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WOULD PAY 100 P13R CliU. A YiAR.
Newberry has as prompt and as v:1
cient. volunteer, tire department as any
in the State. or in the South for that
matter. Even before the recent pur
chse of tile horse hose wagon it was a
matter of very geieral eomment, tlit
it wias almost impossible that a
building should burn down ill the City
limits unless it had gained a great head
way before the alarm was sounded.
This was dem'nstrated time and timie
agaill, and since the first-cllass ani
modlern equipment has been added, it is
still more true.
We have tihe water supply and the
pressure and we have tle 1 depart ment
which is able and readl. to use it.
There is one thing. however, which is
needed in order to make the equipment
complete. That is an electric tire alarm.
By greatlv increasing the etlicionvy of
Newberry's already very elicient tire
department, this equiipment would not
only make tihe town s nfer, not only
make it all the more itmpossitIle that a
tire in Newberry should gain any lead
way, but it would d re:se the rate ol'
insurance within the city limits, and the
amount of this decrease each year
would be equal to the ota l cost of the
ai artin.
Those inl position to know say that an
elet rit. fire anla m could be m -st alled (or
$2.0t). TIe insulratne men issiut' ts
that by installing an elect tic tire alarm
the anicunt of insurance paid in New
berry each year wouli be decreased
$02. i 0o. Tht, conelusion Is simple. Aln
elet rc fire alatiln is in Iivest tlent
which vould pav It per ceit. each
We vould Ilurge lie im1IportaMnce of t his
improvolment at onwc.
fill' YOtRK1,11.11 WRUC:tK.
t'hairiman '. . Garr.-, of tlte SIate
railroad cominission. w ho h:s itnvest i
gated the rekceit dis:ater n r Y1or1 -
vile tl t le Sout h ('ao!ina andt I'Jri
'.xt'isioni railhoad. h:a pretnted his
roport to t he Miiuission. Mr. arris
after t'klisissinl ite wvcI ami its
causes an11d the rtspoisiility tor t lie
Wree, recoillineils th:at tle colitiliis
stitn eiilloy ain expert brid ge ciginer
to inspect k:trofully (t, trestes amid
track il' the South t'arolima :ld iorinII
l'tenlsion; that the o nission sum
Imiotn to its )itice at the earliest Possible
iate tie otfcials of the Souati hern rail
way directly chaiged with tihe portion
of the road oi whith tho wreck oc
ItIrTed; and that a thorough ilquiirvy into
the general opet:"t n t i 0 e Soun leti,
t*oil le tilidae. Cli.rmi:aii ("arris Ie
port indlicates that lie has inade a
thorough invest iv:at itn, aMd Hs recom
titendklat itins to the el Wilitnission are right
and prollor.
Mr i arris says that his 'x aniluat ien
retkvealed 1Iht. several of the tiite1,S Im
the t testle were dttaved but that firt'
hadl d 1est roy1tUed that port ion wh ichvI wet .t
tdownm with the atraut and tat,a thiert
fore, it is impilossibtle to stat e whet htr
trnot' the d i' isaster'i wa:s cacused sie!v
bty rottten tibetrs. I It fo'und a bi'~~roke
llange~t on omit oft the' wheels tit t het en
gine, winluch he' tinks mighIt h:ave had
somethiung to tit withl the wrieck. He t
says lit mitt a gtood m~anyv ofl thle cti-i
Zells of otrl{ coty whoa hadl visited~
the' wrmeck t'arlier' tht:'ailih hadl. --'ami
liheret was nit ecept ~tin tin thle bi&icf
that:it heit stilt' cause oft the diisas tir w\as
dlieily v iaeale to thit iunund sa ue
tire o f the brtidge."
Mr G arris quoiteis a seet ioin of lhe st at -
umtesi whicth miakes it t lie dluty tof t lie comn
nissioni toi kt'epI thliinselves in ft'trmed as
toi thle tnittion of( thle r'ailro:tls thle
traciks, bidiiges, ett'. ini the State, antd
~otes tin ii say tt hat ''it' t his seect ion con
aj.aillst tdaniger troutdefe i. t'ivt'etitis t r' ee
tioni it wotuldl impoiise a prtact ical ingiios
sibiility, even tf no other dtiets thamn
inspect itn were atss ignedI us. ftor t he
ertvices tof nto less thanat thIirty inspec
t ura aine now empt ltoyed itn thtis State.'
