened; county attorney, loud,
Sboisterous, vehement ; glowing dIC
scriptioni of case; sisters excited, on
raptured at sonorous voice of attor
Sney ; shouted glory ! glory ! glory!I
I hallelujah; attorney paused; just ice
I shouted out, "hol ' on there sisters,
yon're shouting over the wrong
My memori"s of Nowherry are
"sweet as the melody of far away
You claim 0,000 inhabants. I
hope to writ# np Newburry when ahe
did not hio (K-yvo, 70 to 71
yeas ago.
How we a tNassing AwAy!
"Oh. the t.mer life drAws nigher.
'very year;
And the monming star elimbs higher,
NVery 'art
Earth's hokd on us giws slighter,
And the heavy buMen lighter,
And t.he dawn immortal brighter.
Rvery.' year.
Shamr'cid il, L-tpton's Chalkenger Beaten
Thrcc StraWOts And Yazhting
Surmmay, In Scurc.,
New York, Sept. S -TheR
the Amerie.an Cut defender, to-day
wor. the third and anal race, atd tho
eries for that famous sIa rophy,i the
America's cup. In a dense fog,
whieb prevente vision beyond '_0(
. a&rd ,oshe fiist- the race at 5:30:.
Ot, amid the aclamatioi of the as
sembitu fleet. Shamrock Ill., after
running for more than an hour in the
fc. mish ibe finish line, passed by
it, and tben retu rnei to it from Ite
oppsite d3irihoiion. As the Rleliace
w.o then being towed through ti.e
det yabch, ensigns ittering from
her tuck and spreaders in celebra
1:L : -1 Ler %) ciry. the Shamrock 111.
did A-T cross t be finish line, As often
baid of the historic race when the
Amer:ca wcu the cup. there was no
Tbs successful result was ac..ieved
only after f,ur futi'e attempts tosaii
of the ina race ad after the
c .e .ai been admitted by even Sir
Tnmas LiptQn to be a foregone c-:
enion. Tc. da's was the (gh tbb at
tempt to ssl a race After one !ako
the Reliance won the two folo1ving
rae,o one b\ . mi:.utes nad :3 svoconis,
and tLe ciber by 1 uvante and 1'
seconi. A we'ek ago to-dsv the
first attempt to sail the third race
faile.d. an.d at!em.pts have b-ee u.ade
every day tL i vieek (n t'o., oces.
sico, tMe Rela i-. i th S auOr.tk
to the fiDiSh hoe by ablut 2
but fate t reach it before the -x
p.ratic n of the tiM- ulmi: of. hOur-.
To da's victory wa: thtt the cup
is i-st- i to rrja;. mi, A%,-r:c,
unti ! ng.aad :s at> .- pre du*. a
g+r.:us .- pai : Her rebnc' ii ' ea
arey. evt-r. tbv-rr Ih ii, een a
more S p-et .uar -in:-- aa tbe lIe.
anee to ay A'f1.r raAt n fir i,re
than an tb'Fr at !-rrti -Te-I thr ugh
a Lr h:.g f * .. Re;ian'e rsr
thrug.h the wa f r::-. >,por the
vis ion ... t he -pectat ;r.- .n he - teet
amerbbbel at thbe Ii: i-h iwne, and heel
in?d undb-r a gtr-at bel. org ballo n
jLb t.po.aL unt: h-r lee rai! wa
hwash t1-I aer,. 'be li nish 1 fore
thC ep.+ctat.r- e' l - a,ertain( that it
wa- The.
T here is not a pr: -orer in the j ai
at E-dgef-jid andl the entir. buiblinig
[nbs been1 thrown on.
The .S. Governmrrent has given
up hope of favorable action by the
Col urdbi m Cnigre's rn the P'anama
carnaj treaty, th .ugh the CoJngre-.
has unti the 2Ed of this mionth to
act u pon. it. Ther. i'. -Jome talik of
l'anamija Leceding from, the Cenitral
goJvernmlen,t an I .rte.ring into nego
The force of secret service grnen
atotg as b)ody gulard to the l'r'mi
doent has been inicresedl aince t he
attei. pt of t he maj;dmian, W\e, b reniner,
to gain adisi8,on ti he J>residen,t '
apartmentsx at O)yst r Bay. Presi
dent Riooseve.lt left ()yster JBay Sun
day night for Syracusec, where. yes.
terday be dtel ivered a Labor D)ay
Franicis M. Beoii e, a ph oto
grap)her of New York, has been
'ommnitted1 to Bellevue hospital to he
examrnine~d as to hus eanity because he
wrote Secretary Hlay tellbng himn if a
clain of $41 ,OQ00 which he says the
government1( owes him was) nIH ot atf
tefneed to be would attten,d to Mr.
Hay, Hie has been writinug the
various presidents abouitt th is ciIII
since MIr. H arrison, butt never
thireatenhed begfore'.
iimergenicy Medicines,
that i fa)t eoming afavorite i o
a householdI necessity is Chamberlain's
Pain Halm. By appl ying it promptly to
a cut, bru-se or burn it allayn the pain
and ca.uaea the injury to heal in abrout
one-third thc time usually required, and
as it is an antiseptic it prevents any
dlanger of blood poisoning. When Pain
Balm Is kept at hand a sprain may be
treated beCfore inflamation sets in~
which insures a (quick recovery.10.
sale by Wmn. E. Pel ham & Son aind
P rosperityru n.
hthms it W Or 1.eSs TRet ta6mnsed
A 1""Mch CaVadiani pvit ha b.NI
iii Auletmu the pAt few da-k lok
ing aound for a dosirablo 1.iN
f\t a r1*1neh 0anadianl olony,
One of tlie otton wavhtnmi*ov* of
the mill at Waltertm with fom-ton
balos of e.-t tWn, was bu-nd on ri
day night -the work, it is thonght,
of ineondiaritxs
MRredith rgory, an IS year old
boy, a resi1et of the Spartan mills
sction of Spartanburg, was inn over
by a train and killed at the Spartan.
burg junction on Thursday.
Cemson had a partial opening
Friday, the new students being en
ro ed.th%t Three hundred new studentA
have bee%n accepted. These with the
old students who will return will
Triake a total of Z'61.
Wade H. Nance, whose home is in
Atlanta, Ga., was given knock out
drop, in N ow York on Saturday night
a,d had a narrow tsape for his life.
He was robbed of $S0 in cash, his
gold watch and a diamond ring
valued at $30.
rhe Columbia State says there is
a little bsnd of socialists in COlumbia
be are seriously thinking of organ.
IZing a socialist party. They want
to get a Soc:alist to come to Columbia
and deliver an address. There are
now about 4 K.000 seciah-st voters in
the coutrN.
Mri. J. D. Campbel, a white
oma,' )f Phelt. has been ii,dicted
in a masgitrate's court in Spartan.
Lurg f,r perjury. She swore to a
p iCeinan, that a \uung man whom
be was ,eeking was not in her hou-e,
and the p0heemau atempted to pr,ve
that be was. She was acquitted.
Will Wiliams, a 13 year old boy,
cLarged witl CriLn,i .alv assaulting a
w-1:Laf t years A age, was given
a preii,ary 6ear:.g at 1dgts last
week a:1 committt to jail. It is
the (piion01 of uany that Williams
ha, ;een wro-galy ideutitied arid that
o othe4r is guilty of the crime.
Statement from Guests of White Stone.
Edit1r Herald and News: We, the
n, ith-rigned guests of White Stone
Itia HteL, having nticed in the
pr paper. thrugihout the State
tnrnu articles conce,ing the
recent ruberieis froin the rooms of
this botel, believea that great injustice
ha- b.ern dlobe Mr. Harris. At the
earrit-t ,-olicitationr if guests from
whbor art iel.-- of valu.. had Leen taken,
ha- w~ as- irid'ieed to make search for
th...r-...v.rv of the lost propJerty.
H-P did -J aol rua<le a search of the
#-ffects of 1)ne of the guests, who was
'nI" peted byi abugoSt every guest inJ
the h,ot cl. While notE' of the lost
property was recovered, we are in
formjed that sufiienit evidence was
secured by examination of the trunks
of the suspected party to warrant
he suspicions arid to justify Mr.
Harris in his soareb. WE' feel con
iid-i.t that Mr. Harris did all he
coubl to re.ver the lost property
takern from Li i gu ests. We heartily
approve of his act ions in thFis umattecr
arnd behevcy. ini the conming trial before
he c'urtis t hat he will be thoroughly
vindicated. Anrd we woul furt her
state that up to the timre of the ar
rival of the1( suispected party nio valua.
bles were mzissing frotu the roomis
arnd since the deopartuire of the sus.
pected party we hiave not heard of a
single article being rmissed.