Th'le trtepotrt is all very w ell and is noi
doubtt trume andi cor'rect a:tnd thle reci'ml
metndat ions tf (t 'oinmiesitiner G arrti s arie
exceellentt. It is a great plity. hiowtevr.
that thlit enigitnetr to insp tect talefaulv
the trestles and track otf thei Stuthi t'at'
(oIina andI Geoirgia I'x tenisioin'' couhld not
hatvie been't empilotyt.d a few weeks eat
lit'r. I f t he law as at l'rest'nt conlst i
tuted't may not lie initert'Iited to ttake'
it thet (luty oif thit tcomt tmissioinecrs ato int
spiee t he lie rae I<s ant It rest Iles of tail roads
in the State, ot to see t hat, it is dotne,
then thle law shl lie chianged and so
cotnsti iuted.I Gotninissioneri Garr'tis says
'there is bt onet tmethodl of ix ing r'e
sponiblility kinwni to meW as a legalized
one, antd that is for sut l'eers to aiv:dil
themiselves of t.he'ir right in damage.''
If this wreck was caiused by gross nueg.
ligence and thei responsibilIty can be
deCf'iitely fixed, there should be, andl
may be, other actions in the coutrts thatn
suits for damage. The v'erdict of the
coroner's jury was thtat thme '"tr"stIe was
in a datngerouts andh utnsaft' conitil ion,
being due to grossiX enJrelessntess (in thec
part of the oflicer's of the s:aid r ailr,,
and a warrant halos bee'on swoni out lby
the coroner for M . S. I )ihhardl, siupervi
s>r of bridge,s for the dliv ision inr wh ich
this wreckv occut'irrc'd.
Weare not aitteruipting to pr-ej udige
this caJs:, but we'4 beli"'ve' thic pir(oper
cotjurA' lies', if, a:tint 1', : taken, by tho
suita for darnge.
ivwould, beu far 'tmt'r, h'.wever,
have ;he m!i/t: '.iinr ari irgt.
before accuiden,t ofi ru':b '4ar.?:wr -
the one ini (Yor' , &b'i .
lives a well as pro --e.,y ~A1 if S.
railroad comIraI on JOt k . .oj e ,'j.e,
the law should be tnuk' we tha mhere
cnuld be fl niuwier,t- , ...,
It is estimated by those who .
recognized as good authorities oin mat
torn agricultural that the revent stivere
drought throughout the cotton belt has
cut a millioni bales from the South's
cotton crop, making a loss to the farm
er of the South of at least $50,t000,t0.
The Commissioner of Agriculture of
Alabami, who has recently returned
from an extended trip through the cot
ton belt of his State, estimates that
Alabama's crop has beenl cut ol' fully
25 per cent, in addition to sileritig
from the severe heat aul drought tihe
cotton crop of Texas, it. is estimated by
the Texans themselves, will be nearly
1,0t(,t0 bales shy on aceount of the
ravages of the boll weevil. Speaklig
of the Texas cotton crop. the N,,wv
York Commercial says: "It is evident
from th tone of the telegramnis ftI
Tlexas Imd the crop informIat ion ptl
lished in the Iewspaipeirs of t hat St at
that the Texa,, idea of what this ear
crop will be is very different fromn tlt,
idea of a great, many Northern 00t t0t
men. In New York there is plenty t
talk about. a .,00.00KI-ballee fi
Texias. and tto tigure is verV sWhion
placed below .00,00 bales, whlv e s
Texas, whert, it is fair to be presomed,
the situation is better understood that
it is in New York, a man recen- e
newspaper notoriety as an optilist oI
tlie most pronouneed ty .p if he eti
Iates the cr,op at 3,000.i)0x baes.'