.J. iR. Eastrling, barnwell, S. C.
L. B. Folk M. D., Columbia, S. C.
J. J. Nichols, Augusta, Gas.
T'homaxs TLaylor, Columibia, S. C.
.J. J1ohniston Fowles, Col umrbia, 8.
I). S. Brown, Atlantic City, N. J.
W. C. Bates, Chester, S. C.
I). HI. Sally, Sally, S. C.
Ben F". Townisend, Union, S. C.
L. C. Stephens M. 1)., Greenville,
S. C.
U. B. Clinkscales, Spartanbunrg,
S. C;.
. WV. E'.asterlinig, Barnwell, S. C.
C. C. Fuller, Laurensm-, S. C.
.J. M. WXit heingt on, D)ublini, Gan.
In PraIse of Chamberlaln's Colic, Cholera
and Dilarrhoca Recmedy.
'"Allow mfer to give you a few words
ini praise of (ha,nb>erlain's Colic, Cholera
anid liarr-hoen itemredy, " sa.ys M r. John
ll amlett., of Eagle P ass, i'exas. "'I
suffer-ed one week with bowel trouble
and( Look all kinds of medicine without
'ettinig any relief, when my friend, Mr.
I Jhnsn,a merchant here, a-lvised
me to take this remedy. A fter taking
oneI (lose I felt greatlyr relieved andl( when
I had taken the thir( dose was entirely
cuired. I thank you from t.he bottom of
my hieart for puttinig this great remedy
mi the. hands(l of mankind."' For sale
by Wmn. E. P'elhamm & Son, Prosperity
In-u Co
cMM Ot MoM or Less Interst Condens
Outside the State.
while egaged i cleaning out
Iel at Shamn, Pa., Saturday, tN
Vn0n Mnd YA boy -At their lives, bi
e meby tu gaa,
A territle electrie storm swept ov
the Stto of Conetientt oI Sat
dlay d1loing m1n1h damage and killi
two men at Statford 11ollow.
Pi%f Langley has madeo a nui
ber of at-teupts lately to fly I
mIaChine bmt. has failed oach litime
account of something going wro
just before the start.
On last Tuesda, the anniversa
of hv succession, the Sultan of Tu
key made a speech in which he d
clarrxt that the troublos in his domi
ions are caused by agitators fru
other countries.
Emmett Boyett, of Kinston, N.
while under the influence of whisk
on Friday shot and killed his w
on the front porch of her fatho
house at Kinston, in the presence
her mother and younger sister.
Secretary Hester's New Orlet
Cott ton Exchange statement, issu
Friday, shows the amount of cott
brought into sight for the first fo
days of September to be 10,203 tI
year against 113,563 last year.
Sir Thomas Lipton was the gu
of the Pilgri-as of America at a ba
quet at the Waldorf-Astoria Frid
night. There were speeches byi
Thomas, Uen Wheeler, Col. Wt
terson, 0ea Corbin, and others.
During a quarrel between fath
and son at Columbus, Ohio , on Si
urday, the father, R1. 11 Burto
stabbed his 19 year-old son, Jes
Burton to death in the presence
the boy's mother, the only w% itness.
Five convicts in a prison at Prf
Mines, Ala., attempted to break j
on Friday m rning by throwi
dynamite sticks at the guards. T
guards opened tire with rifihs, woulk
ing four of the live, the other eses
ing. Two of the wounded will d
The Kentuckv Democratic Sta
campaign opened at Winehester
Saturday, the meeting being a
tended by about 10,000 I-ersol
Speeches were made by Gov. Bee
ham, Senators McCreary and Bla<
burn, aId others.
Thursday morning G. W. Dani#
of Kir ston, N C., went to the .
near Kinston where Wimll Maxw
was working andl killed him with
shot gun because of Maxwell's rel
tions with Daniels' wife. D)ani<
Mrs. Rosa Leizay, 35 years ci
and two children, 16 anid 14, coi
moitted suicide by poisoning in Phi
adelphia b)ecause, it is believed, tL.
feared the wvoman's husband, fr<
whom she had been divorc'ed, a
who had written her that he wor
soon come over from his native cor
try, Switzerland.
Secretary of the Treasury Sh
has denied the report that Giovoi
mernt dleposits in national banks
to be materially increased, sayi
that he has about $40),000,000 avi
able for deposits, but for the prest
he is accepting only app'ications
small amounts that have been on
for several months, and he is c
fining these to agricultural dlistril
An unknown negro, caught in
act of strangling Mrs. Marga
Gierahn, a white woiman, in her hor
at Armonrdale, a suburb of Karn
City, K(an., on Friday afterno
escapedi to the Kansas river, whI
he drowned himself rather thani
the chances of be ig lynched, a cruj
having chased him to the banks. 3
Gerahn is a widow 45 years old.
President Roosevelt after cons
tationi with mlembJlers of his cab)i
arnd others has determined to alppa
hereafter to important places inii
consular service men who are al remi
in the service arid have had t.
experience rn minor posit-ions wh
will rendler t hems the more cap)abhl
filling places of highs r g;rade. TI
means that exper iene 58 to co01
more than politices or"ul.
The Tumrkish g'v--romonrt has
vised foreign miiste.rs ina Corista
nopleftlat it wa!l nae' every p'reci
Lien, but I hat a wing~, te dlNtnrh.ed c<
ditionas it wouwild be wellI to strrang
ed the foree. iio ci-- t 4a - bail dini
A noniaber of g overnmueunts havie
readyv IOla e marinres. T he UInii
States m inriister has not yet skedl
marnas, bit the U1. S. squiadrone b
arrived at Beirnt and amar'inaes may
landed at any timn.
(EMutern Standard Tin o.)
Southbound. NortI.bu id.
Schedule in Effb0t Sunday, Muno 125thb, 103
V0 8 40 nn Lv Atlanta (B.A.L) Ar. 8 60 pi
h) 50 11nm Athons 6 19 pm
11 5 at Elberton 6 17 pm
12 "N pm Abbeville 4 0 pm
i22 pn Uroenwood 8 8i Im
2 _11pm Ar Clinton (ln'r) Iy. 2 45 pin
er~ (0&W.U.)
I(, 0\ n 1,v Sli prinen Ar 4 00 pm
i. 12 16 pM >Iarltaburv 8 30 pmn
122 1 m (ronville a.26 pM
Ig Rms Sarr8lp1go~)
1 12 m Wat erl ) 2 35 pn
i 4 .- r I.are"in 1)Iu'r . .v 2 '7 pm
' Ar :%32 85;
W lly I' ,y Wl'Wlyyl
701 201 vL&km%- A I %1 111 6 %)
7 % i 111 2 co 11'.9 2 . 6
A g 8 45 7 n 2 (1 o 13 830
915 7 MI 844
7 8 8100 24 45
4 8 0 24934
9 5At 8 18 1154 JA.t -,v 40
ry ~ 40 3 0 Newborry 114 7403 5
1 '2 9yl 24 Prolerity 12232 941 3 0.*
128 918 3 4 31the (a W; 2 1W
1 10 92% 1.t Lt Iolltal l 1 6 C0 2 41)
1 40 840 .61 Chapin 1 iq 60s 22
15% 9140 3 57 1111tiol 1202 66% 2f6
Rk - S 4 01 Whbto Hoek 1169 55w 20W
225 1004 4 C7 ftllitine 1154 641 60
25 M10 17 4 17 Irto 1146 21; 11Q
3 Iit 6 4 2 Le'alit.. ti4k 6 1) 1 19
a10 7 4 40 lt^ 1126 6 t( to0
L%YJatilibait75 0
-'ew A erry 1. 6 9.84
(\.tontain i 9t 024
fta4 (nio in Statioll)
tiiton 1202 5
4 W, lvCoI%iwbIa (A.0o...)Ar 11 0 2
of t . 6 2N) eai ar t, 14 9 1
9 W 0 Ar C harlohtoa l2v 7 00
tis Trai 53 ait 52 arrivck Alitt t1liart fminn
lew Im)ioll dol-sot,
L'd Tto'2~ 2 mid1 Si from A. C. 1,. freight del)ot,
West (tUrvnn Strtet
U0 For Hantes. Tillie Tablos, or furthor litiormna
1tOl001 onl y Agont, or Wvrito1 to
Or W. L. II 11.D%, Ta ( 1. 'i1 Il80N,
3 F r esleTimt i. Trafllc Mt inaor.
I18 J. F. LININmi,oN. 11. NI. FNKUSON,
so Two Daily Pullman V
Between SOUTH ;
The Best Rates and R
d Via Richmond and
1) Norfolk and Stea
io. Nashville, Memp
to Louis, Chicago, N
Points South and Sout]
and Jacksonville an
and Cuba.
as siiiror detailed informatic
man reservations, etc., ap;
Passenger Agent, Columbi
eTHE 1
W. A. Tyum
d 'Pass. Trafmclgr
ho QAST~
Flor id
Li A Passenger servi<
u and comfort, equipped
I' Dining, Sleeping and
-For rates, schedul<
ed1 tlon, write to
rOr WM. J
H. 0. BEATt, Receier
ir' Elcot Jun 8, 1902.
netween Anderson aed Walballa.