From all these reports it is \e\ e\1'
dent that nothiig like a fuill elvp w i
be mad(e this year, ad that tle '.un
to make a full Crop will be dle. fi-r it
most part, to the drought of tihe '
weeks and the ravages of t he bol
Weevil in Texas. The past two w eek:
have Imude a considerable change Im th
Ina Newberry what priomiisAl to be th<
best crop in years has been u'lit ot
some twenty or twenty-\te pet' cent
l lowever, it' the shortage keps up th<
pric, s by tie law of supply and de
m:mitd it ought to do, the tfarmes of t li
South ar going to m11ake monley on t
presenlt crop any w'ay,
in connett ion with all the talk ab1on
preisident ial possibilit ies, whby shoul,
not the South be represented on tl<
ticket? A man from ''way down South
who represents Southern sentmn "t an
Southern thought' Senator
of Ma-ryland, has received a great
of attention -, a presidential s
ity. ltut Gol 1mm will neVr re-c:
the iotniiat ion atInd if he did he \
w. into tihe tight to lose. Hl It a, -.
chance of election even if nomat e
It may be unwise to put a S be
at ,he head of the ticket, kit u e
hke to see the South get then
for the vice-presidente, at lea
Mral M. C. Butler, of Sou -
di t he lIon. Chrk I %ow\ (,I
ha1ve been ment ioned fo.
Bot h1 at e gok. me, an d .1 .q
an 011111ent to the ticket.
Th,Ie I)01moc I%acy of the So:
al'r icn t ly self -asse'rtiVe.
too much into a wa1y of t -.
he only part it has to phay.a
:n, 01r in a campaign is to v -
iueni who are nomiinated --i
i):ber section. 'Te South -.s
s:.iy of the l"emoc'ratie yar:
c'o.:t ry, anil it should has e
-i Icrat ion.- It is the South -
that -he' does not receive . -
-itiont. She is able to go' e .
l'cath of a Brir,nt Ut -11.
\\-itireil, Sept.ii 1
\\iflighamt died at te -
arnsat this place 0
:ng. Septem ber t6th. Li -
been sick onyavey
Ilhursdlay She was eig -
somie mion ths old., aia
little gir-. ever' readyto. -
bidlding, andvrt'pi
whtit has tbeent h n
whai:t a1 comtt to them
she is at rest.
All that could be de
Iave' hier saw :i t to take -r
sef. T he :'rn: o Q ur a
to rest mi t'olny grave y
dlaCtit by, the Rev. J. J.
.\ Great Sep:tmbe'r Sar a.
Oin the ti:;t day o:'u: . :< -.9 E x
ler C ompany wi 0pe -: .o
i a irgi aind te stock of fall and win
totr clo thl ig. miade byv the celebrated
house ot' Schloss Bros. & Co., including
as, shioes, atti.d ie's turnishings. In
ordter- to make roemi for t his big stock
this company is now making a clean
sweep of its present stock. It is a great
September sacr'itiee sale. that describes
it better than anything else. Fine
clothing, stylish hats, and furinishings
they have d.ecided must go, and they
have put. the price at figures that will
make them go. This litrm is givinga
oupon worthI $1.00t to everyv cash buyer
SI $It).00 wor -tlb of goods. Tlhiis coupon
wvill be ne'epItedt as a $1 .001 bill fr'omi any
Jin-chaser' oft !40.0) wtorth oIf gIoods in
Whmh11 fle Proper'ty,
in t his issue will Ibe found( thle (de
Ii'riptioni of a valuale piee of pr'opert.y
fcor ae. The' location is one of the
bat tr cortoy, ( being nzeari the C.,
-& i-- '- i ifr; in.y a d a
F'.re i'f e th y p-ofi ; bb :r'usie
Mbs. S. A. Jotor mal ohildia
81p4tmitig 4% whilt, With h 'l \ IM
andi Mrs. ,1. E.. C'fothl.i kfl(n 1111n,
Mir, A. V', Sligh, wift aml kh1iM%v4)
and La1,1.1omninliAk, hlv ,Yulm w
tnrned from a f'ew t-kv' vis.it to M.
Sligh'S faHer,' hllr, GIV n ix
Mtaster Wlie an d little M histl, '
PominliA, havo jn.111rA strm te
the lower pal of II,. Mn 1\'X
they have N\<A'n :ittend .m . .
in tid school It IW eo .
N.ItIss I'(,.11 k Z,,N eA'x 1. 1 - .
TNroasure .% v. vI- % pI "' forii .4.
Miss hittwie '.oh ni e .