Mixed. Mixed
No. 9. Nu. 12 dtatione. No. I H9( 9
1*. M. A.M P. M. A. M
8 10 96 6...............lolton............... 820 10)60
248 933........ Anderson F. D......... 340 1110
245 980........andorson LP. D..... ... 845 1116
........ 926........W estAnderson....... 349 ........
........ 909...............Denver.............. 859
........ 902 . At........ 405 ......
........ 865 ...........Pendleton. 411 ....'.'.
........ 847...............c herry............... 4 18 .......
........ 8 14.............., A daun i ............... 421 ........
.... --. D .8 .....Jordania Junet ... ... 438 ........
........ < 2 i...............Seneca.............. 4140 .
........ 8iu6....... ..W est Unlon ......... 604 ........
........ 8 00............ W 1a1hIalla ............ 609 . ......
All rgus-lar tr,likifro,. ielton toWalhala,
haive precedonceo over traiis of 8%me class
n.oving in thl opposito diretton unloas oth
orwise specilled by train order.
Will also Htop at the following stations to
take on and lot oft passengers: tshluney's
.uamoa and Sand t3l8 .
J- H. A M 8N, Superintendent
CharIcstol alld estoril Carofln R Co
Augusta and Ashevilo Shor Line
(Schedule in etroot August I, 1908.)
(Road D)own.) (Read UpI
12.46 pin .........Lv Newberry......... Ar 8.10 pm
1.601%m .. ..... Ar Laurons............. Lv .02 pm
2.07 pm.........Lv Laurons.. . .... Ar 1.80 pm
3.30 pin......... Ar Spartanburg..... Lv 12 01 p;n
3.40 pi......... Lv dpartanburg..... Ar 10.25 am
C'.82 pm.........Ar 8aluda............... Lv 8. 89 am
6.11 pm.........Ar Hendersonville Lv 8.05 am
7.15P ......... Ar ksheville........... Lv 7.00 am
12.46 pin......Lv Newberry (0.N.aL.) 3 10 pm
1. 0 pm..... Ar Laurens..................Ly 2.02 Pm
1.65 pm.,.... Lv Laurons.................Ar 1.45 pm /
2.'il pm......Ar Greenwood.............Lv 12.44 pit
.ON I m.. ...Ar Augusta .................Lv 10.10 am
2 Ab pi...... LV Augusta.........Ar 12.20 am
SNO pni...... Ar Heaufort................Lv 7.15 am
6.45 pmn ...... Ar Port Royal ........... Lv 7.06 am
12 46 pm....,. Lv Nowberry (u.N.&L)Ar 8.10 pm
1i p Ar Laurmns .........Lv 2.02 pm
2 09 p .. L v lauir.tR ............... A 1.85 pt
.2 ..... Ar Olroenville..........lv 12.16 pm
For further information relative to rates,
etc., call on. or udlross
GEO. T 1HRYA N, Gen. Ag'. Greenville 8 C
CRNE- T WILLIAMS, G&n. Pass. Agi *
Aurusta, da.
T. M. i I Trafflc Mam4ger.
-- EAST -- WEST.
estibuled Limited Trains
oute to all Eastern Cities
Washington, or via
mners.--To Atlanta,
lis, Louisville, St.
2W Orleans, and All
'1west-To Savannah
d all points in Florida
>n, rates, schedules, Pull
>ly to any agent of The Sea
r J. J. Puller, Traveling
a, S.C.
4AH, GA.
plete Summer Resort Folde r .te
ed Free to Any Addressx.
S. H. HALtemer, w .
:e unexcelled for luxury
I with the latest Pullman
Thorough fare Cars.
3, mnaps or any informia.
ieral Passenger~ Agent,
Wilmingtn. Nu C.

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