N,Umoer lIetI oIN , I pn i Nt oi,
and Mrs ' ' , ':s.v," ':t. :,, .
days at 1 11 %':, ' ' h:w un
N r. v . 1'. ' : ,e ,ahn,1).. n. 'IN
MIss, loessw 11hgh, olf the - N
$V1n 3"tMs '0 kl' 1 en
the bit Ihe Mn
haist 'hur1- .\.. : I n
t ho' 1 h1.
'ott, ( wIm
nh la ntae
hos l.i\ x)han o,s Z T 4)
mA 1 E :h 1. N1
Vo nt N w b z t . , r, :, n : , 4 ,
\4 1>44r 4of li.:'1 ;4! :. '; : , .th: , n i44 : \\4
keep ai~ books1 i op.'4 n44 444 4:n .i:4 1r.-n
' t . (4 S '\\ \h'T.
New bern V4. S i .
[ep em r . (1 kit\ 1 " ' , w
iarness and SaddlOri
it i
r 4
H $ ti .299 !U
4 Rillt'4il
~Che ap Tickets
West, Northwest
Tickets (on sale' fro4m Set t. 14 to) N\ -44 4
offers (chojee4 ))f rote F S re' YtIerin
tirne. l)44le, trc
Tr'av. I 'ass. Agt ., Ill. CeXntrtaIl i. t.,
Contract to Let.
(:onrtract for buildring w.4otIden approadht
ty~ naid:t brdg ;e.. alel-fici ons may b
i i A0 thMrhM. AI k.
bh n r(-F
1 }k
- rI Ad IA e R v104 VI
'N , 4-r , If( 4 j foo
- . b r1 I N 0& 1 K1
The Commercial Bank
Ot Newberry, S. C.
To the Publfc at Lbrge!
11 I thI O 1 I 4f N 4 I T i :1
I ~ ~ I I. \?I'4 1 I~ 1))' 0'1141:1 j1
bl1 111, I 114 1
i e : he,I-,nn
C a ,' il r,Nuni ethlne Oil
1 V
- -l1t
n w ,(.
non ;u) t
- 1 .nin1n
n .4 ('n
nyat. 411.1~4~
- r nr.
4 -1
r.n -u ui
ares sal of an y :
Imen fCosmton an T'
popuhuat al tuhese years, hyu wtill beIIII
I1'thankful, we called youattention to(
1144he ('IO'- Germuan "4yrup.) 'Phere arle .'o
manyu ordnuIt'ry ('(ugh remie(ls made(b by
4'd( 1(41 hghtL cod perhapsI I,t), bult for
stvre(''4 toughs, Bronchi is, Croutp and1(
bdly'II f or C.toumtion, whtere& therec
dlilh alt ('xpectortiton and1( coughing
liirm' 1 the ghlts antd mforintgs, there
not, 1 ing 1lke G'ermn syrp ' Ih 2)
4/ : 1z1ha jutJH b,eun itodu'Lced this
>y' W. 1 I lbum &, So
Mt WAh ~if e,
<1 .IMrP1 1M > ri lglint A,
SWink 1h I jOer that imS11st liko
findihe ivy, fo th&noy lw r.ing pm'
w1fb,44df50ife irthe civ of Von.
t ilpnic h mn -dyipplimin At hnrdf prieo.
n V n lon t thi in)%efe div iunt the
q N e i t ue t i iir t wh o e e n ny1 p mo
\' 1 16fier tho h wefpfiv doet 116t, emn
tM 1i itin 4u obe aIN)bortble tN) h
fi'ly Ient. ei oc f1 n (um ter, but that
is\1. 0h4; Ahvv l'or nlyv pw.'111 ft. it is
of Ikoggst i Xdt , i'noos ta thiq
metiw(vit eiltild be boughbt ft8v loss ltm
fifl.N ent.t; They 1INY-dth n rit
tel'd?\t them to teli ,t thi c d
pv!'e fov a little While, a inJ.le -1 , to sell
n eort:lit wlolitit. 'I'he mult - *Aju -
Miohd Ithiir j"*1(d ,indgment, f6r i he "nMe
hw bfen 1-0 thm;lT) 1 emmnIAnble.
\nyonv who miers \vith hendneho.
dy!Apolrt, (din.ine44, sour stonynch,1
!4pecs hfre the oyom, or any live'
il1ro1bl' 4houl1d take advant1we ;o t6his
op )OOr11niity. f6lr Ar. Nownid 8 mipeviffe
w i l th11w trOlble00, 1h1 it' 1w
inv elhnee it -hoild not, ("ildor A
Wooe4k will -ettn vom. mln(y.
I'le pnel1 it \-ery plennant to tike,
qVitnin, in the form of ma-ll grannes,
ni1d I here ne -i d6on in ever ack
to,. ft h omwinlty convent wen
0-inveh , nno el onle 01houd m- rt on ft
journn(\ N iN hou t h1 i 111 I f of this reli.-hbe
Best in the World.
Fo sae by me 1
1at close figuroTs.
Guarantend to givo
Call oil mc.. at. tho
Bonded Warohouso, or
upon Wim. T. (aillard.
0, M, B. EPTING,
A 0011plel N81111'al mamire.
Gunno.l4. w'hc i*. ,, .':mfeo. wnl hal
un.n~ I' io' nA m i' I n ining he
dn2 4 44Mll )n Pol4ll road i l the
l mas i z ; h on11 o nll, i All porson>
<iow i-L 14 :\ '1i h m, he op
4unnei sha'nw ni thoul1 ord er wC .rh44
vvwfl m t n nnotcotre f rn
f t I" tIt daBt For pries aur.t
AT Af~L:Gi ; i sR ;tns
Prol Na u . A:h. hm
Pan u A.!win IrI I. .- :tt,
'nu~ Hi . 1.*; n
L.c7' 'ney's and
Baer's Cocoa,
ad F avoring Extracts
AtS. B. Jones'.
Dried Fruit:
and Raisins,
At S. B. Jones',
and everything in the
line of STA PLE STA
TIONERY at the
Tablets from 2 cents
3ach up.
Beautiful Writing
Come and see.
Also a line of n ice
Of best
You got the b(
when you buy
Red Clover,
ley, Burr (
Winli E. Pe
The Bost EfforlS of
Would bO rO(JUird t(
Of our large and wo
(enoral Merchandisc
Not only have wo bot
V'Ance in) prices, but
from mills and Manl
men'1fs profit." W
and heroby propose i
this fall, lot it be wha
Dry 0ods, Clothing,
(irocerl e
for oss than prosl
hawve neVer aMllowed c
drop back into the s
Newberry, S. C. W(
always dolO. and pr(
our store the place fr
originato, Our mott
'oods for less tha1I ol
) 01l0 Call lower ot.
quality and General
IGolden I
This is pre
Scording to tH
Swell. known
Streatment of
a lids and red,
a eyes. It giVE
$ lief, and if us
ucording to
'eyes. Price
Particular Pha
Watches, Clocks,
Silver and Plate Wan
Cut Glass and Table Ware
Nedding and Birthday Present
Key winding Watche
C hanged to Stem
Eduard Scholtz,
Jewoler' and Optician.
1DER immediately by
1U1L U the use of
)c, 25c, 50c.c
drugstores 1hIn
quality !!I
)st quality Seeds
of Pelham & Son.
Rye and Bar
,lover, Hairy,
3rass and
n Seeds.
Ihoinm SobI
ii Pharmacists,
FIN NO. 1.
Siir'1T0l191d Orator
di justico to tho nerits
il sl ctd -all stock of
, Which is :nriving dailv.
I h,t ilon bcforo the ad.
WO have 1ought direct
k1factiur-mrs "No Middle
r(I thoroko in a position
o supply your overy want
it may.
Hats d Shoos,
i. Crockory or Glassware
it WholosaIe prices. We
ur-solvos to Collow or even
c1lass with any firm in
.Must lead as we have
mui-sc to continuo to make
OM wVhence all .)argains
a has always bIen IVlore
4where, no n-m0 J.or where.
r1' pricOs or excoll us in
Mercantile Progressive
yE Lotioq! II
paried by us ac
e formula of a 'e
oculist for the
granulated eye- e
smarting, weak, i
s immediate re- 't
ed properly ac- i
directions is a
Cure for sore ,E
25 cents. '9'
& EEI(S, I
rmaCISts, 9j
Dorner Drug store,
RY, - S. c.
Our Falll stoc k of' Statiomt ry m11
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inspeXctions, an<1 e~xce(tls ll J)'st assort
mencrts. We belijeve we( have been ver.
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we want you to think of' us when wa
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MucihIrge ain<l School liooks. SolI
)Ma yes'
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